Inmate Employment Profiles

Current Location: Colorado
Skills: Tattooing, Welding, Roofing
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Class A CDL, Welding, High Lift Operator, Retail Sales
Current Location: Illinois
Skills: Marketing, Warehousing, Custodial Maintenance, Culinary Arts, Outpatient Care
Current Location: Michigan
Skills: Construction, Roofing, Artist, Tattoo Artist, Handy Man
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Art, Barber
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Custodial Experience, Customer Service, Warehouse/Inventory/Shipping
Current Location: Ohio
Skills: Audio Engineer, Song Writer and Recording Artist, Construction (Cement Masonry), Landscaping, Lawn Care
Current Location: Kentucky
Skills: Bartending, Recycling, Cleaning, Cash Register, Stocking
Current Location: Michigan
Skills: Learn New Skills, Basic Computer Knowledge, Hard Worker
Current Location: Maine
Skills: Carpenter, Drywall Technician, Tattoo Artist, Fisherman
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Music Production, Computer, Excel/Word
Current Location: Pennsylvania
Skills: Furniture Delivery, Medical Supplies, Counseling
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Construction, Stocking, Landscaping
Current Location: Louisiana
Skills: Roustabout, Deckhand, Tacker, Forklift Driver, Material Coor.
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Dispatching, Shipping & Receiving, Electrician Helper, Warehouse Duties, Forklift Driving, Aerial Lift
Current Location: New York
Skills: Electrical, Barber, Business Management, Hardworking, Ambitious
Current Location: California
Skills: Auto Body, Auto Paint, Plumbing
Current Location: Michigan
Skills: Construction, Agriculture, Painting, Plumbing and Carpentry
Current Location: California
Skills: Floral Design, Silkscreen, Janitorial, Music Studio Engineer, Wrestling
Current Location: California
Skills: Cook, Prep-Cook, Catering, Communication and Improvising
Current Location: Connecticut
Skills: CDL, Bilingual, CNC Machine Tech, OSHA Certified, Cosmetologist, ServSafe
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Cook, Janitorial, Driver, General Labor
Current Location: Arizona
Skills: Manonary, Roofing, Window Cleaner, Landscaping
Current Location: Washington
Skills: Sales, Painter, Construction/Labor, Auto Body, Auto Repair
Current Location: Minnesota
Skills: Fast Learner, Enjoys Manual Labor, Positive on the job, Not afraid to ask questions, I don't stalk
Current Location: Tennessee
Skills: Typing, Computers, Hairdresser, Cooking, Carpentry
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Landscaping, Welding, Factory, Forklift, Customer Service/Sales
Current Location: Idaho
Skills: Carpeting, Fast Food, Sales, Telemarketing
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Operate Saw Operating Machine, Concrete Layer, Carpentry, Landscaping, Some assembly work
Current Location: Ohio
Skills: Carpentry, Vinyl Siding, Drywall Hanging