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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

"Stop The Violence"

September 15, 2016

“Stop The Violence”

It seems like every day I turn on the TV and there’s more and more violence! Shootings, deaths, murders! Even the people where we turn to for protection, “Police Officers” are making it where 911 might be the last option! To “protect & serve” they claim? Wow, can’t believe the nerve! Lol Has it really come down to this! It’s funny but it seems safer in the Department of Corrections then the streets! And to me that’s sad. Innocent people dying because they’re in the “wrong place, wrong time”. Revenge deaths, he did this, so I’ll come back 10 times harder! People literally dying over 20 bucks! Wow really makes you think it is safe anywhere anymore? From the projects to the suburbs, kids, to grandparents! Please let’s stop the violence! I would like to turn on my TV and be happy of what my country has become. Not be scared of my family or my future outside these walls! For anyone who has lost anyone to violence or family whos brother or sister has life in D.O.C. over a violent act, my heart goes out to you and no, you’re not alone! In this fight to make our cities safer for our kids! Let’s bring peace in our streets. Make it where we can walk down the road without a care in the world! From all walks of life, please stop the violence!

#Peace in the streets


September 5, 2016

Now that you’ve read a small bit about who and what I used to do and be, maybe you’re interested in what I’d like to do upon my release?

My plans are to lease or buy a commercial size dump truck, I owe no one and have decent credit so that shouldn’t be a problem; move to a city where an owner operator would be in high demand and work that truck until the wheels fall off. Within five years I hope to have made enough to lease or buy a couple more trucks, maybe even some other “heavy equipment” and start a small construction business. I’m not interested in going back to the Ohio area, my children will be grown and family and friends understand I want/need to go somewhere that gives me the best possible chance to be successful. I just need to figure out where that’d be (?).

In my “spare time” I’d like to do some traveling. I’ve always wanted to travel but never did so. If not traveling I’d settle for a nice quiet evening at home watching a movie or out in the yard doing something around the house. I’ve learned over the years that life isn’t about “racing through it”, it’s about relaxing and enjoying it.

If I sound like someone you might be interested in getting to know, please reach out. I’d enjoy hearing from you. I’m the type of guy who believes I have something to offer (even with my current situation) any/every one if given a chance. So give a “good guy” who’s made some poor decisions a chance. I promise you won’t regret it.




September 5, 2016

Love Is A Commitment~~

Ladies you may be a great woman but if your man ain’t ready to be monogamous, it’s not going to happen. If your man works a lot, hanging out with this friends after work and doing them but as a woman, what is your role? How are you encouraging your man to spend quality time with you? What are you doing to encourage him to stop hanging out with his friends after work? You spend all day thinking and all night wondering what is going on. And every now and then you get to wondering if he’s with someone else. Listen ladies, this type of man is not for you. Stay in your lane before you find yourself walking on the highway with a straight jacket on and footies, for no damn reason.

Ladies, if you’re going to be faithful, do it by choice not because you think your man is faithful to you. Because love sometimes fails for lack of wisdom or abundance of weakness, but it forgives knowing that the intentions are good. Love realized and accepts that there will be disagreements and disturbing emotions. Love takes time, it needs a history of giving and receiving, laughing and crying. There even may be times when distances and miles lie between. But love is a commitment; it believes and endures all things.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write one. ~~ One Love, Richard


August 30, 2016

Sitting in a cell waiting for mail call, thinking today is the day that you reach out to me. I don’t know your name. I don’t know where you live. I don’t know what you look like. I just know you’re there. As I wait, I think of you. I think about where this will lead. I wonder what it is you desire; truth, honesty, openness? Being accepted for who you are? And to be loved for that? I hope so, these are the things I desire and these are the qualities I give. I wait for your letter so that I may read and escape these prison walls, reach out, and briefly be with you, to begin writing you so that I may start to share pieces of myself with you. I want to understand you and I want you to understand me. Taking this journey together, not knowing where it will lead. Just knowing there is a destination, hoping today the letter arrives. The letter that will open up a new world to me, a world that I can explore and in turn showing you a new world with my letters you can explore. Well, here’s mail call, is it your name on the letter?

