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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

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28 | Straight | New York

Hispanic/Latino American | Other

Please stand by. hasn't received my profile yet. My profile will hopefully arrive soon and be posted shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it in order to write to me. Please consider sending me a message now using one of the contact options below.

Thank you!

38 | Virginia


My name is Jered Cody Pope and I love long walks on the beach and eating sub sandwiches!! I love fishing, hunting, & catching ridiculous amounts of felony charges which result in not being able to hunt! I'm on the hunt now, waiting for a conversationist and someone who loves the "F" word!! Felon- look no further, I'm what you need in your life! I'm funny, sexy & we can talk about…

33 | Straight | Virginia

Black/African American

I am here to meet new people, network, and get my story out there.

Interested in a woman; someone understanding, educated, and business minded.

I enjoy making music and designing clothes.

32 | Straight | Michigan

White | Christian

Hi, my name is Tyler. I'm 32 and I'm locked up here in Michigan for 6 years more years. So I don't expect you to wine and dine me yet. Don't come here on vacation, because you'll leave on probation. That's an actual saying from the people here, what a grand state huh?!

Fortunately, I was born and raised, so I can actually say I enjoy long walks on the beach and especially right about…

30 | Straight | Florida

Black/African American | Christian

Hi, I'm Dom. I'm very outgoing and positive. I've been down for two years for trafficking drugs and I get out in 6 months.

I'm very loving. I love music festivals, fishing, and cooking...anything outdoors. I'm very open minded. I have a 5yr old son. I'm a very free spirit. I'm always smiling.

When I was free I was a DJ and I learned a lot while doing time...this is my last time.…

24 | Straight | Virginia

Black/African American | Christian


Hi, I'm Te'van but friends call me Tabo.  I'm an artist with a love for music.  I'm looking for someone to vibe with and build a friendship while I'm locked up.

I went to college but took a wrong turn and ended up here. If you're real and want to connect, hit me up!

You can contact me about my SM info for more pics and videos.

I look forward to coming home soon…

45 | Straight | Minnesota

Truth, right... Truth! I have been short in stature my entire life. That has taught me to be tall in character, tall in my judgment, and a giant when applying love. As time transcends, I've become better and better, so I'm looking for a woman who's looking to have the best, whether that's friendship or more. God and the legal system judge people, so let's leave that to them and be real and…

36 | Straight | Delaware

Black/African American | Christian

Luvert is the name, but I go by Sunni. I'm 36 and stand about 5'8". I'm a Virgo. I have two kids, a boy and a girl, both under the age of ten. My favorite color is red. I like watching sports, love horror movies, and enjoy taking night walks around the neighborhood. I also love to cook. I'm in the process of writing a book.

I'm not looking for much, just a friend that I can talk to and…

29 | Straight | New Jersey

Black/African American | Muslim

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. My name is Lang, but my friends and family call me Reek. I'm 29 years old, and I'm every inch of 6 feet tall and 207 pounds of amazingly well-put-together muscles. I'm African American. I love pursuing music and playing sports. I'm very well-rounded, loving, and caring, and a thoughtful person. I'm easy to talk to and a good listener.


38 | Straight | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American | Jewish

I'm going to start off by sending a shout out to all my kind, intelligent, and beautiful queens out there.

My name is Cesar, but I go by King. I stand at 5'11" and weigh in at 210, medium build. I'm a believer in the word of God. I'm still a baby in the understanding of it. I'm interested in furthering my education, just haven't decided what college course I want. I'm looking for…

46 | Straight | Louisiana

Black/African American | Non-denominational

"Dimmed lights don't shine so bright."

The things I once had, I have no more. I have no more friends, girlfriends, etc... and there are times when I feel like I have no more family on the outside due to abandonment. I've found it to be true, "Nobody wants you when you're down and out, there's somebody for everybody, and everybody needs somebody!". Most people look down on prisoners.…

32 | Straight | New Jersey

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian


My name is Alex. I'm 32 years old, and I'm hoping I can get to know you and build a good connection that will lead to a good vibe. I have a good soul and am looking for a match. I am a down-to-earth person who likes reading and writing. I like to laugh and bring smiles to others. I'm sarcastic with a good sense of humor. I'm intelligent and easy to connect with.

I'm currently…

40 | Straight | Ohio

Black/African American | Spiritual

Hello new friends. My name is Anthony Nix & I am trying this for the 1st time so bear with me. I am 40 years old, a Gemini and born 6/20/84.

