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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Tyhir Dennis

November 11 2020

Our wounds are the place where the light enters us.   The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found a way out of the depths.   Us human beings have an appreciation, an insensitivity and an understanding of life that fills us with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.   Us beautiful people do not just happen!   

Sometimes we must undergo hardships, breakups, and narcissistic wounds, which shatter the flattering image that we had of ourselves in order to discover two truths.    That we are not who we thought we were, and that the loss of a cherished pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true happiness and well-being.   Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls, the most massive characters are seared with scars.   Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart.  

Suffering has been stronger than all other teachings and has taught me to understand what your part used to be.   I have been bent and broken, but I hope into a better person out of my vulnerabilities will come my strength!   The only way out of the labyrinth suffering is to forgive.   There is an ancient tribal proverb I once heard of in India and it says that before we can see properly we must first shed our tears to clear the way.    Sometimes it takes great suffering to pierce the soul and open it up to greatness follow me.

Roderick Garnett #1468923

November 8 2020

Just Another Love Story

Some of my many most lonely nights come from when I’m just layin’ in my bed thinkin’ about what life could have been like if I had just chosen a different path…I get to thinkin’ about all the many layers to my strength that got me to where I am and made me who I am…then I silently drop a tear because I stayed loyal to something that was never loyal back…I gave the streets all there was to give and never once thought about a fine print! SMH! Unconditional right?

But then I smile when I think about that perfect vision of my dream woman…the woman I can hold hands with and walk the boardwalk with while reading one another’s love language the right way…my breath of fresh air!! When I feel lonely I just motivate myself to become the perfect man for the perfect woman…the one I can look in her eyes and just forget that anything else existed…When I think about her I think about being weak and vulnerable for her while remaining strong and manly at the same time…that’s how I make it through my darkest prison days…thinking about the one special person…so then I start askin’ myself where do I look? Do I just wait? And most importantly, how do I build that relationship that’s built to last and remain stronger than these prison walls…A prince is never complete without his princess.




Free Nevada: Make A.B. 236 Retroactive!

November 8 2020

NEVADA INMATE BRYAN HARRISON FIGHTS TO FREE 5000 NONVIOLENT OFFENDERS!!! Please sign and share his petition urging the state of Nevada to “MAKE AB 236 Retroactive” which would result in the resentencing of almost all non-violent inmates within the NDOC! Nevada is one of many states that continuously fails to apply retroactivity to progressive policy changes within its criminal justice system keeping over sentenced non-violent offenders incarcerated under lengthy sentences.
Just a few clicks from you can help end mass incarceration in Nevada. Together we can all make a difference. Thank you and God Bless.

Vernon Warfield #01844096

November 7 2020

"A Coverless Book"


How do you write an intro without coming off as needy?
How do you appear intriguing without coming right out and saying what it is you are searching for?
How do you say you are looking for loyal, trusting friends?
Yet, still get your point across, that as a straight male, I do seek a female to call my queen.
Not saying I am opposed to getting to know those of you who are just looking for a friend. I am more than happy to be your friend.
I just think it is good to set boundaries. I believe you must be friends in order for a relationship to work.
But how do I get your attention?
With no photo, I feel like a coverless book, continually getting overlooked. Yet feeling as if I hold the secret to building a solid relationship, whether it be friendship or more. Yet never getting my chance.
I'm hopeful this blog will interest many to give a coverless book a chance. And this is no ploy. This is just a man, trying to invite many to stop overlooking coverless books. Who knows? You might just love what you find inside!
About myself: I am a positive (creative, free spirit), person who is open minded, easy to talk to, and laid back. Not always been that way. At one point I was a force of negativity.
Was born in Kansas City, MO, migrated to Texas. Now I reside in Ad Seg.

Crazy America

November 1 2020

This election year is causing the U.S. to divide. Corona virus, violence, police brutality, protests turned to riots. We need to come together as humans. We need to stick together as Americans.

