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Inmate Alphabetical Profiles

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Abdullah Qasem #252521
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LaGrange, Kentucky25Straight


My name is Abdullah, looking for friends to correspond with and get to know. I’m very active and like exercise. I have an outgoing personality and I’m looking for something to keep my mind off being incarcerated.

Devron Quarles #02119591
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Lovelady, Texas32Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello Beautiful Queens of the World,

I’m thankful for having an avenue to reach out to you from behind these walls.

First off, race doesn’t matter, I like all flavors.  But what I’m looking for is someone who is honest, understanding of my situation, also someone with respect, and the most important thing is loyalty.

My goals while I’ve been in prison is to reenter...

Maurice Quarles #A692491
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Leavittsburg, Ohio24Straight
African AmericanChristian

I’m looking for a female friend. Somebody who has good conversation. I’m very easy to talk to. I’m twenty four but way beyond my years. One of my good qualities is the respect I give. I believe if you treat a person with respect, there is no reason you should not receive it back. I’ve been through a lot in my twenty four years but still strong.

On a religious note, I know God so that...

Landon Quenzer #17066-273
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Oxford, Wisconsin28Straight


My name is Landon Quenzer. I am looking for some life long friends. Good people who are always there for you are so hard to find.

I am outgoing, open, loyal, honest, respectful and caring. I have a very big heart and love helping people. I enjoy lifting weights, snowboarding, kayaking, camping, church, and working on cars and motorcycles.

I will do about anything...

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Heriberto Quezada #M53769
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Danville, Illinois24Straight

To whoever might be reading this, I would like to introduce myself and thank you for taking time out of your day to get to know me a little bit.

My name is Heriberto, but most people call me “Beto”. I’m Mexican/American, if you ask me, best of both worlds. :) I was born and raised on the north side of Chicago, I’m 24 years old. I consider myself to be a down to earth person with many...

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Michael Quezada #H71827
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Susanville, California47Straight

Greetings to you as I send my most humble of hellos plus a big smile. I’m from Compton, California born and raised, 47 years old, 6’2”, 227 pounds, light skin, bald, goatee, hazel eyes and a few tattoos.

I know we don’t know each other as of yet but if the willingness is there on your behalf I’m positive we can build a true friendship bond.

If you would like to interact we can...

Rickey Quezada #R07108
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Joliet, Illinois35Straight


How are ya’ll doing?   My name is Rickey.  I have been incarcerated since I was 15.   I had to mature, become educated and change within a prison setting.  Since being incarcerated I have obtained my GED, completed college accredited courses and I also participate in youth violence prevention research.  Due to recent changes in the law I am on...

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Sean Quigley #A694-397
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Lebanon, Ohio31Straight

Now how do you tell someone how great you are, that you'll love them and possibly want to have twenty sweet little babies without scaring them away?! Well I have no idea yet but what I do know is that I'd like to meet a vibrant woman with a sense of humor who wants to build a friendship or more. I have less than a year left here and am tired of disappointment in general, and...

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Charles Quillin #AL6545
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Jamestown, California29Straight

My name is Charles Quillin.  I was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  I am 28 years old, and I've been incarcerated since August, 2011, when I was 21 years old.  I have 50 to Life for Murder. Basically, a self-defense case but I overdid the self-defense a little bit.  Feel free to investigate or to just ask me directly.

Bradley Wayne Quinby #AV0665
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Soledad, California30Bi-sexual

Hello, Hola, Wassup!!

I’m Bradley.  Nice to meet you!!  I am a prisoner with borderline personality disorder & anti-social personality disorder, I meet all the criteria for BPD COC.

I enjoy bikini pictures of both sexes, women (trans too) and men, preferring men of the more feminine type.

I am a skateboarder on the streets, love to skate on windy days!...

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Daniel Quinlan #15764644
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Madras, Oregon26Straight

Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm fun, sexy, full of life, and a charmer. Oh, and I have great hair.  I want to put some laughter and excitement into your life.

I was born and raised in Albany, Oregon. Some of my interests include being a DJ, playing drums, tattoos, and YOU. We can entertain each other by sharing our thoughts, life...

Cathleen Quinn #X07099
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Chowchilla, California50Straight

I am a deep-feeling woman with a quick wit and a unique sense of humor. I love creating sentimental moments; even the embarrassing ones. My interests are as diverse as I am; I love to cook, read, travel, music, movies, the outdoors and new adventures. I place honesty at the forefront of all my choices which has helped me become proud of the decisions I make today. There is no question that you...

