Inmate Poetry

Posted on 3/24/2017


If I could be anything
or anywhere
I'd be the wind
I could blow my kisses at you every day
so I could twirl my arms around you.
And I could run my fingers through your hair.
I would bring the rain for you
or make the sun shine for you
If I could be the wind
There'd always be a lovely smell in the air
nothing foul could stay...

Posted on 3/14/2019

                         Lost and Found

Lost in my seclusion, embarrassed and ashamed;

I have realized the truth; It’s myself I have to blame!


A desperate cry for help, to our Lord up above;

Knowing of His greatness, longing for His love!


No need to try to...

Posted on 5/24/2018

There Somewhere Way Back in the Day
(A Ballad)

Words and melody by Rodney A. Warndahl
Copyright 2018


It is not too far distant
At least for my heart
Memories still remain

Encountering music and passion
There somewhere
Way back in the ay

You appeared like the springtime
Sudden as a breeze
The Fates deemed orchestrate

A young...

Posted on 6/20/2017

From State To State

Change your mental state
And try to elevate
Reach another and try to educate
Slow down, sit quietly and meditate
So the distractions you can eliminate
While rising to a higher state
Some may say, “This aint real”
Cause they want to hear murder, murder, kill, kill
Like an action book labeled thriller,
But this is real,
It doesn...

Posted on 2/26/2018

Even at first glance
Who am I to deny, she was beautiful
Her ambiance shined thru
I became attentive to her nature, I listened
She painted a picture, her wisdom
Was the furthest from cold, just experienced
She wore, the jewels from life’s lessons
And how today, her hope is rich soil
Fully fascinated, I smiled, I was humbled
Searched her eyes for joy, she was strong

Posted on 8/3/2018


Hugs that are therapeutic
Kisses that bring euphoria
Passion is an understatement
Love is typically rushed, but for you it waited
A single heartbeat is what the two of us share
Then I realized that you were not standing there
It was just a desire
A desire that I envisioned
A vision that only I saw
How bad I wanted this vision to become reality
I gave every...

Posted on 1/25/2019
Heaven Gates,
Those are the gates in which I have opened,
And who's on the other side?
It's her, a beautiful female deity,
My name she summons,
I can't help but to go near,
Her beautiful bright smile is only one of many brilliant features,
An angelic face accompanied by eyes which possess the gaze of an angel,...
Posted on 5/25/2018

People and Prison

People in the world wake up on a bed. People in prison wake up feeling dread. God remembers all the days you left.
People in the world answer their cell phones, people in prison the answer is gone, for God the answer is you're not alone.
People in the world eat in restaurants, people in prison eat where there's a lot, God sees forget-me-nots.
People in the world go to clothing stores,...

Posted on 6/20/2018

Dear Friends

When I think of you
I think of leaves falling in summers wind
I believe whole heartedly in your trust my friends
you've been her for me mor than those who share my DNA
and yet because of you I could care less they aren't her today
Telling you I love you is not enough
Telling you I adore all of you is maybe to much
Yet I know that when I look in your face...

Posted on 6/25/2018

Songs of Fire

I rise from the ashes to my knees,
From my knees to my feet,
Then I spread my arms out wide
As they metamorphose into wings,
My attention is fueled by the desire
To transcend myself higher and higher
As my vices are consumed by the fire;
The fire of which is my attire
At the peak of my climb I become refined
With a renewal of the spirit and mind

Posted on 9/18/2018

~Reflections~ Part 1

Precious reflection of mine, allow us to reflect on the rejections of time as we inspect the misconceptions of the neglections of a unique mind…

Confined conflict refines chaos by declining to impersonate. Designing a mined mind defined by defiance and inner reliance, not compliance. Resulting in an alliance with my higher self. Severing a resistance that always existed but was often mistaken as assistance...

Posted on 6/18/2018


Late to bed early to rise; the herd needs watchful eyes.  Nomadic blood that no one can tame; preserve this blood not like the ancient beast slain.  Protect the clan that buds from man; thunder echoes throughout the land.  The energy of the God's is present in all that is spoke; drums and singing now the Pagan soul has awoke.  Ignite the flame, Oh the divine spark; inhale the smoke of the...

Posted on 9/10/2018

Suffering in Silence

I’m suffering in silence
Really, I don’t want to be silent because my mind is plotting violence
In the form of riots against a tyrant called love who seems to have a bias
But instead I suffer in silence.
Because what can I say when every day love is on a vacay from the
Place in my heart that decays from dismay when it’s away
Making me suffer in silence
I feel so stupid...

Posted on 10/9/2017


When the time comes,
Will you say hello...
Open your arms,
Embrace me and welcome me home…

Can I sit and rest my feet
Quiet moments let them speak.

You were lost
Drifted away in the currents of the streams…

Posted on 6/28/2017


“One Hundred”

I’m grateful to have a special
person like you, through all
the trial and tribulations
you still pull through.
And staying true to being a
good friend indeed, lending
that helping hand to a
friend in need.
Regardless of the sacrifices
you have to take, no
mountain you won’t climb,
to keep the promises you make.
“That’s Real”, hard to...

Posted on 8/22/2017

What is Prison?

