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Matthew Vultao #W112621

May 5 2022

Hey! Just writing everyone to wish everyone to stay blessed through this pandemic. Just know that I know how hard it is to deal with situations in life. And I want you all to know even though I’m in prison dealing with dark days, I still find a way to keep on pushing through it all and smile! And I hope you all do too! Because you all deserve to be happy and smile.

So, if you ever need someone to make your day a little better, hit me up on or via regular mail.

May you all stay safe and blessed!

Your friend,

Matthew Vultao

Steven Anderson #447951

May 5 2022


Why is the Michigan’s Attorney General D. N. refusing to do her job, where her prosecutor convicted Steven Anderson illegally? This prosecutor boldly and unapologetically broke the law to convict this BLACK MAN! It’s the Attorney General’s job to hold her prosecutor’s accountable for their actions. Yet she has ignored Mr. Anderson for almost two years now. She can be seen on CNN on Saturday January 16, 2021 at 9:12PM talking about how no one is above the law, no one should be “inoculated”. But, here in her own State, her own backyard, she is not practicing what she preaches. Even when it’s her job to do so, even when indisputable proof has been provided to her multiple times.

The prosecutor wanted to increase Mr. Anderson’s culpability by lying to the court and misleading the jury. Now, if the prosecutor is always under oath to NEVER Lie or Mislead the Judge/and/or Jury, and he breaks that oath by doing just that. Is it not PERJURY??? Perjury does not exclude prosecutors. And how could Mr. Anderson possibly have possibly received a fair trial where the prosecutor is attempting such illegal tactics to mislead the jury, and to obtain a conviction??

FACTS: Two trials, same judge, same prosecutor first trial defendant, Witness 1 testifies on his behalf. His testimony consists of a duress defense. That Mr. Anderson made him stay at the scene at gun point. That Mr. Anderson made him shoot his own gun. And that Mr. Anderson wouldn’t not let him leave. The prosecutor then caught Witness 1 in several lies. In closing arguments the prosecutor called Witness 1 a liar “with lie after lie after lie”. “A chameleon, a master manipulator”. “He’s trying to throw up his Hail Mary pass.” “And who knows with this defendant what story will pop out next.” Witness 1 was convicted of second degree murder.

A month and a half later, second trial, now the prosecutor wants to call Witness 1 as a credible witness to testify and increase culpability against Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson and his attorney object to this, and this is when the prosecutor commits perjury by saying, “I would not put a witness on the stand that I believe would lie about anything material in this case.” This is PERJURY and when the corrupt judge sides with him, he then proceeds to mislead the jury by offering testimony he knows is false. Mr. Anderson was convicted of first degree murder on an aiding and abetting theory and sentenced to LIFE in prison.

Mr. Anderson does not have to be actually innocent to be wrongfully convicted.

Attorney General, D.N. hold this prosecutor accountable for his action as you said you would!!

Like this and tweet to everyone you know if you’re tired of seeing BLACK MEN or any other person wrongfully convicted. Let’s make the Attorney General take action against crooked and corrupt prosecutors. Please Help For Change! God forbid it’s one of your family members going through such a miscarriage of justice, and Lord knows how many others he has done this to.


Gabriel Aleman

May 4 2022

 I'm a social person, I like to laugh and make others laugh. I have a growing interest in being an artist.

I'm looking for new positive connections, someone who can appreciate my growth and progress. A focused woman who will push me to accomplish future goals for a greater success. Behind every successful man is a strong, supportive woman.

Jacob Middleton Jr.

April 29 2022

New Orleans raised and yet connected within the ties of the city as the clouds are tied within the sky. We could say that over the years I’ve been selfish and abused the love around me but  since I’ve been incarcerated it’s indescribable to explain the value and apperception that  I currently hold towards life in itself. It’s been a long road I admit but I understand that I must accept my faults and flaws of life.

My time spent as a facilitator and a mentor changing the lives of at risk youth has taken a great part towards my rehabilitation, while I also do hospice care on my free time. I’ve found connection within people as I facilitate classes but sometimes I feel like something is still missing deep down inside. It’s indescribable because there are many people that surround me but yet I find myself still feeling alone. I find that music helps me escape from the reality of feeling trapped inside these walls and I just wanna express to someone and free my heart just as the music frees soul.

