Inmate Poetry

Posted on 6/18/2018

N8V Illuminati  

I’m so symbolic
Broke the 1st rule of fight club
Sacred truths so mystery
I don’t even know it.
Faceless movement
Editor N Chief
1st N8V on the moon
Mylzavelli Urban Heyoka 5150
Mylz Da Vinchi W Chainz
The damned urban NDN

P.S. Look at the forest.  The straight trees are chopped down.  The crooked...

Posted on 6/11/2018

Are You That Woman?
By Adam Barger

I’m searching for a woman who likes to hold hands,
Enjoys receiving cards and flowers from her man
Can have a blast watching a movie with a nice dinner,
Understand a loss is a minor setback for a major comeback
Knows that relationships are built on trust and respect,
Goes crazy when we make love and I kiss her neck,
Listens to music almost as...

Posted on 6/30/2016


A CARE FREE SOUL: Is responsible,
Not committed to anyone or worthy cause.
It has to be expressed lacking a serious view of life!

And displays an callous view of others!

A IGNORANT SOUL: Don’t know,
Or won’t turn on the light switch of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom,
To begin the learning process!

Posted on 3/3/2017

Southern Breeze [Country]

Emerald fields where love can bloom
Blue skies, where black birds fly
Lookin’ into your dark brown eyes
There’s no place I rather be but here

A dirt road that winds real tight
A bonfire in the middle of the night
Sittin’ beside you holding your hand
Moments like this, make me feel so alive

Carolina farms pass us...

Posted on 4/23/2018

Spawn Of Me (NDN Goddess)

In my mind, where I still hold my little dictator, my heart is filled with joy. I feel as blessed as the ponies are when the snows melt filling the streams with water and the fresh grass grows. It’s tradition for those who aspire to an NDN Princesses favor, to represent themselves with those things of theirs which they perceive her extremely to delight. Customarily we see horses, furs, the world....

Posted on 5/9/2017

Most people’s idea of heaven is a collection of things most wanted and deeply desired in their hearts and minds.

For example, for a little girl maybe heaven is ponies and tea parties all day. For an older person it could be a place of no blemishes and scars, where everyone is young and beautiful FOREVER, an ageless paradise.

The general interpretation is of white sand beaches with deep blue seas, streets paved of gold and...

Posted on 5/21/2017

A devilish grin after a beautiful sin is like a slice of heaven from this angel's food cake.
Should I fail to comprehend the contradictions and men as materialistic visions materialize things done in vain.
Things ain't the same, you hear it on both sides of your brain; the battle of good and evil standing firm on your left and right shoulder.
But these are not demonic and angelic figures delivering alternative...

Posted on 11/16/2018

The past is a novel, written by fate
Weaving the same themes: Love and it's Glory, hate...

Posted on 6/13/2018


“The Genome of MAD”

Mutually assured destruction,
Barrels ot each other’s heads,
Triggers never pulled;
Help in place by threat,
Of, and apocalyptic domino effect.
Finer result, nuclear winter…
Never more to see the sun,
Without Ra, no life can sustain.
Angered are the Gods of Man
The Anunnuki shan’t save us!
From ourselves, though they could,
For they...

Posted on 6/12/2018


My Road to No Where

It's hard to stay focused and in touch with my dreams
To block out the voices and misguiding screams.
They echo in my mind and tell me the wrong road to take...
Attracting me to a world where everything is fake.
Including my feelings and dreams that I chased...
Now I'll always have memories of years gone to waste.
I buried all my feelings and blocked out all...

Posted on 11/20/2018


Once again, I sit here all alone. Just to open my eyes to see steel and stone.

Out my cell window, I see rain from the sky. Just to realize, it was a tear from my eye.

I feel the cold air, chill me down to the bone. I’m forced to stay here, but this cell is not my home.

I hear the ring,...

Posted on 8/7/2018

The material wealth of a world gone mad

Name the price of any item, good or bad

We see but do not know the ramifications

I announce that the Emperor is unjustly stationed

If I begin to allow the corrupt to live

I get lost in the darkness unfit for my kin

We have a need to remove what is known as elite

If only we could change what the consumers perceive

I refuse to believe that...

