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Cynthia Rios #19051-298

Ahhh, Amor (Love)     World Cup 2018

Arched at first glance, ever since she travels my veins. I lack on reason and loss of sleep. Smitten and unable to express myself irks me because in the real world I handle a challenge with a quickness like a true Aries. Instead I am in constant agony because I want to touch her but I can’t and I really want to. You see, this place is not real, it traps me in its circles. It is so bare and desolate of anything genuine that this tenderness is unbearably lonely. Why love something not tangible? Why continue to nourish it?

Nevertheless, isn’t it healthy to dream, imagine, what if and hope for an amazing destiny? As I negotiate the curves and wonder of my future, I examine my existence here and what it has taught me; to love in utter silence, that I am more loved than I ever felt, that when I had it I did not treasure it and that I’m deathly afraid to trust. Still I’m crazy about her; her smile, skin tone and swag-self render me senseless. To escape I guide my heart in direction of my loves, FIFA 2022 and my autonomy.

Some days I can’t bear it so I claim defeat thus I wonder why would the universe in its perfectly intricate well-calculated omnipotence have me in this fishbowl only to adore a complete stranger and moreover make me a passionate, overstimulated, spellbound and ambivalent XX chrome? For what purpose? Meeow!



Cynthia Rios #19051-298
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Guillerno Velasco

A Reason, a Season, of a Lifetime…


When we encounter someone for a REASON they usually meet a

need we’ve expressed to the universe.  They’ve been sent to assist

us through difficulties or to provide guidance and support physically,

emotionally, or spiritually.  They might seem like miracles and they

are, for whatever reason we need them.  But then, without any wrong-

doing on our part, at some inconvenientt time, that person will say

or do something to end the relationship.  They might die or simply

Walk away.  Sometimes, they act up and force us to take a stand.  We

Must recognize when a job is done, a need met, or a desire fulfilled.

It means the universe has answered our prayer…


People also enter our lives for a SEASON.  To share, grow, and

learn about ourselves.  They’ll bring us experiences of peace and

laughter or maybe, they’ll show us something we’ve never seen before.

Mostly they bring an unbelievable amount of joy.  Embrace it, it’s



Then there are relationships that bring us LIFETIME lessons.

Experience we can build solid, emotional/spiritual foundations on.

Our task is to accept these lessons and then apply what we’ve learned

To our relationships and other different areas of our lives.


Author, Unknown to me.  I read it, lied it, and decided to share it with everyone.

Question:  Which are you?

Guillermo Velasco #46629-112
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The Eleusian mystery of suppressed his-story. In Nahuatl, the Root, Na, means “To Know”. Nahual means “Knowledge”, the Gnosis of Hidden and Secret Things of Nature. Wherever there are full accounts surrounding the revolts during the Inquisition, we can trace the guiding fingers of the powerful though hidden hand of Nagualism, which united many diverse tribes of what is now Mexico, Central America. The Fraternity of Nagualist (Medicine Men), formed a coherent association inspired by organized opposition against the establishment and the religion introduced from Europe. A well disciplined and widespread covert society uniting Natives of different languages and varying culture. Entrance to the order was a severe and prolonged ceremony of initiation to test endurance of pain and the powers of self-denial. Bounding the indigenous together by sharing of mutual information, occult learning, and mystic rites which put them on par with the famed Thaumaturgist, Theodidacts and Theosophists of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, if not surpassed them. The Cults Calendar System along with the names of the days and the hieroglyphs which mark them and the complicated arithmetical methods by which they were employed, carried most of its doctrines I.E. Astrology. The Federation claimed as its patron and founder “Quetzalcoatl”, The Feathered Serpent. This sign corresponds with the Cloud Serpent Mixcohuatl (referring to the Thunder Storm).


Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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Unholy Inquisition

Recorded history makes evident that the pretext for military expeditions surrounding the Inquisition in the New World was to enforce Christianity, as the rite of Baptism is constantly depicted as the symbol of religious persecution. The church was the wolf in sheep’s clothing for the cultural extermination, oppression and genocide conducted by the children of sin. The iron heels of religious despotism which the immigrants seized in order to possess themselves of the land and its treasures, to rob the indigenous of their wives and daughters, to enslave them and to spill their blood without remorse or remission. This holocaust led to an undying hatred breaking out now and then in furious revolt and civil war. The insurrection which more than once threatened the usurping of New Spain, is attributed to an elusive cabalistic guild of “Teotlauice” or Sacred Companions in arms. This coalition embraced numerous tribes of Mexico and Central America whose initiates were rank and file by degrees of royal priesthood similar to Roman Church hierarchy. Whoever or whatever was an enemy to the religion so brutally exerted upon the children of earth was to them an ally and a friend. Examples: Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate or the Anti-Christ. The secret councils and ceremonies maintained their ancient rites and old ways of their forefathers. Repertoires contained writings in Native language using symbolism and secret cypher passed down esoteric doctrines and occult intelligence which is the secret teachings of the ages.



Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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Murderers are not born. They are molded as children. It requires vicious, repeated, intolerable cruelty to chase away someone’s spirit and create a nest where a demon is born. It comes at a time when victimized children give up hope. When they know they cannot endure the pain alone. It’s as if the soul fissions to spawn something stronger. A patron who can shield them from the pain. Tormented minds rarely acknowledge the traumas. Only the beast remembers and hates and waits. When it’s in a position to inflict destruction, the incarnate spirit erupts. Believing that by hurting others they can exercise the memories of their own childish terror and weakness. This is a futile attempt to kill the terrified child who still huddles inside them. As if by wielding the power of cruelty puts them on the side of it. To be one of the monsters, they are to be feared. A desperate attempt to banish the child’s soul entirely so the thing never again has to hear it crying or begging for help. Demons resent the children they protect. After all, they’re the strong ones. They endure the pain and survive while the child’s soul huddles in terror with its back turned unable even to watch. For a bully life is bondage, cruelty is emancipation. For the child to grow, discover what binds him. In the circle of life, what goes around comes around. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.


Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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Wise Old Owl

Many generations ago, when the creator made the bird people, He took that which was created for good but which may serve for evil and made a bird that was not noisy and noticeable like other birds. This one was silent, deadly quiet. No one could hear it fly or saw it during the day, and no one else saw it with other birds. Seldom did anyone hear its voice because it did not sing. During a vision quest, owl might say, “Look at my eyes. See how strange they are. How much power I have in them. My eyes look like the sun, illuminating great vision. I can see anything, here, far away, or even into the future. That is why nothing can hide from me. I am capable of blending into the color of the trees, night or snow. I am silent and can sneak up on anything, without being noticed…” Although the owl is considered a negative sign and bad power by most indigenous people, they still respect it, understanding there a two sides to everything. Owls are most commonly considered a messenger of accidents, illness, evil and death. But don’t fear it. Beware if you hear an owl hoot around your house, the closer it is, the closer the relative to be affected. If you see an owl look and holler at you in broad daylight, it really is death himself that is stalking you. Owls warn us of potential danger. Traditionals keep sweet grass braids or something to smudge with in their cars for this purpose. Take time to thank the owl for the message and sing a prayer song for protection.


Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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Jean Salvatierra

How does social media affect people’s life?


We know that social media has brought us closer to networking, dating, connecting with new friends and much more.

But, it has also broke us apart due to cheating, cyber bullying, and exposing personal information.  It has become a concern to us and boundaries can be made by the user, but unfortunately there’s people that don’t have limitation in social media, which affects the public and social sites.

The bright side of it is it helps people reconnect from a long time no see, network business to success, receive followers to support your career, even your beauty, and share public videos/phots for major views.  Social media is meant to socialize, not to cause disturbance, so why not keep it that way- right?  You may comment on this blog and share your persona opinion.

