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Ironically "time" is my most valuable resource, still. For me, there's none to waste, the clocks ticking. My time is precious. Out of common curiosity, I presume your time to be (precious) too; I have no intentions of wasting it. I'm simple. Not basic; far from that. Simple meaning secure, very excepting! Not hard to get along with, at all. Open & open-minded. Not needy, don't require much...

Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Aaron. My desire is to correspond with people who want to establish a friendship that is based on faith, respect, and are able to see the value and worth of an individual despite what they have done in the past. I am a Christian, and I love the Lord, yet I am willing to correspond with those who do not share my Christian faith.


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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

The thing that I'm in here for was a big unknown mistake, I hope that someone can take the time to understand what happened to me.

I just want to have a second chance, I'm not the type of guy they think I am aka what they classified me as.


Hi, my name is Tyler I'm from Sedro Woolley. I'm 38 years old, 5'11", and 190 pounds. I have hazel eyes and am athletic. I like working out, lots of cardio, and most sports.

I have my son and my girls; I absolutely adore them. I am extremely close with my girls and talk with them all the time... they are definitely one of the best parts of my life. I am currently working on getting my...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Daniel. I'm hoping to meet someone to help me through this time I'm serving and establish a positive connection on the outside.

During this time, I've been working on bettering myself, not only as a man but as a person. I love to draw and spend most of my time tattooing other inmates. I also love to listen to music (Rap, R&B, and Country) and work out.


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Black/African AmericanSpiritual

Hello, my name is Nicholas, friends and family call me Nick. I’m currently incarcerated in prison in the State of Texas. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and I’m 30 years of age. As of now I’m currently enrolled in college, working on my business degree in business management. My ultimate goal is to run and own my own business shortly after my release.

A little about me, first...

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I'm 36, I was born and raised in Water Crisis, USA (Flint,MI)

I would consider myself very artistic, I write lyrics, poetry and draw. Music is a passion of mine. I love all kinds of music. I

was caught at a casino with some firearms, and no I wasn't trying to rob it. I expect to be home before next Christmas. 

Looking to meet new people and create new friendships...

Black/African AmericanChristian

It is my objective/responsibility to explore with a woman with such qualities, one who is intelligent, strong minded, caring, very understanding and can see beyond one incarcerated. I am seeking to grow, develop and flourish with in all aspects. I am currently eligible for parole in “2020” and seeking to correspond with a compassionate person.

Yero Takuma

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My name is Chris, I'm 42. I like to draw and tattoo and I hope to open a shop some day.  I love riding motorcycles and traveling. 

I also enjoy reading, especially historical fiction.  I do ceramics, I like to carve out pictures on the ceramic vases and canisters.  I try to make the most of my time by being productive.  Right now I am currently attempting to...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

My full name is Jose Talavera! But Fredy works just fine. (smile)

I’m 153 pounds and 5’8”. I have a High School diploma and some college credits, all achieved while incarcerated. Both of my parents are Mexican. I was born in Mexico but was raised in East Palo Alto, California.

Unfortunately, I find myself in prison. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, whom I love and adore...


Hi there! I believe that you have found me by destiny.

I am a fun-loving, non-judgmental guy, who loves to laugh and would want nothing more than to share this happy experience of getting to know you.

So, here is my hand, reaching out via this website. Reach back and let's begin this adventure!

Black/African American

I’m 5’7", 180 pounds, and I have a nice athletic build. I love working out, playing sports, listening to music, and these are just some of the little things about me right now.

I’m currently serving 20 years, I have 17 left. The earliest I can get out is 10 years. I’m very family-oriented. I believe in God. I have 2 children a son (11) and a daughter (7). Loyalty, communication,...

Black/African AmericanChristian

What's up? My name is Jaqueal, but everybody calls me Quel.

I’m a cool, laid back dude with positive energy. I’m looking for a female companion who can match that. Someone who is real and loyal. Someone who I can build with before I come home next year.

If that’s you, hit me up on JPay. My inmate number is 770441 and I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi love, I’m Krista. I have three daughters, I got caught up in some stuff but now are turning over a new leaf and have a new outlook on life.

I'm laid back, easy-going, yet very spunky. I'm loyal, loving, and love to be the life of the party and make people laugh. I'm looking for people who can positively impact my life. Someone who makes me want to be better and has the same...


What's up? My name is Amos but friends call me A1. I'm from a small city on the gulf coast of Florida. The water is my natural habitat. I enjoy positive energy from good company and conversation, and am interested in meeting new people to vibe and build connections with.

I'm teaching myself Spanish and have a passion for tattoos as an art form and self expression. I believe in...


Don't be shy! Write to me, lol.

I'm a single guy looking to meet new people. I'm interesting, funny, and want to hear about life and what's going on out there.

Plus, I've got time to write back!

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My name is Leon. I'm looking to meet people that I could build a genuine, open, and honest friendship. I am currently back in court on my post-conviction appeal.

I workout and meditate every morning to start my day. I enjoy reading/studying deep spiritual books. I spend a lot of my time striving to be a better soul in life. I enjoy educating myself; spiritually, mentally...


I am 46 years old and I am a recovering drug addict. My drug of choice was Heroin. I am completely clean now. I have two two little boys who I miss very much. They are four and seven years old and are now living with their mother.

I am a certified electrician who worked offshore. My interests include motorcycles, English Bulldogs, and listening to music. I like rock and roll music...


You're not crazy, that voice in your head is telling you to write me! When I hear my name called to get your letter, I'll be like a dog that hears it's walk time!

I'm straight, but more bisexual because I like ALL women, including transwomen (one of my biggest crushes is Eve Lindley) but there's no checkbox for that. But I’ll write anyone back because I'm looking for a friend.



First, if you’re taking the time to read this, thank you.

My name is Nino and I’m writing this from a prison cell, so clearly I’ve made some mistakes in my life. If you can see past that and my tattooed skin, you will see someone with a big heart, who loves to laugh, is caring, and is trying to make right on wrong choices I’ve made.

I’m 43, 5’7”, and about 140 pounds. I...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanSpiritual

Hey, my name is Eduardo but I’m also known as “Tap”. I’m hoping to meet people that I can learn from and laugh with. I’m very creative and highly optimistic. I’m an open book and can talk about anything. I’m also fluent in Spanish, since it was my first language. I love to work out, cut hair and write down my ideas. I also like to read self-help books, business books, and entrepreneurial books...

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My name is Jorge.I am searching for someone to meet and get to know, whether it be a friend or romantic connection, and hopefully blossom to something special.

I'm 25 years young; athletic, into fitness. I want to be a personal trainer as a side job one day. I hope to find someone to keep up with my positive energy. I love to paint, draw, and tattoo. Really into art in all aspects. I'm...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

Hey, how are ya'll? My name is Jose, I'm 34 years old. I have 16 more years until I see parole. Basically I'm just looking for a pen-pal to be able to write back and forth with. I am dependable, a great listener, and an encourager.

My hobbies are socializing, listening to the radio, working out, and writing letters. You will always be able to count on me to pay attention to...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian


How are you? I hope that life has been treating you alright and everything is going your way. First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

My name is Martin. I am 31 years old, 5’9” and weigh 180 pounds. Some of the things I like to do are playing sports, drawing and personal fitness. I am a loving person who is very loyal and honest. I believe...

Black/African AmericanChristian

Please stand by. My profile text isn't posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don't need to wait for it. Please--write me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.