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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

21 | Straight | Michigan

Multi-racial | Christian

21-year-old Libra, 6'0", black/Mexican. I’m looking for a friendship, potentially somebody to build with. I come home in December 2024. I’ve been locked up since July 2022. I am the father of one.

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23 | Straight | California


Hey, my name is Darren Zesk, and I'm looking to meet new people to form friendships. There isn't too much to do in here but reflect and become a better person in any way I can for myself and those around me. Support is important, whether I am giving the support or receiving it. I have always been the type of person who is there for friends and family, no matter what situation they are in;…

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47 | Straight | California

Black/African American | Christian


My name is Randall, and I want to start by thanking you for stopping by my page. This is the first step for both of us to begin this new connection. I believe in good energy, positivity, humor, and laughter.

I am 6’2 with light brown eyes, an athletic build, and very handsome, I would say lol. I have much to offer in the form of good conversations and more…

In my…

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35 | Pennsylvania

White | Non-denominational

I’m a laid-back guy, and I love to talk about anything and everything. I’m an open book and love making new friends and connections.

My favorite saying is: "If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t get me at my best."

Just drop me a line, and we can chat.

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26 | Straight | California

Black/African American | Christian

Hey, my name is Daniel Gebrehiwet Zeratsion. I'm a 26 years old Eritrean born in San Jose, CA currently enrolled at Coastline College and Antelope Valley College pursuing A.A. degrees that I'm on track to earn by Dec 2024.

Also have plans for the B.A. program here through Cal State LA should that opportunity present itself.

I'm into music, creative writing, reading, business,…

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42 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

Hello, my name is Chris Zamora. I am currently incarcerated in California. I have been incarcerated since the age of 18, and I am now 42 years old. I take full accountability for my crime, and it breaks my heart to think of the pain I have caused.

I am not on this site to ask for a free handout, but simply for a pen-pal to correspond with. If writing is a thing of the past, we now have…

47 | Straight | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

Greetings and profound respects are conveyed. Along with this introduction, I extend a cordial handshake. My name is Richard Zepeda. I'm a 47-year-old Hispanic. I'm originally from West Los Angeles (born and raised), but I am currently incarcerated in the Nevada Department of Corrections. I've been charged and convicted of attempted burglary, two counts of embezzlement, and auto theft. I've…

29 | Straight | Washington

Hispanic/Latino American


My name is Zac. I’m hoping to meet some people to build positive connections before I journey back into society. I enjoy fitness, especially running. While incarcerated, I’ve learned how precious time really is. Never again will I take life for granted.

Honestly, I have big ambitions, and I hope to meet some new friends with similar drives and passion in achieving their…

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30 | Straight | Massachusetts

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

What's up? I'm Kevin. Unfortunately, I've got to sit down for a little while, but I'm hoping I get to meet some cool people. I like video games, music, and movies. I'm mostly a homebody but also like to hang out and party, lol.

I don't expect anything but good vibes and interesting conversations. Whether you need a shoulder to lean on or you're just bored, hit my line; I'm on whatever…

25 | Straight | Kentucky

White | Other

My name is Karim Zein. I am 24 years old, born on January 12, so I'm a Capricorn. I am from Covington, Kentucky, but my origin is Nigerian. I am very funny and easy-going, standing at 6 feet tall with black curly hair and brown eyes. I'm tatted up, and my favorite color is red.

I want to meet people who are full of life, love to party, travel, and explore various things. I am an…

22 | Straight | California

White | Christian

I'm just looking for a friend.

52 | Straight | Minnesota

American Indian/Alaska Native | Native American

I am an Ojibwe tribal member, born and raised on the White Earth Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota. I am an avid outdoorsman and participate in all of the Native American seasonal harvests and activities.

At heart, I am an artist, well-versed and able to work in all mediums. Although Native American beadwork is my favorite means of expression, lately I have been turning towards…

29 | Straight | New Jersey

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

Looking forward to coming home real soon. I’m focused on recognizing my problems and focusing on all the solutions.

Got my good old 9-5 lined up when I go home.

I love setting goals and achieving them.

Yes, I do speak and write Spanish.

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27 | Virginia

Hispanic/Latino American

What's up everybody!

I wanted to start off by saying thank you for taking the time out of your day to view my profile. I understand that jail or prison isn't exactly the best setting to find someone to become friends with, so thank you for looking outside the box and giving someone like myself a chance at meeting somebody new on the other side of the fence.

A little about myself…

31 | Straight | New York

White | Catholic

Hello, I'm Travis. I am currently in Attica, but I hail from Buffalo. I am looking to establish positive connections on the outside with great people like you.

While incarcerated, I am finishing the college education that I started but didn't complete, as well as pursuing other skills and hobbies including a vocation, understanding the Russian language, drawing, and music. I enjoy…

32 | Straight | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American | Non-denominational

First of all, thank you for taking the time to check my profile. I am looking for an opportunity to meet a woman to talk to, write to, and become friends with, or whatever it may lead to. It does not matter the race, culture, or religion, as long as we can vibe and have good chemistry.

I am 5’8” and 180 pounds. I am a believer in God. I am bilingual, a good listener, and open-minded to…

43 | Straight | Washington


Welcome to my autobiography. My birthday is August 10, 1980, and I was raised in the small country town of Alger, WA.

I have lots of interests, including arts & crafts, bodybuilding, creative writing, and reading both fictional and non-fictional books. I have a friendly disposition and possess a good sense of humor. I enjoy family visits and hope for a genuine friendship with…

38 | Straight | Arizona

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic

Greetings Potential Friend(s)!

My name is Damien Miguel Zepeda. I'm 38 years old. I've been incarcerated since 2008. I'm looking for friends to help me keep my spirits and thoughts right during these last few years of my incarceration.

During my time of incarceration I stay focused by going to school and earning my GED. I am  looking forward to getting into a business management…

26 | Straight | Idaho

Hispanic/Latino American

My name is Carlos, I’m 26 years young from Twin Falls, Idaho. I am currently a contracted welder with my experience. Inspired of following my dreams of having my own business. I have plans to attend college courses for business management while I am down. Music inspires me given any situation good or bad. I’m a self motivated person and I can conquer whatever life throws at me. 


35 | Straight | Washington

White | Christian

Hello, my name is Levi Zellmer. I'm 34 years old, and my zodiac sign is Scorpio. Some of my hobbies include boxing, surfing, cooking, learning new languages, and spending time with friends and family. I believe in strong morals and values; respect and loyalty are just a few. Most people would describe me as adventurous, charismatic, confident, and funny. I exercise and lift weights six days a…