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Paul Andrew Rouse #Y16746Picture 2 By Paul Rouse May 31 2019

Gift ideas for Father's Day?

I'm thinking Scotch overdone...?

Kevin Sanford #G04822Primary Picture By Kevin Sanford May 29 2019

Kevin Sanford

What love looks like in 2019

Two independent people, focusing on two separate goals, while having two different definitions of the word love during a relationship together. More secrets kept from then shared with one another, so lovers never get to fully know nor love all of each other. Sharing more on a social media than in heart-to-heart conversations. 

Being too honest hurts feelings, while being too vague destroys trust. From love songs to romantic movies, love in the millennium has evolved to having a new meaning. Ever heard the phrase loyalty over love? When I look at love in 2019, I see a Team, a Network, and a Power Group of like-minded people with goals all focused on happiness, success, and paying close attention to each other. Here and now I am creating Team LoveBugz for everyone that loves love. To join Team LoveBugs, write me with your own definition of the word love. I'd also love to know what love looks like to you in 2019.

Team LoveBugz "where love breeds love."

Demondtae  Williams #A653-947Primary Picture By Demondtae Williams May 28 2019

Demondtae Williams

A person is great not because that person has not failed. A person is great because that person has not let his or her failure stop them. It's not in our best interest to get upset or discouraged when we cross paths with failure. Think about it, no person was made great by complaining while in the face of adversity. 

I am not the one who will declare that you must be a certain race, gender, class, or from a certain community in order to succeed. I believe that success doesn't discriminate. In fact, success is in the reach of all of us only if we think and act to succeed. The first step of thinking and acting to succeed is knowing how to perceive failure. 

Failure is a teacher who teaches many lessons in her class only for those who pay attention. Many of us fail the class not because failure isn't teaching, but because the students of failure are not paying attention. They look at failure as if one couldn't teach them anything. They look at failure as a punisher rather than a teacher. Therefore, they change nothing and gain nothing. They continue to act as a practitioner of a losing game. I proclaim we who never change a losing game will always suffer from a loser's pain. 

I hope this enlightenment up lifts someone spirits. Please don't judge me by my appearance nor age and be on the lookout for more extraordinary blogs. 

Thank you.

Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704Primary Picture By Arturo Orozco Jr May 28 2019

This is for my Dawgs

This is for my dawgs


                            Wud up B?

I heard this song Cardi B. and Maroon Five I dig…The lyrics behind were real and reminded me of somebody. I became a fan of Cardi B. due to her intelligence and courage. I respect most importantly her loyalty she demonstrated her man while on that love and hip hop show when homie was locked-up, making me glorify and admire her for so many reasons but also for her struggle, feel me? We all secretly wish to have a down chic like that in times like these but it’s difficult to find. All you homies know I’m picky when it comes to women but what I really like is a woman who is faithful to her man, I was fortunate to meet one woman like that, she was my girlfriend a few months and was killed by her ex-husband back in December 22, 2007. She trusted in me unconditionally and confided her every secret. She wasn’t afraid to bring me cell phones, drugs while locked-up. Know aaa mean? She was intelligent and courageous like that, whatever she needed she took care of that. Every time I watch Cardi B. it makes me feel connected as if I known Cardi B. for a long time.

To email me directly to prison, sign up on for immediate contact.

Peace out homies.

True always,

Mr. Mack Dog




Anthony Rockensock #185233Primary Picture By Anthony Rockensock May 27 2019

Anthony Rockensock #185233

So I find myself with loads of free time, and here I thought I was done looking for these long days and nights. 3 months sitting in the hole, it’s like old home-week. It’s shocking that it doesn’t shock me how easy I accept this time. Now I got to hustle for books, work out and count days, when I should be asking myself why it’s still so easy to fall back into old patterns. 7 years I went without a visit except a short one for tattoos. If you know me, that’s saying a lot. Guess I got too prideful thinking I was changing? When I let my EGO dictate my life maybe I’ll look at it as falling off the wagon. Tomorrow is a new day. Hi, my name is Anthony, I’m addicted to my EGO.

Michael Meeker #6598311Primary Picture By Michael Meeker May 24 2019

Michael Meeker

Hello everyone,

It’s very important to me that everyone who contacts me is able to get a response from me. It has recently been brought to my attention that at the institution I’m at, they don’t accept third-party mail. If you use the option of letting send me a message directly, it will be rejected by this facility. So with that being said, to make 100% sure that you connect with me, send mail directly to my mailing address below.

Also, the best way to contact me is similar to an email. You can accomplish that by logging on to and putting in my name and number, 6598311. If you set up a premium account, you can download the app for your phone. Otherwise, you can use a computer.

