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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Oscar Briceno

October 29 2020


I'm writing to let everyone know that I only have 7 months left to go on my prison sentence.   I know I haven't posted a blog or been active.   Really, I've been waiting for someone to write.

My discharge date is March 28th but I'll be released March 26th., 2021.  I'll be going back to Dallas, Texas till I can figure out what I'll be doing.   I'm still open to meet all kinds of people from all cultures and backgrounds.  

As I've mentioned before, I do have goals to go back and complete college.   If anyone knows of anyone who hires ex-felons, please send me information.   if you don't feel like writing, then you could register your phone at and send me your number.   I enjoy making homemade pop up cards, that's how I keep busy to pass my time.   I'll really be needing a job if anyone can help with that. 

Anyways, like I said, I only have 7 months left so I'm still wanting someone to write.  Maybe we can meet one day.    Till then, I'll be here waiting.

You can even download the Jpay app on your phone to write me.    Just make sure you send your address with the JPay letter so I can respond.


Oscar Briceno

Seeking Legal Help

October 28 2020


To Whom It May Concern:

I am in need of any assistance concerning fMRI technology (neuro-imaging, brain-based lie detection) and Iris Scanning (company: Senseye, which is basically able to “read” people’s minds by monitoring their eyes).  I am seeking assistance on using this technology as evidence to prove guilt or innocence in Texas’ Courts involving the insanity defense.  I am seeking legal representation to:  (1) file my state writ of habeas corpus (Article 11.073) to appeal my plea-bargain; and, (2) provide a defense team to represent me at another trial.
Does the Texas legal system allow the use of fMRI/Iris Scanning as evidence in a criminal case in the state of Texas?
My case dealt with the ‘insanity defense’ and the mental disease ‘schizophrenia’ – my state of mind at the time of the offense.  I raised the insanity defense at my trial back in January 2000 and was found guilty.  Six years later my case was overturned and I was issued a new trial.  In 2007, back on bench warrant, I plead ‘nolo contendere’ and signed for 35 years.  I took the life of my mother and her friend.
I was diagnosed with schizophrenia by numerous county jail/state psychiatrists who stated in their evaluations that I was insane – both medically and legally insane at the time of my offense.  The trial judge appointed his psychiatrist in 2007 (upon my bench warrant back for a new trial) and his doctor determined I was indeed schizophrenic, medically insane, but LEGALLY SANE.  With this evaluation I plea-bargained because my chance of appeal was/would be diminished with this expert’s testimony [Penal Code 2.04 – preponderance of evidence].
In the Texas Penal Code, sec. 19.03, Capitol Murder:  (a) a person commits an offense if the person commits murder as defined under Sec. 19.02(b)(1) and:
(7) the person murders more than one person:
    (a) during the same criminal transaction
    (b) a person commits an offense if he:
        (1) Intentionally or knowingly causes the death of an individual

In the Texas Penal code, Sec. 6.03: Culpability Generally.  Definitions of culpable mental states:
    (a) A person acts intentionally, or with intent, with respect to the nature of his conduct or to a respect of his conduct when it is his conscious objective or desire to engage in the conduct or cause the result.
    (b) A person acts knowingly, or with knowledge, with respect to the nature of his conduct when he is aware of the nature of his conduct or that the circumstances exist.  A person acts knowingly, or with knowledge, with respect to a result of his conduct when he is aware that his conduct is reasonably certain to cause the result.

There was no intent or “knowingly” in my case as outlined by Texas Penal Code, Sec. 19.03 Capitol Murder (a) and 19.02(b) (1) and (7)(A)(b)(1).

With the Texas Legislature in 2013 passing Senate Bill 344 and then the Texas Legislature in 2015 passing House Bill 3724, these technologies that are now able to discern truth or lie, would prove I was legally insane and should be found “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” due to the “preponderance of evidence”.

This new technology is what I need, along with the two bills put into action (S.B.344 and H.B.3724) to prove my defense!  Neither the technologies nor the Bills were around in either 2000 or 2007!  With the technology as evidence, the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney… all parties involved, would be able to ask questions of me regarding before, during and after my act to pinpoint my guilt/innocence as stated by Texas Penal Chapter 8, Sec.8.01 Insanity(a)(b):   
    (a) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution that, at the time of the conduct charged, the actor, as a result of severe mental disease or defect, did not know that his conduct was wrong.
    (b) The term ‘mental disease or defect’ does not include an abnormality manifested only by repeated criminal or otherwise antisocial conduct.

