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MItchell Mavoides #01212684

“The Lizard and the Eagle”

Part of us wants to fly, another part is terrified of that and wants to be comfortably on the ground, preferably under a cozy rock!

Let’s call this fear-driven part “The Lizard” and the growth driven part, “The Eagle”.

The Lizard is all about here and now – change is scary! The Lizard isn’t creative, so it can’t see how better can come and resists growth. It wants to freeze up, posture, fight, run away and be distracted. Anything but personal freedom as your source of meaning. Hedonism, fantasy, drama, tribalism, fundamentalism – these belong to the Lizard.

The Eagle is self-mastery. Owning yourself, so you stop slaving to everyone and everything else. It’s facing risk. It is about making dreams into realities, moved by the vision your highest self. Gratitude, joy and courage belong to the Eagle.

So which rules you?

These terms illustrate the differences between those who choose to live more each day and those who choose to die more each day.

We’re driven from within by our chosen focus – do we believe in our abilities and potential? Have we accepted the false gospel of self-doubt? It’s true that “What you see is what you get”…but where you look is what you’ll see! You can look wherever, so you can get whatever.

Don’t get frustrated – be patient. Stay motivated because Your Best Is Still Ahead! Let the Lizard hide under rocks – and You choose to fly, fearless Eagle.

Mitchell Mavoides**


Mitchell Mavoides #01212684
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Legal Help

I would like for someone to express there legal advice as i was set up on this case, and when ask for my statements i had said all wrong. i dont know if that one special legal advizer is out there, that would like to pick cases apart for practice, but i feel my case would be good for a person that know the inside the laws and way to set them write.

Samuel Wright #AI1920
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Prison Ways

The first 14 years down here were by far the darkest of my life.  Not being able to see parole until 2031, being surrounded by others with considerable large amounts of time like my own and never hearing of anyone making parole, knowing that my parole could be denied for the nature of the crime or because the victim’s family protested, I slipped into the mainframe that “This is it, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel", and so I gave up on a world I was no longer a part of and focused my energy on the environment I’m in.  The administration did allow those of us with large time to participate in education or vocation so that energy was focused on negative behavior that was already established in prison.  I had allowed myself to be involved with occurrences that now haunt me, that is on my file, following me throughout my sentence and keeping me from being able to place myself in better situations to prosper and do my time easier.

Although I never supported the idea of the negativity that was established, participating gave me a sense of belonging, the sense of putting forth effort towards a community.  It wasn’t the lifestyle I have ever experienced before and looking back it certainly wasn’t very creative.  I’ve looked back and asked myself, “Why couldn’t we make our life easy, without the constant friction in the air that we fed off of, becoming tougher off of?  Why couldn’t we help each other up, to learn or team up and overcome the adversity we brought on ourselves to cause our time here more uncomfortable than it already is?"

All of my time has been done on 3 different maximum security units and they’re all the same.  Every time I’ve been to “the hole”, to seg, dropped custody levels and been on lockdowns - it was always for something stupid.  Mostly because of guys not knowing how to conduct themselves around other people.  Poor conduct from others….and it sets everyone off.  Everybody wants to participate negatively, they want to do some punching or worse, making a name for themselves, to be heard, to be respected because that route for easy.

I’ve come across some guys who feel the same way I do about what’s going on and a lot of these guys are influential in this prison society and what we’ve done is created a program through the chapel here to work on reaching out to stop their behavior that brings us down by setting up events to get everyone and anyone involved.  We’re holding basketball, handball and volleyball tournaments and just being there to watch they have to participate by signing up first.  Through trial and error word will get out by how much fun we’re having doing this and others will eventually get involved.  We want everyone to get familiar with the good in everybody else.  Everyone has good in them and we’re trying to get them to share it.  That way we can cut down on the hostility.  No one wants hostility and those who act like they do need to be kept from being influential to others.

The more we interact with each other, the more we become outgoing and play positive roles in our environment.  That’s how the human brain works.  We’re social creatures, and to be imprisoned, mad all the time and being a sour grape is no form of rehabilitation.  We have to decide to do it on our own, and once we experience that breakthrough we can begin to grow.


