Many inmates need housing when they come home. If you would be willing to help someone locate a residence upon exiting prison, please visit Inmate Housing Profiles.

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Dayton, Ohio28Straight


My name is Nowelle and I’m 28 years old. I enjoy swimming, cooking out and basically anything outdoors. I like a wide variety of music. I love to cook and am very good at it.

I’m a very active person so I work out and run daily. It has proven to be a great stress reliever and clears my mind.

I am excited for this opportunity to meet new people in hopes of finding...

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Terre Haute, Indiana32Straight

Please stop browsing long enough to read about a potential friend.

I'm a college educated, spiritual male, and working daily to become a better person. One thing I've learned from life is you can never have too many friends.

So, if you're an easy going and non-judgmental person, please don't hesitate to send a hello.
I'm a Nebraska man currently in Indiana and I do have...

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Avadon Bass #01876092 - Primary Picture
Dalhart, Texas33Straight
African AmericanChristian

I exist in the depths of solitude, pondering my true goal, trying to find peace of mind and still preserve my soul constantly yearning to be accepted, and from all, receive respect. Never compromising, but sometimes risky. And that’s my only regret, a young heart with an old soul. How can there be peace? How can I be in the depths of solitude when there are two inside me, this duo within me,...

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Ocala, Florida27Bi-sexual

I am looking for friends and a lasting relationship with a kind, caring, compassionate, and non judgemental person. I enjoy caring for others and am very easy going.

I enjoy being outside, love animals, and enjoy writing poetry. Of course, like having fun. I have a JPay account you can reach out to me or send me a letter. Just maybe I will come up with a little poem for you with a...

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Amarillo, Texas22Straight

Hey everybody!!

You want a friend?   Well I do.  LOL   Friend or friends, it's all good!  How about we share our minds and time?   How about we build a good, solid friendship?   How about we be completely honest and open with each other?   How about we send each other laughs and smiles?   Sounds good to me!


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Dillwyn, Virginia56Straight
African AmericanBaptist

My name is Pernell.

I am seeking new friendships that can see beyond judgment. I desire to explore more positive approaches to reintegrating back into society.

Seeking pen pals who will offer good opinions, insightfulness, spirituality, thoughtfulness, and compassion.

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East Moline, Illinois35Straight


I’m Michael and I’m looking for someone who can help me grow as a person by offering me a different perspective into life other than what I grew up knowing. The best thing I have learned in prison is that there are always positives even in the most negative situations. The hard part is taking the courage to find them. I have been incarcerated almost 5 years now and I have used...

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Orient, Ohio34Straight
African AmericanCatholic

There's always two sides to a story, so never judge...

I'm 6'0" and 185 pounds. My favorite color is royal blue. I love sports: Buckeyes, Cowboys, and the Lakers. 

I graduated in 2004. I love working out, music, and reading. I'm in Sinclair College for Business Management.

I'm far from perfect. I know my flaws. I'm an open book.

I just want happiness...

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New Boston, Texas39Straight
African AmericanChristian


I’m Itar.   Thanks for being open to read this brief introduction of me!   It is my hope to meet those open to healthy, entertaining, and inspiring conversations.  I enjoy laughter and quality company.  I'm very open minded and optimistic when it comes to the ideas, convictions, and aspirations of others!   I also enjoy casual conversation...

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Newberry, Michigan38Straight
African AmericanOther

Hey, my name is Chad. Here looking for a friendship.

This is a rough spot right now in my life. In the process of turning things around in the right direction!

A lil about me; I’m a lot of fun. Big personality! I love to work out and read! "The Becoming" is a great book & a must-read for all women. Check it out.. if you have any great suggestions for me...

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Soledad, California42Straight

My name is Rick, I’m 42 years old and have been in prison almost 6 years. I now have a release date in 4 months as of 10/12/19. I’m looking for people to write in order to pass the next 4 months with hopes of meeting in the future. When I was free in 2012 I got really involved with the church. This helped me stay out of trouble until some in the church didn’t like the fact I was promoted...

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Roosevelt Sumpter #67890-112Primary Picture
Beaumont, Texas46Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, first of all before I go into some brief details about myself and the type of woman that I’m interested in meeting, I would like to say that I’m very grateful that you noticed and took the time out to read my bio.

Hopefully, it captured your attention along with a chance of you and I establishing a friendship. Now that I have that out of the way, I can tell you a little about...

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St. Anthony, Idaho48

English and Spanish speaking, single, I’m 5’10” tall, brown eyes. I’m a Gemini, born in Ontario, Oregon. Likes: football, outdoors and seeing the world and tasting the flavors, and showing off my inner chef because I enjoy cooking and trying new cuisines. I’m open minded and humble. I work hard but play harder. To me, laughter is the best medicine. To sum me up in one sentence, I’m a lewd,...

