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Cultural Extermination

December 20 2018

The psychological process of demonizing our ancestors and their traditions is similar to what we see constantly at work in holy wars.  Gospels teaching that God will not protect other children of the world unless they convert.  Crystal clear “Divine” commands for he subjugation of different cultures including women and children.  Wouldn’t a creator be a giver of life to all people regardless of race?  Religions teach law and morality claimed as coming from an all-powerful entity yet written by man.  We’ve reached a point in consciousness to understand these scriptures have a dangerous subtext that has been ignored at the peril of many people and cultures.  The individuals who believe that he only road to heaven is to put all intellectual thinking and heretical roots in the garbage can are just maiming future generations.  We have to come to terms with outdated spiritual arrogance, especially when it demands patriarchal dogma and tends to sever cultural inheritance.  Even the most exalted and high minded doctrines seem mostly anchored in extortion and dependency.  We received these so called Holy Books by those who dictate through spiritual conquest and enforce “God’s Plan”.  Many hold tight onto foreign religion for no other reason than cultural extermination left them spiritually blinded.  The problem is many do not read these books but claim them only as a matter of they desperately need something to believe in. 

Urban Heyoka

December 20 2018

Urban Heyoka

I was blinded by civilization to the point of urban, at least that’s what they called me when I was still watching Kermit.  Guess I’m ambassador to a new type of warrior.  I’ll take it and run with it.  Plus I’m Heyoka, now look what I done with it.  Comes with his Blackstone.  If you sing one for me, better make it the flag song, and don’t get the words wrong.  Sing it in my language, ‘cause I would be anguished, if you said land of the free and home of the braves.  Indigenous holocaust and home of the slaves.  Immortal technique, gangster rap made me do it.  Honest NDN’Z is the truest.  I’m on the warpath, this pen is my coup-stick.  It’s funny ‘cause I’m stupid, off the poison they gave me.  Alcoholic baby, that’s what it raised me, now I’m crazy.  In a sacred way, it’s been a long hard road, straight to the grave.  Till my casket drops but I’m in it today.  Buried alive and brokenhearted.  Here letters are like flowers, dearly departed.  Death by a thousand cuts.  Internally bleeding, I still give it to the people, I sacrifice it freely.  Tell my baby I love her.  Give thanks to her Mother.  Somebody tell my cousin you don’t do that to a brother.  One foot in the spirit world, see you when you get here.  Or on the contrary, family first, at least that’s what they tell me.  I believe in such virtue.  I suffer with dignity.  For all my relatives, I couldn’t do this without you.

Vyctor Gregory #AR6041

December 17 2018

I’m in need of a friend, I’m nothing without you. Every boxer needs a corner, every kid needs a guardian, every leader needs a believer. If you are open hearted you can see what prison is like for a person like me. I just don’t have support from my family so people talk about me saying I’m nothing but skin and bones. Awful things that make me cry because I’m so skinny without any food, I’m called anorexic. I need anyone that’s reading this to reach out to me and let me know that I’m not alone. I am down to 100 days left to my early parole board February 2019.


Tyrone Bussey

December 14 2018

Hello everyone! By the time y’all read this blog, I hope y’all have an open mind and a caring bone in y’alls bodies because I’m in need of a friend. There’s a lot more to me than what’s addressed in my 250-word profile. So, please don’t judge me before actually getting to know me. Now, as y’all know, I’m doing time in a state where I don’t know too many. After spending 3 ½ years getting to know people in one jail. I was moved to another. I’m in a very stressed and lonely situation. I’m housed in a cell where I spend most of my day locked in. I hope y’all can be understanding and write me. I’m looking for a long-term friendship, I’m tired of getting email messages, just to write back and have my letter returned to me or not get a response at all. I’m flexible, so tell me what y’all are looking for and we can go from there. I’m not here to bash anyone, but all the young women 18-25 of age seem to not understand why they are writing me on here. I need a woman that understands and knows why she’s reaching out to me. I’m looking for a woman older than 25 but younger than 70. I won’t mind if you’re younger, as long this is what y’all want! Don’t engage in writing me just to respond letting me know that you have a man/boyfriend and can’t write me anymore. 

James Grady

December 14 2018

So, my PTSD issues were bothering me last night. There was a cold front and the winds kicked up pretty good during the night. On the roof of the building are ventilation fans that are controlled in the guard picket. When they aren’t on, they slam shut. Since the winds picked up, they kept slamming shut all night long. Being that this place is all steel and concrete, the air and sound reverberated frequently throughout the night and it drove me bananas. I slept like crap. It’s strange though, that I felt some comfort in the thought of being in the midst of combat. That is until I realized that I wasn’t; I was awake in prison. My spine went rigid, hairs on my neck stood up, my jaw clenched, my vision sharpened, and I jolted up ready to react. The thumping and sudden rush of air is unnerving, and I sit in the darkness wondering how it is that I came to be here. Am I crazy? Am I scared? The confusion is so uncomfortable and I hate that the fog is clearing as I begin to understand what is taking place. Reality sets in and here I am. This is my life. I can’t wait to leave this place.

