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Inmate Alphabetical Profiles

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Remigio Salinas III #46608-380
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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania30Straight

My name is Remigio Rud Salinas III. I am 30 years old, from Austin, TX (born and raised). I am 5’11”, 205 lbs., stalky build, Hispanic, green eyes, light skinned Mexican and I have a few tattoos. I’m a very outgoing gentleman with respect and very honest. I like to have fun, laugh and have a good time. I love kids, I have two of my own. I also love working out, staying active, (not a lazy guy...

Carlos Salinas Jr #01940964
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Kenedy, Texas57Straight


My name is Carlos. I’m in search of a pen-pal who would not mind writing and develop a friendship. I believe friendship should be built on honesty, respect, appreciation, sincerity and attention. Please feel free to ask me any question and no topic is taboo.

The picture I posted was taken a week before I was incarcerated in late 2014. Basically, I still look the same...

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Dontaneous Salley #R69912
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Pinckneyville, Illinois31Straight


How ya’ll doin out there?  First of all I would like to send blessings to everyone considering writing me as a Pen Pal.
Now let me formally introduce myself as the gentleman I am.  My name is Dontaneous Salley, but everyone calls me Dano....

Anthony Salome  #08443-031
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El Reno, Oklahoma40Straight

Stop right there, excuse me do you have the time? Well I think it’s time you and I get to know each other better.

I don’t know what everyone else on here has to offer, but I can tell you what I have. Not a whole lot, I’m in prison remember. “lol” Seriously though if you would like to just give me a few minutes of your time so we can get to know each other a little better, at least get...

Furn-Lee Salomon #000163588C
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Rahway, New Jersey42Straight

To whom this may concern,

My name is Furn-Lee Salomon. I enjoy good conversations and appreciate truth and honesty above all other things.

I am a good listener and consider myself a loyal friend who tells you the truth be it hard or not…

I look forward to corresponding with anyone willing to give of their time and I in turn will return the same and best of me.


Brian Salter #00678090
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Gatesville, Texas46Straight

Hello, you’re on this site looking for a pen pal. Me too. See we have a connection. I'm would like to find someone to write as a friend. If I meet that special someone to share life's tender moments with that would be wonderful.

I enjoy intelligent conversation on nearly any topic. I'm not into playing games. I maintain good relations with my family and friends on the outside. I have...

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August Salvaty #15-A-4349
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Stormville, New York53

True Friendship


My name is August.  I’m 5’ 9” tall, 205 pounds, Italian and German/American and from New York City.  I’m seeking friendship with a female/someone who has a sense of humor, is open minded, fun and outgoing, independent, and is a pleasure to write to.

I’m self-educated, an entrepreneur and diversely experienced.  I’m into health and...

Jeffery Salyers #1466721
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Pocahontas, Virginia40Straight


My name is Jeffrey, or Jeff.  I am 40 years old, 6’1” tall and weigh 200 pounds.  I am interested in meeting someone to write and get to know. I love nature and being outside.  I enjoy exercising and playing sports.  I am a very positive and easygoing person.  The most important part of my life is my family.  I have a 15 year old son that means the...

SanJuanita Samaniego #02233347
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Lockhart, Texas31Straight

Hi, I am here to make new friends to help my days go by faster.

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Galesburg, Illinois31Straight


My name is Marcus Samarripa. So, a little about Marcus the Great! LOL

To sum me up in a couple of words – I’m generous, kind, friendly, easy going, confident, and loveable. Even though I’m in this situation, I don’t let these bars hold me back from who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish in life. I still have faith and hope I’ll be home shortly.

If you were to...

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Paul Samayoa #F74218
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Susanville, California33Straight

What’s up? My name is Paul Samayoa. I’m here looking to meet new people and make friendships with anyone who is willing to get to know me. At times I can be very spontaneous depending on the situation. I like to try new things and become familiar with people, places or things that are out of my comfort zone. This is how one grows. I have obviously made some bad choices in the past, but at the...

Tomas Sambolin #P-39037
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Delano, California38Straight

“Never Be Lonely With True Friendships”

If you’re like me you may be looking to cure your loneliness.  I’m bottled up looking to quench the thirst of my kindred spirit with a friendship to share.  Life without loved ones is unjust.  A daily struggle that can be eased with one who can relate.  Literally where I stand I know loneliness hurts.  Everyone deserves...

Joseph Sambruno #299536
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Florence, Arizona25Straight

As I splash this ink to paper let me introduce myself. My name is Joseph Sambruno and I’m 25 years old. This is my first profile I’ve put up since coming to prison (so don’t judge me) LOL I’m 3 years into a 6 ½ year sentence and should be released in 2022. I’m Hispanic, mostly Spanish with Pueblo and Aztec Indian. I’m single, I have no kids. I’m open to all types of people. I’m excited to hear...

