Many inmates need housing when they come home. If you would be willing to help someone locate a residence upon exiting prison, please visit Inmate Housing Profiles.

Inmate Employment Profiles

Current Location: Texas
Skills: Carpentry, Barber
Current Location: Washington
Skills: Welder, Warehouse, Custodian, Food Service
Current Location: California
Skills: Computer Skills, Cooking, Cleaning, Fast Learner, Fashion, Hair
Current Location: Indiana
Skills: ASE Certification, All Construction, Sewing, Nutrition, Personal Trainer
Current Location: Ohio
Skills: Master's in Horticulture, Customer Service, Communication, Reliable, Easy to Train
Current Location: Minnesota
Skills: Assembly Worker, Cabinet Worker, Ballon Folder
Current Location: Illinois
Skills: Barber, Custodial Maintenance
Current Location: Minnesota
Skills: Great Attitude, Punctual, Hard Working, Fast Learner, Always seeking to advance
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Tile Setter, Barber, Construction, Paving, Concrete
Current Location: Kentucky
Skills: Engine Building, Machinery, Mechanic, Driving
Current Location: California
Skills: Integrity, Ambitious, Kind, Writing, Journalist
Current Location: Arizona
Skills: Remodeling Homes, Plumbing, Autobody Repair, Construction, Residential & Commercial Cleaning
Current Location: Illinois
Skills: Barber, Construction
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Handyman, Roofing, Fencing, Decking, Small Business Management, Painting, Siding, Sheetmetal Work
Current Location: Idaho
Skills: Painting, Electrical, Landscaping, Auto Repair, Framing
Current Location: California
Skills: Office Services, Comptuer Tech Education, Food Distribution Services
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Car Window Installation, Mechanic, Food Industry
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Computer Network Architect, Computer Programmer, JAVA, PHP, Computer Security Specialist
Current Location: Oregon
Skills: Versatile, Communication, Physical Strength, Open Minded, Positive Attitude
Current Location: New Jersey
Skills: Operating Engineer, OSHA, Green Tech, CPU Literate, Cosmetology, A.A.
Current Location: Connecticut
Skills: Hard Worker, Team Player, Commercial Driver, Customer Service Rep, Tire Tech, Maintenance
Current Location: Connecticut
Skills: Leadership, Adaptibility, Trustworthy, Intelligence, Loyalty
Current Location: Arkansas
Skills: Electrician Apprentice, Welding
Experience: Sales Re, Bodyguard/Security
Current Location: Michigan
Skills: Tattoing, Barbering, Personal TRainer, Motivational Speaker, Preaching
Current Location: Nebraska
Skills: Reliable, Sociable, Bilingual, Computer Skills
Experience: Sales
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Supervision, Management, Communication, Carpentry, Salesman
Current Location: Ohio
Skills: Real Estate Sales, Customer Service, Collections, Auditing, Compliance
Current Location: Wisconsin
Skills: Union Carpenter
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Assembly Line, Sales, Stripping/Waxing Floors, Warehouse, Food Service
Current Location: Texas