Needing a Friend

August 24, 2016

I lay here in this dark secluded cell and just stare at the walls, it seems as if I was trapped between time and space. A place people don’t know existed, the only thoughts you are able to hold in your head are the same patterns repeated again and again. This is a world where loved ones drop off like rain and friends disappear like morning dew in the sunshine. The air is sale, but I learn to cope. I learned to accept the inevitable, that’s what I had to do. I learn to embrace my struggles, difficulties, and frustrations. So I continue to dream. Recalling the day’s I once had friends, I learned friendship doesn’t walk away, people do…a friend is what I yearn for, my focal point, praying for true friendship. Just being able to express myself to a true friend, that awakens my memory in a pleasantness of what used to be. As days turn into months and months into years, it’s a amazing that I still hang on to the day of walking out of this place, the air is thick with mold and mildew, heavy with perspiration, and too much maleness all around, then you really realize why God created woman. Women is what makes man chemically balanced, “not” being able to communicate with a woman is not what God intended for a man. Women is God’s most precious and beautiful gift to man and to this world. Prison is designed to rob you of all you possess. All you have is your clothes on your back, a face towel and every day wishing for a precious letter from a friend to hold onto. So, I “refuse” to give the satisfaction of seeing me down and empty, void of any life, vitality, or dreams just waiting on the day to leave prison behind….

Friendship and a simple letter from a friend is worth a trillion dollars in prison. I am an individual that cherishes friendship, because I understand what it truly means.

I’m hoping we will always be friends, write me soon.


August 23, 2016

I’m African American, my ancestors were sold into slavery, they were kidnapped, shackled and forced to endure a tortuous trek across the Atlantic and once that was over and they happened to survive, they then would be auctioned off to the highest bidder like cattle and would become someone’s property and then they would live in fear that they could be sold and that their family or life could change at a moment’s notice and they didn’t have any say in the matter whatsoever and once slavery ended there was the civil rights movement when colored people once again fought for equality so we could be treated like any human should be and through hard work and sacrifice we got our civil liberties. I said all that not because I hate anyone but the opposite. I know what it’s like to be judged for being who you are, so when I see that some coward used Islam (which means Peace) to massacre people because of their sexuality that truly upset me. 50 people died for no reason because some guy didn’t like the way they lived their life.

Me personally, I love women, their soft touch, their smell, the way they feel and even taste. I love women because they’re beautiful in all shapes, sizes and colors and attitudes. I want to get married, have a family and be loved by a woman and if a person wants to the same thing with the same sex, who am I to judge them. Let people live their lives and he who is without sin, cast the first stone, so stop judging people, we all come from the same God; which ever one you believe in, it’s the same love.


August 23, 2016

Inside Minimum:

This will be a blog journal to not only give me something beneficial to write about but also to give insight into the majority of actual prisons (minimum security), not what is seen on TV.

But First…Is America better than what has been occurring? Supposed to be. Shooting police, citizens, kids. No “solution” will work until we stop pulling the trigger first. Life is precious. To do a rapid catch up: July 2015: Had a very nice Independence holiday but a week later I am arrested and with being only 2-3 weeks from being off parole, I know all my previous progress immediately ends. Getting out of prison a year before, having a relationship, being a father, in school for Paralegal Studies, working for a law firm, and a very close personal relationship as a mentor – with a judge, due to my issues…All gone.

August 2015 to October 2015: First few weeks I am housed at a “re-entry” facility. In Detroit, very dirty, very hot, operated like a maximum security facility. Only one hour a day outside. In August I am moved to a “reception” facility, awaiting my county prosecutor to issue a warrant. Part of the very old famous Michigan’s Jackson prison (most of which is now closed). Finally in October, new charge issued and I return to the county jail and back to court.

