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Jesus Sanchez #AZ5193 - Primary Picture
Crescent City, California25Straight

Hello, My name is Jesus Sanchez. I am 5'11, 24 years old, and I am from South Los Angeles.

While incarcerated, I am working towards furthering my education by taking college courses. I enjoy reading topics such as history, body language, and Psychology. I also enjoy playing sports and working out. I like comedy and action movies and also enjoy art. I am currently learning to...

Jesus Sanchez #M38900 - Primary Picture
Pontiac, Illinois33Straight

I’m really goofy and like to joke around a lot.  I’m a great listener.  I enjoy having very mutually interesting conversations about politics, religion, current events, family, etc.  I am an open book and very honest.  I do prefer to listen more than talk.  I don’t need people to send me money or anything, I just want someone I can vibe with and really get to know....

John Sanchez #02109341Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas30Straight

Today is the day you’ve logged on this site looking to correspond with someone of interest. I hope I am the correct guy you choose to exchange letters with and build a friendship with.

My name is John, I am a 30 year old Hispanic man from Dallas, Texas. I am a very devoted and loyal guy who loves to enjoy life. I’m big on loyalty and honesty, it’s a must but I’m here only because of my...

Johnny   Sanchez #H28055 - Primary Picture
Chowchilla, California47Straight


My name is Johnny Raymond, an articulate man searching for someone to correspond with.  In particular, “a single woman” who is open minded with a good personality and a sense of humor.  I think these qualities in a woman are great.

I am an optimistic and compassionate man comprised with many qualities and I am willing to take...

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Pollock, Louisiana36Straight


I am ready to try this site in hoping to find a friend of a lifetime.  I am a loyal, cool, down to earth person.  I would gladly like to meet a lovely woman who I can have a good time with, share wonderful things and also to build and learn from one another.  I am down for a good conversation on many topics and have a good time enjoying each other’s company....

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Joseph  Sanchez #01027013 - Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas47Straight


Have you ever been through a gloomy period in life, that you thought would never end?  I’m sure most people have had some kind of trial they went through, that made a huge impact in their lives.  Well, this is my rock bottom.

I’m interested in meeting friends who would like to share their experiences and help guide me through the difficult circumstances currently...

Crescent City, California36Straight


My name is Juan Carlos and I’m from Los Angeles, California.  I’m 36 years old, light brown skinned Mexican.  I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall, 185 pounds with hazel eyes.  I enjoy reading, writing, learning, working out, and listening to music, cooking, laughing, having a good time and making new friends.

Despite my current situation, I keep a positive attitude...

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Michael Sanchez #1453468Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas29Straight


My name is Michael Sanchez but you can call me M.J. I’ve been sentenced to life and been locked up since 17. I know my charge and time may make you think twice about writing to me, but don’t let that hold you back. Get to know me before you judge me. I promise I won’t be a waste of your time because I carry a good head on my shoulders and I will try my best to put a smile on your...

Michael Sanchez #111699 - Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho27Straight

Name is Michael Sanchez, I’m 6’7” tall, about 230 pounds. I was born in California but moved to Puerto Rico when I turned 1 year old to meet my family there. I stayed there for awhile and was raised by my grandmother and her beliefs which will explain why I am who I am. I’m very respectful, I feel no human should be treated like a dog or left behind. I’m also honest. If you need the truth I’ll...

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Orlando Noel Sanchez  #01159519Primary Picture
Rosharon, Texas40Straight

Hey all, My name is Orlando. At one point in my life, I was lost and did something that changed my life forever. I wish I could take back what I did as a young man but I cannot. However, I have given my life to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and try and help those incarcerated with me cope with the daily struggles we all face being locked up and away from our families and loved ones.

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Crescent City, California30Straight


My name is Peter.  I'm from the city of East Los Angeles.  I'm a 30 year old Mexican, looking for a woman to correspond with, the old school way: snail mail. 

I'm not trying to lock anybody down and have them doing this time with me.  We all have a life of our own with enough problems, ain't no sense in adding someone else’s to the mix.  I'm just...

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Reynaldo Lucas  Sanchez #106944 - Primary Picture
Eagle Pass, Texas26Straight

My name Is Reynaldo but I go by my middle name Lucas. I know it might be a little awkward but I am new to this as well. I am looking forward to meeting new people from all parts of the world to help pass my time. And hope to crack a smile on some faces.

A little more about me; I am 5'11". I am fascinated with body art, as you can tell from my picture. I have taken vocational classes...

