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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.


August 24 2020

Changes can either have a positive or a negative effect. Sometimes change is good and sometimes change is bad. For me, change has been positive because the changes in my life have given me a more positive mindset, they've changed the way I speak and act. It's teaching me to turn a negative into a positive. Prison is meant to be bad, but I'm using it for good. I'm taking advantage of the schooling, self help classes, spiritual awareness, and I'm really learning who I want to be as a person and changing who I was.

It is very possible to turn a negative situation into a positive one, it's all about the way you look at things.

My change has been good. How about your's?

Anthony Bell #02062222

August 23 2020

Greetings and respects. These times are hard and troubled, everchanging and unknown. Doubt and worry reign supreme and yet I still trudge on. My path is long and rough. At times my cloak is dusty and travelworn; my sandals wearing thin but still I move on. My quest you ask? Do I seek riches untold of diamonds and gold? Nay, oh hidden pleasures of the flesh; no doubt your dark desires are bursting at the seams? Nay again, never so basic or lowly as that. In my hands I cup softly an unlit candle; I know my chance is soon, for I am on a journey of discovery, a haven in an unlikely place, I seek for there I know I will find succor and warmth. Wine and bread are shared; and I light my candle from yours as we bask in the muted glow of new friendship. Our thoughts entwine and as iron sharpens iron our thoughts glow finer than the sharpest steel. For did not even the palace of Mecca start as a thought, before even the first stone was cast? Divided we face uncertainty and turmoil; but united the opportunities are limitless. For you are my counterweight; and together we are more balanced than the scales of liberty. I see you looked over your shoulder thinking, “Is he speaking to me?” Verily I tell you, that choice is yours my friend. I cannot be what I am not; nor would I try. But maybe, just maybe, I could b a friend, Because truly my friend the road is dark and weary. But that light you see down there at the end, that’s hope. Me, I hope. I smile softly and trudge onward hoping. Go in peace young god.


Tony G.



Listening to the Radio

August 22 2020

Laying here listening to the radio; Saturday night, Country Golds on 7 to 13. Songs like, “I was Country Before Country was Cool”, “Leave the Ole’ Country Boy Alone”, “The Gambler”, “These Boots were Made for Walkin’”.

You know each song reminds you of someone or some place you’ve been . Those special songs with great story lines, those people you’ll “never” forget…

The way I’d snatch up my girl when a good song would come on the radio, trying to snuggle and slow dance with her, yet she’d be too shy or embarrassed to express herself. Yeah, I love to dance, especially slow dancing, just moving and grooving in that way. Only music can get you to release those motions.

I miss my harmonicas, even my itty bitty most cherished possession, a gift by the only one it ever mattered to if I played music at all. My only critic, the only person I had to impress.

Surely I can’t be the only one who things as I do. Am I crazy? I may be but not in that way, but a good way. I don’t have a TV to watch, an internet to play on, or a Facebook to keep me in touch with everyone. I’m stuck in a prison cell 22 ½ hours a day, no fresh air, no view of the outside world, no phone in my cell to reach out, no one to care about me amore. All I have are memories of days gone by.

Write to tell me about how you’re doing in the free world lockdown. I’m sitting here drawing portrait lost in my own type of free world, combining different faces on pictures into one big picture. Kind of like doing a puzzle with a whole lot more difficulty. Just singing to myself, passing the night away. Thinking of days gone by.


August 21 2020

Hello friends,

I just wanted to update my profile. I'm in for the halfway house in the Denver metro area. I see parole again in January. I'm taking a few therapeutic community classes here at my facility, so things are looking positive in that aspect. I could really use a friend right now. Thank you friends and can't wait to hear from you.

A Day in the Life

August 21 2020

Life by the Numbers, Written on Day 266, December 18, 2016 For the first couple months here at Western Virginia Regional Jail, I would wake up every morning feeling more and more dead inside. Thinking about my new reality was like a weight on my shoulders and that weight was crushing me. The pain was crippling and I spent my time counting the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days until I’ll be able to see my girlfriend, my family, trying to tell myself that this was just some horrific nightmare and everything will work out, I’ll be able to go home soon. That’s what I fantasized about. 
Numbers swirl around in my head; I’m living in 1 big room with 2 rows of 12 bunks. There are 48 people in this 1 room. There are 8 tables with 6 chairs each. There are 3 phones and 1 TV.  We never leave this 1 room where a steel grate separates us from the bathroom that has 5 toilets and 4 showers.  Here I stay every single day, thinking, thinking, thinking – I am undoubtedly the most stupid man alive. I gave up a life most people would give anything to have – a great job, a beautiful fiancé, a terrific place to live - for WHAT? My mind is spinning as the numbers keep whirling around in my head.
Every day, whether I sleep or lay awake - read or watch TV - the same 24 hours pass.  No matter how I try to wish away the hours, there are still 24 of them, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds each and every day.  More numbers swirling around in my head.  Thinking about how long it will be before I am released is so stressful and sometimes I feel like I just can’t spend 1 more day here. But then I do, and then another, and then another, until pretty soon I began to put the numbers into a pattern that I could live with. But the numbers still haunt me. I started to count the number of times I failed, 1 relapse, 2 relapses, 3 relapses…1 failed relationship, 2 failed relationships, 3 failed relationships…2 engagements, both called off 30 days before the wedding…3 loves, real loves, lost because I am an addict… STOP!  STOP IT BEFORE YOU GO INSANE! So much pain, all the time.
Has my life been a waste? What do I have to show for my 40 years. More numbers…I never in 10,000 years thought I would end up here, never in 1,000,000 years thought I would lose everything in a heartbeat. For someone as smart as I thought I was, I was pretty effing stupid. It is possible that I may be looking at spending the next 20 years, that’s 240 months, or 7300 days alone in prison somewhere. At 40 years old, I realize that life as I knew it is 100% over. I spend all my time dwelling on that; 24/7 dwelling on that.

