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Inmate Poetry

Outside Thoughts from inside Prison

Outside Thoughts from Inside Prison


In here,

Over the years

I'm turning into something I don't like.

Like I'm something to fear.

I try the straight road and right track,

By reading books, college ruled paper, highlighters,


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Whispers 68

Cold, cold, get the chills when they manifest around me

Used to get scared,

but I no longer hold to these kind of sentiments when they are

around me, Still get the chills tho, every time.

Whispers are their mode of communication.

Every time they are around...

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Take Caution

I hold within a heart very close to zero pulses

The valves remain frozen while I’m locked in self-focus

It’s best to hold affection, face, rejection if projected

Do I not contain a soul or is it to keep myself protected

My statements come bare, so bare, it’s hard...

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Stephen Festa

"You Need Better"

Just tell me what you want to do
because you're still with him and I'm oh so blue...
Tell me the truth, Tell me if I'm wrong
And if I really am then I'll just move along.
You're in a situation where you just feel stuck
But I can get you out...

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I read right through you, that’s why your words excite me. Your body is perfect, it’s all that ignites me. I was scared of your beginning, but I fell in love with your end. I wonder, what kind of relationship does the paper have with the pen? Words written all over you, so I had to take a look....

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A seed that must be planted as the seat of the soul

Watered with self-reflection and nurtured with patience

The stem though thorny in places

Withstands the weeds of temptation

Beaming bud of hope filled with potential never known

Blossom selfish rose of...

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To a Beautiful Woman

O beautiful woman, may God fragrance your life with knowledge and faith, your time with obedience and awareness of him, and may He beautify your body with a covering of modesty and dignity, may he plant the seeds of righteousness in your life, green and fruitful, for you to sow and reap. As well...

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James Rachal #1197232

Darkness attempts to blanket my being.
Yet optimism sheds a radiance quite freeing.
Finding beauty and worth in the chains of ill fate.
Struggle bleeds strength so I float in a smooth state.
Purpose tugging on me requesting that I show.
Trying to do the math but...

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Terrance Taylor #377991

The Virus
Terrance Taylor

Covid came for us.
Hidden in the exhalations of the Trojan Horse who worked the eight,
Once released upon us she moved like a wraith.
Invisible to the senses we didn’t know she was hunting,
Until the dead started to walk,...

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I feel like I see the world as an outsider

All the time I have to watch from other’s eyes

Is it outside looking in, hoping to see

To feel

To be included

I feel so alone

Like no one wants me

I can’t go out without feeling sad

I see...

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Mind's Eye

Do you see the pain in my eyes,

The sadness in my soul?

I want to share it,

But I don’t know how.

How can I say these words,

They are on the tip of my tongue.

I say it over and over in my head

But I can’t make my mouth speak them.


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A Light

Echoes from within

Unravels distant memories

Shrouded in a mystery

A light comes alive

With a gentle silhouette coming forth

The briefest heartbeat it disappears

Leaving loneliness kiss

The ghost of the past whispers

The name of a...

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Black Like Me

Black Like Me

If you lived in my city

And was raised on my block,

Would you just get arrested

Or shot down by the cops?

If you were starving to death

And your body was weak,

Would you wait on a blessing

Or steal you something to eat...

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In the Eyes of a Virus

Hello, I’m Corona, they call me “Covid-19.”

I’m here to take over and I’m not easily seen

I’m so easily spread from a cough to a sneeze

I travel over nations; both here and overseas

I take the lives of both old and new,

and I’m looking to get a shot at you...

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Caged Thoughts

Song – Only

Artist – NF.

Here I sit an innocent man,

Burned by a woman’s scorn,

My heart and soul torn.

All I ever wanted for in life,

Is a child and that of a wife,

Now as I fight to prove my innocence,

My son is left with...

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Do I?

Do I give up or try another attempt?

Is it my countenance or past that earns that look of contempt?

If it’s the latter, then it’s truly deserved

Yet I radiate a strength more fittingly reserved

For a champion, does that depict an aura of arrogance

Or a...

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Gift of Bliss

Like works of exquisite art,

Many beautiful colors


Well proportioned

I love them

Big and bold

I'm dying to hold

Handle with the very best care

Loved, honored, cherished, respected

Most of all protected

Joy to...

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Free of the Darkness

Free of the Darkness

By: The Heartfelt Poet

I've been trapped in this darkness for so long that my eyes cannot focus. For I do not know the time of day, it could be dark or light. The only sounds I hear are the clanging of bars. It seems that my only guest has been for light even...

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Tear of an Angel

As I saw a teardrop start to well

In the corner of your eye,

It stirred in me a passion.

And made me start to wonder why.

In a world of contradictions

It would seem so out of place,

That such a fine and lovely creature

Could have a teardrop...

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Just, In Time

I’m sending out this message, in a battle, as if I’m on an island,

in hopes that it will find a caring person on dry land,

because I’ve been searching high and low, and it’s now that I confess

that the thing that I’ve been searching for is called “Happiness!”


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Michael Brooks

From the tip of her brown nose to the tips of her brown toes, as long as she is receptive, that is where my love will flow.

I’ve dreamed of her a thousand nights…perhaps even more…and though I have yet to meet her, I desire her to my core.

She is central to all my fantasies…my...

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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Softly telling lies, lulling me to ecstasy

Thirsty for your love, insatiable appetite for your body

Humming In sync to the rapid rhythm of my heart

Conducting electricity, rolling with the currents

hypnotize by the friction of our flesh...

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It is said that forgiveness is a sense of mercy based on the emotional concept which is given from one heart to another. Forgiveness is asked for, due to the unexpected, or untimely error, regret, or feelings which shouldn’t be harbored any further, to a measurable theory it is thought or said...

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Invisible Letter

The letter I got felt so good, oh how it smells so sweet.

I read, re-read, and read once more every word you send to me.

My hear swells at the thought of your love.

Your words enticing me

Gentle kisses along my cheeks you took out time for me.


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What Is the Color of Love?

Many colors and their oh so many different meaning. The color of love, what is it, have you seen it? One conversation with thought on a calm friendly night. Who knows what it truly is. Word from the Great Book said it’s pure...

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Look Through My Eyes

Imagine if you will, being made to stay in a place where your surroundings are unfamiliar, and so is every face. Imagine being ordered around by people you don’t even know, where people tell you when to eat, where you can and cannot go. Imagine hundreds of people around, and still feeling all...

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Earl Price #A674-053

How I am, is how I feel, but how I feel is not who I am,
The conclusion that exists from this reality is also a part of me.
The condition of the heart also tends to cause a fluctuation of the mind,
The lack of stability there, is too, how I am.
To be me...

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Black Rivers Run Wild

My childhood might seem lacking

Because I’m Blacking

And you consider 

Meadowbrook and queensbridge

A place where

Broken dreams...

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Aaron Blay

Are you capable of seeing past these prison bars, or willing to help heal these emotional scars? 

Will we be able to become the best of friends even though I'm not rich and can't buy you a Mercedes-Benz?

Can I write you just to free my mind or call you just to laugh and pass...

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Born with wings, but never flew.

Born to sing, but never crooned.

Lofty heights, I’ve never known.

Awesome skills though never honed.

Much potential, never seen,

Not quite realized, but often dreamed.

Life’s sweet victory, I’...

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