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Inmate Poetry

David Godwin



Each atom
so aligned
to catch the light
and make is shine
passing through
reflects the order
within you
turning number
into color
permitting one

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Warrick Dunn #02071677

Out the window the stars shine bright,
Through these bars I pray every night,
To heavens and spirits to send my light,
That’ll spiral and twinkle like the stars at night.


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Moon Light

Heavenly Father! Don’t judge me on the sins I commit. Judge me on the love I withhold.

If you never get the chance to properly distribute love.

Your essence is luminescent, and bright, I just call you my moon light.

Your aura gives...

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Tanner Burgess #00511295

Letter To Home

My love for you is like the first fresh breath of the cool morning air.
It’s the leaves dancing in the breeze.
It’s the warmth of the sun’s first touch on my joyful morning stare.
It’s the squirrels rustling on the ground, and chasing each other through...

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Daymond Haywood #A633-712

Don’t forget about her.
Something vigor about her imagination
Leaping towards the pinnacle of her soul
The sense and shiver of thunder and ideas
Admired by the strong and the weak
The twinkling in her eyes and the glistening in
Her smile textured and...

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Timothy Shelton #189747


A soldier dies but once
A coward dies 1,000 deaths
Here lies the last of a rare breed
Born into a new generation with an old soul
Lost and confused in the free world
Took the company and love of a woman for granted
Now his love is a Bee-hive...

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Xavier Vidot

    Who I Am...

    From eyes and ears closed, I arose
    tears fall for ones I've once known
    we all died but never know
    resurrection commences too slow 
    I search for these loopholes...

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I Understand

As I was growing up

Dad wasn’t much for fun

He was always so serious

His discipline always stern


Vacations he rarely took

Work and bills stole his time

But give a fishing pole

And he’d come back just fine


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Odell Allen #01950948

I wannabe loved without force
Playing my part as your King
Enjoying every moment with my Queen
Providing her with my loyalty
Expecting to be appreciated for every moment spent together
My love will be on auto-pilot
As we walk into our situation willingly...

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Adam Houston #01396637


A strong updraft and a little moisture,
I am born.
Young and full of vigor, I drift over a small, verdant valley.
The colors of the earth amaze me in a way that I know
I can never achieve,
Or even touch.
The lush green, yellow ochre and bluish...

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Terrance Taylor #377991

Something Is Happening

Something is happening here,
And it compels me to make a pronouncement.
There are adolescents in these institutions,
Young people lingering on the back walls of day rooms.
Huddled for safety and seeking strength from one another,

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Christopher DeSa #000351919C

“Just Me”

I learned that who doesn’t look for you
Doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you
Doesn’t care for you…that destiny determines
Who enters your life but you decide who stays
…That the truth hurts only once and a
Lie every time you remember it....

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Wonzey Saffold #413926

Alive and Very Well

If I told you what my life was like, you probably think I was lyin’.
If I told you the type of adversity that I had to endure jus to become the man that I am today; you’ll probably think that it’s impossible for me still to be sitting here, “Yet I am alive and...

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Logan Joyce #122731

Dead Butterflies,
Once fed on heart’s youthful nectar of hopes and what could be,
Drowned in salty droplets of love lost,
Extinguished by pesticides of life,
Buried beneath weighted blanket of raw pain left unprocessed.
Former refuge, incubates virus of fear and...

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Benjamin Newman #02049550

Being As Islands

John Donne said, “No man is an island entire of itself…”
If that’s true I must be a bridge with ends disconnected
As I stand alone atop my block of concrete and steel
Rebar floating out into the infinite
I can see you on your own patch of bridge...

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Timothy Crawford #19719359

“Wish We Were”

Baby – What it do? Why do I have goosebumps thinkin’ of you?
Baby – What it do? I really wish we were – when I’m thinkin’ of you.

I flip the “2 of cups” – when I’m thinkin’ bout you
That’s “LOVE” & the feelings that you put me...

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Anthony Bradley



    How long shall I walk around blindly
    in darkness hitting my head
    stumbling, tripping, bumping into walls
    felling for an exit...

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Tomaris Johnson #02003877


Be the person you are trying to find.
Be the one with positivity and laughter,
Bring patience and joy.
Be the one who is mindful to listen and
Willing to communicate.
Be someone who embraces change and
Is eager to grow.
Be supportive, honest...

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Vincent Harper #145906

The Journey Of Heart

When Heart was born a voice said to him, you’re gong to search for the best thing Life has to give. Heart asked what is that? The voice replied, Love, so Heart set out on a journey to figure out who she was. But when Heart starts his journey, he meets Life, Heart...

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A Mother's Love

“A Mother’s Love”

I never saw beauty

like the way when I look into your eyes

They burned with love

like two fires in the bottom of a deep dark ocean.

A love that burned into my soul

You are gone….but never ever forgotten.

Your love will...

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I’ve swam across oceans until I almost drowned,

I've climbed mountains until my thumbs bruised.

I've walked across deserts until my knees buckled;

but when I turned around you were nowhere to be found.

I thought you would light my path


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Brian Streeter #269921

“On The Way To The Border”

Why would you put up this wall at the border?
When we’re running away from crime in search of law and order,
We’re running away from famine with the hope of a hot meal,
A bottle of clean water because our nation’s water kills.


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Cameron Anderson #166210


I literally received my name through blood and sweat
Yet, my continuous actions from that point on, cause my name to remain.
The bed of my nails have been torn ragged, from scrapping/clawing my way through life.
The outermost layer of my body has been scrubbed raw...

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Anthony Brito #M29519

Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,
If you are my friend, please answer this:
Are we friends or are we not?
But I forgot so tell me now and tell me
True so I can say, I’m here for you.
You’re the one I won’t forget and if I die before you do,
I’ll go to...

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Caleb Hall #400095

Just A Dream

I had this dream of a woman who entered my life,
When she stepped in, she realized the situation then decided
She would be the one to correct it.

They say to expect the unexpected, how could I expect the
Type of blessing in question, when the type...

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Addiction…  Addiction…

Feeling used up and afflicted.

Didn’t know it was this hard to get off of a prescription. Suicide by wounds of self-inflicted.


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2003 was definitely the year

A precious jewel entered my realm invoking fear

Like non before nor since, radiating life unknowingly

We grew up, temporarily going our separate ways

Times without her are substandard,...

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Mirwais Mohamadi

I've Bled Enough

The things we want
are never what we need
some things we learn easy
other lessons make us bleed
Who could've known
or could've ever seen
me stuck behind these walls
reaching out for you in my dreams
My reach never long...

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Markes Rodgers #Y28401

The Meadow

High atop the ridge
Next to the hayfield
Where the tin barn
Sits…is a meadow
Filled with golden poppies
And white shasta daisies.

Four red tail hawks
Soar the empty sky,
Chainsaws echo the canyon
And a distant town’s...

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Eco - Dreams

The light of sleep grows into a conduit of more than imagination.

How will we all know the second coming?

Magic without interpretation is dreamless sleep pierced by silent interactions.

Does the woman of my dreams dream me?

Endorphins create vivid clarity allowing...

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