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Benjamin Toney #554274Primary Picture
Oshkosh, Wisconsin27Straight

I am very laid back and easy to get along with. I have a big heart and love to meet new people. I stay active in sports and love the outdoors. I'm a single father to a 6-year-old boy that I love very much.

I'm looking to make some new connections in friendship and possibly more. If you would like to get to know me, feel free to write to me!

We can also communicate by email...

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St. Louis, Michigan18
African American

Please standby. My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it. Please – write me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.

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Ionia, Michigan28Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Dear New Found Friend,

My name is Keon Flowers. I'm in search of a pen-pal who doesn't mind writing and developing a friendship. I believe that true friendships should be built on trust, respect, honesty, appreciation, sincerity, and attention. Feel free to ask any questions you may have for me okay? No topic is taboo. I love to write & meet new people, do you?

Nothing in...

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Tennessee Colony, Texas52Straight
African AmericanChristian

To whom it concerns,

Here you have a 50 year old man.  Soft spoken, God fearing, honest and kind in search of a serious friendship/relationship with a special lady who's looking to enjoy the qualities of life with me.

About me; first and foremost I'm incarcerated.  I will not lead you to think I'm innocent, but I will say the crime I'm jailed for is not the sin I made...

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Salem, Oregon23Straight
African American

To whomever’s reading this, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my profile.  My name is Tamir, I'm 23 and currently serving 7.5 years.  I'm a funny, out going, and confident individual that listens as good as I talk.  I don't allow this time to define who I am or the path of success I could accomplish in the future.  Instead I'm using this as a learning experience...

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Tennessee Colony, Texas35Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello to all,

My name is Marquis and I am here seeking friends, someone I can write and communicate with.  Obviously, if you are reading this, you've realized I have made a mistake in my life.  We all make mistakes but it doesn't mean the mistake has to define you.  I am still a great guy. 

I am looking for redemption in a friend in the process.  I am...

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan42Straight


My name is David, some call me Lil Dave.  Looking for straight up people to write to.  I love to workout, run, write songs, love songs, almost any kind of song, publishing songs.

I have a good heart, so take chances and write.  I fought back in self-defense against another man, that’s what I’m in jail for.  Would never hurt a woman or child.


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Kelli Worth-McBride #933101Primary Picture
Ypsilanti, Michigan28Straight

Hello! My name is Kelli.

I'm laid back, open minded, smart, and also funny. I enjoy reading, being outdoors, playing sports, and am family oriented. My goal is to continue my education while I'm incarcerated while bettering myself to be a productive member of society upon reentry.

I look forward to meeting new people around the world and building a lifelong friendship. Your age...

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Samantha Thorpe #2177527Primary Picture
Marlin, Texas30Straight

Hello! My name is Samantha/Sammi/Sam.

I am looking to meet some people to help me establish positive contacts/friends on the outside. I enjoy drawing and painting when I have free time. I absolutely love to read, especially historical fiction and Christian fiction. I don't really like to watch tv, I'd rather read or do puzzle books and exercise my brain.

I'm interested in...

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Shawn Blazek #84031Primary Picture
Lincoln, Nebraska28

Hello, my name is Shawn. By setting up this profile I am hoping to establish honest, healthy, and supportive friendships to help me during the remainder of my sentence, and, hopefully continue them upon my release.

A little about myself, I have been working hard to rehabilitate myself, and with a little help, to better my state of mind, and to be more than capable of living a...

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Daniel Watts #14658088Primary Picture
Glenville, West Virginia33Straight

Hello, my name is Daniel. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

It is hard and lonely when you are locked up and away from your family and friends. I'm looking for friends who are honest, loyal, sincere, and kind. I made mistakes and paying dearly for it. I will be out in 3 months and I'm looking for genuine friends. I’m ready to start a new life, free...

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Ivan  Ruiz  #BH9476Primary Picture
Crescent City, California20Straight

Hi, my name is Ivan Ruiz.

About me; I am 5'10 tall and 150 pounds. I like to exercise and I put most of my time into education and studying the law. I am hoping to find some pen pals to pass my time here in prison. It's not hard to get along with me; I am a very kind, honest, and respectful person. I enjoy to meet new friends and welcome you to write me at any time.


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Fort Dodge, Iowa21Straight
African AmericanChristian

I'm trying to better myself, get myself together, and get my life together too.

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Aberdeen, Washington41Straight

Excuse me….

