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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Omar Nelums #276338

March 2 2020

Just watched a man attempt suicide. Tying a sheet around his neck and to the second floor’s guard rail. Officers got to him before he could jump. I began to wonder; what got him to that point. Is it from neglect, no visits; no loved ones or friends who care enough to see about him? Old demons maybe, wrongs he did; eating him from the inside. Could it be the “Overseers”, hired and trained to treat humans like animals with numbers? A dairy cow, with the number tag pierced to its ear. It’s been 17 years and some change for me. Having to endure all of the above. The struggle to be loved, missed, seen as a person and free is real. When I get the chance to talk with that young man, I’ll tell him; each day alive on this green earth is another opportunity to search and find your happiness, to live your dreams and help others in the ways you’d like to be.

The load is heavy, but the weight makes you strong!

Omar Nelums

Aaron Blay #02120842

March 2 2020

I have a psychological condition known as “Empire State Of Mind”, meaning that I am constantly thinking, speaking, dreaming and plotting success. I am infatuated not only with constantly improving my situation but also that of my 3 kids who still need me to help provide for them. I am a firm believer that no matter how difficult the situation or how big the obstacle, a person can summon the strength to overcome, succeed and take control of their destiny. I know this to be true because I have found the strength within myself and I will not allow anything to stop me from bettering my future and that of my loved ones.

With that being said, I am seeking a partner in success or a friend with financial benefits. I am seeking someone with the same “Empire State Of Mind” who is interested in building a literal Empire. I have a solid blueprint for success. The only problem is my mind is free but my body is chained. Therefore I need a partner that can be an extension of myself to help make my vision materialize. If you share my mindset and passion for prosperity and you are interested in combining forces to conquer the world, then hit me up so we can turn our wildest dreams into reality. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.




The Complete Me

February 28 2020

Throughout my life, my mistakes were numerous (Sorry Mom). As it turns out, so were the blessings I never recognized. I grew up extremely poor and always felt the need to chase what I never had in the past. But life doesn’t work like that. When you spend all of your time elevating your past, you don’t realize you’re sinking your present. And where does that leave your future? I needed to become aware of this cycle to truly change it.

Times have changed for the positive. I now use my present to work for a better future for myself and others. I’ve completed Mindfulness training, Cognitive Behavioral Training, G.O.G.I, Toastmasters courses, and multiple business classes. I’ve also learned to be humble and open to help from others. Today, I use these qualities in my friendships, intimate relationships, and business connections. Once we meet, I want our vibe to be unlike any other. In every moment we share, I want you to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Let me be clear. I’ve sold drugs, ran unlicensed escort services, and lived the gang life. To those I’ve hurt, taken advantage of, or underappreciated, I sincerely apologize and acknowledge these wrongs. With that in mind, I now know time and practice will bear witness to my growth in maturity, responsibility, and most importantly, the ability to love and be lovable. I won’t deny my past. I just hope to be seen as the complete me.


Richard Cook

February 26 2020

To update everyone on what's happening with me - I'm busy growing the “Second Chance Lifer’s Club” into an effective organization with the help of about 50 of my closest friends and fellow prisoners!   We've been lucky to have 3 guest volunteers come speak to us in the first 6 months, one coming twice - she liked it so much!

Exciting news!  We have our first symposium in a few weeks , with 15 outside volunteers invited!   A month ago we published our first 12-page newsletter!  

We have 4 working groups:

  1. Legislative Analysis
  2. Education/Membership Outreach
  3. Community Relations
  4. Institutional

We are analyzing how all 50 states approach life sentence prisoners.  Do they allow for promotion through their “correctional system” to lower/higher custody levels?  Do they allow for parole, commutation, for resentencing based upon a prisoner's institutional history, programming completion, positive mental health evaluation, and preparation to transition back into society?

Our Community Relations group coordinated a project where prisoners crochet beanies/footies for preemies, which I thought was a cool idea.

We are now seeking self betterment programs, and our first two educational programs are set to begin soon!

If you'd like to contact me, do so on, or if you'd like to volunteer for our club, contact the Club Coordinator at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution.



Randall Michaels

February 18 2020

I'd like to extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude to all those wonderful people who have read my profile.  I especially want to thank those special individuals who have reached out to me with genuine interest and encouraging words.   With absolute sincerity, Thank You.

Currently I don't have the luxury of sending and receiving emails so if you sent me a message via email and I didn't respond, it’s because I can't at the moment not because I don't want to.  I'll be able to send emails, receive emails and video chat with my tablet in April 2020, so stayed tuned.  In the meantime, if you want to reach out to me, please write me directly at the address below and I promise to have a response back to you in 2 to 3 days.

