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December 6 2016

I promised to begin a blog about legal issues- but since no one has yet responded to my ad, I do not know if anyone out there is even interested in discussing legal questions. So, for this segment I’ll simply ask a constitutional question to see if anyone is listening. In California, you can file a 995(b) motion to dismiss the case for lack of probable cause after your preliminary hearing. If denied, you can then appeal your denial pre-trial in accordance with Penal Code 999(a). These are facts. The question is: does a timely filed motion pursuant to 999(a) to dismiss the case for lack of probable cause remove subject matter jurisdiction from the trial court pending completion of the pre-trial appeal- and can you continue the pre-trial appeal through federal levels of appellate review?

Enough of that, I have my new dog, Rocky, here with me now until December 13, which is our graduation. He’s a 75 pound Pointer/Dalmatian mix, and so calm and intelligent! He’s going to make someone a great companion and I’m going to miss him a lot!!! I’ve remembered pure love through this program. I can say that it hurts more doing time alone now because I know love again, but I wouldn’t change anything…except this, the only part missing is someone to share this joy and happiness with more intimately than through a blog- so where are you? Till next time……..


November 29 2016

First let me say thank you for taking time to read my blog. I’m excited that 2016 is ending and ready to welcome 2017 and see what the new year has in store for me. Even though I’m incarcerated, 2016 has been a pretty good year for me. I’m one year closer to going home and have been given a new youth offender parole date. I got incarcerated when I was really young and naïve, so I’m really thankful that California and society are giving individuals such as myself the opportunity to show that the boy I was when I got locked up is not the man I’ve become today. Thank you once again for reading my blog. Raul Herrera


November 28 2016

Pen-Pals are you into fitness? I have spent the past 7 years sculpting a lean, hard physique. At 36 years old I am in the best shape of my life. I went from 210 pounds to 175 pounds and maintained the weight loss. I am addicted to “High-Intensity” body weight and cardio exercises.

I am looking for new, challenging routines that will push my endurance threshold to the max. Do you have a challenging routine you think may test my abilities?

Please share any fitness related tips, opinions, personal-testimony or routines. I enjoy all types of training – “MRT”, circuits or intervals. “Beastmode” on the burpees?? Give me your burpee routine and I’ll crush it!

I’ll be waiting to hear from fellow fitness buffs.

Your friend,



November 28 2016

Hey Hey – World

I really hope that you guys paid special attention to that last piece on gang violence and our youth. I can’t stress the issue enough, man, really. However, today?...I want to discuss “Imagination”. Remember the movie “Back to the Future” when that wacky scientist used to say “Aha”! I think I’ve had one of those “Aha” moments. In fact I’m quite sure you all have but to different degrees. For example, when I lay here in this cell and let my mind go on autopilot? I find that I can transcend these bars, barbed wire and guard towers but most importantly I can reach heights so high that I can view how vast our galaxy is and “imagine” realms and dimensions foreign to my own. Wait, wait, now I know some of you are like (this guy just went wacky scientist), but really think about what I just said…Did I? I mean, look around you, trees, animals, bugs, plants even all the way down to shapes and patterns in leaves and snowflakes. Everything has its own intricate design unique in its own way, just like people. I say all this to say that these things all have an origin…the Creator. It’s logic that the creator had a blueprint and vision for the creative force. We were “imagined” first. Root word “image”. I’ll wait while some of you reference dictionaries (hey did any of you guys hear about the death of superstar Prince?) super unfortunate. Purple rainnnn, purple ra…oh wait,..we’re…we’re back on the air? Okay, sorry about that. Ummm, now where was I? Oh yeah, imagination…the power of thought and imagination is said to hold unknown capabilities. You know why? Because it has the ability to alter reality and shape perception. Meaning it creates life on many different levels. In deeper science, the projected thought form causes a chain reaction on a subatomic level, making probability of grasping and obtaining your desired reality by simply reaching for it “possible”. I call it the atom thought A.K.A. Faith…Uh, oh now I know you all are saying how can imagination and thought have anything to do with faith, right? Especially since imagination’s root word is image which is something related to “seeing” while faith on the other hand is belief without “seeing”, right? But that is where you would be wrong and mistaken. Why? Because faith is seeing. Faith is seeing with your heart and the spirit. Even the Bible said that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains…literally. So…what was that? …Who just called me a nerd? Hmph, I’ll have you know (British Accent) if it weren’t twas my passion to hear myself talk, perhaps I would be a human English Oxford dictionary I suppose…I’m sorry everybody, that was my alter ego Mr. President January Odrama LOL. Basically what I’m trying to get across to you horrid people is that, “You can do anything” in this world and even create your own. Don’t be burdened by the roles that society puts on your shoulders…hold on for a second, “(For God’s sakes man can you please turn down that stupid Radio!!) People are so rude in here! Him and that dog gone, “Moves like Jagger” song. SMH…Moral of the story ladies and gentlemen, “You have to own it if you want it.” Never doubt yourself. Never give yourself limits and never stop imagining. That’s what Peter Pan was about (voice breaks) oh man, that movie was so beautiful (sniffle) (that movie was not about men in tights!!!) It was about being young, see how much you know! (That stupid moves like Jagger song) Until next time people. Class dismissed (Get off me)!!!

I Feel You

November 14 2016

See I can tell you have that fear of being yourself around me. Not because you’re scared of me, cause you’re scared of what I might accomplish if you open your emotions and heart to me. I know your past relationships have made your heart fragile, that’s why I just want to take my time and be gentle with you. The most important thing I want to learn first is your mind, cause that would show me how different and unique you are and it will also show me how deep your beauty can be. Then I want to venture off into your soul, which would reveal any secrets, pleasures and desires that would be hidden from the naked eye. Then of course your body would be last, after we went through trials and tribulations and that would be the treasure of it all.

