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Hi everyone.

As funny as it sounds I’m now seriously taking applications for new girl. I feel I’m ready to move on & start communicating & dating again. I’m really trying to commit myself to one woman I feel is special and I can really connect with. I’m 27, single, no kids & when I’m released within two years I can bring a lot to the table. I’m educated, ambitious, loyal and loving. So basically when I do find what I’m looking for I have nothing holding me back from putting my all into it. I want someone smart, beautiful, loyal and fun. Also someone with a beautiful heart. Sex is everywhere and I prefer a mental connection first. I have around 20 months to really get to know someone before I’m released. That should be enough time to correspond, laugh, talk & maybe even visit if it gets to that level. So if you feel that’s you that can make this black guy happy, then hit me up. Lol Write me & I promise to get back to you & send a picture, so I can make sure you don’t have an Adams apple. Lol I don’t think I can receive emails so if you’re serious write me at the address provided on this profile.

Thank you.


Domenic Betts #AM3604
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Well, world, it’s definitely me again! And while everyone, both behind these walls and beyond them can find something to complain about if they are only looking for the negative, I’d just like to send a shout out to express my appreciation for the attention and the couple of responses I’ve received. I have found that some people are just sort of scratching an itch, fleeting whim, or satisfying temporary curiosity and that’s fine. I am hoping to make more long-lasting friendships, but even to those I just described, I’d like to say thank you for taking my mind and soul above and beyond this artificial gangster mentality and the emptiness I’m surrounded by and enslaves so many spirits in here.

As many people move into and out of our lives, I could always enjoy getting to know someone new, especially from places or different experiences than those I’m familiar with or accustomed to! I mentioned a feminine perspective in my profile, and I’d just like to make a note to all you ladies out there. “In the current climate” (as is so often stated during these tumultuous cultural times) I want you all to know how powerful you really are. I see with my own eyes and own experience the strength of your influence and balancing effect on both individuals and our society. We, as men, need you. You soothe our spirit by your very presence. So from all of us: Thank you.

Toby Gustafson #00752243
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Untitled is my only way out. To make a grand appearance and shine at all cost. In profile I pointed out the graphic side of this because most people use this side the most. Laugh to keep from crying. Overall, it has changed my life. To get out the game and do something positive. I believe in forgiveness. Never did I believe in holding the past over anyone’s head. I believe experience is the best teachings. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Throughout all the hardship, I keep faith alive, searching and praying for someone I can build with. Someone who knows we can share our experiences and help each other to do better. I’m looking for a real friendship or a real relationship. Someone who’s tired of being lied to and tired of getting hurt. So if you’re fed up with the bull and looking for that special someone to be honest with you, no matter what, we’re on the same page. Therefore, let’s learn a little more about each other. I promise you’re in good hands. Age, weight, or looks is not of my interest when it comes to building something that’s real like friendship or love. If it feels right, then write me in any shape, form or fashion that suits you best. The weak show hesitation and doubt while the strong have an air of confidence and assurance. Mr. Coe~

Lenell Coe #S04223
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All My Relations

It’s our understanding that the spirit of our grandfather is not breathed into two leggeds alone, but the whole created universe shares in the immortal perfection of its craftsman. From the ultimate miracle, the greatest mystery, there came a massive unifying life force that flows in and through everything that is. Therefore we are all kindred and brought together by the same creator. The flowers of the earth, the whispering winds, rocks, the murmuring trees who breathe its presence, the falling waters who chant its praise and all of creation who share with us the storms and blessings of nature. Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky and water was a real and active principal. We see in them something of the sinless purity that we attribute to the innocent and irresponsible child. Contemplating their instincts as the mysterious wisdom from above. There was no wilderness because nature wasn’t dangerous, but hospitable, not forbidding but friendly. With the animal kingdom existed a brotherhood. So close were some to their feathered and furred relatives that in true brotherhood they spoke a common tongue. If all animals were gone, man would cease to exist. For whatever happens to the animals also happens to men. All things are connected, whatever befalls the earth, befalls the children of the earth.

Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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Land Of The Free

A native’s worth was not estimated by possessions such as bling bling, but in what he gave away. Public giving is part of every important ceremony. A birthday for example, the honoree wasn’t lavished with presents, instead he was expected to give gifts to honor guests for attending. This tradition was properly observed at the celebrations of birth, marriage, death and when it’s desired to do special honor to any person or event. One must learn early the beauty of generosity. Traditional children were taught to give what they most cherished, so they could taste the happiness of giving. From that point they were the family giver of alms. For life to be rich and full, we must give as well as receive. Our generosity is limited only by our strength. We had no need for banks. When we had plenty of money or blankets we gave to guests of another tribe, relatives, but above all to the poor and aged. Then finally the gift to the Great Spirit, may be of little value in itself, but should carry the meaning of true sacrifice. In time gifts are returned and our hearts feel good. Our way of giving is our bank. A sense of honor pervades all aspects of native life. Let those I serve express their thanks according to their own upbringing and sense of respect.

Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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People Of The Sun

Sunlight, our main source and provider of light, warmth and energy not only sustains all life on earth but sustains the earth itself. Life on Mother Earth evolved under natural sunlight and has existed for quite some time under its full spectrum of light. Many civilizations worshipped the sun and understood its healing powers available in its full spectrum of light, to treat physical and mental issues, a practice called Heliotherapy. For millions of years life has flourished under sunlight, which contains ultraviolet radiation. Now science claims that UV light is harmful and medical research has determined that sunlight is hazardous to people’s health and all sorts of special eyeglasses and sunscreens are marketed for protection. By spending a majority of your time under artificial lights, you may be subjecting yourself to mal-illumination. We are constantly ingesting polluted air, devitalized food and impure water, yet the most obvious nutrient light is overlooked. Ultraviolet light is a nutrient, just like a vitamin or a mineral. There are stress relieving properties in a golden sunrise. We stand erect before the advancing dawn, facing the sun as it dances upon the horizon and offer our unspoken prayer of thanks.

Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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Who’s Your Favorite NDN

It’s true that when people are spoken of, they are characterized by qualities which attach either love or hate. People (including enemies) are either to be treated with respect or utterly crushed. Revenge will be pursued for minor offenses. Therefore the disrespect if shown to a man should be the kind that afterward the threat is eliminated. Understand war will not be avoided, only postponed to the advantage of the opposition. If you must inspire fear, do it in a way that if you cannot be loved, you can escape hate. The Chief who is revered by the people is not easy to attack. Those who conspire plan on pleasing the people by usurping the throne. But seeing that instead of pleasing the people they will offend, it would be unwise to do so. Present difficulties are easy to see. It’s the wise who use all diligence against future dangers. For if foreseen while remote are easily fixed. Yet if they are awaited to be approached, are already past cure. If you are incapable of radiating qualities that acquire dignity, the last one could do is refrain from projecting distasteful ones. For example, spitting on a sacred fire could result in illness. Almost any thought or action, if it showed disrespect to nature could have harmful consequences. The same is true of human nature.

Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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Honest NDN/White Lies

Our fathers gave us many laws which they learned from their fathers. Many generations of transmitting from father to son a way of life. The remembrance of these was faithfully preserved by succeeding generations. They were not to be forgotten as long as the Earth remains. Such was the importance of our word and integrity that in traditional days, lying was a capitol offense. Because we understood the deliberate liar is capable of committing any violation behind the façade of cowardly untruth. The destroyer of mutual confidence was put to death so the evil could go no further. Prejudice and racial injustice was no excuse for our breaking our word. It would have been better if no treaties had been made, than to have made them and break them. Famous words, “Father Of Lies”, “I Shall Not Tell A Lie”, “Hypocrites”. We would be better pleased to see the good effects of our doctrines rather than hearing them preached. It does not require many words to speak the truth. Actions speak louder than words. If you need to explain yourself, it’s because your integrity is already in question. Always say less than necessary. Words do not last long unless they amount to something. Likewise thievery was a disgrace and if discovered, the name “Wamonon” (Thief) was an eternal stigma. On Tipi, Wigwam or Longhouse there were no locks. We did not need them.

