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Inmate Poetry


By Rodney A. Warndahl

He lights a candle in the window
To guide his lady’s way home;
Had her stocking hung
Since Thanksgiving was done,
There for when she walks thru the door…

He wrapped her present after it first snowed,
Wrote “For you...

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Shame, Shame

I committed a crime and caused great pain.
Shame shame.

I’ll grow old in this with this darkness, it will never be the same,
Shame shame.

Running from the memory of your name.
Shame shame.

I promise I loved you, I didn’t mean to betray.
Shame shame...

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Fi`Ness Stokes #01562066

Give me liberty or give me death / When the only way up the ladder of success / Gotta contribute to this epidemic – mass imprisonment / Which is mostly Black and Brown / Where we keep this up we’re be extinct / Freedom of speech and equality / Yea, yea  - well who the hell are you to judge...

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Paul Rouse

“Advertising in it’s highest flight exerts itself and monetize it’s might”.

J’aime le gateau.


Paul Andrew Rouse


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Lost In Thought

Lost in Thought

They say I'm supposed to be in jail….living in hell…pacing back and forth in a cell waiting on mail my body may be trapped but my mind and soul will forever be free…..for I know me….connect on a level that is mental and emotionally…..the Sun, the Moon, the planets...

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If no one can

see my tears do they

still count? if my heart

skips like kids often do,

does that mean I’m in

love? if my past

could speak, would it tell

my future, if fairy tales

were true, would love’s

kiss awaken me? if...

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Warrick Dunn #02071677

A beautiful person is someone who gives so much to others. A beautiful person is someone who is helpful and caring in every situation. A beautiful person is someone who takes time to listen. A beautiful person is someone who makes another feel special and important. A beautiful person is someone...

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The Flowers of Trauma

I woke
From your filthy dream
This morning
In your filthy bed
With your filthy arm around me
And your filthy seeds dead-dry between my thighs

And exorcised
Your demons
Like every morning;
And found a tune
Fit to whirl a dervish to....

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Paul Rouse #Y16746

“Crazy thoughts…has anyone seriously tried to compose a song using a William Shakespearean sonnet – and not as a gaffe?”

Paul Andrew Rouse

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Kenneth Gentry #114979

How many times must my life come undone?
How many years must I be alone?
As I stand beneath the fires of an unforgiving sun.
I’ve danced with fallen angels.
I’ve forsaken all of my dreams.
I’ve let the demons render my soul with all their needful things.

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The Red Door

The Red Door

There in the midst of a spellbinding storm, the legendary Red Door approaches. 

To gaze upon its markings… to touch upon its surface… it is as if to feel the trepidation of dubiety swell up in the easternmost corner of my eyes. 


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When you don’t know what you should do or where to turn
If you are nervous, uptight and your stomach churns;
Take a step back and think things through
I am going to tell you what you should do.
See if the decision is born out of love or hate
Then the...

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Hard Times

Hard Times

Who will be here
Who will stay
How will I make it through today
Lie to me that's fool
Who will make me smile
I need love where could it be
I'm hungry with nothing to eat
Who will be my beauty to this beast
Keep positive thoughts...

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Facing Myself: Jeffery S. Hazle Jr. 02/17-18/2017

Hours upon hours, I exchange blows with the boy growing into
A man standing in front of his mirror,
Mental deterioration as I analyze and criticize the image
Reflecting back into my eyes,
In my mind, insecurities became superior, confidence became

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I Dream

I Dream

I dream of a day of success, a day when poverty and struggle no longer exist in my life.

But it's just a dream some say! An unreachable goal! They say I dream to big!!!

These are the words of a dreamless fool with no destination.

So I laugh, and I hold...

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Falling Out Of Love, Fall Again

Hear me
See me
My desperate pleas
I’m living in extremes
Hurt me
Hate me
If nothing else at all
Will you clean me
Will you heal me
After the fall?
I’d ask for love
It leaves me

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An example of crazy is continuing to be the same.

When the same has never prospered you being a fool is what you claim.

Quit hunting things that should not be.  Enjoy life is what to do.

Turn in that dated uniform, and try on something new.

Negativity has no...

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Time of the Essence

Time of the essence is a blessing

Once you know how to decipher time, use it at your own discretion

A lot of times I'm wondering, guessing, searching for my own protection

Not from physical harm, but my mental connections

To reach out to a stranger as if he's my...

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Alberto Granados

Heavy Load pt. 2

Spiraling out of control, can't recall the cause of it all.
Self destruction, loneliness, been betrayed death and pain.
Suppressing the memories of so many loved ones I've lost.
Manifesting as scars, emotional and physical,
heart and soul like a...

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Damon Williams

Certainly Uncertain...

I am caught within a vortex of deep

emotion, simultaneously submerged in joy and pain...

Hope and despair, sensitivity and masculinity... I am

helplessly shattered, yet whole, doubtfully trusting the

throes of my senses... Inflated...

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A lost boy in search of manhood
A system in place, making this find unlikely
Streets offered a look-a-like substance,
Until I found my heart as dark as my skin
Before I knew it
I didn’t know the difference between
Me and the streets
Lured into defeat by...

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Time and time again
Senseless violence takes
A friend, brother, sister
Mother, father or child
All the while,
The world keep spinning around.

Another soul lost
Too many tears shed
Feelings of emptiness surround us
Another great human is...

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Fire in my Heart

The Fire in my Heart

Came from God above

It's such a wonderful blessing

to receive his holy love

He kindled a fire

that makes me whole

It started in my heart

burns deep in my soul

He picked up this poor sinner

He sent me on...

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Greetings To You

“Greetings to You”

This is the deepest, sincere, thoughts of my heart, mind and soul!

Since the beginning of time, I've had these thoughts, desires and feelings towards you, before I was born.

Since I became aware of my existence to be, it has been a passion burning deep...

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A Woman's Beauty

A Woman’s Beauty

Created from man she was,

the womb of life she is,

a blessing from the creator because,

she provides substance for this.

Reference the womb that bore you

she's the woman who creates life,

a life fashioned and if you only...

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“Pain Is Love”

How’s a man supposed to feel when the police take his freedom.
Then he’s forced to watch as his woman slowly leaves him,
Her family and her friends telling her she doesn’t need him.
Leading to a phone call where she claims she’s lost all feeling,
Tears in his eyes as he...

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“This P.O.E.M. is the (Product of Every Man):


I feel I’ve come a long way,
Although there are memories in my past dark and grey,
Or I’m locked away, for forever and a day;
I still see the sun’s ray.

I’m real, in the gardens I play,

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The Mirror Speaks

I looked in the mirror and who did I see?
The fading reflection of the woman I used to be.
A past cannot change, and I don’t think I would.
By making peace with the past, I’ll remember where I once stood.
Through hard times and valleys, abuse and betrayal,

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Isac Marrugo #02073278

Distractions clouding my mind, tears rain on my vision/
Trying to keep it together, but I feel like something is missing/
How significant a feeling, to feel so insignificant/
Certified one hundred, body full of certificates/
Stars and scars, each telling a story/

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If These Scars Could Talk

If these scars could talk,
What would my wounds say?
Would they speak of pain,
Endured along the way?
Of broken hearts left in my wake,
Of tears, prayers went up in vain?
If these cars could talk,
The monologue would be of sorrow!
Mistakes of...

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