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Inmate Blogs

You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Damon Hammeke

July 13 2020

Don’t Forget

Remember when you really truly love me, I was a bad guy but you never judged me.   When I was with you I was really happy.  I did everything I could to make you happy, and baby true loves what you showed me.    No matter what is what you told me, have a child with you maybe.   Your the one I want to marry, but I guess that you got cold feet.  Why do you act like you don't know me.  I don't like this new you lately, you've been acting really shady.  My heart is hurt, it's breaking.  Why would you ever go against me.   I still love you unconditionally, we’ll be ok maybe eventually.

Don’t forget about me.  


Wake Up by Charles Haley

July 11 2020

Did it take George Floyd to die, for us, all races to stand as a group? There has been injustice going on towards Blacks for years, are we finally fed up? Are we now done turning our heads, giving the blind eye to the wrong doing of my people? Hasn't this been going on since the early 1600’s-1900’s? And now after 150 years they decide to make June 19th (Juneteenth) a national holiday? Even then, back in the day, when they was suppose to free us, they were still 2 years late.

And the riots…we finally lashed out so strong! Was it because of George or was it because the Covid-19 lockdown the reason we went so hard?  Tired of being kept in the house on wait phase for a cure that we are not even sure they going to have.

Or is it a extermination to my people, since our rate of catching it and dying from it are higher than other races are catching it and dying also but not like my people. Law enforcement killing us and the virus too… can we win? What’s next America? What else are you going to do to my people? Are you going to die alone? Or are we going to stand together? My people, wake up!!!! It’s time to open your eyes …NO more silence. Speak up!!!!

Zachary Warnell

July 7 2020

I grew up in a time of an epidemic that was taking place all around me, and I never just seriously considered the implications of the seriousness of the situation.  Most never do until they’re directly affected in a very bad way.  I fear for my children.   

Let me explain….like me, too many of our society's children and young adults are out there on their own doing whatever they wish without a care in the world and not just trying to, but actually growing up too fast!   Kids emulate what they see or want to be.  Trying to be cool!   If you're not cool, you get picked on, which adds more pressure.  Then to top it off, how many people's Father's have been there for them growing up?   Which puts more pressure on the Mom's, and the kids rebel and resent life and are permanently affected by it.    Each generation this epidemic accelerates 100%. 

My brother committed suicide and his baby's Mother was murdered some years ago, and they left behind 3 children.    One is now locked up in juvenile for armed robbery, but taking college classes and doing good despite.   Once we or our youth get in the fast lane to be cool and grow up too fast, we never have the time to truly actually MATURE until we're forced to sit down and reflect on the damage we caused ourselves, the ones around us, and the ones who truly love us.   Some damage can never be repaired.

Listen to Your Heart

July 4 2020

Sometimes peoples' emotions can overwhelm them when put into difficult situations. When ones back is forced into a corner and you’re left with only one decision to make; that one thought that’s lingering in the back of your mind is probably not the best, or the one you should actually make.

Our subconscious mind eats away at us when we over think things, or when the brain has absolutely too much going on at one time.

It’s kind of like when you bottle things up for too long, so when it’s finally released, the damage is twice.

What do most of us do when such circumstances take place? We react like a normal person would and don’t expect our actions or the decisions we made to have any consequences behind it.

Life would be so much easier if we were able to express or talk about things before bad decisions take place.

You can love someone wholeheartedly and ruin a good thing, or maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to you if you stray. Or if you kind of second guess things too often instead of just going with what you feel.

If it’s something you truly believe in your heart, follow it. Don’t let crazy thoughts, past experience, or someone else’s opinion dictate what’s best for you, because you have to live with it.

Once that decision is made, whatever it may be, there’s no turning back…

Because the damage is already done, and the pain can live with you forever. Maybe you’ll recover, maybe not?

But if you listen to your heart, regardless what decision you make, you’ll definitely feel better about yourself afterwards.

Listen to your heart, sometimes it gives you sound advice…

My Words

July 4 2020

Hi my name is AnTony, but i go by the nickname Kuntry. I love the outdoors an working with my hands I love everything life has to offer, because even when I've fallen on hard times i feel that if not for those moments i wouldn't have become the man I am today.

