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Inmate Alphabetical Profiles

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Christopher Santana #AE3320
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Crescent City, California30Straight

God-fearing single male with no children looking for pen-pals.

I am open to the possibility of more depending on our connection. I am very physically fit and workout often. I believe exercise strengthens the body, fortifies the mind, and heals the soul. I read every single day and am currently completing an associates degree in social work. I am enrolled in every rehabilitation program...

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Jonathan Santana #72592-067
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White Deer, Pennsylvania37Straight

Hello, my name is Jonathan, nickname J.B.  I’m 36 years young, from New York City, 5’ 9 in height, 216 in weight, work out so I’m in shape.  I have a 3 year old daughter, she’s my world.  I enjoy reading, writing and I LOVE to travel. 

Looking for...

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Jose Santana #BC7498
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Calipatria, California26Straight

My name is Jose Santana.  I am very happy to have the opportunity to open this page to meet friends.  Upon me doing so, I want you to know I have taken advantage of this time to zoom in on all types of self-help, communication skills and school.  I know very well that perfect I can never be, but yes, every day I work on myself to simply become a better...

Kevin Santana #W105894
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Shirley, Massachusetts40Straight


My name is Kevin. I like to live a clean, healthy lifestyle by staying persistent with my exercising and also by eating healthy. I believe that the key to living a long and happy life, people have to have an all around balance with mind, body and soul.

I consider myself a very quiet, laid back, soft spoken, humble, down to earth person. I am also very outgoing,...

Manuel Santana #R15193
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Galesburg, Illinois39Straight

My name is Manuel Santana Jr. and my nickname is Manny. I’m 100% Puerto Rican, my height is 5’11” and my weight is 183 pounds. I have hazel eyes and lots of tattoos all over my body. I’m 39 years old, born on October 23, 1979 and I’m a Scorpio.

I’m from Chicago, Illinois, born and raised. I love the color red. I love to play basketball and yes I am really good at it too! I also love to...

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Santiago Santana #02075145
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Abilene, Texas31Straight

The first impression says a lot. That’s why I don’t want to sound like everybody else on this site. Why waste time doing that, so I won’t. I just want to say what I can from where you are at. I’ll say more when you make your way to where I am at – when we get there. Relax and you’ll come to find out I’m just like you. Looking for a person to relate to for a lot of different reasons. So don’t...

Brian Santiago #AB4915
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Calipatria, California26Straight


My name is Brian, I’m 26 years old and I’m looking for friendship beyond these walls.  I’ve been doing time since I was 17 years old.  I’m from Michoacán, Mexico but grew up in Vista, California.  I’m really big on family and I come from a family with Christian roots.  To pass my time I like to work out and draw.  I also like to read and listen to all types...

Jhalil Santiago #516064D/653189
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Rahway, New Jersey30Straight

Hello! My name is Jhalil Santiago…I’m currently serving a 17 year sentence which I have 11 years in on, so yes I’m at the tail end of my sentence. I’m 29 years old and I’ve made plenty of youthful mistakes that led me to my present situation. But fortunately I’ve learned and grown so much since…

Well what I’m looking for is a woman I...

Oscar Santiago  #A399-378
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Marion, Ohio38Straight

Hello Ladies,

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Oscar but you can call me Papichulo.  I know kind of corny, but hopefully caught your attention and made you smile. 

So a little about myself.  As you know by now I’m doing time for not behaving, but people make mistakes and I’ve been working hard to make my wrongs right.  On a positive note, I’m a...

Pierre Santiago #21514-026
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Oxford, Wisconsin36Straight
African American


I been incarcerated four years now and fortunately I’m down to my last few months. What brings me to WriteAPrisoner is that I’ve been single for a while now and I’m in hopes of meeting someone to settle down with before I’m released.

I’m very laid back and easy going. I enjoy working out and being active. I also enjoy learning new things and I’m currently certified in the...

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Victor Santiago #223154
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Uncasville, Connecticut43Straight

Hello Ladies,

I hope that as your reading this, you are in good health and spirits.  I’m looking for a female companion who is genuine, with a good sense of humor and is optimistic.  I like to read, write, and exercise.  I love learning new things and aspiring to new heights.  I’m a great listener and I’m very understanding.  I’m a good guy with great qualities...

Melanie Santini #02205074
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Gatesville, Texas31Bi-sexual

I’m a down to earth woman whose made a mistake or two, on a mission to go from bad to good. I’m very open-minded with high goals for success, very determined and focused.

I’m looking to expand my friend base to educated successful people that can help me in my future. Along with positive influences, I’m hoping to find friends that I can stay in touch with even after I am released....

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Roberto Santistevan #157781
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Canon City, Colorado60Straight


Hello there ladies, just a single, 60-year-old man, 5’10” tall, and has been working out for 43 years. I’m in great physical condition and looking for some female compassion, whether through letter or emails. Just so you know, I like them big, small, thin, or round. White, brown, black, or purple.

