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Luis Alberto Ramirez #2861987 - Primary Picture By Luis Alberto Ramirez August 3 2018

Luis Alberto Ramirez #2861987

Man am I excited. This is the first blog I’ve written and it’s about some great news – Some recent changes in California juvenile laws are having a beneficial impact for me and many others. So much so that I can potentially go home soon. I know it sounds insane but it’s true. I saw another young man in my same situation, a juvenile that was tried as an adult and got Life without Parole, and he just went home after 9 years incarcerated. It’s because of California Proposition 57 which passed in November 2016 and a recent California Supreme Court ruling saying the juvenile portion is retroactive. Which make it apply to me and many others who were juveniles. It’s not a for sure thing, but it’s something I have my hopes high for. I realize that every case is different but if they’re looking for the potential for rehabilitation, that’s me all the way. I made a mistake when I was a kid, a terrible one. I know I can’t change anything except for myself and I already started that a long time ago. Even before all the changes to the laws started, even back when I was in prison and everything looked and felt hopeless, I realized that this isn’t the life I want for myself. I’ve changed a lot. I’ve matured and learned from my mistakes. Thanks to my family’s unconditional love and support, I’ve learned through them what’s important to me. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without them. I’m not perfect but I strive to better myself every single day. I owe everything to them and if I get out I plan to do my best to show them how grateful I am. I just want a second chance at life. Hopefully I get it. Whatever happens though, good or bad, it’s not gonna change me or my goals and dreams and who I want to be. I want to live a good life and show that people can change and deserve a second chance. That’s my hope.


Jeremy Jackson #01265652 - Primary Picture By Jeremy Jackson August 3 2018

Jeremy Jackson #01265652

My Reflection: Emotional Bondage Part 1


Behind these prison walls where I mourn and lament

These are not walls of brick or cement

No, this is a prison of emotional bondage

Where hate and pain pay homage

Where loneliness and fear discourage fight

And shadows of darkness suppress light

When you look in the mirror he’s always there

With loads of despair – burden to bare

You build yourself as strong as a levee

But this weight is always one pound too heavy

Deep into the soul of hopelessness – gloom so utterly latent

Hiding in the crevice of the heart – your spirits own patent

The onslaught, turmoil hinder your future to see

Opaque and murky blinded by misery

Mirages of freedom veiled by curtains of doom

On the cusp of your grasp never to be consumed

A ripple on the water conceals his detection

The face of the placid sea reveal my reflection


Jeremy Jackson


Jean Salvatierra #M52759 - Primary Picture By Jean Salvatierra July 25 2018

What's Important

How can we spread the word about things that are important to us?~~

From day one, it was ‘family’. I have a son and he’s my motivation to overcome any obstacle that gets in the way. How I look at things is going to make sense. I'm not with the drama, I choose wisely who I hang with. I have a support system and I thank God for that. The things that I do deal with on a daily basis is attending culinary arts through Lake Land College, learning Portuguese, working out to stay fit, and use this time not to break me but better me- that’s the real issue. There’s much more to life, all we have to do is go find it ourselves. (You may comment on this bog and share your personal opinion.)

By Ernie Roach July 25 2018

More About Me

I am writing this blog to help tell a little more about myself. I have had a few responses to my profile, but not much luck so far finding someone who wants to just talk and get to know each other.

Before I get too far into this I just want to say if you write to me through the mail, please be sure to write your return address clearly. I have had two people write and I couldn’t make out their addresses.

I have lived in Southeast Ohio almost all of my life. I have always been a hard worker. I like to work on cars, just go for a ride with the windows down. I am a huge fan of movies and TV (especially now). I love to cook out, camp, or just go for r walk in the woods. I have always been the kind of guy who would try new things. I was the person in school who could be friend with anyone.

I have a couple of other pictures that I can send if you would like to see them, or you can go to and look me up. WE can write to each other there or send pictures or videos. I will always be sure to write back as soon as I hear from you. I hope that you will tell me something about yourself and to ask me anything that you would like to know. Can’t wait to hear from you.


Billy Marcus Lyon #00750528 - Primary Picture By Billy Marcus Lyon July 23 2018


Some guys feel the need to be macho, while entertaining prideful ways. I’m too humble and down to earth for that. Besides, I’m 46 years old now, why should I keep acting like I’m fine?

Luis Sandoval #G56970 - Primary Picture By Luis Sandoval July 23 2018


Friends come and go but only the righteous remain and it’s only a very few when troubles begin. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. The only way to have a friend is to be one…

When one’s expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have, the world would be a better place if everyone tried being a lil more open minded and nonjudgmental more often. We all have flaws and our own burdens, what counts is how you carry it.

