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Daniel Angus #206110

July 10 2021

I am not a snapshot.

Google my name and you’ll find a moment frozen in time. Not my finest moment; not exactly me, either. I believe, in an age where information is readily available, people have forgotten that we humans are dynamic creatures, ever changing. Sometimes, when I interact with people from the outside or department staff, it feels as if they’re speaking to someone else. To them, I’m static; a single snapshot of my past somehow defines who I am today.

I own what I’ve done --- all of it, not just what landed me in prison, but what I’ve done since too. I am not an 18 year old high school drop-out without direction or drive. I’m approaching 40 with my head held high, having achieved far more than my younger self could have ever imagined --- all while in prison. I made a conscious choice to not sit idly and wait for my life to be handed to me. I don’t recognize the person stuck in that moment in time; those that invest time to know me don’t either.

To you, the reader, remember people in prison are still people and people have the potential to change for the better. I’ve both experienced and witnessed this firsthand. I encourage you to invest a little time of your own to see beyond my snapshot and view the scrapbook of my life as a whole. I promise you, my story today is a bigger scoop than anything that made it into the newspaper.

In Loving Memory of Marisa Cameron

July 8 2021

Dear Friends of Write A Prisoner, I have some sad and tragic news that we lost a very special and loved member of our community.

Marisa Cameron passed away in May after complications from a heart attack. She will be missed dearly and forever loved. Marisa was a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman with a creative soul and compassionate heart. She loved music, playing her guitar, singing, writing poetry, and really loved animals. Her compassion and love helped me and my family through one of the darkest times in our lives as she was a beacon of hope, love, and light in this rocky sea of life. Marisa's empathy soothed my aching and she shed the tears I couldn't as well as reached out and gave an emotional hug to my family knowing there were moments I would be unable to. I will be eternally grateful for her and thank the Lord for bringing her into our lives.

I also want to thank and comment Write A Prisoner for all the good you're doing. And also show my gratitude to the wonderful Write A Prisoner community for taking the time to reach out and brighten the lives of people like me in some of our darkest and dismal times. So please keep bringing some light and happiness to those in need.

P.S. I would like to share one of Marisa's poems in hopes that it keeps her spirit alive and maybe inspire someone else to write. Expression is something she strongly believed in.

Hi Friends!

July 7 2021

I just wanted to make a quick blog entry to thank everyone for the letters and JPAYs if you haven't received a response from me yet, you will be receiving one very soon. There's one of you I haven't been able to respond to yet, because you didn't leave your address in your JPAY. (Diamond if you read this entry, please JPAY me your address so I can write you back.)

I hope to hear from you soon.

On a separate note, here a few things that have been going on around here lately:

- I enrolled in Clarindon College for the summer semester and I should be graduating in May.

- We are finally nearing the end of COVID restrictions at Roach Unit.

- I'm coming up for Parole review in less than 7 months!

- I learned that we are all getting tablets in the next 6-18 months, but hopefully I'll never get one because I'll be home instead.

- I am anticipating we will be going on lockdown for 2 weeks starting July 5.

Well I think that's it for now, but I'll be looking forward to getting more letters and JPAYs from my new friends.

Take care and talk to you soon.


Never Give Up

July 4 2021

Winning is not always popular. Losing is worst. However when one completely believes in the missions that the embark on, a passion to help humanity, popularity has no importance. Some of the greatest leaders in history were unpopular and hated by those who wished to see them fail. However, they drew their strength's and energies from a place within that allowed them to continue their historic course to transform humanity, even in the face of what others would call "losses"!

This is the situation I find myself in here in Texas. After being incarcerated for 11 years, I decided to commit myself to helping my fellow comrades, and making the prison environment better. I began organizing other like-minded prisoners and together we co-founded Texas "TEAM ONE", which is a collective of human rights activist completely committed to protecting, and restoring the human right for those incarcerated in Texas prison system.

After being deeply involved in the criminal lifestyle that only destroyed any environment that I entered after transforming my self into a righteous man, it is my passion to now give back. I have learned that in order to make any environment better, the members of that environment must focus on the things that we have in common, our shared values, and goals, and work collective as one cement front in order to achieve those aspirations. That is where the name, "TEAM ONE " was born.

There is a power in unity, and those who wish to do evil on earth understand this and work tirelessly to keep people divided it is when we are united that we can see the best that humanity has to offer whether we are in prison or on the outside. This is the core mission of "TEAM ONE", to see every single human reach their full potential.

"TEAM ONE" operates from a 12- point program that provides the structures and guidance for our movement. We cannot go at this historical mission alone. We enlist everyone that is interested in the advancement of humanity to join us.

