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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Jason Miears

December 2 2020

The world seems pretty crazy right now, with all that is going on.  I enjoy reading books by the authors Michael Salla and David Icke.

Does anyone have a good conspiracy theory they would like to talk about?

So glad it's fall….the weather is so nice being cool.

Thank you for any letters and people who may write.

Take care,




Christopher Weckman

December 1 2020

I promise to write whomever that writes me overseas - I don't care where you're from or what nationality.   If you take time for me, I'll return the favor, besides, I know you have some great stories to exchange.

I'm stuck in a concrete box 24 hours a day due to coronavirus.   I got nothing but awesome memories I choose to recall of days gone by.  I can't see the free world, I don't have a TV, phone or Internet.  What I have is a willingness to write and share life experiences, good or bad.

I've been in wrecks of all kinds: boats, motorcycles, bicycle, three Wheeler, four Wheeler, a bouncing 4 wheel drive truck down a gravel road with my wife - it didn't end well .   We're still alive to tell all the tales, maybe even how we blew the motor of her truck.

The police lost all my address and phone numbers in transit from state prison to federal prison, then recently I found out my precious tote full of my lifelong pictures were destroyed by water somehow.   I've only a select few of my girls (my ex and our dog) and a couple of myself as you see here.   I'm truly bummed out, that's pretty much makes everything I ever had that meant anything to me has now been lost including that perfect life I had not so long ago with my ex-wife and premade family.

I started to write a life story once but even it's been lost now.  I poured a lot of heart and tears into that beginning.   I've an awesome story to tell.   Let me bounce some ideas off of you.

Are you up for an adventure?


November 30 2020

Is an insecurity still deemed an insecurity if you learn to embrace it?   Meaning you don't allow it to dictate how you move.   Although whatever it is you don't like about yourself may have a permanent physical existence, you don't have to give it an internal residence.

I'm starting with me.   With that said, I’m no longer muffling my dreams, ambitions, and how great of a man I am for the sake of not wanting to be labeled with “that's just prison talk”.   At this point if you can't take my security, I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise.

However, as I'm approaching freedom, I want to be friends only with you, that take security at face value and also live it out in your own life…....until we meet.  


Homies and Friends

November 30 2020

Homies & Friends

Don't call me a homie.   Straight miss me, because I've come to realize that word means nothing.

It's just a word thrown around so loosely that it has lost any meaning it ever had.   It's strictly a word used to utilize you.

People get the concept of homie all mixed up.    A homie is there only as long as he can benefit.    A homie is a relationship of circumstance.   A homie will fool you into a false sense of circumstances and loyalty.   He has no loyalty other than to himself.    There is no homie.  Point blank!

A friend will be there for you regardless of the dangers, circumstances, or consequences.    A friend is loyal because he wants to be.   A homie is there for his own personal gain.

Homies are there just as long as they can benefit, but as soon as the friendship  is no longer beneficial, then the homie is gone.

Contemplate on what you just read.    Are you a homie or a friend?

Luke Hasty #250516

November 29 2020

Never be defined
By your past, it was
Just a lesson,
Not a life sentence.




November 28 2020

I just wanted to give you an update on my profile I am in a new prison now and I have access to my JPay account. 

I am hoping for some intelligent conversations I've been on this website for a couple months now and I've had no luck yet. I hope someone reaches out to me soon I enjoy having great conversations. 

I'm trying to better myself with my last bit of time incarcerated  I'm hoping to have someone inspire me to help me to further my education once I am home.

Davelle Maiden

November 24 2020

Hello world!

I'm to a point in my life where I can no longer run from my true feelings.   I've been searching for these 4 letters?   But come to find out I’ve failed tremendously!....or so I thought.    Opinions needed.

The definition of a man is the woman he holds close to his heart, and vice versa.   I believe every man without a woman is emotionally handicapped.   

Love is not a thought or an emotion….it's an action.   Let me explain.

Love, a mellow word, rich and full of flavor with so many delectable meanings.  Referent into 4 letters.

