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The Introspection of a letter

I don’t think many of us who are incarcerated understand our obligation to friends and loved ones. Oftentimes we wallow in resentment and pity because we feel forgotten or left out as it pertains to the lives of our loved ones. But, I challenge you to take a different approach. If the world stopped turning because we are incarcerated, then what would there be in the lives of our loved ones to want to be a part of? A good friend of mine wrote an article detailing the many letters written by political prisoner Nelson Mandela to his family while imprisoned during the Apartheid Regime. Her article gave insight on how Mr. Mandela was Vulnerable and stripped of family and friends, as most of the incarcerated are. But, despite it all the restrictions and limitations on Mandela and his family, he fought to remain connected. So, ask yourself, as a prisoner how restricted are we really? Are our conditions as dark and grim as Mr. Mandela’s or have we just given up? Have we developed the “poor little me syndrome that has deprived our families of the strength that has deprived our families of the strength we bare? Now don’t get me wrong, our friends and family are not completely absolved of all responsibility. In the article that inspired me to write this, she shared what a fellow writer advised: “Whenever you receive a letter from a prisoner make sure you write him back.” There is no obligation on both ends. I’m sure that whatever your spiritual/religious guidance is (in most that I’ve studied” it tells you in one way or another to “never forget the prisoner”. However, in most families of the incarcerated, with the stress of finances and daily struggles, they simply don’t have the tools or basic understanding of what this kind of support entails. So, as the prisoner, it is my job to set the example. Through letters, you can be the reassurance to a mother that’s worried. You can be the bond that a daughter needs with a father or the discipline of a man to a son. Through letters, your wife can still be what we commonly refer to as “your rib”. Letters have allowed me to be vulnerable in my darkest times and the strength in my families. No matter what our reasons, we have to stay connected to those we love, even if they never respond! The tragedy that is prison is meant to derail us. But, sometimes our circumstances are meant to define us. We think tragedy derails us when it actually puts us on track. So, lets challenge ourselves to make whatever obstacles we face into character building opportunities and share your journey with the family you love. Become through provoking and understanding and know that you have to work just as hard to include your family in your life as they do for you in theirs. So, while my friend so eloquently stated: “Someone, somewhere in a prison across town, in a border detention facility in a country you’ve never known is waiting on a letter.” I say some daughter, some wife, some mother in a place you know very well is also.


By Judah Watkins

A free thinker

Judah Watkins #B-84518
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Ideologue #2

It’s time for you to get a point of view from a real man, the one and only Bacon.

C’mon people, it isn’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know fa’sho that just aint so.

I’m going to explain, the only time I tried Methamphetamine I was awake for six days. Found out there was a pervert in the neighborhood.

Right across the street, my neighbors were having a party. After two hours I realized, I was staring at a bunch of furniture.

That’s American politics.

 Welcome to our Sketchy Kvetchy Platform.

Bacon: Donald J. Trump is a victim of the media. Trump’s a humble person. He’s actually much greater than he thinks he is.

FTJ: Trump is the worst schlemiel on the planet, who I’d never want to meet. He’s the biggest crotch grabbing creep in the country who will never see the inside of a prison. I pray he chokes on Hasenpfeffer.

Bacon: You see, those Liberals complain when it doesn’t work out for them. They want everything and nothing at the same time. Sort of like breaking up with your baby’s mother cause you don’t date chicks with kids.

FTJ: The conservatives believe in our laws like condoms are only for people who don’t have a disease.



Please contact us by web or through the ancient art of letter writing.

Brian Bement #17429422
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Victor Petty

Hello World,

Thank you for tuning into my thoughts. I have so much to share. Truth. I’ve come a long way in this deep and emotional search for the knowledge of myself and life, and the search continues. Up until my redirection I’ve been counterproductive to my life and most around me. Through-out the five years I’ve been away I’ve slowly grown and improved. Training myself to be the complete man I was born to be. We live in a day and age where a sad but very high percentage of men are not fulfilling the purpose that’s in our nature. Which is guiding and protecting our women and children. Mistreating our women from all types of angles. Subconsciously tricking them into thinking that this is just how men are. Unknowingly taking advantage of the vulnerability that’s also in their nature. I own up to the fact that I was one of the worst of them inside that high percentage of disappointing men. But, I’ve redirected my focus on embracing the unselfish righteous part of my creation. Wanting for everyone as I do for myself and that’s the true knowledge and understanding of ourselves. Our body and minds are a gift and this gift was given to us to cherish and strengthen, not poison. I’ve been a poison to myself and others long enough. I WILL be a helping hand in this much needed change within my people. My guidance starts now and this is not just me declaring my leadership. I’m also a follower. I follow knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. If you possess those jewels, I follow you. Going back to teaching our children that they’re the most important keys to our future, doing and showing the knowledge as we teach it. Going back to remembering how important women are to us. They are the yin to our yang. Without women there are no children to groom and teach. Without women there is no life. We need to remember that they represent strength, support, and beauty in our lives. There’s a reason why children automatically love their mother when they’re born. Everyone else is a stranger to that same child including the father and that love has to be earned. Every day I study and exercise, sharpening my mind and body. Preparing myself for this lifelong journey/mission of uplifting lives around me. I hope my insight of truth in this blog and many more to come helps and pushes you to embrace the power you possess to shape your reality to healthy true happiness.

