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Rodney Fenner #1436377
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Dillwyn, Virginia30Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

I enjoy chess, reading, working out, boxing, basketball, football and writing. I’ve written two novels, a poetry book and am now working on two more novels simultaneously. I’m unpublished because I want to be home to handle my own business affairs. I have a certification as an electrician, I have a comprehensive business plan to start a company and am also studying...

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Athain Russell #J08910
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Delano, California43Straight
African AmericanChristian

Thank you for checking out my page because here you find a stranger who hopes this ad will put a smile on your face. My name is Athain Russell and I’m reaching out to anyone with the intent of becoming a friend and maybe discovering unique qualities in one another. Personally, I believe friendship in its true form is the purest and most powerful form of companionship.

I believe all...

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Jonathan Mundo #1111042
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Ely, Nevada29Straight

Good conversation, honesty, humor, long letters, and great memories are what we’ll have as pen-pals!

I’m looking for a female pen-pal who’s outgoing, funny, comfortable in her own skin, and is game for possible friendship.

I’m a single dad of two amazing little boys.

I love traveling, animals, big cities, the ocean, and buying rare shoes.

I’m a guy who dresses...

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Wendell Chinners #17558-171
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Bennettsivlle, South Carolina32Straight

Hey there!

Hope all is well with you and that your day is filled with many things that make you smile.  As for me, I'm pretty good considering the situation I'm currently in, which can sometimes overshadow who I am and what I'm about. 

I'm a laidback, take chances, have fun kind of person.  I don’t have a...

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Lord Mancilla #M15133
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Sumner, Illinois27Straight


Thank you for taking your time to check me out. If we have things in common, don’t hesitate to send me a letter.

I am very outgoing, loyal, honest and full of happiness. I enjoy company who love to have a good time and know how to have fun. I believe loyalty and honesty is a must in every friendship in order for it to be called a friendship.

I’m very open...

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Ryan Blumling #35580-068
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Lisbon, Ohio38Straight

Hi, my name is Ryan.  I am originally from the Pittsburgh area and currently completing the balance of a Federal sentence which I am hoping is finished by the beginning of 2019.  I am looking for friends to write and correspond with as prison can be very boring and monotonous.  I am a very attentive and polite person who has never experienced prison before the mistakes that...

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Scott Terrence #G-26578
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Delano, California29Straight
African American

There’s love behind my anger.  There’s sorrow behind my smile.  There’s passion behind my eyes.  There’s caring in my cry.  Pleasure always follows pain.  I function within my dysfunction.  I’m flawed while being flawless....

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Douglas Gore #16316776
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Umatilla, Oregon31Gay
Native American

I'm a 30 year-old male seeking friendship and possibly more.  I'm loyal, honest, trustworthy, fun, caring, and reliable.  I'm looking for someone I can talk to and confide in; someone that won’t judge me for my past mistakes.  I'm looking for someone to reach out and give me the opportunity to show them that “where I am, is...

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Andrew Portray-Johnson #01765291
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Abilene, Texas26Gay
African AmericanOther

 What’s up guys,

Call me Drew for short. To be honest, someone told me about this site when my own friends stopped writing me.  I've got a lot of time and I just want someone (guy or girl) who’s down to ride this out with me.

I'm only looking for friends, if that’s possible.  I've had my share of nut cases and clingers last year and this time I just want to keep...

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Michael Ray #A699-405
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London, Ohio24Straight
My name is Michael and I am 24 years old. I am looking for friendship and someone to write with similar interests. I like heavy metal music, physics, reading, history, and studying many other subjects. I am also learning to speak and write Spanish.

I am not just my prison sentence. I am learning from past mistakes and continually working on being a better person.  ...
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Jose Mendoza Alvarado #02186366
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Huntsville, Texas23Straight


My name is Jose.  I’m hoping to meet some people to conversate and establish positive contacts with.  I’m interested in furthering my education and earning some trades while incarcerated.  I like to read, listen to Hip Hop music, writing and creating my own music, and writing poetry.  I enjoy watching sports, football and basketball.  My favorite teams...

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Shyanne Roman #A683-567
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Lucasville, Ohio29Straight

To the special individuals who take the time out of their day to correspond with the less fortunate…

I would like to start by saying I greatly appreciate the time placed into each and every profile patiently read and considered by you guys…hopefully my introduction piques the interest of a special woman or friend I...

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Toby Johnston #01377558
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Beaumont, Texas46Straight

I am seeking open, honest friendships that are based on mutual appreciation. Due to a failure to relate to people (resulting from low self-esteem), I based friendship on what I could get, not on what I should give. I am new to the idea of true friendship, but will give everything that I am to show you how important you are to me. The only thing I ask for is...

