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June 12 2021

What exactly does forgiveness mean? This particular issue has really been eating at me for a while now, so I appreciate WriteAPrisoner for giving us convicted felons this platform and opportunity to get our messages, thoughts, and opinions out, so that the world can see that we still exist from within these dark corners of the universe.  So, my thought to share today is on forgiveness and judgement. People will say “I forgive you,” but then turn around and throw it right back in your face. Or, they’ll say they won’t judge you, and that you can feel comfortable with talking to them about anything, but here it is: As soon as the first conflict arises between the two of you, whether big or small, the very first thing that person does is dish out judgement at that which they said they wouldn’t! Am I tripping or has this ever happened to you? So, can someone tell me what forgiveness looks like? I just believe that people should have the right and the space needed to make change in their lives, because people do grow, and no one has a perfect post. Peace!

Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

June 11 2021

Strictly For The Ladies 2

Yo, Yo, Yo Shortie…check it

In the original blog “Strictly For The Ladies” I pay my respects to R.I.P. Pop Smoke – giving him mad props for his song called “Mood Swings” as he sings to his woman, I admire his realness/ wisdom/knowledge in his lyrics – acknowledging his talent but also as a man I recognize the importance to be able to communicate/express/connect intimately with that one special chic…Making you feel authentic/Telling you how gorgeous you are/Tell you how much I desire you…I demonstrate my romantic side in special moments but I have also that thug-love as Rap artist DaBaby demonstrates in his song “Nasty”, I turn it up getting rough/tough/with it but I don’t believe in hitting women, I treat my woman like the movie character “Sincere” in Belly, I’m Mellow/Laid Back/Patient with chics diffusing arguments/stress/drama. I believe therefore it’s important to vibe/identify/connect intimately with that special chic from day one as the character “Lucky” did in that movie Poetic Justice…I treat my woman like the O.G. Melvin treated his woman in the movie “Baby Boy”, building such physical chemistry/vibe/connection creating a high level of bond/emotion/comfort/trust/familiarity enabling a man like me to manifest devotion/dedication/maturity/responsibility/care towards you – Treating you like a Goddess and Queen – Spoiling you with expensive gifts and caressing you intimately in every level uplifting you to paradise surpassing cloud nine without limits/distractions/interruptions. Fulfilling you emotionally/mentally/spiritually. Creating a bond and loyalty like Jack and Bama in the movie “True Romance”, growing old together like Noah and what’s her name in the move “The Notebook”??? I can’t remember.

Song Dedications/Playlist

“Oouuh” by: Fredo Bang

“Lil Mama” by: Bank Roll Freddie
“U Deserve It” by: Trippie Redd

“Make Em Say” by: NLE Choppa

“Girl Like You” by: Dimelo Flow




Mr Lonely

June 8 2021

I am a sweet, loving, and caring person who loves to cook. I'm looking for someone special that I can connect with and possibly build a future.

I have a good sense of humor and enjoy camping, vacations, and spending time with friends and family.

Daniel Huizar #M-29854

June 6 2021

Shock & the Moral Sense of the Community

Did you know that Illinois courts use what is known as “Firearm Enhancements” to give people very long enhanced sentences? For instance, I was convicted of first-degree murder, a criminal charge in Illinois that normally carries a minimum sentence of 20 years up to a maximum sentence of 60 years of imprisonment. However, because of the firearm enhancement, which stems from the use of a firearm during the commission of a crime, my sentence was enhanced to a minimum sentence of 45 years up to a maximum sentence of natural life.

I, Daniel Huizar, who is a first-time offender, who was only 18 years old at the time of this crime, was ultimately sentenced to 45 years at 100%. This means the court gave me 20 years for the first-degree murder charge, and an additional 25 years for the use of a firearm, that I have to serve in its entirety with no chance of parole. I am now serving what is known as a “de facto life sentence,” which means the equivalent to natural life in a number of years. Now the questions remain, does it shock your moral sense to know, I, Daniel Huizar received more time (25 years) for the use of a firearm than the 20 years I received for the charge of first-degree murder? Should an 18-year-old first time offender be subject to an automatic, mandatory de facto life sentence?

Seamus McCloud #512148

June 6 2021

Hi, I hope everybody is staying safe. Social distancing is our friend, as long as we come together in unity as a whole and #StopTheHate, we can tackle anything this world has to throw at us. I hope that we can bridge this gap in our country at this point in time, this is not a time for division. I’m safe, I wear the mask, wash my hands thoroughly to avoid spreading or catching Covid-19. I’m currently re-reading the Harry Potter series, righteous. I ‘m coming up on discretionary parole in 2-4-22. I’m paying I get out, and I’ll have house arrest. If I don’t get it, other than that, I’m working out and drawing art to keep my mind occupied. I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Stay up,



June 5 2021

There’s two ways we can proclaim Prophecy of the Black Sun, or Odinn’s Ordeal. There comes on high, all power to hold.

