Inmate Poetry


What’s the difference between failure and success?

Misery’s blow to the heart versus accomplishment’s gentle caress.

Each day our choices bring us a little closer to one.

Although death is a lot closer to some.

You can bow down to hard times, or let adversity put...

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Andrew Furlo #576555

"My Baby Girl"

Watching you grow up from far away, kills me inside a little more
every day.
I love your smile, I love your eyes, I love everything about you
I love you more then life itself, your my beautiful little seed.
I'm not sure why god sent me...

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Felix Brown

Trust the Process:  Really!?!

How many times have we told ourselves “EASIER SAID THAN DONE”: particularly when we are currently experiencing some type of notable anguish; be that hardship a...

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Michael Turner #16A2297 (973901)

Beautiful woman wherever you are, I feel your energy close or far,
Even though I don’t know you, I know who you are,
You are my world, I am your star.
Blessings on blessings were sent from the Heavens,
I prayed for your love and asked for forgiveness,
God is my...

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Corey Hardison #A643-373

~ New Day, New Life ~

As days pass by; some people change…
Life aint about money, or is it about fame…
7 days a week; 24 hours a day…
Every day is different; not a single day is the same…
Life is full of struggles; that people overcome…
Everybody struggles...

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Artez Brewer #73570-112

"A Poem for You"

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade right, at the end of the tunnel there is always a light.
If time is of the essence, Right now is the time, Lord knows good friends are hard to come by.
We're only...

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Marino Leyba

Expanding my horizons

A mist, a soft breeze comes over me, unexpectedly!

I’m alone, and so far from home.  

I’m left open, I’m vulnerable to the elements.

The skylight, the twilight.

I made a vow that night.

I made a vow to continue my search...

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Reginald Manning #320-223

Last Night
By: R.J. Manning

Last night I cried.
My tears encapsulating bad dreams and abandoned hope.
My view shingled by prison bars.
I hear the world, blind to its beauty, society blind to me.
I’m the ever present memory, forgotten but forever felt.

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Michael Sutton #01814489


How do I know I'm living the life you won't me to live?
If you believe in the father you shall give in.
How do I know I'm on the path you wont me to travel?
If you believe in the gavel you believe in the Bible.
How do I talk to you?If you walk with me...

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Stephen Festa #16568-014

“Broken Pieces”

All you ever had to do was stay and never leave
You told me that you loved me; that I’m all you’ll ever need.
You had me wrapped around your finger – you really had it made
But you walked out the door instead and all we had just went away.
I told...

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Danny Varela #75816-004

“You Hold The Key To My Heart”

Look at your palm, that’s the key.
You’re the only one that has the key.
When you put your palm on my heart,
It will automatically transfer your
Heartbeat into mine.
The frequency reads, the sequence
Of loyalty, with...

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DeRail Riley #M12465

Does Beauty Fade?

I have heard that beauty fades
Is it true, will your heart change?
Beauty you surpass flesh and age
You are an idea of what lies in heaven’s gates
When we spoke our hearts embraced
In that time and place, I felt safe
Only God could...

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Ledarren hawkins

Love is A Acronym

What is love? Love is work, love is kind, love is an emotion, love is passionate, love is a creation.  But love to me is an acronym.  it is:

Listening and learning about the people you care about.

Observing the things that keep them happy or...

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Glenn Taylor

Year’s End

This is the best time for laughs and smiles.

With joyful hearts, and giddy juveniles.

Welcome the season that's so full of cheer

From spinning dreidels, to seeing reindeer.

No matter the color, education, or creed.

There's a hearty “...

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Bishop Lott #1013945

“A Letter To Nipsey”

Mista Hu$$le & Motivate / I had always knew dat someday you would be great / Back in 2004, 2005, when we used to sale DVD’s & CD’s out them crates / Dat’s how we ate / R.I.P. ThundaCat / A.K.A. Nipsey Hu$$le tha Great / I remember when we used to record at...

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Doug Mialkovsky #AB-7844

To those who choose this poem to read; from behind gray walls, I felt the need to take my years dusted off the shelf to reveal a little bit about myself. Unfortunately I’m alone and past my prime, I’m learning to change my ways while doing time. Trying to pretend to be somebody else, a life of...

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Edward Robinson #000840547B

In Search Of (I.S.O.)

Hershey’s Kiss complexioned soul searcher,
Hoping, wishing, needing to find a soul like

Calling and waiting; waiting to call upon someone
That feels the same way as I.

Lonely nights leave me contemplating life?
Yes –...

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Chiron Prewit #R-13632

Heaven’s Angel

I wanna know about the way you feel.
Don’t be afraid to open your heart, all wounds will heal.
My whispers to your eardrums relax your emotions with ease.
The aura of your presence brings a weakness to my knees.
Let me hold you tight and protect you...

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Time The Tyrant

Trapped, but not by walls,

Fences, cages, cement or signs.

Like yourselves I’m a victim.

Victimized by the tyranny of time.

Trapped, but not by walls.

Kidnapped with each passing second,

Held against my will,

Murdered, and time was the...

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“Part I : Without Hesitation…”

They say conversation rules the nation,

So I’m going to take this time to allow myself proper preparation,

Seizing the opportunity avoiding all means of procrastination;

Approaching who may be my subject of with persistence, hard work and dedication,


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Uncharted Dimensions

By: Damion McDougland

Pen name: The Unknown Pen

Dedicated to: Every African American assassinated unjustly in Amerikkka

Paraplegic foot steps embracingly caress uncharted dimensions…

Masterly duplicating synchronized events…

‘I have a dream.’


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Eric Woodie

Tell Me What You Think!


Tell me if you think...

You could win a war without a...

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“Respect To You Before Anything”

“Respect To You Before Anything”

When it comes to you, I be in deep
Thought, or outer space.

I get it, “Treat people, how you want
To be treated”?

Love can blind you, or it can clarify
Your vision.

Being still, I learn how to love myself....

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James Ingram


I take my focus serious, due to focus being my energy, that very focus helped to define who I am today.  I've gained an understanding of myself.  I've set goals and promised to see them through until the end.  I stand for what is positive.  Join the fight...

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Robert Tello #01852747

That Day

Though time does always race the same for all,
Can we expect it to be always fair?
For with uneven hands the clocks display
As men are unevenly dealt their affairs.

To some, ticks leech away the sweet hours,
To some, the hours sweetly tick away,...

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Andrew Burke


Raise me up with a tug on my strings

You who have taken my life, my dreams

March me on through the hell you created

Toward everlasting sleep, long awaited

Tip your wrist and watch me bow down

An empty gesture, but rest, for now….


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Clyde Heard #R67228


I’m here when you need me the most
I’m deep within the center of your heart
But million’s miles away to hold you close
You crave for my arms and beg for my touch
I’m the feeling of happiness and that feeling of rush
I am you ultimate aspiration, I am...

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Marc Rosemond #93A1985

Written by Marc Rosemond

I am a mass incarceration skeleton of American prisons.
Ignited by my burning desire for freedom.

I am the presumptuous guilt far from an innocent.
Tainted by prejudiced eyes in becoming a victim.

A three letter...

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Steven Bulleit #15838245

The Biscuit Giver

I sat on my front porch,
The concrete cool beneath me.
I curved my shoulders forward
And drew my gaze down
While holding out the biscuit.

After the dog’s incursions
Into our yard, my sitting
Aroused its curiosity; perhaps...

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Len Mitchell

“Make It Right”

My ancestors were slaves and I still allowed myself to end up in chains.

Isn't it all the same?  Well, except for who's to blame?

They would never approve.  So, what does this prove?

Was I destined to lose?  Was this fated from the...

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