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Asian American

Hello, my name is Ryna. Thank you for taking your time to look at my profile.

My goal here is to hopefully meet and make new friends. I’ve never been married and don’t have any children. I enjoy a good laugh, working out, and have dreams of traveling the world. I’m currently working in the electrical field as an apprentice/trainee. I’m busy studying most of the time, but I take full...


It’s your life, robust flavored donuts of fun? My life was money, road trips, great food, and carefree living. Haha! The illegal stuff led me to prison. What are you seeking from a man in prison? Look no further! I'm full of life experience, and I have many opportunities to offer any lady who is ready. We can converse about anything. I'm still single and ready to meet you too. I'm here looking...


Hey, what’s up?

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my profile. That’s what’s up, and that means the most to me.

Let me tell you a little about me. Most importantly if you love to laugh and have fun, we will get along flawlessly. I never get tired of laughing and putting a smile on someone’s face. I am very down to earth,...

Black/African AmericanJewish


I commend you for you taking the time to generally survey this post. By way of the service provided by Write A Prisoner, it is my purpose to attract well-meaning people (some in the field of post conviction criminal law) and grow my social order as incarceration has prohibited me from many areas of the social scale.

Placing this post awards me an opportunity to...


Fun-loving, intelligent, ex-military, tattooed woman looking to make sure new friends and help me pass the time.

Please check TCDJ regulations for mail. I cannot accept cards, colored paper, perfumed letters.

Black/African AmericanOther

My name is James and I’ll start off by commending you for your humility by even being on this website. I’m a 35 year old Ancient History/Philosophy lover with a strong thirst to reach my highest level of prosperity. I also love meeting new people and building quality bonds, friendship on my mind and in my heart. During these crazy times, everybody can use an ear with some good insight along...


Hello, my name is Danny Radan. I am a 30-year-old white/Hispanic male.

I'm looking for a female to converse with. For me, what I'm looking for in a female is companionship, to really connect with her, and to share my thoughts and my goals I have accomplished, plus goals I would like to accomplish. I would like for her to give her trust to me and tell me what she wants in life: her...


I am currently trying to overturn my sentence, but in the meantime, I am a huge nerd who loves to read fantasy/manga/comics. Video games, anime, and drawing are some of my favorite pastimes. I am big into nerd culture and the con circuits.

I am always up for talking to new people that are like-minded. I am a giant Disney kid born and raised. I am married, but please don't let that stop...

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I'm 5'11", 214 pounds, athletic, and muscular build. I am an Aries goal-oriented person, I love to do art draw portraits, read educational books, exercise, do sports, and writing poetry and music. I'm an optimistic person with always an open mind. No history of violence, I've been incarcerated now for over 3 years on a drug-related offense- we all make mistakes. I don't get mail, visits, or...


My name is Joe, I am originally from Ventura, California. I am planning to relocate to the LA-OC area when I get out in about three years in order to continue my college education and start a business. I am currently training dogs to be service animals for Veterans while I am waiting to be enrolled into a program that will train, certify and employ me as an Alcohol and Other Drug(...

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My name is Tom Radebaugh. I enjoy good conversations and getting to know a person. I have been down almost 5 years and it is time to start thinking about life and friends after prison. I have spent my time changing both mentally and physically.

I am looking for a friend, someone I can talk to about your day and mine. I have a great sense of humor and love to make people smile. I keep...

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I’m 28 years old and straight. When I’m out, I spend time with my family and work out a lot. I take care of myself, work out constantly and diet hard. I have goals and I'm gonna achieve them soon. I’m a good time and I love living life.

Talk to me! You won’t be let down.

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Black/African AmericanOther

Hi, my name is DeRonta, I’m currently serving time in Colorado and it’s nothing to due to the coronavirus. Working out, watching movies, and eating is not enough. I need someone that I can relate to and build with on another level as a friend. I barely even know what going on in the world other than what's going on - on the news. Communicating with my associates in here only goes so far. I’m a...

