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January 2 2022

Hello reader,

In all good vibes, my name is Jerrod from Chicago. I’m trying to catch a decent vibe with you. I know you see that I’ve been gone for 10 years for murder, so time’s are lonely for me now. On a positive note, my case is being appealed at the highest level the fight must go on.

About me, I joined this with no motive to lie to you or receive anything from you. My only gain that I’m looking for is someone to talk to in these very dark times. People come into our life for a season or a reason. I would like the chance to offer my kindness to you despite my situation.

I value honesty and respect. I’m open to conversation about whatever you might want to talk about. I’m very much in tune with myself and I read self-help books to get a better look at things. I go hard with the work outs to keep my shape. I keep a low, clean haircut. I have a good grade of hair with thick waves. Trying to live the best way until my moment comes. With good vibes I’m going to end this. I need a genuine, beautiful ladies touch in my life. So hit me up at

Matthew Kelly #Y25246

December 29 2021


Now I understand when they say there’s plenty fishes in the sea because I looked into the clear blue water of the ocean and I saw the most beautiful fishes, but there was only one fish that stood out than all and she’s the definition of true beauty. As soon as I laid my eyes on her, she stopped swimming instantly! She gazed looking my way and I stared back with loss of words. I was stunned but afraid because I thought if I said any word dealing with love, she will swim away from me. She slowly stepped out of the clear blue water with a sudden smile, I froze because I didn’t want to move the wrong way for her to lead the other way. She walked and came close to my face and before I said a word, she placed her finger over my lips with a shush…

Then her eyes stared deeply into mine as if she’s reading my mind. All you can hear is the birds singing and the water sounds against the shore. I stared back with silence and uncertainty thinking she won’t accept me for me. She finally spoke to me and said I’ve been waiting for you. I’m thinking how in the world has she been waiting for me, but then I realized that I came searching. She then asked me, do you have a lonely heart? I didn’t know how to respond to that question right because it’s so true of her to say. So I tried speaking and she again covered my lips with her index finger over my mouth. She asked me another question, “Are you looking for true love?” I was speechless with a question I knew and it’s the truth once again of how I feel about love so I tried to reply with an answer but the moment I opened my mouth she again covered my mouth with her entire hand, then she smiled at me and I smiled back with so much confusion because I just don’t understand why she won’t let me speak just one time.

She again asked me her final question…”Do you believe in love at first sight?” She slowly slid her hand down away from my mouth for me to speak for the first time. I thought to myself before speaking how in the world can I fall in love so fast with a woman I just me, so doubts began to worry about the kind of love I have in store…She said go ahead and speak to me with your answer, I promise you that I will listen. So then I spoke up with confidence in my voice and in my heart and she’s looking desperately into my eyes waiting for that right answer. I said, I love your beauty, I love the way you approached me, I love your patience, and I love the fact you’ve given me this chance to speak to you eye to eye and your smile gives me the glow I need for us to shine. ‘

She quickly stopped me from speaking and she said I’m the woman you prayed for, I am the woman that wants the exact same thing your heart desires and what your heart desires is a chance at love again. There is no reason for you to search anymore and I stopped her from speaking, placing my finger over her lips. I’ve been looking for you my lady love and I already knew in my heart you are the woman of my dreams and I believe one day I won’t be afraid to speak to you without any more doubts saying I love you. Yes I came for what I prayed for and there’s no need for me to search anymore in the sea, so please trust me when I say I am the man you need and the man you want, so take my hand so we can finally step away from the water because I’ve been waiting all my life for this day to happen and I don’t want to lose someone like you that is very special from them all.

Can you please tell me your name? She stood with silence and she reached her hand out to mine and I grabbed her hand as we both stepped away from the water as the sun began to set. As we walked I turned her way and I said, you still haven’t told me your name. I again spoke and I said my name is…She placed her finger again over my lips and she said, I know who you are Matthew. I was so shocked that she knew my name and she then said, you already should know my name but since I have to remind you…my name is…

The alarm clock buzzed and I woke up alone in the bed, I began to panic because I saw the woman in my dreams who was chosen to be mine. I covered my face with my arm because the sunrise was beaming through my window. I got up to close my shutters and I sat back down on the edge of my bed, I grabbed my remote control and I turned on my TV. I started to scan the channels and I stopped flipping immediately because I saw the woman that looks similar to the woman of my dreams and she’s on the news as a reporter, then she smiled and she has the same smile I saw in my dreams. She then said back to you and the news anchor replied, thank you Destiny. I turned my TV off quickly as possible. I laid back into my bed, smiling, looking up to the ceiling saying to myself…I guess it is my Destiny to see her again.



