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Inmate Poetry

Beauty and the Night

Beauty and the Night

I stumbled up on a beautiful woman who had lost her sun and light

she said, “I really hate the stars who chased my sun into the night”.

She was almost like a garden that blossomed as she grew

without sun, water, or rain and without a wind that...

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Martin Lyons #M19540

Lonestar Place

How do you place a gifted and talented person in a junkyard
A special individual, top of their class like a Big Joker card
When you are placed in the junkyard, it’s hard to be found
Especially when it’s a lot of garbage on top of you in ground.


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In the Deep

In The Deep

Deep sea snorkeling in a sea of love,

what will I find?

Maybe some rare treasure

too precious to ever leave behind.

Maybe I'll find someone

to enjoy the snow, rain, and sun.

But not just anyone

but the one.


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Never Change

“Never Change”

Everybody wants to be loved
and love in return
but what are you willing to do
to get it and keep it
deprive you self less and less
and get nothing in return
just to make someone happy
to say you got a woman or a man

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matters”

We shouldn't have to
live in shame or fear
cause of the color of
our skin our time is
here we just want equal
rights and not to be
scared to go out at night.

“Black Lives Matters”

It's a shame we're not

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    Oh the walls that we put up,
    so high the world can see.
    The day we finally break them down
    we'll find humanity.
    In this...

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Daniel Cisneros #V78318

~ In The Tides ~

Lay your hands in my hands, gaze into my eyes;
As my dreams sweep me into the seas, to float amongst The Tides.
I often feel like I’m drowning, until I imagine your embrace;
You pull me into the high tides, making my blood rise, as your gentle fingers...

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Daniel Cisneros #V78318

~ Death On The Wind ~

People kill things every day, from love to idle time;
And some things die anyway, from life to idle minds.
So it couldn’t really hurt to die, no more than it hurts to live,
The people left always cry when there’s nothing left to give
Death is...

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Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

Staring up on an empty canvas,

with all its layers of crimson paint.

His barren walls are cold and pale,

his breath is weak and faint.

Shackled by his loathsome pain,

his brushstrokes cracked and broken.

His portrait is of...

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Tears From Your Eyes

Tears From Your Eyes

As you stare out the window,

While those tears escape your eyes.

You think back to all those times,

that he has made you cry.

All the pain and heartbreaks,

that tore your heart in two.

The nights you were left alone,...

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Cold War

Deep in thought, staring at the ceiling

in this steel cage. Seeing evil spirits

tryna’ wrap me up, tryna’ move through these

rough times in life called obstacles. Angels and demons

colliding as unity. Loyalty over...

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Key and Lock

Can broken hearts be mended

if they’re shattered and torn

does peace reside within one’s soul

if they‘re bittered and left scorned

You can cry a river

as if the world’s at end


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Equality is free or so they like to say

but truly it comes with a price

so humanity must pay

with years and lives lost

we believe in betterment at all cost

yelling to be heard and pumping fists...

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Insidious is blind, inceptions, what’s reality with all these questions, feels like I missed my alarm and slept in… Slept in. Broken legs but I chase perfection. These walls are my blank expression, my mind is a home I’m trapped in, and it’s lonely inside this mansion....

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  In the midst of my village I awoke in a daze
  The sky full of smoke and the buildings ablaze
    This nightmare keeps stabbing like a demon-held spear
    I thought I'd escaped, or did it follow me here!

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Jamah Harris #232009

Self Reflect

I’m sick of hearing about all these Rappers killing their own people.
Then complain about the White man and how we aint treated equal.
Like you don’t understand your words and how that sh*t is lethal.
You motivate a generation that’s killing us like it’s...

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Gabriel Johnson #R58144

-    Applause –
For you simply. Because you’re Beautiful!
Because, you work hard to provide for yours, and I admire your altruism. Not a lot of women share these traits. Not a lot of women want to understand love, like you do, they just want to “Feel It” :)

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The Rose That Grew Out of the Crack

 I am a seed planted in hard soil. Created out of love, planted in chaos, water is hard to come by and sometimes I thirst. Sunlight is hard to come by and sometimes I am cold. But I fight, grow, and start to take form. As I evolve and there’s something blocking me. I push and see that it’s...

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Time Heals a Broken Heart

They say that time heals a broken heart, the time for mine is way
 too far...
It's full of love, but is a little scarred. 
What's left now is buy a part of my gold plated broken heart. 
I could have protected my heart, and put up a wall, but what's

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No Sunshine

There’s no sunshine when she goes away

Now I’m all alone but what can I say?

She was there for me for so many years

I’ve heard her voice crack and tasted her tears

Baby really tried but times was so hard being...

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Mitchell Mavoides #01212684


Fingertips on a skinny width,
“Hang in there”, people say,
Easy at first, but soon it takes
All my strength and grip.

~ One heart searching for truth ~

We’re everywhere but here
And now, panting in and out,
Sounds in the silence so...

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Eternally Bound

Eternally Bound

Last night I met an Angel,

She tried lifting me from the ground.

Scared I started to wrangle,

“Stop”, she whispered. “I promise to astound”.

Shaking, I stopped the tangle,

We took off above the town.

High in the sky my legs...

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Markese Jones #1446668

Guess That’s Why My Line’s Not Ringing

Well my profile has been up 6 months and I haven’t gotten many hits…Woah, sounds like it is crunch time. Somewhere out there, maybe anywhere out there, there has to be a woman who wants to talk to someone with substance about something of substance...

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Lapoleon Colbert #M23358

“Unforgotten Sons”

Unforgotten Sons…
The ones who knew not what the morning sun brung
A narrow band of spectrums, death, jail, shoot-outs, fights or prison
Depending on how you were living
But almost certainly a hard time living if you’re our skin color or under...

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Lapoleon Colbert #M23358


It’s torture on my soul, pain in my physical frame
I’m tryin’ to kick the Devil outta the flame
Tryna get the brothers outta the game
But these guys is steady shooting, and the kids can’t get out of the way!
See the Earth like one comet away, from literal...

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Joshua Alfano #AU4349

Sick of Being Alone

Could it be, each night you go to sleep,
You feel this specific kind of ache,
One that causes tears to spill from your eyes,
And a painful hurt that keeps you awake?

Is it that nothing makes you feel better,
No matter what, you feel...

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Withered Away

Withered Away

A dying rose in a story untold

As the rose petals fall off my pain unfolds.

Just as a reminder of how your love turned cold

Now I sit by myself without anyone to hold.

One thing is for sure, I will always remember all the good times we have...

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Shattered dreams of a million pieces

like a carousel constantly spinning around and around.

Unable to make it stop,

unable to get off,

even unable to place my foot on solid ground;

For this shattered dreams

must not consist of...

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3500 unbroken nights
sleeping alone on this cold and empty bed
2500 to go, a lifeless march
trudging endlessly through this bleak lunar landscape
my loneliness, stretched to the point of madness by this
gaping expanse of time
it injures a man...

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I love a sunset because it makes me wanna drink; a tone of celebration that floats around and sinks

To the Earth, around and inside a melancholy sort, every little ending is a death we can’t ignore

And we mourn all of the loss deep inside privately;...

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