Inmate Poetry

Posted on 5/2/2017

Sleeping silences and shattered calm
You came into my life, a light in the dark
Brilliantly blazing with enchanting charm
With a fiery inferno you melt my heart

Wherever you are is hearth and home
Where my weary soul is never alone
A twilight forest for you I wander
You have my heart, my love, my honor

My fairy queen with unearthly beauty
I give my life fairly...

Posted on 9/13/2017


Sticks & Stones

Words of deception
Void of self-reflection
Taught a false reality
Why how can this be
This is all I’ve known
Blind leading the blind
So I had to find out on my own
Like a chemical or a poison
False realities and hypocrisy
Sifting through it all
With my eyes wide open
A closed mouth don’t get feed
So that’s why I started asking...

Posted on 4/18/2019

אילת השחר

(“Morningstar or Deer of the Dawn”)

Who would you be, if I knew who you were?

That YHWH must come first in your heart, that much is sure;

faithful and loving, that my heart be secure.

A warrior, a princess, and fearless in faith,

with wisdom and insight... trusting husband in the gates.

For the road that I walk is a hard one to bear,

the greatest of prices - you must be...

Posted on 8/11/2019

Hours upon hours, I exchange blows with the boy growing into
A man standing in front of his mirror,
Mental deterioration as I analyze and criticize the image
Reflecting back into my eyes,
In my mind, insecurities became superior, confidence became
My mental residence is in need of new interior,
Outside opinions I am in fear of,
A huge role that was played to perfection, outside opinion...

Posted on 1/20/2019

Benevolence and faith it takes

   For friendship forged anew,

The mysteries of destiny

   Then come gradually into view,

When the universe has crossed our paths

   And our stars have been aligned,

We’ll find if all has been in vain

   Or is righteous and divine,

For time reveals the truth or things

   And the contents of...

Posted on 2/2/2017


I find myself wishing for a friendly speck of hope;
Someone who can let me know,
That my heart is alive and well like a stethoscope.
I raise my head high toward the sky,
Despite the weight of my fate, or the slop on my plate.

I march forward toward another day,
As time passes by, and I search for words to pray.

The heart of a lion;...

Posted on 9/4/2018

In all my eagerness, for success to be reached

I remain poised, as still as the sign that says

Stop no longer distracted by the noise…

Hearing the world more clearly, a melody I can’t

forget, the universal signs & my thoughts collide

as I try not to slip…How often do these raindrops

drip & puddles form on the ground.  Sometimes

I stare at my reflection through them...

Posted on 6/18/2018

Mylz Tha Damned

We are down here.  Down here we all float.  In the belly of the beast, in case you ain’t know.  They call this place Hell.  I’ve come to call it home.  If you’re scared go to church.  I’m where the wild things roam.  OMG.  Thee ambitions of the chief.  To gain the whole world, and give it back to my peeps.  For a vision I’m crying...

Posted on 5/13/2019

Inner Shine

Praying to God,

This is my clarity.

Inquiring boldly, “Lord my God’;

I see a woman of color.

Though I am alone, I have God.

Am I worthy of friends; what pleasure is in them?

Though men treat them as idols’

While many mistreat them.

To such I will not partake

Expose not my feathers

To increase my potency.

God, only send what I can handle...

Posted on 7/10/2018


Life is what we make of it
Whether free or in prison
Life is happiness to some
Or just another day gone
Life is work to pay our bills
Or hope for a decent meal
Life is home to a loving family
Or to your cell and ugly celly
Life is a night watching our favorite movie
Or living a life that should be a horror movie
Life is a place where everything is perfect...

Posted on 7/2/2019

Dedicated to every woman striking a pose in my picture collection…

Beauty Before Me

Once upon a moment we shared,
That look in her eye, do I dare?
In a quiet place, our hearts be still,
A rush to judgment, but was she there?

God forsake my wandering mind
Or could it be that sparked divine?
What questions mill beneath affinity,
Will he rush or bide his time?

My desire begins...

Posted on 3/21/2019

I am looking for someone to chit chat

Who shares from laughs and cries

Someone who will never play get back

& to walk this path with side by side

A guide at times, friend and companion till the end

Someone who will speak their mind

But isn’t demanding & can somewhat bend

Someone to lend a shoulder when needed

And kisses and hugs galore

Someone to believe in who...

Posted on 12/4/2017

While dreaming one night, I had dreamt
A tale to tell…
I dreamt I saw an Angel. She wasn’t looking
Too well.
Her body bruised and battered; wings ripped
And torn.
I saw she could barely walk, She was tired
And all so worn.
Walking over to the Angel, I had asked how
This could be?
She could only look up at me. As she did her best
To smile. As she said...

Posted on 3/11/2019

Wasted Time

This time that I’ve wasted is my biggest regret…

Spent in a place, that I’ll never forget…

Just sitting and thinking about the things that I’ve done…

It’s just me and my hard driven guilt…

Behind a wall of emptiness that I allowed to be built…

Trapped in my body with reality suddenly in my face…

Full of remorse and stuck in this place…

Now memories of the past, flash...

Posted on 7/25/2019

The thunder crashes above me,
betokening the wrath of God.
The rain falls around me,
but I can’t see it,
but rain betokens
the sadness of God.
Another Boethius is dying,
like so many before
in the sad annals
of this Earth’s history.
Could he see the night sky?
I cannot.

