Inmate Poetry

Posted on 10/10/2018

Some things are worth

Fighting for,

Too important to

Just ignore,


Allow someone else

To hold,

Especially one who’s

So cold,

That he could overlook

And mother’s tears,

Then murder what she created

And nurtured for years,

So no longer am I

Shedding yesterday’s tears,

But all the fears

That’s held me back for years...

Posted on 6/28/2017


“One Hundred”

I’m grateful to have a special
person like you, through all
the trial and tribulations
you still pull through.
And staying true to being a
good friend indeed, lending
that helping hand to a
friend in need.
Regardless of the sacrifices
you have to take, no
mountain you won’t climb,
to keep the promises you make.
“That’s Real”, hard to...

Posted on 6/1/2017

The road may look empty in the wake of night,
Until the sweet lights illuminate the road ahead,
What may have looked like a vacant, lonely road,
Is now filled with others on the same path as you,
With a honk of the horn or a brief conversation at a
Stop light, it’s likely you meet someone that can help
You reach your highest potential, encourage you
Through the hard times, an...

Posted on 9/4/2018

In all my eagerness, for success to be reached

I remain poised, as still as the sign that says

Stop no longer distracted by the noise…

Hearing the world more clearly, a melody I can’t

forget, the universal signs & my thoughts collide

as I try not to slip…How often do these raindrops

drip & puddles form on the ground.  Sometimes

I stare at my reflection through them...

Posted on 2/20/2018

Alive In A Grave

When the casket walls start to cave in kicking my @$$, I start singing out loud bout taking it all back. Heyah! Way Heyah! And it sounds like that. Fighting terrorism goes way back. Since 1492 to be exact. And my ancestors don’t speak English. In the spirit of Crazy Horse maybe this Native got a death wish. So French kiss the raised fist. I did this for y’all indigenous. Now I’m behind enemy lines...

Posted on 12/18/2017


I just found a woman with beauty so rare, I
Promise to show you how much I care.
By giving you the attention you need,
The love and support everyday that you spend with me.
Heaven will be a reality instead of a dream.
In my arms you will always be.
The treasure on earth can put a smile on your face;
Skies will be the limit once I leave this place.
Above every problem...

Posted on 11/23/2018

Passage of Black


The cover of darkness,

wraps us up warmly.

In its essence we exist

But seldom realize we’re alive. 

Death has no meaning as it holds,

Even in the grip when it’s cold.

Forever attuned to the brighter side,

of this world we hide,

but failed like we never tried.

Life is beautiful they say,

When beauty is born black and...

Posted on 2/1/2015

"Lost Words"

Pen in hand, paper at my desk I put down words I want to say forgotten all the rest.

Words they flow from my mind through my heart down to this pen and paper and that's how it starts.

Shutting out all interruptions around me, just pen, paper and words of finding.

All my worries, hurt, anger and fears, I put down on paper for someone to hear.

I scream, I shout in words I...

Posted on 7/5/2017

Introverted Sunshine

Introverted sunshine…
Your nighttime dazzles while your stars blind
In reserved fine-ness your highness…
Though your beauty is in every eyes beholder
To those who can look up and define ya…
Under ya starry skies I wander…
Umbrella over me I’m under, it would seem
Mystique like.
More involved through my telescopes locked in...

Posted on 4/10/2018

When I Die

When I die does it matter if you cry? If you show up at my funeral with sorrow and misty eyes? Will I be remembered forever or fade like the flower of spring? It’s okay either way as long as in my mother’s heart I’m a King.

Locked up for now on a forever case, hoping to make a change in her life one day, yet if I die before then, regardless of when, may she know it was for her I prayed.

Posted on 8/22/2018

My hope is like a candle’s flame,

That burns throughout the night.

No matter what the crisis is

I still can see some light.

It kept me warm through many storms

And let me through the rain.

When no one else would care for me

It burned away my pain.

And when I felt I couldn't walk another mile uphill,

I took another step and found my light was brighter still.


Posted on 5/16/2017


Who are they to judge the mind I'm
The ashes of dust we call the stars
There's a mental phantom choosing
Something of illusion professing
These illusions fix the stranger in
With the mind's eye on anthropomorphic
What impressions did the mind first

Posted on 10/22/2017

I’m not a poet and I know it.

Posted on 2/8/2016

I would like to thank the anonymous person who credited my account with $20 so that I could express myself from these Dismal Crypts.

5 Seconds Of Affection

5 seconds of affection,
Is all I need.
If I can’t get it at least let my pen bleed.
5 seconds, for 5 loosers or 5 suitors,
1 chooser.

We hang on to your every word.

Eye contact takes 1 second.
Parting of the lips to speak takes...

Posted on 9/8/2015

The strain and pain she has that look on her face-I reach to touch and smooth out her hair, but she doesn’t’ know I’m there.

That far away look she stares into space, what is she seeing-I reach to bring her back from that terrible place.

She looks at me, but I’m sure she is not seeing me-for her eyes pass right through me.

She speaks and often times shouts, staring into space, screaming at the air-who is...

