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Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

July 23 2021

Strictly For the Ladies

Yo, what’s good, shorty? What’s the business, bee? Yo, I feel you goddess. Check it out ma, I would first like to say, “Rest in peace, Pop Smoke.” He was a talented and skilled artist that impressed me with his work. He made this song called Mood Swings in which he speaks to you self-confident women out there, and I like this cut because it resonates in how I would express myself to my shorty. Even though I’m still a bachelor, I can identify with that, feel me! It’s one of the cuts I play repeatedly and will be considered a classic because the beat is right, but also its lyrics are on point. It keeps it real as to what’s on his mind to the chick he’s singing to, and is what I like, because most of us men want to portray this gangster image so hard and lose yourselves thinking that a man is soft or weak by singing to a chick or telling you all some nice things. But a true gangster like me knows y’all women are special and deserve to be worshipped as the goddesses that you are. I like to glorify and admire women, especially their beauty and self-confidence. It captivates me, it steals my mind away, and starts to make me compliment specific types of chicks only. When the female is sweet, kind, and exercises self-control in her feelings, but also is capable, secure, and fearless to move some stuff, but sexy, all ladylike, all while acting and doing what a gangster chick does. You know, a chick with all those traits steals my mind away, and breath. You ladies need a real gangster that understands how to balance being a gentleman at moments, feel me! So, on this blog I feel more romantic and will sing to you ladies these following songs.

Songs performing:

Your Lover and Friend – Reinald-O

The Way She Looks at Me – NV

In My Eyes – Stevie B

Take it From My Heart – Reinald-O

Fantasy Girl – Johnny O.

Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

July 23 2021

To All Beautiful, Sweet Women

Yo, yo, yo, what’s good, gorgeous? What’s good, goddess? No doubt, no doubt, I feel you. But, on another note, I don’t care. Check it, many female R&B singers don’t cut it out for me, but only a few selective ones do, like Keysha Cole. Are you hating, shorty? She sings truth about real men like me in her song Forever. Those types of lyrics in there is just the type of man I am. I thought she was singing that for me, ma! So what? What do you care? She caught my attention shorty, since she sounded very sweet, smart, and collected, like a woman who is able to control her anger and is self-confident. Not like all cranky or moody, like you. She talks from her heart and opens herself intelligently and maturely, acknowledging and admiring intelligent and wealthy men like myself. Yo, hurting yourself throwing shade at her. But more importantly, she’s not afraid to speak what’s real without ego-tripping to a man. Like say, how you want to say things. Don’t be scared. Your scary self. But then you know, she sounds smart, like the type that can help me flip my money in the stock market, like the type that is a criminal-paralegal or attorney, sounds very attentive but also organized. Not lazy and bummy like you. Playing dumb. See girl, it’s that I’ve become conscious and aware that I need a compatible woman to be my partner, not someone I have to teach how to be. But one that knows what a man wants and needs. Not the type that’s always argumentative or throwing shade at others. You’ll be lying and making up stories, but you still make me feel good. Feeling me? You’re my gangster chick, no doubt.

Peace, Shorty.

Song Dedications:

Ride 4 U – Shy Glizzy

Mood Swings – Pop Smoke

Freaky As Me – Jacquees

Masterpiece – DaBaby

Excitement – Trippie Redd

Jamil Eason #241503

July 23 2021

It comforts me beyond my own ignorance to know there’s people in the world who see light in the darkest places. I am that light! I have been incarcerated since an adolescent, and as twisted as it sounds, I’ve chiseled the best of me out of the bricks that confine me. Trust me, it’s complex far more than taking peanuts and making peanut butter. It’s like taking scrap metal and making a rocket ship. The fact that you’re contemplating writing a letter tells me three things about you: One, you’re nonjudgmental. Two, in order to understand I have light, you would have to come from a dark place. Three, you have light, but it often shines too bright for most to see it. The greatest things in life often come from the worst places. I’m not afraid to travel to dark places because I am light, nor am I afraid that you will blind me because you shine too bright. I love the heat, pressure makes diamonds. Plus, I have sunglasses. I can’t wait to meet you.


July 18 2021

Please don't be shy, I'm a standup guy,

Single with no junk in the trunk. 

Looking to get to know you!

Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

July 15 2021

I Am Hip Hop

Aaayy-yo, word-up Son…No doubt – No doubt kid…Check-it I just hit forty and I’m looking super fly in great physical shape, feel me Bee? I exercise for four hours every day, I have monstrous strength as that of a jaguar, Aaawww Saaayiin??? No doubt God…I got a chest/legs/abs like that of a super hero. Aaawww Mean??? But…more importantly I’m feeling most spiritually positive than ever as if this good energy and vibe follow me at all times. But all at the same time I’m comfortable in my own skin and at all times feeling this extreme self-confidence that comes from wisdom and intellect word-up Bee…

You see…I’ve turned my prison time into positive situation where I self-educated the mind but also did a lot of deep thinking to mature and strengthen my spirit…re-inventing/evolving into a top contender in this food-chain. Before when I was young (teenager) I thought like a teenager but now I’m a new-man that no longer believes in gun-violence, I am more like O.G. Bobby Johnson in the movie “South Central”, Put the gun down son…That’s the Biz Kid! No-doubt God…I’m this new rehabilitated man but regardless of my change…I’m still Hip Hop son and always be, feel me? Because Hip Hop is a lifestyle and has kept me fly/self-confident/modern/in-style/positive and Swagged-out Bee, Woooorrrdd…feel me?

Peace Out Kid

Song Dedications:

“I Am” – Rob Swift

“Checkmate” – Cres

“I’m Hip Hop” – Natharis Brandon

“Unchained!” – Bobby Seasons

“New Streets” – Benny The Butcher



New Beginnings

July 13 2021

Hi I'm a straight, single male. Looking for a pen-pal. I don't have any kids but hope to have some one day. I enjoy reading books and working out.

Hit me up if you would like to know more about me.

Brent Sam

July 13 2021

Hello everybody!

First of all I hope and pray everyone's staying safe out there. I just arrived at my new facility which is USP Florence in Colorado. I'll have updated photos soon and be back on Corrlinks. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

George Barnes

July 13 2021


My name is George, but everyone calls me GI, so feel free to call me GI.  This is a look in to how I was living on the outside and who I was on the outside, so feel free to look at my social media blog.

I hope you like what you see, so I can get to know you.

Daniel Angus #206110

July 10 2021

Rediscovering Emotion:

I’ve recently had a breakthrough of sorts. Since just before my father passed, I’ve become more attuned to my emotions. It’s most surprising to me how I now sometimes cry when I’m sad or filled with another strong emotion. It’s happened enough times over the last 5 months that I’ve stopped trying to hide it. I’m proud I let it come forth, and I’m not ashamed of it. If someone asks if I’m okay, I’ll answer honestly. And if I don’t want to talk about it, I won’t. It’s hard to be vulnerable with someone in prison; it takes an immense amount of trust that one may never achieve.

This revelation brought another facet of my life to the forefront; I’m lonely. Over the last 2 decades, I’ve never felt particularly lonely, but I first noticed these pangs of loneliness when I found myself in an emotional and vulnerable state with no one to turn to right then and there. I can recall an instance when I was wandering aimlessly about the shop, shivering in my sweatshirt. Standing next to the shrink wrapper, trying unsuccessfully to warm myself, I was unable to focus on anything except how cold I was. I felt overwhelmed; all I remember wanting then was a hug. Sad as all this way, I see this experience as a sign that I’ve not let my years in prison strip away my humanity. That makes me a better friend --- and that makes me happy.

Daniel Angus #206110

July 10 2021

A New Direction:

When the DOC first offered on-site college classes, my work supervisor at the time suggested I enroll. I wanted no part in it. The course was an introduction to speech communication, why would I ever subject myself to that? For the next couple weeks she kept at me, I kept rejecting the idea, refusing to accept “no” as an answer, she finally said, “I’ll tell you what, you bring me a note from your grandmother saying you don’t have to go, I’ll stop bugging you about it”. At that time, one grandmother was deceased and the other had dementia – no note was coming.

For some reason, however, I decided to go along with my boss’s scheme. I was very surprised when I completed the course with an “A”. I continued to earn good grades until I finally completed my Associate’s Degree in 2010 – summa cum laude, no less! Earning a degree was amazing, but the changes I had undergone during this process were even more impressive. My thoughts, views and attitude had significantly shifted; I had become a whole new person! It was during this time I really discovered that change was not only possible, but necessary.

Since then, I’ve led a rewarding life, gaining positive experiences, engaging with others and demonstrating that true change is possible. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it. Throughout my endeavors, my most rewarding and comforting experience is knowing I’ve made my parents proud of me.