It doesn’t matter, as long as you...

Shanna Santori #963139
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Ypsilanti, Michigan28Straight

* Hey Out There *

My name is Shanna (pronounced Shay-na) Nicole Santori and I have been inside since 2015. I fill my time instructing guitar and creating art but I've started to crave some distraction from this world. I am open to all conversation and questions. I am not searching for anyone specific, yet I am open to anything positive.

I am very adventurous and have...

Enrique Santos #01674730
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Gatesville, Texas32Straight


My name is Enrique Santos. I am a very nice person. I try to further my education as much as possible. I like to read when given the opportunity because I believe that the day you stop learning, is the day you stop growing as a person. Who better to learn from than a human being; different moods, personalities, and life situations. I believe we were put on Earth to learn...

Isaias Santos #01855998
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Rosharon, Texas38

Quick shout out to those reading these few lines, thank you. First and foremost…I’m in high hopes of finding some friends who are willing to make time to write. Not looking for any relationships or love, just good hearted genuine friendship or associates. I’m 100% real, I keep it real and live it real…I need writers who are looking for just that, real people tired...

Martin Santos #440316
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Pikeville, Tennessee36Straight


I’m Martin Santos.  I’d love to make friends with open-minded people who believe in giving a second chance to others.

I’m from Mexico, I was born on January 30, 1982.  I like to write songs in Spanish, I like to sing and read books of any topics.  Currently I’m studying English and Mathematics because I want to be an interpreter and a tutor when I get back...

Mike Santos #A481-318
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Lucasville, Ohio35Straight

Konnichiwa! Aloha! Hola! Dobraye Ultra, Comment Allez-vous? Hallo (Hello) World!

I give you the greatest gift of all – Me (A teddy-bear at heart, yet a bit Grizzly :).

And, yes, I speak adorable in any language :)

I also hear feelingly and feel deeply and believe there isn’t anything more beautiful and more passionate than Trust, Love, Loyalty and Family. I also love...

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Patrick Santos #F-01493
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Corcoran, California36Straight

My name is Patrick.  Wanting to correspond with someone on a positive level.  I’m ambitious and goal oriented, earning two A.A. Degrees and now working to complete my Bachelors in Business.  I am an asset to those I surround myself with and have made it my purpose to give back to life and society, more than my past caused me to take.  I’m on a mission to...

Guadalupe Santoya #00683964
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Tennessee Colony, Texas41Straight


Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time.

First of all I pray that everything is good with you and your loved ones.

Honestly…  I’m nervous and I’m not good at this, so please just give me a shot.

I’m cool and laid back, I love honesty.  I dislike lies and B.S. drama.  I love to read, play basketball, Dominoes, Chess and listen to...

Eloy, Arizona25Straight


My name is Clint Sapla. I’m from the island of Maui, Lahaina, Hawaii. I’m 25 years old, currently incarcerated for the past 7 years for burglary in the 1st. My nationality is 100% Filipino. I’m 5’8” tall and I’m ripped up right now and my six pack is about to turn to bricks LOL. I have...

Terrence Sapp #16A1338
Primary Picture
Auburn, New York29Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

There I Go…Hello,

Congratulations, you just found what you were looking for. Thank you for visiting my profile. These are the things that spark your interest. My name is Terrence but my people call me Tut. You’re looking for a good friend who’s motivated, knowledgeable, inspirational and fun!

In addition, you no longer have to search for a rock solid camaraderie built upon...

Jovany Sarabia #M52738
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Canton, Illinois21Straight

Hey, I’m Jovany. I’m 21 years old, Hispanic, male, and from Chicago, Illinois. I’m 5’3” and 160 pounds. I have been locked up for 4 ½ and I have 7 ½ remaining.

I enjoy living life and having fun. I guess describing my personality I’d say, I’m funny and an outgoing person, but aside from being pretty smooth and laid back, I believe it’s more of my loyalty and straight forward...

Aldo Saul Saracco-Rios #A723-242
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Lebanon, Ohio27Straight

Hi, my name is Rios. I’m 27 years old. I’m originally from Mexico but I was in the States since I was 4 years old. I consider myself a man of respect, very cool and charming. I would like to find a good woman so I can talk and build up a good vocabulary. I still have to do a few more years in prison so if any are interested, all are very welcome. I’m still learning...

Adam Sardina #AV-1314
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Corcoran, California35Straight

Hello there,

Allow me to start off by properly introducing myself, my name is Adam Sardina.  I’m 35 years old, half Cuban and half Mexican.  I’m a genuine person and outgoing.  I’m not going to allow my situation to define who I am. 

During my spare time I like to listen to all different types of music, occasionally watching a, comedy or action movie and...

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