Inmate Poetry

Posted on 5/23/2018


Dano’s Girl

She has a lot to bring to the table
She can provide for her own
And has done many things on
her own strength.  When you come into
her life, offer your help and provide it
whether she freely accepts it or not. She
is independent, but that doesn’t mean she
doesn’t like having someone she can depend

She was a brave soul, a rebel at heart.

Posted on 1/17/2016

 The Letter of a Gypsy

Hey Wassup
So this is a confession, I may be a stranger, but not too far
from where you are…  Just close enough to admire your beauty
from afar…Not on some weirdo stuff, but on some real stuff, you got me turnin in my dreams girl…

I know you don’t know me, but I’d like to know you…
‘Cause, I can’t help but wanna...

Posted on 4/14/2017

- Untitled -

What makes you a better man?
The support of a good woman.  A woman, a good
one can convert the worst miserable man to a useful human being. 
If he has nothing, she becomes
the light at the end of the tunnel- his breath of
fresh air…his SOMETHING!
A woman’s love can cure all life’s pain and
suffering.  It can turn a cold heart to a new...

Posted on 9/10/2018

Not Who I Used To Be

Look at me, what is it that you see? Is it the tattoos that
Have a gangster’s history, or, is it truly…Me? I hope
So because believe it when I tell you, I’m very much not
Who I used to be. Ah, man I’ve heard it said many ways
And ten times too many. “Don’t no one want you, you’re a killer,
The people’s enemy” and to it I shake my head no longer feeling
Defeated because, unlike...

Posted on 3/8/2018

~ Time Cries ~

Oh Baby
I know this may sound so sad so crazy
For this heart has found that for every love that dies
As she flies- Time Cries.
It’s like blinking back to see through the tears
After finding someone just stole life’s very best years
When everything ever said ever done
Yes every single promise from day one
Was nothing but one painful lie after lie...

Posted on 12/9/2017

Genuinely Him

I spin and rotate while standing still.
I of the Lotus, black fan, breaking hands, Martial Art Kung-Fu.
No thinking and thought’n or thought’n and thinking, only knowing.
Strike with wisdom, knowledge and strength (Great White Shark, Green Dragon, Night Owl). I am immune to poison. I eat it, human rats, human snakes, and bullies, etc.
My lifestyle is written in stone....

Posted on 9/14/2017


It’s been an amazing journey to this place where we are to be the lovers that we’ve become. This kind of love takes time. We started out, like so many do, with nothing but dreams in our pockets and stars in our eyes and oh, how we enjoyed the adventure!

But along the way, we met our share of obstacles, sometimes we got tripped up, and life took us on a detour or two. But with every step, we stayed in...

Posted on 10/18/2016


There’s beauty in life and the open acceptance of another.
There’s beauty in the ability to share our time and thoughts with another.
There’s beauty in discovering a friend and truly connecting with another.

Beauty isn’t the shape of your lips, but it’s in the way you say things.
Beauty isn’t in the color of your eyes, but it is in the way you see things....

Posted on 6/1/2018

True Beauty

Don’t pay attention to their looks,
But the beauty deep within,
That’s what truly counts,
And where true beauty begins.
All your flaws and faults, 
Molded them into the person that they are.
So different but unique,
Like a snowflake or a star.
You shine, you glow,
Only in your own special way.
You don’t fall in love with their...

Posted on 10/9/2017


When the time comes,
Will you say hello...
Open your arms,
Embrace me and welcome me home…

Can I sit and rest my feet
Quiet moments let them speak.

You were lost
Drifted away in the currents of the streams…

Posted on 4/23/2018


Picture me rollin’ wit my kinfolk
Lil bro’ whippin’ wit lil man n the back
Cruisin’ down central
Pull up on Southern
N hit up the piper for some pizza
While we wait, school shorty wit the left stroke
An O’Guynn who can’t hoop
Somebody must be clownin’
Cuz it sounds like a bad joke
Young Lex, you was born to be natural...

Posted on 7/6/2018

A Token of Love

Your personality is so welcoming and soothing.  Your smile so contagious.  It’s so warm and inviting like a hot fire on a winter night, pulling me in closer…  Holding you in my arms feels like a welcome home.  I feel safe.  As if nothing in this world can go wrong…  At this very moment, time stands still.  Your love transports me to another dimension....

Posted on 9/25/2018

In my grief, I share.

Leaves tumbling down,

My soul’s laid bare.


Clothed in flesh,

The rest; stripped and gone.

Against the winds howl,

I still stand strong.


Whether, in lush forests…

In the desert’s heat.

In the sun’s shine,

As the oceans weep.


Or in recognition

Of the hypocrisy of man.

As the...

Posted on 6/20/2018

Dear Friends

When I think of you
I think of leaves falling in summers wind
I believe whole heartedly in your trust my friends
you've been her for me mor than those who share my DNA
and yet because of you I could care less they aren't her today
Telling you I love you is not enough
Telling you I adore all of you is maybe to much
Yet I know that when I look in your face...

Posted on 11/28/2016

Admire My Taste Part 2

Tonight we dine out…5 star restaurant in your direction…I think I might pick that medium rare to savor that flavor, what you think? …Pop a bottle of something aged well…while I scan every detail and alias of upscale cuisine, yeah well it seems you all over the menu love…

I think I’ll have that fresh catch drowned in Orchid Meadow, excellent choice, huh. I...