It's levels to this world, and it’s meaning.   We must understand.   Love comes with so many perplexed ways of showing us it's purpose of affection.   Most people only want to feel the “good” side of love without embracing or feeling the “bad” side.   But to enjoy the “good” side we must enjoy the “bad” side as well, because without the “bad” side there wouldn't be a “good” side.   Reason why is; the “bad” side of love is what makes the “good” side of love feel so good.

Being single for these last 7 years of my incarceration helped me understand and embrace the “bad” side of love, but after a while I realized something was missing.   I actually couldn't help but face exactly what I've been running from.   Funny thing is, I'm not fast enough, or strong enough to keep dodging my true feelings of getting to know and understand the “good” side of love!

Love is powerful enough to control the human mind, body, heart, and soul.   It could cause a person's actions to act out without them even knowing what they are doing!   I guess it's safe to say “Love doesn't feel the same when you're stuck all alone!"

Expensive thoughts…..


Damien Jones #48876-177

November 15 2020

If you’re reading this…

Then it’s not too late.
For us to start a meaningful, beautiful…
Conversation, friendship or maybe if it’s written in the stars, one day a relationship.
If it was up to me, we would’ve known each other years ago.
But being that it’s now up to you.
I hope you take this opportunity now, so that we can insure that we know each other for years to come.
I’m not asking you to spend your life with me or spend your money on me.
I’m only asking for you to spend a little of your time on me.
Is that asking for too much?



Diente Atkins #A656-067

November 15 2020

IDK how everyone else is feeling out there in the free world!! I can only imagine how hard it is during this pandemic. This year has been the hardest year out of my 13 year sentence!! I’m currently in a maximum security prison with limited movement. I hate the fact that I can’t be there physically to help my loved ones!! When asked how I’m doing I tell people I’m fine, but really I’m not!! Do you know how it feels to be powerless?? I’m told constantly to just chill out. I’m almost done with my prison sentence. It really hurts my soul because I’m a front line type of guy!! Very opinionated and I speak my mind!! I feel like I need to take advantage of this Write A Prisoner website and speak my mind! I would love to receive some feedback/comments on my blog. It would help me during this tough time that we all are going through. If you happen to see/read my blog, let me know how you feel about what I’m saying!! I just want to express to the outside world that you’re not alone!! Everyone needs someone to lean on for support, especially during hard times!!



JaCorey Monterio #341302

November 12 2020

I have spent the vast majority of my adult life incarcerated. My 21st birthday was and will be the only one I celebrated free. This is going to be my last time incarcerated. I'm changing my life. My blog is one place I'm going to publicize my goal, and share my achievements, and just let the world know what I'm up to.

My foremost goal is to stay out of trouble. Otherwise no others are possible. I've been "in" since March 4 2019, since then I have not been in trouble or "written up". I do this by following the rules not associating with people who don't, holding a facility job and programming when possible.

Second, I'm going to further my education. The bureau of Prisons (BOP) offers College programs at select jails. I'm hoping to be accepted until then I read anything I can get my hands on that I believe will help me be or find ways to be successful. With COVID programs are limited but I was able to complete the managerial 'ServSafe' certification course recently. I'm currently reading two books: 'The 7 Habits of Healthy Effective People' - Stephen R. Covey and 'The Dream of Reason: A History of Western Philosophy from the Greeks to The Renaissance'. Here's three books I finished recently which I found resonating: 'Faming Freedom'- Michael G Santus, 'Mans Search For Meaning' - Victor Frankl, 'What Got You Here Won't Get You There' -Marshall Goldsmith. I also journal about what I learned after reading a book.

Third, I'm improving my physical fitness and health. This is more of a broader goal and I meet smaller goals in pursuit of it. An offshoot is improving my mental health as well. I had gained some weight sulking around, feeling bad for myself at the beginning. When I decided to take control of my life it was going to be physically as well. My first goal was to lose weight. I've since lost 32 lbs (I'm at 238). Now I concentrate more on building muscle, conditioning, and cardio. Not to mention I get a huge sense of accomplishment after completing a work-out.

Connecting with my family and building a support network are two other goals I'll discuss next time! I'm looking to be held accountable, if you're reading and want an update shoot me a letter for now. I'll have Corrlinks (email) when I get to the BOP!