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Paul Andrew Rouse #Y16746Picture 2 By Paul Rouse September 8 2019

Paul Rouse #Y16746

I don’t really know what this is supposed to be about and so I’ll talk about something incredibly controversial, the Donald, Donald Trump. Ok, so is it weird that I enjoy the fact that he’s outspoken? I feel like everyone is so tied up in being a political tool – including just like the run of the mill person. It’s blatantly refreshing to have a leader who’s nonconforming and just gets things done. Like all the pontificating is just unnecessary…

I could be emphatically mistaken, just an opinion. Discuss y’all…!!




Wayne Murphy #207062Primary Picture By Wayne Murphy September 8 2019

Wayne Murphy #207062

Finally, the good Lord has answered the millions of prayers from my family and friends and myself and my dedicated, hard efforts have paid off, as I’ve received the attention of a very large, reputable Law Firm that has recently (July 2019) accepted my wrongful conviction case for investigations on a pro-bono basis (without costs). This Law Firm has been looking at and considering my case for months prior to their recent decision. This Law Firm has 5 office locations in the United States and 8 locations in 8 different countries. For the first time during this injustice nightmare, I feel confident that I’ll soon be on the path of Truth and Justice and my actual innocence will be proven.

Being an innocent man is the worst experience that I’ve ever experienced in life. My 2 children and my precious granddaughter have been affected by this injustice. I’m praying that the TRUTH will send me home so I can be a father to my children who are now grown, and a grandfather to my little granddaughter. God is great and I give all the credit to Him for this GREAT news that will put the wheels of TRUTH and JUSTICE on the path that will take me home.

Wayne C. Murphy

By Charles Allen September 6 2019

Charles Allen

1974 Vocational Graduate, Machine Technology

1974-1986 employed Texas of Fields-Exploration, Completion/Workover

1986-1989  U.S. Navy – Honorable Discharge, unforeseen single parenthood

1989-1993  Employed South Texas Petrochemical Industry


Offense Related Summary

Court appointed defense, counsel.  Presented no defense evidence, relevant testimony.

Local judge described his medical examiners investigation duties being to “investigate the scene, try to figure out what happened”.  (CR4 319-320)   Thereafter said judge set bond at $10,000.  Trial record reflects no investigation related testimony or reports as to ‘what happened’.

During pre-trial, the prosecution repeatedly instructed the venire that the prosecution would not have to prove the element of intent in order to obtain a conviction.  (CR3 149-150,  152, 154).

During closing arguments the prosecution instructed the jury to convict “at least by omission”.   (CR5 705)   Considered an appeal to abandon reason.  Stahl v. State, 749 S.W. 2 d at 832.

Thereafter repeatedly instructed the jury that the prosecution does not have to prove the element of intent for the jury to convict.  (CR5 716-717).   Established legal authorities however require such.  In re Winship, 397 U.S. at 364, Hernandez v. State, 819 S.W. 2d at 811-812.

Denied parole in 2005 due to my refusal to discuss information U.S. Navy may still deem classified and previously refused to discuss with parole commissioner.

Frivolous post-conviction appeal/parole particulars available upon request.

Will respond to inquiries regarding personal interests, etc.

Thank you.   Hope to hear from you.





Pablo Maldonado #1000900002 - Primary Picture By Pablo Maldonado September 6 2019

Dear World

Dear World

Let me remind you that we all hold the code to decipher every situation.  We contain in our hearts and minds that transforming and generative power to make oneself whole and what you will.

As I sit here on death row waiting on the unknown, I finally mastered the power to mold and make.  So, I no longer do the things I desire in life, I spend my time doing what I'm passionate about, what drives me and what I love.  This death row experience made me discover my mission, my purpose and my passion in life.  I am dreaming of success, of my fulfillment, and what I can fulfill in you as my friend.  However, I have realized that my dreams cannot come true without the world (you) on my side.

So I come to you in words, so you can come to me in person, for my incarceration limits me profoundly.  However, you are free and therefore I can be free through you, achieve things through you and accomplish my dreams through you or with you.  for the supreme good you can do for me or my fellow prisoners is to enlighten us with your light, your meaning, with your sincere friendship and support in advancing our cause and education.  One of the greatest good of humanity is to enjoy everything you are with one of us condemned prisoners, and thus make a difference in our lives, as we surely can and will try to make a difference in your life.

My dear world, don't forget us, but rather forgive us, for we are not beyond remedy.  Matter fact, we strive for goodness, we have the will to change and become transformed to something good and useful.


By Tyler Finlay August 26 2019

Tyler Finlay

I was incarcerated in 2017. It was that day I decided I wanted to be in the best shape and frame of mind mentally and physically when I am released; never looking back at the bad choices I made. I have two years left until my release. I believe to reach these goals I must be both mentally and physically fit. I strive to remain on a strict diet and have a dedicated workout routine.

The diet that works best for me is a fasting type diet where I only eat four hours out of the day, starting after my workout and ending after I eat dinner. I eat as much protein as possible, limit my carb intake, and drink lots of water. The physical part of my routine involves heavy weights or weight lifting six days a week, with cardio every other day to help burn extra calories. I like to focus on one body part a day (arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, and then legs again) followed by a day’s rest.

After mentally committing to this routine, I have shown great results. When I first came to Orofino I weighed 170 lbs.; my current weight is 203 lbs and my body fat percentage is at 11%. I have not yet reached my goals, but I have come a long way.

If you ever have any questions regarding fitness, both mentally and physically, I am willing to give you the advice I have learned over the years.

