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Inmate Blogs

You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Jermaine Stokes

June 23 2020

Sitting here in this cell just thinking about all the things that have been stripped away from me, physically and emotionally.  The one thing I do have is my most prized possession - my mind.  My mind is my strength, my power to face adversity head on.   My mind refuses to let me be broken.  Here I stand a man (you will not break me).    My mind helps me understand pain.  Pain is a place where my will is being broken, due to the fact that the discomfort occurs at the specific spot where my own wants and desires are neither being met or fulfilled.  My mind grants me the fortitude not to embark down a road of discouragement, but keeps me on the road of hope, healing, and faith.   Pain is inevitable, but staying hurt is a choice.  A choice my mind refuses to absorb.


June 14 2020

Reports from around the globe tell that during this pandemic and the halted activities of humanities onward March, the earth has cleaned up significantly. Some estimates declare 33% less pollution of the air over metropolises worldwide. Dolphins were seen swimming the Suez Canal for the first time in decades. Animals now returning to areas in North America where they’ve not been seen for years. All something to consider.

What’s more, is that (COVID 19) amongst a proven 60% of all other flus, illness, and disease are directly related to mishandling or consuming animals. COVID 19 is from eating or mishandling bats as well as ebola. Then tuberculosis is of swine as well as staph infections of the nastiest kind. There’s quite a long list. Now if this alone doesn’t give you cause to pause and at least consider your own garden or how you can contribute to a healthy earth, then perhaps the worldwide pandemic was an event sobering enough that you’d consider sustainable living.

After all, many people who depended upon an economy for food, water, or rent money just had a very rude reality check. Imagine if those same people had water and food sourced at home and something like rent didn’t exist...

Food for thought.

James Jones #22605517

June 14 2020

Since my incarceration in 2018, I’ve obtained my GED. I’m trying to pursue my dream of becoming an Alcohol & Drug Counselor/Gang Mentor. I’m stuck though, I don’t know what steps to take. OSP offers CDAC, I’m on the waiting list for that. I’m 100% positive this is what I want for my future. It’s been suggested I find a mentor for myself, someone with experience in this field; Mentor or Mentee. I’d like to learn as much as possible before my release in 2023. I’ve been independent since the age of 14, it’s hard for me to ask for help so bear with me. If you’re experienced in this area and would like to guide me through this and share your wisdom and knowledge, please contact me.

Thank you. Take care.




June 11 2020

So if you're out there hating this COVID-19... I'm with you, I've seen the effects it's having in the community and my thoughts are with the sick and grieving people that have lost loved ones to this tragically devastating disease. Even in the place I'm in, it just makes my heart be filled with sadness seeing people lose their jobs and lively hoods to the economic downturn caused by this pestilence.

My prayers and love go out to the brave men and women that are on the front lines providing services like healthcare, first responders, all the way to grocery store clerks and truck drivers. Thank God we have the humanity in our hearts to pull together in times of crisis to stand united against an invisible enemy like coronavirus.

Originally I was going to use my blog to be about myself, to promote my own profile, but it's better to show every person that looks at this, I care and I support our American people! The prison gave us the choice to donate money off our inmate accounts, I gave some of the little I had to the local salvation army. That I did proudly and encourage other's to do the same.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America!

New Improved Rick

June 8 2020

Well hello friends, I just wanted to update y'all with my new video; contact me for information. It's just me a little nervous I must admit. I'm just talking about the new present day Rick. 

I made the video for my family and friends who haven't seen me for awhile and also for people who might want to get to know me. I thought it was great especially with the way things are going in the world because you can either allow hard times to cripple you, or you can do as I did and use hard times as my motivation to become a better individual.

Well I hope you enjoy the video and y'all are staying safe. If you would like to know more about the new and improved Rick let me know. Who knows we may have alot in common and it could be the beginning of a great friendship. 

From Weapons 2 Tools

June 8 2020

From Weapons 2 Tools!

We learn a “profound” lesson from 2 historical figures from the Bible.  Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego were bound and thrown into a fire.  The enemy's very own weapon (the fire) is what “removed” the bounds from their hands.  Joseph's brothers threw him into a pit and left him for dead.  That very pit became his shelter against the night and protection from the wildlife that lurked in the night.  This very prison that was meant to break me, the prison that was meant to destroy my family and pass down this evil of destruction, is the weapon I use to transcend the metal and generational curses that ensnared me for so long.

Let the fire in your soul from your pain, your stress, your loss, your circumstances, burn away the very things that are keeping you bound.  When used properly, the fires in our lives can rekindle the flames of passion that are lost through tragedy.

Take the enemies weapons and turn them into tools that take you from bondage to liberation, from fear to faith, from unforgiveness to love.  I'm asking you to allow your pain to help you grow, to add wisdom in ways that will stay with you for life.  The same way a farmer uses dung as fertilizer, we must use pain to grow wisdom.

