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September 8 2015

I payed with my life over the character of another. Sometimes thinking about the past and how I was sent here I lose a tear or two. Anyone who knows me or writes me can tell you how intelligent and full of life I am. I’m a loving person and wouldn’t hurt a soul, but here I am facing uncertainty. Had I hired a attorney at the time of my trial, it would have been different. Sadly, I was a lower class minority with no money and given a court appointed lawyer that sent me spiraling down this legal web, because of the color of my skin. I lost my family and friends. I want to go home one day. How do these people live with themselves, I don’t know. Most people here need to be here without question, but there are a few that don’t belong. I am one of them. I have found a good attorney, but can’t afford him. In this world there are many good people out numbering the bad. Someone out there can help me. Please hear my cries and know that I am human and loved deeply. Anyone out there giving me another chance to flower, I would be most appreciative. Write me and know instantly I am like no other you have met. If ever I found a good soul needing a hand, I extend my hand without hesitation. Distress, I am with hands held high. Please help if ever there be good in this world.


August 29 2015

Congratulations! Why? Well, other than the obvious (super handsomeness-ish), how many dudes dream of growing and awesome mullet? Yeah, I know you've literally just won the pen pal lottery! Thank my birth in 1986 for my propensity to flaunt a manly, bad-to-the-bone-George-Thorogood-song-in-the -background Kentucky Waterfall.Super classy.Okay, so I'm a goofball and you wither found this ridiculous, yet somewhat humorous, or you really believe that mullets are sexy/a sound and tasteful haircut, or you didn't get all of the above at all.If you agreed with the second, then I am truly a lucky pen pal lottery winner...seriously. Why?If you checked a mental yes to the last, well then I would suggest that you look elsewhere because sharing a sense of humor is paramount to any relationship!I moved to a new institution, with different rules, so please only send a post response, not electronic. Also, be sure to have your return address clearly visible and signature at the end of the response!Remember to live and appreciate today, forget yesterday and tomorrow doesn't exist, only now. Love life.


August 21 2015


Wow, I can actually say fro the beginning of the year I felt like this was going to be one of those years. To say the least, through ups and downs I finally received some uplifting news. Due to some court system errors I will be returning and could possibly be set free. Still and all they have to retry me in court. I know the outcome will be much better plus I get my credit. God is good! Wow just focus on that real world and my future goals.

I’m working to accomplish some Vo-tech skills that would be very useful tools to start a career. I look forward to working faithfully to provide for my family. This was a minor setback for a major comeback truly an eye opener. I can say this was a lifetime experience that I never want to go through again, trust me. This year turned out to be what I was waiting for. I just had to vent and post this good news. Also they have got an email program called You can send pictures, email and more. I would like you to check it out if you’re interested. I’ll be waiting on your emails all you need is name & DOC. Hit me us ASAP.

Pierre Perkins

Trojan Horses (Cadent Humanitarianism)

August 3 2015

Trojan Horses (Cadent Humanitarianism)