Joe Mason III #01133393
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It is Thursday morning.  I was watching outside my prison cell window as morning fog was coming through the trees over the top of the mountain.  My cell window is about 18 inches tall and six feet wide running parallel to the ceiling.  It has a four inch wide bar spanning the center of the thick Plexiglas. It seemed to be so mysterious and foreboding.  It kept my attention for quite a while. Then in about an hour, the sun’s rays peaked over the mountain top.  Within minutes the sun’s heat burned up the fog…it was gone.  The shadowy figures that resembled gun “tot’in” prison guards standing around the fences were now obviously fence posts.  I laughed.  The blowing tree tops pushed around by the wind now were peacefully green and lush; no longer mysterious.

Wow!  It reminded me of my days here in this maximum security prison. When my vision is blurred by things going on in my life and I can’t see any good things in my day.  My brain gets all foggy at even the thought of leaving my cell and going out in this world of hardened men.  You know what I mean, those names that just came to your mind, the images that flashed before your eyes and the workplace drama you just thought of.  Like the whispers echoing in my ears that I am alone.  My life is over. It so hard sometimes to block the whispers…but then, the sun comes up over the mountain.  The warmth of the Holy Spirit can be seen and felt and it silences the whispers and I can see that God has good things planned for my day.  Go ahead my friend…open the door and go to your world.  You will see things a lot clearer today…the Sun is Up!

James Michael Flippo #3571022
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Power of Positivity

My good vibes to you.  I just want to say hi to everyone and send some positivity your way.  I've been reading a lot about the power of positive thinking, like the law of attraction.  More accurately, though, it seems like it has found me.  The same message keep coming at me from different angels, so I can’t just ignore it.  There comes a time when you gotta start listening and for me it’s now.  You might think “Well, it’s kind of late now, you’re already in jail”, but that’s not true.  It’s never too late to learn and better yourself.  I've been doing that for years.  But now I know where the message behind it all is coming from.  From everywhere and everything, within myself and from without.  We’re all connected, we’re all One.  Its and amazing thing and I for one couldn’t be happier.  And I just want to share my happiness with you.

 Hopefully you can pick up on it, whoever you are and wherever, and share and spread it to those in your lives.  Just don’t forget that sometimes we can use some too in here, so don’t be shy or afraid to reach out and send some good vibes yourself.

Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you will find.  Visualize it, make it happen.  Do it all with a positive mind and attitude.  Good things will happen.

Luis Alberto Ramirez #2861987
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Sitting in a cramped cell staring at the solid

white wall with chipped paint and a cold steel toilet.

I began thinking about the Universe and our tiny existence

as humans on planet Earth, and how small my problems are

when seen from that perspective.


That perspective precipitated intense pondering on the struggle

of “ISMS” and what they mean to me.  On that day the concept was conceived.  The

book is now complete and waiting to be edited and published for the people trapped in

their perpetual monotony.


The rubber-band ball concept is an abstract view of classism and the

struggle being lived by working class people of the world today.  The concept

is a symbolic metaphor of original design, predicated on logic and facts.  The

concept consists of 12 rubber-bands, 5 jewels, and 65 gems.


Symbolism is a representation of power, struggle, courage and fear.  Each are

placed in practical form within the concept.  A typical rubber-band ball is

spherical; the 360 degree diameter represents the continuous cycle of actions

that garner the same results.  The rubber-bands are issues and each rubber-band

is the sum of the whole.  If shape therefore leaving the system still

intact.  When we cut all the rubber-bands the ball no longer exists and

the system is broker.


“The struggle is real but it’s also the best part.”


Stay tuned

Antonio Jackson #571254
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Tyrone Cromer

I’m currently in the process of designing my own clothing, to launch my logo I’ve come up with.  If there is anyone who knows anything about getting things trademarked and where to go to do so and is willing to help, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

Also I am interested in learning about Penny Stocks, Buying Foreclosed houses, Landscaping and becoming an author.  I’m currently taking steps to refine and better my life.  To their transition into society because I honestly want to become a more positive and productive person.  Thank you for reading my blog.


