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Inmate Legal Profiles

Monroe, Washington45Straight
Black/African AmericanChristian
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Craigsville, Virginia39Straight
Black/African AmericanSpiritual Seeking legal counsel.

I am Anthony Eason. I was convicted in a joint bench trial with another person. We were both convicted of 2 counts of aggravated malicious wounding and sentenced to serve 50+ years in prison, no parole. Our trial was illegal and our convictions are wrongful.

There were numerous issues of prosecutorial misconduct too extensive to elaborate here, but you can view my entire case file and my issues at

One of the issues that I find to be the most egregious and an issue of national importance is that...

Mansfield, Ohio
Black/African American

Dear legal world, I am desperately reaching out for any help or assistance dealing with my appeal. I am presently being incarcerated under a illegal sentence. I am not legal savvy, and do not have the finances or recourses to hire an attorney to rectify the plain error.

In short, I was sentenced to 10 years on both charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping with both charges carrying a R.V.O. (Repeat Violent Offender) specification. I was sentenced to 10 years on bot R.V.O.'s. Stated under Ohio's R.C. 2929.14(B)(2)(b)(iii), a court shall impose longest prison term authorized on...

Toledo, Ohio68Straight
Black/African AmericanCatholic

My name is Gene.  I'm a 67 year old African American, and I've been technically illegally incarcerated for 45 years.  Due to the fact that I don't have the means to hire a lawyer, I'm being denied justice.  

I've written to many black people, such as Atty. Ben Crump, NAACP, and many others who say that "Black Lives Matter".  They are correct, but at the same time they all exclude the black lives unjustly warehoused in prisons.  I also wrote to many news media (60 Minutes, 20/20, DateLine, 48 hours) and to many black authors of books against racism, but my...

Chillicothe, Ohio32Straight
Black/African AmericanMuslim

My name is James Guy and not only am I currently locked up for a crime I didn't commit but in order for the State to secure an conviction they violated many rights and disregarded my constitutional protections.

I've been sentenced to 20 years because I chose to go to trial, my offer was only 6 years. My case includes evidence being withheld, my religion being used against me, evidence tampered with, a hung jury, etc. I can go on and on. 

I am currently in the US district court Habeus Corpus, James Guy v Donnie Morgan #2:20 cv 5459

Please contact me and we can...

Sturtevant, Wisconsin33Straight
Black/African American

I am writing for assistance with my case. I was railroaded by close friends who I looked at as brothers. They became deceptive due to greed and we end up falling out. The story is very deep and I will disclose that on another date, but long story short they had told lil buddy to come and say I shot him because the streets were already saying I paid to get him shot because he robbed me. They came with a game plan to get me out of the way and they all put me on the scene and Wisconsin allowed heresay.

I've never been to prison before and they...

Freeland, Michigan42Straight
Black/African AmericanMuslim

I am writing for assistance for my case. I was wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime in Macomb County Michigan. The Judge railroaded me by not being ethical or fair in court case #2019-000223-FH. He would not allow my me to represent myself let alone speak in his courtroom.

The judge threatened to lock me up for contempt of court because he did not want me to say anything. The judge tried to force me to take an attorney and I refused. The judge had a jury selected without me being present and to make matters worse I had a trial without me being present which I did not waive...

Brazoria, Texas41Straight
Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

On 12-8-2006, Darron Moore was involved in a raid in Lubbock, Texas. A warrant was obtained as a result of fabricated statements. During the raid, less than 17 grams of cocaine was confiscated. These drugs did not belong to Mr. Moore. The owner of the drugs accepted full responsibility for them, both at the scene of the raid and to the judge who was appointed to this case.

That person was sent to prison as a result of those drugs and has since been released. Darron Moore is still sitting in prison for drugs that did not belong to him. Darron was sentenced to 99 years in prison...

Marion, Ohio51

I need help with a wrongful murder conviction but I do not have money to hire an attorney or any other professional assistance. I was arrested in 2000 and the conviction is from Ingham County, MI - 02-217-FC. People vs. Dennis Michael Salerno. I was convicted of murdering my wife. I did not murder her.

Yuma, Arizona35Straight

I am in the middle of a case against Mesa PD. It has been moved to the 8 circuit.

I have evidence of both police brutality and withholding of evidence during my conviction. I have done everything on my own which has not happened very often I would like counsel going forward.

Here is the news investigation

Manchester, Kentucky34Straight

I am writing to request your help and assistance in any manner you can provide to me. If you are unable to assist me, would you please provide me names and numbers of lawyers willing to represent me on a pro bono basis? I have been in Federal prison for six (6) years now and have little to no money.

I am requesting help with my Federal case. I am actually innocent as the facts of my case show clearly that I was convicted of a non-crime, i.e., the substance was not listed as a controlled substance under Federal law at the time of my offense. This was demonstrated in the United...

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Muskegon, Michigan28Straight
Black/African American

Jemarcus was wrongfully incarcerated. The alleged bombing that he is accused of was the home belonging to his cousin who lived there along with other family members.

The homicide case that was given to him, he was never tried before a judge on that case. He was also on a GPS ankle monitoring program at the time of the bombing which would've proved his location and his innocence which wasn't used during his trial. 

It is known that the people that were in the home during the bombing were coerced by the Saginaw Police and out of all the people, only one went along...

Kincheloe, Michigan32Straight
Black/African AmericanChristian

It may seem cliche', however, this is the type of case witnessed all throughout the US everyday. Low-Income, African- American individuals being falsely accused, and charged with little or any sufficient evidence. However, residing in a small predominately white town, none if any are required.

The conviction of my case would have never taken place had I not had a public defender- who in turn, failed to provide adequate legal counsel in my defense. As well as the unfair sentence of 15-30 years, where the Judge failed to even abide by the guidelines. I have served 8 years out of the...