Amid and regarding the classist infrastructure and use of The Georgian Death Penalty System, their afforded pro bono legal assistance to We The Indigent conspicuously consistently operates to “aid-and-abet” the oppressive “Pro-Human-Slavery” agenda of The State Of Georgia…I give voice to this insidious practice after now 24 years of physical imprisonment and personal observations and social interactions (also heated disagreements) with various court appointed Death Penalty lawyers – by now stating this: According to the language of “The Reconstruction Amendments” and the preamble of “The 13th Amendment (a.k.a. the abolishment of Negro slavery)”. The State Of Georgia has long since been observed and charged with the practice of setting up laws which were “contrived to perpetuate Negro slavery under other names”…Given the time honored practice of laches, procrastination, protraction, filibustering and organized shiftlessness blended with deliberate clerical acts of case law work burking and undermining (viz, burking and/or culling meritorious legal grounds from client’s legal argument(s) which ipso facto makes it all the more likely for The State to convict and/or execute pro bono/indigent clients). Combined with the extant disproportionate amount of modern day African American males incarcerated within the Georgia Prison System Corporation, plus! The 6th amendment Fundamental need and legal right to legal counsel: this leads me to the conclusion that most (though not all) Georgia pro bono Death Penalty attorneys (via passive consent, casual racism, connivance, complicity, casual exclusion, pseudo-humanitarianism, inegalitarianism, etatism, post-bellum southern partisan loyalty and/or genuine astigmatic naivity) are in actuality in practice of Law…Trojan horses in league with (and employed by) The State of Georgia” to perpetuate Negro slavery under other names (e.g. The Georgia Department of Corrections)” by affording modern day indigent African Americans pro bono clients with an approximation and/or THE APPEARANCE of legal representation…Which in practice serves/operates as a form of de facto racism. The conflation of Racism and Prevailing Operative American Classism often creates the perfect milieu for clouded views. And can (and oftentimes does) mislead…However!??? With “Billable Hours Hustle” in mind, what does remain consistently true and clear is this: The 1950’s met and learned and proudly practiced Jim Crow segregationist values and laws, here in Georgia. Here today (in the year 2015), we African American male prisoners are commonly represented by (and preyed upon and oppressed and enslaved by) his great-grand kids James and/or Jane Crow, Esq. – here in Georgia…the need to shed light on this specific form of disguised racial oppression (born of Institutional Racism) is a reality I’ve lived and observed for the last 24 years of my life…It is a most deleterious iniquity; and norm’. My name is Mr. DeMarcus Ali Sears: I’m 43 years old and I am currently on – Georgia’s Death Row…the effect/end result of laches – is client betrayal. Dissembling Trojan horses operating under the guise of Humanitarianism best describes Most court appointed Trial and Appellate Death Penalty Lawyers – here in Georgia…Don’t be fooled by “Niceties, Phatic Communion and/or Political Correctness”, you guys…They’re scam artists…basically poseurs, dissemblers…or to paraphrase Sir William Shakespeare: Oftentimes the sharpest of daggers are concealed and/or hidden behind the brightest of smiles…SEE, Matthew Chapter 23/verse 28…Their slights end lives. The vestiges of racial and economic discrimination take many forms. Jim Crow, James Crow, Jane Crow: Rarely does the fruit fall far from the tree. You guys…It’s called “Atavism” and/or Learned Patterned Behavior…SEE Ferguson, Missouri…as ever “Mr. DeMarcus Ali Sears”.

Things I Can’t Control

June 16 2015

Prison life is far from easy. You like to think you are in control of everything but you can’t control forced interaction. This past weekend I ended up in the hospital with a broken nose, a split lip and two black eyes from getting in a fight with my cellie. I’m not a fighter by any means but my old cellie was a psychotic nut job who went on an episode and I was unfortunately the one forced to fight back in defending myself. As I sit in an isolation cell in transit waiting to go back to population I think about all the poor people forced to share a cell with the worst, heartless human beings. In the world you can just turn your cheek but in here sometimes you get the bad end of the stick and are sleeping with a cold hearted murderer that is pure evil. The way some of these people behave just kills me. Pure animals. It’s hard to find normal people in here but the few that are in here I’m sticking close to. I hope to write people who can actually understand some of what goes on in here and not believe others when they say life is all gravy in here.

Love Letter

May 10 2015

Dearest Love,

Sometime you'll look at me. You'll look at me with those smiling eyes, filled with trust and innocence for guidance and reassurance and I'll tell you that everything will be alright. I tell you everything will be alright, not really knowing in my heart that it will, I'll tell you this because I'll never be the one to take away your path, because I made a promise to you, to always be your strength. I'll tell you everything will be alright because I love you. Enough to bare the world's burdens on my shoulders for both of us. Because your half of my heart. You're half of my heart but the whole of my life. I don't have all the answers to questions Life presents us. Think back to when we were kids, before we ever knew each other. When we thought about tomorrow and grown up things, kissing and wedding rings , and believed that I'd be the answer to those questions. Superman. With the power to make every wrong right. Only time told us I was Clark Kent and the most I could do is love you and stay true. I wish for those moments where I could lay awake at night and watch over you as you sleep. In that moment, seeing everything that I ever wanted in life, in your face.