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Eliezer Quinones #W108227
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South Walpole, Massachusetts20Straight

It’s ironic, isn’t it? I never thought I would be on a website like this and you would be reading my profile probably thinking the same thing I’m thinking, “This is most likely a waste of time”. Hopefully it’s not, hopefully the person reading this is the right person and if so I would like the opportunity to get to know you. I feel nowadays everything’s always moving too fast. I’m looking for...

Ralph Quinones #05346-070
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Coleman, Florida41Straight

What’s up Free World?

I want to start by saying thank you for taking the time to check out my profile.  My name is Ralphie and I come across Write a Prisoner with the intentions of meeting and corresponding with new people.

I wake up every morning with the intention of living life to the fullest and making up for prior mistakes.  I am currently incarcerated for one of...

Fausto Quinonez #01879753
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Childress, Texas27Straight


My name is Fausto!! I was raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. It’s a nice sized town in Northern Texas, not too big or small, but just right. I like to pass time by drawing and I have been trying to get better at it, you can see some of my drawings on my page. And I will try to keep posting more of my artwork in the future. I’m somewhat of a geek at times; I’m into reading nonfiction...

Jose Quinonez #BE4918
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Crescent City, CaliforniaStraight

Hello, first and foremost, I would like to thank you for even taking into consideration to write a prisoner. Here is a little bit about myself. My name is Jose.  I am 24 years old but I feel and act much older. I am Hispanic, and yes, I am bilingual.  I enjoy working out, drawing, studying and listening to all varieties of music. I am open minded and not judgmental. I am also very interested...

Luis Quintana #361997C
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Bridgeton, New Jersey40Straight
Honestly, I would like to find a pen- pal that would write to me that can keep me informed with the outside world. Just listening to someone tell me about their day would be very interesting and entertaining.
Michael Quintana #09320-091
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Mendota, California

Friends come in many ways. Some we lean on for different reasons. The best friendship is when two people can share the same likes, such as uplifting one another with positive words, sharing a few laughs and having good conversations about life.

Sometimes when two people meet, they simply seem to know that in their hearts, deep and lasting friendships will soon grow. My friendship is...

Robert Quintana #139748
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Sterling, Colorado31Straight

Hey, what’s up? My name is Robert Quintana, let me start off by thanking you for taking time out of your day to look at this and I’ll write anyone who writes. I’m seeking new friends who can share new experiences.

A little about me; I’m 31 years old and I’ve been locked up since 2006. Since I’ve been locked up I’ve completed my G.E.D. and a Health and Wellness class as well as Thinking...

Anthony Quintana, Jr #65788
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Canon City, Colorado48Straight

Hi, my name is Anthony Quintana Jr., everyone calls me “Q”. I’m writing this with the intention of making some new friends and hopefully a few great ones. A little about me: I’m a man who really enjoys just getting out there and having fun, whether that means meeting new people, working out and playing sports or simply just kickin’ back.

I have been down for awhile. Yet I continue to...

James Edward Quintela #02065404
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Gatesville, Texas35

Hello! And thank you for visiting my profile. My name is James, I am currently incarcerated in a Texas prison. I hope that you enjoy my bio. To pass time I read self-help books and attend classes that are offered at the unit. I also enjoy studying and reading books on ancient history of Rome, Greece, Egypt and Paris. I also like to read the mythology of Egypt, Rome...

Joseph Quirindongo #12A1662
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Stormville, New York28Straight


My name is Joseph Quirindongo.  I’m 28 years old and from lower east side Manhattan.  I love to read, write poetry, meditate and just overall educate myself; for I truly believe educating myself truly is the path to a good life.  My favorite subjects are History, Law, Science and Politics.

Prison has shown me a lot.  But most importantly it has shown...

Joshua Quirk #1711333
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Livingston, Texas34Gay

Hello Everyone…

I am 5’11” and around 180-190 pounds, solid and with an athletic build. I love to work out religiously and keep my body in shape to some degree. I am college educated and hold an Associate’s Degree in Cabinet Making. I am 2 classes shy of having an Associate’s Degree in Business Management.  One of my life long goals is to...

James Quisenberry #215669
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West Liberty, Kentucky37Straight
African AmericanChristian

So you want to give me a chance?  Thanks for your attention.  I’m now 37 and have been doing time since I was 25.  I’ve felt pain along with darkness, with that I’ve become a strong, open-minded, loyal, good hearted and very moral based man.  Yeah, I was a stupid kid when this started, by all means facing my mistakes has a tendency to make me want better.  Through...