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Mark Sanders #C94451
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Imperial, California50Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Supreme Blessings! My honorable name is Mark Sanders; 6’5”tall and weigh 250 lbs.  I am currently kidnapped and confined in a California Penal Colony for Constructive Possession of a Firearm, a non-violent “so-called” crime under California’s Draconian 3 Strike Law.

I am seeking constructive communication and sincere friendship. As a man with...

Martavion Sanders #R51403
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Pontiac, Illinois32Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Martavion D. Sanders. I’m a 31 year old father of 1, seeking friends of all nature and/or influence.

At 6’2”, 190 pounds, I enjoy the company of those who carry themselves in a positive manner. Those who, despite the past (and/or present) will have no problem with...

Michael Sanders #111518
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Boise, Idaho28Straight

Hey, I'm Mike. I'm easy going and easy to talk to. I'm healthy, active, work out, and love being outside. I love the hot weather, and anything you'd do out on a sunny day. I'm on here looking to meet and talk to some new people. I’m an open book, so ask me anything. We have JPay where I'm at also, so shoot me a message through that if...

Steven R. Sanders #K96705
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Menard, Illinois36Straight
African AmericanOther


To all the open-minded women who view this site and are not afraid to befriend a man who has faltered in life.  I would like to say I truly appreciate you and your benevolence.  After so many years in prison and the loss of female companionship...

Trazell Sanders #S11907
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Lincoln, Illinois26Straight

Mt Vernon, Illinois, where I was born and raised.  My personality is very strong and full of life.  Excuse my vagueness but this is new to me, so I’m taking a chance with the firm belief that in order to find a genuine friendship, companionship.  I have to put myself in a position to be found, so here I am.


Winston Sanders #W111462
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Walpole, Massachusetts26Straight
African AmericanChristian

First and foremost, I would like to open this with the intention of you having an open mind of knowledge that every diamond comes from dirt, all gold comes from the ground and that a rose can grow from concrete.  Most people rush ahead, move too fast and overlook the small details that it really takes to get to know a new person.  And in a turn of a hand everything is over and they...

Jorge Sanders-Galvez #6454250
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Fort Madison, Iowa24Straight

What's up? You can call me Lummy. I like working out and playing basketball. I was making music when I was free. I'm a hip-hop artist. I am locally known in St. Louis, Missouri. I have been convicted of murder on Nov 23, 2017 and I put in my appeal on Dec 22, 2017.

I pass my time by lifting weights, playing basketball, chess, and writing music. I want to connect with people...

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Jordan Sanderson #10-B-1661
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Beacon, New York31Straight

My name is Jordan. By setting up this profile my hopes are to attract a genuine/real woman who has the patience, understanding, courage and open mind to deal with a genuine, good/real man under my circumstances. I would be grateful with simply building friendships or just someone to write. Anything more is a plus!

A little about...

Delano, California33Straight
Native American

Hello, my name is Richard. I’m an artist from Northern California. I’m writing this to meet people who enjoy art as much as I do. Art is everything to me. It’s the one place I have always been able to go and find solace no matter what hardships I’m facing in life. I’ve turned to drawing ever since I was a child and it has been a saving grace during my incarceration. It’s a long story but if...

Jose Sandoval #AP4098
Primary Picture
Corcoran, California34Straight

My name is Jose Sandoval and I’m from Salinas, California. I love to cook and relax at home. I love good energy and girls with curly hair. Their hair always smells good. I’m big on family and loyalty. I want to meet a woman that is really for the real deal. Nothing pleases me more then a self confident woman who is passionate, entertaining and sexy. My friends say that I am kind...

Joseph Sandoval #AR4162
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Soledad, California28Straight

Hi, thank you for taking the time to view my profile!  My hope in having this profile is to attract potential friends and to be connected to the outside world from within these walls that has become my only tangible reality.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself; the types of TV shows and/or movies I enjoy are comedy,...

Luis Sandoval #G56970
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Corcoran, California30Straight

Hello there everyone, I extend this invitation into my world with warm greetings and good intentions. My name is Luis, I’m currently incarcerated. I’m appealing my conviction based on insufficient evidence. This is a reason I’m seeking legal assistance, but most of all I’m trying to find a good support group or any individual who I can communicate with/relate to. I’m looking for someone who is...

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Oscar Sandoval #00809596
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Beeville, Texas39Straight

It’s no secret that prison can be a lonely place but it’s also true that loneliness is a condition of the heart. I’ve learned that we ultimately have the power to choose how people and things outside ourselves effect us. Understanding that, I chose to acknowledge and appreciate the people that are in my life.

