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Soledad, California25Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Greetings to the world,

My name is Eugene Veal, and I’m currently incarcerated in a California state prison. Before I continue I would like to admit that Ive made mistakes in my life that I’m not proud of but, with every experience comes a lesson learned. With that being said, I’m more of a man today then I was 6 years ago. As you read this intro, I’m hoping you give a chance to prove...

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Andrew Valencia #V52393 - Primary Picture
Avenal, California37Straight

Hi, my name is Andrew but most call me Drew.  For the record, I am the original Uncle Drew!  Although I am pushing late 30’s I stay pushing my body and mind because they go hand in hand, and compliment who I am.  Passionate. Determined, dedicated and a creative person hopeful about the future and spreading my winds one day.  By day I study, draw, and...

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Dontae Moore #01433301 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas31Straight
African AmericanChristian

I’m writing in hopes that these words be received by a person that is willing and open enough that we can become friends through the pen.

Being locked down since a teenager, I missed out on a lot and would like to experience things through a person that’s willing to share with me their past, present and possibly their future; where they have been and want to go. I’m a person that is...

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Munising, Michigan30Straight

Hello, I'm looking to make new friends and possibly something more.

I am outgoing, silly, love adventure, and the outdoors.

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Michael  Mendoza  #A731-258Primary Picture
Lucasville, Ohio28Straight

Greetings, everyone needs a special friend or someone they can talk to and I hope I can be that person for you. I enjoy reading, writing music, and playing/watching sports of all kinds. I also love to laugh and have a good time, so I will make it my duty to put a smile on your face. I try to uplift people to the best of my ability and hope they do the same in return. Energy and vibes are...

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Christopher Smith #A336-889Primary Picture
Lancaster, Ohio40Straight


I’m looking for someone to write and spend time with. My interests are spending time outside especially the beach, camping and spending time with my family. I like meeting new people and am very loyal to those in my life that I’m close with. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music such as Joe Satriani, Bush, A.I.C., Ozzy...

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Alvin Anderson #0787196 - Primary Picture
Windsor, North Carolina41Straight

Anyone's welcome; the world is yours!

I am non-judgemental and I'm coming from a conscious and open-minded point of view; intelligent if you will. I enjoy uplifting, purposeful things, but I really like reading, writing, researching history and religion, studying, good poetry, sports, R.E.A.L. hip hip, and basically everything that's interesting or enlightening, and doesn't burden...

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Eric Drayton #31387-037 - Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida44Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello Ladies,

Thank you for taking time out to check out my page. I appreciate it!

My name is Eric, I was born and raised in New York City. I’m 5’6”, 180 pounds of athletic muscle, with brown eyes and a great personality. I’ve never been married and I don’t have any children. I love to travel, watch Nat-Geo Wild, sports and movies. I enjoy cooking as opposed to dining out. I...

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Kelly Frederick #728380 - Primary Picture
Anchorage, Alaska35Straight

Hello, my name is Kelly. I’m 5’6”, 160 pounds with long dark brown hair, thick beard, hazel eyes and I love to smile. Really my interests include working out, reading, learning and helping people I care about and those in need. Music is something I would be pressed to be without and my taste is very eclectic. I was raised to work hard at everything I do and to always be respectful.


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Whitney Greco #1189207 - Primary Picture
Jean, Nevada27Straight

Hi! My name is Whitney. I am 27 years old. I am a blue eyed Strawberry Blonde firecracker with a heart of gold! I’m a fun, loving, and outgoing woman with a positive attitude. I'm looking to connect and make some new friends! I’m a relaxed and easy going person who likes to kick back and chill.

I like to bake, read, snuggle and binge watch Netflix, work out, travel and explore what...

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DeAndre Wash #19599-111 - Primary Picture
Talladega, Alabama32Straight
African AmericanChristian

Well, hello there!

My name is DeAndre, you can call me Dre for short.  I am very respectful and well-mannered individual.  I'm about 5’8” in height and weigh about 175 pounds.  I like to read, workout and I'm really into music- I love and listen to all genres.  I believe you can tell a lot about a person from their selection of...

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Michael Ware #A703-442 - Primary Picture
Leavittsburg, Ohio39Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Peace and Blessings. Please allow me to properly introduce myself, my name is Michael. I am 39 years of age. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I love to read, work out and study; also love music. I love to bring ear to ear smiles to people when I can. I love to enjoy life at its fullest.

I am seeking friendship in hopes of something more. So if this sounds like someone you would love to learn...

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Damon Washington # - - Primary Picture
Atlanta, Georgia27Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Dear Potential Friend,

How are you doing? Fine I hope, as for myself, well, other than sitting inside this prison cell searching for you, I’m blessed! I just take it one day at a time.

