Inmate Employment Profiles

Current Location: Texas
Skills: Customer Service, Cleaning, Floor Care (Waxing, Stripping, Buffing)
Current Location: West Virginia
Skills: Customer Service Skills, Detail Oriented
Current Location: Pennsylvania
Skills: Forklift Operator (Certified), Office Work (typing, filing, computer), Warehouse Management, Warehouse Receiving
Current Location: Idaho
Skills: Bilingual, Self-Motivated, Work well with my hands
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Computers, Management, Appliances, CDL, Construction
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Heavy machinery, concrete work, frame/trim worker, tattoo artist, music/entertainment
Current Location: South Carolina
Skills: OSHA Certified, Computer Literate, People Savvy, Attention to Detail, Hardworker
Current Location: Nevada
Skills: Monitoring Rides, Stocking, Helping with Disabled People
Current Location: California
Skills: Automotive Service, Customer Service (Cashier), Construction Worker, Painter's Helper
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Cooking, DJing Parties, Factory Work, Promotional Work
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Auto Mechanic, Diesel, Heavy Equip
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Forklift operator, clerk, plumber's helper
Current Location: South Dakota
Skills: Sanitation, Food service, Janitorial, Production, Clothing
Current Location: Mississippi
Skills: Culinary Arts, Real Estate, Business Management, Heavy Equipment, Small Engine Repair
Current Location: Florida
Skills: Framing, Carpentry, Painting, Landscape, Fence Installer
Current Location: Arkansas
Skills: Manual Labor, Management Skills, Secretarial, Bilingual, Culinary Skills, Computer Literate
Current Location: Nevada
Skills: Verbal communication, Sales
Current Location: Kentucky
Skills: Innovative Creative, Administrative, Office/Clerk, Quick Learner, Ability to train others
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Oil Field, Welding, Landscaping, Painting, Tattooing
Current Location: North Carolina
Skills: Floor Work (waxing, buffing, etc), Landscaping, Carpet Work
Current Location: Oregon
Skills: Sales, marketing, personal training, nutritionist, motivationalist
Current Location: Ohio
Skills: Lawn Care, Janitorial
Current Location: Ohio
Skills: Lawn Care
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Welding, truck driving, heavy equipment operation, management
Current Location: Oregon
Skills: Roofing, carpentry, labor, landscaping, forklift driver
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Barber, Tattooing, Wood Flooring, Maintenance, Home Repair
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Cook, Clean, Frame Building, Honesty, Willing to Learn a Trade
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Social Skills, Computer Skills, Typing 120+ WPM
Current Location: Illinois
Skills: Custodial Maintenance, Dog Grooming, Cooking, Hair/Nails, Sewing
Current Location: New Jersey
Skills: Typing, Filing, Word Programs, Power Point, Household Wiring (entry level), Floor Maintenance (stripping, buffing, waxing)