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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Ralph Graves #A601-185

December 18 2020

"Happy Holidays"

My Christmas wish is to hopefully meet someone with a little holiday cheer in their life that they are willing to share with me. 

I understand the true value of friendship and feel that’s the best gift anyone could give. So if you’re interested and you would like a new friend for the New Years, please contact me through my JPay email or post on my WriteAPrisoner page and I will respond. 

Happy Holidays!

Edward Hicks #731875

December 18 2020

"Talk To Me....."


As this pandemic has shaken the world in various ways (a loss of a loved one, financial strain, psychological challenges, mobility restraints, etc.) the emotional support and mental strength of a guiding voice of reason is always welcome. Given the personal adversities on my path and the manner in which I've learned to perceive/approach/& embrace struggle "I can be that voice". Simply reach out by way of JPay and let's move mountains together. The mental stimulation, inner confidence, gained inspiration, and new perspective that accompanies my energy "shall have an everlasting progressive affect on your life". Let's free each other from ALL the ailments of misdirected thought, as our combined experiences/abilities grants conquering force. A force which "we" may spark within each other conceiving new life.. "Good Day from a comforting spirit"..
Please be aware that if you write me by way of U.S. mail, if you desire for me to write back, make certain to attach/place within the content of your letter/card a name and address. This is so given the current mail policy where I'm housed. Without such I will have no means of replying..




December 16 2020


If we men understood woman's importance, we would never refer to her as “My B.”, or any other negative connotation. “My” denotes ownership. She is not our property to do with as we please. Something some use to fulfill their desires, then threw away like clothing no longer in style.

Woman is the Co-creator in bringing forth life. Every great man throughout history came through the womb of a woman. Our first teacher is a woman. Our first love is a woman. Our foundation is a woman.

As men, we say we love our mothers, daughters, and sisters, and say we'll do anything to protect them. Yet, we sit back silently as other men emotionally and sometimes physically abuse the ones we say we love. The culture has taught us this is how men are supposed to interact with woman. The culture is wrong!

A wise person once stated, “Our attitudes determine if we love or hate, advance or recede, succeed or fail “. It's in men changing our attitudes that we will be able to see woman's true purpose.  That we will be able to truly love her as co-creator with the Most High. And we will be able to advance society past sexual harassment, equal pay, and domestic violence.

A New Man That Needs a New Friend

December 16 2020

A New Man That Needs a New Friend

Day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year: it has all been a journey of change. It has been seventeen plus years since I started this bid and I have taken a good hard look at myself and the life that led me behind these cold walls. I had no choice but to take accountability and accept the great responsibility of making the changes in my way of thinking that will ensure my success upon the day of my release.

I have taken a college course for Business and vocational courses in Cosmetology, H.V.A.C., and Auto Body. Of the utmost importance is the change in the way that I see other people. Honestly, the timing couldn't be better since it is almost time for these gates to open for me.

As I get ready to begin my transition from behind the tall, dark walls, I would like to have a friend to go through it with me. A lady that is mature, has a sense of humor, and even a little adventurous. Friendship is just the beginning, you never know where this could go, but I guarantee that it will be far.


December 15 2020

Loneliness…How is it that with so many people around us the feeling of loneliness still reaches our souls? You sit at home scrolling through your phone to find comfort on your contact list and miles away I sit in my cell reading old letters hoping to find comfort in those long forgotten words.
We search for companionship in the form of friendship or romantic relationships; seeking to soothe our hearts from the torture of solitude. We crave the comfort of someone sitting next to us or just the knowledge of having someone in our lives who would watch a “Nicholas Sparks” movie with us.
It’s said that being apart from a loved one is the only way to measure our affection and when they fail to return that affection turns into loneliness; whether if it’s been days or years there is no getting used to being alone. When one companion fails time has shown we will always resort to continuing our search for perfect communion.
Know that you are not the only one dealing with being alone. There are thousands of us looking for someone to share our time with. Don’t sit in despair of your situation, take action and give your time to another lonely heart so that in return you will feel the void in your own heart begin to mend. I am here, a lonely soul with an open heart.
Gilbert Vargas

O'Ryan Jackson

December 15 2020

I've gotten a lot of responses, but I can't respond back to you without a return address. I don't mind if it's a PO Box. My responses will be written because my unit doesn't provide tablets yet. So, if you're interested in vibing with me, but aren't ready to give me your address, then you shouldn't write me. I understand a lot of people aren't comfortable giving out their addresses, that's cool with me, just don't expect the response without sending me one in your letter. I've gotten a lot of letters I wanted to respond to, but I couldn't without the address. If this doesn't sound like your kind of party, then feel free to miss it. I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for and wish you the best life has to offer.

