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Inmate Poetry

I Come From Pain

I come from pain

It's an eternal pain

That's a symbol of my reasoning

and how I became a man of no blame.

The pain from rejection and the physical bloodstains

It's like my soul is like brick it can withstand hurricane rain

My skin is so soft and my...

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To Be

Are you able to help me, can I be helped?

Do you, would you, happen to know

A way to realize what is felt?


You can’t see within the depths of me

To the center of my being, but


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They weren’t just words. They were knives that stabbed me in the heart words that you assumed were my endurance.

My hope was fading away but I kept my chin up high and proud. For I shall have nothing to disowned. Every broken piece I carry with my stake shall not be...

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I Can Make It Anywhere

You can make it in this world

All you gotta do is try

Sometimes the truth hurts

So it’s easier to lie

I don’t wanna know where we go when we die

That’s why I say see you later, I don’t say goodbye...

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Alejandro Silva #01714647

“Wha Yoo Doo?”

Two Hundred-Fifty words to express my emotions
Spilling through the pages with conflicting commotions
Do stars dance together upon the Knite Sky
What sort of spirit connects us, between you and I
Beyond the Mortal Eye

I let my heart extend...

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Fires That Melt The Frost

Gone from this world cocooned in a shell

So close yet so far from freedom in this cell

Time creeping slow like a crippled snail

No bail stuck in this lava laced hell

Left to stare back at those eyes in the mirror

Loneliness.. Pain.. and Fear


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Mid-Wake Thoughts

I remember nights when I got caught up in they aim

Late nights to early mornings I was caught out in the rain

I used to run around, fists out tryna find out who to blame

Had to push-up every evening gotta workout

all the pain...

100 Here, 100 there...

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True Love

All my life family and friends

Tried to change me,

While at the same time

Telling me that they love me;

But, if they truly love me

Then why do they try so hard

To change the way I am?

For if they truly love me,

Then they would’ve...

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Winning Is Achieved

Winning is Achieved

Somewhere along the line you change

And when things get hard

You start looking for something to blame like a big shadow.

Well, let me whisper something you already know

The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows

It’s a very mean...

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Why am I dying to live? Being carried by God, doing this lifetime bid. Running wild in these streets, just trying to survive. Tuck my tail, or do I go the extra mile? We have no morals, or do we play by our own rules? Now there’s plenty of food. I’m losing focus because I’m high, so do I go...

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We must educate ourselves

By learning all that we can while incarcerated

Then we must employ our education

Exploiting it to the point to the point that it becomes a slave to our success

In this way

When we have the opportunity

We can give back what...

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In the Midst of the Storm

In the midst of the storm

Love care, and concern will

Always prevail; so for one

That didn’t know – please do


In the midst of the storm

The rain, the cold, the lightning,

The loss, the fear, the uncertainty

Will always be...

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Concrete & Steel

The pouring of slabs, beyond a boulevard or avenue, unbreakable; Withstanding an attempt to bend.

Also known as the “pen”, a conglomeration of people’s families and friends. The law becomes broken, and they’re ushered in.

Over a period of years, the concrete becomes hard on one’s...

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One of 'Em

A wrongful conviction

Is usually on purpose

A wrongful conviction

Never helps, but only


The conditions of a person,

Or a people for that matter.

A wrongful conviction mistreats

Both parties involved.

They both...

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Do you have any care and concern for the imprisoned? If so, I’d like to be your friend. Do you understand that there are innocent individuals behind bars? If so, I’d like to be your friend, because I’m one of them.


Has anyone behind bars ever tried with your feelings and...

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Rashawn Hoyle #K98910

“A Beautiful Person”

A beautiful person is someone who
Gives so much to others.

A beautiful person is someone who is
Helpful and caring in every situation.

A beautiful person is someone who
Takes the time to listen.

A beautiful person is someone...

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I am a prisoner in my own mind

Suicidal thoughts from depression

Since birth I was neglected

I was never accepted, only rejected

How do you thrive in a world that’s so selfish?

How do you react to love when you’ve never felt it?

Only I know my...

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Her grip was strong

And looking back, in hindsight I recognize that

It wasn’t quite her who clung so tightly,

But her heart that held on…

Me, never asking to be left alone,

But wishing to love her at arm’s length

How could I imagine that because...

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Self Love

They say that self love is the only love that you need,

and as I, search for the love of another human being,

I bleed,

I, wholeheartedly disagree,

I, wake up in cold sweats as I shake,

Noticing it's not me but the earth that quakes,

Because self...

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Mail Call

Every day they post a list.

Every day I check to see if I’ve been missed.

Guys getting letters from their girls saying how they miss their hunks.

As I sit here feeling so alone on my bunk. Christmas and Birthday cards arriving from loved ones.

As I try to keep my...

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Indian Leider #54791


Them ride or dies, if you ever meet one. They say all they have is loyalty, the live in the bad, but mean nothing but good....

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Who Am I?

Tune, ice, even ecstasy

All these drugs together can’t mess with me

I know I sound arrogant and gotta lotta confidence in myself

But I’ve ripped apart homes like tornadoes, making them take the family portrait off the shelf

From the youngsters to newborns, even...

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Things I can’t explain


Things I can’t attain


Things I can’t live without


Things I can’t understand.

At the end I fear

These emotions

These things I can’t explain

This love


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James Hendrix II

All things happen for a purpose and reason, just as God made the world and change of the seasons. Even my heart bleeding from this pens ink to this paper your eyes were chosen to read them, so these words from God threw me, I can give ones life a whole new meaning. Something to show, so you...

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A Part of Me

A part of me wakes up hoping this is just a bad dream
A part of me daydreams about the past
A part of me wonders in this crazy world how long I will last
A part of me regrets growing up so fast
A part of me dwells on getting another chance
A part of me just feels...

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Journey Ahead

The journey ahead is a long road with an unknown destination,

Filled with twists and turns, and lots to learn in multiple locations,

Leave one spot then it’s onto the next, let your mind be your navigation,

That way you always know what to expect,

Because you only...

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Ancestors Save me from this Earth where I was told during your time,
This was a beautiful birth where the grass was greener the air was fresher,
Love was unlimited
Whereas my Queens were the foundation
My Kings were the protectors our foundation...

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Sounds Within

Sounds Within by John Carey

As I sit in the darkness of my caged-in hell, I listen to the rasp of sounds that never go away. The tempest of violence, and the forces that drive it. Desperate souls pitched into a fiery grave. Sounds of terror, loneliness, pain, and despair. All echo...

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A Froze Life

A Frozen Life

As the days passed, I despise the path I've chose

It's like a gunshot when I hear my cell door close

I suppose my life is froze but deep within I know

There's more for me to control

Take control of my life and grab the wheel with both hands...

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Oppression Defense

MvVP Game Fatigue Tires Me (Im Normal)
Black Man With Social Environment Anxiety
Clue Searching like an Investigation
If I Trip, Pray I fall in better situation
Ego prevents you from learning from others
Envy prevents you from focusing on yourself

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