Inmate Poetry

Posted on 6/1/2018

True Beauty

Don’t pay attention to their looks,
But the beauty deep within,
That’s what truly counts,
And where true beauty begins.
All your flaws and faults, 
Molded them into the person that they are.
So different but unique,
Like a snowflake or a star.
You shine, you glow,
Only in your own special way.
You don’t fall in love with their...

Posted on 2/9/2018

Yesterday is today
Tomorrow is forever
Last week was seven years
My mind is a cloud that sits on the ground
Life is a maze while I'm lost in space
Thoughts spin into sound then bounce around
Then get lost in ether
My Birthday came then went away
The meaning of the number 8
The ghost that haunts me is past
People come but never last
An akward kid picking his...

Posted on 2/21/2018


I am a problem for bringing savage back and it’s so matter of fact.  Heart as black as the clouds throwing thunder and the court documents say it’s the U.S.  of a versus me.  Guess I’m a one man war party.  But I’m not guna do what everyone thinks I’m guna do.  All I wanna know is who’s coming with me.  Therefore I laid out the strategy of the...

Posted on 9/25/2017


A woman is truly amazing, flawless in the creation of such beauty. 
As a man were to love and cherish her, it’s our duty.
Ready to fulfill all of her needs, wants, and desires,
fully taking control and not waiting for something to transpire.
Being passionate and...

Posted on 4/26/2015


My mind clear and feeling free,
Giving a sense of serenity,
Only seeing my point of destiny.

With my heart beating like a fine-oiled machine,
Pushing blood to places that are in need,
My lungs pulling air for my body to breathe.

With a slap, slap, slap, slap my feet pushing and pulling,
So that even when I feel I can't go anymore, I keep going.

Posted on 1/23/2018


Learning to play background while God takes the lead,
Truly being obedient as I trust in the King.
Each morning I open the Bible the Spirit helps me see;
Being born again gives me reason to sing;
Created in His image I was on His mind from the beginning,
Jesus’ death and resurrection now I’m like Charlie Sheen “winning!”;

Posted on 5/8/2017

Thoughts In The Night

While lying here in my cell tonight
Unable to sleep, my mind runs right
I review my memories from the past
And wonder why time goes so fast
I remember the day when I was a child
Just a carefree kid out running wild
My thoughts of the future often shattered
By things in the present that didn’t matter
As I grew older my ways were the same

Posted on 6/30/2016


A CARE FREE SOUL: Is responsible,
Not committed to anyone or worthy cause.
It has to be expressed lacking a serious view of life!

And displays an callous view of others!

A IGNORANT SOUL: Don’t know,
Or won’t turn on the light switch of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom,
To begin the learning process!

Posted on 4/16/2018


Who Are You?

Who are you?  I think of you all the time.  I even daydream of
you pretending I know you and that you know me.  But who are you?
I'm not sure but I'm certain we are stitched together; heart to heart,
soul to soul.  I can hear the echoes of your heartbeat, the echoes that
have painted a picture.  A vivid master piece of soul mates finding...

Posted on 12/9/2017

Genuinely Him

I spin and rotate while standing still.
I of the Lotus, black fan, breaking hands, Martial Art Kung-Fu.
No thinking and thought’n or thought’n and thinking, only knowing.
Strike with wisdom, knowledge and strength (Great White Shark, Green Dragon, Night Owl). I am immune to poison. I eat it, human rats, human snakes, and bullies, etc.
My lifestyle is written in stone....

Posted on 2/10/2018


People die,
Beauty fades.
Love changes,
And you will always be alone;

People die, so love them every day.
Beauty fades, so look before it’s gone.
Love changes, but not the love you give.
And if you love, you will never be alone.

Posted on 11/30/2017

Lost in the dark I trip over bones
I follow the shadows and I talk to the stones
The chatter of teeth and the rustle of leaves
The wind whispers Annabelle Leah
glawing graceful She appears to me
A fey Queen named Annabelle Leah
Come Wonderer Come and See
She held out her arms My Annabelle Leah
The water is warm and the kisses are free
Come to me your Annabelle Leah

Posted on 12/18/2017


"Have You Ever"

Have you ever had others view you in a way that was truly unfair?
Have you ever sought the love and approval of someone who wasn't there?

Have you ever tried to better yourself, while others seek to hold you down?
Have you ever tried to bring someone else joy, when they're nowhere around?

Have you ever craved the warmth of the sun, as you sit behind...

Posted on 9/26/2017

Life Is A Dream

In this place, negativity is all I see
In this cell, pain is all I can smell
I ask myself, is this me, or am I adrift at sea?
How did I get here? Was it a mistake?
Or simply a cruel twist of fate?

Last night I had the most beautiful dream
It was so real, or so did it seem
I awoke from my slumber and a visitor appeared
It was you standing there, your eyes...

Posted on 7/5/2017

Phoenix Files Conflagration

I think…No I “Know” you don’t
Know me.
How could you? I’m only the same
Difference you thought was familiar
While thinking comes from not knowing.
I got your wheels turning and that
Hamster moving…
But you couldn’t know who I was but
To be where I’ve been is to...

