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Daniel Cheairs

May 31 2022

Hello again everyone,

This will be my last blog for the time being and in between time, I tried to diversify this particular list since I tend to lean more towards Hard Rock and Metal. This one has a little more work put into it, so I hope you enjoy!

You Gotta Fight - Beastie Boys

Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects

Somebody Told Me; Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Through the Glass - Stone sour

Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

Say Goodnight - Bullet for My Valentine

Infrared; Never too Late - Three Days Grace

Blurry - Puddle of Mudd or Stained (I can’t remember)

Chasing After You - Ryan Heard Ft. Marin Morris

One Call Away – Luke Combs

Wishful Drinking - Ingrid Andrew Ft. Sam Hunt

Discovering the Waterfront; Smile in Your Sleep - Silverstein

Ohio is for Lovers; This is Who We Are - Hawthorne Heights

Fare Thee Well - Stone Temple Pilots

If I Didn’t Love You - Jason Aldean Ft. Carrie Underwood

A Few things a Man Should Know - Lani Wilson

So Sick; Made Miss Independent; Closer - Ne-Yo

What Ifs - Kane Brown

Boots Need Knockin - Luke Bryan

Check Yes Juliet; We’ll Be a Dream - We The Kings

Thank You Child - Edward Shammer

Come Little Children to the Hanging Tree - Peter Hollins

Twisted Transistor - Korn

Dragula; Meet the Creeper, Spookshow Baby - Rob Zombie

I F*cking Hate you - Sevendust

Engel  - Ramstein

Falling In The Dark; Comtose; Last Night; Monster - Skillet

Bloody Angel - Avatar

Dead Body Man - Insane Clown Posse

Dark Horse - Katy Perry

No Heart, No Love - Juicy J

Blast Myself - Z-Ro

Dracula; DARE; Clint Eastwood (Remic) - Gorillaz

Under the Influence, Don’t Give a F*ck; Toy Soldiers - Eminem

Filthy Rich; Latin Throne - SPM

My N*gga - OG Ron C and DJ E – Murda


Feel free to send your own playlists and comments

Daniel Cheairs

May 31 2022

Hello again World,

I'm wide awake at 2:00 a.m. at old club LeBlanc, so I figured I'd write out another blog before heading to the sweat shop AKA a slave labor camp AKA the dungeon or commonly known as….work. I'm probably going to be dead tired in the middle of my shift. Why do you elude me, oh sleep? I'm going to throw together some music again and add some of my favorite quotes to the end.


Popular Monster – Falling In Reverse

Lips Like Morphine – Kill Hannah

Two Weeks – All That Remains

The Crimson; Coffin Nails; Gallows; Ex and Ohs – Atreyu

A Little Piece of Heaven; Dear God; Lost; I won’t see you tonight, Pt. 2 – Avenged Sevenfold

When Angels Fall; Unknown Soldier; Far Away – Breaking Benjamin

Maybe It’s Time – 6 a.m.

Another Life – Motionless in White

Sex Metal Barbie – Unknown

I’m Not Alright – Tetrit

History of Violence – Theory of a Dead Man

Halo – Machine Head

Throes of Perdition – Charbydis and Sayillia – trivium

Dead Skin Mass – Slayer

Sayerbeast; you Only Live Once – Suicide Silence

Mein Herz Brennt – Rammstein

Happy? – Mudrayne

Forever and Always – Bullet For My Valentine

Collosus – Avatar

I Am Machine – Three Days Grace



“If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell” – Virgil


“Rape burns hottest against a punishment deserved” – Andross Guile


“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” – Erasmus of Rotterdam


“I believe I am in Hell, therefore I am” – Arthur Rimbaud


“Sometimes the only way to win is to burn it all down” – Unknown


“Braking up day cards – for when you just don’t give a damn anymore!”







Daniel Cheairs

May 31 2022

Hello folks!

This is my first blog I've written in my entire life, so please forgive my horrid blogging skills! I've decided I would create a playlist of sorts for any curious individuals out there. I will start off with a song/artist play list then list some artists for you to explore. I go through multiple genres, so sorry if some music doesn't satisfy your palate! most music will be found on Spotify or YouTube!


Teardrops; Parasites Eve – Bring Me the horizon

Scars That I’m Hiding – Asher to Now

Circle The Drain – Machine Head

I Hate It – Underneath

King of Misery – Saul

Doubt – Through Fire and Flames

Recurring Dream (John Hopkins Remix Ft. Lorde)

Limits – Bad Omens

Hero of War; Audience of One – Rise Against

Midnight City – M80

My Garden; F*ck the Police – Kotten Mouth Kings

Hotbox Anthem – Potluck

Getting High – Trae The Truth

Loyal Customers; Real Gangster; The System – SPM

Sound of Silence – Disturbed

Artemis – Lindsey Sterling

Carnival – Nataly

The Jester – Bad Flower

I Miss You – Blink 182

Melancholy Hill – Gorillaz

Lips of An Angel – Hinder

Tech Love – Her Spare Holiday

Sunday – Sia

Human – Sredelia, Sol Eden – Wardruden, Don’t Call My Name – Skinshape




Mr. Fijiwiji

The Glitch Mob

Abandon All Ships

I Prevail

Snow Patrol

Young Dre

Sunday World

Daddy’s Drummer

Enter The Chrome

Mr. Sun

I apologize that none of these songs that a particular vibe. I was doing this off the top of my head!  Enjoy!




