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Other Ways to Contact Me

September 8 2021

Ask me for my email address, my younger brother is checking and maintaining my email address so messages are being relayed frequently. You can also find me on or the corrlinks app. It may also help to see the ICS corrections of IC solutions websites. If you would like to talk to me on the phone, you can send me your phone number and I can call you directly.

Either way I look forward to hearing from you.


September 4 2021

Life isn’t always easy, this I know. Most of us struggle with our feelings and getting them under control like it’s a never-ending battle. We’re always looking for someone or something to turn to so we can be comforted. I’m not saying I have life all figured out, but maybe that’s the reason I was put on this earth. I can relate to others so well about depression and loneliness, and that’s what makes me so good at cheering people up. However, just because I care and hate seeing others struggle internally, do not mistake me for being soft. I’m a bit bigger than your average bear, but I will give you the shirt off my back and give you every ounce of attention you deserve. I’m not your typical inked up prisoner, so if you need a little joy in your life, all you have to do is write me and find out for yourself!

The Struggles of Incarceration

September 3 2021

At the height of 2020, with police brutality, riots and this Nation's great divides; Black v. White, Republican v. Democratic, Southern Confederate Generals v. Modern Day Citizens. Along with the great equalizer (Covid-19). Black Americans positive with the Covid-19 virus were gassed and pepper sprayed. By white correctional officers fully dressed in military style riot gear. Most of these Black Inmates were already asthmatic, before contracting the deadly Covid virus. In an abuse of power and with excessive force these Michigan Department of Corrections employees. Deliberately, with disregard released chemical agents in a housing unit full of sick Black Americans. With gross criminal negligence these MDOC employees refused to open any window, turn on any fan, or open any door. As the cry for help could be heard throughout the compound. Even the slightest jester of compassion was suppressed. For these MDOC employees oppressed the Black Inmates even further by refusing to call healthcare. It is said, "That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger". The survivors of this chemical assault are stronger, but are focused on bring these MDOC employees to account.

Help us, share our story as we join the fight! I can be reach at, it is free to establish an account.

J-pay requires Inmate's last name, and Inmate's number.

Jason Jackson #01857840

September 1 2021

Regrets, don’t remind us that we did badly, it reminds us that we can do better! The biggest fallacy on earth is that you can be anything that you want to be; but you can only be what you were meant to be…Make it happen, be a contender, not a pretender, you can’t fight progress, so you need to think ahead if you hope to survive and possibly prosper. That’s when mental muscles become far more useful than physical strength…

New To Site, Looking For Pen-Pal

August 31 2021

Hello, my name is Haneef and I am seeking the company of others that may possibly develop into a lasting friendship! My intentions are to indulge in a range of subject matters without limits to any specific topic.

Things you should know about me: I have reached my peak of success in the entertainment world. I don’t have any need for anything financially. My goal is to share the knowledge with motivated individuals and give back to society.

2 Be Honest W/ TB

August 27 2021

Today is my first blog ever. It’s exciting to let people into what I’m thinking. To be honest, I hope that didn’t sound or come off as arrogant. I’m not that type. I wish to be a provocateur of thought. Let’s inspire conversations to be had. Conversations like “Why does a 17-year-old boy receive a sentence greater than his years on earth?” Or “If we have the first amendment right to express speech, why am I silenced and caged for my protest?” This is me. If you are interested in that forum of thought, be looking out for blog, my blog. Love. Peace. Blessings.


Sacred Energy

August 24 2021

Mentally lost, within this battle

where nothing else matters this emotional ongoing pattern

that left my back scarred & tattered

with a glass heart almost fully shattered

with my better half or, soul in the flesh-cold,

left to death & disaster

like, how do you just "love the thought of me"?

that's what I asked her due to the lack of emotional monogamy

it just caused sarcastic laughter

got me then trying to comprehend astrology

like who's truly meant for a cancer?

with the mind of both leo & gemini

cuz even though in the past

my path was cursed & staring into the devil's eyes

and now my blessing's mastered

with a starving soul I knock...

but there's still no answer

so I'm building a passage

with wicked vibes I sever ties

cuz my energy's sacred

body captive with a free mind, walk a true line

where words end with action-like close captioned

friends to foes-they all vanished

then fiance turned into a cold savage

but I do not pay attention to old damage-nah

I mustn't, but I will always elevate past it.

Divine Light of Friendship

August 21 2021

Salaam! To all people of light who are apart of this great awakening to a higher existence of spiritual consciousness, letting your light shine in these dark places, you are appreciated and needed.

Thanks be to the supreme being, the court of appeals has vacated my wrongful conviction, (May 13, 2021) leaving me with very little time. God is great.

Support doesn’t always come from familiar faces; we can’t be surprised when God places strangers in our lives to take us to higher places. Friends that will expose us to powerful truths that will change our lives, becoming acquainted with the knowledge of the reality of self. Nothing in life happens by chance, each of us is a child of destiny. We must stay woke to the signs of our own lives.

Let’s share a little of one another’s light, warmth, and power. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. I would rather be your friend than anything else in the world.

The art of communication and language is what distinguishes man from animal.

The highest form of communication is language used to communicate divine truth/light. It takes 8:20 seconds for light traveling at 186,000 miles per second to travel from the sun to the earth.

Likewise, it takes 8:20 seconds for the blood to make a complete circulation between the heel and the brain.

That tells us that there are levels of energy, light, spiritual power contained in the right words, communicated from right motivation, energizing the brain of the recipient, that energy is delivered to every part of our body increasing our energy level and light.

In the sweetness of friendship let there be light, laughter, secrets, and pleasure.

I can only receive JPay, I’m unable to respond unless you include your mailing address. Rise and shine, the light has come in the dew of little things.



August 20 2021

How can people justify the continued incarceration of those that have aged out of crime or changed for the better?

Yes, we’ve committed serious crimes, we deserve to be punished. Our victims and their families deserve healing and justice. But, how does healing and justice look to you? In most cases, the victims or their family’s views of healing and justice probably hinges on the words and views of the detectives and prosecutors. “We’re going to get your justice. He’s going away forever for this.”

Most victims and their families never get the answers they desire and deserve. So, how can they heal? What role do the victims and their families play in sentencing, outside of being a courtroom prop for the prosecutor? What is rehabilitation? Who judges it? What is redemption, and who deems one redeemed? The biggest questions are “how?” and “why?” These are just my experiences and views on this subject, but I’m open to honest dialogue and help.

How do you apply your own morals when viewing crime and the actions that follow? Punishment? Justice? Rehabilitation? Forgiveness? Redemption? Profit? Contact me via or by using the “Contact now!” option. In closing, some of America’s policy makers have the time to revisit reintroducing the firing squad, but can’t or won’t look at its justice system, race, poverty, rehabilitation, and other real social issues and practices that are killing this country. Really? The firing squad?
#SecondChances #TeamLeon.

 Stay safe and be great!

– Leon.

Hey Everyone

August 19 2021

I am finally getting out of the hole after a year of being in here. I should be back on main line by September, where I'll be able to make phone calls & have video visits.

I look forward to hearing from you!