Inmate Poetry

Posted on 12/7/2018

You took my kids away from me

and they don’t even live with you

and the fed’s did too.


You put me on child support,

But you can eat too.


The fed’s fabricated my case

And your life is fabricated too.


You kick me when I’m done

But everybody did too.


I don’t feel no pain

Because life is “GREAT”


Posted on 4/29/2016

Against My Will

I continue to rise above it….
Rich in spirit my net worth
unfathomable in strength i can
muster, when life’s custom and
product is too much and out of my
Against my will i….
still rise….
like goose bumps in icy winds through
clouds “in” sky, into the open air when
the world weighs me...

Posted on 8/14/2019

Hard Times

Who will be here
Who will stay
How will I make it through today
Lie to me that's fool
Who will make me smile
I need love where could it be
I'm hungry with nothing to eat
Who will be my beauty to this beast
Keep positive thoughts around criminal minds
Who can I count on through hard times

Posted on 10/23/2018

Dreams of Reality?

Last night I had the most beautiful dream
It was so real or so it did seem
I woke up from my slumber and a visitor appeared
It was you standing there, your eyes filled with tears
I pulled you close and whispered, “Baby don’t cry”
“I’ll always love you til the day I die”.
I held you and kissed the tears from your face
The tears dissolved and a smile took their place

Posted on 8/22/2017

What is Prison?

People think of prison as only bricks and steel,
But there are so many other forms of prison that are just as real.
Like the young girl who seeks to be loved and jumps from man to man,
She’s a prisoner to her own emotions, she just doesn’t understand.
Or the young man who steals and deals to get what he can get,
He’s a prisoner on his way to prison, he just doesn...

Posted on 1/15/2019

My Confession

It’s time I open up, there’s no reason to hide
My pain runs deep because I’m hurting inside
Growing up I thought it was normal to be broke
But that didn’t stop my mom from doing dope
If she couldn’t get it then my butt she’d beat
I was 12 years old, she put me out on the street
I turned into a thief, “Why” you’ll see
Thinking if I support her habit, she’d love me
Over time...

Posted on 11/30/2017

Lost in the dark I trip over bones
I follow the shadows and I talk to the stones
The chatter of teeth and the rustle of leaves
The wind whispers Annabelle Leah
glawing graceful She appears to me
A fey Queen named Annabelle Leah
Come Wonderer Come and See
She held out her arms My Annabelle Leah
The water is warm and the kisses are free
Come to me your Annabelle Leah

Posted on 12/23/2018

Blurry Visions Of Deceit

When I first saw you I couldn’t believe my eyes, even though it wasn’t love at first sight, I was definitely surprised. It’s rare to find someone with such a pure heart. I was looking in the wrong direction when I should’ve been following my heart from the start. I can’t describe the sensation I feel whenever our lips meet, lips so sweet honey can’t even compete.

My mirage is a façade, enter my oasis...

Posted on 2/4/2019

I Sometimes Wonder

I sometimes wonder does it really even matter.

Like these thoughts that go pitter patter in my mind aren’t worth saving.

Saying this all the while yet I still jo ‘em.

Sometimes I really wonder.  Can a good man exist in such a cold world as this?

Or maybe I’m just chasing daydreams that’ll leave me pushing up daisies.

Yet I still try to pursue an existence that would make...

Posted on 8/16/2015

Gone But I hope I’m Not Forgotten

Here today but as the wind blows I sway but neither here or there
I’m planted in drab shades of grey, from black I fade, I’m gone…
Hope I am still here and present in the minds of some, though the majority of them
Deaf or dumb or maybe just mindless ones in a zone of timeless webs of thought
Silkly spun.

Hope I am not forgotten…...

Posted on 7/15/2019

Dear Reader,

I know in some way, form or fashion you’re hesitant to open up,
I share in your fears of putting myself out there and being prejudged.
My current circumstances put me at a disadvantage that I’m not used to.
Like, “Hey! Look at the deeper me and not just the blemish you see, because there is so much more to this book”.
What makes me tick? As I fill in another 24 hours of not letting my mind, spirit...

Posted on 7/25/2019

(while still in Mountain View with a window)

Center stage straight up
before me,
the bright white disc beams down.
Its blue-white rays
pierce the bars,
and bestow the kiss
of moonlight.
It’s been a long, cold
rainy spring,
and as always
the days are fraught
with suffering.
The end will be upon us
before I ever get out –
the four riders

Posted on 5/24/2018


“Faded Memories”

The love in my heart
overwhelms my mind,
to the point my visions
blurry so I can’t see the line.
One that separates
Friend from foe
& lets me know,
When to hold on
or when to let go.
I see
faded memories of love
w/o boundaries.
The love I once knew
is ignorant to you,
real as penitentiary steel
w/ a zeal that’s...

Posted on 3/12/2018

Hear The Whisper

There’s a word;
It describes a feeling
A state of being
That consumes a person’s being
Inside, it wallows in an abysmal void;
A vortex of darkness.
In which one finds a contradictive sense of stoic joy.
This joy is painful.
It cries out in anguish,
In the shameful darkness...

Posted on 7/15/2019

Friendship’s a flower which grows from seed.
Planted in hearts with a mutual need;
Nurtured by trust as a rose by rain,
Exuding its fragrance through joy and through pain.
But unlike the rose which in time will decay,
The flower of friendship grows sweeter each day,
And its perfume I savor, for true
Friends are few,
And I’m thankful, Dear Friend,
To have one such as you.