Black/African AmericanSpiritual

I’m 34 years old. I’ve been wrongfully accused and have been incarcerated for the last 14 years but I’m currently fighting on my appeals to come home. Recently new evidence was found by my lawyer that may have me home sooner than later.

My circumstances do not make me bitter. I am full of happiness and love and I would love to share that energy with anyone that’s interested. I love all...


Are you seeking someone who has fallen from a shooting star? A daydreamer who loves the sound of laughter? A man with a positive disposition and great sense of humor?  That special friend who is non-judgmental and knows the true meaning of friendship?

I am charming, witty, thoughtful. and considerate. and I have a genuine concern for others.  I passionately love reading...


First and foremost, I hope all is well. My name is Moe. I’m 29 years old and I’m from Stratford, CT.  I’m a very outgoing person. I’m humble, I love joking around, listening to music, working out, and getting to know new people.

This is my first time doing something like this and I’m very excited to see how it goes. I’ve been incarcerated since I was 24 years old and unfortunately...


My name is Brent, but they call me “OP.” I’m 28 years old, I turn 29 on June 5th, so yeah, I’m a Gemini. I’m the middle child of six, I have five nieces and nephews, and my parents are still together. Family is very important to me; I would like my own someday! I was raised on a farm but enjoy the city life as well. My hobbies are watching or playing sports, writing, artwork,...

Black/African AmericanMuslim


The picture you see was taken like 3 years ago.  Since then, I have cut my hair and gotten a little grayer.  Other than that, all remains the same. 

As of date, I have been incarcerated for 18 years.  I came in when I was 26; I am now 44.  In here, I spend my time reading, exercising, playing chess and finding something to smile about, when I can...

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Black/African American

My name Is Devon. I am 23 years old, 6’0, and 180lbs. Before coming to prison, I grew up and lived in Tacoma, WA. I heard about this website and decided to make a profile hoping I am able to find someone I can build a friendship with.

I am very outgoing, funny, & I am also open to meet new people. Since I've been in prison, I've been focused on self-improvement, finishing...


Hello to all. I pray that this profile finds you all in good health and high spirits! I am here searching for someone who is just as excited as I am about making a meaningful connection and I hope that person is you.

I'm self-respecting, broad-minded, and sincere. A man of strong convictions and a good friend. I'm like the rugged hills around me, rough & stern but very good at...


Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile. Bear with me as I tell you a little about myself in hopes you will be my pen-pal.

I'm an optimistic, genuine, and caring person. My incarceration is just a bump in a long journey of life. Luckily I've gotten all my desires and pride of the way at an early age and realized this isn't the life for me. Family is my most valued...

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Bryan Rainey #163120 - Primary Picture


They say that you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  That’s one lesson I’ve had to learn in a way that most people never have to, “The hard way”.  But with that learning though also comes the understanding of never knowing what you’re missing until you take a chance to find it.  So I guess that you can say that this is my chance. 

I know...

Black/African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Matthew Rainey. I enjoy working out, reading, and having deep conversations.

I’m looking for a friend to communicate ideas with and keep me posted on the latest news. I have a great sense of humor. I am a Scorpio. I'm a very caring and down-to-earth person.

Please feel free to write me on paper or JPay av8316.

Black/African AmericanMuslim

Thanks for stopping by to view my page. Your presence here really means the world to me.

My name is Shawn. I'm a father of 3 kids. I signed up to this pen-pal site out of sheer loneliness to be honest with you. I've seen others in my shoes meet and cultivate lasting friendships, so I decided to give it a try myself, with the sincerest hopes that my cries for friendship would be...


Hello, my name is Ben. I am 35 years old and have the most boring job in the most exciting place in the world. I am a very fun and exacting person and talking to me you will never be bored.

I consider myself an athlete, basketball is the one thing that takes me out of this place. I would like to meet someone and build a connection and friendship with. If you would like to know more...