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DuJuan Roberson #M-18534 - Primary Picture By DuJuan Roberson May 6 2019

dujuan roberson

As a grown, my understanding has elevated to a height where I realize the value of women.  Congratulations to all women who’ve managed to rise above their struggles.  Finally a light shines on women’s rights for freedom, justice and equality.  It’s absurd how some men treat women. 

There is no life without the female principle.  Women are our other half, our balance, our first teacher, and mother of civilization.  In fact, in the animal kingdom, it is the lioness who teaches her cubs the art of survival.  Without her there is no “king of the jungle”.  In fact it was women who helped man enter in the ‘Race to Space”.  My point is, women are a vital piece.  I’m eager to see more women show and prove they can work as good as men or better.

Unfortunately, there are many women who don’t subscribe to feminist perspective.  Now the issue isn’t what’s happening, but more of how can we lessen it.  I encourage you all to acquire “knowledge of self, respect yourself, be better than yesterday, and teach the next man, woman, and child the value of your being.  Until then, remain the strongest species.  # Women’s rights.

Anthony Yates #01653668 - Primary Picture By Anthony Yates April 29 2019

Anthony Yates #01653668

“Cardiac Arrest”

By: Anthony Yates

Sitting alone reading “The Voice of Martyr’s” magazine, I come face-to-face with a story of this Christian gospel singer in Eritrea, who was captured and imprisoned for her faith in Jesus. Being physically violated by prison guards, hoping the torture would make her renounce her faith; her faith only grew stronger which eventually led to being released paralyzed from the waist down.

“Why are you worrying about this”? Because I read story after story of faithful Christian women suffering the attacks of the same crime for which I’m serving time, I couldn’t resist this cardiac arrest. The tears flowed, my heart hurt and my mind raced. I began praying for my persecuted siblings and asking God to let me use my past to help people, whatever I have to sacrifice to accomplish this; I AM MORE THAN WILLING as well as accepting what comes my way.

All the light being shined into the dark of prominent people’s closets, I feel a deep urge to do something productive that will contribute to preventing as much sexually based offenses as possible. I’m open to any ideas or projects you may have. Whatever it is that’s on your mind, I am all ears.

Please keep in mind that I can not change my past, but I can determine the course of my future and my sights are set.

Please include your return address if you contact me through JPAY.


David  Mays #02098918Primary Picture By David Mays April 29 2019

David Mays

  1. I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.
  2. I asked for wisdom…..and God gave me problems to solve.
  3. I asked for prosperity….and God gave me brawn and brawn to work.
  4. I asked for courage….and God gave me danger to overcome.
  5. I asked for love….and God gave me troubled people to help.
  6. I asked for favors….and God gave me opportunities. 

I received nothing I wanted….

I received everything I needed!!!

Henry Wainwright #91151-004 - Primary Picture By Henry Wainwright April 24 2019

Henry Wainwright

Canine Philosophy

I’m a vivid dreamer when I sleep at night. Occasionally, I dream of dogs I used to own. We had a lot in common. Usually we ate out of bowls, loved getting our backs scratched, and liked to play anytime, anywhere. Always happy… Wagging our tales.

Protective of our families and territories. Never said “No” to a treat. Don’t like vacuum cleaners and sometimes we drool. I love my critters. I’m just a little jealous of them, too. If I could be reincarnated, I would like to come back as a chocolate Labrador, but not a homeless one. Instead, an uptown Fifth Avenue dog, pampered, groomed, and fed… a lot.

My critters always missed me when I was gone. Not one time did they not jump into my arms when I opened the door. They never questioned where I’ve been, who I was with, or what I was doing. Trusting and loyal. Always.

I can’t say that about ex-wives or girlfriends. And I can prove it about most women today. All you have to do is lock your partner and your dog in the trunk of your car and an hour later open the trunk and you’ll see who is happy to see you.

I know they are animals, but who are we to judge them? They aren’t opinionated. No politics. A simple pecking order is in place and they remain peaceful creatures. That is, until we train them otherwise. Maybe that’s the one and only reason they remain man’s best friend.

Maurice Pledger #R03597 - Primary Picture By Maurice Pledger April 22 2019

Maurice Pledger #R03597

My Life

Thanks for checking out my blog. Took some years into incarceration to not be ashamed to run across people I know and hear how did this happen. To most that wouldn’t phase but me it would. Now in addition to making new friends I hope to unite with old ones. If anyone remembers me from Calumet High School on 81st and May in 1993 winter or Crane High School 1994 Spring and last Marshall High School 1994 Winter. From there I went to Dayton, Ohio to attend Dayton Job Corps in ’95-’96. Came back to Chicago, worked various jobs; Popeye’s, 95 King Drive in ’96, Gas City, 87th, California in ’96 right after getting off from another I began. Then Sears in Ford City Mall ’96. By ’97 UPS Hodgkins, Illinois early ’97 to mid. By Fall of ’97 worked at O’Hare and that was my last job. Years ago I learned my aunt attended a family reunion and met a good friend again she knew from work. In conversation they both learned they were at their family reunion and then found out they were 1st cousins. I too wonder who I met if anyone was actually family that’s amazing I think.

