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David Sauceda #01542904
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Iowa Park, Texas38Straight

What is a friend?

Someone who makes your heart smile, warms your soul, and fills the void that we all experience, a million miles away, or worlds apart. Nothing can rift the bond of a sincere friendship. Together friends withstand life’s storms and shine like beacons in a hurricane, symbols to what all seek, yet few acquire.

So who am I? I’m a little bit of everything. I’m a...

Sergio Sauceda #01650563
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Woodville, Texas28Straight

Hello, my name is Sergio. I am 28 years old and sitting here doing a 25+ year sentence. I am single, never been married, and I have no kids. I made bad choices when I was young and I have learned to find peace with my past and live my life here the best I can.

I am a good listener and open to hear anything as friends. I know I stick out like a sore thumb with my artwork. I lived,...

Ernest Saucedo #01656073
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Iowa Park, Texas32Straight


My name is Ernest.  I am seeking new friends, someone who is willing to build a steady foundation and is willing to take the time to share the simple things in life!

Friendship plays a major role in a person’s life, especially kids these days.  I feel like a new student attending a new school, given the opportunity...

Heriberto Saucedo #355017
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Monroe, Washington26Straight


My name is Heriberto.  I’m 26 years old, 5’ 6” tall, weigh 145 lbs. and in great shape.  I enjoy deep conversations about all things in life.  I’m a country boy who enjoys the outdoors.  It’s the small things in life that give me joy, like riding horses and tending to my land.  I love to laugh and try to find every opportunity to do so.   I’m...

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Daniel Saulsberry #AU8568
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Susanville, California23Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hey, I’m D’Von, I’m 23 years old, 6’ tall and 235 pounds. I’m very kind hearted and approachable. I love to laugh, lounge and have a good time. My idea of a good time would be something outdoors and adventurous or even a night at the house just Netflix and chilling. I’m very spontaneous and a hopeless romantic type of person and I enjoy deep conversations with substance.

I’m looking...

James Saulters #1833364
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Woodville, Texas24Straight

Hello, I’m James. I am looking forward to hearing from YOU.  I’m a small town country boy and I’m looking to find friends and pen pals.

I’ve been incarcerated since I was 17 and made one young and dumb decision. At this time I’m looking to find something positive in this world and people to connect to. I have a very supportive family but my circle...

Fort Worth, Texas38
African AmericanProtestant

Hello, my name is Macey. I’m a 37 year old transsexual feeling more like 27 years old. I’m Jamaican by birth but reside in New York. Most times I’m extremely happy and will almost laugh at anything. I am always sincere and reliable. I love to swim but only in pools as I’m afraid of drowning.

My hobbies are...

Omar Saunders #320329C
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Rahway, New Jersey38Straight
African AmericanChristian

True beauty exists within the eyes of the beholder; what does that mean to you? Have you ever noticed a diamond in the rough; a rose growing from the confines of a crack in the concrete; a treasure, buried beneath the wreckage of a sunken ship? What about a good man, buried within a prison of barbwire and steel? A man whose outlook on life has been a whirlwind of...

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Thomas Saunders #164013
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Sterling, Colorado37Straight

My name is Thomas Saunders, I go by Chris. I am seeking friendship. I’m looking for fun, outgoing, honest women. Looking to write and/or talk on the phone. I like the outdoors, sports, working out, partying, thrill seeking, camping and just having fun. I’m originally from Ohio and lived there till I turned 20 then I moved to Colorado where I started moving furniture for a moving company. I...

Anthwan Savage #288960
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Pikeville, Tennessee40Straight
African AmericanBaptist


I am Anthwan! I am forty years old. I enjoy reading, creating leather crafts, and exercising. I recently started reading the Bible. After so many pitfalls, let downs, and wanting to give up on life because I made bad choices at seventeen years old. Feeling alone, friends that I had before are no longer around.

In reading the word of God, the Lord put it in my heart to...

Courtenay Savage #154998
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Quincy, Florida43Straight

“Wanna be the one”

I am a 43 y.o. female, very attractive (look younger than my age), I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  I am friendly and believe in second chances.  Hope you do too.  I like movies, animals, Bar BQ’s and unique and interesting books.  I love to travel.

Looking for 40 plus gentleman who is honest, generous and financially secure.  I...

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Gregory Savage #127336
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Angola, Louisiana55Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Gregory Savage and I’m presently housed in a Louisiana penitentiary. I have been incarcerated since June 19, 1987 due to police and prosecutorial misconduct. Specifically, police detectives framed me for murder and then falsified reports to cover it up. I’ll explain more as we communicate.

I am a highly skilled paralegal and a January 1993...

