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Inmate Poetry


I've lost love and hit the bottom

I've learned through trial and error

and to receive the gifts I want in life

i've given something rare.

An unconditional heart

that's vulnerable and scared

but risks I take to search you out

so I can find...

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My Dreams

My dreams in life are many

to laugh the pain away

and seek solace within my heart

So I bow my head and pray

the offering I give

Is my soul within your hand

and we can bond our kindred spirits

in order to understand.

The time we...

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Recipe For Love

Recipe for love

3 cups of Honesty

1 teaspoon of Sassiness

4 pints of Intellect

1 cup of Freakiness

2 quarts of Loyalty

5 tablespoons of Beauty

Cooking instructions:

Bring water to a boil for 60 seconds, add ingredients then stir...

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Without Any Funeral

To face a reality not made of the earth

Of some sort of being that was different at birth

Is what has ravaged the planet and the people upon it

There is no kind of church or steeple to stop it

This isn’t evil, but is beyond any concept

It is simply that...

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Cuzzn Birdie told me to keep going

Reach for the stars and beyond

You’ll be there before you know it

My incarceration’s a setback

And even though I’m gone for a while

I can’t let that

Hold me down

So as I sleep

That’s more...

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When lovely woman stoops to folly and finds too late that men betray, what charm can soothe her melancholy? What art can wash her tears away?

The only art her quilt to cover to hide her shame from ev’ry eye to give repentance to her lover, and wring his bosom is to die.

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Never mind! My lips kept smacking as I chewed my bubble gum. I blew a giant bubble as big as my head, and it didn’t blow up. It finally popped, got in my eyelashes, and I still didn’t care. That bubblicious kept away my fears. Every time I hit the 7-Eleven; I bought another pack. I popped a...

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Locked Up Pt. 1

Going to county jail at the age of 18, never thought I’d be in here looking around while I was getting booked in. Watching them while they take my fingerprints and pictures, asking me when I was born. So many questions coming at me all at once. All I’m wondering is “am I going home”. So nervous...

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Zervont Thomas #M45944

Super Hero
She needs a Super Hero --- xxx4x

She needs open heart surgery
A respirator, she can’t stop the chest pain
Somebody save her, she’s heading down the wrong road
Breaking bottles, to complement her broken soul

She needs a Super Hero --- xxx4x...

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The Good Fight

The Good Fight

Broken wings, battle worn, and battle torn tattered clothes.

Broken down on my knees, head bowed, ready to tap.

Body marked by countless battles, skin covered in old and new scars, soul deep.

A life hard...

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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Looking at the night sky, starting at the stars, watching them swim like the Milky Way. Pondering things like “What’s my purpose in life?” As I watch, the stars coalesce into a ball of fire, brighter than the sun. As I watch, it forms the face of God. Burning...

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Damon Davis #Y31919

What’s Love?
If I knew the real meaning of love I would tell you, but I’ll tell you what I think it is.
Love is a strong feeling, emotion, or whatever it is you want it to be.
Love can be good; love can be bad.
Love can by happy, love can be sad.
Love can save lives...

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Charles Jefferson #176754

As I look into the mirror and don’t like the reflection that I see
I know that with no exception that growth and development is the key
As I strive in my struggle to obtain greatness
And remove myself from around so much fakeness
So that I can continue my...

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Cameron Moore #02202704

One day someone will walk into your life,
And make you see why it never worked with anyone else,
The art of love is largely the art of persistence,
We waste time looking for the perfect lover,
Instead of creating the perfect love,
And it’s not about who hurt you and...

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William Shawl III #02039919

Change Your Ways
By Billy Shawl IV

Sittin’ on a stool and it ain’t in no bar
Thinkin’ about life and how I got this far
Lookin’ like it’s heaven with all this white paint
Goin’ six on a thirty gotta steer my life straight
And talkin’ to you almost every...

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Silas M. Johnson #T-63332

Day after Saint Valentina

Broken halos crown the heads,
Of all our friends...
And more, I see
But if this is love,
And this is free?
Then more, I plead
The warm of summer plants its kiss...
On me
But I stood you up and ran...

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Silas M. Johnson #T-63332

Bloom of a Sunflower

Serene dream of love, ascend and escape
Mere lines of chocolate-scented incense, its wake
The fall of my fortune bound by lips unapparent
A covenant sealed by light of day
Trivial pursuits of passions, otherwise imagined
Sweat of my brow...

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Jason Jackson #01857840

“20 Things To Remember”
1)    Faith is the ability to not panic!
2)    If you worry, you didn’t pray.
3)    As a child of God, prayers are like calling home everyday.
4)    Blessed are the flexible, for they...

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A Short Life

Life is too short,

Too short to whine.

Too short and running out of time.

I wish perfect was attainable,

Too bad my reasoning feels like a fable.

Have you ever known what it’s like to dream awake?

It feels like at times my life is in an unconscious...

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What If We Could All Love One Another!

What if we could all love one another!

Wars and rumors of wars,

there is no peace, so listen to these wise words I’m about to release,

I am bringing Jesus to the street,

put down your pistol and your dope,

you won’t need man I’m bringing hope,


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Who Am I

As I stand still, the outside moves on

A consistent constant reminder from dusk to dawn.

Stuck with my inner self, I’m forced to look deeper,

Adequately admitting the truth, I am my own keeper.

Pursing a better self, the past must let go of,


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Societies Outcast

Is he crazy or is he mad there is a difference it's kind of sad. The screams that echo from this cell bring forth the reality of this man made hell. Tightly caged like a captured beast, unfairly treated to say the least. Loved by few, hated by many, seeking help but there isn't any. He may have...

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Lost & Found

I was lost for a long time until I found myself, but it wasn’t until I opened my mind up to be open to dare to be different and escape the lies that’re told to people that come from the environments like the one I was raised in. I found myself once I no longer feared change. The day I realized I...

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Pardon Me

I look around my cell and all I see is stones, steel, bars.
Looking around my cell and I still see stores, steel, bars.
What way will I turn out but tough, rough, hard?
And this is at heart, but mind, mine is filled with hope.
Optimism is required and not an option....

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Love and War

Bullets fly at my head and my heart
Army of one it’s just me my smoking barrel
And sword,
Hole in my helmet and my heart wears a
Permanent scar,
Still I say it’s all fair in love and war.

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Justin Perez

It’s beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind,

someone that wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts,

someone that wants to watch you slowly take down all the walls you built up

around your mind, heart, and feelings, and let...

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The little girl was only 9 years old,
diagnosed with cancer was she just told.
Wishing I could stop the flow of time,
I would give it my all ‘til my last dime.
Her bright future suddenly stripped away,
hoping she would see another day.
At the hospital we...

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A Wish

Tonight I search the skies
In hopes to find a star
A promise made from far away
To locate where you are
A comfort zone when you’re alone
No other man can find
They taste the fruits of paradise
But they fail to free your mind
You see, a man is made...

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An Angel Wept

The angel wept at what she’d have to report. Human atrocities plagued the world of every sort. Like the homeless person walking the streets, with no shoes on his feet, looking for something to eat, when he shouldn’t have to.

The angel wept as the innocent bystander gunned down by racist...

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Forget Me Not

Life passes me by as the world turns
While I stand alone to face the demons of my past
Karma waits in the shadows to teach lessons learned
And I hope the memory of me will last
Tomorrow is less of a struggle
Because yesterday was such a challenge
It’s more...

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