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Anthony Campbell

Greetings to the person whose currently focused on my profile…..It’s a vibe!!

I realize that in the midst of a sea of individuals that’s very diverse though we’re all seeking some of the same objectives (to be known and relieved of loneliness) you chose to conquer your curiosity beyond the boldness of my unclothed truth, to understand the uniqueness of my character through my written expression to determine if you’ll indeed oblige my acquaintance.

Unlike many others, I’m where meaningful begins and meaningless ends….

Without doubt here reflects an Alpha male in all sense of its meaning; strong, courageous, dominant…..Loyal!  Emotionally, I’m in tune with the genuinality of my life beater to project sensitivity on many levels and maintain masculinity like “we cried together”.  Intellectually, I’m intelligent enough to be insightful, though, I thrive off of being enlightened……  Sense of humor wise, I’m somewhat infectious and it seems to overshadow other characteristics to render me a lively person with a bubbly spirit to enhance others….  I could go forever about myself, yet that’s not what I’m either into or striving for through this splendid opportunity and exceptional process.

Friendship without prejudice is a treasure I desire to gift with my allegiance.  I believe that through such enchantment of personal sacrifice and endurance the beauty of life shall flourish.  That’s facts!  If you share in such sentiment please feel free to get to know me at your earliest convenience.

May you have to search no longer……

It’s my Vibe!

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"A Glance At His Journal"

“A Glance At His Journal”

 There’s the story of a guy who lost his father at a very young age. Grew up in a household with an addict for a mother, who was also a lesbian. There were no other children just this child and his imagination. This kid was neglected of such vital elements like attention, direction, motivation, and proper love, this child was exposed to so many traumatic situations, that probably left psychological scarring. As time passed this child gets shuffled from school to school, home to home, group home to group home which then led to the streets and jail to jail. So many missed opportunities on life no real family structure, no real friend connection. A loner and a sense. A flash of his life gone. Now he sits, an adult no life accomplishments, a waste of potential he never knew was there, feeling of hopelessness, and of an abandonment. Sometimes this guy feels like giving up, because it’s such an insufferable feeling of abandonment. But he’s too mentally strong to give up on life. He truly desires, even through his mishaps and misfortunes to be successful and live a joyous life. Why is it that some people have to go through despair, depression, and low self-esteem (life) to realize the good in them, or that they are worthy? Is this guy to broken for someone to grow to love? How do you overcome being socially awkward?

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My New Blog

Love is most weak when there is more doubt than there is trust, but love is most strong when you learn to trust even with all the doubt. Where is love there is life. Hate is easy. Love takes courage.

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Lasean Jackson

Hello, world!

Well, I just got back from court and everything is going good, I know when you look and see my out date, it says something outrageous, but the truth is that I’ve been on an appeal for some time now and I won my case on appeal. I am awaiting resentencing on a lesser offense and I am looking at another year and a half at the most. So, I am humbled by my second chance and I’m preparing myself for the world. We need to spread more love and peace in our world and stop all the evil that lurks upon us. Life is too valuable and too full of opportunity. Live life to the fullest and be happy. Learn from mistakes and never make the same one twice.

Well, y’all take care out there and be safe.

LaSean Jackson #M20920
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Mornings with Michael

Christmas and New Year celebrations spark memories of our childhood that are forever vaulted in our minds. I was remembering one Christmas in Alabama when I was chosen to be a Shepherd in the church pageant. My mother bought me a brown striped robe and the play director dressed me in a brown beard and wig, then covered my head with a towel to give me that shepherd look. Of course, she has a shepherd’s staff that extend three feet above my head. I was a good shepherd. My friend Gail was the angel with her long light brown hair and wings hanging from her shoulders. She was covered with a white robe and a halo above her head. It seemed to glow.

Angels have remained an important part of my memories, even as I approach the adult plateau. A few years back, a friend in a small West Virginia town told me that she was driving down the main street when suddenly a voice from nowhere screamed in her ear, “Stop!”. She was so startled that she slammed on the brakes. Within seconds, a city garbage truck came barreling from a side street and crossed the main thoroughfare in front of her. The runaways trucks brakes had given way and the driver could not stop it. If she had not stopped, it would have crushed her compact car and her too. Wow! Maybe the voice of an angel?

I met an elderly coal miner in Mingo County, West Virginia who told me about being two miles underground when out of nowhere a loud voice said, “Run away as fast as you can!”. He turned and began to walk briskly toward the mine’s opening. Within minutes, he heard the cracking roof of that mine give away and it shook the ground under his feet. Rock dust quickly covered him as he hurried out…he was safe. The voice of an angel?

Maybe you can remember your guardian angel whispering to you…or you just knew he was watching over you... Do you have an angel story? I would love to hear it.

James Michael Flippo #3571022
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Struggle for Religious Freedom

For most of U.S. history, natives were not accorded the formal freedom of religious exercise.  A right included in the first Amendment.  The free exercise clause finally came to include natives in 1988 with the Indian Civil Rights Act, even though in 1978 Congress established the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, or AIRFA.  These proposals ultimately failed in Congress.  The amendment known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act managed to succeed.  Then in 2000, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Person’s Act was established.  Nevertheless, this act has the potential o also be ruled unconstitutional if the issue ever reaches the Supreme Court. 

