Inmate Poetry

Posted on 10/12/2014

Convoluted Conservatorship (Dissemblers)

Intolerant exclusionists, chauvinists, and pliable palliating pseudo humanitarians masquerading as heroic court appointed conservators to/for we the indigent, mentally impaired, incompetent and/or the poor…
Wolves in sheep’s clothing – most of them are.
Matthey chapter 7/ verses 15 thru 29
Is at the proverbial door…
What (I recently asked...

Posted on 1/18/2018


Make It Up To You

I've been in jail since you’ve been months old, I know.
And I know you’re angry because your face and voice tell me so.
In your eyes I've only been a disappointment to you and your brothers.
But when you look at it, it’s not just y’all, it’s plenty others.
I haven’t taught you anything that a father should.
But I praise your mother because she’s doing everything she could...

Posted on 8/22/2018

My hope is like a candle’s flame,

That burns throughout the night.

No matter what the crisis is

I still can see some light.

It kept me warm through many storms

And let me through the rain.

When no one else would care for me

It burned away my pain.

And when I felt I couldn't walk another mile uphill,

I took another step and found my light was brighter still.


Posted on 9/26/2018

As I sit here motionless

feeling like all life has ceased, feeling claustrophobic

breaking night in this unbearable box till the break

of dawn, fabricating the idea of what type of different

or the same lifestyle awaits my return to its presence

pondering with the thought if it’s gonna be out of

control.  Before I came back to prison, I rather drop

dead where I stand.  All this...

Posted on 4/16/2015

"If Only I Could Now Go Back"

Look back with me a moment my sister,
as I do whenever I feel blue.
I recall the day you came home,
I couldn't wait to be the best big brother to you.

I swore I'd hold you all day,
spoil you by never putting you down.
And if I heard you cry,
I'd come running so fast my feet would never touch ground.

When you're hungry...

Posted on 3/11/2019

Wasted Time

This time that I’ve wasted is my biggest regret…

Spent in a place, that I’ll never forget…

Just sitting and thinking about the things that I’ve done…

It’s just me and my hard driven guilt…

Behind a wall of emptiness that I allowed to be built…

Trapped in my body with reality suddenly in my face…

Full of remorse and stuck in this place…

Now memories of the past, flash...

Posted on 9/10/2018

Not Who I Used To Be

Look at me, what is it that you see? Is it the tattoos that
Have a gangster’s history, or, is it truly…Me? I hope
So because believe it when I tell you, I’m very much not
Who I used to be. Ah, man I’ve heard it said many ways
And ten times too many. “Don’t no one want you, you’re a killer,
The people’s enemy” and to it I shake my head no longer feeling
Defeated because, unlike...

Posted on 2/21/2017

“A Picture and a Thousand Words”

People say a picture can say a thousand words, but can a picture tell you the stories of the scars on my face? To the scars on my heart?

Did my picture tell you my goals and my dreams? The things that I have and haven’t accomplished?

Or did my picture tell you the man I am? Or the man I am destined to be?

If it did? There is nothing to be said. But if it...

Posted on 2/1/2018

In Search of Love

I don’t love some of you, I love all of you…
Your smile, the twinkle in your eyes, the way you
Walk, beautiful the sound of your voice when
You talk…
Love will overlook any flaw that you may see, because in my eyes
I’ve got the woman, my Queen.  Someone with...

Posted on 1/1/2017

~ Love ~

Loving you is the best feeling I ever felt
Your love is like the rain when it pours but I never use or
Need an umbrella because I want to feel every drop of it.
What’s love?…your laugh…your smile…your beauty…your ambition
Your heart…your desire.
Your love is like the sun when it sets
It brightens everything around me,
Your smile glows...

Posted on 6/11/2018

Laws of our Land

To one nation under God
For liberty and justice to all.
These are words we all know
These same words we seldom recall!
Innocent to proven guilty
At least that’s what they say.
Yet each night before we sleep
These very words we often pray!
Although we live in the land of the free
And it’s known as the home of the brave.

Posted on 8/29/2015


I was 15 when the concrete curtains fell,
And my space became a cell.
I yelled, I yelled for help,
but my cries, my cries though
were smothered by stone and steel.

Barbed wire twisted around my feet,
and the more I scream the more pain I feel.
Help me! Someone, please, help me!
I didn't kill that man they way they said.

He was...

Posted on 11/20/2018


Once again, I sit here all alone. Just to open my eyes to see steel and stone.

Out my cell window, I see rain from the sky. Just to realize, it was a tear from my eye.

I feel the cold air, chill me down to the bone. I’m forced to stay here, but this cell is not my home.

I hear the ring,...

Posted on 7/30/2017

“The Journey of Life”

It twists and turns
With mountains to climb
And fires that burn

Shaped at a young age
So vulnerable and pure
Life at full speed
Is how we must learn

The good times and bad
Is a part of it all
When climbing a mountain
Sometimes you will fall

With each step we take
Comes pleasure and pain...

Posted on 12/10/2018


Stop Domestic Violence,
Stop the Silence,
Why is it silenced,
No hashtag for this one,
It’s still a loaded, gun,
Bang, bang, another baby stunned,
While he watches his mom
Being beat to death,
Another father laying his daughter to rest.
Who’s next!
Grab her hand and help her up,
Their minds are stuck,
Brainwashed and plucked,
The only voice she has is...