Stefan Sanchez #228243 - Primary Picture
Buckeye, Arizona31Straight


My name is Stefan and first and foremost I hope you are having a good day and week out there.  I try to make the best out of my days in here.  I like to read, write, workout, play sports, and listen to music, and watch TV.  Overall, I just try to stay positive and make the best out of time. 

I have about 3-4 years left on a 16-year sentence so I am...

Thomas Sanchez #24654-081 - Primary Picture
Lompoc, California34Straight

I’m looking for people that will help me turn this negative situation into a positive one. I now have a good direction in life that I’m heading towards and could use some help. Instead of going back to selling drugs or being involved in making money off crime, I am working towards being a Personal Fitness Trainer. With a background in boxing and MMA, fitness has always been something I’ve...

Rosharon, Texas38Straight

There’s an old saying that goes: “People come into your life for a reason, a season – or a lifetime”.

I say we are all entitled to friends. It is the fabric of life which weaves humanity together. Even though it seems affliction is the forefront of our reality…There is a hidden pain disguised by smiles yet deep within the cracks in the concrete awaits a serenity to be found.


Aisha Sanders #W085098 - Primary Picture
Dayton, Ohio31

“We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year” – Pink Floyd

Hello! My name is Aisha Sanders. I am 31 years old. I am taking this opportunity to meet new people. I would like someone to help me transcend my existence beyond these bars.

My dreams have bee made vivid by captivity. I am very open-minded and passionately seeking friends. However, I am not...

Brazoria, Texas23Straight
African American


My name is Alex. I am hoping to meet someone I can vent, vibe and connect with. Someone that is willing to help me pass my time. My hobbies are writing music and poetry and I like to read books. I am working on furthering my education by getting my Master in Business.

I thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Make sure...

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Coleman, Florida26Straight
African American

I am not used to doing things like this, so I hope I cover everything that needs to be covered!  Let me first start out by saying I'm a very honest person so nothing in this paragraph is fabricated.

I had a lot of people out there in the free world who I thought were my friends but turned their back on me once I caught this Federal indictment.  I am looking for a friend that...

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Galesburg, Illinois21Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is D’Angelo. I’m looking for a friendly, nice, and lovely lady to pass the time and hopefully future plans.

I like helping others, connecting with new people, and traveling.

Thank you for visiting my profile. Please use on of the options below to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.



David Sanders #527369 - Primary Picture
Moore Haven, Florida45Straight

Hi!  That’s me in the back row (of photo), first one in prison uniform from the left (next to the guy in orange long sleeves).  This was at a recent in prison pretty awesome 4-day spiritual retreat program called Karros.  A lot of love from these Christian guys who come in for 4 days (with a lot of street food).  Amazing experience, first time in Church at this prison, a...

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Demajoe Sanders #00730880 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas41Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


Hello, my name is Demajoe Sanders and it is a pleasure.  I've contemplated taking this step for months.  Finally making the decision, I was surprised to realize how difficult it could be.  I've been incarcerated for the past twenty-three of my forty-one years.  With recent developments and push for the Second Look Act...

Demetrius  Sanders  #593584 - Primary Picture
Munising, Michigan32Straight
African AmericanChristian

It's more to me than meets the surface.

I am kind hearted, great sense of humor, enjoy laughing, and making others laugh.

I am silly but serious about the ones I care for.

Jennifer Sanders #76263-051 - Primary Picture
Bryan, Texas46Bi-sexual

My name is Jennifer Sanders and I’m from New Mexico. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and am 5’6”. I’m the type of person you will meet and never forget. I’m open-minded, honest, and loyal. I love playing racquetball and volleyball. I have a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy. I love to listen to music. The perfect say would be to ride on a motorcycle on a beautiful day. I have...

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Mark Sanders #C94451 - Picture 2
Imperial, California51Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Supreme Blessings! My honorable name is Mark Sanders; 6’5”tall and weigh 250 lbs.  I am currently kidnapped and confined in a California Penal Colony for Constructive Possession of a Firearm, a non-violent “so-called” crime under California’s Draconian 3 Strike Law.

I am seeking constructive communication and sincere friendship. As a man with knowledge of self, I am a socially...

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Bridgeton, New Jersey38Straight

Are you looking to establish a real and genuine connection, no games, no gimmicks? 


I'm an authentic, sweet, honest, loyal, ambitious, business-minded, and hardworking guy, who's trustworthy, funny, caring, open-minded, and down-to-earth. 

I'm courageously looking to meet a strong significant connection/friendship based on respect, trust, and loyalty...

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