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Dominic Saavedra #C10558 - Primary Picture
Lake City, Florida36Straight

Now just a lonely man here locked up, looking for a good woman/person to help pass the time or even if possible more? =-)

I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico; born and raised. I like all music, love animals, and am a very family loving type of man. I love to have fun and love to smile with the dimples I was born with. I am 36 years old looking for anyone of any age from 18 years and...

Florence, Colorado36Straight

Raahubaat! (Greetings)

With 5 years left all I am trying to do daily is build my mind, regain my humanity, make amends with people I hurt and show the world the man coming home is no longer the lost man-child that came in. Today I am a man who’s a seeker of right knowledge, as well as friends. I enjoy a good dialogue with people who can keep me on my toes. We can laugh, talk on any...

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Larry Sabo #A185-078 - Primary Picture
London, Ohio61Straight


My name is Larry, I’m hoping to meet some new folks to help me establish positive contacts on the outside that can help me be a law abiding and productive citizen in the community.

I like watching good movies, listening to the radio. While being incarcerated, I have completed several self-help programs, received my 3rd Class Stationary Steam Engineer License,...

Okeiba Sadio #18306-014 - Primary Picture
Bradford, Pennsylvania38Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello.  My name is Okeiba Sadio. I  am interested in meeting someone. I don't have much time left, about 2 1/2 years and I am looking to meet someone that I can get to know and build a...

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Max Sadler #01274766 - Primary Picture
Beaumont, Texas48Straight

Hello, my name is Max Sadler, from Dallas, Texas. I pray as you read this or pass through it, you’ll find yourself in good spirits and health. Here’s a little about the person I am, a man of God, dedicated to the word of God since Christ has come into my life. I’m a single father of one daughter and one grandchild that I love very dearly. I am a loving and caring and family orientated person....

Robert Sadler #1449160 - Primary Picture
Waverly, Virginia30Straight

Hello, my name is Lee. I am 29 years old and currently serving a life sentence. I am on Write A Prisoner to find friends. I have a family that helps support me. My hobbies include listening to music, writing, reading and watching TV. I was in the Navy for 4 years. I look forward to making new friends.

Chiew Saechao #13596025Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon31Straight


My name is Chiew. If you are reading this, I’m going to assume my photo sparked your interests. Now I’m hoping you’ll take the time to get to know the person behind the photo.

In spite my current circumstances, I try to stay positive and make the best of a bad situation. I’ve made bad choices in life but I’m not a bad person. I’m very open-minded, understanding, loyal...

David Saenz #01967371Primary Picture
Huntsville, Texas27Straight

My name is David Ralph Saenz Jr. I’m 27 years old. I’m from Rio Grande City, Texas. I love to travel, play sports, write poems and read books. I try to read as many books as I can; knowledge is a very powerful instrument. I’m really just trying to better myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

I’m looking for someone I can write and express myself to. I’m also willing to listen...

Coldwater, Michigan53Straight

Hi, my name is Raymond Saenz. I’m 53 years young, 210 pounds with salt and pepper hair accented with brown eyes. I was born in Texas then moved to Flint, Michigan in my teenage years and stayed there till my incarceration in 1994. My charge is a 650 drug law; understandably this was not the smartest thing for me to be doing, but at this time my sole means of income and means of taking care of...

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Jose Sagastume #1018245 - Primary Picture
Dillwyn, Virginia51

Mi nombre es Jose Sgastume. El ojectiro de escivirme ha esta pajina es para conocer alguna persona interesada en ecivirme.

My name is Jose Sagastume. My reason for getting on this site is to make a connection. I’ve been single for 45 years. I’m seeking friendship and relationship. Sexual preference and gender are irrelevant. I recognize that we all get lonely and need someone to talk...

Peter Sager #96381-071Primary Picture
Lompoc, California43Straight

After 18 ½ years, I’m finally able to see the end of this chapter in my life. It’s time to reconnect with society and begin a new life. I love music, languages, history, sports, and everything about a woman. Any correspondence from European countries is especially interesting. If you’d like to be amazed by what someone can do in person – shoot me an email now.

(Spanish, French, German...

Lockhart, Texas28Straight

Hello, my name is Channing.

I'm currently incarcerated in Texas. I would love to receive/write letters to those who are interested and are interesting individuals who I have things in common with.

I love spending time with my children, traveling, and listening to music.


(PS:  If you use JPay to contact me, please be sure you include your mailing...