For centuries Natives experienced internal colonialism, forced assimilation, exploitation, discrimination, and cultural degradation.  One of the steps ultimately required to achieve religious equality, will be the allowance and encouragement of Native religious practice and spiritual observance in prison. 

Know your rights!  Restrictions on a prisoner’s right to religious literature violates the first Amendment.  Prison officials are not required to provide religious objects as long as inmates are free to purchase or obtain objects themselves.  They cannot ban some objects and not others w/o justification.  Prisoners have success with claims protecting religious dietary practices.  Courts have ordered such diets be made available to inmates.  Rejecting efforts by officials to charge inmates for religious diets.  The religious and spiritual requirements of incarcerated natives are clearly not being met to a satisfactory degree. 


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NDN Country

The fact is Native America spands the continent from Alaska down to Mesoamerica.  The word Mexican was originally Mexicano in Spanish.  This was from the Aztec meaning half-breed or mixed blood.  Mestiso is the word for half-breed in Spanish, from the Castillian.  Chicano also comes from the Aztec Mexicano.  When the Spaniards came to Native America, they carried their language with them.  The culture that later became the Mexican culture was a product of intercultural marriages.   The Spainiards intermixed with every nation of local natives – the Oaxaca, Yaqui, Navajo, Comanche, and many others such as the Aztec, Maya, Toltec and Olmec.  The product of these mixes is the Mexican.  Being Mexican is being par Spainiard and part Native.  So a true Mexican will always be a mixed blood because that is what Mexican means.  Tucson was still part of Mexico until 1914 , when it became part of he Gadsden Purchase.  Look at Guatemala, Honduras, Columbia, the homelands of the indigenous populations.  We didn’t draw the borders and stateliness, so the borders crossed us.  The eagle of the North and the condor of the South.  We will meet with our relatives because we are one, as the fingers of our hand. 

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Cultural Extermination

The psychological process of demonizing our ancestors and their traditions is similar to what we see constantly at work in holy wars.  Gospels teaching that God will not protect other children of the world unless they convert.  Crystal clear “Divine” commands for he subjugation of different cultures including women and children.  Wouldn’t a creator be a giver of life to all people regardless of race?  Religions teach law and morality claimed as coming from an all-powerful entity yet written by man.  We’ve reached a point in consciousness to understand these scriptures have a dangerous subtext that has been ignored at the peril of many people and cultures.  The individuals who believe that he only road to heaven is to put all intellectual thinking and heretical roots in the garbage can are just maiming future generations.  We have to come to terms with outdated spiritual arrogance, especially when it demands patriarchal dogma and tends to sever cultural inheritance.  Even the most exalted and high minded doctrines seem mostly anchored in extortion and dependency.  We received these so called Holy Books by those who dictate through spiritual conquest and enforce “God’s Plan”.  Many hold tight onto foreign religion for no other reason than cultural extermination left them spiritually blinded.  The problem is many do not read these books but claim them only as a matter of they desperately need something to believe in. 

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Urban Heyoka

Urban Heyoka

I was blinded by civilization to the point of urban, at least that’s what they called me when I was still watching Kermit.  Guess I’m ambassador to a new type of warrior.  I’ll take it and run with it.  Plus I’m Heyoka, now look what I done with it.  Comes with his Blackstone.  If you sing one for me, better make it the flag song, and don’t get the words wrong.  Sing it in my language, ‘cause I would be anguished, if you said land of the free and home of the braves.  Indigenous holocaust and home of the slaves.  Immortal technique, gangster rap made me do it.  Honest NDN’Z is the truest.  I’m on the warpath, this pen is my coup-stick.  It’s funny ‘cause I’m stupid, off the poison they gave me.  Alcoholic baby, that’s what it raised me, now I’m crazy.  In a sacred way, it’s been a long hard road, straight to the grave.  Till my casket drops but I’m in it today.  Buried alive and brokenhearted.  Here letters are like flowers, dearly departed.  Death by a thousand cuts.  Internally bleeding, I still give it to the people, I sacrifice it freely.  Tell my baby I love her.  Give thanks to her Mother.  Somebody tell my cousin you don’t do that to a brother.  One foot in the spirit world, see you when you get here.  Or on the contrary, family first, at least that’s what they tell me.  I believe in such virtue.  I suffer with dignity.  For all my relatives, I couldn’t do this without you.

Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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At Liberty

In life, we all have the power of “choice”. Choose or choose not. Every decision that we make, will either affect our lives in a positive or negative way. The theory of “cause and effect” tells us that for every action, there will be a reaction. This is why it is always best to be mindful in all that we do and say.

The “wrong decision” is why I now reside behind the walls that separate me from my loved ones. I am currently housed in a place where I have little to no control. Yet still, I rise because I have chosen to be “mentally free”.

Always remember, as a human being, you have “power of choice” nothing or no one can take that away from you. Remain at liberty and always choose what is in your best interest.

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