I'm very blunt and I only know how to be myself. This is my first time in prison doing the pen-pal thing, so just be you. I'd appreciate that. I prefer to say what I feel is necessary. That might be harder for some, but I'm different. I see like this; “What can I possibly lose that can't be found again”?...and I don't want to die with any regrets. Signing up was 400% about expanding my social circle and staying encouraged to do better while incarcerated.

If you're looking for somebody to talk to and give you dope feedback on anything, just write me.

Much love,












Time Defines

December 15 2020

Time Defines…

The saying goes that, ‘The greatest gift you can give somebody is your time...because when you give someone your time, you give a portion of your life’….that you can never get back!

Somehow, some way, we all find ourselves consumed with the concept of time, how there's not enough of it, how we can get more of it, and how we can make the best use of it. Time affects us all in different ways, but what we all know is time doesn't stand still. In my own personal experience, I've come to the realization of all the time I've lost, literally watching the world from the outside looking in. With that realization and in some of the most intimate moments of self-reflection, there's always a sense of fear that sits right below the surface of my subconscious, that I won't be granted the time to accomplish the goals for my life, that took time and growth to even know was possible.

However, as growth, and evolution, and maturity, love, forgiveness, inspiration, and so many other exceptional milestones for someone's life, all happen within the realm of time. We must all learn to live in the moments in time that bring us joy and happiness. Making memories, seeing the world, and experiencing warmth and love, aren't moments in time that ever get lost. The moments in time that matter, never leave us; they define us, and make us who we are.

Time defines….what matters.




Jeremy Pierson #02114006

December 8 2020

Hello my name is Jeremy Pierson, I am 35 years old and my birthday is in August. I have hazel eyes and I am 5'11, I weigh 193.

I am currently incarcerated for robbery, I currently have 4 and a half years done on a ten year sentence I see parole next year I created this profile to find someone to talk to and to build a friendship with. 

I am from Conroe tx, I like to ride motorcycles,work out, and read books in my spare time.

I am really a laid-back guy, honest, and respectful. If you want to know more about me then just write, looking forward to hearing back.

Clinton Crawford #772408

December 5 2020

What up World. My name is Clinton & I'm 29 yrs old. 

Yes I'm incarcerated for murder BUT, that does not define the man, I am and have become. I'm looking for someone who won't judge me for my past. Whether I'm building for a friendship or something more. I'm open for conversational! 

I'm a very athletic guy who plays basketball & works out. I'm ready for whatever is brought my way. I'm big on intellectual conversation. 

It would be easier to contact me through via JPay & my info is Clinton Crawford #772408.

A Few Interesting Things

December 3 2020

A Few Interesting Things

I embrace other people’s cultures, like when I learned Asian card games, I've noticed that most Asian card games are gambling games, but instead we play for bragging rights.   And when I win, oh, I let ‘em have it.  LOL   But it's all good though because it's all about the bonding and getting closer with friends.

Another thing that I enjoy is learning other people’s languages.   Speaking foreign languages allows you to see the inside of different cultures and realize that we are not much different - in fact, we are mostly the same.   This helps us share our culture and it can inspire an evolution in our character.

I enjoy playing double pinochle, team cribbage, and team casino.   The reason why I chose these specific card games is because I learned a lot about myself and my teammates by playing competitive card games.  I love team activities where you can build trust in your partner and develop a sense of unity.

I had learned about these card games by an older Irishman who was really good.   Everyone tried to beat him and it rarely happened.   He noticed that I was interested in learning and he asked me if I wanted to learn how to play, I immediately said “yes” and the rest is my history of winning.   LOL

Those are some like interests….what are some of yours?