I love every race, color, and creed. We are all beautiful people. Every precious life matters. Now, with all of this love I have for humanity, I don’t trust politicians. There’s an old joke, “How do you know a politician is lying? When their lips are moving!” Just think, when the presidential candidates are running for office, they have exuberant promises for the American people. Better education, more jobs, better healthcare, tax cuts, etc. especially for Black Americans, because in close political race the support of the African American community will tip the scale either way. When whoever is elected, all of the speeches for change are gone. This happens with Democrats and Republicans. By all means, go out and vote. Vote for who you believe will put the country together. Not divide. Vote for who you believe will make the economy better. Economic power will give us the independence we need to provide vital necessities we need in our communities. We can create the same opportunities in the inner city that there are in the suburbs. It’s an arduous endeavor, but not impossible! Without economic power, we, as a people, will be waiting on the broken promises of our government. No funding, less opportunity, and more poverty.

Edmund Davis #A534-440

October 31 2020

"Mr. Davis"

My name is Edmund Davis....I'm hoping to form a long friendship with a beautiful soul....that pushes out positive energy and knows who she is....or is searching to find that I'm 41 years of age and I've been blessed with good genes...

Good VIbes

October 30 2020

My mind set is on the future, my past is forgotten. 

I just want some good, loving, and caring people with good energy that's going fight with me on this path I'm on which is getting home. 

Hit me up.

A Letter To The Black Man

October 29 2020

A Letter To The Black man

Dear Black Man,

I empathize and relate to your plight in life because I, too, I am a Black man.   I've experienced the struggles of trying to thrive in an unbalanced system, the old struggles of misplaced loyalties, the struggles of growing up in a fatherless generation, and the overall struggle of being a Black man in America.   And in trying to escape those struggles, I made choices and decisions that set me on a path that led me to the place I’m at now: the penitentiary.

In 2009 I was arrested and charged in the murder of another Black man.   And in 2010 I was convicted and sentenced to 90 years; this is my first time in prison.   Now because I'm still fighting this conviction, I'm not at liberty to discuss my guilt or innocence.   But I can say this:  the whole incident in its entirety could have been avoided long before I made it to that nightclub.  I was 23 years old then….

I'm 34 years old now and after eleven years of sober minded reflection and seeing young brothers that look like you and I come in and out of this place.  I realize the Black man is in danger of becoming extinct.  And as much as I hate to admit it, it is mostly our doing.   Somewhere along the span of the last 60 years we've forgotten our self-worth and through negative influences and neglect of our true presence as fathers, mentors, and overall positive role models in our ghettos, we’re ushering our species onto the “endangered species” list.   That's on top of the systematic racism and social injustices that kill many of our brothers each year.   We’re assisting system in the slaughter of our own.   Knowing this, the question becomes:  Do you care?   Do you care if your sons, your nephews, your little brothers, or your little cousins, and their children are caught in, and fall victim to, the same vicious cycle???     I do and that is why you're reading this!

With that be said…..this is not some senseless Internet challenge!   This is one Black man’s plea, challenging the next Black man to the proper raising of a better generation of Black men!    Instead of teaching them how to hold a gun, teach them how to hold a conversation; instead of teaching them how to throw gang signs, teach them how to throw a baseball; instead of teaching them how to use a digital scale, teach them how to use a compass.    You feel me?    And start being mindful of those things you glorify!    That, Black man, is my challenge to you.   Together, as Kings, we can regain control of our kingdom but it starts with us!    I love you Black man and I'm rooting for you!


DeunJerelle L.A. Jackson  #1622473




Oscar Briceno

October 29 2020


I'm writing to let everyone know that I only have 7 months left to go on my prison sentence.   I know I haven't posted a blog or been active.   Really, I've been waiting for someone to write.

My discharge date is March 28th but I'll be released March 26th., 2021.  I'll be going back to Dallas, Texas till I can figure out what I'll be doing.   I'm still open to meet all kinds of people from all cultures and backgrounds.  

As I've mentioned before, I do have goals to go back and complete college.   If anyone knows of anyone who hires ex-felons, please send me information.   if you don't feel like writing, then you could register your phone at and send me your number.   I enjoy making homemade pop up cards, that's how I keep busy to pass my time.   I'll really be needing a job if anyone can help with that. 

Anyways, like I said, I only have 7 months left so I'm still wanting someone to write.  Maybe we can meet one day.    Till then, I'll be here waiting.

You can even download the Jpay app on your phone to write me.    Just make sure you send your address with the JPay letter so I can respond.