Thank You

November 8 2016

I would like to thank everyone who has responded to my profile. Whether it was a short or lengthy exchange, all of your letters brought joy into my gloomy days.

All who sent me letters using I’m unable to respond to them as email, so please include your name and return address in the text of the email so I can write you back by mail. This state’s not that advanced yet, we just got phones (smile).

To all who has written and thought I didn’t wish to reply back, I’m not that rude. I’ll always respond to say thank you for your investment of time in me. Thank you for all your support and encouragement with my PTSD.

At times the smallest things can make the biggest difference when you’re down or having bad days.

Recently I’ve been through more discouraging obstacles. My uncle passed, then I had a serious infection in my knee, which they didn’t wish to do much for it. I had to deal with it for a few weeks. It was right under the kneecap which really sucked. Couldn’t walk or bend my leg and it looked like a giant cherry.

My birthday was really boring. The entertainment canceled when they got to the door. They were unable to do any long-term shows. So I just gave myself a party. I take all the small joys and make each day a little better. Hope to hear from y’all soon.


November 6 2016

There was a boy. Egotistic, Narcissistic, and oh-so talented. He got good grades when he cared to try, so his teachers knew he was intelligent – which aggravated them to no end... at least those who cared.

And the ones who didn't? Well, it was a run-down school in a part of town where nobody called the cops because the caller was as likely to be shot. #BlackLivesMatter

But one teacher wouldn't leave this too-cool-for-school boy alone. She taught English, and she hated the boy because she knew there was a jewel in him. After he'd turned in an assignment where he had to pick a historical figure and write a letter as them (he chose a self-educated slave's son named W.E.B DeBois), she moved him to the front of the class and gave him detention any time he got less than an A.

She'd done him a favor.

Because there was a girl.

(There's always a girl.)

She was his age; a strawberry blonde in a school that only saw blondes on TV and dye jobs.

Nobody knew her name, and most forgot she was there... she'd learned the art of NOBODY. Those who did saw her as weird.

The boy, the only other person who shared her skin tone, had let his eyes glide right past her, just like everyone else.

Until he made her laugh.


September 27 2016

“Prisoner in the Free”~~

Looking at me is plain to see. I’m a prisoner and can’t easily set myself free. Yet many are free and are prisoners that are worse off than me or somewhat like me. Not realizing they hold their own key to unlock what has built their own penitentiary. Some are emotionally, physically or mentally trapped and unhappy. Yet unlike me, everyone that is free “doesn’t” have to be a prisoner one day longer than they need to be. So if you may be a prisoner reading in the free, I hope you consider setting yourself free and realize that you have no reason to be trapped and unhappy, like me. I’d have tons of consequences piled up awaiting on me. But if you or anyone in the free would break free of your own penitentiary, the consequences to follow can only be better than what would await me if I choose to set myself free. So ask yourself, are you happy with who you want to be? Are you in a place you “want” to be? Are you happy and who do you want to be with? If you answers were “no” then welcome home! You’re a prisoner and free you roam! Lol. But remember, you hold your own key and all you must do is unlock what holds you a prisoner, like me, set yourself free, and make yourself happy. Cuz you don’t want to be miserable like me. Thanks for hearing me. Much love and respect, Face


September 20 2016

Hello people, just updating my blog. Where is everyone? I am truly looking to meet some beautiful women my age or younger who love to be worshipped and adored. I am looking to my parole date or sooner. Love Native women and White women. Would love to meet some women from the United Kingdom or Europe in general. Would love to meet a Native woman strong in heritage and culture, knowing languages and its meanings. I am truly physically strong, my only weakness is my left knee. I did start a new workout routine, feel it showing love myself very much. Can’t see myself loving anyone if I can’t love myself, right? Plan on starting college course this year in Paralegal research and to Criminal Justice. Hope to be on my bands payroll and clear my debt to my people with knowledge and experiences. Educating youth with laws not known to the layperson, and laws in hindsight. Inspiring youth not knowing Native ways will be hard to know, it’s way is not traditionally taught to youth. Hope to find a beautiful life out there to share some life with to worship and adore. Love women who love to be made up and dressed up and photos. Please send me photos. My time in prison has been tribunal and violent, have a lot of jealous lives quick to character assassinate. “These haters can’t help not to see what they’re in when they stand next to me in the mirror. A lesser man”. My only friends are Red, White and Brown, setting the tone for my path to the blue road and to my Grandfathers Blueman. Hope you beautiful women don’t begrudge me for being a bad man. An enduring Native man.

Sincerely yours,

John Steven Martin


September 18 2016

July 2016:

Well to continue my blog and update – I will finish out July. The month finished ok here in Southern Michigan, just extremely hot and humid most days with little rain. On top of that, the housing units have no air conditioning. Did get a little cooler around the 17th and 18th, that I could actually sleep pretty good and hoped to sleep in on Sunday since church is not until 10. Nope, fire drill at 7:30 am on a Sunday!

Most days the prison restricts the use of recreational equipment due to the serious heat. I started a new class at the end of the month that appears I will get a lot from. Chance for Life: Men concerned with youth, family and friends.

August 2016:

New month. Tigers kicking butt. My birthday on the 5th. Made what us inmates call a “cook up”. I did a massive birthday nacho one. But day also sad. Miss my children so much, and my poor mother. She has been so hurt by me, so saddened by me. Plus, she lost her husband earlier in the year. She is also 80, only can visit when my brother can bring her, which is now rare. Oh, the heat is back! My younger daughter’s birthday, who is 8 was on the 13th.

That’s a wrap for now, best wishes. Will get another update on in a couple of months.