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Jason Schmitt #825629
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Connell, Washington36Straight

Hi everyone,

I am 35 years old, 5’10”, 195lbs, with an athletic build and tattoos. I am looking for new friends, possibly more, let’s just see how it goes.

I am always told that I am a very handsome guy, easy going, very simple, with a huge heart. I am very open-minded, not judgmental or into games. I ask you to be the same.

I am an open book. I have no filter or...

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Samantha Schneider #10079-025
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Lexington, Kentucky35Bi-sexual

My name is Samantha and I am 34 years old.  I love music, the outdoors, and I like to cook.  I am a good listener and have a very positive outlook on life. 

I am looking for a pen-pal, a friend, and possibly more.

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Stacy Schneider #290788
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New Haven, Michigan41Straight

Hi there, thanks for taking a look at my profile!

I'm 41, 6'4", with dark hair & eyes. Athletic & in good shape. I hope some lovely lady (you?) will write me because I truly miss the female point of view. I was raised by a single mom & have great respect & admiration for women. I'm thoughtful, patient, a good listener, and would love to hear all about you.


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Skylar Schnippel #73209-083
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Joint Base MDL, New Jersey29Straight

My name is Skylar Schnippel. I am about to turn 30 years old and I have been in prison since I was 20! Who needs their 20's anyway… I grew up in Northern Virginia, lived there my whole life until I was locked up. I'm looking for friends to communicate with and have meaningful conversation. 

People say I’m a deep thinker. I want to be able to...

Ricky Schoen #R19713
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Menard, Illinois35Straight

Hello everybody out there, my name is Ricky. As of this moment I’m incarcerated, please do not judge me and find some time to get to know me. A person once said, “A person’s best friend was once a complete stranger”, all it takes is a moment of time and who knows, maybe one day we will become best friends and take over the world :).

My birthday is 3/21/1983, I’m from the South Side of...

Thomas Schoenlein #A735371
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Grafton, Ohio22Straight

Hey, my name is Thomas and I am 21. Before this whole prison thing began, I graduated in a small town called Wapakoneta. After graduating, I went to play college football on a scholarship in Findlay, Ohio. After a season I decided to leave school and enlist in the Marines. While enlisted I found out I had a case. I came back home went to trial and lost. Never in a million years did I...

Joseph Schoepski Jr. #R04674
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Canton, Illinois36Straight

My name is Joseph Schoepski Jr.  I am 36 years old and am currently incarcerated for a 6 year prison sentence for aggravated DUI.  I have approximately 20 months left max.  I am posting a profile on Write A Prisoner simply to expand my social circle.  I am seeking a friendship and or, more plainly new opportunities.

I am from Rockford, Illinois and I am attempting...

Christopher Schroebel #54047-037
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Pine Knot, Kentucky27Straight

Hey I’m Chris. My nickname is WISH. I’m about to turn 27 in January 2018. I am single without children. I am about to get released within 6 months to 1 year. I have been incarcerated for the past 6 years and on a 7 year sentence. I am currently in the hole/seg, without access to a phone or email. I am only able to write letters.  Why am I reaching out? I have been through...

Daniel Schroyer #14104389
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Ontario, Oregon37Straight

Hello, I’m looking to meet new people who can be positive influences in my life as I prepare for my upcoming parole hearing in September 2019. I’ve been incarcerated for 19 years straight and I am hoping, praying and preparing for parole. So if you’re looking for a potential friend who is a good listener, honest, optimistic, outgoing and absolutely hilarious, contact me through mail or email,...

Antwan Schultz #215308
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Ionia, Michigan49Straight

Fun, caring, laid back, hard working and very funny man in search of friends. I’ve been divorced for 4 ½ years now, I have 2 kids, a 13 year old daughter and an 18 year old son who’s in the Air Force. I like just about any sport, camping, bonfires, fishing, woodworking and cooking. I’m not being conceited but I am very handy and can build or fix just about anything. Before I came to prison I...

Robert Schultz #M27708
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Danville, Illinois27Straight

Hello Stranger,

Please don’t be reluctant by the idea of writing a prisoner. I’m hoping that you’ll look past the stigma that I carry with me. I grew up in a place where some crimes were acceptable if not outright glorified. I’ll defend the idea that I’m not a bad person, instead I’d describe myself as an honorable man with good morals who made some bad decisions. Within my family I...

Timothy Schultz #10850041
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Yazoo City, Mississippi37Straight

 Profile Review:  4 Out of 5 Stars!!!

1)  I laughed till I cried and never expected so much fun…

2)  He’s a comforting mix of compassion, humor and can hold an intellectual conversation.  He actually listens and gets it.  I never knew what I “was” missing…Wow! 

Words from Tim Now

Remember the pair of shoes you wanted for your...

