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May 17 2022

Hows everyone doing? I'm doing good, ready for summer so it can warm up in Kansas. I am posting a blog to boost my page and find more friends/pen pals/connects. I recently moved(inter facility)and am finding more down time. I did receive quite a bit of international mail, which I love!!

To make things easier for me and my pen pals (internationally and in the states), I have an email set up  through the  GTL(Getting Out) mobile app.  Here you can send emails, photos, videos, and even e-cards. However, I still very much enjoy traditional letters.

Whatever communication style you choose, I'm waiting to hear from YOU! ;)

Peace and love. Toodles. 

Kenneth Azlin #AV5707

May 17 2022

I currently have a GTL tablet. If you go to or phone app download with my info you can text me in five seconds! So.You.Know.

I put my about me as only being interested in lovable people near Sacramento, however, I now actually am interested in meeting everyone via platonic friendship.

More about me: basically my heart is covered by so many hidden layers it will take a long time to get me. So… I am a loving person. I love to jog and walk. I would like to obtain a gym membership when I get out. I am always on my feet and suited, as I have a lot of energy for 35. I love classic Rock… I love poetry… I love Chinese food… I love bikes… When I was 24 I had a chopped Land Cruiser, I put skirts on it and painted sparkly blue. I had a Camry red Lowrider bike with purple grips. I had a blue red line. I plan on building a Lowrider bike and attending the low rider conventions and contests when I get out. I love shows, I watch whatever goes A-to-Z. I am competitive. I’ll watch whatever you watch.

Richard Jackson #16669-058

May 16 2022

Welcome to my blog…

This blog will not be like any other prisoner’s blog. I will not be blogging about my life in the past, life on death row, nor about my case. Instead, I will be solving a lot of history’s mysteries for you. If you enjoy reading books or watching TV shows about Bible codes and other secrets of the Holy Bible, the Holy Grail, Christian relics and treasure hunting, you will like reading this blog. The many, many things I am about to reveal to you are not known to the world.

A Lamp on a Stand

Jesus Christ said to His followers, “No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open” (Luke 8:16-17).

I will start off by showing the people who love treasure hunting and the treasure hunting shows, a stone treasure map. This is a discovery made by me, only the readers of this blog are aware of its existence. Please go to my art section to see the paper with the map and commentary on it, and read the following information:

Secrets of Oak Island, Nova Scotia: The Treasure Map

There is a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada in Mahone Bay called Oak Island. For over 200 years, treasure hunts have been digging on the island looking for treasure. The History Channel has a TV series called The Curse of Oak Island. The series follows the lives of two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina who are digging for treasure on the island. The series is currently in the 13th season and the Lagina brothers have not found treasure nor have any of the previous treasure hunters on the island.

On Oak Island there is a giant Latin cross that is laid out across the surface of the island using five large stone boulders. The cross was discovered by a treasure hunter and surveyor on the island, Fred Nolan, in the 1960’s. the History Channel’s TV series, The Curse of Oak Island calls the cross “Nolan’s Cross” because it was discovered by Fred Nolan. It has been talked about a few times on The Curse of Oak Island television series. The series talks about the dimensions of the Latin Cross and Rick and Marty Lagina and the other treasure hunters that are on the shows all think that the cross is special and may hold clues to where the treasure is, but that is all they say. The Latin Cross is special, and it does reveal where the treasure on the island is at. I am going to reveal to you all the secrets hidden on and in the cross on this blog.

At the center of the cross there is a large stone that The Curse of Oak Island TV series and all the treasure hunters on the island, both in the past and present, call the “Skull Stone” because it looks like a man’s skull. That is all they have said about the stone. The Skull Stone is the image of the head of Jesus Christ. How do I know that? When Jesus Christ was crucified on a Latin Cross, just like the Latin Cross on Oak Island, his head was at the center of the cross. Throughout history the head of Jesus Christ is located at the center of the cross in Christian art depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and on Latin crosses you see in your churches that depict Jesus Christ on the cross crucified. The stone is also a map.

According to the treasure hunters and the Oak Island historians that are on The Curse of Oak Island TV series, sometime in the past Oak Island was two islands that were separated at what they call the “Swamp”. The swamp is located at Smith’s Cove and extends across the island northward to Seller’s Cove. (It is not very wide). There was a small island to the east of the swamp. The swamp was not always a swamp, it was part of the sea and small boats could go through it. Some people in the past joined the two islands together to form one big island. Unfortunately, the sea level rise over centuries has pushed the underground freshwater up towards the surface in the swamp and it formed the swamp you see today. Anyway, back to what is important here. Back when the islands were separated at the swamp the creators of the giant Latin Cross and the stone at the center of the cross that is the image of Jesus Christ’s head and a treasure map, also shaped the big island to the west of the swamp into the image of Christ’s head. The stone is the map of the big island before people joined the two islands together, and it later formed the swamp. On the stone is a notch made by a chisel. The notch is the location of the treasure.

Please look on the paper in my art section that has the stone map (Skull Stone) and Oak Island on it. I used black ink to cover the swamp so you could see what Oak Island looked like when it was separated into two islands. I also show you how to use the treasure map and where the treasure is located.