I was suffering from the ‘onset’ of schizophrenia at 21 years of age when this act took place.  My disease/mental illness has been medically diagnosed.  I have been (and continue to be) successfully treated for this disease once diagnosed but I have remained incarcerated since 1997.  I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when this tragedy transpired.  I had no prior history of this mental illness nor did/does any of my immediate family.  Everyone was thrown for a loop when this ordeal took place back in August 1997 and we are still fighting an uphill battle.

I just want the TRUTH to be told!  ANY and ALL assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time!  Peace be with you.

Kind Regards,
Cody DeWayne Mitten
#907137 Skyview Unit
379 FM 2972 W
Rusk, TX  78785-3666

Contact Info:
Me:  Cody Mitten/Texas/ #907137
Go to: (you will need to set up a Jpay account to send email.  Cost is minimal for email stamps.
 (Please include your address in the email so I can snail mail you back).



God Against The Death Penalty

October 28 2020

God Against The Death Penalty

What would God Almighty say about the death penalty?   He would forbid it!  Why, you might ask.  It is not 100% accurate.   An innocent woman or man wrongly convicted could be swept under the rug to create an eyesore in God's eye (exodus 23:7 - Do not put an innocent person to death, for I will condemn anyone who does such an evil thing.  (Or)   Deuteronomy 19:19 - If you have made a false accusation, you are to receive the punishment the accused would have received.

Why would I make such a statement?    What authority or right do I have to speak for God?    To look in the Holy Bible, you will find in Genesis 18:20-32, God speaking to Abraham about the city of Sodom.    Abraham is feeling uneasy about the Lord's plan to destroy innocent lives with the guilty.  God assures Abraham that no innocent lives with the guilty.   God assures Abraham that no innocent lives will be taken even if there are “only 10 people” who are innocent of sin.

Can we honestly say there is not one person sitting on death row who is not truly innocent of the sin of murder for which they were convicted of in a court of law?   Headlines have been made of people who were exonerated due to DNA testing or faulty testimony by witnesses who later recanted.

Here was Abraham, a mere mortal, like you and me, questioning God about this plan.   God sent 2 Angels (Genesis 19:1, 19:12) to Sodom to evacuate all the innocent.  

Our American judicial system is by no means perfect.   Should we not be God – like and see to it that no innocent person is put to death on the account of the judicial system pertaining to capital punishment not being foolproof.

Innocent people are dying on death row and we have the power and means to terminate the killings of innocents.

I Absolutely Love My Family

October 25 2020

I absolutely love my family and would do anything for them, both the family I was born into and the ones I choose to call family... mean the world to me.

I am not the kind of person that can just sit around and do nothing. I love the outdoors and being really active, but while locked up, going out to yard, must suffice. I am 5'11" and 200 lbs in shape. I do a mix of weight lifting and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as well as recovery and strengthening yoga.

Yes of course, I work out to have a good looking body but also to stay healthy, feel good, and better myself. I also enjoy furthering my education through all kinds of reading. As of right now, I am learning Spanish, brushing up on math and reading any books I can to help build me as a person. One of my favorites is "The 7 Habit's of Highly Effective People" by, Stephen R. Covey.

Breaking Down Homophobia

October 24 2020

While we’ve made miles of headway on the road to tolerance in this country, we still have got a long way to go. Despite being no longer socially acceptable, homophobia persists in private. Although public personalities may suffer backlash for openly brandishing such bigotry, the disease continues to course through the undercurrents of our culture, and the world remains a hostile place for those who walk a path that differs from the ‘straight’ and narrow-minded.

Breaking down homophobia, begins at the roots. What causes someone to have such an irrational reaction to something that shouldn’t concern them at all? If indifference is the natural response to that which doesn’t affect us, why do certain straight people have such a strong aversion towards someone who is gay? Clearly, these conflicted individuals have some underlying issues with their own sexuality to be so apprehensive about someone else’s. If gay people can be accepting of the straight community’s lifestyle, why can’t the road to tolerance run both ways?

Although various factors could contribute to the homophobic condition, there may be a common symptom that is shared by those afflicted. In 2018, researchers announced the results of a study, which found that people are generally bisexual in nature. Their findings were based on the fact that virtually all of the test subjects were aroused on some level by erotic images of both sexes. Even those leaning heavily toward the gay and straight ends of the sexuality spectrum, demonstrated some degree of bisexuality. This falls in line with long held progressive thinking that has considered human sexuality to be more of a fluid state than a fixed one, and shines an interesting light on the subject of homophobia.

The study’s conclusions indicate that individuals suffering from homophobia, likely have a physical attraction to members of their own sex. With the thought of society’s scorn weighing on their minds, this could be problematic for some people, resulting in feelings of guilt or shame. Their self-loathing could then be projected onto the gay community for inadvertently representing a side of themselves, which they have trouble facing.

