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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Jamon Joseph

July 16 2022

Hello Ladies! A little something about me. I'm a God fearing man who enjoys family and friends. I'm family oriented. I love my mother and children.

I enjoy traveling, music, life, loved ones, making money,and a good movie. I'm open to sports and the outdoors.

Some of my best qualities are that I'm a hard worker, I'm loyal, I'm driven, I'm spontaneous, I'm adventurous, and also a good listener.

Hey if I sound like someone you're interested in, you can reach me at the facility address on my page and also on If you happen to write, make sure you write your address on the inside of your letter. we aren't allowed to have the original envelope the letter comes in.

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Have a blessed day!

International friends are welcome also.

William Mesa #115018

July 13 2022

Being in prison, putting yourself out there, hoping someone likes you enough to adopt you, is like being a dog in the dog pound…it’s ruff. Especially when your profile is next to the super sexy model inmate who may juice for all you’ve got. Then, when the person who made that first choice goes looking again, it kinda ruins my chance because, who wants a repeat of that? Right?!

I admit I’m far from perfect, but I’m trying my best to be anything but the standard dirtbag convict. I’m a smart, money making entrepreneur. I have legal lucrative business ideas that have the potential to launch us into the financial stratosphere with very basic tools (phone/laptop). But it requires someone who’s hungry and wants more out of life. Open minded, willing, with a little drive, to come out of their comfort zone.

Don’t let the stigma of me being a prisoner stop you from seeing my potential and filling our pockets. Together, with my brains and your abilities, we can make great things happen with small beginnings. But like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play. So buy my ticket, choose me. At least make contact and see if my ideas interest you. But don’t let my looks or status detour you. You may be cheating only yourself.



All for One, One for All

July 13 2022

For everyone around me I try to lift they’re spirits up motivate them to do good and better because I believe what makes me, surrounds me.


Unconditional Love

July 12 2022

For mothers, well, let's not speak for all mothers, just my mother is the basis of this. I appreciate you dealing with my hardheadedness from birth to now. Your challenging words for my actions that I've taken and your response to my life struggles that I've chosen to bring to you. There is no-one in the world like you with so much spiritual support and guideless. You have shown me the path home if faith in God/Jehovah.

Michael Jamison

July 11 2022

Life is 90% mental & only 10% physical so they can lock my body but they can't trap my mind. Every day I wake up & look in the mirror staring back at me. I see myself as a beautiful black man with so much potential.

Detroit Red became Malcolm X while imprisoned. 2 Pac did time. Muhammad Ali did time. & my favorite example of my road to redemption & greatness...Nelson Mandela did time & came home to achieve greatness.

Life is what you make it so dream big & think sharp. I don't want to be good, I want to be great.


July 11 2022

My fellow friends, family, and acquaintances,

Life, love, memories, happiness and history.

You all fate and destiny I can’t wait to see. Just a “Hi” shows me your conservativeness. 

The charisma and chemistry that comes from one’s soul smiling is every woman’s platonic dream.

I’ve been in the “Hole”. It kind of makes it hard to reach out, but it doesn’t stop me from writing letters through postal or JPay.

My dear friend, you bring light to my tunnel. I was wondering if you were shy by just introducing yourself with a ‘Hi’. But it was cute because I hardly get that. Thank you.

My other pen-pal. Woman. Your introduction was as if you were caught by surprise.Your energy I felt. Your sense of humor had my soul smiling. Like rain drops on a sunny day. Thank you.

I joined this site to present myself, to exist and show my appreciation, honor and glory to show who contribute and reach out to those who are incarcerated. I’m free to speak, join and participate with a non-profile organization. So, if you all have questions and concerns, feel free. Have a nice day. Bye.


July 11 2022

I’m not even going to fake. I am seeing angelic guardianship.sponsorship in the heart of each and every last one of you. What will I do? Who will I choose? I decided to not let my emotions get involved and picture bigger and better opportunities that I have time to plan for us all. Speak about whatever takes me on a journey. But I want to pursue some type of explicit product and brand for all of our cultures.

So today we are going to grow, mature, and produce, solely amongst one another. Tell me how you feel. I’m relying on you all to where you're at in life, emotionally, spiritually, educationally and financially. 

This is why I’m building my relationship like this. Because I received three sheets of paper in the mail, and three letters were 1-6 out of 146 viewers of my profile. I can’t choose one. At least not at the moment. I want to get to the good part first.

I order for us to protest, promote, and advertise in our products, etc. We need board members, and colleagues. We’re a team, first and foremost, There is someone I have a secret crush on and I’m not saying anything!I’ll be home in a minute. 146 haven’t yet shown up.


July 11 2022


My name is Nick and I absolutely love animals and walks in nature. I like to fish, watch movies, ride ATVs and just vibing. I’m always trying to keep the vibe right and so much more.

I have changed and I believe as humans we can all be redeemed if we are truly repentant, and I have repented. I have a very big heart and love listening to what all have to say.

I’m looking for friends, maybe a woman I can build with on all levels. I’ve had time to think about my life and I realize what I want out of it, which is to come home, settle down, get married, and live a happy life.

To be honest, I could tell you all about myself, so if you like my vibe it’s going to be your decision. You can email me at Thanks for your precious time. Have a nice day.



July 11 2022

Hello friends,

I’m so happy that I’m going to be home soon, it’s been a long since that I’ve been without my family, and with people that were not my friends. I hope that when I do get home I won’t ever come back! I met a few wonderful friends through this site, I had one that I fell in love with here but she didn’t believe me. Maybe I will see her when I get home. Anyway, I dope somebody registers on my tablet. I’ve only had one friend and she’s from Connecticut. I really do think that I’m going back to Puerto Rico when I get home. I’m that close to walking free. Can you imagine being in jail since you were 24 years old and now you’re 41 years old? It’s crazy, right? I guess life can sometimes be crazy, but you know what? I’ve never let this place change me or darken my heart. Anyway, if you would like to talk to me or hear more about my story, just send me an email on my tablet or JPay. That’s how you register. Go to Department of Corrections of Connecticut and look for my facility and just sign up to email with me. God bless you.

Strictly From Da Pen

July 3 2022

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, to all of the precious people who view this blog. I say precious because time is non-refundable. I hope you woke up this morning with a smile on your face but if you didn’t, “smile for me, won’t you just smile for me?” If you don’t know that song it’s by Kurt Franklin, you should listen to it, for real.

To touch base, anybody who messaged me or added me on Jpay, I’m not ignoring you, just in the hole and can’t access my JPay account. The only forms of communication back here are the phone Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and written correspondence, along with video visits once a week. So, typing a letter will do, I’ve been down since 2018 so I don’t know if there is a way to send letters without buying stamps and envelopes and putting them in the mailbox. Or you could ask me for my text number and I will get back with you.

Being in the hole is like being double-teamed by reality and harsh reality. The higher level you are the worse it gets. I’m on top of a mountain and I’ve never been this high in my life! Everything has a price tag. It’s sad to say, I’m used to it but I know it’s not normal and that’s why I strive to grow in all aspects of life. My days consist of reading, studying, working out, and writing music. Without music, there would be no life for us. I’m going to wrap it up. I hope you used your time today to the best of your ability. Have a nice day.