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Inmate Blogs

You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Reynaldo Aguero #01302352

October 4 2020

I may not be someone’s first choice but I am a great choice. I may not be rich, but I’m valuable. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not because I’m good at being me. I may not be proud of some of the things I’ve done in my past but I’m proud of who I am today. I might not be perfect but I don’t have to be. Take me as I am or watch me as I walk away.



John King #01639395

October 4 2020

The Broken Gavel

A gavel is used traditionally in a courtroom to sustain order in a session or to confirm an action taken. So, it is a symbol of judicial power.

Many are unaware of how the legal system has become abusive. High conviction rates are considered as success and with incarceration at such a high it has been receiving worldwide attention.

So, what is this system here for to punish unmercifully? I know many productive men in these prison walls who should’ve never been put in prison, have been overly sentenced or served more than what the law has required and they still haven’t been released.

What about men that took responsibility for their actions and have been overly productive, but get denied continuously for parole.

The shareholders see our progress; the trades, the degrees, programming and even the mentorship we do off the record to younger offenders.

True there are some who are incorrigible and deserve every second they spend here. However, with over one hundred thousand inmates in Texas, I can say over half are good men. Good fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, nephew, employees, businessmen and teachers. We have much to offer to our families, communities, country and to the world. We need you to support us in any way you can. Our families need us, our wives struggle day to day with life without our presence and our children pray for our release.

We need you, why?

Because you’re the missing piece to mend The Broken Gavel.



Christian Rap Revised by Preacher Man Tee

October 3 2020

Christian rap...

This life is real   

God really heals

Silly of me to think

How could my life ever change

Through His grace and mercy

I'm looking through clear eyes now

I can really tell you how i feel now

As i began to testify now

I walk up in His light now

Change to mean to Positively Influence Many People

P.I.M.P Hard for the Lord now

He gave his only for

our sins to be forgiven now

This is really deep now

So please tell me how you feel now

Went from Cadillac Tee to Preacherman Tee now

He changed my life now So i can tell you how

It really feels now

To walk up on His like now

Without a worry now

I thank God for how I feel now....  

I be writing down Christian raps

rockin with the Lord

And all I can think  is go hard

I be throwing up my hands

givin thanks to the man

My lil sister steady writing scriptures

while I'm laying in this cell

with three  Bibles by my head

Yeah you heard what I said

the only way I make it out this place is  with God's grace

Grab a Bible, read a verse Numbers 6:24 "May the Lord bless you. May the Lord smile on you. May the Lord be gracious to you. May the Lord show his favor, and give you peace .........

Dale's Shared Thoughts

September 26 2020

I would like to think that our lives are lived in a constant course of learning. Experiencing, accepting or rejecting, and then moving forward or remaining forever stuck at what I think of as one of the myriad forks in the road or pathways in our lives. Looking back I can clearly and honestly see a definite pattern of decisions I made in 1977 that consequently led, or allowed me to be right where I was to meet and be enveloped in the life of the man who would ultimately cause me to foolishly choose to throw away my freedom, or more truthfully, my physical presence in my community of birth.

These forks are ever-present and will shape the pattern of our lives. The choice made in one will lead us to one another… the question we need to ask ourselves is:

How do I continue to live my life as a man, a dad, a family member, and friend, remaining true to the course of positive thoughts I have learned to embrace and not allow my world to infect me with the hare, anger and intense negativity I am forever enveloped in?

My question is and has been for some time:

Having come to this place where I admit my life’s course, and accept the consequences of my choices, when will the time come that I am seen for the man I am today, and known to be worthy as that dad, friend, and brother that I truly am?

This is, for me, yet another of the forks I have faced, or caused I guess, so I know I have a decision to make. Each choice leads me on, but because youth allowed for the singularity of selfishness, maturity puts into a unique perspective the importance of family and life as a whole. No matter what happens to me, I want the very best for my loved ones and my community, so the degree that my choices matter to that reality I smile and will do my best to be the man I know myself to be.

I would hope that my God would rejoice at my arrival, and knowing that, I, too, am one day going home, I choose to live as befits His love and mercy.

“I will not go quiet into the night…”

Cupid's Angel

September 26 2020

Loving someone unconditionally doesn’t mean liking every action she takes or choice she makes. It means not letting such things interfere with your desire to be with her and to still want for her the best in all things. If your partner says something hurtful to you in anger, then the loving choice is usually to let her know those words hurt. But also to forgive her indiscretion, help her to grow, and yet show her that she is still loved. She’s your partner because she’s the one person out of many who you’ve chosen to be with. If not for any reason other than this, treat her with respect and show her that she’s as special as she truly is.

Whether in a marriage or any form of relationship, it wouldn’t be wise to seek perfection in your partner. As we, being humans, aren’t perfect. We can never fully live up to someone else’s expectations. To enter into a relationship with the idea of having the “Perfect partner” would be committing yourself to a relationship of misery.

So think of your partner as a “shiny” used car and take her “as is”. Build with her and put in the world so you can get each other to where you want to go. Treat her as if she’s already gone. Because you won’t know what you had until she’s actually gone.

