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Inmate Blogs

You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

I Am a Man Dreaming a New Dream

January 13 2021

Dreams live inside all of us. Daydreams or night dreams inspire us, comfort us, give us direction and purpose. Dreams tell us something about what is really important to us, what we most care about, what we most desire. Sometimes life brings us exactly what we have been dreaming of. But sometimes life shatters our dreams, shredding them to pieces and throwing them into the fires of our suffering.

This doesn’t mean that our dreams were wrong or that we shouldn’t dream again. It means that what was true at one time is no longer. It means that life has called us to let go of that dream, to surrender to the truth of what is happening now, and in that surrendering, to begin to grow beyond what we have been able to imagine for ourselves. Only if we can let go of dreams that are no longer real, that no longer serve us, can we open fully to the present and let ourselves begin again. Out of our surrender, out of our willingness to accept the present reality and our lost dream will come something new.

We make space to become a man dreaming a new dream.

The Justice System is a Joke

January 12 2021

“The Justice System is a Joke” is the name of a book that I'm struggling to put together. I'm 42 years old and the things going on in the news, I've been going through almost all my life. I've just been fortunate enough not to have been shot and killed by police in Chicago, one of the most corrupt cities on the map. Instead of being shot and killed, I've been sentenced to die slow in prison for 42 years for a crime I had absolutely nothing to do with. To top it off I wasn't found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I was found guilty for a murder where an individual was shot and killed. Mind you, I’m the only person implicated in this time. I was found guilty for killing this individual by gunshot, but was found not guilty for shooting the gun that caused the death to this individual. Does this make sense to anyone?

“The justice system is a joke” see people versus Allen McCray, a witness testified detectives made him sign false statements or they would charge him with the crime. I guess since it wasn't caught on camera like all the other times officers were caught in lies due to them being recorded, their word is gold when they say they didn't threaten this witness, like they would testify they threatened this witness, confessed to a crime?

“The justice system is a joke” and needs to be fixed immediately.

James Williams

January 12 2021

Since being incarcerated I've taken it upon myself to tirelessly study business, economics, investing, finance, real estate, inventing, and a great bit of physical anatomy. I dedicate at least 4 -  6 hours a day to studying.

That smile that you see on my profile is genuine. It's genuine because I figured out my place and purpose in life. I'm saying all of this to say that if I'm in prison with a smile on my face, putting forth my best efforts to be the best man that I can be, please don't allow adversities to hinder you from becoming the best person that you can be. Please don't allow COVID-19, Republicans, Democrats, racism, gender biases, discrimination, or hate, stop you from accomplishing things in life because love and faith overpowers all of that.

That diamond in the rough that I mentioned in my profile pertaining to that unappreciated woman is genuine. It's genuine because I've come to the realization that women are more powerful than they realize. I'm pressed for words, so I'll put it this way; behind 95% of the most powerful men throughout the world, there's a very powerful woman. I'd also like to mention that it's hard to resist or deny anybody that keeps you in a good mood.

I would definitely enjoy discussing the contents of this Blog, so if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to write or go to to send me an email.

About Me

January 10 2021

Well...I see you have found my blog and are still interested, so here we go. I was born and raised in Southern Alabama, small town. I live in the country. I love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, riding 4-wheelrs and lots more. I enjoy swimming, shooting pool, meeting new people, shopping, leather work and a lot more.

I love to read: Stephen King, Richard Laymond, Tim Dorsey, John Grisham, Stuart Woods...fiction, true crime, and more.

I love music; classic rock, classic country, new rock and country, hip-hop and pop. I love movies (old and new) and music is my thing. I like video games, also I'm that XBox guy.

I'm a laid back kinda guy, like to have a good time. I'm easy going. I work here in the officers mess hall, cooking for the officers. I have a Culinary Arts Degree. I'm a great cook. I love to cook, love to eat, and make new things.

I've worked offshore on the oil rigs as a cook. I have a Class A CDL and I have been to every state numerous times. I have experience in Customer Service, Retail Shipping/Receiving, a cook, a floor tech (stripping and waxing)...I'm a jack-of-all-trades.

I am also a dad. I have a daughter, she is my pride and joy and my best friend. My parents have her until my release. I do look to relocate and/or live abroad when I get out, I just have to see what happens.  I am looking to go to school to get my A&P license and become a helicopter mechanic. I am looking to make friends all over the world. I'm open, honest and would give the shirt off my back to anyone in need.

Feel free to ask me anything, I'm an open book.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to get to know me. I hope to hear from you soon.  Take care and have a great day!

P.S. I will talk to anyone; any race, any gender, any shape, any size, any color!


Denis Baldwin #1198380

January 2 2021

It’s been a pretty crazy year for the entire world! The conservation camp I was at was locked down to prevent Covid-19 from being brought in, so I was unfortunately unable to continue working at the Governor’s Mansion. It was an incredible opportunity and I feel fortunate for the time I had there. I have since been transferred to a Transitional Housing Facility. It is set up very similar to a college dorm and the living conditions are much better. We are till unable to work at the moment, but I’m keeping busy reading (nearing 600 books now), writing another book, and have enrolled in a couple programs here. Overall, I’m keeping positive and am thankful for anyone that has reached out to me.

I’m unable to email back through Corrlinks. I’ve had a friend assist me in responding through theirs, so still feel free to email. You are welcome to leave an address for me to write directly too. I’ll be eligible for house arrest the middle of next year. I hope I’m approved for it, although I can understand if my victim’s family is opposed to it. At the end of the day, all I want is for them to know how remorseful I am and that even if they can’t forgive me for what I’ve done, that they’re able to find some peace in their hearts.