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Chad Welsh #6864013
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Anamosa, Iowa40Straight

Hi! I’m glad you’re checking out my profile and I hope you like what you see. So why am I signing up here? I want a friendship outside these walls, someone to bring life to a place that’s lacking it and I’d like to share myself with someone who still appreciates it.

I was a homeowner for over 12 years. I love to ride 2 wheels, from a Trek to a Harley. I’ve had a few different jobs, I...

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Virgil Smith #A535-376
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Orient, Ohio32Straight

I'm looking to find some friends who make the most out of life and look forward to the future. I enjoy lots of things, like sports and the outdoors, but my passion lies in writing; mostly screenplays, which I one day hope to become good enough to sell. I try and make each of my days count, so that I am prepared for the challenges I will face upon my release.

If you would like to...

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Kenny Martinez #123764
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Sterling, Colorado36Straight
Native AmericanNative American

My name is Kenny Lee Martinez. I am writing in hopes to meet an awesome, special woman or person to be a part of my life who encourages hope, faith and positive encouragement. In return I will use my words to heal to make you smile, laugh and nothing but encouragement your way. I’m in prison but my struggle can be used in a positive way. I believe in God and the wisdom He gives me the...

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Corey Buckner #02209243
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Livingston, Texas39Straight

“Hello To All”…I want to begin by saying thank you for visiting my profile. “Life is all about choices”, when one makes a choice to take a wrong turn, one has to stand and give back, for the choice that landed one where I’m at. It’s a constant struggle to move out of a difficult past and into a healthier future and that’s what I want a friend for. Instead of all my energy being misspent trying...

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Jason Abney #05995-090
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Leavenworth, Kansas39Straight

My main problem in life is drugs. So, my main goal in life is to remain drug-free. I sat in prison from 2004 to 2015 because of drugs, now I’m back in prison because of drugs. The little bit of time I was out of prison was like a dream to me, a dream that I would love to live. I also found out in that small period of time that loyal people that you can trust are harder to find than anything...

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Alec Faccone #AT6552
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Corcoran, California26Straight

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement."

Hello and thank you for your consideration to become a pen-pal to a prisoner. I've been incarcerated since age 19. Young and scared, I ran from my home in Seattle to California; I was homeless, addicted and desperate. Prison has been a blessing to me in getting clean, getting my GED and gaining skills that will generate opportunities...

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Enrique Aguilar #1742607
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Hondo, Texas29Straight

Hey Stranger,
I'm glad you took the first step by stopping to look at my page. I hope you give me the chance to prove that there is more than meets the eye. I've been gone for 7 years on an 8 year sentence, and have a lot of time to grow from the boy I was to the man I am today.

I've done my best to change the way I look at things, and by doing so change the...

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Ramon Fritz #J86641
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Corcoran, California42Straight

Hello, my name is Ramon. I’m Puerto Rican and Creole. I believe that honesty and communication are essential for any friendship to enhance on any level. I’m 6’1”, 240 pounds, hazel/green eyes and at the age of 42 there are so many things I’d like to say but let me say this; I’m loyal, humorous, open minded, a great listener, lonely yet true to who I am; spiritual and very much hoping to...

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Thomas Wilder #256084
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LaGrange, Kentucky32Straight

First and most important, please do not judge me based on my charges. There is a reason I'm charged with (No-Force), it did not go down in a way that most people see it. Ask me any question and I will answer, I'm straight up and have no reason to hide anything.

So with that out of the way, as you have gathered from the start I'm a very honest and open person. I'm also very humble, kind...

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Robert Rosales #61782-112
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Coleman, Florida34Straight

Hello, my name is Robert.  I am 34 years old and I am looking for friends. I am a good listener and give good advice also.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles.  I am fun, energetic, and funny.  My height is 6’2” tall, and I weigh 230 pounds. I enjoy working out; I didn’t before but I do now…ha-ha!

I love to read true crime books.  My favorite author is Anne...

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Richie Burns #W108413
Primary Picture
Bridgewater, Massachusetts35Straight


What’s going on out in the world?  How is everything where you’re at?  If you’re reading this, I’m glad I got your attention.  This handsome Irish man from Boston is looking to talk to some interesting like-minded people.

The days are long and nights are lonely, so if you’re looking to fill some time getting to know a reformed bank robber, hit me...

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Andria Stanley #1861816
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Gatesville, Texas37Straight

Hello!  My name is Andria and I am looking to correspond with someone who is understanding, friendly and trustworthy.

I'm energetic, down-to-earth, sincere and fun-loving.  I laugh often and am told I have a great sense of humor.  I love to read, absorb random facts, and debate life’s little mysteries- such as, exactly what did Caesar do for my salad?!

I miss...

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