L.O.V.E. is More Than a 4 Letter Word

September 26 2020

Love is so beautiful when you find a comparable companion to share it with. But when you find it does it become a part of who you are? Does it have everything to do with how you carry yourself and view life? Does it last? Love is an adventure that many people go through life without ever experiencing. People dream about its pleasures and ecstasies, but it always seems to elude them. To them it’s very simplistic and easy to grasp. In all reality, until you bath in its warmth and delight in its diving pleasure which are the fruits of its existence, you’ll never know the depth of its true essence.  So many individuals take love for granted, it dims the light of its entity and therefore causes it to remain a “Pleasant fantasy”. It sits on the horizon of its beauty and splendor. Why do we take advantage of something or someone when it’s there to comfort us and bring joy and happiness to our life? That question may never be answered , but why not spark some curiosity in another’s mind? Is it because I possess the energy of love that I write this way? Or is it that I discovered in my innermost being that love has a hold of me? Is love calling me or am I just hearing things?

“Love is patient Love is kind. It doesn’t envy it doesn’t boast it is not proud. It doesn’t dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love doesn’t delight in negative, but rejoices with the truth. It always trusts, always protects, always hope, always persevere” (1 Corinthians 13: 4-7) Love is more than a four letter word.

Stevie-Ray Puente

September 23 2020

I love meeting new people.    Being in this place for so long I've learned to appreciate good conversation, being open minded to listen to someone's story.    Asking questions, you never know what doors might open and what roads you might travel down.  

I'm going on 13 years on my 30 year sentence.  In 2023, I will come up for parole for the first time.  I'm trying to use this platform to build friendships for not just in here but also upon my release. 

I was 23 when I first came to prison….a kid.   I've yet to live a real life.   I started having kids at 16 and forced myself to grow up faster than normal, but even at a young age I always kept a job and tried to do the best by my family… the same time keeping one foot in the street, learning you can't live a double life.  

Choices I've made led me to where I am.  Don't let my past judge who I am today.  I've left my past go and learned to love myself.   Now I look forward and focus all my energy on what's to come.    It's been said that the reason the rearview mirror in a car is so small and the windshield is so big is because things are more important in front of you than behind.  

I've never done a blog….I've never read a blog.   (smile)    So, I hope this works.  If anything, smile - one time for me.

Keith Manuel

September 23 2020

In the tough times, we need people to speak up for what's rite!  And we need justice for all!  We can't be quiet about this because it's not the words of your enemies that hurt the worst, it is the silence of your friends.

Peace and blessings to all.....

Donald Grant

September 22 2020

Okay y’all….

I had to make a blog, and for y'all out there to read it.

It seems that a lot of people write to me and have no real interest in being a real friend to me, and only want to tell me what you think I want to hear.   If this is why you write to me, then please don't write.  

I'm coming across too many people with games.  I shouldn't have to tell you that kind of stuff people say to me and it seems as some of y'all have the same line of game to tell me.   Be true to yourself before you come at me with all the games.  

Once again, I don't discriminate and love all.  I'm here to make a meaningful relationship of some sort, whether it's a real friend or someone that's willing to explore more.   But all this soul talk?    I heard that line one too many, not saying that it’s everybody.   But thus far, it has been.    Just put it out there what you're seeking from me.  But if it ain't along with what I am seeking?   There's others on this site that I'm sure can fulfill your needs.

I've become very, very exhausted, and everything you could imagine with the games.   At this previous time I haven't made any kind of connection with anybody.   I try and be a true gentlemen to all, which hasn't gotten me anywhere.   I am not someone's hobby, to just pass time.  I am here to build on something extremely serious and enjoy it for a lifetime.   Time is of the essence and doesn't wait for anybody… live it up and be happy doing it, which is what I live by.

So, on that note, I truly hope you manifest me really, really good. 

Much love and I'll be waiting on you.  

Sincerely yours.

Cody Dunn

September 21 2020

I was recently reviewed by the Kentucky parole board and given a 12 month deferment.   I will not allow this 1 year setback to amount to anything but a “small setback equals major comeback”.   I was, in all honesty, expecting to be granted parole.   I will use this year to grow stronger mentally and physically.

I will use “willpower” to accomplish my goal over the next year.   I leaned heavily into my MRT rehabilitation program, for knowledge and insight.   One of the lessons taught me that a big difference between successful versus unsuccessful, is that people who are successful have willpower.   Those who have willpower have learned in life to make decisions and implement them by performing the necessary behaviors.  

My task, unpleasant as it is, is to serve 1 more year here in prison.   I will enroll and complete more programs.  I will not be bitter but rather focused.   In essence, I will continue to become a better person no matter if I am stuck here in prison for a bit longer than I expected.

I learned in MRT that the most critical ingredient in changing my life is willpower.   Willpower is composed of two parts; the decision to make a change, and the behavior which produces the change.

In short, motivation provides the power; knowledge provides the direction; and willpower starts the process to change the behavior and produce the desired outcome.

Love to hear your thoughts on this, or anything else positive.