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Inmate Poetry

Diamond Strong

Diamond Strong

Strength and courage is what I need to make it through the day

So I hope and I pray

Blessings for my family and friends help to ease my mind

And then I can shine.

I do what I can with what I’ve been given,

And I’m doing alright as...

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The Answer

The soul is to the body, what God is to the universe.

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Johnathan Edwards #236091

Clouded Mirrors

Open up them windows
Let out the smoke
My vision is blurry
I’m lost, losing hope
It’s so hard to breathe
I hope that line don’t go flat
Somebody help me please
My heart feels detached
It was once an awkward beat

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Romeo Alvarez

Your body is a temple,

Your mind is a weapon.

To succeed or fail was never

A question, but a chance

To do right or wrong,

To be still or move on is

Ultimately up to you.

Given we all make mistakes

He or she is no different from you...

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Romeo Alvarez

Why is it that we blame ourselves

For giving someone our all?

Why is it so easy for you to walk away,

But so hard for me to let it go?

“I love you, I need you”

I can hear it repeating in my head, but the more I hear it

I hear “I hate you, I don’t...

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Romeo Alvarez

Anxiety creeping up my spine

I’m in a box and the walls are closing in.

The time is ticking, but it feels like my life’s in slow motion.

Every day consists of the same stuff.

Wake up, work out, read, write, watch TV, eat and sleep.

It’s like a bad movie...

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Essential To Life

Essential To Life

I'm a dying man in search of an antidote

Your soft words and pure heart awoken me from a cold and dark sleep

Meeting you is the reason I can breathe and why my heart beats

See you're bigger and better than omega three

You're more advanced...

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Leroy Johnson

Being black means I can’t give up hope.

Because Nelson Mandela stood strong for

Three decades of incarceration,

Then became president of the very same nation.

It’s Muhammad Ali squaring up against


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Dear Woman, Dear Woman

Dear Woman, Dear Woman.

I apologize from coming home late,

Drunk stumbling through the gate.

Smelling of Calvin Klein,

Knowing all you use is Chanel No. 5.

Can’t blame you for changing the locks,...

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Real Thoughts

You can never outrun your past

Even the best lie will never last

Being fake will only take you so far

No matter who you think you are

So remember you can’t be what you’re not

So you better do the best with what you’ve got

I just can’t base my...

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Ex-Gang Member Prayer

Don’t let evil eyes see me

Don’t let evil hands grab me

If they run with evil feet

Don’t let them catch up to me

Please don’t let my past come

From behind to hurt me I pray

My present is considered and

I hope my future is blessed


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Remember me when I'm gone away, far away into the silent land where you can no more hold me by my hand, Nor I half turn to go yet turning to stay. Remember me when no more day-by-day you tell me of the future that we planned. Only remember me, you understand it will be late to counsel then or...

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Dare I hope to hope?

Is it safe? Is it right?

Am I hoping for nothing

But a black and empty night?

Hope should make me happy.

I should laugh, sing, and dance

Because I am hoping. Right?

Ha! Not a chance.

How is it that hope can...

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Afrow Stidham #104770

The Conclusion = Who Are You?
By: Afrow Stidham

I am your Rock & Redeemer, Fortress, Shield & Shelter,
Protection, Refuge and Reigning King forever!
Lord of all Lords, Trustworthy & True! Chain breaker
Peacemaker, Amazing Technician, almighty God,...

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Noor (Light)

You’re my light.

The beacon beckoning my forward through night’s embrace.

The luminous house preventing me from crashing ashore.

Navigating my life’s roughest storms.

I witness your brilliance from a distance afar....

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The Dance

(The following was written a long time ago as a terrifying observation of our human condition. At the time, I was feeling a bit alone and betrayed, which I no longer do, as made evident by the fact that I’m now (as always) trying to meet new and interesting people with this profile. It seems...

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Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer

I was the flower in your garden late to bloom

Giving you much concern as others budded so soon

Just as you thought all of your work would go to waste

I blossomed and I kept a continuous smile on your face

While others faded my glory continued...

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Pain 'N My Heart

Stab, stab, myself in the heart, one too many times

Pain travels quickly to a weak mind

Gave negativity a chance to shine, exposing my soul

Demons attacking me when I’m weak, weak, I mean sleep

Second line of defense has been reached, the gates have been breached...

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Paul Cucinelli #W92022


A pain burns deep inside
Consuming all the world outside
Loathing and without a name
Trapped in this game.
I Burn.
Flames licking and dancing high.
I Burn.
All the dreams that pass me by.
I Burn.
In defiance, silence is never...

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Listen to your intuition and let the universe align

Pay attention to the signs like a blessing in disguise

The truth comes revealed to your demise

Consider the weather and the elements of surprise


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Michael Harris #349711

Pretty Little Liar

Lie to me with passion for all that it’s worth and intrigue me with deceit so that the truth...

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Alexander Cox #16279332

Original Poem Written By: Alexander Cox
Titled: 16279332

I’m an ocean of epic proportions
So deep you might never feel completely into me
I’m a potion doled in small portions
So potent I stain your life for eternity
I’m more than any brain can conceive...

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Tony Dickinson #72259-061

Find Me

To find me all it’ll take is one simple look,
My design is unique one of a kind, not text book.
No nook or cranny will you find me in.
I’m close to you, I’m more than a friend.
We started out slow, but now feel the rush,
Truth be told you can feel me...

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Carlos Garcia #36134-298

Awaiting The Moment

…When the odds are against us
…We will define!...
…It does not make sense, us…
How you could be mine!
…They don’t understand!...
…Matter fact they never will!...
…How when we’re together…
…The world stands still!...

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Shane Keys #01800062

See The Light

High expectations, but different results
What’s the reason, am I at fault?
So misunderstood, but yet determined
Ushering beneficial knowledge, my inspirational sermon
Past hurts, failed relationships, lost commitments
Partial reasoning for my “...

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Beginnings are always scary and difficult to ascertain

Especially when there are so many past endings of hurt and pain that still remain.

See, there are always these moments in life,

When we feel that giving up will solve all of the problems inside of...

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Roger Teas #518708

I Have No Illusion

The potential of the motivation I feel can cross boundaries of every kind of field. I don’t hold back from any sort of reserve. I see an opportunity in every...

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Antwaunn Dismuke #01865907

Soft tears in my eyes, wondering why, will you really live or will you really die? Will I ever get the chance to say hi or goodbye? What is the truth to my tears? Is it behind the many years I’m left to endure or is it just my thoughts made clear? Soft tears in my eyes, if I told you my biggest...

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Do You See Me?

What do you see when you see me?

Is it the tans that you see, or is it the man that you see? Can you see me, or do you choose to pretend that I don’t exist?

Is it a lost cause that you see? A statistic that issued as a negative stigma on a faction of this land? Do you see a man...

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