Jean Salvatierra #M52759
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Brian Ducksworth

I am a highly driven individual who refused to let the unimaginable corrupt prison system oppress me while on my journey of righting my wrongs of yesterday.  My inner ambitions has fueled my hunger to be successful.  Success to me is more than material things, it’s about happiness, bringing a smile to someone who’s having a bad day, to be an advocate for “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT” in the lives of people who struggle mentally, socially, financially, physically, and emotionally.  Why?  Because I've experienced the struggle in all 5 areas of my life, and I've witnessed the impact of one determined person’s ability to make a difference in someone’s life, to alter ones direction, and the tremendous ‘RIPPLE” affect it had on everyone surrounding the individual.

I hope that me being open and honest will hold some weight with you……being here has taught me to be cold, antisocial, and for me to let my pain out into the open… might not seem like much to you, but for me it’s a big step and I'm willing to explore the bond that tow people walking two different paths can meet, can have no expectations, and still have a meaningful conversation, and the two are able to walk away from it with a better understanding of what life’s like for others…..Because what makes it special is that it takes more than the average person to be able to look past the stereotype of “men in prison” and take the time to get to know someone and believe in that person’s hopes and dreams as well as the dreams of others…

Brian Ducksworth #562195
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Navy Combat Veteran

Writing is saying to no one and to everyone the things it is not possible to say to someone.  ~~Rebecca Solnit ~~ The Faraway Nearby


It’s 03:11 and I’m lying in bed shaking.  I haven’t felt like this in almost a good six months.  I’m scared.  Apparently the guards are letting people out to go eat breakfast and someone isn’t happy that they failed to get out of a quick enough.  Like a toddler, they proceed into tantrum mode start kicking the door.  I’m beyond startled.  It’s as if a demon has snatched me from a peaceful dream.  The kicking and banging reminds me of the incoming mortars.  It takes me a second to realize where I am, but the terror has already taken to me.

I want to try.  I want to scream.  I want to run and hide.  However, reality minds me that I can’t because I’m in a prison cell.  Instead I roll over to face a window in search of my solace.  I feel ashamed and embarrassed.  How is it that this is happening to me?  What did I do to deserve this?

Bad thoughts creep into my mind because I want to figure out how to end it all and be at peace.  Have you ever woken up to a nightmare because of a nightmare?  It’s confusing and painful.  Sometimes the sadness is overwhelming.  Now I have to get ready for work, face the world.  But will my secret reveal itself?  Or can I make it through the day to face my demon again?

J. Grady

Navy Combat Veteran 

James Grady #01851320
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About Steve

Hi nice to meet you, I hope the feeling is mutual. Before we embark, i have 2 questions; is honesty and loyalty at the top of your list? You're seeking characteristically in your pen pal? Are you sincere in your quest for a surreal throw caution, to the wind type of friendship? If so look no further, and let our journey together begin. I am passionate about all types of literature, art, music, and poetry, in that order. I also enjoy movie nights( and what obviously coincides with it cuddling), (don't judge me just yet). Some of my favorite activities are(but are not limited to), fishing, camping, going to the beach, star gazing, reading, going to events especially insomniacs events, as well as making life long friends, care to be one? I hope so, I am a good listener, extremely spontaneous, a free thinker, my gravity is centered as i am a Libra. Intense, but sensitive, I am very adventurous, creativity and ambition, course through my veins.I must confess, I am a hopeless romantic. Can't help but smile every time I cross paths with an elderly couple, who so effortlessly maintain that flame. I am down to earth respectful, empathic by nature, shy but confident. I only have 2 years and some change, and refuse to come back. I am ready to give my loved ones the undivided attention they deserve, and leave this life in the past, care to be my future? Give me a chance and I promise you that you will not regret it. The decision is all yours, the door is open, I'll be expecting you.

Steve Gomez #02098750
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