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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Steven Lee #120464

March 9 2020

~ Spirit Filled Follower Of Christ ~

So this is my 1st blog entry, so bear with me! As you can tell from my ad, Jesus Christ is so much more to me than just someone I follow in English terms. He is my everything :). Thought I was saved for many years (age 9) little did I know I had no clue what being filled with the Holy Spirit was!? Last September I had asked my friend to worship with me, he is a very devout charismatic believer in speaking in tongues, modern day prophets, apostles, seers, intercession, all the gifts of the spirit and the 5 Fold Ministry. For some odd reason, I was drawn to tongues which makes sense now; I’ll explain later.

So my friend said, tomorrow we can, he needed to pray about it. Little did I know he was going to be the vessel that God turned my life upside down with. Next morning he was amazed at the visions God had given him about me. Listen, at this time I believed in none of the supernatural of God in modern times. So he had me read 1 Cor 12 (spiritual gifts) and Eph 4: 9-16 (5 Fold Ministry). Asked me what gifts and ministry stood out to me? I told him tongues and teaching, he then proceeded to tell me God has so much more in store for you.

Listen to me, at this point, I’m extremely doubtful. I grew up in the Baptist church, they speak against this where I went! So we go to his cell (yes, God lives in prison too :) LOL) where we listened to Christian music! He then began to pray and asked the Holy Spirit to dwell with us. Then he asked the Lord to reveal my assignment in the 5 Fold Ministry that he brought in his dreams. Then he said, reveal the Ministry of the Apostleship. Wait a minute, what? Apostleship, what does that even mean? Not me. I’m broken, prisoner, orphan etc. The list is long!  You’re probably reading this going, this guy is crazy. I assure you, I am not!!

Next thing I know, he is praying in tongues and I’m balling like a woman :). Next thing I know, someone is wrapping their arms around me from behind, hugging me, but no one was there! Close my eyes and then I see Jesus is hugging me! No way!! This is impossible!! Opened my eyes he is still there!! I’m crying, my friend is crying. Yeah right, a bunch of hard nose criminals crying over Jesus! God is good!!

Listen, my life hasn’t been the same since. This was my first supernatural experience ever! Over the past 4 months he has given me many more. The Holy Spirit (God) told me to write this blog and dedicate it to the processes of becoming an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I get it, some might call me crazy but pay attention. I’ll post all my experiences each month!

I hope this blog can help you discover the real Jesus! Remember, God is good all the time, all the time God is Good! Recommended meditation of Scripture: Ezekiel 47. Write me, tell me about your thoughts on this scripture!!

Love, Peace and Joy.



Andrew Dickson

March 9 2020

Justice Reform

I am in the front seat of a vehicle that goes by a single name.  What is that name?  You ask.  Well, it is one experienced personally or you have had the opportunity to hear it the past few years, Justice Reform.  I am thankful for the progress and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting us to this point.  My appreciation is not given without a sense of apprehension.  This apprehension comes from my own personal skepticism, and confusion.  What I remain confused, and therefore, hesitant about is the fact that I do not know what kind of vehicle this is that I am in.  Is the vehicle of Justice Reform a runaway freight train for a pendulum?   Please take a second to let that thought sink in, there is a distinct difference between the two.

A freight train moves in a single direction picking up speed as it travels.  The runaway part is symbolic of the fact that it will continue to pick up speed, and ultimately ride past its perceived destination.  Can you imagine embarking on an endeavor to reform justice and ending up at a destination way beyond that?  Now that is a beautiful thought.  I wish we could stop there but there is a more realistic image that we must be aware of.  The second vehicle, the pendulum, is an object that swings back and forth, based on gravity and momentum.  If we were a pendulum, what would be the gravity and what would be the momentum?   Well, the gravity would be the financial crunch that maintaining the prison institution has put on Americans; not just now but for generations to come.  With a bill that steep, what is there to show for it accept a recidivism rate in excess of 70 percent.

