Inmate Poetry

Posted on 1/17/2016

 The Letter of a Gypsy

Hey Wassup
So this is a confession, I may be a stranger, but not too far
from where you are…  Just close enough to admire your beauty
from afar…Not on some weirdo stuff, but on some real stuff, you got me turnin in my dreams girl…

I know you don’t know me, but I’d like to know you…
‘Cause, I can’t help but wanna...

Posted on 10/18/2019

The JOURNEY of a butterfly is synonymous to my life. 

Born a caterpillar confined to a leaf, just as I was born below the poverty line confined to a street

Eating to survive from being eaten.

Judged, by what you see right now, but I know within me is astonishment and magnificence.

Avoid all the carnivores only to end up inside a cocoon, or is this a prison cell?


I am back.


Posted on 11/1/2019

Isolation - by Pyro

Like a room full of toys, surrounded by fictional eyes.

Staring in demise, but never full of life.

Plenty of time to count the time, they say the truth always lies in the eyes.

Try breathing with no air, Jordan Sparks!

Every second lost is another minor cost, of your mental exhaust.

They say stop and smell the roses, Season?

Indeed they may smell good, but a rose has...

Posted on 5/16/2019

A Friend of Mine

A friend of mind will freely spend time without feeling timed or like she’s doing time at any time

A friend of mine will stimulate my mind while allowing hers to mined

A friend of mine gives me her best and loves the best of me

A friend of mine sees not just my flaws but also the rest of me

A friend of mine feels like I’ve always known her

A friend of mine allows me to live life...

Posted on 2/9/2018

Yesterday is today
Tomorrow is forever
Last week was seven years
My mind is a cloud that sits on the ground
Life is a maze while I'm lost in space
Thoughts spin into sound then bounce around
Then get lost in ether
My Birthday came then went away
The meaning of the number 8
The ghost that haunts me is past
People come but never last
An akward kid picking his...

Posted on 1/18/2018


Make It Up To You

I've been in jail since you’ve been months old, I know.
And I know you’re angry because your face and voice tell me so.
In your eyes I've only been a disappointment to you and your brothers.
But when you look at it, it’s not just y’all, it’s plenty others.
I haven’t taught you anything that a father should.
But I praise your mother because she’s doing everything she could...

Posted on 12/18/2018

You will never know what a letter can mean until you have been where I am, or been through what I’ve been through.

I’m confined to a world behind four walls where no one can see me, and I receive no calls or visits.

Often I sleep and wake up alarmed, thinking that my family, loved ones, or friends may be harmed.

Thank God it’s just a dream as I come to my senses.  Then I look out the window and still see the...

Posted on 7/27/2017



You are the lady of the woods, the mighty Huntress.
With those eyes meant for a bow see me far off.
How long was I watching you?
I am manly and proud and beautiful and terrifying.
You are cold and exacting and distant.
Your eyes, the color of clear summer skies.
My eyes that of the woods: Bark, moss and shadow.
The birds gossip about us.
I see the rain coming in...

Posted on 1/4/2018



Right before my eyes I observe the sands
of time sift through the hour glass….And yet
the horizon is unchanged….
Life slowly fading from my father quickening his
Right before my eyes I see my wing span reach
in two directions aiming to span this world,
I yearn to embrace my mother fully, her wisdom
so inviting and mighty…..
Right before...

Posted on 6/18/2018

Mylz Tha Damned

We are down here.  Down here we all float.  In the belly of the beast, in case you ain’t know.  They call this place Hell.  I’ve come to call it home.  If you’re scared go to church.  I’m where the wild things roam.  OMG.  Thee ambitions of the chief.  To gain the whole world, and give it back to my peeps.  For a vision I’m crying...

Posted on 4/22/2019

Do not fear that I shall hurt your feelings, disappoint you or even break your heart. What I promise is nothing more than everything I am now and everything I will be with you. All I want is to make ready every wonder of your thoughts, cast ourselves into the whirl of endless possibilities in where disappointment does not exist and success and pleasure intertwining to form an enamored spirit in which you and I belong.

This is not a...

Posted on 9/27/2017

A letter or note from you to me;
a friendship that lasts eternally.
I seek to break up the day to day
to express what my heart has to say.

I want to have positive people around;
to share when I'm up or when I am down.
I want to hear all about you, too;
How was your day...what did you do?

More than this, I want to be free;
to live thru you, vicariously.
While I am...

Posted on 3/8/2018

My life before prison
was broken and sad.
The life of a drunkard,
A liar, a cad.
I've spit in the faces
Of family and friends,
And don't have the courage
To pursue their amends.
It's been four long years
Since I had my last drink,
Yet my actions still haunt me
Everytime that I blink.
Does the pain that I've caused
Deserve absolution?...

Posted on 4/3/2017

The Love of the Season Autumn

In the crisp gentle wind of fall
You can see the beautiful brown autumn leaves big and small
Jack-O-Lanterns, bats and candy corn delight the children
But the biggest treat of all lies within them
A big smile across their face is what parents seek
To see their bright faces say “Trick or Treat”.

A time of Harvest, the season is of plenty

Posted on 6/27/2019

“Greetings to You”

This is the deepest, sincere, thoughts of my heart, mind and soul!

Since the beginning of time, I've had these thoughts, desires and feelings towards you, before I was born.

