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Inmate Poetry


Body trapped
But mind is racing.
A form of punishment. 
More brutal than working
for close to nothing
13th Amendment 
place this burden
upon the convicted
Derogatory Term
But Ironically
Saved Me...

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A Second Chance

In the midst of my chaos

I once was way lost

Not being understood by most

My anger then arose,

There was a time when you

Couldn’t tell

This crzy youngsta from Hell

What to do

Nor what to say especially

In his


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Curtis French

The way you make feel is like watching the most beautiful sunrise everyday. When I hear your voice it makes me feel like you're my only choice. The only one I want. Love, lust, and all. You're the piece in my heart that I've been missing.

Watching the sun fall night after night, I look...

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Phillip Binder

Everyman. First Choice. A classics woman, someone to wake up to and say I love you and I will keep on loving you to the love freezeover, all I need is time with you and happiness. I can show you better than I can tell you. It’s like the breakway love thang with the all-American woman on the red...

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For the Better

I believe that everything happens for a reason, good and bad, it’s all about how we react to these things. Do we use it to better ourselves or continue to stay in our old ways? It’s hard to change for the good, and easy to stay in the bad. Be different, want more for yourself, want more for your...

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Want To Know You

To the lady I would like to meet, talk to, and become her friend: Some things only last an instant, other things are never meant to end. Even though we have never met, deciding to write you was my choice. I wish I could see the color of your eyes and hear the tone of your voice. I want to know...

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Charles Justus #AM5088

The Inside of Me

Don’t have to be Royalty,
Unwavering Once Earned,
Ride-or-Die what I learned,
When you fit just like a Glove,
For those that deserve 97,
Fire stays forever lit,
Even if...

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Jory Lang #770621

2nd Sun

Why am I sad in the sun,
But feel glad when it rains?
You need more than imagination,
To imagine my pain.
Try to imagine my life,
Teenager witnessin’ death,
Never told a soul,
Kept that stuff to myself.
With no assistance or help,...

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Clutching a single red rose seed in the palm of his hand,

The suitor searches for a fertile hostess.

Hoping to harvest the fruits of his acquired knowledge of love

In a...

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Zachary Szymanski #460536

"I'm a Person"

What's life's purpose?
What's my purpose in life?
My search is bleak.
Life is deep
But I just scratched the surface.
I dig for truth because lies are worthless. What lies in the dirt
is the root of our curses.
We're blind to the...

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I have high hopes that someone likes what they see and chooses to email me, and if I send a letter you’ll write back! Now I don’t know if I made a profile too late or you ladies just don’t like what you see, but my profile has been up for months and I don’t have any hits. If you don’t like...

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I stare down the pavement, 
watching heat-waves dance upon the road as a ghostly aura. 
Sweat drips across my naked skin, it drains from my face, 
finding my burning eyes, adding a sting to the pain. 
I dare not blink. 
I can't breath....

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Risk Taking Is Freedom

Risk Taking is Freedom

To laugh is to risk appearing the fool

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental

To reach out to another is to risk involvement

To expose feelings is to risk exposing our true self

To place our ideas and our dreams before a crowd is...

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Vindicated Within: Inspired by Psalms 51

My merciful God, on account of your grace, lovingness, and
compassion wash away my sinful deed. 
Bathe me in holy water, and let your righteousness make me
I understand and confess to you my wrongdoings, 
and they shall be with me the rest of my...

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Robert Lucio #02269772

                The Men

                The men are missing, out of place, out of position in society.

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My Reflections

My Reflections

What do they see when they look at me,

I can't help but wonder, yet fear what it may be.

Can they see my own pain and uncertainty,

of what to do in this life to be or not be?

Can they see the internal screams and cries from within?


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Chaos continues to circulate inside a cell which wasn’t meant to produce order. Even in the darkest of nights peace becomes abnormal, and silence becomes a luxury. Yet still I patiently wait on your light to free me from a condition that is absolutely void of any illumination. Because of your...

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Shout Out For 2020

Just a couple of things to get off my chest about a few people who need to be addressed. For one or two, a couple sentences will do. For three or four, I might need a paragraph or more.


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Love of My Life

I’ve searched the world over to come to my destination,

I prayed to my creator for an explanation…

He said my son you need to find a true love,

So I got on the internet to...

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Gavin Cullins #270393

You don’t know me, I don’t know you
Things always seem awkward,
When they so brand new
Whatever, you thinking about saying to me,
I’m probably thinking about saying to you.

Questions and answers, answers and questions,
Can make us better friends,

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Matthew Smith #B86629

Life’s Journey

I stumble and stagger down life’s bitter road;
Burdened and weary from my heavy load.
Clouds of dust mark my path,
I taste the fury of The Grapes of Wrath.
Desolate and bitter I carry on;
Striving and struggling for whatever lies beyond....

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In Search of a Lady

In search of a lady

With rhythm and rhyme

Who makes the right moves

And moves at the right time

One who is sweet

So soft so tender...

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Justine Erskine #00414890

Wander blind away from
Thebes, where guilt
breaks. It is there
where hearts refuge 
& understanding deepens
in the darkness 
That chokes the infinite 
mind. Do...
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Justine Erskine #00414890

Wander blind away from
Thebes, where guilt
breaks. It is there
where hearts refuge 
& understanding deepens
in the darkness 
That chokes the infinite 
mind. Do...
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Sitting back reminiscing on the life I never had,

Never had a wife and barely had a dad,

No positive role model to ever teach me how,

Had to learn by making mistakes, just...

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Kysean Lee #A702-672

"Dreams of Reality"

Last night I had the most beautiful dream
It was so real or so it did seem
I woke up from my slumber and a visitor appeared
It was you standing there with your eyes filled with tears
I pulled you close and whispered "Baby don't cry"

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What a Stressful Pandemic

What is stressful pandemic, as this pandemic breezes through our nation and distracts us from our lively form of dedication

We become more thankful for all of Allah's creation only from the fear of the destruction of this world

We tend to seem lost but the only right path to walk...

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Justin Jauhari #1194328

If U Were Mine…
If U were mine I’d study your heart until the beat is memorized
And demonstrate devotion through love exemplified.
I would be CEO to your sacred enterprise.
If U were mine…U would never ever be neglected.
Communication would be open, our lines would...

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Silent Screams

Silent Screams

Silent screams you will never hear

Silent screams that burn my ears

Silent screams that walls of concrete muffle and steal

Metal bars that rust my tears

Alone in my cell trapped with fear

Fear of losing what’s most dear


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De'Quantez Nixson #A678-485

Opportunity Poem

No roses are red, violets are blue stuff, reading this you know I’m cool as shiss.
Reading your mind is like studying an astrology quiz, personality so unique, impossible to forget.
Don’t wanna know you by name, never judge you by looks, taking my time...

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