Inmate Employment Profiles

Current Location: Wisconsin
Skills: Construction Labor, Warehouse & Logistic, Restaurant & Manager, Assembly & Production
Current Location: Oregon
Skills: Excavating, Plumbing, Fishing, Painting, Landscaping
Current Location: Illinois
Skills: Construction, Car Salesman, Cable Installer, Landscaping
Current Location: Illinois
Skills: Welding, Fork Lift, Assembly
Current Location: Pennsylvania
Skills: Welding, Construction, Asbestos license, Personal Trainer
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Roofing, Paint & Body, Foundations, Sales, Engine repair
Current Location: North Carolina
Skills: Laying Block/Brick, Drywall, Electric Wiring, Cooking, Any Job-No Matter The Pay
Current Location: Arkansas
Skills: Typing, Tattoo Artist, Motorcycle and Truck Repair
Current Location: Oregon
Skills: Laundry, Clerical, Kitchen, Cook, Custodial, Delivery
Current Location: Maryland
Skills: Tree Removal, Painting, Custom Float Building
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Chef, Heavy Machine Operator
Current Location: Virginia
Skills: Equipment Operator, Cattle Farming, Agriculture Farming, Dog/Animal Trainer, Horticulturist
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Forklift Operator, Barber, Music Producer, Baker, Delivery Man
Current Location: New Jersey
Skills: Bartender, Server, Landscape, Fugitive Recovery Agent
Current Location: Oregon
Skills: Tree Surgeon, Tree Climber, Machinist, Landscaping, Concrete Laborer
Current Location: Mississippi
Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Q.A. Inspector
Current Location: Connecticut
Skills: Sales, Inventory
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Dishwasher, Construction Worker, Warehouse Work, Car Wash, Slaughterhouse Work
Current Location: North Carolina
Skills: HVAC, welding, core
Current Location: Illinois
Skills: Cashier, Bartender, Waitress, Hostess
Current Location: New York
Skills: Mortgage Originator, Landscape, Sales, Maintenance, Computer Training
Current Location: Illinois
Skills: Fast Food Experience
Current Location: Nevada
Skills: Electrical, Carpentry, Mechanical, Painting, Road Construction & Maintenance
Current Location: Michigan
Skills: Custodial Maintenance, Landscaping, Dish Washer, Basic Building Construction, Small Engines
Current Location: Ohio
Skills: Maritime, Auto Body Repair, Fiberglass Boat Repair, Boat Structural Engineer
Current Location: Kentucky
Skills: Equipment Operator, Carpenter, Mechanic, Welder
Current Location: Colorado
Skills: Culinary Arts, Graphics, Customer Service
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Journeyman Meatcutter, Truck Driver, Fork Lift Operator, Paralegal, Shipping & Receiving Clerk
Current Location: California
Skills: Administrative Assistant, Customer Service, Filing, Data Entry, Secretary
Current Location: North Carolina
Skills: Forklift Certified, Good with Computers, Familiar with R.D.T. Storing Systems