March 19 2015

Moving up in the prison world, taking advantage of every opportunity, bettering myself with education and vocational programs (G.E.D., College, Horticulture and Masonry), wasting time in no option at this point.

Feeling bad, stressing or any other negative thoughts isn’t going to change what’s ahead of me. My sense of humor helps me through those self made “Rainy Days”. I like to stay busy and keep my mind occupied with positivity; therefore I have little tension around me. There’s no perfection, I’m just saying I just have a lot more positive energy than anything. I’m doing my best to better myself. Friends and family are supportive and do what they can. It’s just on me to build a strong foundation for my future.

With that said, I like meeting new people and enjoying good conversation. I’d like to hear and maybe learn from your experiences. Share stories and build a friendship. I’m more mature for my age than usually assumed, so I’d like for our qualities to be close and intertwined. Loyalty is a must and I understand it is earned. My friendship is strong, understanding and more meaningful to me than anything. I pray I’ve made a decent impression and that you can find the time to correspond. So please have a great day. Peace and blessings.


Charles McElroy


February 27 2015

(Blog 1) It’s hard to stay in touch with my family after being away for 16 years. You all know how it is out there, it’s a hustle keeping up with everything and easy to overlook someone in my situation. I’m trying to find help from someone willing to add blogs, pictures, messages, and poetry to my facebook page so that I can keep my family posted on how I’m doing. If you think that you can be dedicated and it’s in your heart to help me, then write me and lets start, because this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Thank you!

(Blog 2) How many people sincerely get on this site looking to find someone to write? I gotta ask because I know I’m not a bad guy. The worse thing about me is that I’ve been in prison since I was a id. But I get mail like I’m not even on this site. I’m just throwing this out there because I wanna hear from and meet more people. But you gotta write me. And yes I know, writing sucks sometimes, but also I am able to call you. And if we like who we meet through writing, I will pay for my own calls to chop it up with you. So hit me up because if I could, I’d hit you up.

(Blog 3) Do you like Taylor Swift, poetry, tattoos, and slim dudes with nice attitudes? If so, write me, you have nothing to lose….

New Opporunities

February 15 2015

Hello! Something pretty amazing has happened to me! After being at Close custody facilities for over 23 years, I was transferred to a Medium prison on January 14, 2015. This is a huge step on my journey to rejoin society. I feel like my positive attitude and behavior is being recognized and rewarded. Now the burden is on me to prove that I deserve this opportunity. My primary goal is to complete the sex offender treatment program here. I am already confident I will never re-offend, but this will give me some important insight and tools to help ensure that never happens. I am committed to seeing it through, despite having no illusions that this will be a fun experience. Other important goals include completing my college degree, taking more vocational training and preparing for my Lifer Review in 2018. Also, a few people have left me no way to contact them when answering my ad. An email, via Corrlinks is awesome, but my state doesn't currently allow me to email back. That’s supposed to be changing when Minnesota switches to Jpay sometime in 2015. Until then, I need and address for snail mail. Others have provided addresses that return mail as un-deliverable. Please check that your address is typed out correctly. I answer everyone who contacts me as I know how much it hurts to reach out to someone and get only silence. A new facility. A new world. Hope there are no slugs..

We're All Prisoners

February 6 2015

In this world, people are held prisoners in many different ways. There are individuals who are prisoners of their fears, complexes, limitations, bad relationships and/or addictions. There are those who are prisoners of the need to have "more": more money, property, power, fame, sex, etc. Oh, but that's not all! There are still people who are prisoners of the taboos, beliefs, or customs of the cultures where they are born/raised. Then there is my type: those who are prisoners of flaws in the legal system of the USA; A country that in the eyes of the world, is supposed to have the more "efficient" justice system. I'm living proof of the contrary. Right now, however, my focus is on telling you that I can, in a way, relate to all of you who are prisoners in some way. I have conquered imprisonment by understanding that while my body is being held prisoner behind the walls of this prison, my mind, heart and spirit will forever be free. I have the freedom to express what I think and what I feel on paper and then share it with the world. I invite you to find a safe and healthy way to free yourself from whatever is holding you prisoner. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with me. I'm here for all prisoners of the world. Write me at the address provided please.