Inmate Employment Profiles

Current Location: Colorado
Skills: Waitress, Pizza Cook, Phone Answering, CNA Certified
Current Location: Nevada
Skills: Corporate Law, Non Profit Organization Formation, Crowd Funding Venture Capital, Business and Marketing
Current Location: Wisconsin
Skills: Degree in Graphic Arts, Extensive Roofing Experience, Carpet and Tile Installation
Current Location: Nebraska
Skills: Construction Landscaping, Painting, Artist, Business
Current Location: California
Skills: Laborer, Janitor, Landscape, Moving Company, Stock Room, Electrician, Forklift Operator
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Construction, Auto Mechanic, Sketch Artist, Music Arts, Recording Arts, Culinary Arts
Current Location: West Virginia
Skills: Cook, Baker, Welder, Carpentry, Graphic Arts
Current Location: California
Skills: Warehouse Worker,Stock-Sales Rep, Non-CDL driver
Current Location: Kentucky
Skills: Masonry, Concrete, Plumbing, Carpentry, Tree Work
Current Location: Kentucky
Skills: Roofing, Siding, Gutter, Framing, Remodeling Work
Current Location: Oregon
Skills: Apprenticeship Laborer, Carpenter, Brick Mason, Landlord (Owner)
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Barber, Carpenter, Construction
Current Location: Michigan
Skills: Construction, Landscaping, Maintenance, Detailer, Tattoo Artist
Current Location: Virginia
Skills: Graphic Design, Culinary Arts
Current Location: Kansas
Skills: Install Personal Computers, Microsoft Office, Sales Transactions, Facilitator in Educational Classes, Consulting Services
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Iron Work, Welder, Metal Fabrication
Current Location: Minnesota
Skills: Labor Work, Welding, Acting, Music, Communications
Current Location: Kansas
Skills: Manufacturing Skills, Concrete Work, Administrative Work
Current Location: Ohio
Skills: Construction, Cooking, Cleaning
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Barber, Tattoo Artist
Current Location: Arkansas
Skills: Welding, HVAC, Metal Fabricator, Torch Cutting, Grinding Metal
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Leadership Qualities, Dependable, Hard worker, Oil Field
Current Location: Pennsylvania
Skills: Real Estate, Masonry (NCCER Certified), Business Management
Current Location: Wisconsin
Skills: Welding Trade
Current Location: Maryland
Skills: Food Service, Barbering, Weight Trainer, Carpentry, Sanitation
Current Location: Pennsylvania
Skills: Sales, Good Talker, Good Listener, Good with Money, Fast Learner
Current Location: California
Skills: Shipping & Receiving, Retail, Lumper for Truck Driver
Current Location: Wisconsin
Skills: Physical Therapist Assistant, Working with Disabled Adults, Personal Training
Current Location: Texas
Skills: Food Service, Electrical/Electronics
Current Location: Massachusetts
Skills: Carpentry, Landscaping