I’ve been hoping to meet long lost family for a while and the way things are in life time can be short unexpectedly. The world is big but as people meet many times learning we know a person, we say it’s a small world. T.T.Y.L. :)



Tamika  Wilson #64416-056 - Primary Picture By Tamika Wilson April 19 2019

The New Me

Hey Friends! I'm currently studying to obtain my real estate license after my release. It's challenging but I enjoy every part of it; learning new things and having motivation to keep my mind focused on my goals even while being incarcerated. Does anyone know what test i need take in order to be licensed to do real estate in any state? Message or write me at the address provided...I would so appreciate it.  I'm also willing to relocate.

A little update about me...'ve been working out, studying, and getting ready to come home this year. Going through this experience gives me the desire to do things I've never done before or things I was afraid to do. Like going sky diving, dying my hair all blond to complement my caramel skin, wearing red lipstick, despite the fact I think my lips are to curvy for it, things of that sort I'll do now... lol...

I'm interested in friends who are limitless like myself, therefore we can blossom on many levels. Some things are meant to be unleashed!!!

I have a sense of humor. I like to be myself when I'm around my friends and I'm comfortable with who I am, inside and out. I'm understanding, humble, and relentless. I love to put on clothes and feel sexy. I like having intellectual conversations. I always have the curiosity to learn more than what I knew yesterday. I like to be around people where we can make each others day much better.

'Ill be here for a few more months so I hope to spark a connection with some awesome to me...I love to talk back...

Austin Breault #Y12235Primary Picture By Austin Breault April 16 2019

Austin Breault

A State’s pay.

So, I do not entirely grasp what exactly the boundaries of a blog consist of, but I do hope this counts!

Now, I understand some individuals are blessed with receiving money from any friends or family they may have, but what about the rest of us? The State is supposed to provide proper hygiene items, but why is it that instead of State issued hygiene, we are paid a monthly sum of approximately $7 to $10. Taking into consideration that the pricing of store items such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, ect., is so high that it is impossible to get what is needed to maintain proper hygiene. Not to mention clothing, envelopes, paper, pens. A healthcare trip costs an automatic $5 each visit.

I’m positive you may be understanding my point by now as I could go on and on. Perhaps “State pay” should be increased? We are only Inmates, so who are we to request such a thing? Perhaps provide both the State hygiene items and the small “State pay”, so as to allow us to carry ourselves as proper men and women should, and to begin our so-called “rehabilitation”. How can we become productive members of society if we are being treated as animals during our rehab?

Thanks for your time. Tell me how you feel about this. All opinions are wanted and welcome.

Derek Pedersen #02172169 - Primary Picture By Derek Pedersen April 15 2019

Derek Pedersen


Whether it be fate that brought you to me, who can say. The fact that you are reading this leads me to believe that you are interested in taking this to the next level. Don’t let this detour you if you are at once feeling bashful. Grab the nearest pen and paper available and commence to write. You will share with me yourself by spilling as much ink as you dare.

By now you have begun to feel relieved. At this point you are heading your stamped envelope with my info, which is below.

I will respond in prompt. This is the fastest way to get my attention besides messaging me on WriteAPrisoner, which takes forever. You can also JPay me at, but on the JPay message, you will need to send me an address (in the body of the message) so I can get back to you.

As we speak, I’m up for parole. So, if you want to give me your support, write me a support letter.

I’m really looking forward to the conversation.

Your friend,


Alex Mercado #13A3600 - Primary Picture By Alex Mercado April 12 2019

Seeking a Beautiful Lady to Share my Inner Most Thoughts

I am soon to be 31 years old and I have been down since I was 22 years old. I had some inconsistent women in my life but now I am looking for someone to share my thoughts, dreams and realities with. I have a loving family who holds me down but now it's time for that special someone. I will be out in two years with God's blessing and hope to have met that special someone.

Jacob Chavez #01893600Primary Picture By Jacob Chavez April 11 2019

Jacob Chavez

You can say sorry a million times, say I love you as much as you want, say whatever you want, whenever you want.

But if you’re not going to prove that the things you say are true, then don’t say anything at all. Because if you can’t show it, your words mean nothing. Don’t lie in order to satisfy somebody for a moment, because the pain that you cause them in the future can last them for a lifetime.

At times I catch myself in search for things I don’t truly need, such as material wishes, false titles, seeking love and acceptance from other’s, but then I came to the realization that…

I don’t need love, I need loyalty. I don’t need admiration, I need respect. I don’t need fame, I need success. I don’t need followers, I need believers. I don’t need help, I need opportunity.

Above all I need the favor of God, so I end in prayer. Give the Lord praise, praying for better ways, show me the righteous path, and how the shake demons when times are getting bad. Give me the strength I need to rebuke lust and greed, to take away my pain and the things I do in vain, to protect me from my foes, and wash and cleanse my soul.

Jacob Chavez