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holla ya boy Gotta

June 30 2022

I am black man looking for good women take care of my financials!


June 30 2022

Hey friends,

First, thanks for taking time out to read my page. This is just a quick tip for contacting me. 

I know writing letters is “old news”, but writing is still an art!
But another way to contact me is: Download the app and send me a direct email. I’ll get it right away and email you back. You could also include a phone number so I can call you. That works too. Also, everything is free, so don’t panic!
Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care.

Dear Grandma

June 30 2022

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for answering my phone calls. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for always praying for me. Thank you for always having faith in me. Thank you for showing me faith. Thank you for giving me advice. Thank you for being you… amazing, beautiful, loyal, kind, and generous human being.

I wish I could press some kind of button and everything bad and negative would go away. I wish I could hug you infinity more times. I wish we could have infinity more Christmases. I am sorry for missing the last two.

I know now I will always be safe and looked over. Please say hi to Grandpa for me. Also say “Hi” to your other love, Elvis. I know you are in a way better place. You deserve the best eternal life, I believe you are living it. Rest easy, Grandma. We all love you.


Your Grandson Hunter

Robert Morris #R71372

June 29 2022

" I Believe"

By: Robert Morris

I believe that Black men are being targeted. Bombarded!

I believe that as a Black man, I am being tormented.

Even from the very start, I believe, I believe there are so many people of the Brown & Black race that are being forced apart. Divided & Conquered! I believe there are so many Black & Brown people who are broken. Mentally slaughtered! Brace, ethnicity shouldn't ever be a priority. Especially when they say everything & everyone is made equal, in the eyes of the majority the Almighty Supreme being. Never shall we be a minority! Though I have scientific proof that the Asiatic Black man of this world was indeed the first-ever, to be found. I still believe that "am" shall be presented equally for life is of luxury, pleasure & sound.

We are protected by the United States Constitution's 14th Amendment liberty interest, created equally and for all. But these equals should be viewed worldwide showing no disparity. No differential and all for one cause. I do believe in many. But the question is: "Do many believe in all? What do you believe in? I believe in the Rise, from the sleeping dead. Woke and never shall we fall!

I believe... I believe that these are human laws.

I believe...



June 29 2022

If ever asked what I thought was impossible, years ago, I would have answered, coming to prison. Now, prompted with the same question. I never thought I would   answer that I am safer in prison, as a prisoner than the people outside of prison. When did we reach a point as a nation where gun violence became the norm. When did we become jaded to hearing the news of gun violence? Who is to blame? Is it the liberals or the conservatives? Is it the Republicans or Democrats? Major media would lead you to believe it is the fault of one side or the other. Yet, I believe it's less political than that, a simpler answer. The ongoing problems this nation faces start with the attack on, and degradation of, the American family. If the establishment of the family breaks then, the outward society that surrounds it, falls as well.

As parents shaping the values, and beliefs of the future generation, it's our responsibility to teach our children right from wrong, good from evil, and light from the darkness. As parents take a united front and have the courage to teach "hard lessons" our children will grow and prosper then the fruit of our labor will be seen in their lives.

We can still right our wrongs and learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before us. Take Rome, for instance, the greatest civilization known to man, what happened? Simple, a house divided against itself cannot stand.    

Stanford Jackson

June 27 2022


There’s just enough light illuminating outside my window for me to type my mind’s inner most thoughts. Thirty-three years in prison has given me so much insight and understanding.

I placed an ad in hopes of meeting someone kind, funny, and honest. Someone who can also help me navigate my way through this new technology. We were recently provided tablets to use for videos, text messages, phone calls, games, and a lot of other fun stuff.

You can easily contact me by visiting the (Getting Out) app. Just look up my name. You can send me texts, videos, pictures, and video visits.

I admit that I am lost. My idea of a mouse was a small rodent. Why, I thought a megabyte was some kind of chicken nugget. I celebrated my 57th birthday this week. I wish I could have received a card or visit.

