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Inmate Poetry

Adam Zinsser

A Prayer From A Saint

I seek You all day and searched through the night

I walk in Your ways and live for what's right

I died to myself and now live through You

for the old me has passed, I'm a creation of new

I give You all praise as well as the glory...

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Samuel Everhart #1155660

"Aquamarine Memories"

Do you ever truly ponder
What color is the sea.
Just how deep is the water
is it blue or is it green.
Count the many grains of sand
that number the beach.
Maybe you begin to wonder,
are things ever as they seem.

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Chains of connect-the-dot girls and calendar faces

Dreamworld disguises and sheep in wolves’ clothing

Mountaintop, enlightenment

Smoky, dank basement

Pass around the truth

But don’t mess up the rotation

Headlines and bylines and my lines rehearsed...

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Anthony Hickman #02161297

Cry Tears Little Boy

Can you understand the boy who was shunned as a child?
Understanding that he was taught to display anger instead of a smile,
Hurting by the door, realizing that Dad was never coming home,
Or Mama smiling in your face while high off drugs,

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Gary Maccune

Attention Readers

What does it mean to be alone in the confines of this place,
where some seek solitude, and others hang themselves in its grace...

How does one react to never getting mail,
does he just give up on life, and say, "IT'S TO NO AVAIL?"...


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Quran Biglow #155735

"Potentially Me"

Quran The Don
With a mind beyond
Creative and happy
I was raised without a daddy
Righteous and forgiven
I respect your decision
Strong and powerful
Being weak is doubtful 
Courageous and loyal
Worth more...

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Dexter Wilson #314076

The Love I Give

Looking into your eyes is like being thrust in the middle of a vast forest, with no sense of where I’m at. I could get lost in them for days searching for a way out and even when I die from what seems like an eternity of your essence, when you blink, I come back to...

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When the Day Comes

Falling asleep

I think of you

Wishing you were

Here with me.

I reach for you

Feeling the cold of

The empty bed.

Falling asleep

I dream of you

Kissing me soft

Filled with heat.

Falling asleep

I cry...

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Roosevelt Wilder #N64357


They say she’s not attractive but she looks good to me,
I guess that’s because
I’m looking deeper than the carnal eye can see.
She doesn’t appear in public
Like she’s starring in a skin flick,
Doesn’t sashay up and...

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Bernard Ellerbe

The Dalai Lama when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered;

“Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.   Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health; and then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present. ...

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Ruben Garza

Reflections seek reflections,

A mirror seeks a mirror,

A deeper conversation,

Life mirrors understanding.

Reflections seek life,

Understandings and challenges,

Games being played,

Play them elsewhere.

A reflection seeks education,...

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Aramis Haley #01657067

Picture In A Frame

I put your picture in a frame
I read your letter that held your pain
So I sent a picture and hope you put it in a frame
In the letter I told you my pain
Even then you still want to be my friend?

How do I keep you interested?

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My middle school teach said to my Grandmother;

“He’s just going through a phase”.


My Grandmother looked down at me.

I grinned back at her

with dirt smudged on my face

and my eyebrows raised.

In my back pocket I had


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The Fruits of My Failures

You are so much more than your skin tone

Bust casted against my midnight complexion

you’re in Technicolor, a calico tapestry

you’re the reflection of the best parts of me

and I felt you


my redbone odyssey

I travelled inside of...

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At Sunset

The sun sets differently on this side,

Your expectation of beautiful skies,

Filled with colors that’ll bring you to tears,

Are hardly ever seen by the naked eye…

I can’t even remember the last time I cried,

Nor can I remember the last time I smiled…...

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Robert Williams



“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection”.   Leonardo Devinci

“If you put limits on what you can do physically or anything else, it'll spread over into the rest of your life...

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Being imprisoned…among two thousand men

Seeing eve pass by… leaves a soul with the definition of friend.

To many this place is a human animal shelter…lost pets without owners…

Neglect as adolescents…prison is a way to keep potential “Arrested in Development”…Behavioral...

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You Deserve the Most

To love is to share life together, to work side-by-side, and smile with pride, to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise, sharing laughter and tears.

Throughout the years there’s no definition nor any limit, beginning or end, to how special that person is.


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Justin Erskine #00414890

Inhale the beach
and see me there
with you as I do,
just after the glow
is shuttered and
the finishing touches
are put on the day
Last night you wore
a blue sundress – only
Trailing you, following
with my eyes...

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Justin Erskine #00414890

Inhale the beach
and see me there
with you as I do,
just after the glow
is shuttered and
the finishing touches
are put on the day
Last night you wore
a blue sundress – only
Trailing you, following
with my eyes...

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Myles Williams #1308800

“Female” God’s Most Beautiful Creation

By: Myles Williams

The way of her smell reminds me of a hidden pasture full of exotic fruit, her eyes remind me of the abyss containing all the stars at night, her nose reminds me of a dandelion; innocent and pure, her lips like soft petals...

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Kamren Anderson #AI-3542

There’s nothing wrong with being honest about feeling overwhelmed. We’ve all felt like that before. Don’t go through it alone, don’t isolate yourself, let people in to help. You really want to be loved or are you just set on proving you’re strong? The ones who really love you aren’t judging your...

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Jimmy Hull #01262122

What If
What if life only knew life
And light and night gave birth to joy
And joy gave every woman a golden apple
With the name of the perfect man –
Made in the image that she’d prefer

What if
What if he was wise and knew the secret of the wind

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Arturo Perez #1280622

We are blessed
We don’t need to count our blessings
Because we will run out of fingers
We are lucky people
The universe will make two lovers
Out of strangers
A female and our family
Is all the people we want to see
We don’t stress over paper

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I don't know,
What I can do...
You're permeated by shadows...
A mystery,
That perplexes me...
A precious stone,
That adorns my heart...
Expressions made,

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I drown in the sound wave
Each frequency takes me higher
It sours through my soul
Until I breathe its beat
The lyrics string through my vision
My every thought

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DeAries Collins

Never Forget How Much

I know you've never enjoyed real love in this life.

Crying on the phone I know you had them nights, thinking it's a struggle not to live in spite.  I wasn't looking for my friend when I reached out, but I was looking for my wife.   Love songs...

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Jesse Camacho

Once The Mask Is Off


The mask I wear, to hide this pain and fear,

inside I cry, tear after tear.

This guard stays up, day after day,

my face is hidden, as I continue to fade away.

I run, from how I feel,

this suffer within, is all so...

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Quashan Turner

Channels of Thoughts

The new avenue to be noticed and show your talents so the world can see your growth.

Being on topic for just a moment brings joy just to know individuals took the time to take part in my story!

Incarceration doesn't define me, just one of the many...

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Victor Hernandez #242848

I’m from East Phoenix, you can tell how I talk,
An I gotta lil bop every time that I walk.
She got the Lovis shoes with the suede on the tip,
With the Seven skinny jeans, lookin fly as a jet.
This Gucci boy fresh, drippin all in the pen,
The first time she wrote she...

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