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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Inmate Games - Printables

Printable Games and Puzzles

Games to Print and Share by Mail

Incarcerated people endure many hours in isolation and often have long hours to fill. Many enjoy solving crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches and other games to pass the time, so we've created this page as a way for you to send a little cheer. As you can see from the alphabetized list below, there are many topics to choose from. 


Ways to Share

You can print a game and tuck it inside your next letter. You can also choose a special topic around a certain theme or holiday. Some of our users print these and tuck them inside a card when they are sending their first greeting. As you may know, many inmates on our site receive no mail at all. Printing and sending one of these games is a kind gesture for someone who receives no mail. Be sure to include a short note with a few words of encouragement. Once you get to know your pen-pal, you might want to select topics they're interested in, such as people or places.


Crossword Puzzles

Abraham Lincoln

African Capitals & Countries

Alexander Graham Bell

American Cliches & Common Expressions

American Revolution Facts

Animal Farm

Art Vocabulary

Attack on Pearl Harbor


Aviation History



Basketball Players

Basketball Teams

Battle of Gettysburg

Benjamin Franklin

Bones of the Body

California Gold Rush

Canadian Geography


Causes of the U.S. Civil War



Christmas Season

Civil War Timeline


Colonizing America


Common German Words & Phrases

Common Spanish Words & Phrases

Cowboy Terms

Declaration of Independence

Dog Breeds


Economic Terms

Economic Terms 2

Europe & Asia

European Capitals & Countries

Famous Actors

Famous Actresses

Famous Artists

Farm Animals

Films of 2017

First Moon Landing


Football 2

Foreign Languages

Former Basketball Greats

Former Political Leaders

Franklin D. Roosevelt

George Washington

German Food

Great Depression

Great Expectations

Grover Cleveland


Halloween 2

Hello In Different Languages

Henry Ford

History of Vietnam

History of Washington D.C.


Hockey 2

Houston Rockets

Industrial Revolution

Italian Foods

James Madison

John F. Kennedy

Korean War Facts

Legal Terms

Leonardo Da Vinci

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Man-Made Wonders

Mark Twain

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mexican Food


Music From 1996



National Parks

NBA Champions

NBA Record Holders

NBA Rookie of the Year

New Testament Books

NFL Record Holders

NFL Rookie of the Year

NFL Teams

NHL Captains

NHL Teams


Number One Draft Picks

Oceans & Seas

Old Testament Books

Order of U.S. Presidents

Our Solar System



Popular Dinosaurs

President's Day


Ronald Reagan

Samoan Food

Santa Claus

Seven Natural Wonders

Solid Figures

South Asia

Space Exploration



State & Local Government



Susan B. Anthony

Symphony Instruments


The 4th of July

The Albums of 2017

Theodore Roosevelt

Thomas Edison

Thomas Jefferson

True Meaning of Christmas

TV Shows

U.S. Constitution

U.S. Presidential Facts

U.S. Rivers

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Valentine's Day

Vietnam War Facts

Vietnam War Timeline


Wild West

William McKinley


Women's Rights Movement in The United States

Woodrow Wilson

World War I Facts

World War II D-Day

World War II Facts

World War II Timeline

Write A Prisoner And The Letter A

Write A Prisoner And The Letter B

Write A Prisoner And The Letter C

Write A Prisoner And The Letter D

Write A Prisoner Enjoys Autumn

Write A Prisoner Knows About Civil Rights

Write A Prisoner Knows U.S. States & Birds

Write A Prisoner Wants To Know If You Are A World Traveler

Write A Prisoner Wants To See How Much You Know About TV

Zoo Animals

60th Grammys

2006 NFL Draft

2007 NFL Draft

2008 NFL Draft

2009 NFL Draft

2010 NFL Draft

2011 NFL Draft

2014 NFL Draft

2015 NFL Draft

2016 NFL Draft

2017 NFL Draft

2009 NBA Draft

2014 NBA Draft

2015 NBA Draft

2016 NBA Draft

2017 NBA Draft



Cheese Stands Alone

Fish Out of Water

Flying to the Flowers

Getting Together

Good Morning!

Nuts About You

Refreshing Reward

Send Me a Letter

Sweet Reward

X Marks the Spot


Word Searches

All Dressed Up

Bright Lights, Big Cities

Can't See the Woods for the Trees

Christmas Time

Flower Bouquet

Furniture Store

Other Famous Davids

Pet Store

Time to Eat

Under the Sea