Tyrone Cromer #620824E/1003199
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Looking for a Friend

I'm sure you’ve seen the TV show Love Connection.  I'm hoping for a friend connection, one that will last a lifetime.

Serving time has had its challenges.  With no siblings or friends, and my mother and father both recently passed away, time has been quite difficult- at times, very lonely.

Prison has opened my eyes spiritually.  I've learned to value life, to live each day and not take it for granted.  Life is too short for all the games, drama, and nonsense.  If you would like a friend who is genuine, loyal, trustworthy, and true (and born on April Fool’s Day- just to make you laugh), look no further- I'm right here.

Friendship is hard to find, even harder to keep!  Time doesn’t wait for us, we wait for time.  “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.  But by choosing me, just maybe you’ll find a best friend yet.

Just for your information:

I'm that guy who actually listens to what you have to say, who answers that call at 2:00am to come help you fix a flat tire, who opens the car door for you and pulls out a chair for you, who helps the homeless, and walks grandma across the street.  Yeah, I'm that guy.

Enough about me, I would love to hear about you.  Be you.  Tell me anything and everything.  That’s what friends are for.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Michael Rios #AW2027
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Ernesto Gonzalez Jr

My profile is getting pretty old so I’ll update it soon. I’m currently in the “hole” (segregation) – have been since January. I guess it took awhile to post my profile – so my immediate surroundings and access to certain things have changed but overall it’ll be the same, I’m still me.

I’m posting some riddles I have created. It’s something I do to keep busy and exercise my mind. Also a way for me to help others around me do the same; not everyone likes playing games. I’m aware a lot of you live in the fast lane – have little time to stop and think – so I’m starting with some easy ones. Hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you think. Good luck.

P.S. I will be posting some of my poetry and artwork in the near future.

Riddle #1 – I am not what I was. I flow effortlessly through the grass and float elegantly up above. Two wings I do not have but more than two eyes I might. I am usually brilliant. In a group or alone, I can be difficult to spot, even mastered flight in what seems like overnight. I am simply…

Riddle #2 – Perhaps I’m cold, definitely uncontrollable, and not always noticeable. Asleep longer than a bear. Can flood a whole town with vigor, akin to a fantastical beast. Make no mistake, not even Danarys Stormborn can tame me. Albeit old, not extinct, but no doubt by Littlefoot I have been seen. I am simply…

Riddle #3 – I am not what is believed, I am not with he or she. I am so alone, I flow freely, wait is a word unknown to me. Although I’m often called slow, I have yet to never show. Some claim that I soar, while others say I restore, do not be fooled for I do not adore, I have taken plenty life with no remorse. I do not intend to play with the mind, I am simply…




Ernesto Gonzalez Jr #M49155
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Cynthia Rios #19051-298

Ahhh, Amor (Love)     World Cup 2018

Arched at first glance, ever since she travels my veins. I lack on reason and loss of sleep. Smitten and unable to express myself irks me because in the real world I handle a challenge with a quickness like a true Aries. Instead I am in constant agony because I want to touch her but I can’t and I really want to. You see, this place is not real, it traps me in its circles. It is so bare and desolate of anything genuine that this tenderness is unbearably lonely. Why love something not tangible? Why continue to nourish it?

Nevertheless, isn’t it healthy to dream, imagine, what if and hope for an amazing destiny? As I negotiate the curves and wonder of my future, I examine my existence here and what it has taught me; to love in utter silence, that I am more loved than I ever felt, that when I had it I did not treasure it and that I’m deathly afraid to trust. Still I’m crazy about her; her smile, skin tone and swag-self render me senseless. To escape I guide my heart in direction of my loves, FIFA 2022 and my autonomy.

Some days I can’t bear it so I claim defeat thus I wonder why would the universe in its perfectly intricate well-calculated omnipotence have me in this fishbowl only to adore a complete stranger and moreover make me a passionate, overstimulated, spellbound and ambivalent XX chrome? For what purpose? Meeow!



Cynthia Rios #19051-298
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