A mighty lord, all lands he rules. Vindheim now. Prophetic, Wooden Wand Wind thy Way, Grow & Gain, Hail & Whole, Keep Me, Son of Moon-Mundilfari. Amora Laguz Amori ALU Son of Odinn. Please take a look at your Holy Bible, Matthew 24, The Second Coming Lighting from the East. On August 15, 2020, Dayus before Odinn’s Ordeal, the Seventh Seal Broke. The Eagles gather to the Feast and the Sun darknes. Vindheim now Home of the Wind (Heaven). The YeggTree shakes now come the Four Winds, power to the elect. These Four Winds are my Four Harts there are that the highest twigs, Nibble with necks bent back, Dain & Dvalin, Duneyr & Dyrathror.

Look now at Daniel 7 The Four Beasts, Lion with Eagle’s Wings on Back the Bear with three ribs in the mouth, the leopard who gave Earth’s dominions & Red deer with ten horns. A man’s Hart was given to it. 24-7 Black and Blue, thank you.

Have courage of a lion and a hart like a volsong.

Sample from "The Gender Switch Avalanche"

June 5 2021

This is a sample of the first, second, and third chapter in a book I’ve written titled "The Gender Switch Avalanche". It’s the first book in a three-part series and should give you an idea of where the book is going. The book is about a woman and man who envy the opposite sex, and long for at least a day in their counterpart’s shoes. By the end they get their wish. Please enjoy these samples, and I’m open to all comments.

Sample of Chapter 1 – Cindy.

The world will always feel threatened by powerful women, that’s why all subjects of power are referred to as “Him.” The moon is feminine, but the awesome power of the sun is masculine. Nature is admirably tilted mother, nice try. Everybody knows mother nature will never outlast father time. Or notice how God is more often than not mentioned as “He, the Holy Father.” Ariana Grande has a song about making love to someone so well they’ll believe God is a woman. Why on earth would she say something like that? Because at the end of the day, how does she know God isn’t a woman for real? God forbid a little girl has dreams of becoming the Pope. Women are forever looked down on because of negative cliches all women indirectly suffer. For instance, if a man abuses his power in any way, or shows too much emotion, he’s acting like a *****. In both cases, if he’s acting like a *****, he’s acting like a woman. To say a man is acting like a woman is a way to demean him. This is indirectly implying a woman is beneath a man. Because, if a man with female tendencies isn’t fit to be respected, then unconsciously society plants a seed that all women, even hardworking intelligent women are not qualified to be respected. It’s like women who stand up and look the world in the face like they have a right to be here attack the power structure of the world. Today is the day Cindy will become one of those women. Her body vibrates with excitement as she opens her eyes, squinting to give them time to adjust to the sunlight streaming through the white curtains of her wonderful bedroom. A real master suite with a bathroom and a walk-in closet. Her husband Derrick is staring her in the face. His large luminous eyes and sensuous mouth symphony a smile worth waking to see. Derrick is as white as white people get, but he had lips like a black man. “Happy anniversary, beautiful.” He says, then graces her forehead with a warm soft kiss.

Sample of Chapter 2 – Scoe.

The world is designed to break weak men. All men are born with the expectation of being a natural leader. Men are supposed to be the providers and protectors of their family. Men are expected to know how to think under pressure and guide their family to safety if something crazy like a bomb goes off. Or, brave enough to jump in front of a bullet to save the people they love. The problem is, not every man can live up to these expectations, because every man is not a leader. All men cannot think under pressure, nor are all men brave enough to jump in front of a bullet to protect someone they love. All men are not leaders, protectors, or providers, but all men are expected to be. To lack in any one of these areas, since the beginning of time, is to be less than a man. Masculinity is praised and anything less will lead to a lonely life filled with mocking eyes and condemning swears. A man is expected to be a boss. All a woman has to do is get pregnant by one and she’s straight. Facts! It’s illustrated throughout all walks of life. Even in boardgames like chess. Every piece on the chessboard holds a position that can be earned by a pawn. Every piece except the king. Queens are made, a king is born. Scoe steps outside the gates of the prison he’s spent the last three years of his life. With an appeasing clink, the tall chain-link fence closes behind him. Prison complete. He takes a deep breath and savors the sweet air of freedom. Plentiful preparation has him ready to take on life. The time has finally come to carry the burden of being the king he was born to be. The dingy grey jumpsuit and over bogus black state boots he’s wearing are penitentiary standard. A brown bag of cosmetics is the only thing he’s holding. His girlfriend Kiesha is standing in front of a green Nissan Maxima across the gray gravel of the vacant parking lot. She has on blue jeans and a white T-shirt under a read starter jacket. Her shoes are white Air Force One’s with a red Nike logo. Looking like new money. They smile at one another as he walks toward her with arms wide open. She sprints to him. He ached for her touch. It was all he could think about suffering through lonely nights on a suffocating bunk. Without her, he wouldn’t have made it. The people he thought were friends turned out to be posers. Keisha was the only one who held him down during his incarceration. He needs to know why. After everything he sacrificed, they should have been there to support him. Because he found out who the one person that truly loved him was Kiesha. The other silver lining is his awakened animal ambition. His goal in life since his incarceration is to no longer just be a man. He needs to be THE man.