Daniel Thomas #12242-273
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A Few Fast Facts

1) The first female I heard let one rip was my twin sister. She was laying on the floor, on her back and her whole mid-section jumped like she’d done a pelvic thrust when she let it go. My jaw dropped – she looked at me and burst into laughter. 2) Legs are the first thing I notice, the second is lips. 3) I’ve attended hockey games and loved the experience but you can’t pay me to watch it on TV. 4) I’m into everything nerd. 5) I hate seeing people get taken advantage of. When I got incarcerated an inmate told me that I’d have to get rid of my bleeding heart and let it become hard and uncaring to survive prison. He lied, you just have to be willing to fight. 6) My favorite super heroes are Black Panther and James Bond. 7) I love D&D, cos-play, manga, anime, kisses, cake, tattoos and candy. 8) I can keep a secret and I’m averse to rats. 9) I saw my friend get hit and killed by a drunk driver and became so stressed about it that I tried to kill myself. 10) I wish my mama a Happy Mother’s day and a Happy Father’s Day every year. 11) My sister looked up to me so much that she became a bi-sexual just to have a girlfriend. She’s a lesbian now.

Cedric Mack #485513
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Rocky Relationships

In life, at one point or another, most of us fortunately will experience a “rocky relationship”. Why? Who knows. Pray and ask God! But, what if I told you all about how to prevent experiencing a rocky relationship, which you embrace any of my advisory? Probably not. Why? Most human beings rather learn by experience and not from the experienced. I don’t care about that though, because this is my blog and on my blog I drop “jewelry” (wisdom) for those who choose to shine (succeed).

Time to show out: unless you and until you can identify with, and understand yourself, all relationships and particularly intimate relationships, are deeply flawed and ultimately dysfunctional. They may seem perfect for a while, such as when you are “in love”, invariably that apparent “perfection” gets disrupted as arguments, conflicts, dissatisfaction and emotional or even physical violence occurs with increasing frequency. It seems that most “love relationships” become rocky relationships before long. Those of you know what I’m talking about when I say, love can turn into a savage attack, feelings of hostility, resentment or complete withdrawal of affection at the flick of a switch. What’s insane about this, it is actually considered to be normal. These type of relationships oscillate for awhile, a few months or a few years between the polarities of “love” and hate, and it gives you as much pleasure as it gives you pain. In relationships like this, with your significant other, you both could of been to hell and back together, damn near ready to kill each other, but out of habit, not love, you tell yourself, “I am going to stand by him or her, things will get better, I just know it”. Blah, blah, blah!! Bull!!

If that is you, don’t feel alone. It is not uncommon for couples to become addicted to those cycles. Their drama makes them feel alive. When the balance between a positive/negative polarities is lost and the negative, destructive cycles occur with increasing frequency and intensity, which tends to happen sooner or later, then it will not be long before the relationship finally collapes.

Advice: first, know yourself, know your limits, identify what it is that you are exactly looking for in a relationship, and then, if a relationship is what you really want, to find the ideal candidate to submit your application to. Before you two decide to become an item, first explore the do’s and don’ts. Discuss the likes and dislikes, preferences and non-preferences. For example; you don’t want to get into a relationship with any drug or sex addict, if you don’t use drugs or rather sex just three times a week. The two of you would be uncomfortable in a situation like this, cheating and lying would ensue and relationships like this never last long. You know the saying, “what you won’t do, someone else will”. With that being said, if you want to prevent experiencing a “rocky relationship”, make sure that you and your potential partner have common interests and share the same vision. Basically, come to the table and match each other’s completeness.

That’s the jewelry!! Take it, wear it…use it to shine…

Jabbar AKA J. Jewler

For further advice, or if you just would like to kick it, please go to and sign up to correspond with me. We can go back and forth via text.

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