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Michael Harris #349711

June 26 2021

I Wasn’t Arrested

I wasn’t just arrested, sentenced, and escorted to the furthest prison this state could possibly build away from family members. No, it wasn’t that simple. It was more like I suddenly woke up one day to my cellmate yelling out the door attempting to sell his lunch tray for rice and soups. I tell you no lie that after eating rice and soups as much as we do the soups began to resemble worms, and the rice like maggots. But, as time passed, I began to ask myself questions that for years I was afraid to answer. I can assure you that in solitude is where our demons hide, struggles with God exist, and the strength to become the best version of ourselves await. It’s been quite some time since I’ve acknowledged the man I was prior to incarceration. It might sound strange, but some days I miss him. I don’t miss his actions or decisions, but his intent to do right in the midst of doing so much wrong. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him, and who I am today would love to share the enthusiasm of self-love with a world I hadn’t known before all of the organized chaos. I wasn’t just arrested, I was rescued.

Javier Hernandez #01961114

June 25 2021

Think and Ponder:

If I make a blog is it really for me to let you know, “Hey member, see if you like what you see is he or she yummy enough?” or is it another reason for someone to charge me to get put up at the top of the list so people (members) can view and maybe comment or Write A Prisoner…Think and let me know. Who knows it might work if I get hits…If not…Ouch, Damn it, that hurt the pocketbook. So how can we know which works or not…We jump out there blindly with hopes and who knows see…So let’s see what happens…til next blog update :).



Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

June 25 2021

For All Mature Confident Women

Hello and excuse me, I’m Mr. Big-Dog. I know I shouldn’t say this to you but you are very beautiful and I would like to tell you this in private and in secrecy – Be able to share with you what’s on mind while touching your hand, slowly moving like the clouds entering the warmness of your soul…As I’m in prison for 21 years, I await for the judge to order my release any time at any moment. I can’t help but to prepare to meet a special lady friend out there and treat you like a Queen and Goddess.

During my years in prison I paid attention to the mistake many men out there made in cheating – Causing women to cheat back…Neglecting the fact that you are to be respected/valued/attended/desired and worshiped properly…Glorified as a Goddess and caressing you with tenderness and delicacy combined with pressing strength and vibe…Make you reach into my visualization and mind – Pouring your happiness and joy around my spirit and fill you with completion and ecstasy – adapting and connecting you with positivity and energy through mind/body/spirit, exploding inside with warm sensations of joy and power…Be your Noah like in the movie “The Notebook” with a mixture of Jack’s spontaneousness and fun in the move “Titanic” but mix it up with this thug-loving like in the movie “Colors” when homie got shot in bed – Some days we will make movies like Rico in that movie “Paid in Full”, I’m every type depending the time/place/mood.

So…I’m the perfect gentleman/friend/homie/buddy etc. etc. Write me like right now…Immediately only if you vibe with me on this here, and, you like these songs…


“Loco” by: Anitta

“Bobbin” by: Ty Bri

“Bad Bitch” by: Baby Savage

“Bottom” by: Gucci Mane

“Wet” by: YFN Lucci



Len Mitchell

June 23 2021

A closed fist cannot give or receive blessings. The same is true for our hearts and minds. Human beings thrive off connections. Sharing pieces of ourselves can nurture not just us, but also the world around us. What will be our legacy? Who will our community know us as? How did we affect another person's life? The mediums through which we express who we are can be endless. Let us hear you sing. Allow me to view your visual art forms. Bless me with your poetry. Grant me the joy of tasting a meal you've lovingly prepared. Teach me about your culture. Invite me to your protest. Hold my hand as we share our fears. Laugh without restraint until I memorize the sound. Show me your authenticity by asking the hard questions. Tell me what I need to hear and just what I want, so I always know how genuine you are.

Life is about community, experiences, and exploration. The journey is always made better with the right passengers. What we know is amplified by who we know, and who we meet can add to what we learn. All of this has an effect on who we are. Beauty and inspiration are all around us. Sometimes we just look in the wrong direction and miss it.

Any moment, I could meet a business partner, mentor, great friend, or even a soulmate, or have the time of my life. So, I stay open, ready to learn, except, share, and connect.

And you?



June 23 2021

Jay loves to cook. If you have any microwave only meal recipes please send.

John Ard

June 21 2021’s a Lot To Deal With  There Are  Distractions All Around Us. Everyday, It’s Easy To Lose Focus,  But That’s Okay That Happens. Just Make Sure To Catch Yourself, Refocus, And Go Harder. When Ever I Lose Focus, I Bring Myself Back To Center And Go Harder. You’ve Got To Constantly Improve If You’re Trying To Get To The Highest Levels Of Health, Wealth, Creativity, And Personal Fulfillment. Whatever It Is IKeep Improving No Matter What! Just Like People May Think It’s Easy For Me To Make My And Write A Song Because I Have So Many. It’s A lot Of Work But With Work Comes Improvement.

