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Jamar's Poems

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What I See

Sadden pains
Of seeing children turn to fiends
They come to being from repeated scenes
The cause, community and parental neglect
Which in turn becomes a threat
The danger and harm of ignorance
Sad, maddening, frustration
Seeing these adult boys in my incarceration
Painful information that this is done in this nation
Born and given Social Security Numbers
Arrested, processed and given D.O.C. numbers
It’s like the purpose is just to fulfill these industry numbers
Offender, defender
Correction professions
Institutions, restitutions
Courts, clerks and prosecutions
Convictions inflicting all it’s restricting
Only to be put in a system that insures a repeat sentence
No deterrence for reoccurrence for real
No rehabilitation, maybe vocation, but no social skills
No therapy to remedy the thoughts
Brought on by poverty and ghettos taught
By others that trekked through the same feces
With no higher knowledge or better path
Just creating worst off B.Geez
Frustrating, maddening and overwhelming
The work to be done
Getting the children to choose right knowledge over that of drugs
Or a gun

J. Russell

Jamar Russell 417724/2800035
Hagerstown, MD

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