Inmate Poetry

Posted on 4/17/2018

The Angel Without Wings

As if she’s walking on air an angel glides into a room, “so captivating” commanding attention of all in attendance, her presence felt throughout one’s body so blissfully, as blood boils every nerve ending tingles with sensation with savoring lustful thoughts.

The Creator blesses the very best with such ambiance and only the best possess the magnetism to conjoin hearts...

Posted on 5/24/2018


“Faded Memories”

The love in my heart
overwhelms my mind,
to the point my visions
blurry so I can’t see the line.
One that separates
Friend from foe
& lets me know,
When to hold on
or when to let go.
I see
faded memories of love
w/o boundaries.
The love I once knew
is ignorant to you,
real as penitentiary steel
w/ a zeal that’s...

Posted on 4/18/2018


I hold it down inside these walls
Like all my OG’s told me to
Shoot in spades and makin calls
Just passin time like homies do
Feeling blue but in a groove
Like bumpin to some oldie tunes
Baby girt I thought you knew
That gangsters get lonely too
Got so much heart
That I got plenty left to give away
Lookin for Love inside the darkness
That I live today

Posted on 9/18/2018

A long hallway entering the prison, sealing your fate. A new life to live, finding your place. Some people choose gangs, but that isn’t for me. I came here alone, I’m going to stand on my own feet. I try to stay positive, doing something constructive. Don’t focus on negative, causing self-destruction. Most people use drugs for numbing the pain. Not realizing the problems they’re going to gain.

It’s all smiles going on visits with...

Posted on 1/17/2016

 The Letter of a Gypsy

Hey Wassup
So this is a confession, I may be a stranger, but not too far
from where you are…  Just close enough to admire your beauty
from afar…Not on some weirdo stuff, but on some real stuff, you got me turnin in my dreams girl…

I know you don’t know me, but I’d like to know you…
‘Cause, I can’t help but wanna...

Posted on 3/22/2018


To:  You

Beauty and awe enticed you to
entomb yourself.  Then, with every
thump of your heart, every vein
attached itself to the carnal.  Now,
all of your fleeting thoughts only
loosen your celestial nerves.

The illusionary effect of time has
made you blind.  You wonder lost in
a mere projection, failing to recognize
your own reflection. ...

Posted on 12/13/2017


The Storm

I sit back and watch the rain fall slowly as I write these words.
I hear the undeniable destruction as the thunder hits its victim.
I’ve decided against being a victim so I look for a place to hide,
Only to find there’s nowhere to hide.
I must now use my mind to circumvent the destruction.
While thinking of a plan, the lightning attempts to distract me.
But I instead helps...

Posted on 9/17/2018

Life is Living

Life is only lived when you actively engage
If you act like you’re afraid it can trap you in a cage
You can find yourself lost in an imaginary maze
In the ebbs and flows of imaginary waves
You get caught up in the currents til the passing of the phase
Finally leads you to decide against the passing of the days
Without making each a memory
No longer bound by anybody else’s energy...

Posted on 2/1/2014

Wilting red rose (ones lonely weeps)

Whisper to me the calm of Hope---amid a world so
full of deceit… Allow my seeking heart and mind to
know your loyal pearl smile of friendship as my
illuminating psychological shield of protection—
against any thought(s) of failure, surrender, and/or defeat…
For ?!, I fight against all odds--daily (against they whom
actively strive to...

Posted on 2/20/2018

Alive In A Grave

When the casket walls start to cave in kicking my @$$, I start singing out loud bout taking it all back. Heyah! Way Heyah! And it sounds like that. Fighting terrorism goes way back. Since 1492 to be exact. And my ancestors don’t speak English. In the spirit of Crazy Horse maybe this Native got a death wish. So French kiss the raised fist. I did this for y’all indigenous. Now I’m behind enemy lines...

Posted on 1/17/2016

Lotus Flower Bomb

Lotus flower of the freshest petals,
Blooming in the ambience of heavens
Hidden in esoteric meaning beyond
The most precious special….
Lotus flower….
The very meaning to adorn in exquisite
Lotus flower, I can’t guess your
It’s like Jasmin sweet scented cinnamon,
Lemon vanilla, exotic, yes yes...

Posted on 2/25/2019

The Love I Never Had

If I could, I would give you the love I never had
Growing up as a child, raised without a dad
I wish I could hold you, I wish I could kiss you
God, how much I miss you,
Watching you grow from jail is hard, communication is
Kind of scarce, it’s definitely difficult.
You’re growing a lot, you’re growing fast, I know it’s hard
Without your dad.

I wish I could...

Posted on 2/4/2019

I Sometimes Wonder

I sometimes wonder does it really even matter.

Like these thoughts that go pitter patter in my mind aren’t worth saving.

Saying this all the while yet I still jo ‘em.

Sometimes I really wonder.  Can a good man exist in such a cold world as this?

Or maybe I’m just chasing daydreams that’ll leave me pushing up daisies.

Yet I still try to pursue an existence that would make...

Posted on 10/22/2017

I’m not a poet and I know it.

Posted on 2/21/2018


I am a problem for bringing savage back and it’s so matter of fact.  Heart as black as the clouds throwing thunder and the court documents say it’s the U.S.  of a versus me.  Guess I’m a one man war party.  But I’m not guna do what everyone thinks I’m guna do.  All I wanna know is who’s coming with me.  Therefore I laid out the strategy of the...