I look forward to hearing from you.     
Take care of God bless.



P.S.  I'll be posting new photos in February.


Spencer Williams

February 18 2020


My name is Spencer.  I'm interested in finding a special female penpal friend to build a friendship with, or relationship if the vibe and good energy is good.  I believe that females should be treated like Queens on a higher pedestal. 

I’m spontaneous, sincere, honest and hold loyalty as a higher standard.  I'm a very down to earth person, I love to make people laugh when they are feeling down or stressed out.  I like to travel the road, I like music and love to dance and be the life of the party.  I love to work with my hands - I'm a very good cook, I do home improvement work also.  I love fast cars and I’m a very good mechanic, I love to build vehicles from the ground up.  I'm also a tattoo artist, Barber and can hook up sound systems and paint cars.  I love to work hard for the money.

While incarcerated I stay humble, workout, read, take trades and watch comedy shows.  If you wanna reach out to me and learn more about me and build a friendship, the fastest way is to email me on  Thanks for your time in reviewing my profile.  Have a nice day!

Spencer Williams




Donovan Jones

February 18 2020

Attention:  Transgender Ladies!

Transgender females out there, get at me!  Trans gender female, I'm only a stamp away.  Trans ladies that are out there, just know that it's a good man right here that supports the entire trans movement.  I love pictures, talking on the phone and traveling around to different places of the world.  I'm very short as of now and will be getting released August 2020.   That's my full max out date so get at me so that we can get something going.  I would love for us to have something outside in the real world.  I love watching different videos.   Trans lady, send me some pics so we can get a relationship going!


Joshua Thomas #00562311

February 10 2020

Sometimes we often search for something to try to fill that empty void or maybe a replacement for someone we lost or something we loved so dearly. For what, I’m not quite sure. I don’t have all the answers to life, nor do I know what your expectations of this are. But what I have experienced over the past few months is that you meet some amazing people all over the world and it all starts with taking that chance. Being able to trust a total stranger and commit to someone you have no idea what the outcome may be, sounds so ridiculous. But only if you’re able to let your guard down and give a person the benefit-of-the-doubt, you’ll find out sooner rather than later that certain situations can change a person’s life tremendously. It’s kind of like a leap of faith. You’ll never get where you want to be in life, nor accomplish what you want unless you believe you’ll find it or attain it somehow. Eventually if you keep striving, your chances are way better than not taking a chance at all.

Some are content with how things play out, while others seek and won’t stop until they’re satisfied with what they’re looking for. Love is what we all want eventually whether we’re seeking friendship or not. Finding it with the right person can sometimes take more time and maybe frustrate you only if you’re looking for a certain type, looks and so on. But that’s not love…How many of your relationships lasted with the perfect type LOL. You can miss out on so much more in life chasing a beautiful image, but real love is in your innermost spiritual soul. And that’s your heart, not fantasy…

I hope you find what you’re looking for. Take a chance on something that’s real that will last a lifetime not something that is temporary because it will only leave you with stress and heartache…




Timothy Weys

February 4 2020

From their vantage point they gazed upon an Abyssal sized Ripfold, felt it gaze back…..and Eld smiled; drawing deep on his Demesyn.   “Know why you don’t open a Ripfold within another”?    Eld slammed Obsidian’s throttle to full springing from their hiding place – bearing down upon hordes of legions pouring out of the Ripfold.

Unleashing every armament they surged ever forward.   Obsidian rained down rockets, while peeling missile after missile off the chain. Boaz emptied clip after clip from the slaughter cannon, till all he had was the bayonet.   Then Eld saw interference clear just enough for a risky Ripfold…..and took it.

All systems critical and flashes of what happened - after- the Ripfold plagued them.   What was before them was awe inspiring.



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LeVar Aikens #532829

February 4 2020

This is for those with disorders, disabilities, ex and current addicts of all kinds, ex and current abuse survivors, burn survivors, those struggling with suicidal thoughts, agoraphobia, Tourette’s, the depressed, or just everyday good people that understand we are all equal and deserve to be treated with care, compassion and love. We live in a world full of judgment, hurt and inequality. My hope, ambition and vision is to change that and create a community that is judgment free and accepts all human beings; a place where you can be yourself, express yourself and be free. It all starts with you. How you see yourself and how you see others has to change for the better. How you treat yourself and others has to change for the better. We are all connected and share the same needs and struggles. Our greatest strength is each other, while our greatest weakness is isolation. Seek each other out, learn from each other, grow from each, become better and create this community of love and acceptance. Take care.