Posted on 6/18/2018

Like a wildfire
Desire blazes within my soul
Anticipating her soft and silken caress
The need is strong
Thundering within my chest

I close my eyes and imagine her there
Breathing slowly
Her rising breasts
Wanting me as much as I need her

Dizzy with just
Debilitating and invigorating all at once
The rush
Coursing through my body...

Posted on 12/9/2017

Mrs. Edible

A woman is known by the company her mind keeps.
And if you hear what comes out of her heart, goes to a heart.
And when you love yourself like she do, it’s a romance for eternity.
She (spouse) is priority, rapture is what she brings to the table.
That table, has a nutritious substance to maintain life and growth.
It’s a magnificent sight illuminating and plentiful,...

Posted on 1/23/2018


For those who have been easily deceived…Follow the trail of knowledge I bleed…About the birth of a nation…Called, “The land of the free”. The land where we, my people, were brought 10 folds…Sold then or stolen, to be locked in cargo holds…On boats, across oceans, left with our faith and our hopes…Would we live to see another day? “Yes” for some, “No...

Posted on 7/5/2016

Then I Cry…

Freedom taken
Life forsaken
Steel bars
Painful scars
Mental strains
Waist chains
Concrete walls
Collect calls
Nothing’s fair
Hard to bear
Mind games
Nick names
Count bells
Stair wells
Masked strangers
Constant dangers
Jingling keys
Trembling knees
Lonely hours
Faith sours...

Posted on 8/10/2015

My Queen

My Princess, my Queen
You’re everything I ever needed
And when I see your face
Or hear your voice
Then I know I am defeated.

Because I can fight a lion
Or kill a man
But I can’t look into your eyes
It’s like you see into my soul
It’s like you see past my disguise.

I ask myself why?
Why I do care about you so much...

Posted on 3/19/2018

An eagle’s sigh
And majestic tear
The raven’s reply
For never being here
A memory of tomorrow
And I’ll bet it’s windy
And tears of a clown
What’s that about
Words don’t
And all begins to speak
Words won’t
And all begins to leak
Into something
That needs meaning
And time to really think
I don...

Posted on 7/31/2017


Chasing Love

The thought of falling in love again
Has kept my heart from aching
And though it’s worn upon my sleeve
It has no room for breaking
But nothing is ever set in stone
There are risks with every start
And if that’s what it takes to find the one
I’ll let them tear me apart
And every time I’m put back together

Posted on 9/13/2017


“Angel & the Devil”

Here’s a dream about an angel, an angel that fell from the sky,
Away from harm’s into my arms, an angel with crystal clear eyez…

I could hardly believe my luck, an angel with beauty unknown, I
Touched her heart, mine fell apart and wondered who left here alone…

An angel as precious at this, so fragile with innocence, a tale...

Posted on 1/4/2018



Right before my eyes I observe the sands
of time sift through the hour glass….And yet
the horizon is unchanged….
Life slowly fading from my father quickening his
Right before my eyes I see my wing span reach
in two directions aiming to span this world,
I yearn to embrace my mother fully, her wisdom
so inviting...

Posted on 3/9/2018



True and trusting friends
Are the ones who when
The path was rough and stony
Helped me start again.

Who never tried to interfere
Yet made their presence felt,
Who when their friend was feeling low
On future dreams they dwelt.

They never asked the questions
Of why or how or where,
But I knew that I could count on them;

Posted on 12/8/2015

The Process of Love Begins Within

My desire for love stretches farther than the heavens above, it goes deeper than express words and the blue ocean waters of love. Who is love? Where is love? What does love look like? Who invented love? Is it you? I am searching the universe for this desire within. I find no examples to walk in. Not having a clue that love is within. For I desire to know love and be loved and to embrace its very...

Posted on 2/6/2018

True love is something that I always wanted, despite the desperate desires of being loved. There are times when I wanted to give up on life, due to my pains and adversities but see my pains and adversities led up to me becoming the man that I was projected to be by God. See because everybody wants happiness, but don’t want to endure pain and nobody should want to endure pain but in all reality there wouldn’t be any rainbows...

Posted on 10/9/2017

In the mountains
The air is fresh and clear
In the mornings we breakfast on the patio, birds are singing
And the dawn is full of anticipation
The Earth is alive,
With the Sun comes hiking through meadows, cannon balls
Into icy water, finding new fishing holes or
Returning to reliable ones.

When eagles go to their aerie, bats come out in force
We’ll eat what we caught and...

Posted on 1/18/2018


Birth of a Mystery

Making up dreams
Replaying memories
Altering scenes
Forgetting words prophesized

Ugly is the lies
Beautiful are the eyes
Thunder rolling over my skies
Eternally stuck in your eyes
Never fading from my mind

Lightning strikes the chest
Holding to nothing,
Agony pours.
Standing at the window ledge

Posted on 7/30/2017

“The Journey of Life”

It twists and turns
With mountains to climb
And fires that burn

Shaped at a young age
So vulnerable and pure
Life at full speed
Is how we must learn

The good times and bad
Is a part of it all
When climbing a mountain
Sometimes you will fall

With each step we take
Comes pleasure and pain...