By Artemio...

Posted on 3/13/2018

1st N8V On Tha Moon

First native on the moon / That’s how much I love you / Plus I’m a looney tune / Pep Lapew / If I throw that tomahawk chop / It’s off the head with you / Scalps is over with / This the new school / Metaphorically speaking / In case you aint caught that / I’m taking heads off / A new type of warrior / In a battlefield that’s evolved / And if you’re still lost / That’s why...

Posted on 11/28/2016

Magnum Opus

Some nights I just sleep…
I sleep dreamless at times but…
When I do dream?...
I dream of Ancient Egypt. I dream of
My beautiful Queens and Kings in chambers
Surrounded by animals of different sorts.
I can smell frankincense and myrrh…
I feel sandstone beneath my feet…
I observe…as a child of the Goddess all the
Marvels of a...

Posted on 6/18/2018

N8V Illuminati  

I’m so symbolic
Broke the 1st rule of fight club
Sacred truths so mystery
I don’t even know it.
Faceless movement
Editor N Chief
1st N8V on the moon
Mylzavelli Urban Heyoka 5150
Mylz Da Vinchi W Chainz
The damned urban NDN

P.S. Look at the forest.  The straight trees are chopped down.  The crooked...

Posted on 10/9/2017


When the time comes,
Will you say hello...
Open your arms,
Embrace me and welcome me home…

Can I sit and rest my feet
Quiet moments let them speak.

You were lost
Drifted away in the currents of the streams…

Posted on 7/8/2019

Certainly Uncertain...

I am caught within a vortex of deep

emotion, simultaneously submerged in joy and pain...

Hope and despair, sensitivity and masculinity... I am

helplessly shattered, yet whole, doubtfully trusting the

throes of my senses... Inflated with the tangibilities of

my every emotion... Forever lost inside the endless

voyage of myself... Thinking of love... 

Posted on 5/2/2017

He Who Snoozes Gets No Muses

What I write now is no game, no ruse
Thanks to this website I have found my muse.
With her on the grass I go sans shoes;
She’s on my mind when I’m awake, when I snooze.
A man must have something for which he can live,
Especially here in the land of the shiv,
Where people have evil as their heart’s motive,
Where few have the kindness or...

Posted on 10/8/2015


The hurt and pain I feel runs through me so deep.
That most nights it robs me of my sleep.
I’m all alone in this nightmare of mine.
I had hoped it would end if just given some time.
Never in my life did I figure this side of me I’d see.
I hate this feeling because of what it's doing to me.
I can’t understand what brought about this change
But I...

Posted on 12/13/2017



There comes a time in each of our lives where we have
Experienced what is called, “broken moments”.  It was once
Said, “That without a foe, a person will never know their true
strength”.  From the exiting of the womb, until the grave, every
one of us will experience unfavorable circumstances that will
either strengthen our resolve or utterly destroy us. ...

Posted on 8/21/2019

I feel like out of sight, out of mind, in many cases it's true sometimes. But now I know, I don't have to be told, being behind bars, we're forgotten souls.

Dismissed from society and thrown in a cell, a nightmare worse than living in hell. Now when you think about your friends from before, you realize they don't even care anymore.

It's funny how your friend from the streets forget all about you when you're facing defeat....

Posted on 4/15/2019

It is essential that we address this very important aspect of life, which is to live in the moment. All of us at one point in time or another have been tripped by past situations that have caused (by our negative self-encouragements) many years of incomfortability. This pernicious process has been the cause of separation from loved ones, destroyed business endeavors, as well as promoting physical, mental, spiritual and emotional captivity....

Posted on 3/13/2018

Waiting 2 Be Found

Friendship is hard to find, I seek while you hide.
As I search but still can’t find.
I continue my search while keeping hope alive.
Because I know you’re out there trying to find me.
But it’s like our roles are reversed.
You’re seeking, while I’m hiding.
I know it will be wondrous when I find you,
Or you find me, our bond will be solid...

Posted on 3/28/2017


When the skies are blue
The flowers will grow
The Earth turns and with it
You are my life to show
Forever free, you’re my heart to be sewn
From the raging waters, to the calming seas
I can stand by your side and forever be
Always a friend, always a king
By your side, to set you free
All you have to do – is say
“In Jesus...

Posted on 10/10/2018

Some things are worth

Fighting for,

Too important to

Just ignore,


Allow someone else

To hold,

Especially one who’s

So cold,

That he could overlook

And mother’s tears,

Then murder what she created

And nurtured for years,

So no longer am I

Shedding yesterday’s tears,

But all the fears

That’s held me back for years...

Posted on 2/25/2019

The Love I Never Had

If I could, I would give you the love I never had
Growing up as a child, raised without a dad
I wish I could hold you, I wish I could kiss you
God, how much I miss you,
Watching you grow from jail is hard, communication is
Kind of scarce, it’s definitely difficult.
You’re growing a lot, you’re growing fast, I know it’s hard
Without your dad.

I wish I could...

Posted on 9/10/2018

Not Who I Used To Be

Look at me, what is it that you see? Is it the tattoos that
Have a gangster’s history, or, is it truly…Me? I hope
So because believe it when I tell you, I’m very much not
Who I used to be. Ah, man I’ve heard it said many ways
And ten times too many. “Don’t no one want you, you’re a killer,
The people’s enemy” and to it I shake my head no longer feeling
Defeated because, unlike...