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March 28 2017

I’m Going…

Today is my 35th birthday and I just recently got under 10 years to go until my release and have been doing some thinking! With all the craziness going on all around the world…natural disasters, politics and violence etc., it becomes hard to stay positive in this crazy world but the older I get the more my eyes open to how precious life is and all the things I have to be grateful for, even through adversity. I think for my next 35 years, God allowing, I’m going to just focus on each day and get the most out of every day and do things to better my life…if it’s not positive “then it isn’t for me”! I’m going to surround myself around positive people who are focused on the right things and moving in a positive direction. I’m going to enroll in school and get as much for my mind as possible. I’m going to work even harder physically to be in the best physical shape possible, inside and out! I’m going to tell everyone in my life, as much as possible, how much I’m grateful and thankful for them. Life is just precious and I believe truly that life can be what you make it…live and learn. Just maybe some of you are moving in the same direction and would like to inspire and motivate me even more, then I definitely welcome you and your responses.

Have a wonderful day!

Respecting other’s views, opinions and beliefs

March 28 2017

For a good majority of my life I found myself in countless frivolous debates and arguments, which gained me the moniker “King of frivolous debates” by a friend. I would always find a way to turn a small discussion into a debate and a simple question into an argument. What I had to learn was that we as people see life and the world differently. We live in different countries and time zones, so our cultures, customs and traditions are different, which means our views, opinions and beliefs are different. But the biggest mistake we make as human beings, we try to force our views, opinions and beliefs on the next person. When even subconsciously we attack, ridicule or criticize a person, when they don’t agree or share our interest in views, opinions and beliefs. We have a way of making that person feel guilty as if it’s wrong or bad to not share our view, opinion or belief. I became a better person when I understood that I could agree to disagree with a person about our views, opinions and beliefs, then move on to another subject without an argument or debate. I learned to respect who they are and what they believe, because it doesn’t make you a better person and them a lesser person because of your personal beliefs. Just like it doesn’t make them right and you wrong due to their views and opinions on life. The world will be safe and better place once we learn how to respect other people’s views, opinions and beliefs. You too can agree to disagree with a person without belittling or scorning them just because they don’t view life as you, or share your same beliefs. I promise you you’ll begin to feel better and understand people better once you learn how to respect other people’s views, opinions and beliefs.


March 28 2017

Not having submitted a blog since last September (2016), I will try and catch everything up and be on semi-brief side, for my “Inside Minimum” blog.

October was fast and smooth; uneventful. When you are in prison even minimum/level 1, uneventful can be a very good thing. My 2nd favorite team in baseball, Chicago Cubs (Tigers 1st) won the World Series.

November 2016 started the holiday season. Only struggle was my father’s anniversary of his death (4 years) on the 1st. Thanksgiving was good and actually was served a decent turkey dinner by the MDOC. Then Christmas movies started on TV – which I love. Yes, I know I am a prisoner but movies of holiday genre give me great hope for my future.

December 2016: Prison ran good, for being in prison that is. Had a big snow storm early on then rest and most of December warmer than average. Prisoner Benefit Fund did give each inmate a pretty good holiday bag with quite a bit of great treats. Prison and the inmates conducted a fundraiser where we purchased food items we usually can’t get (example: chicken wings, white castle sliders) and a portion of all funds went to buy kid’s winter coats and gloves, that are in need in the community. We raised $4,500!

January 2017: Holidays over, New year underway, back to normal conditions and winter continues. Check back some day. I will not wait so long for my next entry.


March 21 2017

Hello world,

Welcome to the year of 2017, time is surely moving at a rapid speed. I would like to share something with you, if you don’t mind. Life has so much to offer these days, only if we’d just take hold of the opportunities presented to us. Sometimes it may seem a bit risky, just know that we all face challenges of all kinds in which could feel like riding a ten speed bike up and down a hill for the first time. Life is about taking chances, although at some point there will be some changes of the sort, rather arduous or simple, it’s all part of living life.

However, it becomes a well learned life experience, deemed useful for helping someone, such as a close friend, family member or maybe a loved one, who’s going through a tough time similar to what you’ve experienced along the way in life, that’s why it is so important to have someone to confide in when you feel let down or in need of a smile, someone to feel with you, not for you, someone you could tell about all your hurts and painful encounters or maybe some of your deepest thoughts or secrets and actually feel comfortable doing so.

You’re not alone, I’m here welcoming you with open arms, embracing all the wonderful things that are very important to you. It’s ok for you to smile, you surely deserve to be happy.

“Alcohol Poisoning”

March 13 2017

Does anybody know anything about Alcohol Poisoning? I sure could use your help on the topic, or if anybody has any stories/experiences on the topic.

Also if a male had a blood alcohol content (B.A.L.) of .26% and that’s 12 hours after his last drink, what would his B.A.L. have been after his last drink? (The male is 5’10” and 180 pounds).