Until next time, P.E.A.C.E.

Victor Petty #M28422
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Jason Miears #01729946


Halloween and Fall are back and just enjoying the lovely weather. Has anyone ever experienced any paranormal or mysterious activities this time of year? I would love to hear anyone’s stories.

About five years ago in 2013 I had an unusual experience from the other side. It was late at night and I was in F Wing Cell 65 and I think I had an encounter with a ghost. At 3AM when officers were opening up the doors for early morning chow, some force threw open my door with a mighty push. I got up as the door slamming open was so loud. But after looking out, no one was ever even near it. After telling different people about it, I learned I was not the first to experience weird things in that cell. Other people who once lived there swear up and down that cell 65 is haunted and thought a ghost was playing tricks in there. Books falling off the table for no apparent reason, lights coming on when they shouldn’t, and its doors opening like the experience I had. The only thing I can come up with is that some poor prisoner’s soul is stuck in the between realms and can’t find its way to the light.

I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this subject or any other paranormal stories you would be willing to share.

Happy Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Jason Miears #01729946
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Michael Luciano

To all you painters out there.  If you do portraits at all, you’ll understand and maybe be able to answer some questions for me.

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember.  Only it’s all been pencil and pen, which is cool. I'm really comfortable with pen and can do pretty much anything I put my mind to.  Being so comfortable in my abilities I decided to try painting at the beginning of 2017.  And to be honest, my first portrait was a mess.  But it taught me wonders.  So my second attempt was WAY better, and they have gotten better with each painting.  See for yourself.  Look me up on Facebook under Michael Luciano.

But back to my question. Even though I like how my paintings have progress, I can still see the need for improvement.  I need to figure out how to get better depth and the 3 dimensional look to get away from the flat look and bring more life to my portraits. 

So if anyone out there has nay tips or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  Cuz from here my options are really limited, yet I refuse to give up.  Let me know if you think you can help.

Respectfully humble

Michael Luciano #B30219
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In this realm of déjà vu my name is Frank the Jew.  Along for this intellectual shtick is my pal Bacon. 

According to my psychotherapist, Bacon is six foot tall, two hundred pounds, four legged imaginary friend who resembles a piece of hickory smoked bacon.

Oy friggin, very, that’s the craziest thing I've ever heard.  Yeah right, IMAGINARY!

Bacon and I met running numbers on the hard streets of West Chicago.  Bacon, my savory button man, helped elevate my rank among the Turn Junction Outfit.

If the Main Street store owners found the chutzpah to kvetch, bacon broke their shanks.  If the Grand lake neighbor’s got loud, Bacon shot on their porch. 

If the Reedkepler degenerates didn’t have our shekels, Bacon threw them in a pen.

We finally got stopped between lettuce and a tomato in Oregon doing forever and a day.

Lately, Bacon’s been acting so salty cause of his conservative views, he has my cholesterol up.  This greasy idiot is such a staunch Trump supporter, he has the same haircut.


Again…when we raped and murdered helpless Native Americans?


When women were just play things?

America will be great, but only through progress.

Bacon and I have dedicated our blog, IDEOLOGUE, to help rezone our arguments by providing the sketchy kvetchy platform to discuss political and social issues.

OY friggin’ Vey, GET OFF OF ME!  Sorry, Bacon just ran in.



FTJ:  The conservative views on gun control are going to kill our children.

Bacon:  Wassamatter wit ya Liberals, anything seems possible when ya dunno ya butt from ya brains.

FTJ:  I realize using guns to kill in war in necessary, but we don’t need guns on our streets.

Bacon:  Puleaze…Y’see our country is gonna burn in hell from deez liberals.  Americans need guns.

FTJ:  Gun Nut Conservatives will ruin our soon to be great country.

Bacon:  Hand’em spineless Liberals out GREAT country, we’ll be gay and gunless.


Send us your opinions on our Sketchy Kvetchy discussion to our favorite schmuck Brian.

