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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Jose Minier-Valdez #000586124C

April 17 2021

“Jailhouse Christian.”

Dear Saints,

Several times I have come up against the term “jailhouse religion” to describe the faith of Christians behind bars. This term is most often used in a derogatory manner in an attempt to demean our faith and accuse us of doing nothing more than trying to impress the courts or parole board. The truth is most men and women behind bars who profess Christ are honest believers who just happened to have been brought to faith while serving time. The encouragement to us all who share this reality is that we stand in rather strong and well-respected company! As you look through the Word and see the goodness of God evidenced on page after page, in book after book, pay careful attention to the men and women whom god chose to note. There are murderers like Moses, whom God used in great fashion to provide deliverance for His people. (Exodus 2-4). There are prostitutes like Rahab who went on to be an ancestor in the line of Christ (Joshua 2:1, Matt. 1:5). There are those who held high political office and committed murder and official misconduct like David, whom God called “a man after mine own heart.” (2 Samuel 11, Acts 13:22). Can we forget about those New Testament saints who were guilty of crimes like attempted murder, or even murder and conspiracy to commit murder, like the apostles Peter and Paul? (Matt. 26:51, Acts 7:59-8:1) My friends, the next time someone calls you a “jailhouse Christian,” implying that you are nothing but a criminal, just say “Thank you!” Remember that you are blessed all the more for the false reports of evil men lodged against you (matt. 5:11-12) and, in their best attempt to demean and belittle you, they have put you in a class with giants!

Ms. Lonely

April 14 2021

I'm looking for people to write with a sense of humor and who are supportive, this is a lonely place. you can write to me on the JPay app Mandy Wade #73241.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

April 12 2021

There were a few sayings I heard constantly growing up. First is "you're too smart for your own good" "don't buy it off more than you can chew," and "act your age, not your shoe size."

For a while, there my age and my shoe size grew together until I turned 15. Because of these things I had a lot of hard lessons learned, made a lot of mistakes, and have constantly tempted fate.

Fact intelligence is irrelevant without experience. It's been a long hard road I've lost a lot of opportunities to be there and will likely lose more around the bend. But this doesn't mean I'm not worthy or have anything positive to offer the world.

Dion Anthony #140952

April 10 2021

“In L.O.V.E.
By Dion Anthony written 2012

I aint gotta say much. Listen to your heart.
That’s a start at least till you reach the hard part,
Cause see your mind might try to play a trick
Pull a wool over your eyes and make you think love don’t exist but!
I’m a witness victim of the love bug, pay attention I’ll show you all the symptoms

Of what it means to be in L.O.V.E.
And once you see girl there’s no place you’d rather be.

Lay your head down on my pillow right beside me and rest easy
Girl squeeze me don’t you release me and let me show you if you don’t believe me

See when you think about somebody so much
You got it bad like Usher and you gotta let it burn
Can’t stand to be away from ‘em you find to be together
They brighten your whole day up no matter the kind of weathaaa
They put you on a cloud got you feelin’ high
Whenever they come around you start feeling butterflies cause

That’s what it means to be in L.O.V.E.
And once you see girl there’s no place you’d rather be

So lay your head down on my pillow, right beside me and rest easy
Girl squeeze me, don’t release me, and let me show you if you don’t believe me.

See I’ve been through it all way too many times
It can make you smile or it can make you cry
But you gotta see it with your own eyes, with your own heart and with your own mind.
Cause even when it hurts – it feels so good and if you miss your chance you gon wish you could

Know what it means to be in L.O.V.E.
And once you see girl there’s no place you’d rather be

Now lay your head down on my pillow, right beside me, rest easy
Girl squeeze me, don’t release me and let me show you if you don’t believe me.



Anthony Allen #728833

April 10 2021

It’s time for a new era of understanding and action…

To combat the contradictions of our environment and institutions by eliminating the teachings of the masses that instilled these self-inflicted bondages and barriers in our minds.

This paradox of violence and addiction stem from an attempted retreat from poverty and escape from its reality. Children desensitized by crime and violence of low-income communities lack examples of parenting and love; consequently, succumb to brutalizing to feel secure. Natures of violence, addiction, unemployment/education share their root within the design of Systematic Poverty. Society’s marginalized poverty equates the gang and prison mentality that spawns the destructive nature of low-income mentalities to fit within the perimeters of Learned Helplessness the majority accused.

Subtle inflictions of poverty give rise to addiction. In the womb, children of addicts inherit a genetic abnormality in the brain chemistry --- not Learned Behaviors. Professional rhetoric abandon the term Alcoholism for slogans like “…Alcohol-Abuse or Drug-Abuse…”, fully aware addiction is a compulsion and loss of control --- not a choice to abuse.

Society must turn from manipulative wisdoms, diluted terminology and depart from the contradictions of free needles, Subboxum or Food Stamps. We cannot excuse the fact poverty is groomed by a society that fosters dependency within its institutions meant to rehabilitate.

Historically, recidivism isn’t addressed by building more institutions…Prison is about addiction, poverty and sickness (spiritually, mentally and emotionally). I’m marginalized D.O.C. #728833…a by-product of today’s Systematic Poverty.




Michael Perry #165073

April 3 2021

Hello out there.

This is Mike, I sit in this lonely cell wondering how I can salvage my life from the wreckage that it’s been for the last 32 years. My one and only rock in life (my mom) just passed away, leaving my world all the more darker. My one and only son has been hearing impaired his whole life and can’t share his life with me. I find myself crying when I see parents on TV, loving their children. I know I missed out on loving, nurturing parents who cherished me above all else as I see parents nowadays doing. I feel like I’m damaged goods at times from a lack of love, loyalty and protection. I yearn for quality people in my life who want the best for me and can help this phoenix rise from the ashes.