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Angelina Schulz #141068
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Goodyear, Arizona40Straight


I’m a very positive outgoing Puerto Rican woman with goals and ambitions. No current ties and looking for a new start and new friends. My situation can be a lonely road alone. I’m open-minded. My likes are cooking, animals, camping, movies, travel, music.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Christopher Schulz #BA4221
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Susanville, California27Straight

Here’s a little about me. My name is Chris. I’m 6’ tall with blond hair and deep blue eyes. I like to spend my “vacation” time working out and staying 100% focused on what truly matters – going home. I don’t operate on negativity. I’ve been through it all and I’m still shining! Even behind these walls I find ways to make the people around me laugh – I feel like that’s important. I’m down to...

Stephen Schutt #246611
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New Haven, Michigan48Straight

Hi! My name is Steve!

I am here to find faithful friends and I still have hope for true love! I am incarcerated just north of Detroit. I am a great friend and keep people laughing. Some people would say I never slowed down, always goin on to the next thing, and eager to learn new things.

In my previous years, I did a lifetime of journeys, traveling to several states and...

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Clark Schwab #95211
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Boise, Idaho28Straight
Native AmericanNative American

What’s up,

My name is CJ. I'm looking to meet new friends.  I am open to write anyone that is down to write.  A lil about me is, I'm 28 years young.  I'm a little on the shy side and reserved at first.  But once I get to know someone I'm a very loyal friend, and always down to the very end. 

Since being in prison I've been trained and certified as a...

Joseph Schwank #11553-025
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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania28Straight


My name is Joseph, but my friends and family call me Joe. I’m hoping to meet some new friends. I’m 6’3”, funny, courageous, confident, outgoing, and understanding. Some of my hobbies are watching football, music, exploring, cooking and conversation. I’m searching for meaningful and lasting friendship, companionship and possibly more. It gets lonely in here at times and I’m in need...

Loren Schwartz #834804
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Jackson, Michigan44Straight

Hi, my name is Loren and I'm interested in meeting a woman who has some of the same interests as I do & also lives an active lifestyle.

I am 5'8", 165 lbs and love to work out. I enjoy the outdoors/nature, sports, building things, staying physically active, and love basically anything hands on. I also plan to further my education and am interested in getting my Associate's in Arts...

Thomas Schwartz #42730-018
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Coleman, California46Straight

Conscious Contact, the reason for this profile is for one reason and one reason only, I am looking to interact in the lives of “special people”. I am in search of “friendships” that are beyond the normal bonds of the surface level variety. For years I have been bouncing through life like a beachball in the middle of the ocean, moving from one...

Michael Schwender #12470300
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Umatilla, Oregon37Straight

Hi, thank you for taking the time to visit my profile. My name is Mike and I am seeking to find women of all ethnicities and backgrounds to correspond with. My available forms of correspondence are letters, email and telephone calls. I would like to meet women from the United States or abroad. I think that getting on this website is a great way to meet great people.

Sports and music...

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Joseph Sciarrillo #V-14472
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East Palatka, Florida38Straight

What's up?

My name is Joe. I'm 5’10", 220 pounds, ethnicity – Sicilian. My hobbies are lifting weights, writing and working on motorcycles. I love to have fun. I like to drink a beer and watch Ultimate Fighting Champion. A jokester at heart, love to laugh; barbecues and dancing will always be a part of my life.

I'm looking to find a genuine friend to do time together, share...

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Michael Scimeca #01661562
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Beeville, Texas29Straight

Somebody once told me that if you look at the clock and all the digits are the same, that means someone is thinking of you. Now more than ever all I see are 1:11’s and 3:33’s…

You know through the years I’ve realized that time is such a valuable element...

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Brian Sclater #1130220
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Chesapeake, Virginia39Straight

Hey, what’s up?  My name is Brian.  I’m a 39 year old man from Virginia.  I enjoy sports and being active. I’m down to earth and have a great sense of humor. I’m easy to talk to and enjoy listening. I could be the friend you’re looking for if given the chance. I’m looking for a friend that shares similar traits.

I will be patiently awaiting your response. You can reach...

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Vincent Scordo #02208763
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Colorado City, Texas22Straight

Interested in finding a female pen pal.

I read a lot while I'm in here and I also enjoy writing letters.

God is very important in my life now. 

I want to help pass the time by building new and healthy friendships.

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Chancy Scott #13577111
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Baker City, Oregon33Straight

I currently have 15 months left and I’m seeking friends to correspond with.  I’m not looking for money, handouts, etc….my only intention is to maybe bring joy, light and happiness into each of our lives.

I do not come from a big family and would like someone to share dreams, ambitions, ideas and thoughts with.  I am only human and look for love, kindness, nonjudgmental people...

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