Anthony Bell #02062222 - Primary Picture By Anthony Bell August 22 2019

Anthony Bell

Try it, you will like it. Fact! I’m 5’10”, 180 pounds, I’m attractive… I know this. #prisonbody #lookimlockedup.

I want a pen-pal. I crave human contact. If you were in my shoes, you would also. When was the last time you were able to open your mind to someone? You know why I’m on here, I want to know why you’re on here. You hold the keys and control on this. I’m curious to see if you’re curious! Can I be your friend right now? Without a doubt! Have you seen Orange is the New Black? That’s my life right now. I want to talk to a real person.

For whatever reason you wound up on here today, lucky me! Lucky you also cause I’m awesome. You know what I need, what do you need? They call me Tony. Hit me up. I’ll lit you back. You know that little grin you have right now? Look back at my pic, we’re both smiling. Happiness is hard to come by, we bot know that. Send some my way. I’ll send it back.

Not if, but when you JPay me, please send me your address in the body of the letter so I can write you back. I’m not cocky, I just know who I am and what I want.

That artwork is mine, I would love to draw for you. Everyone has a story. Let’s share.

Don’t forget to send your address.

I’m waiting.



Jason Welch #B81586Primary Picture By Jason Welch August 17 2019

Jason Welch#B81586

Breaking News! My out date has changed. Now the latest I’ll be released is in 2019 and the earliest October 22, 2019. Now let me clear up a few things as far as education. Along with my high school diploma, I have an Associate’s in Business, a 2 year vocational certificate in Culinary and with a lot more to go along with that. Recently I earned a 9 month vocational certificate in Motorcycle and ATV Repair Tech. At the moment I’m taking an Autobody Automotive Tech class, so that’s why I’m not pursuing any education. I’m just focusing on that at the moment while at the same time making a transition back into society.

I know with my out date constantly changing you could feel like a few months is not enough time to forge a good friendship, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. TTYL or in this case WYTS. Hey! By the way, (Yo hablo y escribir espanol tambien).

Kendrick Martin #R56782 - Primary Picture By Kendrick Martin August 13 2019

My Struggle

My Struggle

The life I chose put a label on me, it didn't make me a bigger man or a better person but the life I chose showed me My Struggle.  I’m not a complicated person, just a realist and a leader.  You're not better than me, you're no different than me, in my eyes were equal.   It doesn't mean anything because I'm locked up, my tattoos never defined me, I'm happy where I'm at, at this point in my life.  I'm just on a little vacation right now.  I'm not going to change for you or the next person and you should feel the same way. 

We all have a lot to figure out even when we think we know it all.  If someone can't tell you how they feel, then what's the point in trying?  Yes, we don't know the half of what someone else has been through until we've lived that exact experience they've been through, so why judge when we don't even know that person? 

Why, because we feel we're better than them, because we're in a better position than them, or just because we're too blind to see that we're stuck in our own ways.  We might not be the same gender, the same race, might not be as wealthy as the next person, but My Struggle made me who I am.


Lonnie LaBonte #01003685 - Primary Picture By Lonnie LaBonte August 11 2019

Lonnie LaBonte #01003685

Peace be upon you,

Thank you for reading this blog. I’m posting a new photo of myself with a beard (which was taken last month). As you can see I’ve got quite a bit of grey hair in my beard, but that’s okay because I pray that with age comes wisdom, God willing. Additionally, I’ve enclosed some photos of my craft projects. I’ve been in the unit craft shop for over 10 years.

First I worked as an Artist painting anything I thought others would enjoy…especially for friends and family. Eventually, I broadened my artistic abilities and started “commercial art”, which, allowed me to airbrush clock plaques, helmets, mini-blinds…almost anything.

After my Father passed from Cancer, I began working as a metal smith. Initially, I made small objects: Dog-tags, name-tags, pendants, earrings and bracelets. As I got better, I began making: Buckles, Colt 1911 pistol grips, prayer-beads, rings and spurs. Again, anything I thought others would enjoy…especially for friends and family.

I currently find myself working more on law enforcement and fire department projects making badges, but I also donate items towards non-profit organizations to help others.

I pray you’ll appreciate seeing some of the items I’ve spent so much of my time crafting through the years of wrongful incarceration.


Lonnie LaBonte


Mahdi Ali #236437 - Primary Picture By Mahdi Ali August 11 2019

Mahdi Ali #236437

I’m currently incarcerated for a crime I didn’t commit. All it takes to prove my innocence is DNA testing. Unfortunately, Minnesota isn’t interested in innocent or guilt which is why I’m reaching out for help. Please read my profile to get better understanding on my story and unlawful conviction. In the meantime, this is my dream.

Goals & Aspirations

My goal is becoming one of the best authors and songwriters in my generation. Shedding light to what matters the most in society brings me joy. The thoughts of knowing I can affect the world in so many ways with my words alone are amazing and indescribable feelings. Imagine inspiring people and knowing that you impacted their lives with your craft. Music and books are a part of our daily lives regardless of our environments. I chose these hobbies obviously because of my talent, but also knowing that I can possibly help and save lives. I’m a product of a corrupt environment. My surroundings lack of positive enlightenment inspired me to develop a strong sense of self-awareness, and opened my eyes to hardships and struggles consuming our youth. If I can inspire one individual with my words to keep them from traveling down this road I have paved, it would fulfill my desire of being helpful. My personal aspiration is to share my experiences, to help guide troubled youth that might be starting on the path I went, to divert them onto a more positive path with my creative writing.