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Inmate Poetry

Kysean Lee #A702-672

"Dreams of Reality"

Last night I had the most beautiful dream
It was so real or so it did seem
I woke up from my slumber and a visitor appeared
It was you standing there with your eyes filled with tears
I pulled you close and whispered "Baby don't cry"

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What a Stressful Pandemic

What is stressful pandemic, as this pandemic breezes through our nation and distracts us from our lively form of dedication

We become more thankful for all of Allah's creation only from the fear of the destruction of this world

We tend to seem lost but the only right path to walk...

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Barbara Williams

When I came to prison I lost all hope

but I had to remember how it felt to be at the end of my rope.

Friends I thought were loyal and built on trust

faded and eroded like a car full of rust.

Like the saddest of love songs I feel alone and full of sorrows


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Justin Jauhari #1194328

If U Were Mine…
If U were mine I’d study your heart until the beat is memorized
And demonstrate devotion through love exemplified.
I would be CEO to your sacred enterprise.
If U were mine…U would never ever be neglected.
Communication would be open, our lines would...

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Silent Screams

Silent Screams

Silent screams you will never hear

Silent screams that burn my ears

Silent screams that walls of concrete muffle and steal

Metal bars that rust my tears

Alone in my cell trapped with fear

Fear of losing what’s most dear


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De'Quantez Nixson #A678-485

Opportunity Poem

No roses are red, violets are blue stuff, reading this you know I’m cool as shiss.
Reading your mind is like studying an astrology quiz, personality so unique, impossible to forget.
Don’t wanna know you by name, never judge you by looks, taking my time...

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Could You?

(This poem depicts several key figures in the Civil Rights Movement. From Nat Turner, Martin Luther King, to Emmet Till. 

For every word in this poem, it’s a message behind their meaning that we as a...

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Piece by Piece

To shackle me in chains… sailing to a new world placing collars on our brains… To take me away from all I know and put on an auction block. Sold as part of the show…

To be drawn like cattle and sent to the...

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Benjamin Frandsen #F29177

“Time In”
     by Benjamin Frandsen

Time in.
Time in the house where the windows
    don’t open
The broken are spoken
    of as dogs underfoot
They’ve put the shackles on prisoners

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Another Day

Living in a single cell, spending a lot of time alone

Making plans for my life, what I’m gonna do when I get home

Looking back over two decades, can’t believe the time I’ve lost...

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Patrick Slay #099357


In the beginning;
Before God got his hands dirty;
Forming man,
From the chemicals in the sands.
God spoke His word,
And created
Everything in existence.
Now I’m online…
Getting my mind dirty,

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A Bright Darkness

If you could see the world through my eyes you’d be blinded.

The colors too bright, hiding a darkness deep inside it.

You’d be transfixed, dazed, staring in amazement.


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The World I Live In

“The World I Live In”

I look into the eyes of evil and realize that we “use” to know each other, the relation is so familiar that it's almost like we're brothers

Good doesn't exist in this world of darkness filled with sorrow and pain, with so much strife, contention, and hurt,...

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Nationality Not Religion

Nationality Not Religion

Black lives matter? Who is black?  Civiliter Moriuus!

We are Moors! Nationality is key, I am Noble Drew Ali.

Right message, wrong label!  Yes we matter, eat from your original vine and fig tree!

Up up you mighty ppl you can...

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Juan Reyes #A412-123


Right now it is so hard to go on. I can’t describe the lack of will I’ve to live. Something in my life has to change. Something has got to give. I can’t expect God to bail me out of my troubles. Most of them of which I’ve caused. God has witnessed everything from my manipulating...

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Wild Rainbows

Become the dance, and be guided by our ingenious.

Be moved by those gifts that exist only in our imagination.

   Let our fantasies run free forever and in all ways....

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Donnell Green #M16889

Poison and disease hunts us down and constricts us
Long before mask mandates we concealed our face,
So before the reveal the question is, which us?
That we choose to present, do we wave and smile like
Life’s great? Or is our knees to the floor as we scream...

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Friends to the End

Friends to the End

I'm constantly encouraged to create something the reader can savor, it's always my mission to prepare a literary meal.

With adequate flavor something that leaves them feeling full and looking for my next piece, thought provoking poetry that's destined to live...

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Romeo Alvarez

Oftentimes I close my eyes

and let my mind take me to a better place.

To escape from all this hate

and break free from all this pain.

I've learned to make do with what I got

and take each day, day by day.

Reminding myself that nobody's perfect...

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Lost Time

Lost Time

Away from family and friends,

Can't remember how it started and don't know when it ends.

It hurts doing dead time lost in the pen where’s hope in a better day

When you don't know when it ends.

Birthdays missed,

People dying talking on the...

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Incarcerated but Inspired

Succeed. I will. At all cost.

I refuse to settle for less.

Incarcerated, though I am,

I am inspired nonetheless.


Indomitable. I am....

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Alex Haynes #184775

"Love Of My Life"

What is life if it is lived without love?

Without love are you really living at all?
Can one endure a lifetime without ever experiencing the joy of love?

A loss of life that would be.

To lose out on the happiness...

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From within this concrete fortress

Constructed to contain

Madness, heartache, death, and pain

One must seek solace in an attempt to maintain and stay sane

Nothing but darkness

Accompanied by an Arctic chill

Are the daily...

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Jamin Knighten #01650155

Needing His Help

Lord I know I’m not right and I need help
Suffocating all my life and I need breath
I done spent entire nights trying to please flesh
Only reaping what I sow but, I’m seedless
Heed this, I can’t express it, can’t suppress it, it’s contradictive...

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Am I the Only One?

Am I the only one? That wants

Forgiveness for not being a father to 

My only son. Yeah it’s crazy that I’m

Different, going through life people told...

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Fear is a wolf on a chain, only dangerous when you set it free. Sorrow exhausts itself in the net of forgetting, anger, for all its fury, can be killed by a smile. Only hope goes on forever, because hope doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to our ancestors, the first of our kind, whose brave love...

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Marcus Daniels

People often think the hardest thing is losing the one you love in your life.

The truth is, the hardest thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone else.

And at some point, you've got to learn that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life.

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This poem is to the woman I hurt behind this word called love,

Everybody seems to think if you love easy then it will end hard.

If you give it fast it will kill you slowly.  Do I love you, do I love you?  Of course I do.   Differently from how I...

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Quarantine (Part 1)

Quarantine (Part 1)

My heart goes out to all of the victims we lost to the madness

All of the family, lost in the balance

I know it's hard to keep balanced and managed

The way things are now life has changed so suddenly,

can't even go out in public...

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Fit To Stand Trial

Fit to Stand Trial

It's very hard to be accepted when you're living under a misconception

When they paint you with the brush of a villain, you get no affection

People believe everything they hear in the media even if they lied

But my hands are always open - people...

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