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Buckeye, Arizona28Straight

Greetings, I am the one they call Michael. I can't wait to meet you. Yeah, you! 

I love to write and I am always reading something or another. I love to discuss anything because I am a social person by nature (Libra) so get at me, I'll be waiting.

Love and peace,


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Alvin Valadez #01966952 - Primary Picture
New Boston, Texas48Straight

"Imprisoned Warrior"

Hello Friend, 

My name is Ace. I'm hoping to meet some friends, so I want to invite everyone to help me initiate positive and encouraging contacts on the outside. 

I'm interested in various subjects and really enjoy learning new things. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?! LOL. I see it like this, the day that I stop being a...

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Claudio Valdez #164598 - Primary Picture
Buckeye, Arizona40Straight

My name is Claudio, I'm a 40-year-old Mexican man looking for a woman that will give me an opportunity to get to know her so we can start a friendship or whatever God may have planned for us.

My horoscope sign is Scorpio, I'm a very loyal and sincere man, also, honesty is very important for me. I have a good sense of humor and good health. I exercise regularly to keep my mind and body...

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Fernando  Valdez  #58286-179Primary Picture
Seagoville, Texas48Straight

Hi & Hello,

First and foremost, let me start this letter by saying that my full name is Fernando Valdez Jr. But my friends call me “the spook” and that’s where you come in for I am in search of a true friend that would like to correspond with me.

Here is a brief description of myself. I am 48 years old, I weigh 190 pounds, my height is 6 feet. I have never been married but...

Cuero, Texas32Straight

Hi Beautiful Ladies,

If you're looking for a true and real man who has a positive mindset and making it happen, then look no further.  Here you find me, doing time within these walls.  I'm open minded, with a good sense of humor, easy going and a self-motivator with a big heart.

As human beings, we all make mistakes, some with greater consequences than others. ...

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John Valdez #01708638 - Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas34Straight


I’m John and you have just met your new pen-pal. Here are a few things about me so we can start our friendship in the light. I grew up in and around San Antonio but left when I was eighteen to join the Army and serve my country. I got married, had a kid, then got divorced. I deployed overseas and came by the grace of God. Then,...

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Jonathan  Valdez #02065591 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas30Straight


I would like to thank you for actually taking the time out of your day to acknowledge the foundation that uncovers who I am as a person and what my intentions are, that I seek.  I would like to establish a friendship with a woman that can hold a conversation, that is down to earth, that is not afraid to be herself.  Someone that understands that it’s not where you...

Julio Valdez #0992004 - Primary Picture
Tabor City, North Carolina40Straight

Hi there! My name is Julio.

I am an outgoing, easy going, outdoors person, and a music lover. My beautiful little girl and family mean the world to me. My goal is to stay active and play sports in between running and working out. 

On my downtime, I read and learn about other cultures as well as mine. I am Mexican through and through. But there is so much more to learn...

Soledad, California30Straight


My name is Marcos. I’m a very easy person. I’m an aspiring tattoo artist who loves to listen to Rock and watch animated movies with my nephews and niece. I consider my “Church Time” playing soccer on a big yard and also watching the Premier League and Mexican League on TV. I enjoy cooking rice bowls, but it is a struggle to keep my luscious long locks of hair out of it. I am of...

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Paul Valdez #44666 - Primary Picture
Hurricane, Utah50Straight

Hi There,

The blessing of God be upon you. To begin, I’m a Christian, I confess this outright because the faith I profess is of the utmost importance to me. I exercise my faith in hopes to correspond with any other believers of any non-denomination or religion. That I will give you a glimpse of who I am and hopes that who reads this will overlook my failures and mistakes. I’m not...

Rene Alejandro Valdez #A739-295 - Primary Picture
Lebanon, Ohio33Straight

Hello ;-) Here's a little about myself- I'm a songwriter/singer/producer. I love music and always have, I believe music can make anyone's life better, whether you're on top of the world or are going through a struggle. I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends. I love to travel experiencing different parts of the world that I've never seen. I'm a strong believer in karma. Loyalty is very...

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Richard Valdez #K56901 - Primary Picture
San Quentin, California45Straight
HispanicNative American

Loyalty is something that is truly important to me when I allow someone into my life. Being that I am going to give my all and let you know me, no holds barred, I don't believe it's too much to ask for.

I am a true believer in open communication. How else do we get to know one another? Communication is a two-way street. I am looking for someone who isn't going to play games and be a...

Russell Valdez #01631362 - Primary Picture
Amarillo, Texas29Straight

Greetings and respects to all that have taken the time to check out my profile. First and foremost I’d like to give ya’ll a little about myself. I am a very outgoing person that likes to live, laugh and love. I am here in hopes of finding some new friends and maybe something more. Things I like to do are going out to the lake, fishing, hunting, all outdoor things really. I am very family...