Being locked up has been hard, doing my time alone and with the absence of a women's touch, even on a friend level has been one of the hardest things, and if there is someone out there that would like to build please reach out to me. You can email me on

I got on WriteAPrisoner to meet someone who values an authentic relationship. I'm the type of guy that even after a hard days work still wants to come home and please my woman by cooking or making her a bath. I have a hard time sometimes accepting a woman saying sit down you've been working hard all day I got this, but I need to start being ok with getting a helping hand.

I'm all about seeing the best in people. I like putting and keeping a smile on my face. I'm very athletic, some say I'm to I exercise  several times a week to take care of my body and keep a level head. I only have one temple so I feel I have to treat it right.

there is so much more to me and my heart, hit me up if you would like to get to know me, I promise you want regret it.

Mr. Right

July 4 2020

I’m in the process of writing a book about how to spot and detect your soul, as well as how to be the best lover, homeboy and partner to your significant other. My wisdom comes from experienced old men who taught me but also through trials and tribulations. I came to the realization that we men are a forgetful human humanoids and we sometimes need a little reminding and advice on how to be a better partner, lover, boyfriend, etc. Just as any professional athlete needs some coaching for guidance and inspiration… we men need a little  guidance and inspiration in relationships. For this purpose and goal I write this book as a way to help remind us men of what we should already know or heard of before. Also to remind us of all the signs and characteristics which would help men become more conscious and to determine of whether or not a woman is or isn’t a potential soul mate. For instance, if you don’t trust your partner or if you are always arguing or fighting it most likely not meant to be. A soul mate should be able to make you feel better, stronger, fulfilled, and happy. I’m no loverboy, nor Romeo, and I’m sure there are women who bad mouth men, we must only learn to become better by educating ourselves and each other.

Bernard Ellerbe

June 23 2020

When one bases his life on principles, 99% of his decisions are already made.   -  unknown

Jermaine Stokes

June 23 2020

Sitting here in this cell just thinking about all the things that have been stripped away from me, physically and emotionally.  The one thing I do have is my most prized possession - my mind.  My mind is my strength, my power to face adversity head on.   My mind refuses to let me be broken.  Here I stand a man (you will not break me).    My mind helps me understand pain.  Pain is a place where my will is being broken, due to the fact that the discomfort occurs at the specific spot where my own wants and desires are neither being met or fulfilled.  My mind grants me the fortitude not to embark down a road of discouragement, but keeps me on the road of hope, healing, and faith.   Pain is inevitable, but staying hurt is a choice.  A choice my mind refuses to absorb.


June 14 2020

Reports from around the globe tell that during this pandemic and the halted activities of humanities onward March, the earth has cleaned up significantly. Some estimates declare 33% less pollution of the air over metropolises worldwide. Dolphins were seen swimming the Suez Canal for the first time in decades. Animals now returning to areas in North America where they’ve not been seen for years. All something to consider.

What’s more, is that (COVID 19) amongst a proven 60% of all other flus, illness, and disease are directly related to mishandling or consuming animals. COVID 19 is from eating or mishandling bats as well as ebola. Then tuberculosis is of swine as well as staph infections of the nastiest kind. There’s quite a long list. Now if this alone doesn’t give you cause to pause and at least consider your own garden or how you can contribute to a healthy earth, then perhaps the worldwide pandemic was an event sobering enough that you’d consider sustainable living.

After all, many people who depended upon an economy for food, water, or rent money just had a very rude reality check. Imagine if those same people had water and food sourced at home and something like rent didn’t exist...

Food for thought.

James Jones #22605517

June 14 2020

Since my incarceration in 2018, I’ve obtained my GED. I’m trying to pursue my dream of becoming an Alcohol & Drug Counselor/Gang Mentor. I’m stuck though, I don’t know what steps to take. OSP offers CDAC, I’m on the waiting list for that. I’m 100% positive this is what I want for my future. It’s been suggested I find a mentor for myself, someone with experience in this field; Mentor or Mentee. I’d like to learn as much as possible before my release in 2023. I’ve been independent since the age of 14, it’s hard for me to ask for help so bear with me. If you’re experienced in this area and would like to guide me through this and share your wisdom and knowledge, please contact me.

Thank you. Take care.