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Cody Harders

January 18 2022

A new year, some new resolutions. Digging through some things I discovered written copies of several years consisting of broken promises. Shoot for the stars on the eve of a new beginning only to fall behind in a flurry of dramatic events transpiring around me.

Will this year amount to similar circumstances or will I follow the standard of exceptional behavior? Within an hour of the drop, I wrote down a few characteristics to follow in an effort to improve myself and the quality of my life. Is a resolution similar to a birthday wish or a shooting star in that I’d void the outcome upon mentioning my goals? All I know for sure is that I am determined to prove my ability to strive towards perfection and become a refined version of myself.

Nothing in life worth having is easy. I intend to rise above it all and allow nothing to impede the route to success. In an environment like this, every day is challenging in a way you may never expect. It’s full time to remain sucker free in a land full of lollipops. (Smile)

Where do you stand in the limitless path of accomplishment for the new year? Do you jot down your wishes only to discover a veil of complacency dropping at the end of the year as opposed to the ball in Times Square? Do you serve a purpose or purposely serve? I am open to discussion as well as a team effort to win.





Behind These Walls

January 17 2022

Behind these walls, time doesn't stop for anyone, no matter the circumstances for what you've done. Behind these walls, time seems to stand still, so if you allow it to. The time to heal is now, not when its time to get released, and once out, it won't be easy...The first step never is...You've gotta keep going, no matter how hard it gets. One step in the right direction is all it takes.

A little inspiration for those in my shoes, is what I wanted to share.

The Better You is Living Inside

January 16 2022

I have discovered that the better, greater you is living in the inside. I tell myself often and would encourage you to make the step to change, change and grow. Change your habits, change your thoughts, change your friends.... whatever it takes make the choice to change and be determined to grow. Change isn't always easy and will require sacrifice, change is good so you can grow and become what you truly desire and let go of the old you.

Change is a choice and I'm learning daily to press past the past failures and mistakes and become the better ME living on the inside of me. Praying God will give me the opportunity to change daily, grow, and make a difference in my life and the lives around me as well as my community.

What change do you need to make today? Let's trust God that he will give us the strength to choose and make that change today. Your new day is just one choice and change away.

Ezekiel Delgado

Guillermo Santiesteban

January 15 2022

It blows my mind that there are women out there willing to give inmates like myself a chance to be heard seen and even sometimes loved, regardless of past mistakes. I really respect and appreciate every single woman who takes the time to hear my story and find out who I am today, without pre-conceived opinions due to my past. I’m Guillermo, I’m 31 years old, Puerto Rican from Los Angeles California. I’m on the last year and a half of my sentence from assault with a firearm. I’ve spent a majority of my years in prison trying to truly find myself on top of correct my previous backwards ways.

I’ve come a long way, I’m currently pursuing my AA degree in Business, working on an autobiography and setting the foundation for a business I plan to start when I come home. I'm an outgoing laid-back, athlete type of guy. I am honest, respectful, and very family orientated I’d say I’m more of a listener than a talker, I love music along with anything that would feed my brain. I’m hoping to meet new friends interested in good conversation and trying a little something different. I am open to what possibilities may grow from this.

If you reach out please put an address I can reply to we don’t have emailing here yet.

Tyler Johnson #AS7380

January 14 2022

Prison life is a trip. You meet the strangest people here. A lot of the guys here smoke spice - walking around like zombies. It’s really sad. I’m glad I don’t mess with any drugs anymore. I’m an ex-heroin addict but I have a year clean now. one thing prison has taught me is, no matter what’s going on around me, no matter how much BS I have to deal with, I can choose to be happy. When I get out I’m not going to waste my freedom, I have a lot of plans for my life, I’m excited for the future.
If you want to write me please include your address in the message. You can JPAY email me but I can only respond using postal mail, so I need an address or a PO Box. So far I haven’t had many respond to me. not sure why.




Avery Brooks-Davis

January 12 2022

As the holidays approach may you be greeted with joy and laughter.

Memories that warm the heart and smiles that keep you close no matter how far you are!

To be a blessing to someone, just as someone was a blessing to you because life is full of love and love is bound with truth!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s….I look forward to talking with you!

Also, if you decide to write directly to me (Avery Brooks-Davis, #6529826, FDCF, 1550 L St., Fort Dodge, IA 50501), remember you must place a full name and return address.  If not the institution will not give me the mail. You can also reach me through Corrlinks (a text app you download, set up, then add me by using my name & ID# above).


Daniel Judge #R53260

January 6 2022

Hey everyone! So these past two years were tragic. I can only hope and pray we are at the end of this pandemic and see how everyone comes out of this. My facility is still not completely open with school classes. Does anyone know any mail courses that offer college classes or something of that nature? Just hoping to fill my time with progressive actions!

Great show Yellowstone, started Season 4 and wow, that sure was a way to start off! Just this year I watched all 3 seasons and love the show and characters. My favorite new song is Knowing You by Kenny Chesney and the Best movie I have seen is a classic, A Bronx Tale.

Joseph Martinez #R-57911

January 6 2022

Our Court Systems in America

Our court systems have become a sham because they don’t want to offer help or care about whether you’re guilty or innocent our court system is a true farce of what our constitution completely forbids. We have overzealous State’s Attorneys who only want to send people, as well as children, to jail or prison. Our public defenders otherwise known as penitentiary deliverers or undercover State Attorneys are helping them to achieve this goal.

When are American people going to say enough is enough already and fight for the rights of this country, for their loved ones? True, there are some who deserve to be incarcerated, trust me I know, but there are guys (like myself) who are innocent. There are guys if given the chance, will change their lives around from where they’ve been. Our constitution is built on help and forgiveness, not condemnation. The laws of the constitution are written on the principles of the Bible.

Our money says, “In God We Trust”, if we can’t trust our police departments, what makes you think we can count on our criminal justice system unconditionally unless there is someone overseeing them. Our so-called public defender’s offices need a complete overhaul with people who will do their job effectively and represent people to the best of their ability. We need lawyers and attorneys who want to win and not working just to get a paycheck.

In Illinois justice system they do things as they want and please and not according to the law. There are no preliminary hearings, every case is by indictment only. This is their best way of punishing the innocent and making them guilty even before a trial, which in turn causes every man, woman and child to lose their jobs, family, friends, reputations and cause pain and suffering. I am sure this is happening all across the United States and it’s up to us, “The People” to take action and correct the system that has gone utterly wrong. This could happen to you or someone you love. We all need to wake up.




January 2 2022

As I have changed my address to this new unit. I am here in West Texas called Lynaugh Unit. I look out into this desert and can’t wait until I’m home in Central Texas where Oak trees and Cedar trees are 60 feet tall and 100’s of years old. Every region holds its own beauty. Home for me is the rivers, lakes, and good ol’ hill country. I look forward to that day. Until then I enjoy all the letters of inspiration and friendship I am able to receive through WriteAPrisoner. So any and all new friends are nice to have. When sending a Jpay please include an address for me to write back.


January 2 2022

Hello, it’s that time of the year. I hope that everyone finds peace and a smile for the holidays and that everyone remembers to appreciate the little things that are so easy to take for granted.

I am well, as I am always well. Wherever I go, there I am. I enjoy my life no matter what.

Take care,

Write soon,

Your friend,