Posted on 3/5/2018


Fallen down deep into a pit of despair,
Gasping at breaths but purchasing no air.
Once free to roam without any cares,
Now just a creature in an inextricable snare.
What can the purpose of this life be? 
Fighting battles in darkness no one can see.
The enemies are vast, fearless and bold
There’s silence and sadness here in this cold. 
The warm...

Posted on 4/19/2015

"Incarcerated Memios"

I swear the iron bars and four walls can be too much to bear,
I swear it becomes worse when those at home don't show they care.
So I grin and bear because the pain of recidivism nobody wants to hear,
Shoot me in my head before I shed on tear.
Have I taken someone's life? No but the government wants me dead.
Not physically but mentally and rip me to shreds....

Posted on 5/19/2015

“One Life”

Life is full of hard,
And difficult circumstances
All we do is a struggle
For little to no advances.

Don’t let your stress,
Magnify your worries
Slow down, take a deep breath
Progress seldom hurries.

To try and understand life,
Is our natural temptation
Calm down, do it too much
You’ll only find frustration.


Posted on 4/18/2017


The UPPER ECHELON is looking down on me claiming I am a liability – then I ask myself how can I be when all I have to strive for is CLARITY to the missing pieces to of how my IDENTITY WAS STOLEN???

Serious about mine(s) but I’m surrounded by multitudes lap dancing (the west) with their gangbanging tactics, or how they mimic (THE SOUTH) with their lyrical rap gimmicks...

Posted on 11/16/2018

The past is a novel, written by fate
Weaving the same themes: Love and it's Glory, hate...

Posted on 2/24/2016


I lie awake on a long dark night
I can’t seem to control my mind anymore.
The pain and sadness are killing me inside
I can’t accept the life that is now mine.

This simple living without reason is my
desperate cry.
I’m trying to hold on, but the thought
of being alone is the reason I feel so
I’m worn out and cold.

Posted on 2/17/2016


It happens, time and time again-you know theme where
they walk in.
They have that look that says – “they know they’ve made a life
mistake-getting sent out this place” – especially because
of their race
At first they will try to act tough but acting is not enough.
Besides the eyes don’t lie.
The fear shows and the predators...

Posted on 8/13/2018

Poetry by: Darnell Bell
“The Power Of Life”

Decades of rain, snow, sleet and hail
I witnessed you survive through them all…
At the same time, I watched a nation fall.
As I stare at this unspoken solid wall…
Through the cracks of its concrete,
Right where darkness and sunshine meet
Under the moonlight…where the incarcerated sleep…
Separated from the outside world.
22 years in prison...

Posted on 10/24/2018

Expression flaunts
The way we feel
On mocking taunts
Spieled for our kneel.

Do you - Be you
In the battle
Verses of you
Against prattle.

Turn down the bass
On the music
Tuned to debase
your Politick.

Sculpture pieces
Mouthed agape
In Expertise
Of your voices shape.

Canvass your art
With bold statements
Canvassed from heart...

Posted on 11/20/2018


Once again, I sit here all alone. Just to open my eyes to see steel and stone.

Out my cell window, I see rain from the sky. Just to realize, it was a tear from my eye.

I feel the cold air, chill me down to the bone. I’m forced to stay here, but this cell is not my home.

I hear the ring,...

Posted on 11/27/2018

Looking for a special someone

Someone to share their life

Cold and lonely nights

Someone I can call my own

Gentle heart and kind words

Not much to offer but all yours

Someone to break this lonely hold

Maybe someday to be my wife

Please believe my heart is true

That someone is me and you.

Posted on 3/8/2018

~ Time Cries ~

Oh Baby
I know this may sound so sad so crazy
For this heart has found that for every love that dies
As she flies- Time Cries.
It’s like blinking back to see through the tears
After finding someone just stole life’s very best years
When everything ever said ever done
Yes every single promise from day one
Was nothing but one painful lie after lie...

Posted on 7/16/2018

Love Has Not

Love has no color ~
Than its empowering golden hue
A kaleidoscope of glittering memories
Enchanting, reflective even askew…

Love has no sight ~
Only inbred trust as vision
A compelling element of indulgence
Especially in times of indecision…

Love has no sound ~
But a thunderous roar in its debut
An orchestra of pious assemblies...

Posted on 5/7/2018

Queen Mother- by: D. Miller

Through your womb comes forth nations.
Birthing civilizations
It’s only part of your making.
Many parts, you play a part
Creating the completeness that is Your heart.
Light flame in the dark,
This is a Woman’s World.
Coddle the prince
Correct his steps when he stumbles
Nurture his Knowledge
So he'll be Wise to...

Posted on 12/10/2018


Breathe 4 me, when I’m drowning
From the overwhelming current of life’s
Series of unfortunate events.

Breathe 4 me, when the closing of heavens
Outpouring of inspiration has sifted away
My thirst and passion 4 more.

Breathe 4 me, when the realization of
Unfulfilled dreams has taken its toll on my soul
And induced a spirit of self-doubt.

Breathe 4 me, when the...