I posted this profile because I like to meet new people, and I hope to lay...

Pablo Sandoval #40329-013
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Beaver, West Virginia23Straight

Hi, my name is Pablo. I am 23 years old and I am on here to meet some cool people. I am interested in people from all walks of life. I am bilingual and I am welcome to making friends from any and all cultures. I am easygoing and a down to earth person. I enjoy watching movies, working out and reading good books. After I am released I have lots of goals and one of them is to travel the world...

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Richard Sandoval #F74860
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Coalinga, California46Straight
Native American

I'm looking to meet new friends, pen pals, and acquaintances to share inspiration, communication, and hope with. I am pursing a college degree, very into my spirituality, and fanatic about exercise. I do my best to view life optimistically and looking for others to share this optimistic communication with.

Adrion, Michigan38Straight

My name is Max or Junior, I come from a supportive family. I have a 12-year-old son that I love in my life. I’m single and seeking a friend(s) to get to know and pass the time with. Friends with educational purposes are also welcome.

I read, draw, workout, speak and write English & Spanish, my religion is Santeria, and I keep myself positive, honest, and loyal to family and friends...

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Luis Sandoval-Romero #177766
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Buena Vista, Colorado22Straight

Hey there,

How ya’ll doing? My name is Luis but to my closest friends and loved ones I’m known by Haze. I’m currently incarcerated due to the unfortunate mistakes made in my life. Although confined, I don’t let the constraints of my confinement stagnate me from growing mentally as well as maturing as a man. My journey in life has taught me a lot of things but the biggest lesson I’ve...

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Nyle Sans #BF3458
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Shafter, California37Straight

I'm a 37 year old Pacific Islander, 6'1" tall, weigh 190lbs., and athletic.  I'm into eating healthy and daily exercise.  I love to laugh and enjoy making others smile.  I'm easy going and down to earth, as well as college educated.

I'm seeking friendship, companionship and intimacy with a...

Robert Sansberry #M26648
Primary Picture
Galesburg, Illinois24Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Robert Sansberry.  I’m 24 years old and born and raised on the west side of Chicago.  I’m incarcerated for Aggravated Battery with a Firearm, a mistake I made as a teenager, but also a mistake that I’ve learned from now looking to move forward in life…..especially upon my release.

This is my first time on any pen pal website, but I guess there’s a first...

Jerremy Santacrose #423069
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Wasilla, Alaska38Straight

Hello there.  I am 6’1” tall, weigh 220 lbs., Italian with an outgoing personality and a purely unadulterated sense of humor.  I currently spend most of my time working out, playing basketball, reading or studying.  I love coffee, old diners, road trips, horror movies and Kung Fu flicks.  I also like to collect rare vinyl and ghetto-blaster boom boxes.  I love all...

Jonathan Santana #72592-067
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White Deer, Pennsylvania37Straight

Hello, my name is Jonathan, nickname J.B.  I’m 36 years young, from New York City, 5’ 9 in height, 216 in weight, work out so I’m in shape.  I have a 3 year old daughter, she’s my world.  I enjoy reading, writing and I LOVE to travel. 

Looking for...

Jose Santana #BC7498
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Calipatria, California26Straight

My name is Jose Santana.  I am very happy to have the opportunity to open this page to meet friends.  Upon me doing so, I want you to know I have taken advantage of this time to zoom in on all types of self-help, communication skills and school.  I know very well that perfect I can never be, but yes, every day I work on myself to simply become a better...

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Kevin Santana #W105894
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Shirley, Massachusetts40Straight


My name is Kevin. I like to live a clean, healthy lifestyle by staying persistent with my exercising and also by eating healthy. I believe that the key to living a long and happy life, people have to have an all around balance with mind, body and soul.

I consider myself a very quiet, laid back, soft spoken, humble, down to earth person. I am also very outgoing,...

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Marcos Santana #01819172
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Iowa Park, Texas25Straight

Hello to all my beautiful ladies, my name is Marcos A.K.A. Chiquito bebe LOL. I’m introducing myself to whoever is taking the time out to read this. Hopefully after you finish reading this something will transpire to where you’ll find it interesting in wanting to get to know more about me…I’m originally from Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico from the beach, yes I do speak Spanish. I’ve been living in...

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Santiago Santana #02075145
Primary Picture
Abilene, Texas31Straight

The first impression says a lot. That’s why I don’t want to sound like everybody else on this site. Why waste time doing that, so I won’t. I just want to say what I can from where you are at. I’ll say more when you make your way to where I am at – when we get there. Relax and you’ll come to find out I’m just like you. Looking for a person to relate to for a lot of different reasons. So don’t...