Since I became aware of my existence to be, it has been a passion burning deep and strong inside of me.

This passion consumes me like hunger yet satisfied, many times it seemed that hunger was filled, but that was a lie...

Posted on 7/2/2019

A lost boy in search of manhood
A system in place, making this find unlikely
Streets offered a look-a-like substance,
Until I found my heart as dark as my skin
Before I knew it
I didn’t know the difference between
Me and the streets
Lured into defeat by arrogant losers,
With American chosen to watch me bleed
Something that has to numb this pain,
So I medicate myself to sleep

Posted on 7/25/2019

These walls about me are unfounded
on anything I said or did,
yet deep within these walls am hid.
Without the sky is clean and dry,
without the days keep tumbling by,
within is helpless waiting by
and deathless death of days.
So see my eyes which walk these halls,
which cannot close
to horrors called.
If ever torture had a frame,
Harris County is its name.

Note: I...

Posted on 9/23/2019

“Advertising in it’s highest flight exerts itself and monetize it’s might”.

J’aime le gateau.


Paul Andrew Rouse


Posted on 6/14/2015


Once, I was afraid I would never find someone
To really care about.
I wanted someone perfect,
At least for me.
A special kind of talking,
An honest way of listening without judgment;
Not being afraid to laugh or cry;
Kindness and understanding;
Fun, love and excitement;
Someone who would lift my heart with joy.
I guess that I expected a lot,
But I...

Posted on 4/1/2019

If It Was Me

Police are killing innocent people at an alarming rate,

And none of its hearsay, everything is caught on tape.

Even with that overwhelming evidence, free, away they walk,

I pray for the mothers whose sons lie in chalk…

People like myself who have no money,

Get sent straight to prison, but the thing that’s really funny,

Is I ain’t even do sh*t but protect myself from harm....

Posted on 2/11/2019

My Loss

Just received the heart-rending news late today,
My best friend died a sudden death yesterday.

When the whole wide world was completely a drain,
You were there to ease the unbearable pain,
Always helping to keep me mentally sane.

Now I’m having trouble living in this space
Got me feeling like I’ve stumbled, losing this race
Chasing the memories of your fleeting face.


Posted on 2/17/2016


It happens, time and time again-you know theme where
they walk in.
They have that look that says – “they know they’ve made a life
mistake-getting sent out this place” – especially because
of their race
At first they will try to act tough but acting is not enough.
Besides the eyes don’t lie.
The fear shows and the predators...

Posted on 6/18/2018


Late to bed early to rise; the herd needs watchful eyes.  Nomadic blood that no one can tame; preserve this blood not like the ancient beast slain.  Protect the clan that buds from man; thunder echoes throughout the land.  The energy of the God's is present in all that is spoke; drums and singing now the Pagan soul has awoke.  Ignite the flame, Oh the divine spark; inhale the smoke of the...

Posted on 11/15/2019

Lately I've been finding myself lost searching for love

Love is blind but I know it's looking for me

I yell out Love's name L.O.V. until I'm on E

I'm tired I grab my phone and turn on my location

Maybe the satellites all show love where I'm located

I dial numbers randomly…..ring

Love?  Do you hear me calling?

Wherever you are, for you I'll keep on walking

until I'm weak in...

Posted on 7/29/2019

It’s a question I must ask, to all that come through. Why is just passing by, something that you must do? Why not wait for awhile, allow your courage to build up, message me from this site, leave your address, say what’s up? Is that asking too much? Am I pushing your limits? Do you fear what I might say? Are you someone who’s timid? Why not jump head first in it? I’m only a few clicks asway! Hearing from somebody new would surely brighten my...

Posted on 4/29/2016

My Brown Eyes

When, look into your depths, feel
I see your different layers…
Your essence more vivid then painted
pictures in a gallery of insignificant
or from your lips to the Gods with omni
potent ears in the heavens surpassing
low prayers….
I see you in my vision Ms. Brown eyes….
I see you in my visualizations….
I see you...

Posted on 10/10/2018

Some things are worth

Fighting for,

Too important to

Just ignore,


Allow someone else

To hold,

Especially one who’s

So cold,

That he could overlook

And mother’s tears,

Then murder what she created

And nurtured for years,

So no longer am I

Shedding yesterday’s tears,

But all the fears

That’s held me back for years...

Posted on 1/20/2019

Benevolence and faith it takes

   For friendship forged anew,

The mysteries of destiny

   Then come gradually into view,

When the universe has crossed our paths

   And our stars have been aligned,

We’ll find if all has been in vain

   Or is righteous and divine,

For time reveals the truth or things

   And the contents of...

Posted on 1/31/2018

"The Power of Forgiveness"

As I sat in that courtroom
Awaiting my fate,
My victim looked back
Into a face, she must hate.
When her eyes met mine,
Instead of aversion,
I saw only love,
To the point of immersion.
While locked in her gaze,
Unable to budge,
She said these sweet words,
Releasing her grudge.
"You deserve to be...

Posted on 8/11/2019

Hours upon hours, I exchange blows with the boy growing into
A man standing in front of his mirror,
Mental deterioration as I analyze and criticize the image
Reflecting back into my eyes,
In my mind, insecurities became superior, confidence became
My mental residence is in need of new interior,
Outside opinions I am in fear of,
A huge role that was played to perfection, outside opinion...