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Jason Miears #01729946 - Primary Picture By Jason Miears January 15 2020

Jason Miears

Thanksgiving is here and I just want to write I am so thankful for my Mom and best friend, Sharise.   Their love is never ending and I am so happy I have them in my life.

Since I last wrote I had another big appeal win.  A murder case I have been working on for 8 years got granted a certificate of appealability on a brief I did in the 5th  Circuit Federal Appellate Court.   The court also in a rare move granted him an attorney.   With that order some high dollar attorneys from Washington, DC took his case up.   I am eager to see how his appeal turns out.

Ever since I entered prison I have always been an advocate that people deserve effective assistance of counsel.   Our courts are so screwed up in the plea-bargain system it isn’t even funny.   I can remember when I was 10 years old and went to a comic bookstore to return a comic book I never stole and apologized to the manager.   I did that all to appease my Dad and his anger strikes.   Why did I admit to something I never did still bothers me today.   Each time I think about it I tell myself I wish I had an effective criminal defense lawyer stand up for me.   Knowing how people can get caught up with injustice, I try to help the people in here who have fallen into the cracks.

Jason Miears


LeVar Aikens #532829 - Primary Picture By LeVar Aikens January 13 2020

LeVar Aikens #532829

#Speak UP

Why are we so divided? I’m Black so of course I know #BlackLivesMatter. But so do all lives. I’m a man so I love women and support the #MeToo movement. Whether it’s Hispanics, teachers, prisoners, people living with disorders, those with disabilities, veterans, people struggling with suicidal thoughts, abuse or addiction – I could go on and on about those of us that have our voices and the injustices we face silenced. For all the different groups crying out for justice, we all have one thing in common: We are all treated inhumanely, because we are all denied our right of EQUALITY. We are all treated less than. The powers that be and media run stories to stop progress and incite judgment and separation between us. They do it because they see a revolution of the people and for the people forming.

But we will only get so far separately. So, why not unite all the movements? There is no difference – our pain is the same, our injustice is EQUAL. A social injustice done to you, is one done to me. We cannot afford to stand by silently when it comes to issues that threaten the very fabric of our humanity. Doing nothing is no longer an option. Let’s take a stand together. If you see an injustice done to someone else, or one is done to you, #SPEAK UP. Tweet, text, email, talk. Don’t wait. #SPEAK UP Now! #SPEAK UP for Her. #SPEAK UP for Him. #SPEAK UP for You. #SPEAK UP for Me. #SPEAK UP for Us. We are people and WE are in a fight for equal rights and equal justice. So let’s fight together and keep fighting until we all receive justice, For US.

We cannot remake society without remaking ourselves.


LeVar Aikens

~Founder of the #Speak Up Movement


Derrick Morgan #01390086Primary Picture By Derrick Morgan January 7 2020

Derrick Morgan

The truth is pure, solid and powerful enough to expose lies, selfish desires, deceptions and manipulations.  Therefore, honesty is mandatory.  Never rejecting reality I instead look to meet mental, secure, open minded, mature adults that understand me going back to court and getting released is the most important quest in my life.

So obtaining legal assistance is the necessary route needed.  As a victim of mass incarceration in America due to being wrongfully convicted is humiliating, embarrassing, and unconstitutional, but strengthening me both mentally and physically.

As I prepare for society my favorite irresistible characteristic trait in a woman is how possible our chemistry could last infinite based on our communication and the attention and time shared.

If you are special and unique and want to appreciate coinciding with a respectful man, please boldly come to me and demand your presence and purpose in our lives.  Making the right choices are better than sacrifices so leaving the past, getting over it eventually ends anyway. 

Furthermore, I have a real good family that taught me no matter what they take from me, I will always have my mentality.  Being incarcerated 14 years I am still conscience and conscious of one Creator.  However, I will bounce back and return to society maintaining positive realities enjoying life and staying young.  How I’ve persevered is my testimony. 

Please write either a letter or on   Also, you have to specifically write your address combined inside of your letter because Jpay doesn’t give us return addresses. 



By Jordan Calliham January 6 2020

Jordan Calliham #138132

We have all been through enough hardships to obtain a larger sense of purpose from the empirical experiences; those difficulties that have been encountered over the years are what have molded us into what we are.

Each seed that you have planted in your virtuous garden throughout the years is what your character has now grown into. Acknowledge that which is there for you, creating and manipulating the fibers of life around you – for you, giving you every opportunity to strengthen your character for nobility’s sake. That growth in acknowledgement is what should accumulate through each endeavor.

All the energies in life reveal themselves to you if you just look. Open your eyes, mind and heart, all those energies will produce all that you may desire, but you have to put for the effort.




By Bryan Barrera January 1 2020

Everything Happens For A Reason

Before I was incarcerated, I may have seen the storms and the dark grey clouds.

But now, I only see the rainbows after the storm. God works in mysterious ways and it is not up to me to question his reasoning, only to learn His lessons along the way.

By Tory Gray December 31 2019

Tory Gray

Hello Friends,

This is Tory.  I just wanted you to know I'm thankful that my ad has gotten some of your attention, 'cause you've given me life again.   A second chance just to smile, uplift and grow mentally and emotionally.  Knowing that this world isn't as cruel and unforgiving as I’ve felt. 

With seeing your smile and reading your letters has lifted a big burden off me and given me an outlook to explore things I have dreaded my whole life.  Like to love and be loved, even though they have labeled me an animal.  I appreciate that beauty could look past my bad and still fine good inside the beast.

