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The criminal justice system is broken! This may sound like a biased statement from one who is bitter and I assure you that it is. In fact, you should be bitter about it as well. If you’re not then perhaps it’s because you don’t know? If you don’t know then wake up! Ask why this country’s prison population consists of 25% of the worlds incarcerated. If you’re a citizen of the United States then it’s your duty to know what’s being done in your name. Ask why the rich choose to invest in the country’s criminal justice system? Ask how they get laws passed to increase prison populations and why? Ask who the people are who are targeted to fill these prisons? Is it a coincidence that the vast majority come from lower class neighborhoods with economies in a perpetual state of devastation? Is it a coincidence that these people cannot afford the ever rising costs of an attorney? Is it coincidence that court appointed attorneys are overwhelmed with “clients” they cannot adequately represent? Would it surprise you to know that prosecutors typically have conviction rates in the upper 90th percentile? Why then have hundreds been exonerated in recent times? How many more have not? Why don’t prisons focus on rehabilitation? What is mass incarceration? Why are recidivism rates so high across the country? Why don’t European countries have the same problems with their criminal justice systems? The above questions have disturbing answers. There are even more questions that need to be answered. They also need people to identify the problems, create solutions and advocate for change. The Arizona Transformation Project is attempting to do just that. Go to and see what we have accomplished in such a short period of time. View our original research. Read our original writings. I wrote, “Born to die in prison” under the pseudonym “Khan”. Learn about our future projects. Ask how you can contribute and make a difference. Help be that change.

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Growing up in the hood, young Black and Latino men are often told that because of their current circumstances and the difficulties they experience, the outcome of their lives is already pre-determined. That their choices are far fewer than those of any other group of men in this country. You either go the way of drugs and crime, or you will go through the local cemetery. I heard that a lot as a young man growing up in the Bronx, New York, and I had to reconcile that with what my heart was saying and what I felt to be true for me. In fear of thinking outside the box and living up to pre-conceived notions; I have spent 50% of my life going in and out of the system. My fear of change kept me failing. Fear is what kept me down. What’s fear? Fear is “False experiences appearing real”. The reality is we must fear not. Live within the truth, all will work itself out. Fear scarred me, but after I left fear go, through my scars, I have been blessed to arrive at a place I never imagined. A place where that relentless teacher called experience now causes me to reflect on the nebulous concepts of success and failure in my own life. Rise people. Fear not.

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Our Elders

It’s our tradition to respect adults, especially the aged who’re cared for by the whole community. Only the elders are in a way exempt from ordinary rules. Many winters have earned the liberty, not only from the burden of laborious and dangerous tasks, but from conservative customs and etiquette that are religiously observed by others. The hardships and bodily infirmities that of necessity are their lot are softened by universal consideration and attention. Men of character make many feasts, which we are careful to invite the older men, understanding they outlived their seasons of greatest activity, who now enjoy nothing more than eating in good company and live over their past. Daughters are much under the guardianship of grandmothers, who’re considered the most dignified instructor of the maiden. In grandparents we recognize the natural and truest teachers of children. The distinctive work of elders, old and wise, is to lead the young into the inheritance of wisdom and experience. It’s reserved to them to acquaint the future generation with the stories of our people. Winter nights are the accustomed time for these hallowed tales and legends that have their roots in the past and lean back to the source of all things, inspiriting traditions, beliefs, and pride of ancestor. They also relate of the contempt add disgrace falling on those who are inconsiderate and cruel. These myths lay in the shadow of mystery and should be told at night, the proper realm of mysticism.

Old age was a joyful time for elders to sit in the shade of the sun, playing with the youth, until they feel asleep, until at last they didn’t wake up.

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Home of the Braves

Traditional warfare was likened to a sort of game, perused to develop the manly qualities of our youth. Military glory was a stepping stone to leadership. It was the degree of risk that brought honor. Therefore, we court death in battle but considered it disgraceful to be killed in a personal quarrel, seeking only an honorable end as our last gift to our family and descendants. Our traditional conception of bravery makes of it a high moral virtue, consisting of absolute self-control and not as aggressive self-assertion. The distinguished warrior, who inspires the greatest terror in the hearts of rivals, is the same man of the most exemplary gentle and patient refinement among relatives and community. He surrenders neither to fear or anger. He is at all times master of his emotions. If an enemy honored us with a call his trust was not misplaced and met with a royal host. We only shoot to kill, but soldiers shoot at random. Common soldiers were driven forward like a herd to face the elite. It’s because they fought from compulsion and not personal bravery that we count no coup on them. A lone warrior can do much harm to a large army of these. Crazy Horse, whose courage rises to the heights of chivalry and true patriotism, was observed that when pursuing the enemy into their stronghold, as he was wont to do, he often refrained from killing and simply struck them with a switch, showing he didn’t fear their weapons nor care to waste his on them. We never made war on women and children; we would feel ashamed to do so cowardly an act.

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Hello, it is me, LJ again! I have had a major victory in one of my appeals and should be back in court soon! The earliest I could be free again is still July 2020, and the latest 2034. I have had to put my Spanish lessons on hold, as I was not able to find honest, reliable tutors, or study buddies. I did begin an official Japanese class, and it is the fourth language I want to learn after that! Latin American-Spanish, Dutch; and French! I am trying to get permission to receive a ukulele. I really want to learn to pay it, and the piano, and read music! I have started learning to draw Manga! “Kodom” and “Shoujo” Manga are my favorite styles, so I am focusing on those just now, but plan to learn “Bishoujo” eventually also! My good friend gave me my Chinese sign! He says I am a “Tiger Child”. I hope to learn more about that. I have not done much writing, just to pen-friends, an essay and two short stories, but hope to “feel” the flow again soon. I have starting playing “magic” with friends. I have a “Red Gobblin” deck and am having fun. I found a way to charge my Runes in here and it feels good! My brother said I could work for him in the Philippines when I am free again! I have added a holiday photograph with Felix! Talk to you soon!