Posted on 6/26/2018

The Personality Of The Pen

My daydreams drift into emotivity
That leaves internal scars inconspicuously
For who do I reveal these feelings to
My unspoken words I write them to you
The personality of the pen
Writes and discloses whatever mood that I’m in
I think, feel, then I express
That which does unveil my emptiness
My conceptions are written from line to line

Posted on 4/1/2017

It’s Already Yours

If you need hope/I’ll pray for you
If you need help/I’ll fight for you
If you need an ear/I’ll listen
If you need understanding/I’ll understand
If you need trust/ then it’s a must
If you need a hug/come closer to me
If you need sex/then I’ll be your best
If you need money/I’ll give you my last penny
If you need...

Posted on 10/10/2018
Hey, look at me, I'm in prison, big deal, the walls of
Societal retribution keep me contained in a small
Confined space but I won’t be miserable about it. 
They feed me three meals a day, what can I say?
The convict’s norm is to gripe and complain,
But that won’t lessen my plight.
I won’t be like the many who cite abuses and...
Posted on 5/12/2017

“I Wonder”

I wonder as I sit in this cell in my own personal
How long will it last?  Another year, two or three!
I don’t know, but I try not to let it bother me
Somedays tend to be harder than others, which sometimes
Make me wonder, what my life would have
been like if I had a loving mother.
Now don’t get me wrong, I know that my...

Posted on 3/27/2013

Her Imaginary Friend….

A little girl named Emily and her imaginary friend,
hand and hand they walk to the bus stop,
Laughing and playing like they always do….

Emily said catch me if you can
and ran away so quickly looked like she flew..
You couldn’t even see her shoes
her feet were moving so fast….

But you could see her little pink...

Posted on 2/24/2016


If I had another chance I’d tell you
that the things “we” had were right and
I threw it all away.

Time cannot erase the love and memories
we shared, but it does give me time to reflect
and realize just how much you loved me.

Now that it’s over and your gone for good,
I’m really not the same anymore.  I guess I
only have...

Posted on 12/23/2018

Blurry Visions Of Deceit

When I first saw you I couldn’t believe my eyes, even though it wasn’t love at first sight, I was definitely surprised. It’s rare to find someone with such a pure heart. I was looking in the wrong direction when I should’ve been following my heart from the start. I can’t describe the sensation I feel whenever our lips meet, lips so sweet honey can’t even compete.

My mirage is a façade, enter my oasis...

Posted on 9/13/2017


Sticks & Stones

Words of deception
Void of self-reflection
Taught a false reality
Why how can this be
This is all I’ve known
Blind leading the blind
So I had to find out on my own
Like a chemical or a poison
False realities and hypocrisy
Sifting through it all
With my eyes wide open
A closed mouth don’t get feed
So that’s why I started asking...

Posted on 1/17/2016


Ultra violet rays high light my high life,
Giving existence to fortitude in clarity….
Through the similarity to which I stand
In my position of light and likeness,
I find that my growth through experience
In life’s cycles heightens
My over standing without the
My illumination begins at a peak,
In relation to the highest form of...

Posted on 1/1/2019

“In Search I Might”
Somewhere along my train of thought,
A sudden rush created a spark.
A spark that flowed within my soul,
Longing for a friendship that would grow.
Nothing more than sincere rapport,
Built on loyalty, trust and more.
Maybe today, maybe tonight,
Maybe a week, or a year’s time,
But search and search, in search I might,
Find a special friend for life....

Posted on 6/13/2018


“The Genome of MAD”

Mutually assured destruction,
Barrels ot each other’s heads,
Triggers never pulled;
Help in place by threat,
Of, and apocalyptic domino effect.
Finer result, nuclear winter…
Never more to see the sun,
Without Ra, no life can sustain.
Angered are the Gods of Man
The Anunnuki shan’t save us!
From ourselves, though they could,
For they...

Posted on 1/6/2019

A Fathers Prayer

The longing in my life is not a prayer for me, in the deep watches of the night I pray not selfishly.
I lift her life to you, her heart I know you love. I cannot protect her now below, please protect her from above.
You see her needs as I cannot, you hear her prayers I know, you feel her tears upon your cheek, please hold her as I go.
No man could love her as I do, no heart could miss her so....

Posted on 1/21/2019


The words I speak are true,  if you do not believe me listen to the news.

You say nothing is going to happen, but have you forgotten disasters?

You say all is good and okay, but why do you stay?

I am the Lord your creator, so please let me do you a favor.

I am the creator of Heaven and Earth, and I have known you before birth.

Let me sing a song of truth, before you receive the...

Posted on 5/7/2018


I want to write a poem and show you something deep. That’s why I’m on this site as big as the ocean. I’m only one person, like you are treasure, something precious, something really unique. I wonder what to share, wonder what to keep? Secrets are simple, so is God. I wonder what you think.

Do you blame it on an equilibrium or anything higher than yourself or are you really strong; desire, love and...

Posted on 8/1/2018

Some Words
By Larry Rodgers

Some words could hurt you more than a force of a fist
Some words could love you more than a hug and a kiss
Some words are proficient to the wise but to a fool it’s nonsense
Some words could be hard to ignore even when you put up a fence
Some words are funny, you laugh so hard you cry
Some words could hurt being the truth even more than a lie
Some words could make...