Adrian D Williams #191447

December 29 2021

She Ended Up becoming More Than Just a Pen-Pal

I have two situations that I feel I must write about and post on here. They’re bursting out of me in every imaginable way. I need an outlet for relief, some help, some healing, and some advice; so please bear with me.

Most recently, within this last year, I met this madly incredible woman off In fact, she’s the type of person that a man would never actually go out-there to look for because it feels like these sort of women don’t really exist in life; but I was wrong. Do you know how it is when you make and exact wish list of all the things you want in a person – no matter how crazy you know they are, you still list them anyway? But then – as if through some freakish set of circumstances – you actually end up receiving what’s exactly on that list, plus more; and then you become paralyzed, stunned and then not know what to do next. Well, this is what happened to me:

One morning in January, I got a letter in my mailbox with the logo on the envelope. When I opened the letter the first thing to snatch my attention was her photo; and before I even read her letter and introduction, I began to think that she was Catfishing me. She was stunning in that photo, so much so, that it was hard for me to collect myself so that I could read her introduction. Eventually, I got to it, I read it, and then went back to staring at the incredible woman in the photo. She was truly beautiful. Not Hoochy mama beautiful, but real life beautiful, regal beauty, the stuff that Queens and princesses are made of. Something that goes beyond model beauty. In fact, she was the sort of beauty that I really don’t have the words to describe well, so as you can imagine – I immediately got suspicious and paranoid, after all I am a prisoner and have seen some really crazy things in here and I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with another Catfishing incident, so I did the most logical thing that I knew to do, I threw her letter to the side and I ignored her for over a month. The stupidness of a man, right! During that time, I truly thought that she just couldn’t be a real person and if she was, then it had to be another person using her image to contact me. Seriously, I truly thought I had a Catfish on my hands again.

Over a month went by before I finally built up the courage to write her back. So on the day I had to leave the prison for a scheduled medical issue, I sat down and wrote her. But then another month went by before I was transferred back to my original facility due to my hospital leave. So when I got back, there was a big letter, literally laying on my pillow in my cell. I couldn’t make this type of stuff up, even if I wanted to.  The envelope was full with a dozen photos and a handwritten letter that I still have right now. What happened next was life altering, the flood gates were now opened.

Three full months went by before we spoke on the phone for the first time, but when we finally spoke to each other we hit it off almost immediately. The first month we spoke I literally called her 20 times a day – no exaggeration. I was immediately intoxicated by her.  I just couldn’t believe her Personality, her Openness, her Drive, her Kindness, Sincerity, Patience, Understanding, her Education and Humor, and her Business and Hustle mind frame and most importantly, she loved dogs.

I could vividly recall the night that I finally realized that she fit everything I wanted in someone. This realization hit me so hard, that I began to self-sabotage, I pushed her away, I stopped calling her, for an entire month the first time and then as if that wasn’t already enough to run a person off for good – When I finally did call I would begin to maliciously question everything about her, and pull information and secrets out of her, I was learning secrets that I’m sure some of her lifelong friends never even knew about. I began to pick her apart, I wanted to find the flaws in this woman, I weaponized my legal education against her, I wanted an explanation why. Why would a woman, so perfect, so beautiful, so smart and incredible be on this website willing to write a – not very attractive, limitedly educated, incarcerated, criminal like me, Why?

I couldn’t see what she saw in me, but no matter what bad I did, or was, she wouldn’t go away. Believe me I tried. She was sticking with me; and I didn’t know how to accept this. It’s like she saw some sort of value in me and through all the pain I put her through, she still saw a value in me that I couldn’t even see in myself, not even ‘til this very day.

There’s a theory, that says that, “A person’s character is their true currency, their true wealth and value in life” (Aristotle). If this is so, then that means that this woman is a millionaire. I promise you, that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find many flaws in her. So, of course she was a real person, living her own life in a real way, and she was doing her own thing in many areas that didn’t involve me, but, this incredible person was allowing me to come along for the ride. She told me nearly everything. I had an exclusive backstage pass to this beautiful concert, the best show on earth. I was intoxicated by this person, she became my drug and I began to feel like I became her poison.

I know what you readers may be thinking by this point, that I may just be lonely, or just a guy in prison who’s fallen in love with the first thing that’s come along, or that I only feel like this because I am in prison with few options, and that if I were in society she wouldn’t be anything to me. I evaluated and analyzed all of these options and scenarios because I even began thinking the same things about my situation but then I remembered that I haven’t been isolated or lonely in prison and that I have had a lot of female friends since I’ve been here over the years, and a few that I disconnected from directly after meeting her, because none of those others made me feel the way that she did. I finally had a taste of happiness.

