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Inmate Blogs

You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Derrell Thomas #01055589

April 6 2020

As an inmate being incarcerated here in the State of Texas prison I’m announcing to the public the corruptness of correction officers throughout the State of Texas prison. There are some officers that indulge in physically brutally beating up on inmates. I’m a victim of the circumstances because it’s happened to me on the Michael Unit in Tennessee Colony, Texas. It got serious because D.I.G.’s are thoroughly investigating these incidents by these officers. Officers beat and injured me badly but I forgive one of them because he came to my cell door and stated that that was on his conscience and he felt bad about jumping on me. I had a softball size knot with a bruise on my forehead having my head slammed onto the concrete. My left eye was swollen black shut and my lips were swollen.

Although the inequality inhuman treatment weighs heavy on my heart that caused hatred, anger and envy; I still strive to become better man. The more and more I strive I’m steady faced with trauma that tries to damage my soul. But I hold my head high and keep pushing because I’m a firm believer that everything got to come to an end and Karma pays everybody back. What goes around comes around. I’d love to hear comments on this situation, God Bless!!

Fredrick Moore #567805

April 4 2020

"Faith In These Difficult Times"

As we are facing uncertain days with this pandemic, we can look to what is most important to us. 

Love overpowers fear. Love is a design that most haven't embraced or been ready to receive. We need to be in tune with our partners, our families and ourselves. When our lives have slowed down, it gives us time to look at the beauty we’ve neglected. 

It is my hope that the reflections during this time, comes to better us. Being in prison, quarantine and social distancing is a way of life. I've known uncertainty and questioned my situation. Now have become an ear to hear loved ones facing this crisis. 

I embrace hope and have faith that we will get through this. We will be better friends, better people and each doing their part for a better world. Please take care of yourself and be safe.

"Tough times never last but tough people do!" R. Shuller.

Tevin Williams #M21660

March 31 2020

Faithful is believing in me with your heart, mind and soul even when the world around you says you shouldn’t. It’s about being in harmony with me so much that you know with certainty that everything I do and every move I make is for the advancement of us. It’s knowing me, loving me despite my mistakes and trusting me today – even if I fell short yesterday. It’s about having faith in me, always no matter what. Fidelity is only part of being faithful, it’s only exhibited in the physical form but in all sincerity it’s more extensive than that. You can be willing and ready to give me your body without giving me your heart, mind and soul; in essence only relinquishing a small portion of yourself. But faithfulness is giving me all of you and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I’ll never take you for granted or intentionally cause you any harm, hurt or stress.



Jose Cerrato #01985606

March 31 2020

“A Valuable Soul”

Living life was never meant to be easy. That would defeat the purpose of learning the true value of success, without trials and tribulations where would the value in being successful be? How can we cherish something we don’t see value in what we’ve accomplished to be where we stand today?! I’m not talking about in the aspect of life in a materialistic world of accomplishments because that’s something we can’t take with us when we leave this earth, there is more to life. I am talking about the success of our soul. We all have made mistakes that many people have been quick to judge us by, telling us nonsense, trying to put us down by saying things like, “You will never be nothing etc.”. Forgetting that we’re only humans and making mistakes is all part of living life that allows us to learn from our shortcomings. How we choose to overcome mistakes is what truly defines our character. Being able to soul-search to find inner strength means more than we realize, especially when we’re conflicted in the dark, fighting our demons in order to strive and find the light. All this contributes in creating value to our success even when we haven’t yet reached our goals this doesn’t make us a failure, we’re fighters knowing failure is not an option. Letting the struggle feed our ambition because no matter what life may throw at us, it’s up to us to take control.

Allow the power of our soul to turn something negative into a positive investment towards our destiny. Living life was never meant to be easy but in the end of our struggles it will all be worth it. No matter what predicament you find yourself in life as you read this just know that everything will get greater later, believe and have faith in yourself.

*I wrote this at one of the lowest points in my life. I had just lost a brother and I was searching for the motivation to keep my head on right…



Avery Warso

March 30 2020


My name is Avery Michael Warso and I am an inmate of the Dixon Correctional Center in custody under the Illinois Department of Corrections.  This brief message is my personal appeal for your forgiveness, and support, both individually and as a society.

As a young teenager, 18 years of age, I impetuously became involved in a situation that regressed from justified to criminal.  In attempting to help a friend collect a legitimate debt, I ended up criminally charged with “home invasion”, which was later “enhanced” due to a third party being in possession of a firearm.  I was not armed, nor did I have advanced knowledge that the codefendant was armed.

The end result was that I accepted full responsibility for my juvenile participation in this so called “home invasion”.    I pled guilty for a 6 year sentence for the act of immaturity, then, the State's Attorney doubled back and added an additional (consecutive) 15 year “enhancement” do my sentence.   This produced a 21 year sentence at 50%, for a crime in which no one was injured and no one was deprived of their property.

There are many men here in this prison, with much lesser or shorter sentences who actually murdered someone.  Such a disparity can hardly be designated as “justice”. 

