Inmate Poetry

Posted on 8/21/2019

The Red Door

There in the midst of a spellbinding storm, the legendary Red Door approaches. 

To gaze upon its markings… to touch upon its surface… it is as if to feel the trepidation of dubiety swell up in the easternmost corner of my eyes. 

From deep within the heart of your derma hails the almighty fragrance; for fragments of crystallized uncertainty commence to fall as the Red Door's...

Posted on 1/4/2018



Right before my eyes I observe the sands
of time sift through the hour glass….And yet
the horizon is unchanged….
Life slowly fading from my father quickening his
Right before my eyes I see my wing span reach
in two directions aiming to span this world,
I yearn to embrace my mother fully, her wisdom
so inviting and mighty…..
Right before...

Posted on 9/23/2019

“Advertising in it’s highest flight exerts itself and monetize it’s might”.

J’aime le gateau.


Paul Andrew Rouse


Posted on 7/18/2019

Time of the essence is a blessing

Once you know how to decipher time, use it at your own discretion

A lot of times I'm wondering, guessing, searching for my own protection

Not from physical harm, but my mental connections

To reach out to a stranger as if he's my own

Keep him from harm, show affection

‘Cause we don't even know the magnificence of life

Always trying to live for the hype…....

Posted on 1/23/2018

Make This Easier

You want to stop loving me
So, to make this easier
I’ll stow away the best of me
And call forth the worst of me
I’ll be the darkest
So, that whenever you close your eyes
Hopefully you won’t be able to see me
I’ll go the farthest
So, that whenever you’re alone
No matter how hard you try
You won’t be able to...

Posted on 2/9/2018

Yesterday is today
Tomorrow is forever
Last week was seven years
My mind is a cloud that sits on the ground
Life is a maze while I'm lost in space
Thoughts spin into sound then bounce around
Then get lost in ether
My Birthday came then went away
The meaning of the number 8
The ghost that haunts me is past
People come but never last
An akward kid picking his...

Posted on 6/18/2018

Mylz Tha Damned

We are down here.  Down here we all float.  In the belly of the beast, in case you ain’t know.  They call this place Hell.  I’ve come to call it home.  If you’re scared go to church.  I’m where the wild things roam.  OMG.  Thee ambitions of the chief.  To gain the whole world, and give it back to my peeps.  For a vision I’m crying...

Posted on 3/28/2017


When the skies are blue
The flowers will grow
The Earth turns and with it
You are my life to show
Forever free, you’re my heart to be sewn
From the raging waters, to the calming seas
I can stand by your side and forever be
Always a friend, always a king
By your side, to set you free
All you have to do – is say
“In Jesus...

Posted on 1/26/2019

At times I’d rather write my thoughts than sit and write my family.

Expressions of my youth reflect through truth and understanding.

The problem with that is understanding has been amiss.

So expressions of a twisted individual are what exist.

Should I take a razor to my wrists?


Never that, I live for pain.

Numbness to emotion would only drive a man insane.

The way I see it...

Posted on 2/1/2012

I don’t cry,
My tears are tattoos..
I fear no man,
God sees me through…

This life is a struggle,
But my heart remains strong…
I’m confined away from freedom,
But my freedom’s beyond…

All these bars,
And barbed wire fences…
I hold tight to my faith,
And believe in my wishes…

My dreams are alive,...

Posted on 2/2/2017


I find myself wishing for a friendly speck of hope;
Someone who can let me know,
That my heart is alive and well like a stethoscope.
I raise my head high toward the sky,
Despite the weight of my fate, or the slop on my plate.

I march forward toward another day,
As time passes by, and I search for words to pray.

The heart of a lion;...

Posted on 5/22/2019

Life will nip you on your heels and never charge your for thrills, 
A solution in itself like pills but you can never pay the bills, 
What if there were some trickery like the one that lacks between you and me, 
Good and evil spirits bickering but without the mask now you see, 
If only I didn't feel so alone, maybe I could break to through the stone, 
Bending metal in all shapes like...

Posted on 5/25/2018

People and Prison

People in the world wake up on a bed. People in prison wake up feeling dread. God remembers all the days you left.
People in the world answer their cell phones, people in prison the answer is gone, for God the answer is you're not alone.
People in the world eat in restaurants, people in prison eat where there's a lot, God sees forget-me-nots.
People in the world go to clothing stores,...

Posted on 11/9/2019

Why Do I Write?

From the confines of a cubicle
I watch a roach crawling around
The peeling paint of a prison wall.

It seems I've been here
Since the construction of this
1920s model of Criminal Justice.

Each year passing.

Watching that lovely roach,
I wonder:
Why do I write?

Writing is an act of...

Posted on 12/29/2018

The first time I held you,

So small and brand new;

Tears came to my eyes;

And I whispered, “I love you”.


The first words you spoke,

Were music to my ears;

I was the one you ran to,

And got you through your fears.


The love in your eyes,

When you looked up at me;

Made my heart swell with pride,

And almost burst with glee.

Posted on 4/22/2019

Do not fear that I shall hurt your feelings, disappoint you or even break your heart. What I promise is nothing more than everything I am now and everything I will be with you. All I want is to make ready every wonder of your thoughts, cast ourselves into the whirl of endless possibilities in where disappointment does not exist and success and pleasure intertwining to form an enamored spirit in which you and I belong.