Justin McDowell #156028

December 10 2018

“Success”, it’s your relentless determination to overcome any and all tribulations confronted with. Success isn’t measured by your bank account or material possessions. It’s measured by your failures and when you express our resilience not to bow down but to return, conquering the obstacles in life you have stumbled on. Mountains are placed on the planet to give humanity something to strive for, a peak, a summit. The potential for success above and beyond our wildest dreams. Our will derived from the heart, courage and desire to accomplish even the most impossible task without a second’s hesitation will lead us to these lands of glory. The want and confidence to discover the unknown, stepping outside of our zones of comfort to learn who we are truly! I believe in each and everyone of us that we can grasp a better future and life we can be proud of by following a road paved by our own success. The strongest people come from the darkest places but only the ones who choose not to accept the darkness, but to rise out of it seeking the light and good in life will become who they are meant to be!

Our lives are ours to take control of, the motivation summoned from the depths of our being will provide the passion needed to reach and surpass the limits we’re told can’t be obtained by those that don’t have the guts to try. Defeat is not our destiny, lessons learned through times of downward spiral and despair will provide the strength necessary to achieve our goals set out for. Dream big, keep your hopes and wishes alive! I’m aiming for the stars and I expect to meet you all there someday. Prove me right when you prove the rest of them wrong!






Craig Herrick

December 10 2018

My case was a high profile case that garnished a lot of local media attention where majority of the reporting was misleading and untrue. 

I was in an intimate relationship with a friend who was planning a divorce. She didn’t want to raise her twin daughters around a “Meth Head” who REFUSED to get clean for his family….the drugs ruled his life.

Eventually, his paranoia led him to murder his wife and unborn children.  Unfortunately, I was wrongfully convicted for his evil needs.  In 2009 he committed suicide, while I’m left fighting for the truth and justice for her family and myself.

Forensic evidence excludes me and new evidence was discovered that the prosecutor withheld and suppressed that also excludes me – fingerprints found at the scene, time of death reports showing that evidence was “planted” to secure my wrongful conviction.  My case was the “Perfect Storm”, the culmination of my adolescence and individuals who use me for favors and job advancements instead of the pursuit of justice.  My situation is not that far from the documentary series “Making a Murderer”.  The same underhanded police tactics were used in my case to secure my wrongful conviction.

I’m trying to draft a book about my case….the corruption involved and my crusade for justice.  I’d like to find someone who can help me….are you willing to help me tell this story and get the truth out there?  If you are, PLEASE write me today!

Riley Fleming #B09969

December 10 2018

I was just wondering! Has society become so social media crazed that texting is the only way to get to know someone? With all the LOL’s, OMG’s, does anyone even know how to spell? Catfishing has become a social media sport!

Does anyone know how to get to know someone through a real conversation? What about actually speaking to someone on the phone? Face to face conversation, looking that person in their eyes, at one time had meaning! Now, friendships, relationships and even love is found via emoji’s, hashtags and DM’s. Does anyone even use pen and paper anymore?

It’s not that I am out of touch, I appreciate technology. I would just like to meet someone and get to know the real person through true and tried forms of communication, sharing and expressing ourselves by engaging in conversation or through letters. Friendships can still exist without Facebook! Let’s get back to the essence of getting to know someone!

Has society become so social media crazed that it’s the only form of communication? I was just wondering!



Living The Fast Life

December 10 2018

Living The Fast Life….

Food for thought…  Despite the isolation and loneliness, prison has been a huge learning experience.  Not only do you discover a lot about yourself but you also learn who your real friends are.  Everyone is your friend and there for you when times and good and you’re partying, but then it’s a different story when times get tough and you’re in a jam.  I’ve learned the hard way that not everyone who smiles in your face is your friend.  Especially when drugs are involved.  95% of those you call friends are really just associates of convenience.  Only a small handful are actually genuine and will be there when you need them.  Remember that, when you put those associates ahead of your family.  Instead of listening to mine, I let the drugs, money and power that came with them cloud my judgment.  I should’ve known better than to get involved with them but I did any way.  Never could I have imagined that association would possibly cost me 30 years of my life.  Now my future rests at the mercy of an appeals court.  It’s a cold cruel reality I wake up to everyday.  So choose your friends and associates carefully, because in the end the people you surround yourself with help define who you are and possibly affect your future.  You don’t want to learn this the hard way….Spoken from experience.

Jeromy Ramm

December 4 2018

To whoever has taken time out of there day to log on to my blog let me first say thank you. Now also let me say that you have picked the right man and let me explain why I say this. I am a true believer that two people writing to each other can make so many things happen with just a pen and paper. You see I am a very confident man but not cocky or conceited by no means. I am a man who believes in sincerity and being honest. I also am very respectful, and I do believe that everyone deserves a chance in life. So, I ask you, do you believe in giving chances? I would not be a waste of your time this you can believe. You see two people corresponding with each other can learn so much from one another such as likes, dislikes, expectations, and ambitions and so much more if only given the chance. I am not a judgmental man and I would hope that you would not be as well. We all make mistakes in life and I can honestly say I am learning from mine. So how about it, do you want to take some more time out of your day and write to me and get to know about me? Personally, I would say take the chance and then later on you will see that the chance and your time you invested was well worth it. I’ll be waiting.