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Umatilla, Oregon19Bi-sexual

Hey, I'm out of my element writing this intro. Guess I like speaking in person to someone better but being incarcerated limits the amount of people one can meet face to face. So, I figured I would reach out the only way I can.

In truth, I'm hoping to find someone to share myself with and someone who wants to share all of themselves with me. I'm 19 years old and unlike most people my...

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Landon Quenzer #17066-273 - Primary Picture
Milan, Michigan29Straight


My name is Landon Quenzer. I am looking for some life long friends. Good people who are always there for you are so hard to find.

I am outgoing, open, loyal, honest, respectful and caring. I have a very big heart and love helping people. I enjoy lifting weights, snowboarding, kayaking, camping, church, and working on cars and motorcycles.

I will do about anything...

Lebanon, Ohio29Straight

What’s up?

My name is Ryan, I'm 29 years old and I'm a Libra.  I'm on here looking for friendship and maybe something more.  My goal is to find someone who I can bond and build a good relationship with.  Loyalty is key with me, something I live my life by.

You can hit me up on J pay or the old fashioned way.  LOL

I'm looking forward to this...

Leavittsburg, Ohio32Straight

Would you say you're upbeat, positive, self-motivated, inspired, open-minded, and an all-around Goddess? Beautiful, full of life, and a go-getter?! If so, why aren't we married yet? Well, this August they're freeing me so we can plan in

Lol, This jail stuff is not for me and I deserve to give myself better. I am a caring, attentive, generous, sensual, savvy, and honest...

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Carl Quiller Jr #A719-072 - Primary Picture
Chillicothe, Ohio24Straight
African AmericanOther

Just looking for a loyal woman to hold me down until I shake some of my time off.

I'm worth the adventure.

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Annandale, New Jersey22Straight

Hello! I’m Hispanic and speak fluent in English and Spanish.

I’m a barber and can do braids. Looking to meet fun people!

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Sumner, Illinois20Straight

My name is Daniel. I’m 20 years old. I’m pretty laid back and easy to get along with once you get to know me.

Some of the things I like doing are watching sports, going to the beach, eating out and listening to music. I love working out, boxing and even spending time with family.

I want to take this opportunity to build a healthy and long lasting friendship while being locked...

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Miguel Quintana Coronel #37653-279Primary Picture
Three Rivers, Texas35Straight

Hi, my name is Miguel Quintana Coronel. My height is 5’8” and I weigh 180 pounds. I’m 34 years old.  I was born in Mexico City though I’ve lived many years in Chicago, Illinois. I’m single.

I’m serving a short sentence but thank God this will be part of my past.  I like to do my time doing good, and positive, things so I can be a better person. In the mornings I give welding...

Anthony Quintana, Jr #65788 - Primary Picture
Canon City, Colorado48Straight

Hi, my name is Anthony Quintana Jr., everyone calls me “Q”. I’m writing this with the intention of making some new friends and hopefully a few great ones. A little about me: I’m a man who really enjoys just getting out there and having fun, whether that means meeting new people, working out and playing sports or simply just kickin’ back.

I have been down for awhile. Yet I continue to...

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Susanville, California36Straight


My name is Richard. I am here seeking friendship and getting to know all sorts of interesting people and sharing stories, as well as experiences.

I’m an open book. I love sports and have a favorite team in every one of them you can think of. I’m a California boy so you can probably easily guess them. I like writing, drawing, reading and staying busy, bettering myself in...

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Gonzalo Quintero #AU8536 - Primary Picture
Blythe, California22Straight


My name is Gonzalo, I'm tall and handsome - is there need to say more?  ha ha, just kidding.   Seriously though, I've been incarcerated since the age of 14 for a gang related crime.  I've since progressed out of that horrible way of thinking and behaving and have chosen a better path to live by that includes; God, family, education and just keeping an open mind...

Ft. Worth, Texas27Bi-sexual

Bonjour, my name is Katie. I am 27 years of age. My interests are playing sports from soccer, tennis, frisbee etc. I would say my personality is “amazing”. I am someone that likes to put a smile on people’s faces. I love music, that is what is keeping me alive right now. I love to work out; staying in shape is my focus.

I am interested in someone that is going to motivate me to success...

Luis Quintero #290077Primary Picture
Newtown, Connecticut36Straight

Hi, my name is Luis,

I am a single Latino male. I’m light skinned, 5’5” with brown eyes and have multiple tattoos. I write this with the hope of receiving a female friend or female friends. In this new friendship I hope that I too can be an ear for whoever may need one.

Here is a little more information for you to get to know me. I was born and raised on the island of Puerto...

Galesburg, Illinois36Straight

Hey, I’m Mike. I’m an easy going, caring person with a big heart. I have a good sense of humor and I try to enjoy life every day. I’m looking to meet like-minded people. I have been in prison since I turned 21. I’m now 36  and I feel as though life has passed me by.

I enjoy documentaries and I love to read. I am currently reading Vince Flynn novels, but I also enjoy simple things...

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Joshua Quirk #01711333Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas35Straight

Hello Everyone…

I am 5’11” and around 180-190 pounds, solid and with an athletic build. I love to work out religiously and keep my body in shape to some degree. I am college educated and hold an Associate’s Degree in Cabinet Making. I am 2 classes shy of having an Associate’s Degree in Business Management.  One of my life long goals is to build a house that I will live in for...

Ione, California34

Hi, my name is Joaquin, I am a Hispanic man who is positive, loving and caring. That is seeking a friendship with anyone that is interested in some good conversation.

Reading, playing sports and drawing when inspired are some of the things I enjoy doing.

Family is very important to me. I am the oldest of 3 however I get treated like the baby which at times can be good.


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Melinda  Quiroz #WF9492Primary Picture
Corona, CaliforniaBi-sexual

Let me introduce my self, my name is Melinda. I'm 28 years old. Born and raised in Norwalk, Ca.

I'm looking for someone to write to and build a friendship with. I have Jpay and access to email.

Hit me up.

Genesis Quiroz-Rios #14402-479 - Primary Picture
Tallahassee, Florida23

Hey! I’m Genesis, a Latina beauty. I’m interested in meeting new people. I’m normally drawn to older men because of their maturity. This experience in my life has taught me a valuable lesson, since I’ve been here from the age of 18. I’m looking for a long term friendship and if the feeling becomes mutual, I’m open for more. I’m single and never been married. I’m a cute nerd; I love math,...

Evan Qunell #09578-046 - Primary Picture
Thomson, Illinois37Straight

Hello, my name is Evan and I’ve been down for a very long time now and I can finally say it’s almost time to come home! With that said, I’m looking for some good conversation, laughs and knowledge you might like to share with someone that is close to coming home after 13 years of incarceration. I’m truthful and honest and am searching for the same attributes in a pen pal as well. I have no...

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Thomson, Illinois37Straight
Native AmericanChristian


My name is Gabriel, like the Angel.  I'm searching for some pen pals who want to write and help me pass the time and share what's happening outside these walls.  Sometimes it gets really lonely when no one on the outside seems to care about you.  I guess the old cliche is true, “Outta sight, Outta mind”. 

What is it that no one seems to remember us...