Inmate Poetry

Posted on 3/14/2017

California Living

Palm trees and crystal clear beaches,
Blue skies and cool ocean breezes,
Out here its summer everywhere,
Relax as an oceanic breeze wafts through your hair,
You’re on the west side
Enjoy life and watch the emerald tide,
Out here there are no worries in which to confide,
We have plenty of narley surf to ride,
If this interest you then write me,

Posted on 11/7/2017

Hello My Friend

We all get hurt and get pushed
Make excuses and deny the truth
Wonder whether we’re good enough
Blame ourselves
Hide behind a mirror of lies that
Look back at us
The fire is pretty
We know it burns to the touch
Yet, it awakens us
We’re alive in those moments,
Tormenting our soul
Too scared to be alone
So we pour...

Posted on 2/5/2018

19 & 44
By John Cole

Yesterday I was 19, today I’m 44
Been down 25, no end in sight
Drowning in tears of years gone by
Been running through the eye of the
Storm since the womb
Fallen from grace with a achin’ in my soul
Through the madness seeing clearly
Heaven send a helping hand, begging for mercy

People say, pray to God
I say talk to Him every...

Posted on 10/30/2017


Confined, imprisoned and doing time – I find my liberation between these lines. Isolated and alone, yet a caress can be expressed from the ink of your pen. A written embrace can transcend the prison of cement and steel, all it takes is a word expressed with a passion, so real. A liberated mind can truly see, not all the negative will define me. Thoughts and emotions can be exchanged, there’s no...

Posted on 2/1/2018

In Search of Love

I don’t love some of you, I love all of you…
Your smile, the twinkle in your eyes, the way you
Walk, beautiful the sound of your voice when
You talk…
Love will overlook any flaw that you may see, because in my eyes
I’ve got the woman, my Queen.  Someone with...

Posted on 10/27/2017

This is a rune of ancient northern alphabet, Elhaz of the Valkyries and the number 15. It is in modern alphabet the letter Z. I invoke this rune the number fifteen. Soar as the swan does Devine in thy being, I stand in sanctuary my weapon the Z, with a beautiful malevolent Valkyrie. On her feathers I fly to the realm of Aesir, and the Valkyries nearby to conquer all fear. Tapping into the ninefold power the trio of three is a poisonous...

Posted on 11/20/2017


One day, you’ll be the moon.
One day, you’ll be the cherry red sun.
One day, you’ll usurp number two.
One day, you’ll be the one.
One day, you’ll be the most precious star, in someone else’s sky.
One day, you will feel my pain,
And you...

Posted on 6/25/2018

“Just A Slob”
Alanis Morissette


People are often unreasonable, illogical and selfish,
I forgive them Anyway.
If you’re kind, people may accuse me of selfish ulterior motives,
I’d be kind Anyway.
If I’m successful, I’ll win some camouflaged friends and true varmints.
I will succeed Anyway.
If I’m honorable in honesty...

Posted on 1/1/2017

~ Love ~

Loving you is the best feeling I ever felt
Your love is like the rain when it pours but I never use or
Need an umbrella because I want to feel every drop of it.
What’s love?…your laugh…your smile…your beauty…your ambition
Your heart…your desire.
Your love is like the sun when it sets
It brightens everything around me,
Your smile glows...

Posted on 3/20/2018

I Come From a Long Line of…

I come from a long line of men who fail to appreciate beautiful, smart, good women…

I come from a long line of men who never taught me to be grateful for anything.

I come from a long line of men that never took time to teach me how to be a loving, patient husband to a gracious woman. I come from a long line of men who were selfish and stubborn. I come from a long line of...

Posted on 9/27/2017

A letter or note from you to me;
a friendship that lasts eternally.
I seek to break up the day to day
to express what my heart has to say.

I want to have positive people around;
to share when I'm up or when I am down.
I want to hear all about you, too;
How was your day...what did you do?

More than this, I want to be free;
to live thru you, vicariously.
While I am...

Posted on 8/13/2017

Focused on doing the time, just not to lose my mind, something about the struggle, is so define, so the love is hard to find, imagine searching and clawing for every nickel and dime, raised in a concrete jungle, all while doing time, so many tears, but unable to cry. I tried time after time, sometimes I feel I was built for this, picking loyalty over money every time cost me my life, but never again.

Posted on 11/28/2017


Define Me

When you look at me
And witness my personality,
Tell me,
What do you see?
And please,
Don’t be cliché or superficial;
Try to paint a detailed, fuller picture.
Assign characteristics, but then tell my why.
And if you can go deep, tell me why to that why,
As you try to undress my mind
To get a deeper understanding of the...

Posted on 7/25/2016


Stranded alone;
Chilled to the bone-
Frigid waves lap over my head,
As I bob up and down
With empty ocean around;
My exhausted limbs are lead
Pulling me to the dark depths below

A lonely boat amidst a vast expanse;
I give the sky above a passing glance-
No stars out to help me navigate;
This rusty old compass won’t help anyway,...

