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Inmate Poetry

Posted on 12/10/2018

Lost and Found

Feelings often change like the color of the leaves in October, to be honest, I’m not afraid to say that I need to be watched over, me and you until the end of time has always been the plan. And the look on your beautiful face makes when I’m around has me striving to be a better man. Can we start over? I don’t think so, our flaws and scars seem to make up who we are, a million miles would never be too far to walk if I...

Posted on 4/1/2017

It’s Already Yours

If you need hope/I’ll pray for you
If you need help/I’ll fight for you
If you need an ear/I’ll listen
If you need understanding/I’ll understand
If you need trust/ then it’s a must
If you need a hug/come closer to me
If you need sex/then I’ll be your best
If you need money/I’ll give you my last penny
If you need...

Posted on 11/20/2018


Once again, I sit here all alone. Just to open my eyes to see steel and stone.

Out my cell window, I see rain from the sky. Just to realize, it was a tear from my eye.

I feel the cold air, chill me down to the bone. I’m forced to stay here, but this cell is not my home.

I hear the ring,...

Posted on 2/7/2019

Tick tock goes the clock

Dripping down the walls

Melted wax and broken glass.

are on Epitaph for all time.

The final wave is on its way

Sent by Cybia's hand

a team of 3 to save the world

Aura's bracket shines bright

First the infection Then Mutation

Soon comes the outbreak Then the Quarantine

Twin blades to fight the darkness

Hella holds our only hope...

Posted on 5/16/2017


Who are they to judge the mind I'm
The ashes of dust we call the stars
There's a mental phantom choosing
Something of illusion professing
These illusions fix the stranger in
With the mind's eye on anthropomorphic
What impressions did the mind first

Posted on 7/5/2017

Phoenix Files Conflagration

I think…No I “Know” you don’t
Know me.
How could you? I’m only the same
Difference you thought was familiar
While thinking comes from not knowing.
I got your wheels turning and that
Hamster moving…
But you couldn’t know who I was but
To be where I’ve been is to...

Posted on 5/16/2019

Life isn’t what you expect

Life is what you make of it

Good, bad, ups and downs the

Smiles and frowns are the emotions

That make up a person everyday

Experience in living life.

Pain is the feeling of watching

Your life pass you by, unable to

Grasp it’s momentum.


Stephen Lawrence


Posted on 6/11/2018

Independence Day

There’s food to eat
and a band to play.
It’s all part of the celebration
For our Independence Day.
We gather together
We laugh and we talk.
Still we ought to give thanks
For the people who fought.
All the wars and battles
That made and kept us free.
For the soldiers who died
For you and for me.
They fought with...

Posted on 6/19/2018

Show Me

I’m tired of these games of loving and leaving
Searching with my soul, body and mind
I’m begging, give me something to believe in
Show me trust and compassion of the truest kind
Exhume my heart from this draining bind
These lies are getting old and exhausting
I need and want something real that’ll last
Show me feelings and meaning that are deeply working...

Posted on 7/5/2017

The Phoenix Files Continued

Today…I burned my old flame
In passing…

I was on my way up and she
Was on her way…
In that, I could give two broken
Celibacy vows and honeymoons
Though I doubt a gift to give would
Be easily received…in doubt.

Today…I burned my old emotions.
I experienced a surge of whatever
In my urgent operation...

Posted on 1/29/2015


On a Sunday morning similar to today. I cried for the first time.
In a way words could never begin to explain.
Because I realized I knew more of you that day than I began with.
Watching you as the tears started to escape your eyes.
Putting my lips to your tears while holding your head within my palms.
Kissing you, because you needed me to.
Tasting your essence on my tongue, finding...

Posted on 1/18/2018


Birth of a Mystery

Making up dreams
Replaying memories
Altering scenes
Forgetting words prophesized

Ugly is the lies
Beautiful are the eyes
Thunder rolling over my skies
Eternally stuck in your eyes
Never fading from my mind

Lightning strikes the chest
Holding to nothing,
Agony pours.
Standing at the window ledge
Illusions shatter in the...

Posted on 1/17/2016

Lotus Flower Bomb

Lotus flower of the freshest petals,
Blooming in the ambience of heavens
Hidden in esoteric meaning beyond
The most precious special….
Lotus flower….
The very meaning to adorn in exquisite
Lotus flower, I can’t guess your
It’s like Jasmin sweet scented cinnamon,
Lemon vanilla, exotic, yes yes...

Posted on 5/2/2017

He Who Snoozes Gets No Muses

What I write now is no game, no ruse
Thanks to this website I have found my muse.
With her on the grass I go sans shoes;
She’s on my mind when I’m awake, when I snooze.
A man must have something for which he can live,
Especially here in the land of the shiv,
Where people have evil as their heart’s motive,
Where few have the kindness or...

Posted on 5/22/2019

Life will nip you on your heels and never charge your for thrills, 
A solution in itself like pills but you can never pay the bills, 
What if there were some trickery like the one that lacks between you and me, 
Good and evil spirits bickering but without the mask now you see, 
If only I didn't feel so alone, maybe I could break to through the stone, 
Bending metal in all shapes like...