I won first place in the Mule Creek poetry contest. I have enclosed the poem and another picture of me. I am writing a book about my life and my involvement with the gangs.

I am a proud member of the Thug ministry. Thug is an acronym for “To Help Understand God”.

I lost my mom in 1995. Since then, I have dedicated my life to helping to make places like this unnecessary for kids who are at risk. I love writing long letters the old fashion way. Everything is so fast these days that everyone stopped writing.

As I said in my ad, I will answer any question you may have. Please contact me by visiting the app (Getting You can write me, text me, and send me emails (GTL) or (Jpay).










Rickie Pacheco

June 21 2022


I had some things I was thinking about, so I decided to pick up this pen and paper and write about them.

Throughout life we all seek to be connected to others, intimate connection….we all want someone to validate our emotions, how we feel, our thoughts, our need for attention and love, and although we crave this from somebody and never will be just anybody!

It’s crazy because we are limited to how many people we meet in a lifetime. It’s my opinion that we meet who we are supposed to meet and that it isn’t by chance.

For a long time, I didn’t think like this, I took a lot of these opportunities for connection for granted. As I’ve grown and my values became more clear to me I understand the value in meeting new people, especially when I think about the world and how many people are in it….millions, and out of all those people we only meet who we meet.

I’ve put myself out there on this website in hopes of connecting with others, whether it be through a blog or through my artwork, or by expressing myself and my thoughts through a letter.

If anything I’ve said here has caught your eye or made any sense of connection with you, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading this. Hope to hear from you soon.


Women Deserve Better

June 20 2022

Women Deserve Better

As a child I remember watching in horror as my father would consistently, emotionally, and physically abuse my mother. What I did not understand then was seeds of violent beliefs were being formed in my mind. Today, I understand healing in any capacity begins with taking responsibility. My anti-domestic violence movement begins with me. Women deserve better.

I was seven years old when I first viewed pornography. My addiction became progressively worse. What I did not understand then was pornography offered me an illusion of intimacy, fueling my codependency and promiscuity with women. Today, I view women as co-equals deserving of decency and respect. My anti-pornography movement begins with me. Women deserve better.

I remember emulating my older male influences in whistling and yelling out derogatory terms, as women walked by. What I did not understand then was these experiences fueled my dehumanization and objectification of women. Today, in honor of women, I choose to exercise self-control. My “anti-locker room talk” movement begins with me. Women deserve better.

Understanding who I was prior to my incarceration came about through introspection. Allowing my inter-child to be heard and validated has been instrumental in my healing process. I do so because women deserve better.

Today, crimes against women are prevalent worldwide. Instead of living in shame, I am now a proponent for change. It’s about equality, healthy communication, and respect. Women deserve better.



June 20 2022

Hi there,

I just want to thank the people that have taken the time to write to me.

It motivates me to keep doing good. It’s a good feeling to know that people care. Thank you for being so thoughtful. I continue to participate in self-help programs. I’m very close to getting my GED. By doing so, I will be getting more time off of my sentence. My release date is just around the corner, with God’s will. I count with a strong circle of family support. I have a good job waiting for me already. Those of you who are interested, I did come out in a music video. I had shorter hair at the time. YouTube “Lil Sicko”, “Who Told the Fedz”. I’ll be putting up a new picture on my profile soon, so standby. Best wishes to everyone out there. Take care. God is good all of the time.

Peace and love.

Your friend, 


P.S. Tambien hablo y escribe en Espanol.

A Glimpse into My World

June 20 2022

Death Row is a day-to-day destruction of the soul and an assault on humanities love: It toys with your mind. It takes a toll on your spirit and shatters your hope. 

“No, I’ll rise.” To transcend is to enter enlightenment. To transform is to be a better person. To thrive is to know what you want in life, It is to ride. To live is to walk along life happily with kindness alongside you. To exist is to love everyone and the world, to rise.