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Inmate Poetry

Urban Heyoka

I was blinded by civilization to the point of urban. At least that's what they called me when I was still watching Kermit. Guess I'm ambassador to a new type of warrior. I'll take it and run with it. Plus I'm Heyoka, now look what I done with it. Comes with his Blackstone, if you sing one for me...

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James Triplett #0791527

"If Life..."

If life could be better, then what would it be? 
Would it have you; would it keep me? 
Would it be filled with stormy seas? 
Or, would it contain fine weather, birds, and trees?
If life was sure-fire,...

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I Pray

I pray for peace in my soul

And understanding in my mind frame

Realness in my speech

So I don't fall off into mind games

A solid confidence

So I can battle any obstacle

Gaze upon the difficult

And know it's not impossible

I pray for...

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Legacy redacted

Tragedies reenacted

Multiple lives impacted

Why do we fail to trap it

Racism runs rampant

A bull in a China shop

America's messy slop

Somebody please grab a mop

This hatred has gotta stop

I'm tired of having...

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Anthony Thomas #966931

Once Upon A Dream

Though our days of struggle may be great
Our nights we praise, as we escape to the place we wish and pray
Collectively forming dreams we raised, puzzling a reality in our faith.
Shaping our youthful truth into perfection in God’s divine way.

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Joshua Rosales #G32816

"Heavens Bay"

I belong in the sky, where stars like you, dwell,
Not this back hole, where my halo fell.
Often I dream of the man who couldn't be,
Then wake to flee, yet no escape, his reflection stares back, mocking me.
tattooed tears, run down my cheeks, into...

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Robert Palmer

What if water wasn't wet

What if the sky didn't reflect blue

What if people didn't have secrets and everything said was true

What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream

What if all eye color was gray,

no brown, blue, or green

What if...

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Robert Wilcox #05839-104

“What’s It Worth”

Why doesn’t love feel real anymore???
It all seems superficial or has to be beneficial in today’s society…
So my question is, what’s it worth to you??
Is it based on financial status, physical attraction, mere physical presence, or hue…because none of...

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Alphonso Jones #339283


Pull me close
Closer than I’ve ever been
Make me your breath
The best beneath your chest just awhile longer.
Save my lips from neglect and be my taste of comfort.
Felt wonders deep and sure
So real that pure would diminish
Will you hold...

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Alphonso Jones #339283


Come find me where the road ends
Underneath the common sky
Surrounded by numbers living lost in time
Where the clocks freeze behind steel doors
And locks click closed
Confined unwanted homes crowding

Come find me in my thoughts

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Steven Turner #1200863


Remember life happens faster than what it seems
And life is hard, every struggle every obstacle…Make you wanna scream.
But we find that with it, joy does appear
Giving us the strength to face all of our fears.
We hold dear these moments of success

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Scott Jenkins

“Don't worry about genius and don't worry about not being clever, trust rather to hard work, perseverance, and determination.   The best motto for a long march is don't grumble, plug on.   You hold your future in your own hands, never waiver in this belief, don't swagger....

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Jasper Stallings #AI6456

“My 29’s”
By: Jasper Stallings
*(This poem I wrote for my 2 daughters who’s D.O.B. both add up to 29…)
Lay’n on my back,
Drown’n in my own tears,
Think’n of my girls…Man!
All these lost years…

All I got is family,
And they’re kinda near,

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Larry Fisher #334314

No Surrender

By Larry Fisher

To be free is one thing, staying free is another. Surrendering what I must do to stay out of prison. Why Surrender? Because there’s no reason to be in a war that I cannot win. I have been in this war for so long, I always find myself face down in the...

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Kelvin Hartfield #M35193

I feel abandoned
Trapped with my shame
Abused from my past
Numb from the pain
Distant from others
Lost with the lost
Escaping thru my thoughts
Conquering fears I must cross
Accepting the fact that I’m my worst enemy
My bondage I allowed it...

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An Uncle's Love

An Uncle's Love

Babylon saying we got to be in by 7:00 o'clock.

Funny how everybody be rushing to them polls to pay them dues.

Only for good old Samuel to come and steal right from the plate.  He been watching and plotting.

Creating all these social media’s...

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Dear Mrs. Forever

Dear Mrs. Forever

I can't hold you girl, lately you've been on my mind.  

Keep it all the way 100, most people take their life to find.

Anyone can hold you down, but I'm tryna help you climb

If you let me know your essence, growth follows close behind....

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Rise & Fight

Rise and Fight

They see me doing good, making a change in my life, but they disrupt my means because it's change they don't like.

They’re stuck under the old paradigm, “He's nothing but a criminal”.

Scared of my maximum momentum, trying to keep me to a minimal.


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Without Hope for a Future

Without Hope for a Future

I once watched a caterpillar.

A struggle to be what it apparently didn't even want to be.

A thousand legs all haphazardly marching towards a collection of tomorrow's.

I captured a butterfly in a Mason jar.

A vibrantly illustrated...

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Obie Weathers


I tear these leaves for you from my trees.

My ink carves your name into my bark.

I weep sweet sap that insects and animals lick.

After the twilight when only the moon can see

I undress and do my healing work.

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One second…
One minute…
One hour…
One day…
One week…
One month…
One year…
One life…
How are you spending yours?

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Past, Present, Future



Learn from the past…

Live in the present….

Prepare for the future.  

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Jerome Lee #A593-891

Beautiful Women Poetry

God put your face on for beauty…when it was His I wanted to see…If you can comprehend His grace in you then you’ll know why you’re so amazing to me.

Not just a word to be heard when spoken…Nor a simple sight to be seen or one looks but marvel that surpasses...

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The Love of Things

Love is like a flower

Very pretty

Love is like a sunny

Morning in Spring

Can’t wait to enjoy it

Love is like something new

Glad to have it

Love is like a new girl

Can’t wait to spend time

Love is like a test

You try...

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Earneal Penson #AB-0279

I’d like to get lost in your mind, body and soul. Travel the avenues that lead me to a greater understanding of you. Show me your fears, the horror, the pain, the struggle. Reveal your thoughts as you overthink, show me the flaws. You try your hardest to hide the sadness that sits beneath your...

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Word Flow

Words flow like water fall oceans

Sometimes peaceful sometimes loud like

Thunder hitting concrete

Warming hearts or tearing them apart

Used to make one smile

When flowing right could make one growl

Word flow is beautiful poetry


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Under a cloudless sky

Standing with hid head high

Golden beams gleaming-wingless

He stands dignified

Eyes filled with wonder

No, not a god-only a man

A simple man, however

His most valuable possession:


Is his...

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Mark Horton #A440-516

So Interested

Connect wit da parts of
U that bring u peace and joy
And da parts of u
That make u & yo heart

Give u da best understandin
Of me while receivin da best
Understandin of u & hopefully
I can compliment yo unique...

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If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk they would speak of the pain we endure on a daily basis, of the hurt and tears that show on our loved ones’ faces. They would speak of the over sentencing of the corrupt C.O.s that beatings that take place behind the scenes. If these walls could talk they would tell you...

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"Girl of My Dreams"

She’s sweet and friendly and worth more than any
Young and smart but a superwoman at heart
The stranger without danger, you can’t taint her
She’s beautiful and passionate, I would’ve never imagined it
If she was my wife, I’d love her for life...
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