Our connection seemed like something “other than” worldly. Our lives seemed spiritually intertwined, like we were eventually meant to meet. There are so many similarities n our lives with such things as our Father’s and Mother’s names, our pet’s names, favorite foods and movies, life’s wants and desires and our wits matched. She was perfect because where I am impatient, she had patience and she compliments me in all my weak spots.

However, what’s Human Nature’s first instinct to do when we have all of our desires met? We usually will ruin it, and that’s exactly what I did.

The great Philosopher, Aristotle (382-322 bce) stated that, “One of the most important social relationships to us cultivate virtue and excellence, and is what he calls “Philosophical Friendships”. That is a friendship to where the people around us can help “US” become a better person and vice-versa.

Well, I began to notice that I wasn’t helping her to become a better person, anymore than what she already was. Just the opposite, I saw how toxic I was becoming to her. How she had everything to offer me, but I had nothing for her in return. I even questioned if my conversation was good enough at this point, other than just mediocre. I gave it a serious amount of thought, and the best that I could come up with was to walk away from her to go and work on myself, my cognitive thinking and behavioral skills, my self sabotaging, my emotions and low self-worth. And ii am working on myself daily.

If feel that if a person truly loves someone then they’ll do EVERY-SINGLE-THING in their power to ensure that person is happy, even if that means they have to suffer and to sacrifice their own happiness to ensure the other remains happy.

IF it’s true that the people around become who you are, then I truly do become that incredible, sweet and loving person of whom she is.

I DID NOT join looking for this. I only thought I would find a bundle of pen-pals to talk about their life, their pets, their clothes and careers. I joined looking for everything but what I actually found. Once I fell for her, I didn’t know how to treat her. She’s still there in the picture and willing to accept me into her life, but where do I go from here? Please help me with some advice.





Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

December 28 2021


I would like to thank all you confident women for following and contacting me, all of you ladies that enjoy this high level of gangster stimulation. Most of you that reach out to me through here ( choose me because of my gangsterism and because I have no filter and say what’s real and on my mind…but also because you ladies acknowledge that I’m more than just this hardcore rough-neck sex freak, but also a sweet gentleman that’s conscious about romance…I realized that all of you ladies that reach out to me is because you are gangstas at heart too and need a tough man like me to satisfy you on that level of energy that needs to be balanced and fulfilled...It’s all a mental-stimulation but is also spiritual that will cause your fire to ignite because it’s a real existing force that allows us to have a psychological connection and chemistry through phone. It’s all a mental side we use to fantasize which we often try to shut off, but becomes real at night when we lay there in bed picturing and imagining being with that special person (our Soul Mate)…Pleasing you in every level and degree (mental, emotional and spiritual)…It’s a real psychological relationship we create with each other by imagining how it would be like being with me on every level…When you realize it’s more than sexual but you can see me singing you love songs like movie star Nicholas Cage in the movie “Wild At Heart” sings to his woman…It’s all about this energy we share and our beliefs together that creates this connection…it is our minds, our hearts and our souls that decide…



Song dedications

“Here Without You” By: 3 Doors Down

“Lost in Love” By: M.C. Magic

“Te Volviste Mi Locura” By: Chuy Jr.

Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

December 28 2021

I’m a Political Prisoner

Yo, word up, son! What’s popping, bee? Check it out, God. We, the oppressed, who find ourselves constantly in a political battle against oppressors working for government agencies as police officers, detectives, prosecutors, all whom utilize their uniform and authority to oppress and abuse their authority by taking advantage of people like you and me. I became a political prisoner in the year 2000 when corrupted homicide detectives attempted to falsely accuse my little brother of murder. Detectives who used eyewitness by coercing them to falsely blame my brother as the perpetrator. I became involved when falsifying a confession, declaring myself as the person that committed the crime, corrupt detectives that knew I wasn’t truthful, and knew I was innocent allowed this. Detectives who were biased, because they were friends of the murder victim’s family, family who also work for the government as Chicago police officers and correctional officers in Illinois. Detectives who were acting under personal interests to close this case at all means necessary, even if it included allowing an innocent man to go to prison while having knowledge that all witness stories contradicted this false confession, they all proved I was lying, becoming a political prisoner after being prosecuted and convicted for political reasons, to appease the victim’s family, to give them a false sense of peace and comfort, but also closure. Now I’m in court to establish my innocence, reminding the judge of this injustice, asking him to be just to me as the protector of our United States constitution, our constitution that was crafted to protect us (the people) from corrupt government officials working as detectives, prosecutors, and government officials with corruption in their hearts. Corrupt prosecutors working together with corrupt prison correctional officers to further harass while been imprisoned, keeping me hidden and isolated in Pontiac Correctional Center, by placing a false tag, labelling me as a sex offender, while officers know I’m not convicted for assault but of murder, attempted murder, and aggravated battery. I’m a political prisoner designed to be made to look like a monster or animal, to make me the bad guy of the story, to keep people away, to keep my side of the story from being heard, to keep me alone, hidden, mute, oppressed. Free the Orozco brothers!