I'm from Detroit, MI though incarcerated out of state. I've currently been incarcerated for a total of 21 yrs; two stints. First 17 yrs, from the age of 19-36. Got out during the pandemic Sept 2020 & had to figure it out.

I have 8…

31 | Straight | Colorado

White | Christian

My name is Nate.  I am looking for someone who is open-minded, and wanting to grow emotionally and mentally through intellectual conversations.  I'd also like to have a good time, laughing through the good and the bad times together.  Maybe, you'd like to have that, too?!  

I have been down for six long years.  During that time, I have focused on growing into a stronger man by…

30 | Straight | Michigan

Black/African American

What up Doe? I'm Abdul Shakur AKA Clov. I'm 30 years old from Detroit, Michigan.I'm a laid back, cool dude that's focused. I'm educating myself with beneficial knowledge.

I love to read, work out, and listen to music. I'm just doing my time productive, staying out way, but beside that I'm looking for a real woman I can build with. Someone that is outgoing and got her head on her…

34 | Straight | Mississippi

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic

My name is Luis. 33 years old looking for a pen-pal to take my mind outside of these four walls. Looking for a friendship who can add positivity to my mind and soul. I have email through the service listed below and we can communicate via email and calls and snail mail.

This is my first time on a pan pal site. I been away for seven years and till now I feel the need of the world to help…

36 | Straight | New Jersey

Black/African American | Muslim


I am currently seeking someone who is caring, intelligent, priority-focused, and seeking love just like me. I love a lady who can cook and support me in anything I strive for, pursuing goals for the present and the future. I love someone who can teach me things as well, especially in business building and planning. I need love and affection, and I am looking for a sweetheart who is…

36 | Straight | Arizona

Black/African American | Christian


My name is London. I'm currently incarcerated in Arizona, with around 2 1/2 years to go. I'm hoping to find someone positive to talk to, and I'm looking forward to forming long-lasting contacts.

Some more about me: I'm a Libra, and I'm really big on balance and communication. Currently, I'm about 160 lbs, and I work out every day. I'm tall. I have a vision for my future,…

46 | Straight | Arizona

Black/African American | Christian


I'm Kelvin, a forty-six-year-old male looking for a female friend for friendship. I'm God-fearing and I've made my share of mistakes. God forgives me, can you? I am a simple man that works full time and comes home to enjoy the fruits of my labor. My qualities are beyond many men. In theory, it's as if I'm too good for you and you don't deserve me, lol, now who would say that…

37 | Straight | Arizona

Hispanic/Latino American

Hello World,

My name is Jimmy Ray Miranda, and I am 37 years old. I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. Most people will say that I'm a great guy, but a better friend. I have 3 beautiful children—one boy and two girls—who all mean the world to me. I am all tatted up, so I hope that's not an issue.

I am a down-to-earth individual and love making people around me laugh. I love to…

39 | Straight | Arizona

American Indian/Alaska Native | Christian


My name is Henry LeGarde. I'm a hopeful recovering introvert who is open to making connections with someone who is at a similar place in life. I value honesty, curiosity, optimism, bettering oneself, and caring about health, fitness, and education. As a Recovery Support Specialist and part of a wonderful Residential Therapeutic Community, I interact with a diverse group of people…

35 | Illinois

Black/African American | Spiritual

Wassup to all the beautiful women out there. My name is Rondell. I'm 35 years old and I'm from the South Side of Chicago. I love sports, traveling, shopping, reading, and just enjoying life. I don't let my incarceration define me. I'm actually a cool, laid-back guy. So for all the beautiful ladies who would be interested in a fella like myself, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

30 | Straight | Connecticut

Black/African American | Christian

Please stand by. hasn't received my profile yet. My profile will hopefully arrive soon and be posted shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it in order to write to me. Please consider sending me a message now using one of the contact options below.

Thank you!

35 | Straight | Connecticut

Black/African American | Christian

About Me:

I'm 5'11", 270 lbs, stocky, muscular build, with dark brown eyes. I am 80% African American and 20% Indian. I'm a Gemini—family-oriented, humorous, ambitious, outgoing, loyal, humble, and blessed. I have no patience for lies and games; honestly, life is too short for all that. Losing time has shown me the value of utilizing my time wisely. I believe in honesty and open…

23 | Straight | Connecticut

Black/African American | Christian

Wassup y'all,

I'm Ty. I'm a young man looking for friendships and welcoming romance. Please don't be shy to hit me up because you never know. If you do decide to get to know me, please add me on the eMessaging app.