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Antonio Vaca #21508113
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Umatilla, Oregon20Straight

I am new at this so I’m gonna make this short.  I’ll tell you a little about myself.  I’m doing time for choices I made obviously, but while I’m here I am all for bettering myself in all aspects.  I’m looking for a woman to get to know, not just for me to talk about myself but for you to tell me things about you, your life and goals you have for yourself.

Things I’m into...

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Travis Vaccaro #122363
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Kenosha, Wisconsin27Straight


My name is Travis. I am looking to meet and write to new friends from all walks of life. I am very open, honest, adventurous and I love to laugh and make others laugh.

Prior to my incarceration I was attending university and working. In my free time I love to make music with my brothers, drive...

Alvin Valadez #01966952
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Kenedy, Texas47Straight

Don’t Read This!

Hey, you’re not supposed to be reading this! LOL I thought this might get your attention :). Nice to meet you and I’m glad you’re here. So, who are you, what’s your name and where are you from?

Well, I’m hoping to meet some new friends to hang out with. Let me assure you that meeting you and being friends will not ever be...

Homer Valadez #1727580
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Beeville, Texas39Straight


I’m glad my picture piqued your interest.  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Homer and currently serving a 20 year sentence for making some bad decisions and deep down that bad boy is dying to resurface.  It’s been a struggle keeping him at bay because I was him for so many years.  The last eight years have been a reminder of those choices...

Cristobal Valasquez #83734-280
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Pine Knot, Kentucky40Straight

My name is Cristobal, but they call me Chris.  I am currently incarcerated in USP far from home.  I’m going on 3 years here.  I’m trying to know some friends around here or it really doesn’t matter as long as they got some spare time and their up to...

Eric Valderrama #G-09143
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Ione, California28Straight

Hello! My name is Eric. I'm 5'9” tall, weigh 165 lbs., and 27 years old.  First off, thank you for taking time to read my words.

I find myself in my current predicament due to childhood blunders. Nevertheless, I've never been one to self-pity. So not overnight but gradually I decided to use this time to further educate myself and better myself as a person in...

Abelardo Valdez #01875857
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Rosharon, Texas31Straight

Hey! My name is Abelardo Valdez, nice to meet you. You’re more than welcome to call me “Abe” for short. I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I’m 31 years old, 5’2”, I’m a Capricorn, real outgoing person, down to earth…Love to laugh, joke, keep a smile on my face even in the hard times in life…like to dance, hear...

Andrew Valdez #595005
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Munising, Michigan31Straight

Hello, my name is Andrew. Let me begin by thanking you for taking this time to stop and read my profile. I am hoping to find a female pen pal with whom I can share some time and friendship. I have never done this pen pal thing before, so I guess I should start by telling you about myself.

I am somewhat athletic; I enjoy basketball...

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Eduardo Valdez #M39461
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East Moline, Illinois24Straight

Hi, I want to begin my introduction to whomever may be receiving this message.  My name is Eduardo, but I think that's a bit too formal, so feel free to call me Eddie.  I am a 24-year-old male, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I am of Mexican/Colombian descent.  I'm 5'9" tall, brown eyes, brown hair, and considered by my...

Fabian Valdez #120398
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Canon City, Colorado37Straight

I have been incarcerated since 2013. I am looking for a friend that I can talk to, and write with....that way the time I have left in here is not just standing still..

Fidencio Valdez #00999594
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Livingston, Texas39Straight

Some people seek to find acceptance within other peers by portraying themselves to be someone they are not. Then there are the people who are not accepted by their peers and frowned upon by the public’s eye because they are not afraid to be who they truly are in their heart of hearts.  We all are given free will to be who we choose to be and not who people want us to be. I’...

Glenn Valdez #609012
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Manistee, Michigan30Straight
African American

I hope that this ad will be read by someone patient and understanding because only such a being can truly appreciate the beauty of meeting someone new. So with that said, I find myself traveling the many corridors of my mind for the proper avenue of expression because I would very much love the opportunity to correspond with you.

First of all matters I must say that I’m a man...

Jason Valdez #75716
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Draper, Utah43Straight


Please allow me to begin by thanking you for taking the time to pull up and read my profile, it is truly appreciated.

So a little about myself and one of the first things I want to say and you to know is my incarceration nor the mistakes I have made that put me here does not define the man I am in my daily life.  I’m a man who is extremely loyal, respectful and...