Now that I've found new friends, the hardest part is keeping them, which is somewhat scary because that has been something that I suffer from since a child.  People walking in and out of my life, which keeps me on an emotional rollercoaster but today I face my fears with the confidence that if our lives should part, I will always hold each and everyone of you close to my heart and if there’s ever a time that you need a friend, know that I'm always here.  A friend – Tory.

P.S.  Soon I will have the privilege to use the Phone for the first time in 2 years and if you are interested in hearing my voice, you must register your phone or cell Phone at or call 866-806-7804.  6 cents a minute, prepaid or postpaid.  If there is anyone interested in hearing from me please send your phone number 'cause I would love to hear from you.  I know I might be pushing it but I also have 8 openings on my Visitation form where I can place new people on my visiting list.  If you would like to come,

 send me your name, address, age and birthday. 

Again, thanks a friend.


By Kenneth Key December 28 2019

Kenneth Key #A70562

Remember those in prison as if
You were their fellow prisoner,
And those who are mistreated
As if you yourselves were
Suffering. Hebrew 13:03

When does forgiveness begin?
When does forgiveness begin?

“People afflicted with leprosy were segregated from society; exiled for life to leper colonies. Those type of leper colonies are mostly a thing of the past. A new type of leper colony has taken their place. The leper colonies are prisons which have sprung up like Starbucks”. Joseph Dale.
I ask myself, how do we as human beings claiming various faith, continue day after day, year after year, to judge, expect and think appositionally against those who have fallen, who truly seek Redemption, Reconciliation and Forgiveness from their victim(s), community and humanity. I’m baffled by those who fill the various places of worship whose tenets are “Love Thy Neighbor”. Do you hate us so much that you won’t forgive me/us? Is it wrong to look for someone who can provide a glimmer of hope that can prove us wrong, that there’s still people with forgiving, nonjudgmental hearts, who haven’t icily taken on attributes of those incarcerated. What will it take for us who have been deemed lepers to be restored? For I among the many would love for the “Healing” to begin. To forgive is to allow those seeds to grow. To all victims, survivors of unspeakable crimes, may you one day forgive out of a need to heal yourself. Forgiveness is a choice I pray starts today.



Timothy Booker Jr. #1166169Primary Picture By Timothy Booker Jr. December 27 2019

Timothy Booker Jr.

They say your thoughts manifest themselves and man is made or unmade by himself. In the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he builds to himself heavenly mansions of joy and peace. I often hear those words in my head over and over and wonder what type of thoughts were running through this big head of mine to end up with a 25 year and 6 month long bid. At times I felt as tho I destroyed myself but remained ten toes down with my head always high. It took a lot of growth to see that I can elevate by changing my thoughts and with those same tools I learn to destroy and rebuild knowing that I can still win!

By Timothy Weys December 21 2019

Timothy Weys

Obsidian’s systems were becoming more anymore corrupted; in short-they were filing. The Voyn class mech’s AI couldn’t resolve the anomaly (or miracle, according to biologies) of how the triumvirate still functioned.

Which was why Zombies, (AI’s)-were regulated to rudimentary/remedial tasks.

“Why’re we drawin’ so much damn heat!?”  vented Boaz, Eld’s “co-pilot”-of sorts-.  He was a Dybbuk, (or the preferred mount’s term-rider) his consciousness was anchored to an Egress and through quantum entanglement; was able to co-pilot.

Most dismissed Dybbuks as construct, (another variation of Zombie); an egregious error. Obsidian knew better. Boaz-either by hook or crook-was choosing to await reintegration (fusing a consciousness with a clone).

“They’re attracted to users.” Obsidian answered with distaste. Neophyte Tenebrous was tapping Syphorsne’s source-Demesne. The mech was sure its pilot didn’t even now. “Eld’s been delving deeper, drawing more of the power’s source than ever; to keep us going.

Flying through the ‘Void they found solace in all the detritus, taking a brief respite i the part of a husk from a Dreadcarrier. “How dos ou know?” voiced Eld. “It could be your Mi’raj drive.”

“Not could-is, as in-also.” clarified Obsidian. “Now, you might have the misconception that I’m just ‘a stupid machine’-but, I’m sentient/sapient like you.”  Obsidian let that sink in. “Remember-you’re second generation Varuna, a legacy. Your father before you who created and polite me could delve…Also; your mother.”

Hope you enjoyed. 

Happy Holidays and a great 2020!

Henry Wainwright #91151-004 - Primary Picture By Henry Wainwright December 21 2019

Henry Wainwright

To Write A Book

I’ve decided to write a book. Though I don’t want to write a plain novel, rather, something more meaningful. spiritual, and/or, non-fiction. Unfortunately, my experiences and knowledge tend to dwell in the criminal atmosphere.  With many hours of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that the evolution of progress in our social norms is a topic not much discussed.

For instance; single parent households, L.G.B.T. rights, feminism, interracial marriages, economic migrations, etc., but these are things I know nothing about or very little. I do know a little something about love trauma, joy, grief, mercy, eroticism, anguish, empathy, grace, compassion, and a host of other emotions I know not of which.

These emotions are an intricate part of our society’s natural evolution of progress.  One could say, the actual catalyst or commencement of this progress. I do believe the prison life I live is a microcosm of societies around the world.  It’s just a matter of timing, a developing community versus a non-developing community.

I cannot write about my convictions, but the characters and case descriptions can be verified by public information systems. I am someone who has been strapped into Florida’s electric chair, and never had a death sentence. That particular story is revealed through my fictions character, “Lenny”…coming soon.