Song dedications:

If I Ruled the World – NAS

Otherside of America – Meek Mill

God's Comfort Covers Me Completely

December 23 2021

“God‘s comfort covers me completely”

A loss may leave me feeling as if there is a hole in my heart that seems that it may never be filled. But my faith, opens me to the comfort of God within that never leaves me or changes. I turn my attention to this loving presence and feel comforted in warmth and love.

Even in solitude, I can feel comforted. I can find the presence of God all around me and all that I see, touch, and hear. The lovely colors of the sunrise, the warm breeze against my skin and the melodious sound of birds chirping all help me feel soothed. I realize being alone does not have to mean feeling lonely.

God‘s comfort exists within and all around me. Truly, I am blessed and at peace.



To My Truest, Realist, Solid 1's

December 23 2021

To My Truest, Realist, Solid 1’s


No Doubt…No Doubt…Check it…Check it… ugh….ugh…Word up….Real talk God. Ya’ll gotta watch out for them super haters out in society acting like they real and loyal to us but be trying to learn our business and spread it like they TMZ. Ya mean. We got a sign on our door that says “No haters allowed”. Ya saying. That’s my word y’all. We be knowing knowing who of y’all be true and who be fake. We allowing in the club the real only that can stand the pressure and don’t be flipping sides or switching when the block is hot. Ya mean. We allowed to the VIP section only the solid ones that can keep a secret and mouth shut. Feel me. We keep our code of silence. Word up bee. Word up Son. So…I send my shout outs to all my true niggas out in “little village” keeping it real and live against haters. Send my salutes and respects…..that’s my bond bee. Those I ain’t gotta ask for none because y’all already done that. Or ready to do that. Ya mean. I feel the love and realism and support. I appreciate it all. Word up. Word up Son. I know y’all know I would lay down my life for y’all as I’ve done for my own blood. That’s my word y’all. It’s you all that keep me conscious of who’s real and these fakers backstabbing phonies out there. All them soft, emotional, Argumental hurtin niggas mad because we rich and stay making paper….dig. All them type that mad because they Baby mamas leaving them – cheating. Y’all watch out for those haters and keep back from em. Word up bee. I am out Son.

Peace God.


Song Dedications

“Bro Shit” by Uncle Murda

“Hit Em Up” by 2pac

“Let’s Get Em” by Master P/Mystikal

Donnie Croft

December 17 2021

I'm not able to contact you on JPay. So if you are interested in me leave your contact information so I can write back.

In Adversity there's a lesson if we seek it

December 17 2021

When someone mentions fitness, working out, or exercising the first thing that usually comes to mind is losing weight or getting bigger, but there are other options. You may want to tone up while keeping all your curves and for men you may want to bulk up while having a flat stomach, 6 pack, or be able to run a marathon. These goals are great but it should be about more than that, it should be about your health and mindfulness, protecting your mind, spirit & body will take you to places & heights you've never been. So what are your motivations? Are you doing it to look good, or feel good? There's no right or wrong answer.. I do it for both. There's nothing like elevating your mind in a beautiful body; When you feel and look great you have a certain aura about yourself. You're confident but if your mindful & humble, you're also very positive and willing to help others on their journey to self transformation as well. Through prayer, meditation & exercise I have found a balance & peace within myself that keeps me motivated & relentless in finding my purpose.

Gem for this blog: Being aware of the way we perceive things that happened in our life

Christopher Trujillo

December 16 2021

Something I look forward to most, is finding someone I can connect with on a personal and spiritual level. I have changed quite a bit in the last three years, and I’m excited for people to see this new side of me. Don’t get me wrong, I am still me, but a much better, and more adjusted me.

Much of what I have experienced in prison I chose not to talk about because it is mostly bad, but there have been many amazing things I would love to share and hope to share with whoever is willing to listen.

I’ll thank God daily for being alive and in great health, for having a loving and supportive family and two amazing little girls to bring me joy even in the darkest of times. It is my hopes to find someone special who can just enjoy life as it comes, who can put a smile on my face and who will allow me to show them what a real man looks like.

You gotta know I love being a dad, I love my girls with all my heart. I am a Taurus and I find joy in even the smallest of things. I am honest and forthcoming in all things, and I believe that life is way too short to spend any time fighting or arguing. I know these things happen in most relationships, but I work very hard to make sure that that sort of thing is non-existent.

Hit me up!


Chris Trujillo