Sample of Chapter 3 – Positivity.

In this day and age where everybody is a camera Mary, it’s hard to be a police officer. Police have to deal with some of the craziest people in whatever city they’ve taken the oath to protect and are paid very little money compared to the danger. No matter how many times they’ve risked their lives in shootouts, high speed chases, foot pursuits that always lead to physical scuffles, and countless other things to keep the city safe, all it takes is one mistake caught on camera and every sacrifice they’ve made up to that point goes out the window. Nine times out of ten, that officer never received so much as a pat on the back for those sacrifices before the community protested for him or her to be sent to prison. People get angry at police for doing things like racial profiling. But officers don’t get killed in suburbs, no matter the race. As an example, take a look at the Vietnam War. South Vietnam were allies and North Vietnam were enemies, but people from north and south looked alike. Because of this, soldiers were ambushed by enemies they thought were friends, and killed friends they thought were enemies. Casualties of war. Those soldiers who murdered friends weren’t monsters, they were doing what they felt they had to do to protect themselves and their country to get home safely. If an officer is in an environment known for a crime, and a certain race of people who dress a certain way inhabit this area, then naturally when they see someone of that race dressed that way, it’s easy to connect the dots. Even if that person is a Straight-A student in college. When crimes are committed, by people who look and dress that way, so heinous they haunt an officer’s dream or the wails of a grieving mother follow them like a shadow, it’s hard not to pre-judge. The stress is something you have to experience to understand. Racial profiling is an officer trying to prevent crimes like that from happening again. The stress of being an officer of the law is not for everybody. Yet, all you have to do is have a clean background and a few months at the academy to become one. Don’t get it twisted, some officers are terrible and racially profile for racist reasons. But those officers don’t represent the overwhelming majority who actually try to make a difference. Officers like Positively ************. As a vet of the ESTL police force, he’s experienced the honors and seen the horrors of being an officer of the law. He makes it his business to extend a helping hand to those in need, instead of looking for people to lock up. He knows that one good deed can stop ten tragedies. Because, at the end of the day, most of the time it’s people in desperate need of help who’ve fallen on hard times that commit crimes.

Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

June 5 2021


Yo-Yo-Yo wud-up Bee? Check it son…I got this new experience I wanna run by you…I arrive to prison for a crime I’m innocent and there’s a target on my back without me even knowing, little did I know the murder victim’s family worked in prison as correctional officers. So now imagine from day one I’m getting targeted and harassed and not understanding why. Little by little I begin to find out by word of mouth, since I’m a very charismatic person everybody likes me, so I got both correctional officers and prisoners letting me know, “Like yo son, watch yo back” and stuff…you know…plus high prison officials telling me straight up what it is. Like I’m constantly been set-up to be made look like a stool pigeon (confidential informant) by Internal Affairs falsely fabricating documents to make me look like a snitch. Set-up by correctional officers who were using inmates to pass bogus rumors designed to make me look like a rat, correctional officers bribing inmates to gossip about it…I had to beat a lot of ass to set the record straight. I realized what it was when I met the cousin of the murder victim working as a correctional officer at Stateville Correctional Center in the year 2004 and he approached me making indirect threats, it made sense why I’d been nearly shot twice while there at Stateville by officers working the prison gun tower. But nothing broke me, it all made me wise and stronger. I have fans everywhere who know my story and know I’m innocent, besides I have an outstanding reputation. Now I’m unstoppable as I’m on my way to beat this case in court, I’m too confident, powerful and large yo…yo, son I won that Bee!

Song Dedication: “Quiet Storm” – Mobb Deep



Jesus Rios-Barrera

June 3 2021

I reached out in hopes to find the emotional, spiritual, and moral support needed to shed some light on this dark place in my life. I have many questions about life, especially what we, the world, is going through. There are many things that I don't quite understand or find purpose to, but I am an open minded person hungry for knowledge

Drawing helps me escape from this place. I've become a great artist, drawing just about anything. I use it to unwind as a stress reliever, a therapy. Most people draw for money. I do it for the beauty of art. I wish to get better and copyright my own logo. He created me, I am his art.

I look forward to correspond about life success, struggles, and everyday life. I will always write back.


Joshua Higgins

June 3 2021

I am seeking legal help for my case. If you have any legal resources or information that may help, it is much appreciated!

Thank you!