I yearn to meet and retain real friends in this life, friends who can show me the real meaning of friendship. I’ve had false friends who’ve betrayed me just because I was easy to betray. I’ve had family members betray my love and leave me along to fend for myself in prison because it was easy to. I am loving, loyal, honest, and yearn for a successful return to freedom, with good, strong, positive, loyal people in my life. I would love to hear from any and all, if this is you. In closing, my words aren’t meant to be perfect or poetic, but they are from my big heart. Be safe out there, loved ones.

New Year

April 2 2021

It’s a New Year and life is still hectic, but I hope some semblance of normality is starting to return. Me? I’m alright, I’ve capitalized on the time and added pinstriping to my “Kustom Arts” arsenal. Still plugging away, but I want this to be for you. I raise my glass you, scrolling through these pages looking for someone to connect with. Reaching out, opening up, and letting someone who feels forgotten remember what it is to still be a part of this world. I raise my glass to you for busting through those COVID blues and finding new ways to create intimacy in a world that seems to be a trial in separation. Through the keyhole in which I’m able to see the world, it looks like we find new ways to push further away from one another. But I just want to say that I may not yet know you, but I see you. I see you and you’re worth knowing. You’re caring, compassionate, and worthy of friendship and love. This is me reaching out to you and I’d love to talk to you about whatever’s in your heart and mind. I love getting letters at mail call, but if it’s easier for you, or if you wish to supplement your letters, you can send me a text message through the GTL Site You can sign up, send me a message and start taking small steps toward something greater.

Throw Out Your Bones

April 2 2021

It can be hard to see past the moment that we are in right now, especially when we have been waiting for God to move in our lives and to do something that we know only God can do. It gets hard to keep going, to keep praying and keep believing. Sometimes we might even feel like God’s not even listening to us anymore, because “right now” has turned into a really long time. Perhaps you have reached a point that you have convinced yourself that it is not just going to change for you, or it’s just not going to get any better, and you have accepted what is happening right now in your life. As if that’s the way it’s always going to be. Maybe it’s deliverance that you have been waiting for, maybe it’s heading for you or your family, a promotion or a financial blessing, and maybe it’s something else. The problem with waiting is that sometimes we make the mistake in either putting God in a box, or boxing God out. In other words, when things don’t work out the way we want them to, or think that they should, we don’t give God any room to do it any other way. The bible compares our thoughts and ways with the distance between the Heavens and the earth, as if to make it clear that our thoughts and ways are very different than God’s. Sometimes we cannot see what God is doing, or why it hasn’t happened yet, but that doesn’t mean that we should believe that it can’t happen, or that it won’t happen some other way. The wonderful thing that I have learned about God in my own life and personal experiences is that he allows us time to be vulnerable with our feelings, and this teaches us to trust him. He gives us time to grieve, to experience sadness, to express our frustration and to express our disappointment. It’s okay sometimes to be tired of the way things are, and perhaps even to be tired of waiting. Nevertheless, in these moments it is important for us not to forget about how much God loves us and his faithfulness. We need not to forget about what God has already done in our lives, what he is doing right now that we cannot even see, and the possibility of what God can do with his unlimited wisdom and power. God is not limited by our resources, or the people in our lives, nor is he restricted by any set of circumstances, or an event that has happened, or has not happened yet. God knows exactly what he is doing for you and when he is going to do it in your life so that he gets all the glory. So today, throw out your boxes and make room for God to blow your mind.

With His love and in His grace. – Pastor Steven.


March 31 2021

A little more about myself!  I enjoy hanging out at the beach, lake, river wherever there is water. I like to crochet, cook, play board games. I read a lot, mostly history and some philosophy. 

My favorite movie is Good Will Hunting. My favorite song is “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim" by Jim Croce. I hate the Kardashians. My hope is to become a personal trainer someday if I can actually stay out of prison long enough. I’m into fashion, shoes, hats, clothing, always on point. 

Anyway I’d really just like someone to talk to. A lot of people don’t realize but it seems like all your friends forget about you when you go back to prison. I’d love to hear from you! Talk soon! 

You can download the connect network app and search my name so we can message each other directly or just write me! Either way. 


March 28 2021

If you feel misunderstood, or judged in life, I can relate. I’m willing to listen. I’m determined to change that reality if you let me. Why is it whenever an innocent person gets killed by the cops, people march, and protest to bring global attention to that situation, but when innocent people get railroaded/framed by a crooked judicial system and get sentenced to life without parole, or placed on death row, our cries for help get ignored, or reach deaf ears. What would you do if you got found guilty of crimes you didn’t commit, and your public defenders are in cahoots to convict you? Before your death penalty hearing, the D.A tells your attorneys “We will take the death penalty off the table only if your client agrees to waive his appellate rights.” Yet, your attorneys never bothered to explain the purpose for filing a direct appeal, and so forth. They only said, “Sign this deal, or the state of Nevada will kill you.” When you say “No.” They paint a horrific picture to the women in your family of the events that take place while receiving the lethal injection. This ultimately leaves them hysterical, begging you to accept the deal. Again, what would you do? People who are actually guilty ask for a plea deal to avoid going to trial. I never asked for one, I took it all the way to the box. Yet, the D.A and my attorneys made it look like I’m the one who asked for the said plea just to cover up their actions. Please contact the court and ask for a recording of my plea deal. Notice you will hear my attorney answering most of the questions instead of me. Why is that? Does it sound like he’s coercing me to say “Yes.”? The prison mailroom staff are the ones responsible for losing/tampering with all my incoming/outgoing mail. I request that you ask the postmaster general to investigate all my prison grievance issues involving mail. Covid is real. My sincerest condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one/their jobs.