Sergio Valdez #01964144 - Primary Picture
Childress, Texas25Straight


My name is Sergio. I love to draw and listen to music. I’m in search of meeting positive people and making new friends that can help me make better choices on the outside. Everybody makes mistakes but not everybody corrects them.

Thank you for taking your time and stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you.

"If you do use JPay to contact me, please be sure that...

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Timothy Valdez #68454-097 - Primary Picture
Marion, Illinois43Gay

Hello, my name is “Tory” I am a transgender female serving time for production. Bad choices do not necessarily mean a bad person. It is my first and only offense.

I’m a Cali Cutie with a big heart and laid back personality. I am in search of anyone looking for a loyal, honest, caring and understanding friend. I’m doing this time alone due to family passing or moving on and would like...

Jonathan Carlos Valdez-Harris #05804-479 - Primary Picture
Fairton, New Jersey23Straight

What's good? Thanks for checking out my profile. Hopefully we can be friends. In the meanwhile, I'm learning as much as I can while I'm in here to better myself. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Oscar  Valdivia #07841-104 - Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida24Straight

What’s up world?

My name is Oscar, I’m Puerto Rican and Cuban. I was born and raised in South Florida. This site is a new experience for me, just looking to find some new friends. I’m looking forward to some good conversation and vibes. I’m a laid back individual that likes to laugh and enjoy himself.

My favorite quote is “Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.” I...

Ignacio Valdovinos #M33063 - Primary Picture
Galesburg, Illinois30Straight

My name is Ignacio Valadovinos.  I’m 29 years old. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I come from a big and very close-knit family.  Family is very important to me.  I’m a pretty laid-back person.  I’m also a bit shy.  It takes me a while to warm up to people but when I do you can always count on having a friend in me.  I’m a very honest person....

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Christopher Valedon #397179 - Picture 2
Suffield, Connecticut26Straight

Hey, My name’s Chris!

I started this profile in order to attain some new friendships and also established some positive influences in my life.  People I've involved myself with in the past are no good for my future.  I need to be actively engaged with people who want more out of life.  So hopefully this website can help me with that!

I'm currently attending...

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Andrew Valencia #V52393 - Primary Picture
Avenal, California38Straight

Hi, my name is Andrew but most call me Drew.  For the record, I am the original Uncle Drew!  Although I am pushing late 30’s I stay pushing my body and mind because they go hand in hand, and compliment who I am.  Passionate. Determined, dedicated and a creative person hopeful about the future and spreading my winds one day.  By day I study, draw, and...

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Jose Valencia #AY6571Primary Picture
Blythe, California24Straight

Hey, what’s up?  Hopefully by the time you read this you got high spirits, r enjoying the things that bring you the most happiness and are living life to the fullest.  I myself and staying positive and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Well first off, thank you for not only your time but your open-mindedness.  The fact that you’re even reading this means my picture didn’t...

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Juvenal Valencia #F71883 - Primary Picture
Coalinga, California34Straight

Well, for starters hi or hello, my name is “Juvenal Valencia”. I am 34 years old, around 5’11”, brown eyes, brown skin. Oh my bad, you can kind of see that on my pictures ha!! Well moving on, to be honest I’ve been in prison going on 15 years. I also have never done this. But I just wanted to give it a shot and see if I can find some new friends.

Now I am going to tell you some things...

Phoenix Valencia  #400444 - Primary Picture
Monroe, Washington22Straight

Hello everyone, my name is Phoenix.

I'm 22 years old and 5'9 tall. I am currently single and have a 3 year old boy. I am a proud Mexican. I was raised in Tacoma, Washington almost my whole life. I'm an outgoing person, very funny and intelligent. I always get told I have a very nice personality. I'm very fun to be around. I like meeting new people. Do not judge me for...

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Reynel Valencia #R55577 - Primary Picture
Sheridan, Illinois37Straight

I am Reynel.  I was born and raised in Chicago.  I am 36 year old, 6’ 1” tall, weigh about 220 pounds with hazel eyes.  I am very loyal and respectful, hard working.

I am hoping to meet some folks to help me establish positive contacts on the outside.  I’m interested in furthering my education while incarcerated so I can continue to work diligently and hope to re-...

Pabalo Valentin #A683-012 - Primary Picture
Toledo, OhioStraight

Everybody calls me Drako.

I'm an outspoken strong-minded Taurus. I have an old soul and take pride in being mature and wise for my age. I'm aggressively rugged but very poetic and loyal to keep balance in my life. I have old school morals with old Italian code of ethics. I'm a firm believer in love and loyalty. I'm a very intimate and passionate person when it comes to the people or...