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Patrick Coyne #W108482

“Love Hard”

There is usually a stigma attached to ex-cons. Some people believe we are selfish, dangerous and cold people. I want to share a compliment I was given in hopes to shed some light on this misconception.

A girlfriend once told me that one of the things she loved about me was that I “love hard”. I was confused and asked if she meant “tough love”. She said “no”, as she laughed and then explained.

“Your love is like a warm wave that never crashes and trickles up shore. You make sure it’s always strong enough to carry me anywhere I go. You kiss me on the forehead to say good morning. I find a love note while you walk your dog. I know you get flustered when I’m indecisive in a crowded grocery store aisle. Just when I’m sure you hate me, I feel your arms wrap around me from behind. I must have looked funny clutching a snack in each hand. You kissed me on the neck and whispered, “I love you!” That’s what it means to love hard”.

I didn’t realize I was doing anything out of the ordinary. I guess after you’ve been deprived of affection for so long, you don’t want to waste a moment. So remember this if you find yourself worrying about the risk of an ex-con. He may be that but he may also “love hard” and be the sweetest and most caring man you’ll ever meet because of it.



Patrick Coyne #W108482
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Darnell Duett #R74587

Our world reacts in exact accordance to our mind and with the mindset I have today I’ve found ways to build a solid foundation with the bricks that others have thrown my way. So I’m a successful man looking for someone that’s more than anyone and as I write this I feel that I am acting within my purpose and when we act within our purpose, with our own divine conviction we are sure to receive our fair share of what’s just for us and all I ever wanted in this world was for someone to come into my life I can call my own. Regardless of her form, fit or fashion I can guarantee when push comes to shove she won’t be shoving alone.



Darnell  Duett #R74587
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King Victorious #70419937

Greetings to everyone out there in the world, hopefully your holidays were filled with joy and happiness and you’ve experienced it all with family and friends. But although the holiday season is behind us, there’s still another important holiday before us, where spreading love to family and friends is just as important as the holidays that just passed.

That’s right, I’m talking about February 14th, Valentine’s Day! You see, love is not a finite emotion, we don’t have only so much to share, our hearts create love as we need it. So even if you don’t have a significant other for this Valentine’s Day, you can still spread love to family and friends. Because here’s the thing; love and time are the only two things in all the world and all of life that cannot be bought, but only spent. Once it’s spent, there’s nothing we can do to bring that time back. So on February 14th remember to love one another!

Love Victoriously


King Victorious #70419937
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Jermaine Bean

When we enter a relationship, we don’t often think or see beyond the physical being. We are attracted to the body, face or personality. We may like what the person does or how they do it and want to be a part or that. We may even experience a pull from within that we can’t actually explain. But how often do we stop to consider the true depth of the person we are attracted to? There is a being before us who has a past, present, and future. There is a flesh and bones, hurts and scars, feelings, thoughts, and ideals. When we enter the world of another being, we must be willing to be apart of it all. When someone entrusts their heart to you they are giving you a piece of their soul. You cannot treat a soul casually. You must protect, nurture and handle it with care. Our interactions with one another go far beyond the face, body and hair. One other thing, we must consider when we enter someone’s heart, there is a heart and soul inside of us of which they will play a part.

Jermaine Bean #0677365
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Sean Smith #310221/000252298B

What do you do when you outgrow someone?

Firstly how do you know you’ve outgrown them? I think it would become painfully obvious because you and that person would no longer see eye to eye. You’d no longer share interests or goals. There’d be no desire to support the other in the pursuit of those goals…

What do you do?

I know you find a way to tell them how you feel, but, do you stop talking to them? Do you walk away?

What do you do when you’re the other person?

When you find that you’ve outgrown yourself…

Do you sever all ties with the person you once were? Well in my case, the person I’ve become is a direct result of the person I used to be.

The places I’ve been, things I’ve seen, done, they’re the bricks that make up my foundation, the database I draw from. I’m the new definition of the term “Living Buddha”.

I’ll be 55 this year. I’m a Black man. Meaning I’ve not only survived 25 years in America once, I did it twice!

I’ve done it while living in the worst environments. Using and dealing drugs, living by the gun, sleeping in bullpens and fighting for phone time.

They say we’re supposed to let go of these things. They hold us back. I don’t believe them. To me each brick houses a beautiful, priceless gem inside.

Turn my back on the people and places where I came from…Never!

Cause without them I am nothing, I accept the good, bad and the ugly…

Without these things I can not help myself nor my people to grow or heal.

So I reject them, they’ve been horribly wrong about everything else.

Don’t believe them.

They say, “Art imitates life”…WRONG!

Art does not imitate life. Everything on this planet is a created thing. A made thing, so everything is a work of art. Therefore art is life and I am an artist.

I am a bringer of life, I am “NEXT”!



Sean Smith #310221/000252298B
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Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

To my family and friends,

This one goes out to everybody in my corner keeping it together as I continue to fight to prove my innocence against corrupt prosecutors, cops and lawyers. Thank all of you for the support and assistance.

At this moment I’m ready to conclude this court proceeding and regain my freedom. I’ve been wrongly convicted since July 2003, yet I’m still learning of developments that contributed to my wrongful conviction. I learned about an unlawful act that my trial attorney engaged in back in 2003 before my trial commenced. He’d been hired by my old family members to represent my sibling and myself on this same case, knowing he could not represent us both since there were witnesses accusing my sibling as the shooter and due to this problem, the attorney would be engaging in a conflict of interest unable to present evidence or witnesses damaging to my sibling but helpful towards me vice versa.