Posted on 3/27/2018


A Look Within

Patience and persistence is detrimental
to one’s existence, whether you’re
living good or going through a tough
transition.  Life is hard, problematic, and truly
vicious, most fight through the tension by
conforming to some type of religion.  It really
doesn’t matter if you’re Muslim, Catholic, or
Christian, without an understanding and faith

Posted on 6/1/2017

The road may look empty in the wake of night,
Until the sweet lights illuminate the road ahead,
What may have looked like a vacant, lonely road,
Is now filled with others on the same path as you,
With a honk of the horn or a brief conversation at a
Stop light, it’s likely you meet someone that can help
You reach your highest potential, encourage you
Through the hard times, an...

Posted on 10/9/2017


My ancestory by way of BLOODLINE is ROYALTY, but the (POWERS THAT BE)  is not trying to reward me my birthright…

Historically their thievery reminds me of the Knightriders sponsored by the U.S. Government whom took Black Folk properties by intimidation tactics…

Automatics in hand...

Posted on 6/11/2018

Independence Day

There’s food to eat
and a band to play.
It’s all part of the celebration
For our Independence Day.
We gather together
We laugh and we talk.
Still we ought to give thanks
For the people who fought.
All the wars and battles
That made and kept us free.
For the soldiers who died
For you and for me.
They fought with...

Posted on 4/16/2015

"If Only I Could Now Go Back"

Look back with me a moment my sister,
as I do whenever I feel blue.
I recall the day you came home,
I couldn't wait to be the best big brother to you.

I swore I'd hold you all day,
spoil you by never putting you down.
And if I heard you cry,
I'd come running so fast my feet would never touch ground.

When you're hungry...

Posted on 1/1/2017

~ Love ~

Loving you is the best feeling I ever felt
Your love is like the rain when it pours but I never use or
Need an umbrella because I want to feel every drop of it.
What’s love?…your laugh…your smile…your beauty…your ambition
Your heart…your desire.
Your love is like the sun when it sets
It brightens everything around me,
Your smile glows...

Posted on 8/10/2015

My Queen

My Princess, my Queen
You’re everything I ever needed
And when I see your face
Or hear your voice
Then I know I am defeated.

Because I can fight a lion
Or kill a man
But I can’t look into your eyes
It’s like you see into my soul
It’s like you see past my disguise.

I ask myself why?
Why I do care about you so much...

Posted on 6/12/2018


My Road to No Where

It's hard to stay focused and in touch with my dreams
To block out the voices and misguiding screams.
They echo in my mind and tell me the wrong road to take...
Attracting me to a world where everything is fake.
Including my feelings and dreams that I chased...
Now I'll always have memories of years gone to waste.
I buried all my feelings and blocked out all...

Posted on 7/24/2018


Each of us
With our own secret gifts
Magic potions lovely notions
Waiting to be shared
Waiting to be aired
Each of us
A half, a whole, a mind, a soul

A heart and yet a part
Of a better richer more
Looking for the door
The key, the you,
The me, the we
Growing day by day
Looking for the way

To find what I’d always dreamed
And never...

Posted on 6/14/2015


Once, I was afraid I would never find someone
To really care about.
I wanted someone perfect,
At least for me.
A special kind of talking,
An honest way of listening without judgment;
Not being afraid to laugh or cry;
Kindness and understanding;
Fun, love and excitement;
Someone who would lift my heart with joy.
I guess that I expected a lot,
But I...

Posted on 7/3/2013

“How do you Know?”

Laughing when your mad,
Smiling when your angry,
Crying when your happy,
Frowning when your pleased,
Giggling when your agitated,
Screaming when your titillated,
Thirsty when your wet,
Saturated when your dry,
Calm when your livid,
Serene when your mean,
What you have never known,

Posted on 7/23/2018

“Son of Man” Jesus The Final Judgement

When the Son of Man comes and His glory and all the angels with him, then He will sit on His glorious throne.
Before Him will be gathered all the nation’s and He will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.  And He will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left.  Then the King will say to those on...

Posted on 7/25/2016


Stranded alone;
Chilled to the bone-
Frigid waves lap over my head,
As I bob up and down
With empty ocean around;
My exhausted limbs are lead
Pulling me to the dark depths below

A lonely boat amidst a vast expanse;
I give the sky above a passing glance-
No stars out to help me navigate;
This rusty old compass won’t help anyway,...

Posted on 12/15/2017

Only  You

Only you
Can know it’s the little ways
of the heart that truly show
just how much we
Which all lead to the very most
Beautiful things, Only you and I
can share.

For there’s this special part of me
I've paid so dearly just to give
for Only You;
And hidden deep within this gift
is the promise that shall always...

Posted on 6/24/2016

I’ve been ostracized and deemed unwise by a nation built on lies.
My freedom has been minimized to nothing and left me questioning “why?”
Exhausted from all the fighting, with nothing but time to think,
My body becomes limp
Dropping to my knees with my eyes to the sky, I’m famished
Hungry for answers I plead, “God why the anguish?”
“Why the heartache?...