Benjamin Franklin said: “Those things that hurt, instruct.  Our teachers used to give us ‘problems’ to solve, knowing what is vital still today: Our problems can go from weapons 2 tools.


June 7 2020

Love; That word can slice like a double-edged sword to everyone who experienced it, on one hand you have that larger-than-life high that love brings with it, you also receive the lowest of lows, the heartache, suffering and self doubt that comes with it as well.

What an abstract feeling, it’s fascinating how therapeutic your lover's voice can be, to then have that same voice utter words that crush your soul, while at the same time try to distinguish what’s hurt and what’s frustration. This has proved to be a very exhaustive task.

So why do we define our existence by this one chemical that we all know can do such damage? I guess that’s what our best and brightest minds have been stumbling over to figure out for over a thousand years.

My opinion: we all have a reason, a purpose in life. We all meet one another because that is what’s meant to be, or maybe that love you thought you had was just the Universe trying to thrust a sign in your face, or maybe, just maybe, that person helped you become that man you where supposed to be all along. We must learn to recognize these signs and not hesitate to react, because the lessons love teaches can be amazing or life changing, love will always teach us who we are, whether we like it or not.

In the end, the hurt is transitory. Time does heal, but what we need to in that time is learn from our mistakes. I’ve been no saint in life, but one characteristic I’m deeply proud of is, I’ve never cheated on anyone I said “I love you” to. Those are words I don’t throw around, most people do, but if you ask me, people haven’t been madly, head over heels in love before. Once it happens and they fall victim, they will remember that one person who loved them like that, and that’s when the lesson is learned…

Michael Davis #T08112

June 1 2020

More About Me

Here is how I became the person I am today...After getting a Life sentence I was a mad, childish person. I did what I became best at, making life harder.

How? I'll explain how I went from being close to those I loved most visited and called, etc. to again making my life harder. I made the choice to try and kill anyone that sexually abused a child, someone I loved was abused years ago.

What did it get me? Fighting two more life sentences while in prison. After this, I was placed in "the hole"/ SHU (Solitary Confinement). As the years went by, I was not allowed any meaningful contact with any of my children. I have missed every important day in their life while in the hole. I did a lot of self-reflection, the hole I easily dug myself into was not easy to get out of. My actions hurt the people I love, more specifically with my children. I have worked hard to build a positive relationship which I currently have with my daughter and have made a great friend. They have allowed me to see its okay to let go of my anger.

People who knew me before would not recognize me today and I am proud of that. I live each day to better myself and make them proud. I do not regret my actions because without them I would not be the person they are now proud of. I work hard to not feel the feeling of failing those I love.


Covid-19 Pandemic

May 20 2020

My heart and empathy goes out to the families that have lost loved ones in these uncertain time of Covid-19. As we approach the first peak of this deadly pandemic, I ask that everyone continue the social distancing and hygiene cleanliness.

While times aren’t normal for you, they are even worse for us in prison in many ways. Because of the mass numbers and lack of space, it is impossible to keep a safe distance. The B.O.P. has issued a lockdown until this is over. Although the B.O.P. didn’t report how many positive inmate cases, on April 9th there were 8 recorded deaths.

Also for those of us that self-report through prison jobs, there are a lack of finances to provide the necessary antibacterial soap and other items to safeguard our health and keep our bodies, bed linen and garments infection free. In some prospective, “I feel like a sitting duck”. I have been incarcerated since 2011 and this is the worst I have experienced. With my release date finally near and all of the time and effort I put into rebuilding myself, “I want to live to experience liberation”.

I humbly ask that if there is any self-help information on the WriteAPrisoner site that will help me achieve “financial freedom”, once I’m released, please send it.

Shout out to Write A Prisoner for allowing me to express myself on their platform.

Take care and stay safe.

Michael Hayes

Myles Williams #1308800

May 18 2020

The saga continues, the struggle’s real but I keep on moving, my head held high, can’t imagine losing. It’s not in my genes for failure, I just can’t accept it. I got a Warren Buffet mindset and I’m not going to stop until I reach the wisdom and wealth of King Solomon himself. With my family’s support I can never fall down. It took years to realize that with my friends turned foes. I tilt my crown as I look around, it’s lonely at the top so they say but I’ve gotten used to it. So it’s on to the next chapter, time to turn the page. Soon I’ll be home to reign on my throne and cherish the people who held me down and love me truly, there’s no doubt. My family, some friends but few are the ones I’ll always be there for and never let them fall. I’d let myself be hurt before I let them get hurt, that’s loyalty, the only way I know, the way I was raised. From now on be aware of my surroundings, keep good traction so I never slip, keep my mind clear, never foggy so I can focus on my goals. Staying positive in a hell like this is hard sometimes, it will either make you or break you and I’m made because I refuse to be broke. So I stay positive with nothing but blessings on the road to riches. Blessed be to all.