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Inmate Poetry

The Love of Things

Love is like a flower

Very pretty

Love is like a sunny

Morning in Spring

Can’t wait to enjoy it

Love is like something new

Glad to have it

Love is like a new girl

Can’t wait to spend time

Love is like a test

You try...

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Earneal Penson #AB-0279

I’d like to get lost in your mind, body and soul. Travel the avenues that lead me to a greater understanding of you. Show me your fears, the horror, the pain, the struggle. Reveal your thoughts as you overthink, show me the flaws. You try your hardest to hide the sadness that sits beneath your...

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Word Flow

Words flow like water fall oceans

Sometimes peaceful sometimes loud like

Thunder hitting concrete

Warming hearts or tearing them apart

Used to make one smile

When flowing right could make one growl

Word flow is beautiful poetry


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Under a cloudless sky

Standing with hid head high

Golden beams gleaming-wingless

He stands dignified

Eyes filled with wonder

No, not a god-only a man

A simple man, however

His most valuable possession:


Is his...

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Mark Horton #A440-516

So Interested

Connect wit da parts of
U that bring u peace and joy
And da parts of u
That make u & yo heart

Give u da best understandin
Of me while receivin da best
Understandin of u & hopefully
I can compliment yo unique...

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If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk they would speak of the pain we endure on a daily basis, of the hurt and tears that show on our loved ones’ faces. They would speak of the over sentencing of the corrupt C.O.s that beatings that take place behind the scenes. If these walls could talk they would tell you...

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"Girl of My Dreams"

She’s sweet and friendly and worth more than any
Young and smart but a superwoman at heart
The stranger without danger, you can’t taint her
She’s beautiful and passionate, I would’ve never imagined it
If she was my wife, I’d love her for life...
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Mark Razo #67912-097

Nailed to the cross, naked
Love is burned at the gates,
Despair huddles over its carcass,
Smiling comfortably in pain.

Like a child clutching his blanket,
Except these are bite-the-curb hates,
Resentment season is the hardest,
Lonely our blankets...

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Slow Down, Daddy

She said, “Slow down, daddy, you’re dancing too fast,

stop and teach me the steps because the song won’t last”.

She said, “Listen to me daddy, you’re out of control,

It feels like our family is in a dark hole.”

But I didn’t hear her, I thought the world was mine...

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Late Bloomer

I was the flower in your garden late to bloom

Giving you much concern as others budded so soon

Just as you thought all of your work would go to waste

I blossomed and I kept a continuous smile on your face

While others faded my glory continued on

Even now...

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The Finishing Touch

Alone in the dark

with my hand to the sky

and a throb in my heart

falling apart from the lies


I gather myself and my tears

There’s pieces scattered everywhere

Decay that’s been going for years

I can feel the turmoil on every...

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I Miss My Enemy

Today I lost

                my enemy

For fifteen years I fought him



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Quran Biglow #155735

"Use to Be"

I used to didn’t care and never played fair
I was immature about it and always sure about it
Mentally deceived and underachieved
I never thought I would change, I did everything in vain 
Young and insane, I would’ve did anything
It didn’t...

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Randall Hartwell #15643061


But still the same
Is it everyone else
Or just a tick in my brain
All points – all paths
From every distant place
Will at some point in time
Share a similar place
Completely different
But for a moment the same
Is it not true...

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Gregory Tate #H-68500

“Traveling Man”
I’ve traveled the world from Africa, to Mecca, Russia, Europe,
Brazil, Jamaica and Japan –
I’m known around the world as the traveling man.

I’ve experienced the unknown and heard the untold
I grasp knowledge and game from all my encounters,

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Obie Weathers #00999396

In honor of my brother who was executed 2 years ago – and in light of the recent movements against racism in the country, I would like to share a poem I wrote days after his death. It is my hope the discussion around criminal justice reform soon focuses its lens on the death penalty.


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Matthew Black #1178955

“Another Day”  6/29/20

Living in a single cell, spending a lot of time alone

Making plans for my life, what I’m gonna do when
I get home

Looking back over two decades, can’t believe the
Time I’ve lost

Still haunted by my mistakes, hard to accept...

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Chauvet Stiggers #M48247

“What Love Really Is”

Love consists of many things, so why does mostly everyone think it’s all about material things; like cars, clothes and diamond rings. I once asked a girl to teach me how to love because I was young, clueless and curious as to what love really was!

All I want...

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Feel My Pain 2020

Sadly 70 years later,

The same problems revolve.

They choke us until we can’t breathe,

Because that’s the only way to get the problem solved.

Why do I worry if a traffic stop,

Can turn fatal or flawed.

It’s 2020 and the color of my skin,


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Softest Place on Earth

She is as beautiful as the midnight sky

Illuminated by the ethereal glow from the stars of the galaxy

Compelling all who dare to gaze upon her

To be drawn into her orbit.

Only to be consumed like a moth to a flame.

For who can deny her gravity?


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2 a Special Friend

I will be loyal 2 you,

You can trust me whatever you do,

Everything you do,

Eye will try to understand,

No matter the distance, or fate,

We’ll always talk and communicate

And more than entertain,

We’ll pray to God above

That in...

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Vincent Payne #584675

~ Honey Love ~

Everything you breathe in,
You give back with life.
When I look inside of my heart and soul,
I see a perfect mirror image of you upon it.
Life has meaning when it’s lived in your wake.
Walking holding hands,
Knowing we’re more than just...

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Jason Duncan #434976

"Love You Grandma"

I wonna be next to you Grandma I love you
I remember yo smile  I remember yo heart



2×I really miss you Grandma,~~
I really miss you Grandma, ~~
I really miss you Grandma, ~~

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Saleel Qaasim #17617-035

By: Saleel Qaasim
10 June 2020

No one can strip me down, and define what is me
I’m the artist of these lines, on this canvas you see
With vivid color applied, brought flashes of life
Warm feelings of joy, melt through emotional ice
A heart that...

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Justin Tompkins #W108012

YK Osiris baby girl, are you worth it? If I had to pick the perfect song it’ll be Trey Songz, “Picture Perfect” cause to me your face is as bright as the sun and your eyes, they’re as beautiful as the sky above. Now you were sent like an angel from heaven to me, to take away my fears and to set...

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The Thought Was the Cause

The thought was the cause of it all.

The thought was the cause of the fall.

The thought was the cause of the vision that manifest everything that your recall.

The thought was the cause of the Earth.

The thought was the cause of it first.

The thought was...

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Covid Who

Covid Who?

I believe it's times like these that one must endure

In order to be stronger even if there's not a cure.

But one must understand, we are not of weak structure

So do not give up until it's full departure.

See, we live in a society where we were...

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Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes when I'm alone I cry because I’m on my own.

The tears I cry are bitter and warm.

They flow with life but take no form,

I cry because my heart is torn

and I find it difficult to carry on.

If I had an ear to confide in,

I would cry among my...

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Beautiful Pain

Beautiful Pain Beautiful Pain

come and strengthen me ...

I wear my scars with pride for all the world to see....

Beautiful Pain Beautiful Pain Come and ease my mind...

The moon without darkness would have no reason to shine...

Beautiful Pain Beautiful Pain...

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Poem For Her

Poem For Her

I see your smile through the fire

I live to see you and take us higher.

No time can separate our bond

No bind will ever separate our time.

Give me that chance to prove my worth to you,

this poems for her but I feel it’s for you....

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