Posted on 11/12/2018

Share My Pain

Yes I did some lines
So I could try to find
How to feel fine, so I hit rewind
I’m crushing down these pills
I’m rollin’ dolla bills
Trying to kill off my feels
But I’m lost in these fields
Of oxycontin trills
The pain is bone deep
Got me sweatin’ through my sheets
Shaking, achin’ like a fiend
I can taste the pain
I can hear the dreams
I can...

Posted on 6/13/2018


Our Church

We understand God is nearer to us in solitude.  There is a magnetic
and sacred connection that accumulates in solitude, but is quickly dissipated
by life in a crowd.  We would deem it sacrilege to build a house for the one
who is found face to face in the mysterious shadowy aisles of the primeval
forest, along winding trails, through unbroken trails of the wild forest. ...

Posted on 3/13/2018

1st N8V On Tha Moon

First native on the moon / That’s how much I love you / Plus I’m a looney tune / Pep Lapew / If I throw that tomahawk chop / It’s off the head with you / Scalps is over with / This the new school / Metaphorically speaking / In case you aint caught that / I’m taking heads off / A new type of warrior / In a battlefield that’s evolved / And if you’re still lost / That’s why...

Posted on 4/1/2017

It’s Already Yours

If you need hope/I’ll pray for you
If you need help/I’ll fight for you
If you need an ear/I’ll listen
If you need understanding/I’ll understand
If you need trust/ then it’s a must
If you need a hug/come closer to me
If you need sex/then I’ll be your best
If you need money/I’ll give you my last penny
If you need...

Posted on 3/10/2014


All is lost though it seems,

Without my compass it’s just dreams.

A wayward sailor, that I am,

With no lighthouse I’m on the lam.


The waves crash over against my hull,

Which forces me to take hold and mull.

I fasten the lines and batten down,

Praying with all my might not to drown.

A strong...

Posted on 9/18/2018

A long hallway entering the prison, sealing your fate. A new life to live, finding your place. Some people choose gangs, but that isn’t for me. I came here alone, I’m going to stand on my own feet. I try to stay positive, doing something constructive. Don’t focus on negative, causing self-destruction. Most people use drugs for numbing the pain. Not realizing the problems they’re going to gain.

It’s all smiles going on visits with...

Posted on 2/1/2014

Wilting red rose (ones lonely weeps)

Whisper to me the calm of Hope---amid a world so
full of deceit… Allow my seeking heart and mind to
know your loyal pearl smile of friendship as my
illuminating psychological shield of protection—
against any thought(s) of failure, surrender, and/or defeat…
For ?!, I fight against all odds--daily (against they whom
actively strive to...

Posted on 1/6/2019

A Fathers Prayer

The longing in my life is not a prayer for me, in the deep watches of the night I pray not selfishly.
I lift her life to you, her heart I know you love. I cannot protect her now below, please protect her from above.
You see her needs as I cannot, you hear her prayers I know, you feel her tears upon your cheek, please hold her as I go.
No man could love her as I do, no heart could miss her so....

Posted on 9/8/2015

The strain and pain she has that look on her face-I reach to touch and smooth out her hair, but she doesn’t’ know I’m there.

That far away look she stares into space, what is she seeing-I reach to bring her back from that terrible place.

She looks at me, but I’m sure she is not seeing me-for her eyes pass right through me.

She speaks and often times shouts, staring into space, screaming at the air-who is...

Posted on 6/1/2018

True Beauty

Don’t pay attention to their looks,
But the beauty deep within,
That’s what truly counts,
And where true beauty begins.
All your flaws and faults, 
Molded them into the person that they are.
So different but unique,
Like a snowflake or a star.
You shine, you glow,
Only in your own special way.
You don’t fall in love with their...

Posted on 4/18/2017


The UPPER ECHELON is looking down on me claiming I am a liability – then I ask myself how can I be when all I have to strive for is CLARITY to the missing pieces to of how my IDENTITY WAS STOLEN???

Serious about mine(s) but I’m surrounded by multitudes lap dancing (the west) with their gangbanging tactics, or how they mimic (THE SOUTH) with their lyrical rap gimmicks...