Not all homophobes are created equal. Some will merely emulate those that suffer from the illness, in a vain attempt to conceal their own sexual ambiguity. Having no actual animosity toward gay people, they jump on the homophobic bandwagon with the misguided belief that projecting an anti purity, when it actually provides a blaring indication of their undisclosed attractions.

While blatant displays of homophobia may draw some criticism, there is a subtle side of the sickness that often goes unchecked. The gay community is constantly confronted with casual cringes, suggestive looks, and raised eyebrows from all sides, including their allies. These mild offenses may seem harmless compared to the hateful language of the hardcore homophobes however; they play an important part in the spread of the syndrome, which could never flourish without planting such seeds.

Even where there is tolerance for the gay community, the acceptance tends to vary. Gay women may be viewed differently than gay men, and those who adhere to traditional gender stereotypes will find it easier to blend in with the straight community than those who don’t conform. Ironically, one of the groups that have the most trouble being accepted is those who openly identify as bisexual. Despite the science showing us that bisexuality is a basic part of human nature, there are few who feel comfortable freely admitting to this truth in light of the stigma surrounding it. Since many bisexuals choose to suppress their gay feelings, they expect others to do the same. However, why should anyone deny a part of themselves because someone else has a problem with it?

It appears that homophobia finds its roots in people’s insecurities over their sexuality, and is amplified by the intolerance that the condition causes in others. In order to eradicate this illness and build an immunity to intolerance, the cure must come from within. Before they can accept others homophobes must learn to accept themselves.


October 24 2020

I'm coming up for parole in November!

Wish me luck.

Ask Me

October 24 2020

Ask me how I’m feeling. “I’m well” would be the answer of course. I’m healthy. Psychologically, I’m feeling lonely, stressed and hindered. Lonely because I’m missing physical interaction. No amount of pushups and pulls ups can ever replace the touch of a woman. Hindered due to being forced out of my default independence and stressed because reliable people are so hard to find.

As me how I’m feeling. Blessed. Although I’m doing 6 ½ years in prison for something I didn’t do. I get out soon. Even though the court date that would’ve had me home months ago was canceled due to Covid. Commissary is not a worry of mine. I have very good lawyers and my fees are paid. I’m able to provide financially for my mother and my children. Whenever they let me go I’m able to buy a new car and get my own place and I have a job as soon as I get out, paying close to $60,000 a year. I already have my schedule. I’m blessed because things could always be worse. I could be doing a lot things I did do. I could be broke.

Ask me how I’m doing. My answer is “I’m doing damn good.” Why? Because I truly believe I just traded death for a few years in prison and a chance to get it right this time.

Tevan Williams #336510

October 18 2020


At the moment I’m unable to access my JPAY emailing services so if my ad/pen-pal introduction sparked your attention in the right way, please do both add me on JPAY and write me at the address currently listed. As soon as I’m able to access the emailing option I’ll gladly email but until then I’ll be waiting for your letter.

As for my photo, this is a portrait, it’s not the best but it is something – I do have pics but I’m looking for a connection based on qualities. If you write I’ll send you a photo, this portrait is of me. I’ve been told I’m handsome but looks aren’t everything.

Again, please add me on JPAY and also write me and I’ll write back. If you send me a # my calls are pre-paid.





True Freedom

October 13 2020

I woke up this morning and took a few moments to reflect on my freedom, and my incarceration and came to a vividly clear picture, that the two are one and the same.. "Nothing but a mental construct". 

I spent time free in this world, and was incarcerated mentally.. I was a Beast, I destroyed everything around me. I hated life and was chained to unhealthy life choices, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy people, all going no where.. I put evil off into the world, and in a short amount of time lost everything... Literally everything, including my children and my physical freedom, and in that loss found freedom and clarity.

I made the choice that no matter where I'm at I can make a change and make anything happen.. I can touch everything on the outsides of these fences, and in the same way I used my thoughts to destroy everything around me, I use them now to build!! I put positivity into everyone that is around me, I hold up, and build up the people in my life, and show them through my actions that if I can be free even in here surrounded by the worst of the worst there is nothing you can't do.. If you believe it you can achieve it there is nothing you can't do!! Everything that is in your life at this moment is what you attract in the universe, and it is up to you to free your mind, you are the key to unlocking the infinite potential, and possibilities, that are inside of you.. I thank the universe for this physical incarceration, because it has brought me a mental freedom that I never would have discovered, and this freedom is true freedom!!! 

Almost Home

October 13 2020

It's been a long ride. The world has changed tremendously since I've been away. I'm creating a new Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Follow me as I pursue prison reform social justice reform and a new way of life.... Thank you in advance! Don't forget to protect our community by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and teaching people to be safe. in a covid-19...Be safe!