Johan Saint Clair #W101492Primary Picture
Norfolk, Massachusetts38Straight


My name is Johan, I’m 38 years old, 6’ tall, with 200 lbs.  My interests are; fishing, swimming, baseball, hunting.  I lke to race motocross and eat traditional food like rice-beans-chicken in sauce and seafood.  I’m a very happy man and easygoing, I like adventures and spending quality time with family and friends.

I subscribe myself here looking for friends...

Umar Salahuddin #W52991 - Primary Picture
Bridgewater, Massachusetts45Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

In life we search constantly for things we feel help us fill a void in our lives.  Whether it’s love or friendship which I view it as the calling card of the human spirit, someone willing to listen and understand ones pain; someone not trying to gain something from you other than a whisper of hope.  If you’re searching is for someone with these qualities don’t click any further....

Mt. Sterling, Illinois33Straight

Hey there,

My name is Andy and my present incarceration causes me a limitation to those that I can have a decent and uplifting conversation with.  I'm in search for someone to pass the time with, connect with and possibly even build a lasting friendship.

I'm 33 years...

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Erik Salas #M54365 - Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois31Straight

Hello to all the beautiful women out there. Thank you for taking the time to check my profile out.

I’m seeking a friend to help me thru this lil speed bump in life. Hit me up for a great journey and I won’t disappoint. We could all use a friend thru though times. Give me the benefit of the doubt with a chance and I could be one for you as well.

I’m a very laid back and super...

Woodville, Texas32Straight

Roses are red violets are blue, playing hide and seek I was found by you.

I see you are taking the time to read, first of all, thank you for your time. I wonder if you are smiling right now because I am. I don't know what's to come of this, so I guess the thrill of not knowing is exciting to me. Why am I so excited? Well, I like meeting new people.


Indian Springs, Nevada41Gay

Hello to everyone who stopped to read my ad.  My name is Monica, and I am a trans gender woman who is desperately seeking the right man who is not afraid of something different or challenging.

I'm fun, upbeat, happy-go-lucky and warm.  I'm a great conversationalist and nothing is off the table.  I'm very girly and like to try different styles of fashion.  I'll try...

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Armondo Salazar #297901Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona28Straight

Hello isn’t enough of a greet to show how much I recognize you because I think every woman is a rare diamond that needs to be cared for with excellence and never nothing less.  By the way, my name is Latin for soldier, I’m not sure why but I do stand up for what I believe and I will defend my dreams until they become reality.  My blood line is a very odd mix and I possess some...

Coleman, Florida48Straight

I am glad you chose to read my intro. As you can see, I love tattoos and creating art.

I am not sure what type of man you are looking for, but before I tell you about myself, I will briefly tell you what type of lady I am looking for. I am looking for someone to share my art with, along with thoughts about past/present experiences and about future goals. Someone that can find humor in...

Francisco Salazar #M34088 - Primary Picture
Joliet, Illinois29Straight

I’m looking to meet an honest person who is able to put my situation aside and get to know me as a person to build a friendship.

A little about myself; I’m optimistic and honest with a good sense of humor. I’m open minded and I don’t judge. I’m down to earth with a sincere heart. I offer you a true and honest friendship. You can ask anything and I...

Corcoran, California36Straight

Hello and thank you for browsing my profile.  I appreciate it!  I'm a 36 year old Hispanic, 5’ 10” tall and weigh in at 180 pounds with a few noticeable tattoos.  I extend my hand in friendship with high hopes of having it grow into a strong bond that can last, filled with laughs, thoughts and all the while sharing and creating memories.

I'm hopeful I can find someone...

Abilene, Texas27Straight

Hey y’all what’s up? Well, my name is Michael and I’m looking for some new friends, someone to talk to about whatever :).  I’m 27 years old, born and raised in Kingsville, Texas. I’ve been in prison for a lil over 8 years on a 15 year sentence and I’m so ready to be released; hopefully between this year and next. I’m not super religious but I say my daily prayers. I’m a day to day person...

Raymond Salazar #1797408 - Primary Picture
Abilene, Texas34Straight

My name is Raymond.  I am 5’7” tall.  I am looking for new friends to meet.  I pass my time working out, reading, and preparing myself for release, because a man without a plan, plan’s to fail…Maturity doesn’t come with age, it comes with the acceptance of responsibility.  People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a...

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Richard Salazar #V-71097 - Primary Picture
Coalinga, California43Straight

Hello :)

I would like to start this off by sharing my testimony :). I’m a person who God has healed from a life of feeling hurt and pain of loneliness, despair, and rejection…and through that healing that God has blessed with, I’m able to be a friend and opt out of my way, to lighten the weight of someone’s broken health, sadness and despair.

Through my calling and prayer, my...