Seeking that ever elusive, “justice”, I have filed a petition for executive clemency before the honorable Governor and the Illinois Prison Review Board.   I have requested a commutation of my sentence.  I have been incarcerated for six long, continuous years.   During this period I have displayed and demonstrated a growing maturity of conduct and decision-making.  Additionally, I have shown a personal potential for full rehabilitation.

If you can find it in your heart, or in the reasoning power of your mind, please support my quest for justice and equitable treatment.    Your comments and support for opposition are humbly invited. 

I personally express my appreciation to every individual who has taken the time to read this message, whatever response it has elicited from you.


Avery M. Warso  #Y11942

Malique Haynes #54052-007

March 27 2020

"Just Me"

Working on my self everyday, cant wait to come home. 

Currently writing book and small horror, music,comedy stories and also, I've been writing raps and I can't wait to pursue my music career.

When I Was Young

March 27 2020

When I was young T.V was considered poison to the brain. As an eight year old boy in 1974, TV was a waste of time, when I could be playing with my G.I. Joe, pretending we were in the jungles of Africa, like we were Johnny Quest, or riding my bike-an orange Huffy, with a sporty black banana seat, silver stripes going across the spine, tall handlebars like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I would race up and down the street like a movie star stuntman, or Luke from the “Dukes of Hazard” in the General Lee.

But on T.V. there were cartoons. My favorites- Spiderman, Johnny Quest, Scooby Doo. Shazam T.V. also had a lot of my favorite shows like Dukes of Hazard, Nightrider, B.J. and the Bear. I really love shows that had car stunts and racing in them.

As I got older, in my teens, the cartoons got better with Transformers, G.I. Joe and Thundercats. And T.V. shows and movies got better too. But outside got better too! With skateboarding, BMX bike riding and going to the mall and going to school dances, which was a lot of fun. I love dancing!

I guess my point is that I was told not to sit close the T.V. because it will hurt your eyes. But now you can watch T.V. on your phone! When did this all change?

Now I hear parents having to force their children to go outside. I do like the new phones and video games, computer graphics movies. The new forms of electronic appliances and robotic vacuums are cool. They make me feel like I’m in a Star Trek movie. Yes, I’m a Star Trek geek!

But are our inventors moving faster than life? What are we going to do when life catches up!?

Generation X

Adam Titus

March 26 2020


Free Titus Rally  -  Free Titus Rally  -  Free Titus Rally 

Adam Titus was convicted in Cook County, Illinois, as an accomplice to felony murder.  Under Illinois law, if a person's presence at the scene of a crime can be construed as “aiding and abetting” that crime, that person can be convicted of the substantive crime itself.  After Titus was found guilty, the jury at Titus’ trial for the offenses was permitted to speculate that his mere presence at the scene was sufficient to sustain a conviction.  Nothing existed which could identify Titus as having been accountable for another’s actions.  It had been and is still a reality that police brutality and excessive force, fueled by inflammatory publicity in the local news before and throughout the trial and fanned by the documented lawlessness, made it possible to convict Titus.   The truth is simple: Adam Titus did not receive a fair trial in Cook County, Illinois.  Titus had been convicted in the press and in the minds of the general public from the moment he was apprehended.  The conviction was but a formality.

Thank you for reading and sharing your passion and commitment with us.  Meanwhile, we in this world must remind ourselves again how we threaten our own rights and interests when we, by our silence, condone the police and State’s Attorneys use of unlawful procedures, including attacks on suspects, and use of criminal law to illegally convict.  I ask you now to enter the heart and soul of Adam Titus who, despite all that has happened, preserves strength in the power of principled people to make change together for the common good of the people of the world.

Free Titus Rally

Ronald Hammond Jr. #311246

March 23 2020


Imagine being trapped in a cold, emotionless world, surrounded by pain, fear, anger, guilt, innocence, concrete and death. This is the world I've been living in for the last 18 years. I trust that GOD is with me. Just because I'm suffering the consequences of my past mistakes doesn't mean I'm unworthy of experiencing love and happiness with someone that is willing to grow with me on all levels. I have no prejudices! True Beauty comes from the inside.

Nathaniel Davis

March 23 2020

Companionship is good for people.  To be social, or socialize is of Supreme design to love, to bring awareness, or simply guide one to attainment of peace and prosperity.  In different times of our life, to hear encouraging words from a certain individual may be enough, to spark the determination to put forth the effort to change the circumstances one faces.  Or, the power that words have, may solidify one's belief in themselves, previously they doubted themselves as if, success wasn't entitled to them.  I welcome socializing, and interacting with all people, where society tends to separate people by class or race, I recognize mankind belonging to the same race, the human race.  Therefore, all is deserving of equality, care, and freedom of loving whom pleased.   I value friendship ultimately, for when one may find themselves in the trenches that are encountered in life, they are assured of being loved and desired to triumph whatever obstacle faced.   For some people, that may be what is needed, to embody the spirit of resilience.  Love.  Be free.  Be courageous!