On a better note, I want everyone who reads this post to remember that sometimes, life’s experiences can be painful and rough. The good thing is, these are things that can either make you bitter, or better. In my situation, I choose to allow this experience to teach me how to be a better man. I would love to talk more with you, so use these options to get a hold of me so that we can touch base with each other.

I hope to hear from you soon,


Lyron Wilson #361406Primary Picture By Lyron Wilson May 16 2019

Lyron Wilson

For years of being in prison I’ve had to constantly be on guard to survive behind these walls.  Being in a place with so many predators I can’t show weakness because if I do I will be eaten alive.  So I maintain an aura of “Don’t f**k with me man!!” masculinity that is growing tiresome.

I’d love to show others that there is more to me than these devilish good looks and a mean right hook.  I like to listen to Country music, read fantasy books (shout out to R.A. Salvator), and most of all I like to help people.  But, IF you were here you wouldn’t see this part of me. 

You wouldn’t see that the next woman that I want to be with will be my wife, and that I long to see my Mother smile in person and not just on a picture.

What you would see is an emotionless shell of a person who by means is looking for problems but will not back away from them either.

I’m just a man who is waiting to go back to his cell where I can breath again and let down his guard.  I cannot wait until I can stop feeding that other wolf.

What do you show to others?  Is it really you or is it who you need people to think you are?  Who are you?  Do you wear a mask like I do and why?


Lyron Wilson

Hector Hernandez #01339187 - Primary Picture By Hector Hernandez May 13 2019

Hector Hernandez #01339187

Count Ya Blessin’s

Don’t be soo negative/pessimistic! Truly you can steady complain about what we don’t have that you wish you did. I mean how hard is it to realize that we can only do so much and you continue to beat yourself up, cuz you wish you had a better job, a nicer car, a bigger house, better looks or for some a better girl/boy friend.

Sometimes we just need someone to come along and shake us so hard that we have to get hurt in the process. Sometimes it talks some old fashioned tough love to open your eyes a little to see the silver lining.

The majority of people try to make everyone around them happy, even though they’re not happy themselves. Look, instead of whining about something you can’t totally control, how about making small strides trying to be grateful for the things that you do have.

Try looking for the good in every bad situation or better yet, start counting your blessings and I guarantee you the people around you that you associate with will see the difference and they too will slowly adopt the same optimism.

You might be one out of a thousand who say, “Well, I don’t have anything good about me that I can put my finger on”. Well, I’m sorry to say that, everybody in this world we live in has a blessing that they’re grateful for, you just have to look deep.





Keith Costa #1149298 - Primary Picture By Keith Costa May 13 2019

Keith Costa #1149298

Gratitude is the key to happiness! It seems borderline absurd that life could be reduced to such a simple notion. The search for one’s happiness seems elusive, if possible at all. Even when one reaches their goal, satisfaction is fleeting. With that crossed off their list, one will immediately focus on their next hurdle.

This advice is not pouring out from a wise individual. Frankly, I’m the opposite. Through the gutters and failures I’ve turned inward and learned this universal truth. Instead of constantly worrying about what you do not have, have gratitude for all that you do have. Be thankful.

Sure, many can say it sounds corny, but is being happy corny?

Gratitude could be, “I’m glad to only get 13 ½ years of prison instead of life”. “I’m grateful the cops didn’t shoot me while I fought to pull my firearm”. “I’m grateful to have my family in my life”. I could go on and on but I don’t want to appear corny.

Seeking happiness from others or from possessions is temporary. Therefore, when it leaves you, you’ll be unhappy. Why seek happiness from anywhere outside of yourself? You don’t need anyone or anything to be happy.

You are perfect as you are, flaws and all. Be secure in who you are and know that other’s opinions of you are reflections of how they see themselves. It’s in actuality not about you at all.

Have gratitude for your very existence.




Aaron Busbee #01994886 - Primary Picture By Aaron Busbee May 7 2019

Aaron Busbee #01994886

Thank you for your time. The purpose of this blog is to put a little more info out there on the person you see. I’m very open and honest and love reading, working out and anything educational. I’m trying to come out a completely different person. I have 2 boys who need their daddy and can’t wait to put a smile on their faces. Right now I’m determined through studying health, fitness, religion. If you have any ideas for me, please let me know.

I’m looking for employment and a new start. Willing to relocate and one thing about me, I’m a hard worker, determined to change lives and help others in any way I can. I’ve been in Administration Segregation so I have lots of time to reflect on my past. I refuse to let it slow me down, but it’s always good to take time and remember what got me here so I don’t repeat it.

I love to laugh, make others laugh and create healthy ways to deal with negative setbacks. I take full responsibility for my actions so I’m not a guy that believes I was done wrong. I’m just ready to get out and start a new life. Maybe something special will come my way. In the meantime my focus is recovery and taking any and all certified courses I can take via mail. I’d love your help on reading supplies or info on college courses and employment opportunities. Hit me up about anything??