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Kevin Savage #342913
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Cheshire, Connecticut29Straight

Hello, Hello! My name is Kevin. I am a 6’6”, 265 pound, fit, young and vibrant, fun-loving individual looking to meet new open and like minded people to connect with. I enjoy music, fitness, health, food, reading, and laughing whenever possible. Life is too short to not have a good time! Actually I enjoyed myself a little too much and ended up making...

Tawny Savage #07338-062
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Tallahassee, Florida54Straight

I'm a 52-year-old non-smoking woman.  I'm tan, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes.  I'm 5'6", slender/athletic build, with no implanted or fake body additions.  An honest, easy going Oklahoma girl.  I've made some poor choices in life, but plan to reconcile and rebound gracefully.  I'm not judgmental of others and never hold anger or...

Isaac Sawyer #13516-089
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Florence, Colorado24Straight

It’s funny that I was asked to be “specific and honest” about what I am looking for and what my preference is because I didn’t think this could be made any simpler. Before I answer I thought that it would be important to give you a glimpse of who I am and the direction I’m going.

First and foremost I think highly of myself, if you’re interested in someone who’s a leader, smart and not...

Nelson Sawyer #39018-004
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Marianna, Florida46Straight

My name is Nelson and I am 46 years old with 18 months left; release date is on 10-27-19.  I was born in Key West, FL.  I have lived and worked most of my life between Key West, FL and Miami, FL., and I plan to return to Key West upon my release. I have owned and operated an Electrical Contracting Company in Key West and Miami for many years.

Quashon Sawyer #949158
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New Haven, Michigan22Straight
African AmericanMuslim

My name is Quashon, but my friends call me Qua or Al-ameen. I am 22 years old and have no children. I've been incarcerated since I was 16 years old. I have 4 years left. I'm pretty laid back. I like to listen to music, work out and read books, those 3 things helps me stimulate my mind other then making salat (praying). I am a Muslim but I'm an open minded individual. I am looking for a...

Brandon Sax #W107154
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Shirley, Massachusetts37Straight

I’m single, I have no kids, I’m from the north shore of Massachusetts.  I have a horrible Boston accent, but I have all my original teeth.  I’m a tattoo artist, a barber, I write song lyrics, sing/rap, write poetry and draw.

I’m serving a 6 to 8 for a bar fight turned stabbing.  I only have 2 to 4 years left, but with good time I can break that down to 1 to 2.  (If...

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Josh Saxton #A536818
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Youngstown, Ohio36Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hi, my name is Josh.  I'm looking for a friend to correspond with, either by phone or JPay.  I'm 36 years old, 260 lbs, and 6’6” tall.  I'm in court processes now and should be home by next year.  So I'm reaching out to build something genuine that could possibly be more!  I'm open to talking to anybody that finds the time to write or reach out to me!


Edgar Arturo Sazo #01671069
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Navasota, Texas27Straight

I usually go by Junior but don’t mind being called Edgar. I enjoy drawing and reading. My favorite book is “The Count Of Monte Cristo”. I know that is cliché but hey, it speaks to me. Throughout my incarceration I’ve come to feel that things happen for a reason, even you reading this. I hope to gain a new friend. I’m currently working on my appeal and hope to get a sentence reduction. I’ve...

James Scales #A496432
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Mansfield, Ohio33Straight
African American

Hello, my name is James and before I get started, may the sun shine your way and bring positivity to your day. I am looking forward to having conversations that brings smiles and brighten days. I have a sense of humor and love to laugh. I am easy going and I really appreciate the small things in life. I pride myself on being better than I was before and making each...

Nicholas Scandaliato #BG2787
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Eloy, Arizona24Straight

Unfortunately I will be in here for awhile. Luckily time flies but it will fly quicker if I get some conversations going, you never know what the future holds....

James Schaar #A432-105
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Linna, Ohio36Straight

Wait! Don’t just scroll down, let me get a few minutes of your time to tell you a few things about myself. I just might interest you.

I come from an Italian family, but I do enjoy learning about other cultures and their traditions.

I have an 18 year old daughter. She is the best part of my life and I believe she is the most beautiful creation in the world.

I listen to a...

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Trevor Schaffter #6595019
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Newton, Iowa27Straight

My name is Trevor Schaffter and I'm from Moline, Illinois.  My hobbies are hunting, fishing and just being outdoors.  I like to cook and work on cars.  I like to stay in shape and try new things.  I'm not really a picky person.

If you like what you read, just get a hold of me.  Thank...

Logan Schalk #927780
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Carson City, Michigan24Straight

Hello, My name is Logan.

I'm looking for a friend to correspond with and get to know. I enjoy educating myself, playing soccer, anime, and also enjoy hearing about a persons day.

I would tell you more about myself, but that would ruin the fun for you to get to know me ;). Thank you for visiting my profile. I hope you take the time to get to know me and write to me.


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