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Inmate Legal Profiles

Yuma, Arizona35Straight

I am in the middle of a case against Mesa PD. It has been moved to the 8 circuit.

I have evidence of both police brutality and withholding of evidence during my conviction. I have done everything on my own which has not happened very often I would like counsel going forward.

Here is the news investigation

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Mansfield, Ohio
Black/African American

Dear legal world, I am desperately reaching out for any help or assistance dealing with my appeal. I am presently being incarcerated under a illegal sentence. I am not legal savvy, and do not have the finances or recourses to hire an attorney to rectify the plain error.

In short, I was sentenced to 10 years on both charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping with both charges carrying a R.V.O. (Repeat Violent Offender) specification. I was sentenced to 10 years on bot R.V.O.'s. Stated under Ohio's R.C. 2929.14(B)(2)(b)(iii), a court shall impose longest prison term authorized on...

Freeland, Michigan41Straight
Black/African AmericanMuslim

I am writing for assistance for my case. I was wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime in Macomb County Michigan. The Judge railroaded me by not being ethical or fair in court case #2019-000223-FH. He would not allow my me to represent myself let alone speak in his courtroom.

The judge threatened to lock me up for contempt of court because he did not want me to say anything. The judge tried to force me to take an attorney and I refused. The judge had a jury selected without me being present and to make matters worse I had a trial without me being present which I did not waive...

Kincheloe, Michigan32Straight
Black/African AmericanChristian

It may seem cliche', however, this is the type of case witnessed all throughout the US everyday. Low-Income, African- American individuals being falsely accused, and charged with little or any sufficient evidence. However, residing in a small predominately white town, none if any are required.

The conviction of my case would have never taken place had I not had a public defender- who in turn, failed to provide adequate legal counsel in my defense. As well as the unfair sentence of 15-30 years, where the Judge failed to even abide by the guidelines. I have served 8 years out of the...

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Chillicothe, Ohio32Straight
Black/African AmericanMuslim

My name is James Guy and not only am I currently locked up for a crime I didn't commit but in order for the State to secure an conviction they violated many rights and disregarded my constitutional protections.

I've been sentenced to 20 years because I chose to go to trial, my offer was only 6 years. My case includes evidence being withheld, my religion being used against me, evidence tampered with, a hung jury, etc. I can go on and on. 

I am currently in the US district court Habeus Corpus, James Guy v Donnie Morgan #2:20 cv 5459

Please contact me and we can...

Muskegon, Michigan28Straight
Black/African American

Jemarcus was wrongfully incarcerated. The alleged bombing that he is accused of was the home belonging to his cousin who lived there along with other family members.

The homicide case that was given to him, he was never tried before a judge on that case. He was also on a GPS ankle monitoring program at the time of the bombing which would've proved his location and his innocence which wasn't used during his trial. 

It is known that the people that were in the home during the bombing were coerced by the Saginaw Police and out of all the people, only one went along...

Lovelady, Texas40Straight

I was very depressed when I made an illegal entry into an open door of a house. I had not worked for a few months due to a job injury and my wife left me, and I was facing overwhelming debt without any means of paying. I was so depressed that I attempted to commit suicide by taking an overdose of meth that should have killed me, but did not. I began running down various streets and through back yards looking for an open door that I could enter and find something to steal in order to get more drugs.

In that house, I found a rifle and ammo but I am not familiar with...

Corcoran, California30Straight
Black/African AmericanChristian

Case #BA39701 CCB courtroom 1st-degree Murder with Gun/Gang enhancement - 80 years to life.

I am currently incarcerated for a crime that I did not commit.

Youngstown, Ohio29Straight
Black/African AmericanChristian

I paid my original lawyer J.G & he didn’t help me in any way; shape or form. 

After I got sentenced to 29 to Life, he assigned me a public defender to take over the case... basically unaffected council. 

I don’t have pics for the case but I have PDF files and brief and dockets for the case which I can send if needed.

Kincheloe, Michigan51Straight
Black/African AmericanBaptist

Hello, I am Ronald and I need assistance with my case.

I happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. I know everyone says this, but it happens to be true in my case. I was set up. All of the other people involved have changed their testimony. They are willing to process an affidavit saying they were coerced to lie against me. I have tried a few legal options to get the case overturned.

I need help to get justice for this wrongful decision. Be blessed.

Ronald 188302

Taylorsville, North Carolina42Straight
Black/African AmericanChristian

My name is Samuel Geddie. I got into some trouble during an unfortunate situation back in 2015. I had my life together, finally. I was searching for legal representation for the 2015 charges. The attorney representing me at the time and I had a conflict of interest which the NC State Bar was aware of. In 2017, I was in court on an unrelated matter in Pasquotank County in NC. I was there with an attorney with whom I had a conflict of interest, due to a motor vehicle violation, and the 2015 matter was called up in court.

After both my attorney and I voiced for the court we had a...

Kincheloe, Michigan36Straight
Black/African AmericanChristian

I am preparing for my exoneration.

Breaking news! For over 19 years I have been wrongfully imprisoned for a crime I did not commit, but I have always maintained my innocence! Recently, I filed the paperwork for my exoneration with the Convictions Integrity Unit in Wayne County. Now I need you to help me share my story and prepare to go home. The evidence speaks for itself and you can see witness statements, DNA evidence, and fingerprints from the crime scene that did not match me that were all withheld from my trial attorney by the Detroit Police Department. I will not be quiet! #...

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New Castle, Indiana34Straight

I was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 63 years for murder when I was 19 years of age I'm now 34. I was convicted due to corrupt police police practices and false witness testimony but most of all broken justice system. I did not receive effective assistant from the public defenders office.

I advised them that I was not involved in the crime, and at the time of the crime, I was attending a cookout across town when myself and others heard the crime come across the police scanner. I provided names of a few friends to corroborate my story and may be able to...