Oscar Briceno

Seeking Legal Help

October 28 2020


To Whom It May Concern:

I am in need of any assistance concerning fMRI technology (neuro-imaging, brain-based lie detection) and Iris Scanning (company: Senseye, which is basically able to “read” people’s minds by monitoring their eyes).  I am seeking assistance on using this technology as evidence to prove guilt or innocence in Texas’ Courts involving the insanity defense.  I am seeking legal representation to:  (1) file my state writ of habeas corpus (Article 11.073) to appeal my plea-bargain; and, (2) provide a defense team to represent me at another trial.
Does the Texas legal system allow the use of fMRI/Iris Scanning as evidence in a criminal case in the state of Texas?
My case dealt with the ‘insanity defense’ and the mental disease ‘schizophrenia’ – my state of mind at the time of the offense.  I raised the insanity defense at my trial back in January 2000 and was found guilty.  Six years later my case was overturned and I was issued a new trial.  In 2007, back on bench warrant, I plead ‘nolo contendere’ and signed for 35 years.  I took the life of my mother and her friend.
I was diagnosed with schizophrenia by numerous county jail/state psychiatrists who stated in their evaluations that I was insane – both medically and legally insane at the time of my offense.  The trial judge appointed his psychiatrist in 2007 (upon my bench warrant back for a new trial) and his doctor determined I was indeed schizophrenic, medically insane, but LEGALLY SANE.  With this evaluation I plea-bargained because my chance of appeal was/would be diminished with this expert’s testimony [Penal Code 2.04 – preponderance of evidence].
In the Texas Penal Code, sec. 19.03, Capitol Murder:  (a) a person commits an offense if the person commits murder as defined under Sec. 19.02(b)(1) and:
(7) the person murders more than one person:
    (a) during the same criminal transaction
    (b) a person commits an offense if he:
        (1) Intentionally or knowingly causes the death of an individual

In the Texas Penal code, Sec. 6.03: Culpability Generally.  Definitions of culpable mental states:
    (a) A person acts intentionally, or with intent, with respect to the nature of his conduct or to a respect of his conduct when it is his conscious objective or desire to engage in the conduct or cause the result.
    (b) A person acts knowingly, or with knowledge, with respect to the nature of his conduct when he is aware of the nature of his conduct or that the circumstances exist.  A person acts knowingly, or with knowledge, with respect to a result of his conduct when he is aware that his conduct is reasonably certain to cause the result.

There was no intent or “knowingly” in my case as outlined by Texas Penal Code, Sec. 19.03 Capitol Murder (a) and 19.02(b) (1) and (7)(A)(b)(1).

With the Texas Legislature in 2013 passing Senate Bill 344 and then the Texas Legislature in 2015 passing House Bill 3724, these technologies that are now able to discern truth or lie, would prove I was legally insane and should be found “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” due to the “preponderance of evidence”.

This new technology is what I need, along with the two bills put into action (S.B.344 and H.B.3724) to prove my defense!  Neither the technologies nor the Bills were around in either 2000 or 2007!  With the technology as evidence, the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney… all parties involved, would be able to ask questions of me regarding before, during and after my act to pinpoint my guilt/innocence as stated by Texas Penal Chapter 8, Sec.8.01 Insanity(a)(b):   
    (a) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution that, at the time of the conduct charged, the actor, as a result of severe mental disease or defect, did not know that his conduct was wrong.
    (b) The term ‘mental disease or defect’ does not include an abnormality manifested only by repeated criminal or otherwise antisocial conduct.

I was suffering from the ‘onset’ of schizophrenia at 21 years of age when this act took place.  My disease/mental illness has been medically diagnosed.  I have been (and continue to be) successfully treated for this disease once diagnosed but I have remained incarcerated since 1997.  I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when this tragedy transpired.  I had no prior history of this mental illness nor did/does any of my immediate family.  Everyone was thrown for a loop when this ordeal took place back in August 1997 and we are still fighting an uphill battle.

I just want the TRUTH to be told!  ANY and ALL assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time!  Peace be with you.

Kind Regards,
Cody DeWayne Mitten
#907137 Skyview Unit
379 FM 2972 W
Rusk, TX  78785-3666

Contact Info:
Me:  Cody Mitten/Texas/ #907137
Go to: (you will need to set up a Jpay account to send email.  Cost is minimal for email stamps.
 (Please include your address in the email so I can snail mail you back).