This is not a...

Posted on 7/3/2013

Just My Thoughts

These is just my thoughts as I sit here in this four cornered room.
Sentenced to a lifetime of hell in this penitentiary cell
Inflicted by all the pain I’ve caused, by the mistakes I’ve made and all the wrongs I’ve done.
“Like I said, these is just my thoughts.”
I’ve shed so many tears over the years and conquered all my penitentiary fears....

Posted on 11/20/2018


Once again, I sit here all alone. Just to open my eyes to see steel and stone.

Out my cell window, I see rain from the sky. Just to realize, it was a tear from my eye.

I feel the cold air, chill me down to the bone. I’m forced to stay here, but this cell is not my home.

I hear the ring,...

Posted on 6/12/2018


My Road to No Where

It's hard to stay focused and in touch with my dreams
To block out the voices and misguiding screams.
They echo in my mind and tell me the wrong road to take...
Attracting me to a world where everything is fake.
Including my feelings and dreams that I chased...
Now I'll always have memories of years gone to waste.
I buried all my feelings and blocked out all...

Posted on 7/23/2019

When looking into your eyes, I see a sparkle

shimmering brighter than a starry sky

If hurt by all the worlds lies

wit you that pain in me dies

when we’re close to each other

I feel bound closer than lovers

For that bond, my spirit and comfort shutters

my heart skips a beat and stutters

Wit all the world's words, I can't describe

how deeply you affect my soul, my mind...

Posted on 10/1/2017

Take A Chance

Whimsical whispers like the wind
Tend to dazzle, excite and delight.
Awakening your inner curiosity,
But somehow you continue to fight.
Why not let go of all your inhibitions,
Give in to those feelings and explore?
Is what’s holding you back that serious,
Or does your soul want, need and hunger for more?
Life can move at an alarming rate,

Posted on 9/14/2017


It’s been an amazing journey to this place where we are to be the lovers that we’ve become. This kind of love takes time. We started out, like so many do, with nothing but dreams in our pockets and stars in our eyes and oh, how we enjoyed the adventure!

But along the way, we met our share of obstacles, sometimes we got tripped up, and life took us on a detour or two. But with every step, we stayed in...

Posted on 12/13/2017


The Storm

I sit back and watch the rain fall slowly as I write these words.
I hear the undeniable destruction as the thunder hits its victim.
I’ve decided against being a victim so I look for a place to hide,
Only to find there’s nowhere to hide.
I must now use my mind to circumvent the destruction.
While thinking of a plan, the lightning attempts to distract me.
But I instead helps...

Posted on 10/8/2015


The hurt and pain I feel runs through me so deep.
That most nights it robs me of my sleep.
I’m all alone in this nightmare of mine.
I had hoped it would end if just given some time.
Never in my life did I figure this side of me I’d see.
I hate this feeling because of what it's doing to me.
I can’t understand what brought about this change
But I...

Posted on 11/4/2019

In some Gents eyes, love is but a game, Perro not everyone in este vida sees things quite the same.

Everyone has an oldie, that special song for all the good in life, perro especially the wrong.

At times life seems unfair. It’s as though at times no one really cares. 

People are lucky to even have a friend, that special someone who will stand beside them to the very end.

Gracias a dios for everything he...

Posted on 7/15/2019

Friendship’s a flower which grows from seed.
Planted in hearts with a mutual need;
Nurtured by trust as a rose by rain,
Exuding its fragrance through joy and through pain.
But unlike the rose which in time will decay,
The flower of friendship grows sweeter each day,
And its perfume I savor, for true
Friends are few,
And I’m thankful, Dear Friend,
To have one such as you.

By Artemio...

Posted on 3/20/2017

Equal Mind…

I’m just a simple man…
A simple man in search of his equal
An equal mind that understands, one who’s virtuous
To find her, I strive for perfection
The honesty of a real man
So many years I’ve searched along the lines of
Love alone
But fail to find…
My strong opposite of an equal mind.

I’ve dealt with so many...

Posted on 7/1/2019

Only In A Dream

A shattered heart minded in the blink of an eye

Pains of relationships past fade away simply from your presence

A feeling of bliss, true love, and serenity overwhelm me

All things thought to be none existent

Brought to reality by the woman of my dreams

This can only be heaven sent.

Yet in a blink of an eye it all fades away

The pains buried deep within remain...

Posted on 6/17/2019

“This P.O.E.M. is the (Product of Every Man):


I feel I’ve come a long way,
Although there are memories in my past dark and grey,
Or I’m locked away, for forever and a day;
I still see the sun’s ray.

I’m real, in the gardens I play,
There’s nothing false I’d every portray.
Years ago, I would’ve tried shooting the light out of the sky,
Not knowing why; now I look to the...

Posted on 8/29/2015


I was 15 when the concrete curtains fell,
And my space became a cell.
I yelled, I yelled for help,
but my cries, my cries though
were smothered by stone and steel.

Barbed wire twisted around my feet,
and the more I scream the more pain I feel.
Help me! Someone, please, help me!
I didn't kill that man they way they said.

He was...