I would love to know what the treasure is. The stone map is in the shape of Christ’s head. There could be a sacred or holy relic that is connected to Christ that is buried on the island. It could be a lost gospel, a piece of the Latin Cross Christ was crucified on, the burial shroud of Christ, a sample of Christ’s blood in a vial etc. I am intrigued. Are you?

Secrets of Oak Island, Nova Scotia: The Latin Cross and the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ

In my previous writing about Oak Island, Nova Scotia I revealed to you a treasure map made of stone that is also the image of Jesus Christ’s head located at the center of the giant Latin Cross that is laid out across the surface of the island. In this writing I am going to reveal to you why there are five large stone boulders, not four, that form the giant Latin Cross.

The five large boulders represent the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ. In Christian tradition the Five Holy Wounds are the piercing wounds Jesus suffered during His crucifixion on a Latin Cross (just like the Latin Cross on Oak Island). A wound in both of His hands when the hands were nailed to the crossbeam of the cross (John 20:20, 25; Luke 24:39). A wound in both of his feet when his feet were nailed to the vertical beam of the cross (John 20:25; Luke 24:39; Psalm 22:16). And the wound to His side when a Roman soldier pierced His body with a spear to make sure Jesus was truly dead on the cross (John 19:34, 37; 20:20, 25). The nail wounds in 2 hands + 2 feet + 1 wound from a Roman spear in Jesus’s side = the 5 Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ.

The people who made the giant Latin cross on Oak Island were Roman Catholic monks. The five wounds were sacred to the Roman Catholics. They made the five large boulders and used them to create the Latin cross because the five boulders represent the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholics have expressed great devotion towards the wounds in their church art and music since the medieval times, especially in the Middle Ages. The Five Holy Wounds have been used as a symbol for Christianity.

The Roman Catholic monks left us another message in the five large cross boulders and the message is:

“Jesus Christ bore our sins in His body on the tree (the Latin cross), so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness, by His wounds you have been healed” (1 Peter 2:24).

For a more detailed explanation and history of just the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ (nothing is mentioned about the Oak Island cross) go to Wikipedia.

Please go to my art section and look at my diagram with the Latin cross on it. Read it.

The Roman Catholic monks who created the giant Latin Cross on Oak Island left hidden messages in the dimensions of the cross. Before I make the cross talk to us and reveal the messages I need to show something to you in my next blog update that is hidden in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible that shows you how to reveal the messages. It will prove that my work is correct.

I will explain how I know that the date 1642 and the word Wittol are carved into the stone treasure map in my next blog update. The word Wittol meant to the monks who created the map, “To know” and “Knowledge”, not Cuckold.

A lot more secrets to be revealed. Follow my blog!



Damien Dillard #01378199

May 16 2022

Praise Him Family Entertainments Presents:
The Pastor’s Kitchen Vol#1
Song/Lyrics: Rev. 4:8
Artist: Pastor D.J. Dillard – Praise Him

Chorus: Holy. Holy. Holy.
              Lord God Almighty
              Who was, And is, And is to come…4X

Verse #1
This is an open call into salvation…
Our God is merciful, He is most gracious…
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life…
Come join our family, you have this right…
Join the heaven host in paradise…
We’ll sing Him praise for eternal life…
Our God is a doctor, when you need healing…
To all sinners He’s forgiving…
Deliverance to the enslaved and trapped in bondage…
Living waters to the thirsty, He’s the bread of life to the hungry…
He’s your Father, your friend, He’ll never leave you lonely…
This truth will set you free and this is His promise…
When He died on Calvary…
He supplied all you need…
Salvation is free…
So sing with me…

Verse #2
Come to salvation…
Come to salvation…
Come to salvation…
Come to salvation…
Our Father God is waiting…
With long-suffering and patience…
His love is gracious…
What are you waiting for…
Every time a soul is saved…
The angels sing Him praise…
Become one of His saints…
Call and confess His name…
What are you waiting for…
Our Father God is the Savior…
Come to salvation…
He’s supplied all you need…
Join the family and sing with me…

The Pastor’s Kitchen Vol#1, is a part of the four fold Gospel Ministry The Pastor’s Kitchen!!! Where I, Pastor D.J. Dillard – Praise Him, Sir. Pastor of Mt. Bethels, founder of the Praise Him Family, C.E.O. of Praise Him Family Ent., use the music ministry to give my testimony, witness and share the word of God…The doors to the Praise Him Family are now open…We are looking to compose a traveling choir, praise and worship, prayer team…I will be releasing the lyrics to Vol. 1, a song every month…Prayerfully my testimony will be a blessing to you.
Your Bro. – In – Christ,
Pastor Praise Him



Welsi West

May 9 2022

Hey there!

My name is Welsi West. I'm 23 years old and I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii. My ethnicity is Micronesian, Chuukese, and I have a rich brown skin. I'm about 5’ 8” tall, and I love to work out and play sports. I'm family oriented and I believe in loyalty to the fullest.

Now as you can see, I'm just like you, trying to look into something that will hopefully, by the grace of God, turn out to be everlasting, and if you're trying to get a little more information about me, then you already know what to do.