I ask these questions because the guy who passed away in my case died from Alcohol Poisoning and Hypothermia, according to the autopsy report. The only other thing on the autopsy report was blunt force head trauma. Is a broken nose consistent with blunt force head trauma?

I had a “Public Defender” who did nothing to help me. I also have two children (a son and daughter) who could benefit more with me home. Please help. Thank you for your time.


February 21 2017

What’s up write a prisoner fam. I’m sitting here in my zone just coasting, you know. I got my TV on but it’s watching me instead of me it. Tonight’s one of those nights I guess…I don’t know if it’s because of the phone call with my family I had earlier that’s getting to me but it damn sure is something. Everybody keeps asking me how I’m doing and telling me to be strong and I think that is what grinds my gears LOL.

I’m good! I’m easy like Sunday morning. I don’t even think about my situation because it doesn’t exist to me. Of course I’m away from family and friends but so are soldiers when it’s war…so are traveling business men…so are people who are away at college. Feel me? This is nothing but a vacation in an all too familiar place that I should be leaving on the next available red eye. Everything is great and I’m enjoying the view. Really, I am. I’m a realist. I know that once I do leave my little get away, it’s work, work, work. That’s all life ever is and it’s wonderful. I have associates, friends and family and it’s all love. How could it not be? Don’t I got the best street team ever holding down the fort? Don’t I live like a king, thanks to all the above? (Shout out write a prisoner street team) (Shout out to my entourage) too many to name. Don’t I inspire the deepest thoughts? Last but not least, isn’t Elvis still the king? … my point exactly…

All those who feast with me at my round table have crowns and thrones and the love itself is royalty LOL. If you’re wondering the meaning of these benign words…all you need to do is reflect on my next six words…To live doesn’t mean you’re alive…

Dear Interested Pen Pals

February 20 2017

Hey, hey friends :)…I now have my very own personal digital tablet for social interaction with any/all upon my approved email (contact list)…To be added onto my email contact list??? Simply: 1. Log on to “”, establish an “email exchange account” with jpay (as!? this is THE ONLY way to exchange emails, photo attachments and/or videograms with me, here on Georgia’s Death Row)…2. Specifically register and request to be added onto the “Email contact list of “Georgia Death Row Prisoner DeMarcus Ali Sears GDC# 0000762415”…3. Download the FREE “Jpay App” onto your wireless device (this will allow you to create and send me videograms: FYI…all photo attachments MUST be attached to an email in order for me to receive them here on Georgia’s Death Row…4. Once you’ve successfully completed the registration process, your name will appear on my “Email contact list”: Whereupon I will send you an email to let you know you and I are now digitally connected and free to exchange emails at leisure…Hope to hear from and email you soon!??? Ciao, ‘til next, friends…As ever “De” a.k.a. Mr. DeMarcus Ali Sears


February 15 2017

Life is but a game in which we are all forced to play. Sometimes we make mistakes, but it's those who work through them with us that help us to get back on our feet. Someone once said that "concrete walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage!” Our minds can often be the worst prison in which one can live. But with the help of a few kind words, we can be pulled from those prisons and into our own little Utopia.


February 13 2017

For Sale...

Kujo, One Bad Dog! I picked up this nickname from my last name. (Cujo/Kujath). I’ll lay down and let you rub my belly and scratch behind my ears if you want. Still not too old to learn a few new tricks along the way.

Loyal: Won’t bite (much) too hard most times (smile). Just looking to make a few new friends, that’s all. I know I was bad, so now I’m in the dog house. Sooo, if you have a few free moments today to stop by the pound to look for a new friend, even if he does have fleas. I promise not to make a mess on your floor or hump your leg.

What do you say? How about you toss me a bone and see if we can’t be friends.


Remember: In a Dog Eat Dog World…..

Bad Dogs Rule!

Valentine's Day

February 13 2017

I have a special announcement to make to all the beautiful women around the world:

I would like to say ~~“Happy Valentine’s Day to You!”~~

I hope that your significant other will take advantage of this special occasion and spoil you rotten with lots of candy, flowers, a candle-lit dinner, and lingerie...I would!

Hi, my name is Pete Russell. In my 43 years of living I’ve faced trials and tribulations just like everyone else. I’ve learned some hard lessons, and they weren’t always viewed as lessons all the time. As the result of stubbornness, it took me a couple of times to put things in perspective. The man I am today has a lot of time to think. To analyze. I believe that everyone we encounter in our lives is for a reason. Negativity breeds negativity, so I try to surround myself with positive energy, and positive people.

Question: Is it “taboo” for a man and a woman to be true “friends”? I believe that is where truly inspiring energy comes from. Man and woman are naturally bonded, and there’s nothing like a woman’s perspective. It is a perspective that I would genuinely appreciate in my life. To have that type of friend creates a drive, feeds you spiritually, and motivates you to keep pushing. That is the missing puzzle piece in my life right now. If I said something that sparked an interest, please feel free to write me back. I’m waiting for your letter!