Inmate Poetry

Posted on 9/8/2014

The Value Of Friendship

FRIENDSHIP: Is the appreciations of all beings humans, animals, plants, etc….
                        The harmony and natural order of life!

FRIENDSHIP: Is godly in character!

FRIENDSHIP: Is being kind, being mindful, being respectful,

Posted on 12/11/2018


That file is not me;

It does not accurately present my personality,

Nor does it portray my true identity.

It’s merely a biased summary;

Highlights of my life’s mistakes used to characterize me into the villain that the system needs me to be for the sake of siphoning money from the taxpayers of society.

The mark of the beast branded upon me;

A number replaces where my name was...

Posted on 2/17/2016


Would you still know my face?  So close we had been.
Is there any trace of me left, in your head?
There wer times that I held you tight; my arms surrounding
you while you cried.
Would you still know my hands, if I held theme befor wide?
Many times to each other we spoke.
Listening to you – you listening to me.
My voice, would you still know?

Posted on 5/2/2019


Come to me, my dearest Lady into my open arms, rest a while,
I know you need the love which reassures and calms.
Come to me, my dearest Lady, in to my ever-loving heart; talk awhile and share your needs.
Readily with your burden part.
Come to me, my dearest Lady, that within me you will find the comfort which you surely seek, and care and love so kind.
Come to me, my dearest Lady,...
Posted on 10/10/2018

Some things are worth

Fighting for,

Too important to

Just ignore,


Allow someone else

To hold,

Especially one who’s

So cold,

That he could overlook

And mother’s tears,

Then murder what she created

And nurtured for years,

So no longer am I

Shedding yesterday’s tears,

But all the fears

That’s held me back for years...

Posted on 6/30/2016


A CARE FREE SOUL: Is responsible,
Not committed to anyone or worthy cause.
It has to be expressed lacking a serious view of life!

And displays an callous view of others!

A IGNORANT SOUL: Don’t know,
Or won’t turn on the light switch of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom,
To begin the learning process!

Posted on 7/15/2019

Dear Reader,

I know in some way, form or fashion you’re hesitant to open up,
I share in your fears of putting myself out there and being prejudged.
My current circumstances put me at a disadvantage that I’m not used to.
Like, “Hey! Look at the deeper me and not just the blemish you see, because there is so much more to this book”.
What makes me tick? As I fill in another 24 hours of not letting my mind, spirit...

Posted on 9/10/2018

Not Who I Used To Be

Look at me, what is it that you see? Is it the tattoos that
Have a gangster’s history, or, is it truly…Me? I hope
So because believe it when I tell you, I’m very much not
Who I used to be. Ah, man I’ve heard it said many ways
And ten times too many. “Don’t no one want you, you’re a killer,
The people’s enemy” and to it I shake my head no longer feeling
Defeated because, unlike...

Posted on 10/9/2016


Hope was no longer in existence.
Hope, I so admittedly resisted.
Hope, I never expected to find.
Hope, I left so very far behind.
Hope, with all its godforsaken lies.
Hope, a part of me inside always cries.
Hope fills my being with her light from above.
Hope, a new outlook have I been given.
Hope, through her have I been forgiven.
Hope, again shall she not be lost...

Posted on 10/12/2014

Convoluted Conservatorship (Dissemblers)

Intolerant exclusionists, chauvinists, and pliable palliating pseudo humanitarians masquerading as heroic court appointed conservators to/for we the indigent, mentally impaired, incompetent and/or the poor…
Wolves in sheep’s clothing – most of them are.
Matthey chapter 7/ verses 15 thru 29
Is at the proverbial door…
What (I recently asked...

Posted on 7/15/2019

Friendship’s a flower which grows from seed.
Planted in hearts with a mutual need;
Nurtured by trust as a rose by rain,
Exuding its fragrance through joy and through pain.
But unlike the rose which in time will decay,
The flower of friendship grows sweeter each day,
And its perfume I savor, for true
Friends are few,
And I’m thankful, Dear Friend,
To have one such as you.

By Artemio...

Posted on 1/17/2016


Ultra violet rays high light my high life,
Giving existence to fortitude in clarity….
Through the similarity to which I stand
In my position of light and likeness,
I find that my growth through experience
In life’s cycles heightens
My over standing without the
My illumination begins at a peak,
In relation to the highest form of...

Posted on 1/15/2018

When I’m gone will you really care
If it’s said and done will you have a tear to spare
Life is over so fast, yet days go so slow
Why this really is, I think only God can know
So what’s to become of me, or more importantly of you
What do we do with our actions no one else can do
The greatest mystery of all, we have to figure out
Because when we die, there can be no doubt...

Posted on 4/19/2015

"Incarcerated Memios"

I swear the iron bars and four walls can be too much to bear,
I swear it becomes worse when those at home don't show they care.
So I grin and bear because the pain of recidivism nobody wants to hear,
Shoot me in my head before I shed on tear.
Have I taken someone's life? No but the government wants me dead.
Not physically but mentally and rip me to shreds....

Posted on 9/23/2019

Give me liberty or give me death / When the only way up the ladder of success / Gotta contribute to this epidemic – mass imprisonment / Which is mostly Black and Brown / Where we keep this up we’re be extinct / Freedom of speech and equality / Yea, yea  - well who the hell are you to judge a G? / Place all these stipulations on my individuality / Like God made Pac or do you prefer we all be robots? / Me I’m no hypocrite and I aint with...