Put that pen/pencil to paper and holler at your boy.  Until then. I’ll be waiting for!  See you soon.



Terrell Davis

May 9 2022

Hey everyone!

I'm right back at cha like I never went anywhere! Well, I'm just trying to escape the madness here I'm surrounded by. Thought I should reach out to y'all to see what's really going on out there in the real world.

On another element. I've been blessed to breathe another year! I'm 32 years old now! My birthday was February 13th.

Oh yeah, my case is now on appeal… in the courts of criminal appeals. So, let's pray that I come out on top of my situation. For real, for real!

Alright, I'm posting a pic that's more up-to-date, and you can see my face better.

Well, I'm not going to hold you up too long, so I'm going to bring everything to an end. I'm here with ears and an open mind. Feel free to get at me on any level.


Mr. Davis


Mind of the Sick

May 6 2022

Today another interesting day from the stories you hear in here, prison isn't filled with all drug dealers and murders, you meet some very unique individuals who believe they did nothing wrong,but I'm no judge so I'll just classify these people as sick.

Kristopher Bradley #96113-020

May 5 2022

We often see the results of a young Black male’s life when it ends in tragedy at the hands of law enforcement, or by the hands of another young Black male. However, there are thousands of young Black males whose life does not end as dramatically as the ones we witness on our news channels. Although not as tragically, they often end in turmoil. Due to a mix of his environment, his stereotypical position in society by those in power; and ultimately by his own decisions, many young Black males lives’ often end inside courtrooms; resulting in extensive prison sentences. Rarely do we hear from these young Black males who grow old within the federal prison system as well as the prison systems throughout America. This book gives a voice to the voiceless. It speaks from the perspective of the unguided, the hard-headed, the abandoned, the stereotyped, the excluded, the misunderstood, and the forgotten. Not victimizing the Black community, but shining light on where we have to take responsibility for our actions. Also, our views and philosophy, and where and what we need to focus on and start at to reach a better standard of living, a standard that will ensure us a successful future and desirable place in the status of society for the generations to come. The author diagnoses the identity crisis that many young Black males suffer in trying to come to the understanding of what a man really is, and what his responsibilities ultimately are. Who is more qualified than one who has suffered from, and witnessed, by interactions, this crisis firsthand? These pages are the journey of the author from ignorance and confusion, as he shares his shortcomings and growth, to enlightenment.

Anger, regret, hopelessness, bitterness, resentment and feelings of abandonment, these are all feelings that a prisoner may feel and experience during his/her incarceration. Also, perseverance and hope, ambition and a deep desire to live a life with purpose are the evolution process that some but not all may reach. These pages begin with the story of his arrest, his feelings at the possibility of losing his freedom for additional years out of his life. The first time experiences of being a federal prisoner, traveling by plane from state to state. All the ins and outs of federal prison life and the impact incarceration takes on the human psyche, and spirit. Within the details and explanations of our present mind state in the Black community, specifically the Black male; there also lies possible answers and solutions to our deeply embedded problematic approach to life during our early years. These pages also hold hope and shine light in very dark places that are not known to mainstream America. Hence, There Is Light In The Darkness.




Kristopher Bradley #96113-020

May 5 2022

There Is Light In The Darkness

You have spent the majority of your life incarcerated. You have been incarcerated for the past seven years. You served your first prison sentence at the age of twenty-one. This is your fourth prison sentence. You are now forty-one years of age.

You have missed monumental moments in your loved-ones lives; graduation, marriages, and newborn kids. Some of your loved-ones have passed away. You have lost two women in your life that you loved dearly; due to your lengthy incarceration, they have moved on and are now married.

This is the author who shares all the feelings of loneliness, abandonment, betrayal, ridicule and regret of being incarcerated; but also of ambition, hope and an undying desire to turn negativity into something positive. Giving the reader the change of perspective from a 20 year old young male caught up in the allure and illusions of the fast life, and all its trappings; to the now 41 year old man who now looks at life with a broader vision. Within this change of perspective the author articulates the problems that plague the Black community, asks very much needed questions and gives very realistic solutions that relate to this day and age. Bringing light to the mind state of young Black males and the internal problems that the Black community will have to acknowledge if it is ever to attain its truest potential; all from the viewpoint of a once young Black male and self-proclaimed thug etc., that was once caught up in the life himself. Also, addressing the Black community’s issues with law enforcement and the judicial system. Filled with philosophical articles, poetry and correspondence between the prisoner and loved-ones, he relates all the above; all while giving the reader an inside and in depth look at day to day life inside the federal prison system.



Matthew Vultao #W112621

May 5 2022

Hey! Just writing everyone to wish everyone to stay blessed through this pandemic. Just know that I know how hard it is to deal with situations in life. And I want you all to know even though I’m in prison dealing with dark days, I still find a way to keep on pushing through it all and smile! And I hope you all do too! Because you all deserve to be happy and smile.

So, if you ever need someone to make your day a little better, hit me up on or via regular mail.

May you all stay safe and blessed!

Your friend,

Matthew Vultao