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Brandon Wolcott #P75578 - Primary Picture By Brandon Wolcott July 29 2019

Brandon Wolcott

Since the posting of this ad, I have received an overwhelming number of responses. Unfortunately, more than a few have lacked sincerity.  For this reason I ask that only serious inquiries be made.

Thank you!

Robert Britt #66794-050 - Primary Picture By Robert Britt July 15 2019

Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself

Hello, how was your day? I hope better now that you’re here with me! I enjoy reading and learning new information but right now I would love to get to know you and your thoughts. What brought you right here to my blog? Was it curiosity, you’re single, adventurous, in a relationship or just flirtatious? I’m just glad you’re here with me right now! I read a book written by a woman and man, both doctors with PhDs called, “Why Do Women Have Sex?”. It was written from personal experiences women gave from all around the world. I was amazed at the responses they gave from their own experiences.

I would love to know from you, what makes you different from them and what changes or difference you would make in my life, if you were in it? Have you given all that you have of yourself to a man and haven’t received the same in return from him yet? What do you want to make you happy and complete in your life right now? Would you take one more chance right now to find the solution? What are your thoughts, ideas and adventures that fulfill your pleasures? I know I met the wrong women in my past and view life differently now. I’m someone with commitment, loyalty, passion and adventure, but please, clear your schedule, get comfortable and relax. I’m here. Talk to me.

Keep me in your thoughts, please share with me.




Joshua  Higgins #000713276E - Primary Picture By Joshua Higgins July 15 2019

Hello Queens

Hello Queens :)

I’m having a blessed, beautiful day. Hope you are also. My family came to visit me, also I rock the guitar LOL. If you’re willing to build with me, you have to set up a JPAY, so we can contact each other faster. Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care.

God Bless




Thomas Bolter #203755 - Primary Picture By Thomas Bolter July 15 2019

Life, Death and Everything In Between.

A few things I learned in my life ever made sense to me. The one that made the most was, life is too short to be serious. So this blog will discuss…yep, you guessed it: Life, Death and Everything In Between. Prison has taught me 5 things I will share with the rest of the world.

  1. I am lazy and to prove it I am constantly smiling. It takes less muscle to smile than to frown.
  2. Everyone in prison has a nickname and none of them make any damn sense (Mine is Waldo).
  3. There are more lawyers in prison than inmates and most will work for Ramen Noodles. Just Remember you get what you pay for.
  4. 100% of inmates know how to use a toothbrush, 85% of them use it to clean their teeth. 10% don’t have enough teeth to care. 5% are the ones you should worry about.
  5. There are no genies in prison. If there were I would have 3 simple wishes:
  1. Better food or at least some seasonings.
  2. A cellmate who was Martha Stewart clean.
  3. Bar soap that floats at hand level.

Those are 5 lessons. Please stay tuned for more to come.

Smile, it’s easy and can change the world.




DeRail Riley #M12465Primary Picture By DeRail Riley July 15 2019



We may only get one of these experiences we call life, so enjoy it.  In this experience, like whom you like.  Even if you and your like are of different nationalities.  Love whom you love.  even if you and your love are of the same gender.  Believe in whatever it is that brings you peace, just first believe in self.  Be happy.  You need no one's permission to be happy.  You need no one's permission to be you.




Luis Maldonado #R-47678 - Primary Picture By Luis Maldonado July 4 2019

Luis Maldonado

First, straight to the point!

If you should send me an email through… please be patient. I got an email from a very kind young lady from Sweden and another from Australia. It took a month for me to get their email and as soon as I got them I wrote them back snail mail, cause I don't have open Internet access. I'm in prison! 

If you want to send me an email, log on to and go on to the IDOC link, don't go on to county jail link.

When you go on to, you need to set up an email account with the website so you can send me emails. To send me an email: use my full name and ID number, Luis Maldonado, #R-47678.

Those two who sent me emails through never wrote me back. I sent them two letters and a card I made for them. I was hurt that they didn't write me back cause I want to get to know those who I write who write me. 
I write back same day that I get the letter or email, so if anyone is willing to take a chance on me, I will write back and for the two who never wrote me back, I hope you're OK. I wish you the best! 

I hope new friends write w/w as well as from the USA. Hope to hear from you soon!