A few things about me: I have a fun and energetic personality. I’m a loving, caring and passionate person. I’m family oriented and loyal. I’m very intelligent, smart, resourceful and creative. I’...

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Christopher Camus #345147 - Primary Picture
Walla Walla, Washington33Straight

Hi, my name is Chris. I'm looking for good conversation and friendship.  I'm an outgoing and social guy with a great sense of humor and big heart.
I'm athletic, my passion is playing baseball. I work out daily, and I'm a fan to just about all sports and love listening to music.

I'm a recent college graduate with a...

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Joey Chavez #B38164 - Primary Picture
Sumner, Illinois43Straight


My name is Joey, but friends and family call me Jay.  This is my first time doing something like this.  It’s not like I’m a shy person or anything like that, I just don’t know what to say about myself. 

Well, my pride and joy are my children.  I have 3 boys and 1 girl.  They are my life.  Before coming to prison I had many things I enjoyed,...

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Wayne Marshall #AX5797 - Primary Picture
Ione, California44Straight


My name is Wayne. I’m hoping to meet some positive people on the outside. I’m changing my life and furthering my education and need to prepare for the outside world. I was arrested in 2003 for bank robbery and was supposed to parole in 2012. I let prison gang politics stand in my way, instead I’m serving 20 more years in state custody. I’m working on my Human Services Degree to...

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James  Sharp #1516348Primary Picture
Orange, Virginia24Straight

First of all, thank you. You must be a kind and thoughtful person to reach out to those behind these bars. My heart is full of gratitude for those who don't forget about us; for whatever reason, we have found ourselves here.

My name is James Sharp, I am 6'2" fit and 24 yo, I love the great outdoors and enjoy the country. I am a true country boy at heart; my interests are fishing,...

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Donald Rawlings #290920 - Primary Picture
Central City, Kentucky24Straight

Donny is a confident and outgoing 24-year old young man who enjoys people!  Donny has many talents, including singing, drawing, salesmanship, and many others. He is honorable, fair and friendly. He loves sports, music, science, reading and he has a wonderful sense of humor. His perfect day is spent trout fishing with his dad. For now, he likes to work out, and talk to friends and family...

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Maxwell Grant #B89830 - Primary Picture
Centralia, Illinois31Straight

Let me start by thanking you for viewing my profile.  If you're reading this then it is apparent something has led you to this point.  Hopefully you take it one step further and write or email me.

Over the last couple of years, mail for me has dwindled drastically.  It's something I miss dearly and I want someone to correspond with regularly.  There must...

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Roger Evans #53001-037 - Primary Picture
Coleman, Florida33Straight
African American

My name is Roger. I'm hoping to meet someone that I can have a great conversation with. I'm interested in connecting with someone while I am incarcerated.

I love to write. I have written fifteen non-fiction novels and five screenplays. I plan to be successful when I re-enter society as a responsible man.

Thank you for checking my profile out. I hope to write, talk, or...

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Anthony Roark #A607-255Primary Picture
Lima, Ohio33Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Anthony but of course everyone calls me Ant. I’m very down to earth, humble and I love to have meaningful conversations. Most of my days are spent working out and reading because I love to learn new things. At the moment I am looking for friends or someone who has the potential to be special. I have grown so...

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Michael Merriweather #R10135 - Primary Picture
Joliet, Illinois41Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Michael.  I'm 6’4” tall, weigh about 240 pounds, and I wear a size fourteen shoe.  So, I'm a pretty small guy. Just joking.  Do you know how insane it is to try and describe who you are as a person in two paragraphs?!  It’s nearly impossible!  I'm many things, as are you I'm sure.  Sometimes it seems like a miracle that I even survived my...

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David Mayberry #M43526Primary Picture
Menard, Illinois28Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is David and my everyday activities are working out, listening to music and writing urban (sexual) novel books. I’m a very fun person to be around. I’m interested in women with good intentions because mine are always to make you smile.


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Samuel Rotondo #1108368Primary Picture
Ely, Nevada46Straight


My name is Sammy. I'm hoping to find some friends to write to. I am 46 years old and I'm serving life in prison for murder along with multiple consecutive sentences for several other attempted murders and aggravated assaults that occurred during a shootout with Phoenix police in 1998. 

I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I have lived there all my life until I was captured 21...

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Jason Williams #26445-171 - Primary Picture
Salters, South Carolina40Straight
African AmericanChristian

If you are reading this, I greatly appreciate the privilege of you taking the time to view my profile. 

As a man, I have made mistakes in my life, but life is only 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you do about it. As I think about what could and could not be, I'm thankful for what is and what isn't. 
I am stronger because of my hard times, wiser because of my...

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