Posted on 5/10/2015


Though I never say it.
You're the most important person in my life.

You're also the most difficult, frustrating woman I've ever known;
And in these moments;
You're the only one I can talk to from the heart,
Who cares enough to try and understand me.
When I had lost sight of myself.

Seeing me for myself,
Listening to my thoughts...

Posted on 1/17/2016

The Song Bird Parable

Look inside of my cage
And you will find shade, only in reliance…
For I am a caged song bird
Whose face drowns in torrents, but yet I sing!
Perched on my swing,
I flap and flutter in temperance
My bandaged wings, hurt!
From the fowler’s sling, the foulest thing…
But, but…My crown is king and kingdom
Sky, like, you can...

Posted on 2/17/2016


Would you still know my face?  So close we had been.
Is there any trace of me left, in your head?
There wer times that I held you tight; my arms surrounding
you while you cried.
Would you still know my hands, if I held theme befor wide?
Many times to each other we spoke.
Listening to you – you listening to me.
My voice, would you still know?

Posted on 10/6/2014


WISHING YOU: To be peaceful in mood!

YOUR HEART: Tap in happiness!

vivid in all of the emotional colors!

to be in oneness with nature!

with versatility arise to meet all of your high values and goals!

as a beautiful flower takes from the sun and rain...

Posted on 11/12/2018


What sensation to be this amazing
I’m collecting many praises
From all these different faces
Tell’em who’s the greatest of’em all
Yea I took some falls
Might’ve stumbled in the halls
But I climbed every wall
While walking every bridge
Just trying to get my glimpse
Of what greatness is
So I hop every fence
In my search for evidence
That greatness still...

Posted on 7/3/2013

“How do you Know?”

Laughing when your mad,
Smiling when your angry,
Crying when your happy,
Frowning when your pleased,
Giggling when your agitated,
Screaming when your titillated,
Thirsty when your wet,
Saturated when your dry,
Calm when your livid,
Serene when your mean,
What you have never known,

Posted on 1/14/2019

Judge Me

I’m OK with that, long as you judge me. How can you judge me without actually judging me. Judge me without actually hearing me. Oh, I see! You read it so it’s true. Think about all the things that’s been said about you that isn’t true. Please explain to me how you judge my story and I didn’t even tell it to you. #Confused. Learn how to judge before you do. If you knew the truth, only way to judge me would be “You mad I’m not...

Posted on 5/4/2018


Chance It…

Lonely eyez looms in the dark,
Shaded light in the corner of a heart.
Whoever it may be,
Hopes & desires takes a leap,
Awaken listening 4 a peep.
Inside the mind,
Holding you from behind.
Outline shadow embracing,
Our heart beats racing.
Whispering soft words in the ear,
Echo promises: “I’ll always be there!”
Your heart says;

Posted on 8/7/2017


Sitting in my cell, confused and broken-hearted,
Thinking how I got here and how this all started.
This will be the deepest thing that I ever wrote,
Small steps into giant, that’s my favorite quote.
They say a champion is born everyday,
If that’s true then I was born yesterday.
I know I can never change the past
But it won’...

Posted on 7/6/2018

A Token of Love

Your personality is so welcoming and soothing.  Your smile so contagious.  It’s so warm and inviting like a hot fire on a winter night, pulling me in closer…  Holding you in my arms feels like a welcome home.  I feel safe.  As if nothing in this world can go wrong…  At this very moment, time stands still.  Your love transports me to another dimension....

Posted on 3/5/2018


Fallen down deep into a pit of despair,
Gasping at breaths but purchasing no air.
Once free to roam without any cares,
Now just a creature in an inextricable snare.
What can the purpose of this life be? 
Fighting battles in darkness no one can see.
The enemies are vast, fearless and bold
There’s silence and sadness here in this cold. 
The warm...

Posted on 10/10/2016

 “Lost and Found”

A touch of emotion, I can’t see.
Was it your breath?
I want to feel you breathe.
But I’m so far away- still thoughts of you come to me.
Setting me free.
I’m so far away and here I have to stay.
But only in body, can they hold me down.
Now that you’ve found me once again.
My mind is free to come you.
Knowing your...

Posted on 1/25/2019
An Instant Attraction
Her loveliness,
That's what caught my eye at first glance,
What word can best define my reaction to her appearance?
An intoned phrase from within began to sing,
A chant,
"Beautifully brilliant, remarkable radiant, uniquely ultra,"
A cadence,
A cadence which prompted me to say:...
Posted on 2/4/2019

Until you been arrested and spent endless days in jail, and walked a 1000 miles without leaving your cell.

Until you’ve lost your family and you’re utterly alone and you tried to seek comfort, to find out it was left at home.

Until you face the judge and entered your guilty plea, and heard them screw up words you won’t be free.

Until your days turn to months and months turn into years and you’ve stayed awake at night...

Posted on 9/29/2015


I’m waiting for my time to come.
Or waiting until my time is done.
They say there is no way that I can make it home but I plan on
Finding one.
I’m waiting on a letter but it seems like no one wants to write.
So I end up stressing swinging on anyone who wants to fight.
I’m waiting on a money order so I could get a pair of sneaks.
Because these...