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Oakwood, Virginia24Straight

I hope this finds you in good health & spirits.

I am 24 years old, 6’4", with brown hair and green eyes. I don’t have any children, but family means everything to me. I’m very motivated, when I set my mind to something I don’t let off until it’s done. I have goals and I don’t let anyone or anything take me off my path. I’m focused on success and I intend to stay focused...

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Coleman, Florida40Straight

Myth or Fact?

Redheaded Gemini women are a lot of fun, fiercely loyal, quick-witted, and funny. This I assure you is FACT!

My name is Danielle, but my friends call me Ginger. I am a sports enthusiast. I've coached and played volleyball and softball for years now. I don't mind getting dirty to have a little fun. I'm an outdoors kind of girl. However, I keep my makeup on while...

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Sumner, Illinois42Straight

My name is Andrew Allen. I am 42 years old. I am a God fearing man who found the Lord when I fell. I like having long conversations. I am a man who is a Jack of a lot of Trades. I am a diesel tech and a welder fabricator. I have a big heart and I put my all into everything. I love to cook and enjoy walks with my dog “Venus”. I have baggage and flaws like everyone else. My intentions are to...

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Victor Bee #BC3413 - Primary Picture
Corcoran, California32Straight
African American

Hello!! My name is Victor. I’m 32! Looking for friends with a possibility of something more if that’s what it leads to! I’m looking for a real woman! And I say woman because I’m a man not a boy! I don’t play games. I’m open, honest and open minded. I have protector mentality! So you will always feel safe with me! I’m loyal, I have tattoos, very humorous, love to have conversations on a serious...

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Jackson, Michigan32Straight

Hello, well if you're reading this, you already know where I am at so that ice is broken. I don't know who you are or what you're into but dear reader, my name is Ray or Raymond, whichever you like the ring of. I'm 33 come June 2020. I'm in prison for being dumb and stealing a car. Stupid me right?

I like art. I like dogs. I like most genres of music. I like working. I work with my...

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Jesup, Georgia30Straight
Native AmericanNative American

I'm 6'4" and weigh 240 pounds. Currently serving a 5-year sentence for weapons, dad of a 5-year-old daughter, and retired from the US Army. 

I'm an outdoors kind of guy, play all sports, great cook, and currently separated.

Just looking for someone to talk to and get to know better.

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Fredonia, Kentucky32Straight

Hello, my name is Amanda Jackson. I am 32 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am a single and available woman. I am also “Fun Size” but guaranteed to be a firecracker.

A like to go mudding, fishing and also like to travel. I love to listen to music and read books. I’d like to change my perspective on life and have a do over. I want to better myself so I can be a better mother...

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Trenell Rogers #228251Primary Picture
Moose Lake, Minnesota32Straight
African American

OUT DATE 9-9-19


I’m Trenell, I’m a dominant male with unlimited potential. I’m looking for a strong, stable woman who has a beautiful heart and soul also a free open minded person who is adventurous and is willing to be submissive to a man. Also who loves to help motivate their partner to accomplish goals in building with each other.

I’m looking for a friend, a...

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Taladega, Alabama31Straight


I'm Jason and I'd like to meet better friends and positive people to surround myself with.

I have 3 years left in Federal prison and I'd like to use this time to get an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. I am an entrepreneur and my goal is to start a commercial degreasing company upon release and get contracts from franchise restaurants.

I'm open to any...

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Jacksonville, Illinois39Straight


My name is Robert.  I'm hoping to meet some incredible people with positive outlooks on life.  I consider myself to be a humble and optimistic individual.

Being incarcerated has been difficult at times.  It also has been a humbling experience, giving me the much needed time to reflect on what's important in life!  Furthering my education is a priority...

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Marion, Ohio30Straight


My name is Robert Zane Pennington.  I'm on this website just trying to make some friends and be able to have meaningful conversations with people outside of these fences.  I plan to rebuild my life upon my release.  Prior to my incarceration I was halfway finished with a culinary arts degree.  I wanted to join the military, but I had gotten into some trouble...

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Carlos Garcia #36134-298 - Primary Picture
Thomson, Illinois27Straight
African American


Let me introduce myself, my name is Carlos Garcia but all my friends call me Dosia (Do’sha). I’m 26 years old. I am of mixed race; Black and Puerto Rican. I am 6 feet tall and have long curly hair that I usually wear in braids.

My hobbies and interests include music; I rap and sing, taking long walks down the beach (San Diego, California), playing sports, laughing, eating,...

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