Posted on 5/14/2018

“All In”

I am very curious on how your touch
Will be, for our love is way too deep
For a couple that hasn’t met yet, but
I can give my best bet that those lips
Will be my best yet, even though I haven’t
Had them but need them like my
Next breath.

All this anticipation got me patient but
I’m gracious, perfectly perfecting myself for

Posted on 11/28/2016

Admire My Taste Part 1

Here stands the woman of words of fantasies inquisition…She is more than special V.S.O.P. involved with me like a legend and fairy tale where her affection is more than beauty to my pain who is beast. Sledge hammer to my unbreakable, brokenness…from where did you come to illuminate what I couldn’t see in my soul reflection? Are you a special spectrum of shade in an elusive vessel?

Posted on 5/9/2016

Believe In You

These are lyrics from a country song I’ve written. I hope that it inspires you to surmount any obstacle you might encounter. Belief in yourself and your higher power is the key. Whether it be God, Allah, Buddha or the devil – just believe! Remember: family and friends believe in you; children need and are counting on you – whether it be your kids, or kids of family and friends. Be strong for them...

Posted on 1/13/2019

The wind whistles wonderful melodies

Melodious and dulcet

Who knew that the air up there

Could sound so beautifully

I gaze at the beautiful night sky

And espy

A beautiful bright star that’s

One in a million

In the firmament full of stars

With diverse dispositions, appearance, and brilliance

That brilliantly appear right before my eyes

And I knew that...

Posted on 3/5/2018


Fallen down deep into a pit of despair,
Gasping at breaths but purchasing no air.
Once free to roam without any cares,
Now just a creature in an inextricable snare.
What can the purpose of this life be? 
Fighting battles in darkness no one can see.
The enemies are vast, fearless and bold
There’s silence and sadness here in this cold. 
The warm...

Posted on 2/1/2015

"Things to Come"

Walking on the beach with the sand at my feet, birds flying through the sky, The Sun shining way up high.

Working in my garden I will do-the dirt in my finger it will run through. Honey Bees buzzing at head, the smell of greenery at my stead.

Going anywhere I choose, in and out any doors I want to walk through-anyplace, anywhere and not a worry nor care.

Making inquiries...

Posted on 7/5/2017

The Phoenix Files Continued

Today…I burned my old flame
In passing…

I was on my way up and she
Was on her way…
In that, I could give two broken
Celibacy vows and honeymoons
Though I doubt a gift to give would
Be easily received…in doubt.

Today…I burned my old emotions.
I experienced a surge of whatever
In my urgent operation...

Posted on 8/13/2017

Focused on doing the time, just not to lose my mind, something about the struggle, is so define, so the love is hard to find, imagine searching and clawing for every nickel and dime, raised in a concrete jungle, all while doing time, so many tears, but unable to cry. I tried time after time, sometimes I feel I was built for this, picking loyalty over money every time cost me my life, but never again.

Posted on 9/4/2018

Simple Man, With a Simple Dream

I’m just a simple man, with a simple dream.  I long for the happiness, simple brings just a simple life, with simple means;




With simple things;

simple joys, simple relations,

simple friendships and associations. 

I’m just a simple man, with a simple dream.

Posted on 8/22/2018

Raw thoughts transformed to words

And give life,

Verbalizing silent emotions about struggle

And strife.


Communicating my feeling just using

My intellect,

Articulating my passion on a different

Level so we connect.


Revealing the sentiments of my heart

Using poems as expression,

Disclosing the truth of my soul through

My written...

Posted on 2/4/2019

Until you been arrested and spent endless days in jail, and walked a 1000 miles without leaving your cell.

Until you’ve lost your family and you’re utterly alone and you tried to seek comfort, to find out it was left at home.

Until you face the judge and entered your guilty plea, and heard them screw up words you won’t be free.

Until your days turn to months and months turn into years and you’ve stayed awake at night...

Posted on 10/29/2018


I’m trying to stay free in my mind because freedom of my mind will be my only escape. I’m trying to be more productive of myself for myself and even though that may sound selfish, I have to do things like this or I become useless to myself and to others. Because I’m trying to stay free in my mind because freedom of my mind will be my only escape.

So leave me to my peace and I’ll leave you to yours, not to say that I am...

Posted on 1/1/2017

~ Love ~

Loving you is the best feeling I ever felt
Your love is like the rain when it pours but I never use or
Need an umbrella because I want to feel every drop of it.
What’s love?…your laugh…your smile…your beauty…your ambition
Your heart…your desire.
Your love is like the sun when it sets
It brightens everything around me,
Your smile glows...

Posted on 6/13/2018


“The Genome of MAD”

Mutually assured destruction,
Barrels ot each other’s heads,
Triggers never pulled;
Help in place by threat,
Of, and apocalyptic domino effect.
Finer result, nuclear winter…
Never more to see the sun,
Without Ra, no life can sustain.
Angered are the Gods of Man
The Anunnuki shan’t save us!
From ourselves, though they could,
For they...

Posted on 4/29/2016

Against My Will

I continue to rise above it….
Rich in spirit my net worth
unfathomable in strength i can
muster, when life’s custom and
product is too much and out of my
Against my will i….
still rise….
like goose bumps in icy winds through
clouds “in” sky, into the open air when
the world weighs me...