My Life

May 26 2022

"My Life"


My freedom was taken away from me and it's like my life came crashing down. My family and friends started to forget about me due to being out of sight, out of mind, then I started to question myself asking why did they turn their back on me? 

That's when I started to feel alone and get depressed because no support made my time slow, not having someone to help me get through the hard times. As I feel betrayed by everyone that forgot about me which taught me to leave them in the past and get out and just live my best life.

And the reason I signed up for a WriteAPrisoner is to meet new friends and see if I could start building a bond with someone that's not going to judge me for being in prison and is willing to get to know me for the great person I am as I share my thoughts and plans with, I just wanna be distracted from these prison walls as I wait for my outdate to get here.

I hope for someone to come into my life to brighten my days.


Eli Evans #02026857

May 25 2022

The only power a person has over you is the power you give them. Therefore, when you find yourself in a situation where it seems as if someone is trying their hardest to drain you of your energy, remember you have the decision to allow that person to take toll on you or the decision to be like, “You know what, I’ve been in this situation before and fell victim”. However, I am stronger! I am wiser! I am an overcomer; I refuse to allow the challenge to defeat me. Yet, I have the power to defeat the challenge. Which the person will realize that they don’t have any power over you or can’t get under your skin and will more than likely leave you alone. In other words, resist the devil and he’ll flee (James Chapter 4 Verse 7).



Derek Hawkins

May 24 2022

Does anyone know of any companies that hire felons?

A few of the skills that I have acquired while incarcerated include; welding, plasma cutting, forklift operation, injection mold operation, electrical work, and warehouse organization. I am willing to work any shift.

If you know of any companies with that style of work in Texas or North Carolina, please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Ruben Feliciano

May 22 2022

Respecting Our Women:

I am very CLEAR as to our equality with our fellow women on the face of this earth that they can reach the very same levels of MEN at all LEVELS. Our first Vice President in history and three women in our Supreme Court Justices. I stand with you as a man who has grown up within his pride, and has reached the core & depth of my upmost RESPECT to all the women in this world. Keep fighting and reach towards the stars. My words come from the depths of my soul.

I did not feel like this twenty years ago, but in time, I sought the help to change all my views in life and now, I truly appreciate and respect women's rights and equality. Your superior, and no matter what circumstances a person may ever be in this life, CHANGE comes with the truth, and time tells everything about a real genuine person.

Hi, my name is Ruben, and this is my reality. WOMEN, DO IN FACT ROCK and I stand on my oath as a man to have seen the rise within the power of women. We can't live without them, and that's a FACT, nor can we EVER doubt their dominance as to the same level as a MAN.

If you can't agree with me, then you in fact are no real MAN, check yourself, and join the fans.


Joshua Farley

May 22 2022

First I wanna say thank you for taking the  time to read this....I have some great news for you. Look no further, you found exactly what your looking for lol .

I like to laugh, joke, and have a good time, I'm about as real as they come. I don't have any time for drama or games, I'm just trying to make someone's day and bring a smile to your face.

I'm a good hearted, kicked back kind of guy, looking for someone to help pass this time with and enjoy my day with. If you are interested hit me up with a JayPay email with a return address in the message so I can write back.

If I'm not the lucky one, I hope you find what your looking for. Enjoy your day and be safe.


May 21 2022

Hey, what's up, everyone? So a new law got passed here in Oregon and there is a possibility I could be going home next year instead of in 2024. It hasn't been officially confirmed yet but is in progress so everyone wishes me luck. Also, I'm done with the poetry book that I'm going to publish! I have got 85 poems and drawings so far now I'm trying to find a publisher. It's been pretty slow and lonely here in prison this last year as COVID protocols have severely limited and deprived us of many of the things that make this place bearable, and so I'm looking for a cool female to talk to and get to know. I can have video visits and phone calls also and those are the things that we look forward to and appreciate the most as that's our line to the outside world. Being in prison with a bunch of guys has me missing intimacy with women and intimacy consists of various things such as real and deep conversations, and the sharing of your mind & heart which is much more than the physical aspect.

Anyways, if you are interested write to me at my address below. Contact me to know my social media accounts.


Kenneth Sahid Jr

May 18 2022

Hello World, 

I’m Kenneth. I’m 22 from Texarkana, TX. This is my first and last time ever coming to prison. I'm on this site honestly because I’m bored and need someone HONEST to talk to. I'm not on here seeking handouts or a therapist, I'm just really interested in building strong, long lasting relationships.

A little about myself, Well, I'm from TEXAS…So I’m a country boy at heart. … I love the outdoors; fishing, hunting, camping... prolly because I grew up on a farm, but I also like music, vibing, and just having a good time. I have been incarcerated most of my young life, but since I have been in here I’ve gotten my GED and I am currently enrolled in college, taking business and management courses.

 A lot of people misjudge and stereotype me because of my tattoos but honestly I’m just an ordinary, down to earth guy that likes to vibe and have fun. I do not have any kids…..yet, but I have a beautiful little sister that is my world, so family and loyalty,are the two most important things in this world to me.

I'm just sincerely looking for someone to vibe with and see where things go….if you are interested, hit me up and see where things go. Please be sure to include all your contact information in the body of your message or email so I can get in touch with you.