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Kenneth Key #A70562

December 28 2019

Remember those in prison as if
You were their fellow prisoner,
And those who are mistreated
As if you yourselves were
Suffering. Hebrew 13:03

When does forgiveness begin?
When does forgiveness begin?

“People afflicted with leprosy were segregated from society; exiled for life to leper colonies. Those type of leper colonies are mostly a thing of the past. A new type of leper colony has taken their place. The leper colonies are prisons which have sprung up like Starbucks”. Joseph Dale.
I ask myself, how do we as human beings claiming various faith, continue day after day, year after year, to judge, expect and think appositionally against those who have fallen, who truly seek Redemption, Reconciliation and Forgiveness from their victim(s), community and humanity. I’m baffled by those who fill the various places of worship whose tenets are “Love Thy Neighbor”. Do you hate us so much that you won’t forgive me/us? Is it wrong to look for someone who can provide a glimmer of hope that can prove us wrong, that there’s still people with forgiving, nonjudgmental hearts, who haven’t icily taken on attributes of those incarcerated. What will it take for us who have been deemed lepers to be restored? For I among the many would love for the “Healing” to begin. To forgive is to allow those seeds to grow. To all victims, survivors of unspeakable crimes, may you one day forgive out of a need to heal yourself. Forgiveness is a choice I pray starts today.



Timothy Booker Jr.

December 27 2019

They say your thoughts manifest themselves and man is made or unmade by himself. In the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he builds to himself heavenly mansions of joy and peace. I often hear those words in my head over and over and wonder what type of thoughts were running through this big head of mine to end up with a 25 year and 6 month long bid. At times I felt as tho I destroyed myself but remained ten toes down with my head always high. It took a lot of growth to see that I can elevate by changing my thoughts and with those same tools I learn to destroy and rebuild knowing that I can still win!


Timothy Weys

December 21 2019

Obsidian’s systems were becoming more anymore corrupted; in short-they were filing. The Voyn class mech’s AI couldn’t resolve the anomaly (or miracle, according to biologies) of how the triumvirate still functioned.

Which was why Zombies, (AI’s)-were regulated to rudimentary/remedial tasks.

“Why’re we drawin’ so much damn heat!?”  vented Boaz, Eld’s “co-pilot”-of sorts-.  He was a Dybbuk, (or the preferred mount’s term-rider) his consciousness was anchored to an Egress and through quantum entanglement; was able to co-pilot.

Most dismissed Dybbuks as construct, (another variation of Zombie); an egregious error. Obsidian knew better. Boaz-either by hook or crook-was choosing to await reintegration (fusing a consciousness with a clone).

“They’re attracted to users.” Obsidian answered with distaste. Neophyte Tenebrous was tapping Syphorsne’s source-Demesne. The mech was sure its pilot didn’t even now. “Eld’s been delving deeper, drawing more of the power’s source than ever; to keep us going.

Flying through the ‘Void they found solace in all the detritus, taking a brief respite i the part of a husk from a Dreadcarrier. “How dos ou know?” voiced Eld. “It could be your Mi’raj drive.”

“Not could-is, as in-also.” clarified Obsidian. “Now, you might have the misconception that I’m just ‘a stupid machine’-but, I’m sentient/sapient like you.”  Obsidian let that sink in. “Remember-you’re second generation Varuna, a legacy. Your father before you who created and polite me could delve…Also; your mother.”

Hope you enjoyed. 

Happy Holidays and a great 2020!

Henry Wainwright

December 21 2019

To Write A Book

I’ve decided to write a book. Though I don’t want to write a plain novel, rather, something more meaningful. spiritual, and/or, non-fiction. Unfortunately, my experiences and knowledge tend to dwell in the criminal atmosphere.  With many hours of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that the evolution of progress in our social norms is a topic not much discussed.

For instance; single parent households, L.G.B.T. rights, feminism, interracial marriages, economic migrations, etc., but these are things I know nothing about or very little. I do know a little something about love trauma, joy, grief, mercy, eroticism, anguish, empathy, grace, compassion, and a host of other emotions I know not of which.

These emotions are an intricate part of our society’s natural evolution of progress.  One could say, the actual catalyst or commencement of this progress. I do believe the prison life I live is a microcosm of societies around the world.  It’s just a matter of timing, a developing community versus a non-developing community.

I cannot write about my convictions, but the characters and case descriptions can be verified by public information systems. I am someone who has been strapped into Florida’s electric chair, and never had a death sentence. That particular story is revealed through my fictions character, “Lenny”…coming soon.

