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Armondo Salazar #297901Primary Picture By Armondo Salazar July 4 2019

Armondo Salazar

I'm a very socially-oriented person. Friendships are critically important to me. The majority of my atmosphere is determined by myself image, also ridiculous as it sounds, I have a fundamental sense of obligation, responsibility, and competence. I intend to hold back my gift for humanity as a whole despite my situation I'm tolerant, thoughtful, and friendly, although sometimes I can be distant due to my focus and a busy schedule. My objective is one of my strong points. 

I'm essentially a thinker. I've been playing instruments since I was 8 years old, so, I was and still am a local music producer. I utilize my artistic skills to promote good songs based on all trending emotions and life situations. So, I rather put out what people are feeling, what most people feel, the vibe that goes on in the studio. I love to work with pop artists, rap artists, R & B artists, song writers, ect. 

I'm not too far from my release date. I get out really soon and would love to hear from anyone who likes to hear music, sing music, or write songs. I can't wait to discover the unknown. 


Larry  Barker  #00695672Primary Picture By Larry Barker July 1 2019

Larry Barker #00695672

In prison the days are long, but the nights longer and lonelier. I continue to wait for the daylight, but the darkness encloses me in her fists! Sleep escapes me as memories of the good times and the bad push out the willingness to enjoy life and leave me restless, hurting, filling my heart with thoughts of love and hostility of thoughtfulness and remorse! Of guilt and despair. I cry out, is there no end to the hurt? Must shame plague my footsteps forever? Accepting? Loving? Caring? Forgiving? Willing to build with me a new life on foundations more sure, to whom I will pledge as will she, faithfulness forever? Others have cried with me in the darkness, they have cared! In the prisons of our own humanness, the demands of their lives must take precedence. In the end I shall stand alone. I have attempted to build again on my own. Too soon, unwise and unstable. New wounds have come to tear open the wounds not yet healed. The struggle is not ended. And so I crawl – uneasy, yet unyielding to defeat and sure despair toward better days. Toward light that is unending, toward newfound friends who keep me in their care.

My father is fighting for his life with trying to overcome a long brain surgery to remove a tumor. Not to make things easier, my older brother passed away just days later. Thanks to all who have supported me. It has literally broken my heart and my fragile heart beats! It will get better and it will continue to touch others’ hearts!




Darrell Warren #M27961 - Primary Picture By Darrell Warren July 1 2019

Cute Photos

Not trying to take away from the J’s and Bey’s of the world but many of us throw this power couple stance around too loosely. What really makes us believe we achieved power couple/#couple goals status? Is it the fact we can dress it up and make it look real good for our friends or our social media?

If this is the case, all we are doing is making cute photos. At some point in time we need to mature past this cute phase because I think we’ve all done this as teens. Remember going to the mall and taking those pictures and choosing the type of hokey romantic background you wanted? I know, cheesy, right?

When I think about couple goals, I think about that couple who decides that one will sponsor all the bills the other one focuses on furthering their education and then swap roles so they can obtain financial security together. Or that couple that travels to another State or foreign country and volunteer their service after destruction from a natural disaster.

So if you’re honest about your current situation or where you desire to be, is it really #couple goals or are you just another hashtag of cute photos?



Garrett  Gregory  #02210617 - Primary Picture By Garrett Gregory July 1 2019

Garrett Gregory #02210617

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has reached out to me and has made my incarceration a bit brighter. I can honestly say that the best part of my day is mail call. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am when I receive a JPAY or a letter with my name on it. I read my letters over and over. I have met people from all over the world and I look forward to meeting many more. Writing letters is a great way for me to spend my time.

I take full responsibility for my past actions and I accept my punishment. I try to create healthy ways to deal with negative setbacks. I love to laugh, make others laugh and help others as much as possible.

I am a very open and honest person. I love to read. Recently I read “The 2019 Guinness Book of World Records” and many travel books. Some of the things I miss in the free world are: family, going to movies, traveling, walking in the park, playing poker and late night Netflix binges. Oh, and I can’t forget, good restaurants! How I miss good food and cooking. I consider myself a pretty good cook!

I need someone to share my thoughts, dreams and realities with. I am ready to get out and start my “new” life. When this time comes, I am more than willing to relocate and move anywhere to live and work.

I am looking for someone positive in my life, that “special someone” to build a promising friendship with during my incarceration with the intention of a lasting relationship outside of here. Please write me so we can get to know each other. Don’t forget to include your address if you JPAY or write a letter so I can reach out to you. I can’t wait to hear from you!





Joshua Collier #G41176Primary Picture By Joshua Collier June 24 2019

How Deep Are You Willing To Go?

IS THE MOST SERIOUS QUESTION PEOPLE ARE ASKED WHEN FINDING SOMEONE TO CONFIDE IN. (Friend or mate), most people can’t answer this or do answer but only in short responses, like all the way or real deep, not really taking the time to think about how serious the question is. So again, how deep are you willing to go? My answer to this, as deep as it takes if I have to go through the roughest waves or to hell and back, to reach my goal or help the person I’m with reach theirs then I’m with it. That’s what I call commitment. Over my past 9 years of incarceration I’ve learned the tools it takes to hold and keep a successful friendship or relationship. I had to come to prison to learn how to get it right LOL.