If you would like to learn more about our movement please don't hesitate to contact me. If you're using JPay please include your address so I can respond due to me not having access to the internet. Thank you in advance for your time and I hope we can bring a change together.

Jaime "righteous" Vallejo

Here I am Again

July 3 2021


Here I am again. I have a few things I would like to say. I am 54 years of age. Now, when I was 19, I was put in here. I have learned quite a bit since that day. I have worked all those years to be a productive person when released. I have over 700 certificates in religion. I would like to be a street chaplain one day. That way, everyone has access to help whether it be the good word, or just help on getting some food. I think that I can do some good out there for someone, but I don’t know anyone on the outside. I like people, music, good food, and computers. I don’t have a clue as to what to expect out there. Can someone hit me up? “Mentors” is the word I’m looking for. I look forward to meeting new people and learning all I can. I thank you all for taking time to read this. Don’t think I am all religion; I am a man and I love people. (smile) Haha.

Warming up in Colorado

July 2 2021

I love to talk and write letters. I am looking for someone who has some time to spread some positivity and joy. If you like to draw pictures, creative writing, making poems or just want to be someone who is writing back/forth as penpals.

Jose Ocampo #100371

July 2 2021

Hello ladies!

I hope during these times you’ve remained joyful, as well as enthusiastic when taking the time out to search for someone to correspond with. I’m sure there are a lot of great people to choose from, I wish you luck, and with that said, if there are any of you women with lawyer/paralegal expertise or business expertise, I would greatly appreciate your correspondence. You all be happy, there are a lot of great individuals who reach out to us through WriteAPrisoner, and I look forward to your responses! Keep in mind, our JPay/email is not working, you’re able to email us through JPay, but we only can respond through snail mail! So, please include your full information as well as your mailing address when responding. Thank you for your time.


Jose A. Ocampo.

Taran Madison

July 1 2021

I'm 24 years old. I'm better known by my nickname of, Tee. I've been incarcerated since the age of 16. Since my arrest, I've educated myself, found myself in the spiritual aspect, gotten to know myself on a more conscious level, and matured greatly. I've graduated college in the paralegal field, I am a boxer, and I am an aspiring author and poet. I'm looking for a friend that practices and appreciates loyalty, positivity, and respect. I feel that life is solely about adapting, evolving, and reaching the level of mastery in aspects of what matters most to that such person - and that is my primary goals. I am all about pursuing greatness, and doing everything possible to reach that point.

The Moral Rumble

June 30 2021

“The Moral Rumble.”

(Crime vs. punishment vs. justice vs. rehabilitation vs. forgiveness vs. redemption vs. profits.)

I can only speak for Michigan, as I’ve only ever been incarcerated in Michigan. However, I’m sure that these issues aren’t just Michigan’s. With the exception of the stock market, most of America’s jailhouses don the words “Corrections,” (Punishment, especially that of criminals in prison intended to rectify their behavior) “Correctional,” (Of or relating to punishment of criminals in a way intended to rectify their behavior.) The “Department of Corrections,” or “Correctional Facilities,” why? The operative word being “correct” (conforming to accepted social standards.) If justice is the principle of fair dealing, let us keep this in mind as we broach this subject as our own morals in principles will arise during this subject. John 8:7 states: “He who is without sin amongst you, cast the first stone.” With that in mind, I think it’s time for us to look at how we view crime, our justice system, and the people therein. However, we can’t look at crime and punishment without looking at justice and rehabilitation. Nor can we look at any of the above without looking at forgiveness and redemption, and why is profit a factor in all of this? Michigan has about 34,000 inmates, housed throughout 31 facilities. Of these 34,000 inmates, 5,711 are serving life or long indeterminate sentences. Of these 31 facilities, one is labelled “prison” and 30 are labeled “Correctional facilities.” Many of the 5,711 are housed in correctional facilities.

To be continued, part ¼.



June 29 2021

Document A would be my 2/7/2008 arresting mugshot and lineup photograph after I was beaten, kicked, and choked during my arrest. After a closer look, you should be able to see the cut on my forehead and choke marks on my neck. Document B would be the 3/9/2020 reply from Illinois Conviction Integrity Unit. This office acknowledges that many United States Constitutional Rights were violated to secure my charge and conviction. However, they refuse to remedy or release me. Document C would be a response from a federal attorney in which I wrote seeking pro-bono help with this case. As you can read, he wants $15,000. I do not have this kind of money, especially not after 13 years completed as of March 11, 2021. To everyone who read my blog, this is what racial injustice and systemic racism looks like. More documents to come. Emphasis Added: No gun was recovered in this case, no victim, or Chicago police harmed nor hurt. Contact me at, download the app, then set up the GTL Email message to be able to email me. Please stay safe.