Appreciation to Pen Pals

August 18 2020


Hello to my all my Write A Prisoner friends.  Today I decided to place a blog expressing my appreciation to all you great and thoughtful people on this site who give your time and effort to us serving time in prison.  I can't stress enough how much difference you guys make to us prisoners.   

Prison can be such a rough and stressful place and being a prisoner you can feel that the world is against you, but there are so many amazing pen pals who help us get through this hard prison life.   I've been able to meet some caring and solid people who have given me some positive feedback, so I would like all you amazing people who invest time and energy and being friends - to keep up the good work.  

So much bad stuff going on in this world right now with COVID-19 and social injustice, so you pen pals are doing amazing work changing the lives of us prisoners.  A lot of us are going to one day get out and be productive citizens and you guys have a lot to do with that, so please keep up the good work and please be patient…..we just need a chance and a friend.


Alexander Richards

August 17 2020

The Nomadic Spirit Within Us

Are any of us truly free?   Does life sometimes feel like one big prison with it’s restrictions and rules?     Don't you sometimes feel like getting rid of all that you own, and live life on faith alone?   This is my ambition.

Wow - imagine walking away from all the material things and let faith lead the way, what a journey that would be?    Of course there will be some fear involved with the unknown, we can't let fear overshadow the dreams we have in our soul.

I believe there is plenty of good in all bad situations.   So one thing that being behind these walls has taught me, is that freedom cannot be taken for granted.   For that reason, when my time is done, I want to be true to myself and live out my dreams of giving back.    The dreams of living a nomadic lifestyle while doing humanitarian service work.  This might sound foolish, but it's more foolish not to live out our dreams.

As I walk my new path, I plan to photograph my journey, the beauty and the hurt in this world.  I want to share with those who are still living up under the restrictions and rules of life.  I want to inspire others to step out in faith and help however they can.

Good or bad, my mind wonders what your thoughts are about my future plans?   I'm ready to hear about your dreams and opinions.

Michael Washington #01605952

August 15 2020

90’s Music

As a prisoner, there’s probably more meaningful things to blog about but I’m aiming to keep it lite and blog about something I love and that’s music. And I can’t find a better era of music than the 90’s. From Hip Hop to Rock and Country, some of the most remarkable and influential songs came out of the 90’s. Also some of the biggest names and talents such as 2Pac, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson, Sheryl Crow, Lauryn Hill, Garth Brooks. So no matter what type of music you’re into, the 90’s was the best. Me, personally, I’m a huge fan of 90’s Rap and R&B. I’m into Pop but some of the best music I ever heard was 90’s Rap and R&B. Check out some of these artists and groups: Escape, S.W.V., Envogue, Case, Jodeci, Joe, Monica, Brandy, 7OZ, MOBBDEEP, Wutang, Ghetto Boys and I’m sure everybody is familiar with the bigger names from the era such as 2Pac, Snoop, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill. Some of my favorite songs from that decade are Lost One’s by Lauryn Hill, Flava In Ya Ear (Remix), Drag em Thru Da River by UNLV and anything by Escape and S.W.V. So regardless of what genre of music. ALL 90’s ALL DAY!!

Jason Flannery

August 12 2020

Hello everyone out there!

I just wanted to invite people to write and share their opinions on what is going on in our country.

I know I for one never dreamed I'd see a time come when saying all lives matter could be seen as a bad thing.   Unfortunately though, that time has come.

The things I see on television are simply unbelievable to me.  I'm not sure how, when, or if, it is ever gonna get better.   One thing is for sure, a lot of things need to change on both sides.

Anyone out there please feel free to write me at the address given or hit me up on   You can buy stamps to send emails on there.  all you need is my name and prison # which is A442-298.

Well, I will go for now.     Hopefully I will hear from you soon.


Jason Flannery

Willie Cash #857088

August 9 2020

Looking for friends, someone I can kick it with who knows what they want. 

I'm trying to build and win! Time is priceless, I need all good vibes. I'm 6"4 250lbs, I love working out, dogs, cars, bikes, plants, the water and pretty feet lol. I love to have fun and go out! I need something different, a game changer, I don't lie. Trust means everything to me. 

If you write me a letter put your address in the letter or add me on JPay it will be easier.