Marco Martinez #Y32225 - Primary Picture By Marco Martinez July 4 2019

Brandon Office

How does it feel to be framed for something you never did? When you have a victim saying he was made to testify falsely and a police report was discovered 8 years later, one of the officers stated and in his first reports that I never committed this crime and was never called to testify at the first trial. A hearing that was held in 2015 December 14th! Where both the victim and the police officer got on the stand saying I never did what the State alleged against me. 

I ask myself this question all the time, has Justice failed our system again? What happened to the Constitution of the United States? That's where the governing fathers set forth what this country stands for and how it's going to function. 

Or did the trial courts abuse its discretion by denying me my freedom? 
I'm a man who has made plenty of mistakes, the ones that I regret, and the ones I have learned from. 

Life is like a camera, I try to just focus on what's important now, capture the good times, develope from the negative, and if things don't work out, take another shot because life holds so many great opportunities. 

Besides that, I like to work out, read, work on my legal matters, and communicate with family. 
I am seeking a companion who I can, for starters, establish a friendship with and maybe a relationship. She has to be honest and loyal. It doesn't matter what race she is. 

Well, to get to know me as a person don't be afraid to get at me by contacting me by email through To add me to the JPay email list, put in my Louisiana State's number 396954. Thank you.

Armondo Salazar #297901Primary Picture By Armondo Salazar July 4 2019

Armondo Salazar

I'm a very socially-oriented person. Friendships are critically important to me. The majority of my atmosphere is determined by myself image, also ridiculous as it sounds, I have a fundamental sense of obligation, responsibility, and competence. I intend to hold back my gift for humanity as a whole despite my situation I'm tolerant, thoughtful, and friendly, although sometimes I can be distant due to my focus and a busy schedule. My objective is one of my strong points. 

I'm essentially a thinker. I've been playing instruments since I was 8 years old, so, I was and still am a local music producer. I utilize my artistic skills to promote good songs based on all trending emotions and life situations. So, I rather put out what people are feeling, what most people feel, the vibe that goes on in the studio. I love to work with pop artists, rap artists, R & B artists, song writers, ect. 

I'm not too far from my release date. I get out really soon and would love to hear from anyone who likes to hear music, sing music, or write songs. I can't wait to discover the unknown. 


Larry  Barker  #00695672Primary Picture By Larry Barker July 1 2019

Larry Barker #00695672

In prison the days are long, but the nights longer and lonelier. I continue to wait for the daylight, but the darkness encloses me in her fists! Sleep escapes me as memories of the good times and the bad push out the willingness to enjoy life and leave me restless, hurting, filling my heart with thoughts of love and hostility of thoughtfulness and remorse! Of guilt and despair. I cry out, is there no end to the hurt? Must shame plague my footsteps forever? Accepting? Loving? Caring? Forgiving? Willing to build with me a new life on foundations more sure, to whom I will pledge as will she, faithfulness forever? Others have cried with me in the darkness, they have cared! In the prisons of our own humanness, the demands of their lives must take precedence. In the end I shall stand alone. I have attempted to build again on my own. Too soon, unwise and unstable. New wounds have come to tear open the wounds not yet healed. The struggle is not ended. And so I crawl – uneasy, yet unyielding to defeat and sure despair toward better days. Toward light that is unending, toward newfound friends who keep me in their care.

My father is fighting for his life with trying to overcome a long brain surgery to remove a tumor. Not to make things easier, my older brother passed away just days later. Thanks to all who have supported me. It has literally broken my heart and my fragile heart beats! It will get better and it will continue to touch others’ hearts!




Darrell Warren #M27961 - Primary Picture By Darrell Warren July 1 2019

Cute Photos

Not trying to take away from the J’s and Bey’s of the world but many of us throw this power couple stance around too loosely. What really makes us believe we achieved power couple/#couple goals status? Is it the fact we can dress it up and make it look real good for our friends or our social media?

If this is the case, all we are doing is making cute photos. At some point in time we need to mature past this cute phase because I think we’ve all done this as teens. Remember going to the mall and taking those pictures and choosing the type of hokey romantic background you wanted? I know, cheesy, right?

When I think about couple goals, I think about that couple who decides that one will sponsor all the bills the other one focuses on furthering their education and then swap roles so they can obtain financial security together. Or that couple that travels to another State or foreign country and volunteer their service after destruction from a natural disaster.

So if you’re honest about your current situation or where you desire to be, is it really #couple goals or are you just another hashtag of cute photos?