Many inmates need housing when they come home. If you would be willing to help someone locate a residence upon exiting prison, please visit Inmate Housing Profiles.

Inmate Poetry

Doug Mialkovsky #AB-7844

To those who choose this poem to read; from behind gray walls, I felt the need to take my years dusted off the shelf to reveal a little bit about myself. Unfortunately I’m alone and past my prime, I’m learning to change my ways while doing time. Trying to pretend to be somebody else, a life of...

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Edward Robinson #000840547B

In Search Of (I.S.O.)

Hershey’s Kiss complexioned soul searcher,
Hoping, wishing, needing to find a soul like

Calling and waiting; waiting to call upon someone
That feels the same way as I.

Lonely nights leave me contemplating life?
Yes –...

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Chiron Prewit #R-13632

Heaven’s Angel

I wanna know about the way you feel.
Don’t be afraid to open your heart, all wounds will heal.
My whispers to your eardrums relax your emotions with ease.
The aura of your presence brings a weakness to my knees.
Let me hold you tight and protect you...

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Time The Tyrant

Trapped, but not by walls,

Fences, cages, cement or signs.

Like yourselves I’m a victim.

Victimized by the tyranny of time.

Trapped, but not by walls.

Kidnapped with each passing second,

Held against my will,

Murdered, and time was the...

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“Part I : Without Hesitation…”

They say conversation rules the nation,

So I’m going to take this time to allow myself proper preparation,

Seizing the opportunity avoiding all means of procrastination;

Approaching who may be my subject of with persistence, hard work and dedication,


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Uncharted Dimensions

By: Damion McDougland

Pen name: The Unknown Pen

Dedicated to: Every African American assassinated unjustly in Amerikkka

Paraplegic foot steps embracingly caress uncharted dimensions…

Masterly duplicating synchronized events…

‘I have a dream.’


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Eric Woodie

Tell Me What You Think!


Tell me if you think...

You could win a war without a...

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“Respect To You Before Anything”

“Respect To You Before Anything”

When it comes to you, I be in deep
Thought, or outer space.

I get it, “Treat people, how you want
To be treated”?

Love can blind you, or it can clarify
Your vision.

Being still, I learn how to love myself....

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James Ingram


I take my focus serious, due to focus being my energy, that very focus helped to define who I am today.  I've gained an understanding of myself.  I've set goals and promised to see them through until the end.  I stand for what is positive.  Join the fight...

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Robert Tello #01852747

That Day

Though time does always race the same for all,
Can we expect it to be always fair?
For with uneven hands the clocks display
As men are unevenly dealt their affairs.

To some, ticks leech away the sweet hours,
To some, the hours sweetly tick away,...

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Andrew Burke


Raise me up with a tug on my strings

You who have taken my life, my dreams

March me on through the hell you created

Toward everlasting sleep, long awaited

Tip your wrist and watch me bow down

An empty gesture, but rest, for now….


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Clyde Heard #R67228


I’m here when you need me the most
I’m deep within the center of your heart
But million’s miles away to hold you close
You crave for my arms and beg for my touch
I’m the feeling of happiness and that feeling of rush
I am you ultimate aspiration, I am...

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Marc Rosemond #93A1985

Written by Marc Rosemond

I am a mass incarceration skeleton of American prisons.
Ignited by my burning desire for freedom.

I am the presumptuous guilt far from an innocent.
Tainted by prejudiced eyes in becoming a victim.

A three letter...

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Steven Bulleit #15838245

The Biscuit Giver

I sat on my front porch,
The concrete cool beneath me.
I curved my shoulders forward
And drew my gaze down
While holding out the biscuit.

After the dog’s incursions
Into our yard, my sitting
Aroused its curiosity; perhaps...

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Len Mitchell

“Make It Right”

My ancestors were slaves and I still allowed myself to end up in chains.

Isn't it all the same?  Well, except for who's to blame?

They would never approve.  So, what does this prove?

Was I destined to lose?  Was this fated from the...

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Derrick Martin-Armstead

The 3 L's:  (light, love and life) dedicated (freedom) from prison

Standing this near to you I catch a contact.  Transmitted through the context of a consciousness on high.  Looking at this world through a dilated third eye I no longer inner stand, in life, light and love...

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She Deserves It

Imagine after a long day of work
Strong hands massaging your shoulders,
Caressing you down.

Steamy. Hot bubble bath waiting for you to dip inside
Back rubs, feet massages
Slow wet kisses creeping up your spine
A man who's willing to listen as you speak...

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Ghetto Cries

Shots fired
Another man down, Latino and black on black crimes.
Hearses riding, preachers preaching, mothers crying
Father's nowhere to be found-
Incarcerated lockdown.

Strapped with pistols
Swearing vengeance for every comrade that died.

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Paying Homage

It was those who came before me
That paved the way
Giving me this opportunity to write poetry today-

I thank you.

For every African Man, Woman, and Child
Who fought and died for my sake
Because if you I have the freedoms that I have today-

I thank...

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My Fellow Countryman

Why are we so blind that we can't see

That if we are divided we will fall in defeat

Evil powers are on the rise

Waiting on every corner for our demise

Country men of every race

Put aside your differences today

Stand together firm in faith


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Ephraim Borges

Do I really need a diamond to make you mine forever?

Or will my love suffice?  Without a thing can

we start planning together and hope

everything will turn out right.  They say all

we need is love, and we’ll last, But

maybe they spoke too soon...

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Adrian Barnes

Lately I've been finding myself lost searching for love

Love is blind but I know it's looking for me

I yell out Love's name L.O.V. until I'm on E

I'm tired I grab my phone and turn on my location

Maybe the satellites all show love where I'm located

I dial...

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Why Do I Write?

Why Do I Write?

From the confines of a cubicle
I watch a roach crawling around
The peeling paint of a prison wall.

It seems I've been here
Since the construction of this
1920s model of Criminal Justice.

Each year passing.

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Venson Price

If I were to discover the burgundy in your eyes, would that be the road to an unconditional influence of possibilities?

Should such chemistry ignite a world of wisdom, a life of knowledge or another volume of fire?
See, of course Eye am hungry…

Even know which ingredients...

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Mi Vida Loca

In some Gents eyes, love is but a game, Perro not everyone in este vida sees things quite the same.

Everyone has an oldie, that special song for all the good in life, perro especially the wrong.

At times life seems unfair. It’s as though at times no one really cares. ...

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Isolation - by Pyro

Like a room full of toys, surrounded by fictional eyes.

Staring in demise, but never full of life.

Plenty of time to count the time, they say the truth always lies in the eyes.

Try breathing with no air, Jordan Sparks!

Every second lost...

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Snow On The Rose

Snow On The Rose         

I’m a rose that grows

Through the cold of snow

Inside the veins that flow

In the depths of the Earth that’s low

Beneath the skins of our bodies will show

Our true natures glow...

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I Dream Your Dreams

Do you know sometimes I dream of you at night?

To be able to feel your sadness is never alright.

Maybe no one seems to understand that your dreams are nightmares.

Going through different doors of your life where no one cares.

All you wanted was someone who knew...

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To My Future Love

Even though you haven't met me yet, truth is I'm yours, soon to be….waiting for our moments together, till the very end….day by day I dream of it.

Preparing for the moment I have you.  Hoping I could fill every good thing in your life to meet all your expectations.  Because my...

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Time Time

I'm alone and alone is were unworthy

just under the weather again

And, whether or not; maybe I'm ready

Asunder is just about when

Having cats and dogs raining outside now

and trying to shelter my time

A sound I try not to be petty with


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