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My Creative Outlet

December 12 2019

It started with a battle in a private prison on the Mexican border. It was a battle for basic human decency. I had to create a medium to capture the experience, and have since developed it into a model of civil discourse.

Please take a moment to view my efforts: ask me for the link to my website. It's creative.

December 2019

December 12 2019

It's been a crazy few months. We have stayed locked down two out of the last four months due to fights, a tropical storm, and a threat against a staff member.

During these lockdowns, we don't have access to Corrlinks or the phone. It can be stressful; at least we can still write letters. Being locked in basically a small bathroom 24 hours a day for weeks at a time is not much fun. But I stay busy working-out, reading good books, writing letters, and taking my daily “bird bath” in the sink (no showers in the cell).

The good news: this current lockdown should be over in a few days and I will be acquiring a guitar to keep in my cell so I can serenade the guards (and of course my celly... who may kill me in my sleep) jk. My parents were flying from Washington state to come visit me Dec. 6th. and due to this lockdown will have to reschedule.

About 20 months left to go on my sentence. It's been 5 years already and I've been to 6 prisons in 4 states. The feds have given me the grand tour. I've seen some really weird things so far LOL. Currently, I am locked up with the leader of the Somali pirates whose story led to the movie “Captain Philips” with Tom Hanks. I need to take a picture with him actually.

In all seriousness, being incarcerated is really hard. Prison can be a violent, terrible place. It can also be a place to better yourself. So I'm never gonna let it define me. I'm going to work towards my dreams and goals and trust in God to bring me home.

Love and respect,


“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the see of an equal or greater benefit”. -Napoleon Hill

Darkens Bonnet

November 26 2019

A little bit about myself…..I'm a cool, laid back type of guy with the ability to turn up when needed.  I love to be productive and make use of my time wisely.

I'm currently raising and training a puppy for the American Vet Program.  His name is Odin, he's a Labrador retriever.

I got him at 8 weeks old, he's now 15 months.  He's super smart and I spend most of my days training him.  During the times when I'm not training, I like to workout, read, listen to music sip iced coffee chilling with the fellas. 

I'm also in school right now learning the theory of music.  My goal is to learn how to read and write music, play the piano and make beats.  I don't plan on making a career out of it, it's just something to keep busy.  I mean if an opportunity arises, I won't turn my nose up at it. 

But my goal in life is to master the trucking business.  I dream of having a fleet of trucks one day to pass down to my future children   I'm looking to start a family and I don't want us to ever need for anything!   Work hard – Play hard.

Give me a holla @ at

Darkens Bonnet

Darius Dickerson

November 15 2019

Dear Reader, I've grown up making mistakes.  I was home trained but I never had much guidance growing up, nor support.  I started selling drugs early.  At first it was to be able to throw away the $10 gym shoes I was wearing with the holes in the bottom and buy the new Air Force 1’s or Jordan’s that came out.  Then it was for $1000 jackets and to go out with and buy my girlfriend things.  In no time it was strictly for the lifestyle which was more addictive than the drugs I was selling.

Throughout the years I began to make some horrible decisions regarding the women I allowed close to me.  Not all, but the few caused serious damage, loss and inconvenience in my life.

It got so bad that when I put one woman out of my house, she called the police and told them I choked her.  I've never choked ANY woman outside of sex.  Still the judge told me he found me guilty at trial because she said I did it.  That has cost me 4 1/2 years of my life so far.  That was in 2014.

When I was released on parole, a female friend - that I built a strong bond with for 3 years of phone conversations and visits and I decided to try a relationship.  It didn't work out.  So 3 1/2 months later when I return to my old neighborhood in Chicago, it was difficult finding a job at first.  I'm a Barber so I had a bunch of business cards made and went door-to-door advertising myself.

Things were really slow so once money started getting low from my last check from the job I was working in Aurora, I went to what I knew and was known for besides cutting hair in the area…..selling ecstasy.

Not long after that things started looking up.  I found a job at Solo Cup, my haircut clientele kept me busy - early morning and even late night when I got off of work and everyone was calling me for my pills.  Next I quit Solo Cup for a job at a local high traffic barbershop.  I stacked every dime that wasn't spent on a meal or an investment and the money was on a free flow into my pockets.

One night so many people were calling my phone for pills that my answer “I'm out of the area” turned into “I'm on my way”.   I brought 50 pills out and in 10 minutes I was leaving with 17 left.  On my way out I encountered crooked cops. They pulled me over with no probable cause and illegally searched me and the vehicle finding the pills.  I'm locked up for a possession of 17 pills.  IDOC only shows the parole case but I am currently fighting a drug case.

Fortunately I did not lose any of my money.  I'm done with the possibility of prison.  Too much of my life has been spent here as well as far too much of my money.

I have a 9 year old daughter who not too long ago forgave me for coming back to prison.  We talk every single day and she told me all she wants from me is to spend a lot of time with her.  I did what I was doing because I wanted to give her everything.  I wanted her to be proud of her daddy and have all the things I didn't, but I ignored the most important thing.  I failed to realize that the one thing that I didn't have that affected me most was a father.

All I want now is to get out of this hellhole, use my money to buy a house and do all the things that's legit to make money.  I make good money as a Barber and in a couple of years I'll be able to open my own shop/salon and invest in more properties to rent.

I've decided I've had enough.  I'm going to be a great dad to my daughter and create security in our lives.  No more prison for me.  I quit.