Instead of informing me or asking me, this attorney asked my old family members to pick between my little sibling or myself, because he could only help one more than the other, and the second one would have to go to prison. According to this attorney my old family chose to help my sibling. This attorney continued to consciously take me to trial without witnesses or evidence knowing I would lose my trial. Now I’m back in court to inform my judge about all this, ready to prove my innocence.

Thank you for joining me in this battle for freedom and justice.




Song Dedications:

“Trapper of the year”

By: Baby E

“Mob Ties”

By: Drake


Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704
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Jimmy Windland

I must admit to being in prison since before an IPhone was the sole source of information on the planet. My point is I had to actually conduct a survey in an attempt to identify what a "blog" was in the first place. Cute thing about prison though, a typical dayroom has an estimated combined I.Q. of about 68 per every 50 inmates so the only thing I found out conclusively was that it was A) on the computer, and B) NOT an S.T.D. so there are no worries about me being communicable and/or infectious... So, there's that.

Prison sucks. Just putting that out there. Unfortunately, having put myself in here, I have subjected myself to the absolute worst arguments in the history of ever. A recent example that caused me to become dumber simply by listening was two guys contemplating the logistics of whether or not an obviously asexual pregnant alien played by a male actor was, in fact, gay. Due to the fact that there were not female aliens (you know, hindering the entire reproductive process and all) and that one male alien in particular spontaneously becomes "with child" you would think that we would have reach the logical conclusion, however we did not. Turns out, alien guy is gay and the actor is equally gay simply for playing the part.

Other contemplations are, but are not limited to: "Who got more money, Jay-Z or 50 Cent?"... "Who would win a fight, Nicki Minaj or Cardi B?"... "Which is closer, Mexico or Canada?"... and my all time favorite "for a million dollars would you...?

My point: the simple act of listening to the people around you leaves one silently weeping for their community, which is great motivation for change, wouldn't you say?

Jimmy Windland #1205662
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Christian man looking for a good change for my life!

Hello There,
My name is Dax and I'm currently housed at the Maricopa County Jail. I'm here for some wreckage of my past in which I have no problem sharing with you. I'm a 42 year old white single male from California, that is looking for some good people in my life that knows the word of God, and is not into drugs. I'm Just looking for some real friends, uplifting people, and encouraging in any way. I don't know many people in Arizona. I came out to Arizona from California to be with my Father his last few days in Hospice care but lost him 4 weeks prior to my arrest. If interested in writing me please respond to my ad. It must be on a post card from post office or 4 x 6 inch index card. Thank you for reading my ad and God Bless.

Dax Grotewold #T501839
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Hey! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. So here’s some more about me.

I’ve recently begun transitioning and because of that I’ve lost my friends and family due to them being unsupportive to say the least. Instead of being bitter I decided to use this opportunity as a chance to completely start over and surround myself with positive like minded people. The old saying “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” (Chaplain Ronnie Melancon), speaks volumes to me!

I currently have a little less than 7 years left in my sentence, which is more than enough time to build solid friendships and whatever else might blossom.

I don’t want my past to define my future and I want the people in my future to be honest, sincere, and genuine like you.

I am pansexual and I am more interested in a person’s mind and heart more that I am about their looks and gender. By me being a transgender woman I know how it feels to be judged off of appearance so I’ve chose to eliminate that out of my judgment of others.

I love traveling because it gives me the opportunity to be introduced to new cultures, customs, foods, and people. Due to my current situation I’m unable to travel but through people like you I’m still able to enjoy the privileges I just mentioned except for the food of course. So I encourage people from all walks of life and from anywhere to reach out to me because I’m very open minded!

I still have a long journey ahead of me with not just my transitioning but in life in general. We are all canvases and every person we meet and interact with leave a mark of art in what makes you you! I know the marks you make will be made to beautify and enhance me and trust me I’m here to do the same in return. Let’s take this journey together and see where it goes while enjoying every step of the way. Until next time.


Devin Mottley #M17551
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Johnny Priester #K50928


“If they are locked up, that means that they are guilty, right?”

This belief is shared by so many innocent Americans. In our society today, we must really now consider this very statement. This is not a statement made in great confidence. In fact, in many cases, it’s only made due to the misdirected hatred still lingering in this country. In society as it is today, it’s not hard for people to look down upon each other and pass judgments, we only have to look at the current administration that heads this nation as an example.

Let’s consider the words, “If they are locked up, that means that they are guilty, right?” How many are not locked up and evidence dictates that they should be? Without a courtroom setting and being viewed in jail uniform, some in our society are guilty of the crimes brought forth, but it affects them not! Why??? Well, they aren’t locked up are they? They wouldn’t fall into the above category of, “If they are locked up, that means they are guilty, right?”

For the readers of this blog, think carefully, how many innocent “Victims” of this belief, and I do mean “Victims”, have been affected deeply and then set free? Clear evidence freed them and yet they were all found guilty by a jury! WHY? Because you innocent Americans are being “DECEPTIVELY BLINDED”.



Johnny Priester #K50928
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