Thank you for reading and stay safe out there.




January 2 2021

Thank you all! Who have responded to my profile. The response has been… well, culture shock! People who want to talk and write to me… that just doesn’t happen in our world. Or, it didn’t as I’ve explained, this was all new and after living in solitude for so many years, it was near insanity.

Especially you, my first contact, please reconsider and get me on Jpay again.

To all of you wonderful people looking on my web page. Don’t start to even think about looks or age (18 and over). I judge and look with my heart and into your heart. Spirit, heart, and soul is what is proper and the “right stuff”.

Everyone of you who has contacted me has said, “I don’t care what you did, or how you came to be in prison. Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Well, some of us need a little more, sometimes. Especially when our personal life isn’t going well. Health, the kids at home are having a crisis, or even our dreams and our perceptions of how it’s really like out there.

I’m really serious about making friends everywhere in the world. I can do German and French. I can by in Spanish, Italian, and even Russian. Don’t have translation software. You’ve got no excuse now.

I’m searching desperately for you in the U.K. and Australia. Any age (18 and over) or gender. I’ve got a lot of tales to share with you, and I’m talking to you! Calling, Middle and far East. South America, Mexico, Africa. Write and get on Jpay today. No one is refused, or needs pre-approval to write to me! Love you all.

Paranormal in the Prison

December 29 2020

Paranormal in the Prison!

Paranormal prisons. I see the stories on at least a half dozen networks all the time. America and the world are fascinated by paranormal experiences in prisons. There are supposed spirits of ghosts of inmates in the cells, along cellblocks and even in the death row sections of prisons. I saw one show where the paranormal investigators spoke to spirits at gallows, where men and women were hanged to death, in rooms where they suffered the electric chair, and also in prison hospitals where men died from physical violence.

Well, paranormal experiences are not just limited to closed, rusted, and notorious prisons in America. There are stories of serial killers, rapists, and prisoners murdered and sexually violated in today's prisons, leaving behind evil entities. Stories of ordinary people who were victimized after coming to prisons. Even from the darker side, the demonic forces that move from cell to cell influencing prisoners to commit violent crimes after coming to prison.

If you would like to hear the stories of the paranormal in West Virginia's prisons, just give me a line and I will share those stories with you. It will raise the hair on the back of your neck, maybe.

I can't wait to hear from you.


Overcoming This Pandemic

December 28 2020

Overcoming This Pandemic….

We're experiencing some troubling times doing this pandemic. Maybe you need a friend or just someone to talk to, I'm not sure, but I'm here for you. Not physically, but through emails and videos. LOL  I'm sure I can uplift your spirits.

It's funny how this world changed in the blink of an eye. Not long ago things were going so well with work, school, or whatever it may have been, and all of a sudden it sort of feels like we're in this horror movie clinging to our fate.

But I promise you we will prevail this. Things won't necessarily go back at the exact moment how you want it to be, but I'm sure over time this will only make us better and stronger individuals as we let nature take its course.

My heart goes out to the people who lost a loved one due to the COVID-19. Maybe my words won't be enough and I'm sorry, but I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart.  We will get through this….

I've learned over the years you have to meet life’s obstacles with physical, mental, and spiritual strength in order to get through them. Despite how bad his situation may look, sometimes even a smile would help, because if you focus on putting out positive energy, that's the feedback you’ll receive.

Regardless of what's going on, we have to block out all the negativity we see on the news which can be depressing at times, and just start focusing our minds on the good because this is not the end. We're going to see better days, you just have to keep your faith.

Last but not least, I would never want to complicate things between any relationship, but if you feel lonely like me most of the time and just need someone to talk to, or just to get away from everything and maybe talk about something you're going through without any judgement being passed….I'm open to talk/listen and correspond on any level.

Joshua Thomas




“The Hole”, “Solitary”, “Ad Seg”, “SHU Program”

December 27 2020

“The Hole”, “Solitary”, “Ad Seg”, “SHU Program”

This is the short list of numerous ways they describe their torture cells. Being in these cells is a form of torture. No-touch torture where they control everything- lights, water, even noise, by turning on loud fans to drown out talking so you’re unable to communicate with another human being. Banging on doors with their hand every 30 minutes to ensure you’re alive. As you know, many people kill themselves in these conditions. To what end has it been proven that these no-touch torture chambers don’t work? Unless they are trying to break the men’s minds, which, if that’s the case, it’s working just fine. The longer someone stands in these cells the more likely they are to develop mental illnesses. These are the same people who are let back into the community. Why are we still using this archaic form of torture? I’m experiencing this first hand, from being on suicide watch, to having my skin burned for days from the gases being sprayed. My emotions range from sad to angry. The only joy I have is mail time when my sister writes me. So here I am, asking for your support, prayers, books, mail or whatever helps. I appreciate it! Make sure to leave your address so I can respond. Thanks!

James Brown #235699

December 26 2020

Hello, community; because the pandemic disrupted my initial profile, please allow this brief message and photo to inform you that I am renewing my profile. 

Moreover, that I seek to correspond with you regarding this storied "past year." I look forward to discussing how you navigated life, your aspirations, your trials, and triumphs during this pandemic. I assume your experiences and worldview--coupled with my experiences of criminal justice reform, pursuit of social justice, and the COVID-19 response behind bars will make for a warm and interesting conversation for a cold winter season.

Therefore, should you find time during this holiday season to extend your sphere of friendship and willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue, please contact me through