Meredith Smith

December 19 2019

First of all, it only takes a minute to like someone, an hour to care for someone….and a day to understand someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.   That's why I'm seeking someone who understands what friendship is all about, and not taking it for granted, but using it to their advantage to return the same.   Because it does play a major part in building a solid foundation in relationships and that's another reason why I don't take friendship lightly either, 'cause a definition of a true friend is someone who's going to be there when you need them the most!   (smile)


Michael Tiller

December 19 2019

Return of the Goddess

Where did the old way of treating women like goddesses go?  I ask this because of how modern society views women.  Every time I see the news there’s something about domestic violence or sexual assault with a woman victim.  That needs to change.  Women's feelings or place in life should never be diminished or overlooked, in any capacity.

Here's why I believe the old ways should be brought back.  Life starts and stops with women.  They are the bearers of new life.  Men can't bear life.  That, in and of itself, put women in a place to be respected and cherished.  Women also bring out the nurturing side of life that men can't.

It's no wonder why women are revolting and turning away from the male sex more and more.  Men, as a whole, need to realize that women are worth more than just personal pleasure.  Truthfully told, life’s center is women.  We, both men and society, should recognize that and have a whole new level of respect and honor for women.   They are goddesses of life and should be treated as such.

The sooner this is realized the sooner relationships work better, the sooner all aspects of life improve.  I state that because respect is a two way street.  To get it we must give it.  Once women feel respected, cherished, and not taken for granted the better we all will be.


Domingo Ramirez

December 17 2019

Hello Ladies!

Everyone juggles life in this world.

It is definitely not glitzes and glamour but it is absolutely so much more than anyone can ever speculate.  The bigger roadblocks in life are the lies we tell ourselves and the fear we place within our own thoughts with the biggest misconception revolving around time.   Is there truly ever enough time to do it all?

I wish I could tell you the answer is yes, but the truth lies solely with you.

You will make time for what is truly important to you.   You will find the strength, the tenacity, the drive, the work ethic and the love for anything that you want bad enough.   What I can tell you is that it is possible. 

We all are true fighters, we can see it in our eyes every morning.  We were sculpted to be our own warrior in the world.  When it keeps us down and we keep picking ourselves up.

I know I am and maybe you take the time to acknowledge you aren't alone in this fight either.


Ramirez D

*Important Contact Information*

December 16 2019

I just wanted to apologize to all the women who might have tried to contact me on ( and it wouldn't let you write me.

The prison where I am is having difficulties with our JPay machine. So if your a woman out there looking for a friend or some companionship, please just write me a handwritten letter for right now, with your name and address written inside of the letter, because we don't receive the original envelopes your letter was sent in.

The prison takes the letter and put it in a blank envelope and deliver it to me like that, so I won't be able to write you back without your name and address inside of the letter. My name, number, and address are down below. You have to write on the envelope exactly how I write it.

My Creative Outlet

December 12 2019

It started with a battle in a private prison on the Mexican border. It was a battle for basic human decency. I had to create a medium to capture the experience, and have since developed it into a model of civil discourse.

Please take a moment to view my efforts: ask me for the link to my website. It's creative.

December 2019

December 12 2019

It's been a crazy few months. We have stayed locked down two out of the last four months due to fights, a tropical storm, and a threat against a staff member.

During these lockdowns, we don't have access to Corrlinks or the phone. It can be stressful; at least we can still write letters. Being locked in basically a small bathroom 24 hours a day for weeks at a time is not much fun. But I stay busy working-out, reading good books, writing letters, and taking my daily “bird bath” in the sink (no showers in the cell).

The good news: this current lockdown should be over in a few days and I will be acquiring a guitar to keep in my cell so I can serenade the guards (and of course my celly... who may kill me in my sleep) jk. My parents were flying from Washington state to come visit me Dec. 6th. and due to this lockdown will have to reschedule.

About 20 months left to go on my sentence. It's been 5 years already and I've been to 6 prisons in 4 states. The feds have given me the grand tour. I've seen some really weird things so far LOL. Currently, I am locked up with the leader of the Somali pirates whose story led to the movie “Captain Philips” with Tom Hanks. I need to take a picture with him actually.

In all seriousness, being incarcerated is really hard. Prison can be a violent, terrible place. It can also be a place to better yourself. So I'm never gonna let it define me. I'm going to work towards my dreams and goals and trust in God to bring me home.

Love and respect,


“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the see of an equal or greater benefit”. -Napoleon Hill