Josh Valdez #01770655
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Childress, Texas29Straight

Hi, my name is Josh Valdez. I'm 29 years old and looking to meet new people who are open-minded to try new things.  Let’s build a good friendship together.  I am open-minded, loyal, like to have fun, very caring, and have love for all people.  I enjoy helping others and listening to them, exercising, and reading.  I am not perfect and...

Julio Valdez #0992004
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Tabor City, North Carolina39Straight

Hola como estas? My name is Julio.  I am from Sinaloa, Mexica.  A little bit about me and my hobbies are:  I like to play soccer. I like to listen to all kinds of music; my favorite is country "banda" and mariachi. I like going to the beach and relaxing with a drink.  I like riding horses and being outdoors. I have one beautiful daughter who is my...

Omar Diego Valdez #55957-280
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Forrest City, Arkansas32Straight

Hey, what’s up?  My name is Omar, but I go by Diego, my middle name.  I'm 31 years old, from Austin, Texas.  Unfortunately, I've been locked up for the last 8 years.

I have joined Write a Prisoner to socialize and meet new people.  Having friends who are positive is very important as I learn the...

Rene Alejandro Valdez #A739295
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Mansfield, Ohio31Straight

Hello ;-) Here's a little about myself- I'm a songwriter/singer/producer. I love music and always have, I believe music can make anyone's life better, whether you're on top of the world or are going through a struggle. I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends. I love to travel experiencing different parts of the world that I've never seen. I'm a strong believer in karma. Loyalty is very...

Rico Valdez #01749803
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Midway, Texas28Straight

Hello, my name is Rico and I wish we could've met on different terms, but due to my circumstances... we don't have that luxury, so here I am. I'm 28 years young from Dallas, Texas.  I speak English & I'm willing to learn new languages. A few of my hobbies now are working-out, reading, studying, writing, and music. I'd like to learn...

Robert Israel Valdez #AM8091
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Delano, California41Straight

My Name is Robert Valdez.  I'm Hispanic, 5'8” tall and a healthy 195 lbs., from Tulare County, Central California. I'm looking for a friend; someone whom I can brighten their day. I'm always making people laugh. I'm a very humble person, love to be happy, and a true believer to live a happy life.


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Andrew Valdivia #01245815
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Iowa Park, Texas38Straight

Welcome and thank you for visiting my page. First I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent for my fellow incarcerated brothers and sisters. Many of us have been judged, criticized and cast as failures to society. To the unseen eye there are a large number of us on lock that are highly intelligent, intellectual and have the potential to be...

Andrew Valencia #V52393
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Avenal, California37Straight

Hi, my name is Andrew but most call me Drew.  For the record, I am the original Uncle Drew!  Although I am pushing late 30’s I stay pushing my body and mind because they go hand in hand, and compliment who I am.  Passionate. Determined, dedicated and a creative person hopeful about the future and spreading my winds one day.  By day I study, draw, and...

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Carlos Valencia #R44983
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Sumner, Illinois31Straight

What’s Up Ladies?

I admire you stopping by, letting me amuse your thoughts. Hopefully an equivalence in characters will lead to a friendship which I am seeking. Allow me to introduce myself, my friends call me “Los”. I’m 28 years old and I’m from Chicago, Chi-Rack. I’m deeply into the notion of trust, honesty and loyalty. I hate being lied to. Despite life’s ups and downs I keep a...

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Ian Valencia #M15224
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Ina, Illinois26Straight

Hey! How’s it going?

If you’re looking for someone to share a laugh and a few words with – LUCKY YOU! There’s no reason to look any further than me. What I have to offer, besides some time, is my honesty, laughs, an interesting story and a little thought provoking conversation. Yup, the whole package :).

I’m an open minded and outgoing people...

Jose Valencia #AY6571
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Blythe, California23Straight

Hey, what’s up?  Hopefully by the time you read this you got high spirits, r enjoying the things that bring you the most happiness and are living life to the fullest.  I myself and staying positive and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Well first off, thank you for not only your time but your open-mindedness.  The...

John Valenciano #106324
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Boise, Idaho25Straight

I’m respectively reaching out and looking for honest friendships.  I’m new to all this but I am very interested in meeting new people.  It’s nice to know there are people out there who are willing to take the time to care a little about me.

I’m 24 years old and am going through a big...