The momentum is multi-faceted as you have increased social pressure, increased transparency inside a system that operates in the shadows, there are more questions being asked, this all coupled with vocal and successful “ex-cons” pushing for change.  The thing with the pendulum that makes it a vehicle that must be met with skepticism is its ability to swing in the opposite direction.  So, what happens if someone who is given an opportunity fails, or if the majority is no longer for Justice Reform?   Do we swing back into the other direction and begin using terms like tough on crime instead of second chance society?   A pendulum ultimately has a single destination and that is to be at a point where it no longer swings, that is the status quo.  Well, what is the DOC’s status quo, and how hard are we fighting to make sure we do not lose momentum and return there?  I feel like the freight train is the vehicle that I desire to be in and I hope you desire that too.  So while we are at this point, only gathering speed, let's push hard at the boundaries that we are being subjected to an fly way beyond our desired destination.

Andrew Dickson (T.R.U.E. Program Elder)

Arturo Orozco Jr

March 5 2020

To My Homeboys

Yo-Yo….word up son!   Check this, a while back I posted a blog in here admiring Cardi B.   Good qualities and lately I've been feeling a chic who has all the qualities and prettier, sexier than Cardi B.    Ya’ll heard?

So I've been checking out this chic for quite a while, she's gangster in the sense that she'll do anything I ask her, she's way too intelligent and not scary at all.  So y'all know I'm going to need to test her to see if she passes the test and is gangsta enough to have my last name and kids.  I need to check she's not afraid to handle herself under pressure, but at the same time to not be too proud to ask me what I need her to do.

So I've been waiting for her to bust her move and let me know she likes me and is ready for me.  I've been praying, asking the gods of the universe and destiny for a gangsta chic like this, and I believe this shorty is that gift, the way she looks at me there's fire inside my soul.  Naaaa mean?  

I believe she's my soulmate, I won't say her name but y'all know when I bring her home.   To email, download apps for





“My Baby Gangsta” – Mr. Capone-E

“Lost in Love” – Mc Magic

“Your My Gangster Girl” – Malow Mac

“Mine” – Bazzi




Eloy Cantu #01191089

March 2 2020

Hello again. I want to thank you for visiting my profile. Though I would like to remind everybody I don’t have the luxury of the internet.

Reason I brought that up, I’ve received JPAY’S from interesting people with no forwarding addresses. If you choose to JPAY me – PLEASE – leave an address, somewhere on it so I can respond. I value your efforts.

Okay now, I‘m stepping out on a limb and making a humble request. I need reading material and don’t have the resources, send books. I want to advance in my education and need legal relief.

It’s tough to outrun the stigma and stereotypes that are smeared on one. I need a solid shot. To have one I need education. I don’t want to be forgotten, buried alive or part of the statistics.

I realized sometimes you need people to help make a difference. I’m reaching out for some kind of significance and inspiration.

There’s still some potential in me and the desire to want better. Just give me a little light to such a dim world. Be that rainbow after the storm and I’ll be that rose that will grow from the crack of the concrete. Thanks for believing and taking a risk on me. I’m currently in agg seg. I’m trapped in cell for the majority of my time. So I have the time to apply myself.

Thanks again.



Omar Nelums #276338

March 2 2020

Just watched a man attempt suicide. Tying a sheet around his neck and to the second floor’s guard rail. Officers got to him before he could jump. I began to wonder; what got him to that point. Is it from neglect, no visits; no loved ones or friends who care enough to see about him? Old demons maybe, wrongs he did; eating him from the inside. Could it be the “Overseers”, hired and trained to treat humans like animals with numbers? A dairy cow, with the number tag pierced to its ear. It’s been 17 years and some change for me. Having to endure all of the above. The struggle to be loved, missed, seen as a person and free is real. When I get the chance to talk with that young man, I’ll tell him; each day alive on this green earth is another opportunity to search and find your happiness, to live your dreams and help others in the ways you’d like to be.

The load is heavy, but the weight makes you strong!

Omar Nelums

Aaron Blay #02120842

March 2 2020

I have a psychological condition known as “Empire State Of Mind”, meaning that I am constantly thinking, speaking, dreaming and plotting success. I am infatuated not only with constantly improving my situation but also that of my 3 kids who still need me to help provide for them. I am a firm believer that no matter how difficult the situation or how big the obstacle, a person can summon the strength to overcome, succeed and take control of their destiny. I know this to be true because I have found the strength within myself and I will not allow anything to stop me from bettering my future and that of my loved ones.