November 2015 to January 2016: I remain in the Oakland County jail (Michigan) for 3 months until sentencing on January 7th. No contact visitors, never leave cell, no hot dinners ever. January I’m sentenced to 3 years. No credit for time already served, I return to prison.

February to June 2016: I am sent to my permanent facility that is known for its mental health treatment (I am diagnosed bi-polar). I get settled in, get a small prison job ($8.50/month). Better treatment by officers as over time they learn I am not a trouble maker. The journey begins.

July 2016: First Independence day back in prison. Two more to go. Do get BBQ chicken and ice cream for the 4th. Only time of year. Lost my stepfather in March. My mom is 80, can’t drive for a visit by herself so she only visits every 5-6 weeks. My children in Texas, onward with daily prison life.

Up next: I’ll update by around September 1st, feel free to write.


August 2, 2016


Women of all ages! Why do so many of you claim to want Mr. Right, but all too often settle for Mr. Right Now or his twin brother, Mr. Wrong? Well, I’m here to tell you that your Prince Charming, the man you’ve envisioned all of your childhood, is right HERE! (Yeah, you who’s smiling, twisting your lips and rolling your eyes!)

Real talk, the vast majority of you don’t even know who your Prince is! Maybe he’s the guy opening the door for you at the grocery store smiling. But since his smile is crooked and he works at ALDI’S, you don’t see him! Or better yet, he could be eying you from across the room with a good job, loving personality but since you noticed his bus-pass, you don’t give him the time of day.

Take me: Mr. Good Looking! A published author with my own money, career and successful blog, drawing in thousands every week. I can provide the missing chain your heart’s been missing. But my incarceration blinds you from a potential husband and/or friend. My book may be torn and tattered but read a couple chapters and then judge! When you’re done kissing that frog that won’t transform, come find me, your Prince, who’s waiting to break you outta that dungeon you call home!

Yours truly,



July 27, 2016

I’ve been working on my parole plans, because of SB261, I can get a juvenile hearing when I go to the parole board. Even if you don’t want to write me, would anyone in San Diego be willing to help me get information from various places? If you live in San Diego, I’d appreciate it if you could go to colleges, therapists, re-entry programs and sober living/transitional homes, career centers, libraries, bus stops, and hospitals, and ask for brochures and pamphlets of the services they provide, so you can mail it to me. I need a meeting directory to 12 step classes in Southern San Diego. I especially need job offers. Anyone willing to save a job position for me? I have an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and in Business Management. I can start off in clerk jobs, a sewing industry, math tutoring, ect. I’m a quick learner and hard worker. I could be going to board anytime between “now to next year, so I’m trying to be prepared ahead of time. If you have any useful information, just write me, or pass my address along, I’d appreciate it very much. When I go home, I want to make it up to everyone, and do right by everyone. The first step is to just get out of this miserable place. But, I will give back to my community! I’m not the same person I was when I first came in here.

Positive Change

July 19, 2016

When I first felt desperate enough to put up this ad I as well aware of the obstacles I face; my age, my crime and the time remaining to serve are all negative factors. As I write this blog I can only hope that this time I will say something that will encourage that right someone to take interest? Due to my civil litigation against the D.O.C., I have once again been transferred. Please note the address change, however, contact via remains the same. The clarity of what is important is a byproduct of getting older. One begins to recognize poor choices. Often time’s regret can overwhelm the senses. However, I prefer to work to do the next best thing. Sometimes it is as simple as a kind word to a fellow inmate. I see many stories in the news where hate and fear appears to prevail over love and hope. This lack of empathy for each other is one of the many reasons we have so many prisons in the first place. But I just can’t allow myself to give up. I am alone. Yet, I continue to believe. Fighting for positive change as a species is the duty of us all. It is never too late to make a difference. I just know that there is someone special out there to make a difference in my life! I’m waiting.