I would like to build a friendship with someone I can trust and over time we can build to a point of feeling comfortable enough to express freely and laugh with one another. Trust, honesty, loyalty, and respect  is a foundation towards a great friendship and leads to great communication whenever the conversation never leaves its circle.

Charles Hill #01969037

April 27 2022

My first book is called “Tom’s Leaf Lessons”. By Charles Hill of course.

I have written it and illustrated it using watercolors. The main goal of this work was to instill good personal and business minded morals in young kid’s minds.

In the book Tom goes on an entrepreneurial journey and runs into a true ethical dilemma. The question is will he make the right decision.


James Bryson

April 27 2022


Two short Disney films pulled at the heartstrings today. Very surprising….. Productive hour of studying logic games, tripped up mostly by small, silly mistakes. So, more practice needed. Enjoyed dissecting a poem. For once a delicious burger for dinner.


Studying for the LSAT. It didn't really help. I begin to wonder if I must accept that I am in fact just average….. perhaps there really isn't a way to raise my LR and RC scores. I'm edging closer and closer to a valid three game strategy in logic games, but also running out of questions to do. Is this where I should focus my efforts, as opposed to also trying to perfect my LR and RC scores?


Got 17/25 on my first logical reasoning pretest. I feel good about the score, and ended plus time, but if I did the same on reading comprehension, I would still need to score 10 points in logic games to get 151. I'd like a little more of a buffer, although I do think I could get the 10 points.





Quinten Bayler

April 27 2022

Okay, so this is just me. there are days I'm wondering if there is a good woman out there for me. One I can give all my attention to and build with and grow as a team. A woman who is loyal, driven, smart, has a sense of humor, honest, and trustworthy. And most of all understanding, because the same aspects I'm looking for in a woman will be the same you get from me.

See, I'm at a point in my life where I realize being in prison is not where it's at, and I'm still at an age where I can turn my life around and achieve anything…. I put my mind to. I believe in myself; my goals are reachable. All I have to do is move forward. That's just me.


April 22 2022

People of the Blogosphere,

I'm honestly not much of a blogger. However I'm about to enter into a realm of contested positions, IE-politics, the world, and the misuse of propaganda to manipulate the average citizen into compliance. WHEW!

If you have a position on this please share it with me. If you believe (like I do) that there exists in the world something more than conspiracy, please tell me. If you're a coast-to-coaster like I am, and perhaps believe in the need for a tin foil hat, let us talk. If you believe the New World Order is a legitimate movement whose sole purpose is to take over the world, let's talk. If you don't believe there is a movement to take over the world, let's talk still. I'm just saying that I find it hard to believe with everything going on that this is happenstance.

Also on a topic completely unrelated, as I sit here pondering the world while writing prose I don't fully understand myself.

I'm also listening to a song by Amanda Perez called "Candy Kisses". I'm so in love.

Also for the love of God can someone explain the "Time Prompt Phenomenon" to me ??

Respond in kind.


Michael Mark #371934

April 20 2022

Hello Everyone,

I would like to inform you that I am now a published author of a poetry book. I am very excited and I hope that everyone who reads it, enjoys it. It’s a project that is very near to my heart and I am grateful that my dream turned into a reality. I am truly thankful for all whom have stood by me on this journey and have contributed to the success of my first solo project.

To all of the readers, thank you so much for your support and if you have any questions or would like to give me any feedback, please feel free to contact me. All of the necessary information with regards to my latest project will be at the bottom of the page.

The book is entitled “The Joy Behind Sorrow” by Michael P. Mark Jr. (This is my full name, I usually only go by Michael Mark but for this I wanted to use my full name). You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other online retailers. Thank you for your support.


Michael P. Mark Jr.


Michael Mark


April 19 2022

hi there! My name is Charles friends and family call me Ton or TOPCATTONE..I am 5"11 220lbs usually I'm 165 or 175 this is what some people call jail weight. I like playing basketball and that's also the only sport I watch. I love writing aongs and poems so I guess u can say that's my hobby o yea and I also like to collect classic cars..I'm a good hearted person and my FAMILY MEANS THE WORLD TO ME..I'm a true believer in blood makes u related loyalty makes u family..I was also once told "your salvation lays within yourself..I'm looking for a fried with similar qualities,I'm not caught up on race because GOD said HE only made ONE and that's human race..I'm in my 40's so I rather share conversation with aomeone in their 30's or 40s..I'm grateful for this opportunity to meet someone new to build with..I have 22mo left and that's anuff time to meet my new future which is YOU