With that being said, I am seeking a partner in success or a friend with financial benefits. I am seeking someone with the same “Empire State Of Mind” who is interested in building a literal Empire. I have a solid blueprint for success. The only problem is my mind is free but my body is chained. Therefore I need a partner that can be an extension of myself to help make my vision materialize. If you share my mindset and passion for prosperity and you are interested in combining forces to conquer the world, then hit me up so we can turn our wildest dreams into reality. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.




The Complete Me

February 28 2020

Throughout my life, my mistakes were numerous (Sorry Mom). As it turns out, so were the blessings I never recognized. I grew up extremely poor and always felt the need to chase what I never had in the past. But life doesn’t work like that. When you spend all of your time elevating your past, you don’t realize you’re sinking your present. And where does that leave your future? I needed to become aware of this cycle to truly change it.

Times have changed for the positive. I now use my present to work for a better future for myself and others. I’ve completed Mindfulness training, Cognitive Behavioral Training, G.O.G.I, Toastmasters courses, and multiple business classes. I’ve also learned to be humble and open to help from others. Today, I use these qualities in my friendships, intimate relationships, and business connections. Once we meet, I want our vibe to be unlike any other. In every moment we share, I want you to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Let me be clear. I’ve sold drugs, ran unlicensed escort services, and lived the gang life. To those I’ve hurt, taken advantage of, or underappreciated, I sincerely apologize and acknowledge these wrongs. With that in mind, I now know time and practice will bear witness to my growth in maturity, responsibility, and most importantly, the ability to love and be lovable. I won’t deny my past. I just hope to be seen as the complete me.


Richard Cook

February 26 2020

To update everyone on what's happening with me - I'm busy growing the “Second Chance Lifer’s Club” into an effective organization with the help of about 50 of my closest friends and fellow prisoners!   We've been lucky to have 3 guest volunteers come speak to us in the first 6 months, one coming twice - she liked it so much!

Exciting news!  We have our first symposium in a few weeks , with 15 outside volunteers invited!   A month ago we published our first 12-page newsletter!  

We have 4 working groups:

  1. Legislative Analysis
  2. Education/Membership Outreach
  3. Community Relations
  4. Institutional

We are analyzing how all 50 states approach life sentence prisoners.  Do they allow for promotion through their “correctional system” to lower/higher custody levels?  Do they allow for parole, commutation, for resentencing based upon a prisoner's institutional history, programming completion, positive mental health evaluation, and preparation to transition back into society?

Our Community Relations group coordinated a project where prisoners crochet beanies/footies for preemies, which I thought was a cool idea.

We are now seeking self betterment programs, and our first two educational programs are set to begin soon!

If you'd like to contact me, do so on, or if you'd like to volunteer for our club, contact the Club Coordinator at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution.



Randall Michaels

February 18 2020

I'd like to extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude to all those wonderful people who have read my profile.  I especially want to thank those special individuals who have reached out to me with genuine interest and encouraging words.   With absolute sincerity, Thank You.

Currently I don't have the luxury of sending and receiving emails so if you sent me a message via email and I didn't respond, it’s because I can't at the moment not because I don't want to.  I'll be able to send emails, receive emails and video chat with my tablet in April 2020, so stayed tuned.  In the meantime, if you want to reach out to me, please write me directly at the address below and I promise to have a response back to you in 2 to 3 days.

I look forward to hearing from you.     
Take care of God bless.



P.S.  I'll be posting new photos in February.


Spencer Williams

February 18 2020


My name is Spencer.  I'm interested in finding a special female penpal friend to build a friendship with, or relationship if the vibe and good energy is good.  I believe that females should be treated like Queens on a higher pedestal. 

I’m spontaneous, sincere, honest and hold loyalty as a higher standard.  I'm a very down to earth person, I love to make people laugh when they are feeling down or stressed out.  I like to travel the road, I like music and love to dance and be the life of the party.  I love to work with my hands - I'm a very good cook, I do home improvement work also.  I love fast cars and I’m a very good mechanic, I love to build vehicles from the ground up.  I'm also a tattoo artist, Barber and can hook up sound systems and paint cars.  I love to work hard for the money.

While incarcerated I stay humble, workout, read, take trades and watch comedy shows.  If you wanna reach out to me and learn more about me and build a friendship, the fastest way is to email me on  Thanks for your time in reviewing my profile.  Have a nice day!

Spencer Williams