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I'm inviting you to participate in my humanitarian consciousness raising endeavor. A newly upgraded expansion of “HUMANISM”, for the Age of Information/Enlightenment, using “PSYCHOENERGETIC SCIENCE”. I'm attracting a quorum (a particular chosen group) that will join forces harmoniously, in order to promote self-growth and development; mentally, spiritually and financially.

My intent and purpose is to uplift fallen humanity by creating quality diversion programs for prisoners and the lower class. By focused psyche concentration, we can harness and channel energy which can raise our level of consciousness and engage the magic of the Universe.

Science involved in researching the “Nature of Consciousness” is investigating what is known as the ‘Invisible Spectrum”. Your belief system controls your thought pattern. THOUGHTS go out like prayers. Thoughts are impulse of energy; the POWER of prayer is energy, just as real as electricity! Capable of controlling and manipulating matter!

PSYCHOENERGETIC SCIENCE, demonstrates that human consciousness and sustained “INTENTION” are together capable of significantly affecting “both” properties of material and what we consider to be “Physical Reality”. The second level of physical reality functions in the empty space between the fundamental particles that make up our normal atoms and molecules.

The space between atoms is composed of ‘Etheric Matter” in which psychic (Higher Frequency Emanations) are stored. Science validates that there is an exact science to manipulating matter.

My objective is to “INSPIRE” humanity to manipulate matter and increase ‘WEALTH”, utilizing science. “Your bank account amount should reflect the grandeur of The Universe!”

Everett Marcus Webb Jr. #1001981
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Do you want to make money owning the best growth stocks in 2018?

I’m not a psychic but here’s what I bought for my own portfolio…How did a young kid beat the best guesses of 20 people estimating the number of gumballs in a machine? In his book “Thinking Fast and Slow”, neuroscientist Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D. discusses the magnitude of combined group intelligence. Quite simply, the guesses were averaged to get a number remarkably close. Applying this concept to choosing our stocks, we can leverage the combined intelligence of the best analysts in the business. We can start our stock selection process by searching the “Top 50” list published by IBD. It’s a Computer Generated screening of stocks based on fundamentals and technical performance. (I sampled the top 15). From the best of these stocks, we can compare various analyst’s views about each one and “average” the pro’s ratings into a composite opinion. By aggregating these data (and assuming the experts don’t just guess), the consensus paints a better picture than any one person can on their own. I’m sharing this knowledge freely hoping it helps people who want to make money owning stocks. I’m just a regular guy investing like anyone else. Because I use this process in my own trading, here’s what I bought February 20th at the given price per share: NVIDIA: $245.08, MIMEDX: $9.92, VIPER ENERGY: $23.60, MERITOR: $25.49, STAMPS.COM: $186.00. You can check the current share prices and see the performance yourself. By sharing what I actually bought, I hope to show that I sincerely believe these stocks could all be big winners this year. But if I’m wrong, feel free to write to me and rub it in! Good luck to you and may all your trades be satisfying and profitable!

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I really don’t know what to put as a blog or how the blog thing works. I’m just adding a blog to get my profile more exposure on the site but I don’t have anything I can think of to blog so I’m writing this, ha, ha. Sorry for wasting your time on the blog.

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I’m sorry I’ve been quiet so long but sometimes a transfer requires time to settle in and resources were scarce for a while. I also discovered that a lot of possible pen pals seem to lose interest after a short period and I wanted to address this in my new post. I want to be clear; I am looking for someone to get close to – someone I can spend my time with and share my truths with. Someone who perhaps is lonely like me and who would appreciate my attention, my honesty and my affection. You should understand our biggest strength is honest communication. No matter what we must always communicate with one another. I lost a very special person – one I believe to be a true friend and I will never understand why, she simply stopped writing me one day. It hurt – a lot – she has every right to walk away but it would have been polite to simply tell me so. Better yet, she might have told me how she felt and given me an opportunity to address it. What’s done is done; however, if you are serious about a meaningful friendship – or more – and if you are within the continental U.S. I’d love to try again. I’m sorry about overseas responses I couldn’t answer but I was attempting to answer my overseas and it was costing too much in postage and I simply couldn’t afford it anymore. Be safe – Be happy – Be healthy – Goodbye till next time.

Joseph Taubman #D95099
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I'm Coming!!

I am growing closer to the last round of this bout I have so relentlessly endured, and though I’ve been knocked down, I’ve yet to be knocked out. I’ve stammered and I’ve stumbled, I’ve fallen and I’ve crawled, I’ve contemplated throwing in the towel and I’ve considered forfeiting, but I’m still here….And I’m coming.

It’s been a longtime since I’ve seen the other side of these prison gates. My eyes glaze over as I stare at the light at the end of this tunnel. It’s so bright it’s almost blinding. I’ve fought so hard, I’ve trudged through forbidden grounds, and I’ve sustained a weight of burden on my shoulders so heavy it would break most men, just to get to this point. And now that I’m almost there, I’ve learned to regard it with veneration and to never forsake it again. There’s so much that, at one point, I took for granted that I now belong to cherish and enjoy: The support a family, the togetherness of friendship, the spontaneity of freedom, the grind and grit of a hard day’s work, the sensation of a woman, and the spark of her touch….Oh how freedom rings with the melody of my calling.

I’m coming….

My name’s “J” and I am the future!

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