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Inmate Poetry

Is This You

“Is This You”

A long lost friend who started as a pen pal
Sharing stories about our lives all the ups and the downs
Looking for a face in the crowd hoping that someone who cares is around
But still searching because that person hasn’t been found...

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The strain and pain she has that look on her face

The strain and pain she has that look on her face-I reach to touch and smooth out her hair, but she doesn’t’ know I’m there.

That far away look she stares into space, what is she seeing-I reach to bring her back from that terrible place.

She looks at me, but I’m sure...

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I was 15 when the concrete curtains fell,
And my space became a cell.
I yelled, I yelled for help,
but my cries, my cries though
were smothered by stone and steel.

Barbed wire twisted around my feet,
and the more...

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Gone But I hope I'm Not Forgotten

Gone But I hope I’m Not Forgotten

Here today but as the wind blows I sway but neither here or there
I’m planted in drab shades of grey, from black I fade, I’m gone…
Hope I am still here and present in the minds of some, though the majority of...

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My Thoughts Retained From Solitude

My Thoughts Retained From Solitude

1. The Secret of life is to fall seven times and to get up eight.
2. To realize one’s destiny is a person’s obligation in life.
3. Remember life past but focus on life future.
4. Take advantage of the moments when...

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My Queen

My Queen

My Princess, my Queen
You’re everything I ever needed
And when I see your face
Or hear your voice
Then I know I am defeated.

Because I can fight a lion
Or kill a man
But I can’t look into your eyes

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My mind clear and feeling free,
Giving a sense of serenity,
Only seeing my point of destiny.

With my heart beating like a fine-oiled machine,
Pushing blood to places that are in need,
My lungs pulling air for my body to breathe...

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If Only I Could Now Go Back

"If Only I Could Now Go Back"

Look back with me a moment my sister,
as I do whenever I feel blue.
I recall the day you came home,
I couldn't wait to be the best big brother to you.

I swore I'd hold you all day,
spoil you by never...

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Lost Words

"Lost Words"

Pen in hand, paper at my desk I put down words I want to say forgotten all the rest.

Words they flow from my mind through my heart down to this pen and paper and that's how it starts.

Shutting out all interruptions around me, just pen,...

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Things to Come

"Things to Come"

Walking on the beach with the sand at my feet, birds flying through the sky, The Sun shining way up high.

Working in my garden I will do-the dirt in my finger it will run through. Honey Bees buzzing at head, the smell of greenery at my stead...

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Convoluted Conservatorship (Dissemblers)

Convoluted Conservatorship (Dissemblers)

Intolerant exclusionists, chauvinists, and pliable palliating pseudo humanitarians masquerading as heroic court appointed conservators to/for we the indigent, mentally impaired, incompetent and/or the poor…
Wolves in sheep’s...

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The Inquest (Scattered Moments)

The Inquest (Scattered Moments)

Amid the daily atmosphere of obstreperous condemned men-children and the recurring high pitched ringings of large deadbolt keys heavily colliding (swaying to-and-fro affixed to the belt lines of prison guards hurriedly slamming heavy steel doors...

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All is lost though it seems,

Without my compass it’s just dreams.

A wayward sailor, that I am,

With no lighthouse I’m on the lam.


The waves crash over against my hull,


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Wilting red rose (ones lonely weeps)

Wilting red rose (ones lonely weeps)

Whisper to me the calm of Hope---amid a world so
full of deceit… Allow my seeking heart and mind to
know your loyal pearl smile of friendship as my
illuminating psychological shield of protection—

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Pressure mounts

Pressure mounts
fighting to maintain
a mere mirage -
a projection -
of the acceptable
side of myself.
Keeping secrets
of the inner tumult.
Staying tacit rather
than halving my

Refusing conformity...

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Just My Thoughts

Just My Thoughts

These is just my thoughts as I sit here in this four cornered room.
Sentenced to a lifetime of hell in this penitentiary cell
Inflicted by all the pain I’ve caused, by the mistakes I’ve made and all the wrongs I’ve done.

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They claim I’m insane,
I’m psycho,
That I can’t control my inner cycles.
That my mind’s fickle
That somehow I laugh when it don’t tickle
That I’m so broke
I feel rich with a nickel.
That if the worlds collided in the middle
I’m the...

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Her Imaginary Friend….

Her Imaginary Friend….

A little girl named Emily and her imaginary friend,
hand and hand they walk to the bus stop,
Laughing and playing like they always do….

Emily said catch me if you can
and ran away so quickly looked like she...

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I don't cry

I don’t cry,
My tears are tattoos..
I fear no man,
God sees me through…

This life is a struggle,
But my heart remains strong…
I’m confined away from freedom,
But my freedom’s beyond…

All these...

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