How can one live without the stars?
Without the moon,
without sunlight, without

Posted on 5/25/2018

People and Prison

People in the world wake up on a bed. People in prison wake up feeling dread. God remembers all the days you left.
People in the world answer their cell phones, people in prison the answer is gone, for God the answer is you're not alone.
People in the world eat in restaurants, people in prison eat where there's a lot, God sees forget-me-nots.
People in the world go to clothing stores,...

Posted on 1/6/2019

A Fathers Prayer

The longing in my life is not a prayer for me, in the deep watches of the night I pray not selfishly.
I lift her life to you, her heart I know you love. I cannot protect her now below, please protect her from above.
You see her needs as I cannot, you hear her prayers I know, you feel her tears upon your cheek, please hold her as I go.
No man could love her as I do, no heart could miss her so....

Posted on 3/13/2018

A freezing wind chills the air around the ice shrouded mound.
There at the pinnacle, a forlorn, dying oak stands tall,
Skeletal branches void of leaves clawing skyward abound.
Unloved and forgotten, yet refusing ever to fall.
Don’t doubt how I know of this desolate place dead as bone,
For the visage shaped by the bark is my very own.

Shackled within my eternal winter, inside I cry

Posted on 4/2/2018


Unintentionally I’ve fallen and possibly can’t get back up

times when we would cross paths I’d ponder if my feelings were based upon pure lust

No…They were based on love

Time suspended as I think about your arms

How intelligent you are and how you...

Posted on 1/13/2019

The wind whistles wonderful melodies

Melodious and dulcet

Who knew that the air up there

Could sound so beautifully

I gaze at the beautiful night sky

And espy

A beautiful bright star that’s

One in a million

In the firmament full of stars

With diverse dispositions, appearance, and brilliance

That brilliantly appear right before my eyes

And I knew that...

Posted on 6/18/2018

N8V Illuminati  

I’m so symbolic
Broke the 1st rule of fight club
Sacred truths so mystery
I don’t even know it.
Faceless movement
Editor N Chief
1st N8V on the moon
Mylzavelli Urban Heyoka 5150
Mylz Da Vinchi W Chainz
The damned urban NDN

P.S. Look at the forest.  The straight trees are chopped down.  The crooked...

Posted on 1/17/2016

The Song Bird Parable

Look inside of my cage
And you will find shade, only in reliance…
For I am a caged song bird
Whose face drowns in torrents, but yet I sing!
Perched on my swing,
I flap and flutter in temperance
My bandaged wings, hurt!
From the fowler’s sling, the foulest thing…
But, but…My crown is king and kingdom
Sky, like, you can...

Posted on 1/17/2016


Ultra violet rays high light my high life,
Giving existence to fortitude in clarity….
Through the similarity to which I stand
In my position of light and likeness,
I find that my growth through experience
In life’s cycles heightens
My over standing without the
My illumination begins at a peak,
In relation to the highest form of...

Posted on 10/24/2018

Rising through 
chipped paint, rusty doors 
stained steel, and cracked floors, 
a black rose 
rose for an encore.
Rooted by tears of spilled dreams, 
and the soil of being deemed 
unenviable for life’s theme; 
yet, blossomed, a rose has risen. 
Nurtured by the rays of hope on the horizon, 
a fellow petal’s guidance, 
and the...

Posted on 1/20/2019

Insatiable desire

I yearn for a woman

With tender bounteous bosom

And strawberry curls

Flowing free and unfurled

Over cheeks of rose petals

Adorned with freckles

Insatiable desire


Enchantingly exquisite

She wears a woven red dress

Clothing her milky flesh

She glimmers an angelic smile

Her kiss is gentle yet wild

Sweet as...

Posted on 7/5/2017

Introverted Sunshine

Introverted sunshine…
Your nighttime dazzles while your stars blind
In reserved fine-ness your highness…
Though your beauty is in every eyes beholder
To those who can look up and define ya…
Under ya starry skies I wander…
Umbrella over me I’m under, it would seem
Mystique like.
More involved through my telescopes locked in...

Posted on 10/23/2018

Dreams of Reality?

Last night I had the most beautiful dream
It was so real or so it did seem
I woke up from my slumber and a visitor appeared
It was you standing there, your eyes filled with tears
I pulled you close and whispered, “Baby don’t cry”
“I’ll always love you til the day I die”.
I held you and kissed the tears from your face
The tears dissolved and a smile took their place

Posted on 4/23/2018

Spawn Of Me (NDN Goddess)

In my mind, where I still hold my little dictator, my heart is filled with joy. I feel as blessed as the ponies are when the snows melt filling the streams with water and the fresh grass grows. It’s tradition for those who aspire to an NDN Princesses favor, to represent themselves with those things of theirs which they perceive her extremely to delight. Customarily we see horses, furs, the world....

Posted on 12/13/2016

Grandfather Envy

I’ve a future in envy,
An unparalleled innocence of conscious abilities,
None hostile nor docile but impalpable,
I use my conflicting past to temper my
Current existence, rectifying my tattered wings,
An envied sparrow…
I think of minutes, staring at time, taunting
It to fight me.
Can’t the face of Ol’ grandfather time see that

Posted on 7/1/2019

Time and time again
Senseless violence takes
A friend, brother, sister
Mother, father or child
All the while,
The world keep spinning around.

Another soul lost
Too many tears shed
Feelings of emptiness surround us
Another great human is dead.

Nipsey Hussle left us
But his name and music
Will forever live on,
Music played everywhere,
His name spoken from...