Anyhow, I’m hoping to relate to someone, meet genuine people to help me establish positive contact to the outside and bring positivity into each other’s lives. Socializing and sharing experiences helps everyone. I hope to hear yours. You can email me directly through mobile App.

Domenic Betts #AM3604 - Primary Picture By Domenic Betts July 16 2018


Hi everyone.

As funny as it sounds I’m now seriously taking applications for new girl. I feel I’m ready to move on & start communicating & dating again. I’m really trying to commit myself to one woman I feel is special and I can really connect with. I’m 27, single, no kids & when I’m released within two years I can bring a lot to the table. I’m educated, ambitious, loyal and loving. So basically when I do find what I’m looking for I have nothing holding me back from putting my all into it. I want someone smart, beautiful, loyal and fun. Also someone with a beautiful heart. Sex is everywhere and I prefer a mental connection first. I have around 20 months to really get to know someone before I’m released. That should be enough time to correspond, laugh, talk & maybe even visit if it gets to that level. So if you feel that’s you that can make this black guy happy, then hit me up. Lol Write me & I promise to get back to you & send a picture, so I can make sure you don’t have an Adams apple. Lol I don’t think I can receive emails so if you’re serious write me at the address provided on this profile.

Thank you.


Toby Gustafson #00752243 - Primary Picture By Toby Gustafson July 16 2018


Well, world, it’s definitely me again! And while everyone, both behind these walls and beyond them can find something to complain about if they are only looking for the negative, I’d just like to send a shout out to express my appreciation for the attention and the couple of responses I’ve received. I have found that some people are just sort of scratching an itch, fleeting whim, or satisfying temporary curiosity and that’s fine. I am hoping to make more long-lasting friendships, but even to those I just described, I’d like to say thank you for taking my mind and soul above and beyond this artificial gangster mentality and the emptiness I’m surrounded by and enslaves so many spirits in here.

As many people move into and out of our lives, I could always enjoy getting to know someone new, especially from places or different experiences than those I’m familiar with or accustomed to! I mentioned a feminine perspective in my profile, and I’d just like to make a note to all you ladies out there. “In the current climate” (as is so often stated during these tumultuous cultural times) I want you all to know how powerful you really are. I see with my own eyes and own experience the strength of your influence and balancing effect on both individuals and our society. We, as men, need you. You soothe our spirit by your very presence. So from all of us: Thank you.

Lenell Coe #S04223 - Primary Picture By Lenell Coe July 10 2018

Untitled is my only way out. To make a grand appearance and shine at all cost. In profile I pointed out the graphic side of this because most people use this side the most. Laugh to keep from crying. Overall, it has changed my life. To get out the game and do something positive. I believe in forgiveness. Never did I believe in holding the past over anyone’s head. I believe experience is the best teachings. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Throughout all the hardship, I keep faith alive, searching and praying for someone I can build with. Someone who knows we can share our experiences and help each other to do better. I’m looking for a real friendship or a real relationship. Someone who’s tired of being lied to and tired of getting hurt. So if you’re fed up with the bull and looking for that special someone to be honest with you, no matter what, we’re on the same page. Therefore, let’s learn a little more about each other. I promise you’re in good hands. Age, weight, or looks is not of my interest when it comes to building something that’s real like friendship or love. If it feels right, then write me in any shape, form or fashion that suits you best. The weak show hesitation and doubt while the strong have an air of confidence and assurance. Mr. Coe~

Daniel Thomas #12242-273 - Primary Picture By Daniel Thomas July 9 2018

All My Relations

It’s our understanding that the spirit of our grandfather is not breathed into two leggeds alone, but the whole created universe shares in the immortal perfection of its craftsman. From the ultimate miracle, the greatest mystery, there came a massive unifying life force that flows in and through everything that is. Therefore we are all kindred and brought together by the same creator. The flowers of the earth, the whispering winds, rocks, the murmuring trees who breathe its presence, the falling waters who chant its praise and all of creation who share with us the storms and blessings of nature. Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky and water was a real and active principal. We see in them something of the sinless purity that we attribute to the innocent and irresponsible child. Contemplating their instincts as the mysterious wisdom from above. There was no wilderness because nature wasn’t dangerous, but hospitable, not forbidding but friendly. With the animal kingdom existed a brotherhood. So close were some to their feathered and furred relatives that in true brotherhood they spoke a common tongue. If all animals were gone, man would cease to exist. For whatever happens to the animals also happens to men. All things are connected, whatever befalls the earth, befalls the children of the earth.