OY friggin, very, GET OUT OF MY FRIGGIN’ LEG!  Sorry, Bacon’s acting like Trump again.

Settle down, it’s me Brian. Come join our discussion platform.  No hurry, it’s just two people and a piece of bacon waiting on you.

Brian Bement #17429422
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Cobey LaKemper #0767480

Hey! To anyone considering writing, please know that I will respond to every letter received. If you write and do not receive a timely reply, it’s because prison staff failed to forward your communication – a too common problem, frustratingly. So, should you write and not hear back from me, please try again, for it would be sadly uncool if the opportunity for us to be friends was lost.

One of the most dispiriting aspects of ongoing confinement I’ve discovered – in addition to the more obvious and immediate losses like family and old friends – is lack of relevance. It didn’t occur to me so much until having my “contraband” cell phone, or perhaps after it was confiscated, that being relevant in society and participating in the activities of the free world is quite missed. If only I could be around and interact with good people again, I would never cease to appreciate it. Normally I manage not to dwell on that particular loss.

Fortunately, the prospect of true, meaningful friendship just over the horizon alleviates most negatives – in incarcerated life or free. Very little is more rewarding or fulfilling than two people lifting each other up; providing each other with something to look forward to each day; sharing kind words, laughter and occasionally tears; and virtually guaranteeing the absence of loneliness. Maybe this will be the catalyst that introduces us to a lifetime of priceless friendship.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take it easy.



Cobey LaKemper #0767480
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Jonathan Newell

Respectfully, it is crucial for taxpaying voters, to be involved with the trends and practices within the Prison Systems-Medical Services section.  It is presumed bad form, to speak up for inmates incarcerated, but the truth is; without support from citizens, inmates with health problems could become a risk to the public health and safety upon release.

Each state’s budget appropriations committee in the Senate and House of Representatives fund the prison system money to care for the needs of incarcerated individuals, this money comes from the taxpaying voters, it’s the purpose of taxes.  When states failure to monitor and regulate their prison system for waste and misappropriations of services and funds, it is injurious to all parties involved.

When inmates reproductive Health Care matters go untreated, for male inmates prostate health screening is important, among other related care, similarly situated, a female inmates gynecology care is important.  For various cancers going untreated could lead to death of the patient and while incarcerated measures could be taken to solve the problem.

Suppose a Prisons Medical Services, abandoned the care of an inmate with such cancer; due to his release date was less than a year away – for this often does happen.  Suppose this same inmates condition became worse and upon release sought care, but for his sickness was unable to manage a stable job - thus had to rely on other state services; and its respective cost to the taxpaying voter.  Does it seem fair to either party involved?


Jonathan Newell #0788137
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Louis Jones #R54524

Hello Write A Prisoner:

I thought hello would be more appropriate than greetings at the present time, although I realize that we haven’t yet shared any pleasant adventures together, I am hopeful that in the not too distant future, we will become friends, lovers or perhaps even both.

Needless to say, prison is certainly not the ideal meeting place for making new acquaintances. It would probably rank next to last on the list if not very last, if ranked at all. This is not to say at all that all people incarcerated cannot be redeemable parties and contributors to their communities if this were the case, and there were no second chances given to those who make missteps there would hardly be anyone left around.

I am looking for a reasonable companion to share my thoughts and interests with and if there is anyone willing to be a close crony you can contact me via email by going to and sending me an email or via mail. I hope to hear from you soon.

Louis Jones #R54524
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Preston Wilbur #A722-429

Something that I realized over time while being incarcerated is that a majority of those I considered “friends” really aren’t. The first few months I felt important to a few people I know out there and that’s because random people I had known before being incarcerated contacted me and spoke to me even though we really didn’t talk much beforehand.

Once I hit a year and a half in, everybody slowly disappeared. Those that I would spend time with and hang out with on a daily basis on the outside, haven’t even contacted me this entire time I’ve been locked up. I think about that constantly and it really bothers me, I know it’s for the best though.

I’m down to about 18 months overall and a year to a hallway house (TC) out of 54 months. The little things mean the world to us as prisoners. Even if it’s a letter, a card once a month or so. It’s crazy to be in this position, it shows who your true friends are. People told me that they would write me, but once I got sentenced, I never heard from them again.

This time I have spent incarcerated has helped me to take a look at those people. If they can’t be someone to talk to during hard times, then they’re not a real friend. A person’s word is everything, especially when you’re locked up and that’s all you have. Everybody wants to be your friend when you’re doing good, but life’s a roller coaster and not everything good lasts forever!

Preston Wilbur #A722-429
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