Inmate Poetry

Posted on 10/23/2018

A Devil Like Me

It’s funny how we miss opportunities and deny ourselves the grace that we so often seek, but maybe one day the world will come to see that its full potential lies within the eyes of a devil like me.
Admittedly I’ve made mistakes according to what man dictates as right or wrong but my past directives blessed me with perspectives that allow me to thrive through any situation that I come upon.
When you judge...

Posted on 11/21/2018

One night I had a dream, it left a tale to tell.

I dreamed I saw an Angel. Poor thing he was not well.

His body was bruised and battered. His wings, ripped and torn.

I saw that he could barely walk he was tired and worn.

I walked right up and asked him, “Angel”, how could this be?

He turned and paused a bit, then these words he spoke to me,

I am your guardian Angel a mighty task as you can see...

Posted on 2/1/2018

In Search of Love

I don’t love some of you, I love all of you…
Your smile, the twinkle in your eyes, the way you
Walk, beautiful the sound of your voice when
You talk…
Love will overlook any flaw that you may see, because in my eyes
I’ve got the woman, my Queen.  Someone with...

Posted on 3/20/2017


I come to you through the night,
Close my eyes and fantasize,
Sense your presence and touch,
Feel my heart speed and rush,
My hands caress your waist,
Hear your breath in amaze,
Captured by the beauty you bare,
Absorbed by your exotic stare,
Your lips suctioning pressure,
Ecstasy increases pleasure,
Spread your long smooth wings,

Posted on 10/12/2014

Convoluted Conservatorship (Dissemblers)

Intolerant exclusionists, chauvinists, and pliable palliating pseudo humanitarians masquerading as heroic court appointed conservators to/for we the indigent, mentally impaired, incompetent and/or the poor…
Wolves in sheep’s clothing – most of them are.
Matthey chapter 7/ verses 15 thru 29
Is at the proverbial door…
What (I recently asked...

Posted on 2/21/2018


I am a problem for bringing savage back and it’s so matter of fact.  Heart as black as the clouds throwing thunder and the court documents say it’s the U.S.  of a versus me.  Guess I’m a one man war party.  But I’m not guna do what everyone thinks I’m guna do.  All I wanna know is who’s coming with me.  Therefore I laid out the strategy of the...

Posted on 12/10/2018


I am from the tree that birthed the leaf
Which fed the caterpillar who evolved into itself.
I am self with the universe. I – AM – WE
Equals ME – are eternal, in that sense, death is only promised to circumstance.

For like the tree whose leaves fall only to
Make room for new bearers of oxygen –

I am from the winds that carry it.

I am from the breeze that blows the hair

Posted on 3/28/2017


When the skies are blue
The flowers will grow
The Earth turns and with it
You are my life to show
Forever free, you’re my heart to be sewn
From the raging waters, to the calming seas
I can stand by your side and forever be
Always a friend, always a king
By your side, to set you free
All you have to do – is say
“In Jesus...

Posted on 10/10/2018

A Mysterious Being

You are beautiful, intelligent, mysterious

and when I see your face,

hear your voice the Unicorn comes to mind.

A beautiful beast that holds countless possibilities,

beckoning me to come explore the wonders

of your being.

The Intelligence that’s seen in your eyes

washes me away in a sea of bliss.

Only to laying me upon the beach of your...

Posted on 12/23/2018

Blurry Visions Of Deceit

When I first saw you I couldn’t believe my eyes, even though it wasn’t love at first sight, I was definitely surprised. It’s rare to find someone with such a pure heart. I was looking in the wrong direction when I should’ve been following my heart from the start. I can’t describe the sensation I feel whenever our lips meet, lips so sweet honey can’t even compete.

My mirage is a façade, enter my oasis...

Posted on 9/25/2017


A woman is truly amazing, flawless in the creation of such beauty. 
As a man were to love and cherish her, it’s our duty.
Ready to fulfill all of her needs, wants, and desires,
fully taking control and not waiting for something to transpire.
Being passionate and...

Posted on 3/24/2017


If I could be anything
or anywhere
I'd be the wind
I could blow my kisses at you every day
so I could twirl my arms around you.
And I could run my fingers through your hair.
I would bring the rain for you
or make the sun shine for you
If I could be the wind
There'd always be a lovely smell in the air
nothing foul could stay...

Posted on 12/10/2018

Lost and Found

Feelings often change like the color of the leaves in October, to be honest, I’m not afraid to say that I need to be watched over, me and you until the end of time has always been the plan. And the look on your beautiful face makes when I’m around has me striving to be a better man. Can we start over? I don’t think so, our flaws and scars seem to make up who we are, a million miles would never be too far to walk if I...

Posted on 6/12/2018


My Road to No Where

It's hard to stay focused and in touch with my dreams
To block out the voices and misguiding screams.
They echo in my mind and tell me the wrong road to take...
Attracting me to a world where everything is fake.
Including my feelings and dreams that I chased...
Now I'll always have memories of years gone to waste.
I buried all my feelings and blocked out all...

Posted on 4/16/2014


WOOD’S ANGEL; She’s not ostentatious, She’s perspicacious, PURE AND TRU, no other could do, Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart is how We'll enter VALHALLA’S GATES, just ME and YOU, Tried and TRU! This Man Loves YOU!

She can Kiss the ground in the iciest winter and make Beautiful flowers grow, ONE look and this you’ll know; You don’t “fall” in LOVE,...