Michael Mackey

November 14 2019

I would like to open this missive with respect, understanding and a sound mind.  I know being incarcerated I am still being judged and looked down on but I am a man of integrity and principle.  Yes, I did wrong when I was a teenager.  Now I am a man with values and seeking a pen pal friendship with someone that's open minded, likes to write and share knowledge. 

A lot of people don't like to write someone that's incarcerated because they fear what a friend or family member may think.  Just know fear holds you back from happiness and truth.  Besides real family and friends support, not criticize.   

I've educated myself to be who I am today. 

I would like to meet people that's willing to know the new me.  Everyone needs a true friend because loneliness is the worst feeling ever.  My time in here is almost up.  I'll be starting a new chapter in my life and new friends are welcome. 

I'm not looking for anything in particular.  A letter or word of encouragement will do.  And it's always people that will try and stop you from accomplishing your dreams.  We must remove negative people like that from our life cause they hold us back when we need to move forward.

So if you're willing to correspond with me, please feel free to contact me.  If you Jpay me please put a return address on Jpay, if you would like a response back.   Thank you!



Dexter Diaz

November 14 2019

I wake up in the middle of the night tormented by my fears of the future and regrets of my past. Although I know the Lord is with me, I still feel so lost and alone. I know that my sins have been forgiven, but the remorse is still unbearable, because I can't find forgiveness for myself.

I think back at who I was who I used to be and I'm ashamed of my selfish greed and arrogance. I sold drugs and I have no excuse. I helped destroy my community and left my children without a father. I no longer seek my validity in others' opinions, but I wish my community could accept me for who I've become and not expect me to be who I used to be.

At this point in my life, I feel so empty inside because I yearn for my other half, but she doesn't seem to exist. I've been let down and disappointed many times, but I refuse to allow the next to suffer for their mistakes and desperation. I can't say that I have trust issues, because I've come to learn that when you're living a shady life, you attract shady people.

I look into the mirror and I don't recognize the man looking back at me, but I'm proud of who I see. The scars, the slight wrinkles, and gray hairs sneaking up on me reminds me that the clock only turns in one direction and as that clock marches forward, so must I. I'm a soldier, but I no longer march to the beat of the streets. I am a soldier a love, a soldier of righteousness, a soldier of Christ. By his strips, I have been redeemed. Only God can judge me, and through Christ I've been found not guilty!

Justice System Reform

November 14 2019

Every week, somewhere in this great country of ours, an innocent man or woman is being sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit. This is a fact! A prosecutor is selling his one-sided story to a grand jury in order to obtain an indictment. The accused doesn't get to be present during these secret grand jury meetings. The accused is not allowed to have legal representation arguing on his behalf during these secret grand jury meetings. So already the accused is at a disadvantage. Does that sound fair?

Nowadays the prosecutor's main focus is not to see justice served but to convict whoever is sitting at the defendant's table. Tell me I'm lying! For Instance, let's say you have some money invested in a company through the Stock exchange. Let's say you have a family member or a friend that works in this company. Let's say this person tells you that the companies CEO told them to liquidate any shares they own because the company is going to s***. Do you know that if you listen to your family member or friend and pull your money out, that is considered insider trading and you can be prosecuted for that? Crazy right? Like your supposed to leave your money in the company and lose your investment.

I say all that to say this: Never judge a book by its cover. Everyone in prison isn't a criminal. The real criminals are the world bankers and the politicians but I'll save that for next time.

Until next time, peace and love.

Carlos Shelton

November 13 2019

What Do You Think?

There is no doubt that my freedom is preferred over incarceration! We are limited in here. When to sleep, when and what to eat, how often we can see our family and many other inconveniences. So when I call home and friends tell me how fortunate I am, it leaves me terribly confused. So my question is, just how bad has the world gotten? I stay in tune with the current events.

How did prisons become safer than schools and Walmarts?! I watch the news and see the mass shootings, wild fires,storms and hurricanes, the protests in China and the Democrats and Republicans tear each other apart. The country is certainly divided. So when does it all end? How does it all end?

Is climate change real? I have heard different theories but no way of being able to do the research for myself. I'm interested in what everyone thinks, whether you have a biblical perspective or a basic scientific point of view. I honestly have no clue! All I do know is something has to give. Share your thoughts and any readings or book recommendations are welcomed too.

William is seeking supporters

November 11 2019

William has recently filed for clemency from the governor of Colorado and is looking for people willing to support him by signing his petition.

Check it out on clemency William Goble.

(Written by Family Member/Friend.)

Lonely, Neglected and Forgotten

November 9 2019

If you feel lonely, neglected or forgotten then we can relate. Sometimes I just need someone to listen, that's all. I'm not asking for too much. Feeling so much loneliness at times that it's overwhelming, facing trials without uplifting or encouraging words, is an impossible task. To be forgotten on Christmas, New Year's Day or your birthday is the worst feeling ever. Sometimes your own family can let you down, a true friend will be there for you. If we would just care more about others in the world, then the loneliness and suicides would decrease. I just want a chance to feel human again. A simple JPAY can make me smile for the whole week. Feeling that someone cared enough to empathize with my situation really makes me feel hope. I felt so lonely sometimes that I thought I had vanished into thin air. Felt like nobody cared not even a little bit. How can I feel hope or even smile when I'm alone?

If all you feel is stress then let me tell you, I feel that every day. Vent to me all your problems or your worries, I know what you are going through. Give me a chance to believe again in myself, because to be honest I feel I don't anymore. Depression and sadness intoxicate my heart, mind and soul.