People think of prison as only bricks and steel,
But there are so many other forms of prison that are just as real.
Like the young girl who seeks to be loved and jumps from man to man,
She’s a prisoner to her own emotions, she just doesn’t understand.
Or the young man who steals and deals to get what he can get,
He’s a prisoner on his way to prison, he just doesn...

Posted on 9/13/2017


Sticks & Stones

Words of deception
Void of self-reflection
Taught a false reality
Why how can this be
This is all I’ve known
Blind leading the blind
So I had to find out on my own
Like a chemical or a poison
False realities and hypocrisy
Sifting through it all
With my eyes wide open
A closed mouth don’t get feed
So that’s why I started asking...

Posted on 7/16/2018

Love Has Not

Love has no color ~
Than its empowering golden hue
A kaleidoscope of glittering memories
Enchanting, reflective even askew…

Love has no sight ~
Only inbred trust as vision
A compelling element of indulgence
Especially in times of indecision…

Love has no sound ~
But a thunderous roar in its debut
An orchestra of pious assemblies...

Posted on 12/13/2017



There comes a time in each of our lives where we have
Experienced what is called, “broken moments”.  It was once
Said, “That without a foe, a person will never know their true
strength”.  From the exiting of the womb, until the grave, every
one of us will experience unfavorable circumstances that will
either strengthen our resolve or utterly destroy us. ...

Posted on 1/6/2019

A Fathers Prayer

The longing in my life is not a prayer for me, in the deep watches of the night I pray not selfishly.
I lift her life to you, her heart I know you love. I cannot protect her now below, please protect her from above.
You see her needs as I cannot, you hear her prayers I know, you feel her tears upon your cheek, please hold her as I go.
No man could love her as I do, no heart could miss her so....

Posted on 9/5/2017

Alone, the fear of dying this way is excruciating.

How do I overcome this thing that’s paralyzing?

Do I accept it as fate that I should die in this state?

No!  To sit here and doing nothing would be a mistake.

Yet to force love is equally painful.

Those emotions are empty, but they make me hopeful.

I get attached to hints of truth, convinced that...

Posted on 1/14/2019

Judge Me

I’m OK with that, long as you judge me. How can you judge me without actually judging me. Judge me without actually hearing me. Oh, I see! You read it so it’s true. Think about all the things that’s been said about you that isn’t true. Please explain to me how you judge my story and I didn’t even tell it to you. #Confused. Learn how to judge before you do. If you knew the truth, only way to judge me would be “You mad I’m not...

Posted on 3/26/2018

“My Final Hours Without You”

Damn, World, can you believe that we have at last made it to this state of afterwards and that these are my final hours without you?

In a few hours from here, there will be no more sentimental eye-water cascading down the side of my face as it crashes into my pillow like the rising surf onto a dark and lonesome beach, while I stare a million miles into the ceiling beholding you,...

Posted on 9/8/2014

The Value Of Friendship

FRIENDSHIP: Is the appreciations of all beings humans, animals, plants, etc….
                        The harmony and natural order of life!

FRIENDSHIP: Is godly in character!

FRIENDSHIP: Is being kind, being mindful, being respectful,

Posted on 11/23/2018

Passage of Black


The cover of darkness,

wraps us up warmly.

In its essence we exist

But seldom realize we’re alive. 

Death has no meaning as it holds,

Even in the grip when it’s cold.

Forever attuned to the brighter side,

of this world we hide,

but failed like we never tried.

Life is beautiful they say,

When beauty is born black and...

Posted on 12/13/2017


The Storm

I sit back and watch the rain fall slowly as I write these words.
I hear the undeniable destruction as the thunder hits its victim.
I’ve decided against being a victim so I look for a place to hide,
Only to find there’s nowhere to hide.
I must now use my mind to circumvent the destruction.
While thinking of a plan, the lightning attempts to distract me.
But I instead helps...

Posted on 1/23/2017


Beautiful woman you are not invisible
And you should never be afraid to open up and be yourself.

When you thought no one was looking
I saw the pain you lived with day to day
How you looked into a broken mirror
And only saw a broken face,
But who you are goes deeper than your surface.

Abused, Abortion
Are not what your name is.

A child alone with no...

Posted on 2/25/2019

Fly Together

Baby don’t you worry
Every thing will be alright
Jus hold tight by my side
Together we’ll fly high
Above the mountain skies
Over oceans and around the world a thousand times –

Baby don’t you worry
Every thing will be alright
Jus hold tight by my side
Together we’ll fly high
Above the mountain skies
Over oceans and around the world a...

Posted on 10/9/2017


My ancestory by way of BLOODLINE is ROYALTY, but the (POWERS THAT BE)  is not trying to reward me my birthright…

Historically their thievery reminds me of the Knightriders sponsored by the U.S. Government whom took Black Folk properties by intimidation tactics…

Automatics in hand...

Posted on 1/4/2018



Right before my eyes I observe the sands
of time sift through the hour glass….And yet
the horizon is unchanged….
Life slowly fading from my father quickening his
Right before my eyes I see my wing span reach
in two directions aiming to span this world,
I yearn to embrace my mother fully, her wisdom
so inviting and mighty…..
Right before...