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Lindell Sample #142595
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Canon City, Colorado29Straight

Welcome to my profile!

It’s been like 11 ½ years since I last held what so many take for granted, freedom, I’m finally now about to give this unfortunate conviction back and gain everything in my eyes.

Coming from a blue-collar home where I was raised with proper morals and respect for my elders, this time hasn’t exactly been easy. I’m not one for pity or people feeling sad for...

Kris Sampson #242220
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Muskegon, Michigan42Straight
CaucasianNative American

Hello there, let me start by telling you a few things about the type of person I am; I’m caring, fun-loving, dependable, understanding, and an honest man who is looking for someone who’s not into playing mind games because I’m not going to play them with you. I enjoy treating women the way they deserve to be treated, like a queen!

My ultimate goal in this pen-pal ad is to find someone...

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Eldon Samuel #118780
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Orofino, Idaho19Straight


My name is Eldon and I'm nineteen.  A little something about myself; I love anything non-fiction, including psychology, medical science, and some history.  I don’t usually watch television, but I do enjoy certain movies involving suspense and humor.  I'm obsessed with listening to 80’s hair bands and take pride in it too.  I plan on becoming a doctor or getting...

Robert Samyuth #V68714
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Corcoran, California41Straight

Hello friends,

My name is Robert. I'm 40 years old. I'm Cambodian and Vietnamese, and I'm from the city of Long Beach. The things I like to do to keep me busy are working out, cooking, reading, listening to music, and reality TV shows. I'm a big fan of the Raiders... Win, lose, or draw, it's Raider nation on mine! Just thought I'd...

Danny San Nicolas #14363-111
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Tucson, Arizona36Straight

As you can see by my release date, I’m short. I won’t be in here long, but I’m still seeking to meet new people. All my life has been a revolving door of new friends and associates. I’m looking for something that lasts, something real with someone who values things such as loyalty, honor, and respect over the more superficial things I’ve been coming across these past few years of my life....

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Andy Alejandrino Sanchez #36053-069
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Bradford, Pennsylvania38Straight

Hello, my name is Andy Alejandrino Sanchez. I am Puerto Rican and was born in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’m 36 years old and I am interested in friendship with a woman between the ages of 35 to 50. My type of woman is a plus size girl with a good sense of humor who is loving and caring. I am into Latin, Chinese, White girl American as long as she is loyal, hard working like myself. I...

Carlos Sanchez #02166806
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Dallas, Texas39Straight

First and Foremost All...With all due respect, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carlos Sanchez from Houston, Texas. Athletic build, with hazel eyes, brown hair, single, light skin, with lots of "tattoos", 165 pounds, and about 5'7". I am a very active person. I love sports. I love to dance. I love to travel. I am also very humble.

I am looking to make new friends of any...

Colt Sanchez #F13211
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Crescent City, California32Straight

Hello there

My name is Colt.  I come from a loving family where we were always together spending weekends at the mountains, going to the beach, going to the movies and eating out.  Pretty much we had this unbreakable bond but throughout the years we lost contact with one another.  I know I’m still in their hearts like they are in mine but their lives went on and mine...

Daniel Sanchez #F-77019
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Coalinga, California35Straight

Hi, my name is Daniel. I’m born and raised in Southern Cali but unfortunately I’ve been locked up in a bathroom (cell) for 16 years now. I have 2 years left before I’m let free. So I’m very excited about that. I turn 35 years old next month and honestly that’s scarier than being in prison but I’ll embrace it and keep pushing. I like to stay in shape so I don’t...

David Sanchez #G32132
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Susanville, California30Straight

What’s good, thank you for taking the time of your day and peeping my profile. My name is David. I’m an outgoing person with an amazing personality and attitude. I’m really down to earth and always in pursuit for knowledge. I love reading books, watching and playing sports and lots, lots of exercise. I like meeting new cultures and different nationalities. I’m hoping to build strong...

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Edgar Sanchez #11708-265
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Fairton, New Jersey43Straight

Hi, I’m Eddy.  I’m Dominican from the Bronx, NY, and I’m 43 years old, 5’9” tall, 200 pounds, and I’m Sagittarius. 

Since I’ve been incarcerated at a Federal Medium, I’ve been in pursuit of a Masters Degree, I’ve completed over (60) educational programs, I’ve been a GED, Esoteric Science, and Cognitive Skills teacher for over 12 years; I’m also a physical trainer, barber...

Eduardo Sanchez #01821103
Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas33Straight


“RICH AND LONELY”…Just kidding, did I get  your attention? I’m only joking about being rich, because I am lonely.

To be honest, I’d love the opportunity to meet new people. Why not? So anyone who would like to take a chance on meeting someone new, step up? You just don’t know what you might find. “If you need someone just to talk to, well, I’m the man”. If you need/...

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