I’m Working Smarter Now. Do What You’ve Go To Do Everyday When You Get Up. Even If It’s Tough, Even If You're, Damn Man, I Don’t Feel Like Doing This Shit But I’m Going To Do It. Don’t Do Something And Wind Up In Jail, I Mean That Whatever You’ve Got To Do To Improve Your Life Step Up And Do It. Everyday Is A Chance To Get Better, The Past IS Gone And The Future Hasn’t Come, Today Is A Blessing. Wake Up, Realize That Today Is An  Opportunity To Get Better.

When I Decided To Change My Life, I Started To Visualize Everything. I See My Future Myself But I Have To Take Things One Day At A Time. The Minute You Let Go Of Your Discipline Is The Moment You Give Up On Yourself. Women Have Changed My Life Again And Again. Women Give Great Advice, A Lot Of Men Think They Know Everything And Are All That And Don’t Listen To Their Woman, I’ve Never Been Like That, I Would Look At My Friends And Say Nahh, You’re Stupid. She’s Smart. If You're Fortunate To Have A Brilliant Woman In Your Life By Your Side Or As Your Wife, Be Sure To Listen To Her.



Roger Teas #518708

June 20 2021


The Coronavirus hasn’t hit as hard in the prison I’m in because of all the extra precautions the facility administration took when the pandemic broke out. The yard became limited for our recreation times, and our gym was closed entirely, which blocked off the use of all exercise equipment that would cross-contaminate the virus. Masks became immediately mandatory when outside of our living unit, and a daily lockdown happens every morning for all workers to sanitize the compound. The downside to all the precautions is that our already limited prison life has become even more restricted. But, with the vaccines coming out, we’ll be able to begin opening our yard and gym on a limited basis. The past year has been difficult for all of us. From what I hear, people out there have experienced what it’s like to be stuck in a room for long periods of time. The upside right now is that we have plenty of time to write each other. I hope nothing tragic has happened to you, but even so, I’m here to listen.

Corey Thomas #229632

June 19 2021


Growing Slowly

There is a Divine Plan for each of us, however, it may take a while for us to understand our place in it. Often we do not know what we are supposed to do at all. We may experience empty feelings at times. If we can learn to become expectant during those very slow, sometimes painfully slow times, we can learn to endure the necessary uncertain times with less difficulty and less fear. It seems to us during these times that nothing is happening. But jus as surely as one day mountains emerge from the stress of restless terrain, so does growth emerge in our lives after a period of stress. Growth can only emerge if we have been willing to wait for the right time. Is your growth slow but sure?



Christmas in Prison

June 19 2021

Christmas in prison is depressing. One can only imagine that it’s a depressing place in general. Due to Covid we have not seen our families or friends in over seven months. We have lost many privileges due to this pandemic. Even though the only way we can be infected with this virus is by correctional officers and staff bringing it in, and coming into contact with us inmates. The department has used this virus as a weapon instead of a safety measure.

On the morning of Christmas, myself and other inmates decided to pass out cookies and hot chocolate to our fellow, less fortunate inmates, who have become more like family then anything as we quarantine together, eat together and go through this pandemic together. At 6:30 am The Sgt came running into the unit ordering that we stop immediately and yelled unpleasant things about the Christmas cheer. This ordeal lasted at best 5 minutes less than it takes us to pick up our meals in the kitchen, or line up for pill line or even working in correction industries both commissary and laundry. Both large money-makers for the Department of Corrections.

There were many of these holiday giveaways at Twin Rivers, but now I will be singled out and infracted for this. After being yelled at by the Sgt and reprimanded for these actions, “I don’t care about your lawsuits, you are completely out of line for this!” At 29 years old, being nearly done with my 16 year sentence, I can say I have learned how to be human, how to love, and most importantly the joy one feels to help his fellow human being out. If in fact I receive a negative infraction… I know that I came a long way from the young 16 year-old thug that didn’t care about human life, much less if someone felt some Christmas cheer. I am guilty of bringing some love in this terrible pandemic, in the form of duplex creme cookies and lukewarm hot chocolate to the 90 inmates in A unit.

Real one!

June 18 2021

I'm looking for a life long friend or my Juliet. If you love to laugh and feel like your floating then your my kind of person. Life's too short to always be serious. I'm a goofy ass guy, but that's me! I'll never hide who I am for nobody!!!! you gotta love me for me. I'm a country ass city boy....I enjoy camping, hunting and fishing as much as I love nice clothes, nice things and the city. I'd definitely have to say I'm one of a kind for sure. I'm definitely hard headed and sometimes hard to deal with. But I'll go to war for mines and stay loyal as long as I get the same in return. Honesty is key with me, I'm probably the most understanding and laid back yong man you will ever meet. That being said don't be afraid to tell me the truth and just open up, because I'll have no filter with you! Keep shit 100 and be yourself and nothing else and we will be straight. I'm an open book so read me damn it!!!!!!! I lobe hard and I want to have someone who will love me even more and unconditionally!!! Im far from perfect, I'm damaged goods to be honest....but I got a great big slightly damaged heart. I want someone who wants to spoil me as much as I want to spoil gotta put in 100% effort or what's the point in an relationship? Romantic or not!!!!! Live life and prosper!!!!