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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

32 | Straight | Florida

Other | Other


My name is Zachary (Zach). I joined WriteAPrisoner hoping to meet some positive people. I'm from a small town called Folkston in Georgia. I'm incarcerated for a non-violent drug offense. I have made some bad decisions in my past, but I'm doing all I can to make sure that when I re-enter society I won't make the same mistakes.

I spend my days taking classes, reading books,…

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35 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

My name's Michael.

I'm on here to meet some good people. I've been through so much, to be honest. When I get out, I just want to be happy and successful. So feel free to connect with me. My intentions are good, I promise. I've made some mistakes, I just want to better myself in every way that I can.

I'm a poet, I love music, and I work out daily. I'm trying to get my education…

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34 | Straight | Michigan

White | Protestant

Hello, my name is Dan. I'm looking to meet somebody to get to know and perhaps call a friend! So I'm currently serving 22 years for 1st-degree CSC and have been in since 2013. I know that this will be a deal-breaker, and that's understandable. But I hope there is a woman that will stop and give me a chance to show I'm not that person. I take full responsibility for everything and am working…

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35 | Arizona


My name is Devin. I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I've got big energy and am looking to share. I hope I can find someone that will reciprocate. Hit me up via email.

Peace and Blessings.

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29 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American

Thanks for checking out my page. If you're reading this, I've probably already got your interest. My name is Ramon, but I prefer to go by my middle name, Alejandro. I'm currently locked up in prison, but I'm about to parole within two years. I'm 29 years old and have been in here since I was 18. I'm ready to enjoy life and what I've missed out on with the right woman I meet.

I'm an open…

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35 | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American

Looking for someone to have a genuine conversation, connect on a mental level and share positivity with.

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32 | Straight | Arizona

Hispanic/Latino American | Spiritual

What's good, ladies?

My name is Michael, but I go by Mikey. I'm 32 years old, born and raised in Tucson, AZ, and I've been locked up for over 7 years. I was in a bad car accident and was charged with the death of my friend. I only have about a year left, though, so it's time to find someone to talk to.

A little about me: I'm 6 feet 2 inches, 175 lbs, Mexican, and have tattoos. I…

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23 | Straight | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American | Buddhist

Just turned 23 in April. I'm a barber in training. I watch anime. I'm an active Buddhist trying to find enlightenment in myself. I'm very health focused and I keep up my figure and appearance as much as possible. I'm very organized, you can thank my OCD, lol, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

I really appreciate anyone taking the time to read this. I'm an active responder, so if anyone…

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33 | Straight | Oregon

Hispanic/Latino American

My name is Denny; most call me Jr. I would like to meet people who are willing to continue this journey with me in any way, whether through letter writing, email, or over the phone.

A couple of things about me: I'm a stylist/barber for men's or women's hair. I'm active and play any and all sports; basketball or baseball are my favorites. I'm bilingual, have a great sense of humor, am…

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35 | Straight | Washington

Black/African American | Christian

Hello! My name is Martonio Ramsey. I'm a 35-year-old male looking for a beautiful woman who's looking for love. I'm black, white, and Guamanian. I'm 5'8" with brown eyes and black hair. I don't have any kids, but I would love to find the right woman and have kids. I'm an aspiring rapper, singer, songwriter. That's what I do with my free time. I have plans on starting my own tech company when I…

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37 | Straight | Michigan

Black/African American | Christian

Good time, good vibes, good conversation, and a good person—that's me. Holler at me!

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36 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American

Hey, my name is Jose! I am looking for a best friend and life partner—a wife. I think each and every female is beautiful in her own way.

I am 5'8" in height and 156 pounds. I work out 5 days a week. I was born in Los Angeles. My parents are of Salvadoran descent. I have tattoos all over my face, head, and body. I love to laugh and joke around, but I am very straightforward.

So if…

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32 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Baptist


First let me say thanks for showing interest in my profile. I'm not interested in financial advances from you. I’m financially responsible for myself. I'm only interested in creating a genuine mental and emotional connection with someone while I'm at this low point in my life. So when the time comes, I'll know I have an unquestionable relationship with a genuine person on all…

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60 | Straight | North Carolina

Black/African American


My name is Christopher Roseboro. I love all sports and enjoy reading and writing letters. Age doesn't matter to those who respond to this. I prefer to write to a female who likes to write and build on anything. I also love to do art with pastels. I am a true Pisces who puts his all into it. So, if you feel like putting up with me, then write.

Until then, sincerely yours,…

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59 | Straight | Arizona


Hi there!

My name is Bryan, and I am looking for someone to talk to while I serve my time. I enjoy photography, hiking, camping, and nature. I would enjoy writing to someone and just getting to know them. In here, I like to exercise, help the youngsters with their GED, and work in prison maintenance for the unit. That is all for now!

Please write to me if you are interested! I…

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33 | Straight | Arizona

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic

Hello, my name is Moises. I’m currently away on an all-expenses-paid trip for a while, but I’m interested in finding someone to occupy my time with and get to know while I await my arrival home. I am a Spanish-speaking 5’9” 180 lb father of 2 and enjoy working out. I stay busy reading when I can and have grown closer to God as I find myself with more time on my hands. I’m focusing on picking…

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31 | Straight | Texas

Black/African American | Christian

Hello Ladies,

I’ll be coming home soon and I’m interested in connecting/corresponding with someone that enjoys having fun & has good energy... :)

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21 | Straight | Idaho

Black/African American | Christian

Hello My name is Gabriel Routt. I am soon to be 22 years old. I would love to have someone to talk with. I am a Christian man who has made mistakes in my life and am currently paying the consequences of those decisions and actions.

I have a wonderful mother and sister that I communicate with but would like to have some other people to talk with, share interests and keep up with the…

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33 | Straight | Colorado

White | Agnostic

My name is Coty, but I prefer to go by Rusty. I'm 5'9" and 200 lbs. I'm outgoing and want to meet new people. Time in prison can get pretty rough, so I'm trying to find something positive to fill my time with. Write me.

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29 | Straight | Michigan

Black/African American

My name is Milo Rosario. I’m 29 years old from Pontiac, MI. I’m looking for a female who can match my energy and have a great vibe with me. I don’t discriminate or care about looks as long as you're genuine, understanding, and keep it 100% real with me, and I’ll do the same. Also, communication is everything; don’t keep me in the blind!

I love music, TV, working out, and writing. I’m…

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