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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Jerry McGavitt

August 18 2022

I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to look at my profile. Special thanks to those who have messaged me. To those who have messaged me, I do want to write to you, so please message me again with a return address.

When you send me a JPay with me being in prison, all I get is your letter with no address for me to write to. So, I'm asking you to please include your address into your letter.





Blog Update

August 16 2022

Update 5-10-22

The Texas prison system is supposed to be issuing our e-tablets by December 2022. From what I've acquired it's to have movies, music, games, and have educational activities, as well as a built-in prison phone that can be used for the call. Future accommodations will include e-mail/e-messaging, and photos/video visits.

I've been in prison 16 years…..way before smartphones, tablets, or social media, so this is new technology. I'll appreciate and hopefully better strengthen communication with you if you choose to write me.


Miles Wilson

August 16 2022

Hello, my name is Miles Wilson Jr, but most people just call me MJ. I am 41 years old. I love to write and listen to music. The two bring me peace that is desperately needed in my life.

I am allowing myself in creating opportunity and hope in my life. I am proud and humbled to have two Associate's Degrees and to have graduated with honors in both. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Texas A&M.

I am driven, determined, passionate, loyal, and mindful. I'm about adding to people and not subtracting from them. I believe practicing and enjoying the simple things in life is what matters, not chasing vanity. I enjoy humor and honesty above all, being real with myself and people ,and not being judgmental is an important part of who I am.

I love family. I am very energetic. I am interested in meeting someone to exchange mail with as well as growing a friendship with that has longevity, giving the best of myself to that person who sees value in me and I in them.

Let's find out about each other.



Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

August 11 2022


Yo-Yo-Yo you buggin son whine and complain all da time bout all these chics you see dats why yo x broke up wit you crying too much son man up yo…Plus you mad stingy selfish and petty acting and pretending lying to yoself Bee wake up son. I know a real thug gangsta bitch when I see one and she da real deal got her own business making big moves like a true boss responsible, dedicated with a mean swag taking care of business on every level plus she do everything you ask her and beyond, so you tripping for real son because some chics lie and pretend to be real gangsters like her these phony chics out there be lazy, bummy half-hearted scary word-up son you need to know da difference between da true from da fake, real thug gangstas gone do real stuff for a nigga but da fake will half step lie acting insecure when you tell them do something for you and homies, no-doubt, no-doubt you aint seeing clearly son, you thinking with yo emotions so you need to get right Bee because you got yo wires crossed-up da wrong way in yo head son for real son don’t lose yoself in da drama.

I’m out son


Song Dedications:

“Hot Sh*t” By: Cardi B.

“Wheelie” By: Latto

“Eazy” By: Chanel West Coast

“Big” By: Day Sulan



Marcos Ramirez #R66644

August 10 2022

Hi Everybody! I FINALLY graduated from North Park University with my Master of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry with a Restorative Arts Track! I’m so excited, that I just want to share my graduation pictures with you through the following links listed below:

WBBM NEWRADIO 780AM & 105.9FM, June 15 2022, article by Nancy Harty titled “Stateville Correctional Center inmates among North Park University’s School of Restorative Arts first graduate class.” (or) you could also just search Karl Clifton-Soderstrom on Flickr.

Some of the photos can be accessed on our University’s FB page – Search North Park Theological Seminary School of Restorative Arts.

I hope you enjoy my grad pics, as me and my classmates had such a great time together with our family memberss, friends, professors and supporters at our class of 2022 graduation ceremony! As an academic community of faith, together we faced many challenges during this Covid-19 pandemic here at Stateville Correctional Center, but by God’s grace and mercy and with much prayer and mutual support for one another, we made it through.

Upon my release I plan to use my life experiences and college education as tools to teach our youth about systems of domination that negatively impact communities of color and ways we can work together to change the narrative and practice justice that restores lives and transforms our world for the better.

As you look at our graduation pictures, please know that this is who we are and what we represent.

Peace and love,



Brandon Harlacz

August 10 2022

Hey!  I'm not dead! Just got moved....again.  Right now, I can't respond via JPay but I can read them!   And I appreciate everyone who writes to me.  It really brings light to my day!   But if you include your address in the JPay message itself, I'll write you back via good ol' snail mail.   Yeah, I know, it's not the best but people used to do this all the time!  We can too.  

My View

August 9 2022

I currently have 20 years 1/2 left in prison but Lord"s willing will be released before then.

Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

August 5 2022

Keeping It Real Son!

Aaaaayy-Yo…Aaaayy-Yo…Check-it…check-it son you niggas out there in da street be acting too emotional overly sensitive soft word-up keeping hundred son! No-Doubt…No-Doubt buggin with that short man complex always feeling attacked when someone give you advice or uplift you Bee real sh*t son. I have a couple male cousins in my fam dat be acting like bipolar women all paranoid and argumental acting like you know the answer to everything but you broke then yo Baby mama cheated on you don’t make me say yo name son! You aint from da streets son hanging out with lame niggas with that looser mentality low self-esteem insecure. I’m shaking my head in disappointment because these types lost their soul and don’t understand da importance of family and loyalty while trying to side against da god, contradiction in yo chest feeling inferior when I give it to you how it is wake up Bee dats why you can’t get with this winning team you aint cut out for it that’s real son! It’s all about starting your own business and flip yo paper in da stock market buying bonds and properties think big son, you thinking petty Bee nickel and diming chasing paycheck to paycheck, you are lost kid yaaaa meeeaaan you gotta man up quick get yo mind right Bee!

I’m out, Peace!

Song Dedications:

“Shook Ones Pt, II” By: Mobb Deep

“Affirmative Action” (St. Denis Style Remix) By: Nas

“1-900-Hustler” By” Jay Z

“Gave it to ‘em” By: The Lox



John Childress #01972039

August 5 2022

On March the 6th of this year a man went into the Fairfax, Virginia police station and confessed to doing some really bad things to my big sister; that he beat her unconscious or possibly worse and just left, leaving her laying in the wooded area where he did it. The police went to where the man said he left her, but couldn’t find her. We haven’t heard anything from her and she used to call my sister all the time. I am so worried about her and go to sleep and wake up with this on my mind and weighing heavy on my heart. If anyone who reads this has any advice, legal wise or from personal experience of a similar incident, then please take the time to reach out to me. I miss my big sister and am so worried about her. Me and her both could use your help, your voice. I’m lost and don’t know what to do. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jonathan Graham #01778327

August 5 2022

(Flying) Bird of Peace

Flyin’, flyin’ with her mental, flyin’ fast, flyin’ slow, flyin’ high, flyin’ low, connecting on all levels high and low, building from the bottom to the top on all things so we can be on top of all things together being the best birds we know how to be.

Flyin’, flyin’ with her emotions. Flyin’, fast, flying slow, flying high, flyin’ low, doing our best to fly focused and aware at all times when she fly I fly, when she fly into a storm full of hell and lightening, I’m gone fly into the storm full of hell and lightening, when she fly into the sunset that’s so beautiful you can’t take your eyes off, I’m gone fly off into the sunset with her, her vibe is my vibe and my vibe is her vibe.

Flyin’, flyin’ with her spirit, Flyin’ fast, flyin’ slow, flying high, flyin’ low, flyin together away from drama and negativity towards peace, love and enlightenment. This other world so we can continue to fly in peace and love within ourselves with no interruptions, spirits uniting as one flyin’ to greater levels in peace and love, Flyin’, Flyin’ Fast, Flying Slow, Flying High, Flyin’ Low.