Posted on 12/14/2015

- Untitled –

On that hour, minute and seconds
On that day, that year, that summer my last breath was inhaled – exhaled.
In this darkness my spirit lingers without direction – a maze where is my way out!?
Though my physical form ages, my soul slowly disappears. Once a while, loved ones come to share what life has dealt them: The pressures, the stress; Their ups and downs; their sadness and...

Posted on 3/5/2018


Fallen down deep into a pit of despair,
Gasping at breaths but purchasing no air.
Once free to roam without any cares,
Now just a creature in an inextricable snare.
What can the purpose of this life be? 
Fighting battles in darkness no one can see.
The enemies are vast, fearless and bold
There’s silence and sadness here in this cold. 
The warm...

Posted on 8/16/2015

Gone But I hope I’m Not Forgotten

Here today but as the wind blows I sway but neither here or there
I’m planted in drab shades of grey, from black I fade, I’m gone…
Hope I am still here and present in the minds of some, though the majority of them
Deaf or dumb or maybe just mindless ones in a zone of timeless webs of thought
Silkly spun.

Hope I am not forgotten…...

Posted on 10/22/2017

I’m not a poet and I know it.

Posted on 4/30/2018

*Last Of A Dying Breed*

You R one of a kind, believe me, women like you R hard to find…Even though I’m in the penitentiary, when I think of a beautiful woman and a loving person, you R the one I see…sometimes I know you might feel all alone, but you have God, your child, plus me to keep you strong…Women R mothers to the earth. There’s no price to equal what you R worth…Even though some men...

Posted on 10/23/2017

Potential $kars

Scars R meaningful because they hold many characteristics of difference…
Different people leave us with different scars…
Scars R the reflection of who we R an’ tells the story of what we’ve survived…
Scars R our lesson of life, reminder of reality

Some scars R 4 the better, some R permanent, all scars R
Evidence 4 potential…


Posted on 10/6/2014


WISHING YOU: To be peaceful in mood!

YOUR HEART: Tap in happiness!

vivid in all of the emotional colors!

to be in oneness with nature!

with versatility arise to meet all of your high values and goals!

as a beautiful flower takes from the sun and rain...

Posted on 6/12/2018


My Road to No Where

It's hard to stay focused and in touch with my dreams
To block out the voices and misguiding screams.
They echo in my mind and tell me the wrong road to take...
Attracting me to a world where everything is fake.
Including my feelings and dreams that I chased...
Now I'll always have memories of years gone to waste.
I buried all my feelings...

Posted on 4/2/2018

Love Extended…Is Love Rewarded

In this generation many of us are living our daily lives without experiencing love; due to the fact that we are waiting for someone to love us or for someone to show us love. When in reality, greater love is experienced as we personally extend love beyond ourselves towards others. For the more we love, the more we will experience love – because love is self-replenishing.

We all...

Posted on 1/5/2016

Dying To Meet You

Through the circumstances
Of predicaments we meet
Blindly over distance…
Though chains that bind
This caged bird physical
Gives his Olympian spirit
No resistance…
Fashioned from the weight
Of the world heavy enough to
Birth and crush diamonds…
Like the phoenix I still arise
Before your eyes from ashes to flames...

Posted on 12/13/2017


The Storm

I sit back and watch the rain fall slowly as I write these words.
I hear the undeniable destruction as the thunder hits its victim.
I’ve decided against being a victim so I look for a place to hide,
Only to find there’s nowhere to hide.
I must now use my mind to circumvent the destruction.
While thinking of a plan, the lightning attempts to distract me....

Posted on 6/1/2017

The road may look empty in the wake of night,
Until the sweet lights illuminate the road ahead,
What may have looked like a vacant, lonely road,
Is now filled with others on the same path as you,
With a honk of the horn or a brief conversation at a
Stop light, it’s likely you meet someone that can help
You reach your highest potential, encourage you
Through the hard times, an...

Posted on 8/3/2018


Hugs that are therapeutic
Kisses that bring euphoria
Passion is an understatement
Love is typically rushed, but for you it waited
A single heartbeat is what the two of us share
Then I realized that you were not standing there
It was just a desire
A desire that I envisioned
A vision that only I saw
How bad I wanted this vision to become reality
I gave every...

Posted on 2/14/2017

By Gary Metheny

Solidly left of a broken line, stargazing at wasted time
All events that pass us by, are intertwined thoughts,
A hypnosis gift.
My life’s a big crash wave, sound destruction in epic cascades,
Screaming, shouting, lungs collapsed,
Sadly a lot of us don’t care, mar sick twisted mind
No emotion will you find, anti-social is socially ok...

Posted on 5/24/2018


“Faded Memories”

The love in my heart
overwhelms my mind,
to the point my visions
blurry so I can’t see the line.
One that separates
Friend from foe
& lets me know,
When to hold on
or when to let go.
I see
faded memories of love
w/o boundaries.
The love I once knew
is ignorant to you,
real as...

Posted on 5/10/2015


Though I never say it.
You're the most important person in my life.

You're also the most difficult, frustrating woman I've ever known;
And in these moments;
You're the only one I can talk to from the heart,
Who cares enough to try and understand me.
When I had lost sight of myself.

Seeing me for myself,
Listening to my thoughts...