Posted on 4/29/2016

Against My Will

I continue to rise above it….
Rich in spirit my net worth
unfathomable in strength i can
muster, when life’s custom and
product is too much and out of my
Against my will i….
still rise….
like goose bumps in icy winds through
clouds “in” sky, into the open air when
the world weighs me...

Posted on 3/8/2018

My life before prison
was broken and sad.
The life of a drunkard,
A liar, a cad.
I've spit in the faces
Of family and friends,
And don't have the courage
To pursue their amends.
It's been four long years
Since I had my last drink,
Yet my actions still haunt me
Everytime that I blink.
Does the pain that I've caused
Deserve absolution?...

Posted on 8/5/2019

I Dream

I dream of a day of success, a day when poverty and struggle no longer exist in my life.

But it's just a dream some say! An unreachable goal! They say I dream to big!!!

These are the words of a dreamless fool with no destination.

So I laugh, and I hold fast-I hold fast to my dreams with an unreleaseable death grip to overcome my past. To overcome a life of wearing the black mask of lies and deception....

Posted on 10/10/2016

 “Lost and Found”

A touch of emotion, I can’t see.
Was it your breath?
I want to feel you breathe.
But I’m so far away- still thoughts of you come to me.
Setting me free.
I’m so far away and here I have to stay.
But only in body, can they hold me down.
Now that you’ve found me once again.
My mind is free to come you.
Knowing your...

Posted on 8/21/2019

I feel like out of sight, out of mind, in many cases it's true sometimes. But now I know, I don't have to be told, being behind bars, we're forgotten souls.

Dismissed from society and thrown in a cell, a nightmare worse than living in hell. Now when you think about your friends from before, you realize they don't even care anymore.

It's funny how your friend from the streets forget all about you when you're facing defeat....

Posted on 11/20/2018


Once again, I sit here all alone. Just to open my eyes to see steel and stone.

Out my cell window, I see rain from the sky. Just to realize, it was a tear from my eye.

I feel the cold air, chill me down to the bone. I’m forced to stay here, but this cell is not my home.

I hear the ring,...

Posted on 6/19/2018

Show Me

I’m tired of these games of loving and leaving
Searching with my soul, body and mind
I’m begging, give me something to believe in
Show me trust and compassion of the truest kind
Exhume my heart from this draining bind
These lies are getting old and exhausting
I need and want something real that’ll last
Show me feelings and meaning that are deeply working...

Posted on 6/3/2019

Distractions clouding my mind, tears rain on my vision/
Trying to keep it together, but I feel like something is missing/
How significant a feeling, to feel so insignificant/
Certified one hundred, body full of certificates/
Stars and scars, each telling a story/
Time and opportunities sacrificed, no regrets but plenty of worries/
The clock keeps ticking, the world keeps spinning/
I continue to fade,...

Posted on 7/13/2019

My heaven is in your arms, their pleasure resides;

My guardian angel is your smile; your laughter protects me.

You hold me in a place of refuge; I am shielded from the unwanted.

Your eyes are the mirrors for my soul, through them, I learn my purpose.

In your presence, I am reminded a fantasy.

Each blink teleports me to reality,

For I am without you.

A moment without your presence is a...

Posted on 12/18/2018

You will never know what a letter can mean until you have been where I am, or been through what I’ve been through.

I’m confined to a world behind four walls where no one can see me, and I receive no calls or visits.

Often I sleep and wake up alarmed, thinking that my family, loved ones, or friends may be harmed.

Thank God it’s just a dream as I come to my senses.  Then I look out the window and still see the...

Posted on 9/8/2014

What’s Love?

Love is: the caring & sharing of all aspects of the total beings of friends, soul-mates or lovers!

Love is: at its utmost in fulfillment when the inclusion of the bodies, minds, souls and spirits are active with the general expressions of the friends, soul-mates, or lovers! It’s no greater measure of enjoyment, appreciation, and balance within the friendship! Or relationship!

Love is:...

Posted on 4/10/2019

Still Holdin

I have been exiled from society,

A threat and a menace is what they call me.

As I sit and count those who are real,

I’m high in spirits, even while confined to concrete and steel.

The things that I cherish are so far away,

But I am not like the branch;

I will not wither or sway.

As I continue to strive and struggle for existence,

I do it with pride, knowledge...

Posted on 1/23/2018

Make This Easier

You want to stop loving me
So, to make this easier
I’ll stow away the best of me
And call forth the worst of me
I’ll be the darkest
So, that whenever you close your eyes
Hopefully you won’t be able to see me
I’ll go the farthest
So, that whenever you’re alone
No matter how hard you try
You won’t be able to...

Posted on 7/27/2017



You are the lady of the woods, the mighty Huntress.
With those eyes meant for a bow see me far off.
How long was I watching you?
I am manly and proud and beautiful and terrifying.
You are cold and exacting and distant.
Your eyes, the color of clear summer skies.
My eyes that of the woods: Bark, moss and shadow.
The birds gossip about us.
I see the rain coming in...

Posted on 3/3/2017

Southern Breeze [Country]

Emerald fields where love can bloom
Blue skies, where black birds fly
Lookin’ into your dark brown eyes
There’s no place I rather be but here

A dirt road that winds real tight
A bonfire in the middle of the night
Sittin’ beside you holding your hand
Moments like this, make me feel so alive

Carolina farms pass us...