So, to you reader, if you’re willing to have a real conversation then answer this.

How Deep Are You Willing To Go?


Lamont Crawford #R72469 - Primary Picture By Lamont Crawford June 17 2019

Female Equality

I love hearing females are equal to males. It’s about time the world started to recognize that. Being honest sometimes I feel they’re superior. I was conversing with a guy a little younger than me and he asked me, did I think that females should be considered equal. When I said yeah, he asked me why did I feel that way? I simply replied by saying that my mom gave birth to me. Of course this individual said, “Without your father you wouldn’t be here”. I told him he was right and then I asked who had the harder job, him in a small amount of time or my mother in 9 months, not counting the time she was in labor. He agreed, but said that’s only one scenario, so I named a few more and after awhile he said, “So you really think females are better than males are better than females?” He just said “Dam” and started smiling. I love that the world is finally coming around and recognizing it all. So I wrote this blog in hopes of encouraging you not to settle in life due to you being a woman. At the moment I’m single (by choice) but the day when that changes I will happily support my lady succeeding in her career or accomplishing her goals, even if they are bigger than mine and hope she does the same.



Aurie Mora #18037875 - Primary Picture By Aurie Mora June 17 2019

Aurie Mora #18037875

Hello! I’ve never submitted a blog before, so hey, here it goes!

Today I woke up and said to myself, “Self, today is a good day. Sure the food is rotten and without flavor. Sure there is a high chance that you might walk into someone’s unannounced, unexpected fart. Sure you might have to hear someone singing in the shower who swears she sounds like Mariah Carey (Yeah, right!). Sure you might be forced to watch yet ANOTHER episode of some lame rerun of Love and Hip Hop (yech!).”

But at the end of the day…I can honestly say it was a good day. (Except for the fart…that undid years of therapy!)



By Michael Spears June 16 2019

Michael Spears


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I wanted to tell you a little more about myself and maybe a few things I would like to accomplish with meeting new people. 

I am an average man I believe, as in I am not too intense. I like something relaxing, walks in the woods, fishing, BB Qing, doing art, or building nick knack things, because I like using my hands and some of my skills. 

I wound up in prison at an early age and it is a different world in here all together and for a boy at 17 at the time, it was pure hell. It affected me extremely and for years I couldn't get away from the memories, so I tried at all. I tried to love along the way, but wasn't successful, although my love of life now is what keeps me going because there is beauty in everything. 

I hope that I can meet several different people because I want to help make life better not just for myself, but for others who have been neglected or just need a friend. Not only that, but mainly because I have shunned the world and want to make amends from here on out. 

I speak Spanish pretty well but want to learn a few new languages. I love fantasy, arts, and books because it gives us a way to express ourselves. I can't wait to hear from you.

Cortney Deveroex #02178858 - Primary Picture By Cortney Deveroex June 12 2019

Courtney Deveroex

First off, all I want to say it would be a pleasure to have an encounter with a nice young lady with a good personality. I am a very open-minded, free spirited individual myself looking for a companion to help me get through the mental stability of being in prison. 

I am an entrepreneur with ambition to promote my own business up on my release. I am also a Houston based rapper looking to start my own record label, promotion, and managing company. Even being in my current situation, I can also be a motivator. Believe it or not, prison holds some intellectual individuals, who for a split second, made a bad decision and had to pay their dues to society. I've been able to find myself and recognize my mistakes and analyze my life so I want to have a come back to a place like this again. If you find yourself interested in my profile the best way to contact me is through JPay. 

I am looking forward to connecting with a nice, fun individual. If that's you don't be afraid to send me a greeting and you can find out more about me.


John Green #00873681 - Primary Picture By John Green June 10 2019

John Green #00873681

Just a few things I’ve learned in life or paid attention to since I’ve been here.

One is that I cannot make someone love me. All I can do is be someone who can be loved. Learned this lesson the hard way. Family, fly-by friends and exes (Thank you). After all these years I know now that it is really up to them.

Secondly, that it’s not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts. Money can be spent or mismanaged. Clothes grow old. Jewelry can be sold or pawned. Houses and cars can be repo or etc. especially in someone’s irresponsible care. Then to they could have been with you just cause you had those things. For those that have the ones that loved them no matter what they have, where they are or etc. to hold on to that person or persons. They are going to need that love, hope, encouragement and etc. doing this time.

Thirdly, fourth, fifth and sixth is that we get angry and we have a right at times. That doesn’t give us the right to be cruel. What it took years to build up trust can only take seconds to destroy. I am responsible for what I do and how I act no matter how I feel. I don’t ever want to do something in an instant again that will cause me a heartache for the rest of my life. That’s why I have learned to leave my loved ones with loving words.

With that good night, be at peace and blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the females in my family and friends. I love y’all more than you know. Happy Mother’s day to all the women in the world also.

J. Green