Posted on 3/22/2018


To:  You

Beauty and awe enticed you to
entomb yourself.  Then, with every
thump of your heart, every vein
attached itself to the carnal.  Now,
all of your fleeting thoughts only
loosen your celestial nerves.

The illusionary effect of time has
made you blind.  You wonder lost in
a mere projection, failing to recognize
your own reflection. ...

Posted on 7/6/2018

Justin’s Prayer

Jesus, what’s up dogg?
Why you keep playin? 
Come into my heart already,
you know I’ve been prayin!
I need you now more than ever,
I admit that I’m a sinner!!
Turn me from a loser,
And make me into a winner!!
Drugs have stolen my soul,
Please take away my desire!!
And instill in me some honesty,

Posted on 2/1/2012

I don’t cry,
My tears are tattoos..
I fear no man,
God sees me through…

This life is a struggle,
But my heart remains strong…
I’m confined away from freedom,
But my freedom’s beyond…

All these bars,
And barbed wire fences…
I hold tight to my faith,
And believe in my wishes…

My dreams are alive,...

Posted on 6/13/2018


“The Genome of MAD”

Mutually assured destruction,
Barrels ot each other’s heads,
Triggers never pulled;
Help in place by threat,
Of, and apocalyptic domino effect.
Finer result, nuclear winter…
Never more to see the sun,
Without Ra, no life can sustain.
Angered are the Gods of Man
The Anunnuki shan’t save us!
From ourselves, though they could,
For they...

Posted on 9/18/2018

 See my pain

Hear my pain

Feel my pain

It’s all the same

The origin of it began

Right here where I stand

Where on a consistent basis

I'm treated less than a man

This can’t be the plan

When will my anguish ever end

Will it be when I'm dressed

To impress

Tucked away in a box

Or when a judge hears me

And release me from this block...

Posted on 11/23/2018

Passage of Black


The cover of darkness,

wraps us up warmly.

In its essence we exist

But seldom realize we’re alive. 

Death has no meaning as it holds,

Even in the grip when it’s cold.

Forever attuned to the brighter side,

of this world we hide,

but failed like we never tried.

Life is beautiful they say,

When beauty is born black and...

Posted on 11/7/2017

Hello My Friend

We all get hurt and get pushed
Make excuses and deny the truth
Wonder whether we’re good enough
Blame ourselves
Hide behind a mirror of lies that
Look back at us
The fire is pretty
We know it burns to the touch
Yet, it awakens us
We’re alive in those moments,
Tormenting our soul
Too scared to be alone
So we pour gasoline,
So that it...

Posted on 6/18/2018

Mylz Tha Damned

We are down here.  Down here we all float.  In the belly of the beast, in case you ain’t know.  They call this place Hell.  I’ve come to call it home.  If you’re scared go to church.  I’m where the wild things roam.  OMG.  Thee ambitions of the chief.  To gain the whole world, and give it back to my peeps.  For a vision I’m crying...

Posted on 6/13/2018


Our Church

We understand God is nearer to us in solitude.  There is a magnetic
and sacred connection that accumulates in solitude, but is quickly dissipated
by life in a crowd.  We would deem it sacrilege to build a house for the one
who is found face to face in the mysterious shadowy aisles of the primeval
forest, along winding trails, through unbroken trails of the wild forest. ...

Posted on 11/12/2018

Don’t Damn Me

You wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen
If you seen it in a dream
You couldn’t walk in these shoes
If I taught you to
I’m not tryin to mock you dudes
But I come off cocky rude
Wit a f*** you attitude
Plus a crooks smile
Oops I mean a crook’d smile
That drives the ladies wild
Now they plot to have my child
Then they damn me
Cause they don’t understand me...

Posted on 7/5/2017

Phoenix Files Conflagration

I think…No I “Know” you don’t
Know me.
How could you? I’m only the same
Difference you thought was familiar
While thinking comes from not knowing.
I got your wheels turning and that
Hamster moving…
But you couldn’t know who I was but
To be where I’ve been is to...

Posted on 11/12/2018

What Is…

What is life without the urge to wanna strive
What’s it like to be earth bound but destined to fly
How do you find what’s unknown, tho meant to hide
Without time is distance defined
Without a lie how can I achieve
For you to believe this is me
If I were a bird could I be in love with a bee
If trees had no leaves how would we know when to leave
If time didn’t mean a thing

Posted on 10/23/2018

#Times Up

Women these days are really playing hardball; it no longer matters what’s between your legs so don’t get caught up and become a target of their role call. It used to be fun being the man and watching them fall victim to the envy. With the right connections whether she agreed to or not there was no such thing as “Do Not Enter”.
They accepted their fates then cried while alone, feeling misused, abused and dejected. They...

Posted on 3/8/2018

My life before prison
was broken and sad.
The life of a drunkard,
A liar, a cad.
I've spit in the faces
Of family and friends,
And don't have the courage
To pursue their amends.
It's been four long years
Since I had my last drink,
Yet my actions still haunt me
Everytime that I blink.
Does the pain that I've caused
Deserve absolution?...

Posted on 12/13/2017


The Storm

I sit back and watch the rain fall slowly as I write these words.
I hear the undeniable destruction as the thunder hits its victim.
I’ve decided against being a victim so I look for a place to hide,
Only to find there’s nowhere to hide.
I must now use my mind to circumvent the destruction.
While thinking of a plan, the lightning attempts to distract me.
But I instead helps...