Have you ever considered befriending a guy named Vichai, who's Cambodian, 5 foot 11 inches tall, 190 pounds, 41 years old, and who has been locked up since 2003?   I'm that guy.

First, I am a man, seeking someone of the opposite sex to correspond with.  I'm honest, sincere and gracious and seeking friendships.  I believe that honesty is the best...

James  Sharp #1516348Primary Picture
Orange, Virginia25Straight

First of all, thank you. You must be a kind and thoughtful person to reach out to those behind these bars. My heart is full of gratitude for those who don't forget about us; for whatever reason, we have found ourselves here.

My name is James Sharp, I am 6'2", fit, and 24 yo. I love the great outdoors and enjoy the country. I am a true country boy at heart; my interests are...

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Stacy Hooks #H51739 - Primary Picture
Ocala, Florida42Straight

Hey, let me introduce myself. My name is Stacy, I love being outside soaking up the sun looking up at the beautiful blue sky. When I was on outside going to the beach was one of my favorite things.

I like football Miami Hurricanes all the way baby. Its all about the U. I like all kinds of music, like to read, and play games on my tablet. I like having a good time; make people...

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Youngstown, Ohio31Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello World,

My name is Andrew, I'm serving a 10 year sentence for failure to comply.  My sentence is up 2021/March 9th.

I can honestly say that my life has done a complete 360.  I'm a man of faith, love and honesty.  I'm a single father of two beautiful children and I'm in search of someone who could keep me company and give some advice that could help me adjust...

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Umatilla, Oregon29Straight
Multi-racialNative American

Hi there!

Glad you stopped by…..I'm getting closer to my release date and thought I'd try for some new connections before I get there.

A bit about me.  Well, my name is Christopher - I used to insist on Chris, but as I grow older I find I like my whole name a lot more.  (smile)   I'm 29 as of May, which means I've spent most of my 20s in this amazing system...

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Galesburg, Illinois31Straight

Hello World (smile)

Please let me have a second to introduce myself.

My name is Gerald and even though I'm a little nervous I'm hoping you'll see me for me, a genuinely good guy who's made a few mistakes.   Now - I don't personally believe we should be defined by the mistakes of our youth - but that's me. 

I'm a very easy going guy that's dedicated to the...

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Canton, Illinois24Straight


My name is John.  I'm hoping to meet some new positive people to help me through these years behind bars.  I have been locked up since I was 18 and have lost many family and friends. 

I'm scheduled for release when I am 35.  All my appeals have been exhausted.

I look forward to a positive, uplifting presence to brighten my day.


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Trenton, New Jersey19Straight
African American

Hi Ladies,

My name is Brandon, I am 28 years old from Camden, New Jersey.  I am a person of incarceration, but that is not who I am.  It is only my circumstance.

I am strong within, courageous in freedom, honest, and respectable.  I am a person of morals.  I am interested in sports, reading, writing and working out.  I take pride in staying healthy....

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Hondo, Texas30Straight

I’m sitting in my cell, hot humid Texas wind pouring in my barred window, my 18th-century fan on full blast keeping heatstroke at bay. Suddenly a loud commotion sends me racing towards my cell door. I peer into the dayroom searching for the source of the commotion, my sweaty hands gripping the bars, my sweat-soaked...

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Salters, South Carolina28Straight
African AmericanChristian

What’s up?

 My name is Kwamane and I am hoping to meet someone who can make the rest of this time fly by. Someone with a sense of humor cause smiling and laughing is good for the soul. Also, someone who is positive with some drive in them.

I was told we are a reflection of the company we keep. I have taken classes and programs to be a better man once I reenter society....

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Matthew Dalrymple #1171515Primary Picture
Carson City, Nevada30

Hello, My name is Matthew.

Most people who know me would describe me as a confident and independent individual. While that is mostly true, I tend to think of myself as having a sensitive and somewhat shy side. I'm very adventurous and some might say I’m well traveled, however, there are still so many places I have yet to see. One of my dreams is to sail around the world exploring...

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Daniel Newell #176227Primary Picture
Sterling, Colorado28Straight

Hey there, I am a Cali boy trapped in the mountains of Colorado.

I am in need of a nice woman to talk to. I have misunderstood heart! I Believe in second chances. I originally grew up in the Bay Area. I am a die hard Oakland Raider fan! 

When I was 17 I joined the US Army. By the age of 18, I was deployed to Iraq. I served 6 years and two of those were in the Middle East....

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